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Thread: Logan Goes To The Carnival.

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    Logan Goes To The Carnival.

    I’ll take a double Jack Daniels, on the rocks.

    Logan is bellying up to a bar. Setting his ass onto a barstool. The bar itself, it’s a complete dive. Not the cool kind either that all of the trashy women are at waiting for any man to take them back to their place and complete their day with a night cap. This dive bar, you’re not there but you can feel out sticky the floor is, as gallons of booze and beer have been spilled upon it. You can smell stale smell of smoke from all of the cigarettes and cigars that the dozens of patrons lit up from that past week. The bartender turns away from Logan, grabs a scoop of ice throws it into a rock glass. He then grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and begins to pour him a double glass of whiskey.

    The bartender slides the drink across the bar to Logan. Logan grabs the glass and takes a sip from it. As he does this it seems a bit of weight is lifted from his mind.

    Yo, Logan, ain’t that you on the tv.

    A man down the bar, out of sight yells to Logan. This makes Logan look up at the television closest to his gaze. On the television is some sports program, on it you can make out the letters FWA, which some sort of picture that is just out of focus below these numbers. We can assume the person in the picture on the television is Logan by what the man down the bar has yelled to him.

    Phil, can you turn that tv up so I can hear this?

    The bartender grabs the remote off of the back bar and turns up the volume for the television. As he does you can begin to hear the voice of the broadcaster begin to share the news on the tv. Logan looks up at the tv, giving it his undivided attention and begins to listen to the broadcaster as he talks.

    Today, in the wrestling world there has been some interesting news that came across the wire. As some of you may know, in the first week of July the Warehouse Trios Carnival is happening. All participants for this event seemed as if they were written in stone, however it now has come to light that there has been a team scratched from the event.

    The team of The Standard Hour and Ty Johnson has been taken off of this card. A surprise to most fans in the wrestling world. However, we now have the team that is going to replace the former.

    The broadcaster looks down and begins to shuffle some of the papers in front of him. Logan, not moving his gaze from the tv, takes another sip of his glass of whiskey.

    The team that has now been dropped in the midst of the Warehouse Trios Carnival is none other than newcomer to the company, “The Reaper” Logan Darwin, Former X Champion J.J. Jay and former FWA Women’s Champion Dinorah Redgrave.
    With this team now thrown into the fold it has for sure thrown a wrench into any of the teams that thought they already had known who exactly their opponents would have been for this event.

    Logan takes one more gulp from his rocks glass, emptying the entire thing. He sets the glass down on the bar. The entire bar is now looking at him, as if to have some form of acknowledgement from Logan concerning the news. Logan takes a once over, and then landing on Phi, the bartender’s line of sight. Logan shrugs his shoulders as he begins to talk.

    Yeah, news to me as well. Phil, let me have one more double before I head out. This time make it neat.

    Phil moves forward and grabs Logan’s glass. Phil turns around, grabs the bottle of Jack Daniels, pouring another double for Logan. Phil turns towards Logan and slides the glass across the bar. Without the glass having a chance to stop, Logan picks it up and takes the entire drink in one foul gulp. Logan pushes the glass across the bar. He gets up from the barstool and starts walking back towards the exit door. Seemingly being a little moody about the news.

    Phil, put it on my tab. It looks like I’m going to have to make some new friends.

    Logan shoves the door, with some decent strength as he walks out of the bar.

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    Re: Logan Goes To The Carnival.

    I'm already really digging the Logan Darwin character.

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