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    Fallout "The Amazing One" Ryan Rondo

    Character name: (Nicknames): The Amazing One, The Last Star in the Sky

    (Actual Name): Ryan Rondo

    Height: 6ft

    Weight: 195lbs

    Age: 27

    Face/heel/tweener: Some may see him as a tweener but he sees himself as a face overall.

    Current feuds: No current stand out feud.

    Non-FWA accomplishments:So many. Las Vegas Karaoke champ 2013 with Devin Golden and Desmond Fox. Dated some good looking females and made cameos in under the radar movies and tv shows. Is smarter than a 7th grader. Gay men voted him as the number 1 most eligible bachelor in GayMensHealth Magazine. He is not gay (this isn't seen as an accomplishment).

    FWA accomplishments: Three Time X-Division Champion, Former Tag Team Champion (w/Devin Golden as 'Sunrise-Sunset'), various FWA Awards from 2012 and 2014, Former TV Champion, Former North American Champion, Former Young Lions Champion. Unified X division and YL division. Unified the NA and TV titles. FWA World Heavyweight Champion (Brand split; 'Crossfire' Champion)

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): High Flyer but can be technical and a brawler. Basically a little bit of everything but High Flyer mainly, loves to bounce off ropes and springboard. Can use power moves.

    Win/Loss Record (New Era only): tbc

    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match: (NOTE A LOT OF THESE MOVES CAN BE SPRINGBOARDED so feel free to use improvisation (mainly the kicks, planchas etc)) Pele Kick, Busaiku Knee Kick, Flying Lariat, Corkscrew Crossbody, Somersault Plancha/Senton, Springboard Frankensteiner, Jumping Knee Drop, Kip up Frankensteiner, Fireman's Carry into Neckbreaker, Slingshot Stun Gun, Northern Lights suplex (Bridge into pin or release), German Suplex (Bridge into pin or release), Jumping Spinning Heel Kick, Stepover Back Kick (performed after an opponent catches a kick), Tilt a Whirl headscissors/DDT, Diving Leg Bulldog, Swinging backbreaker, Ropespring elbow, Slingshot forearm, Roundhouse Kick, Avalanche facebuster/shinbreaker, Sleeper backbreaker, Powerbomb backbreaker, Dropkick, Apron Suplex, DDT, Superkick (usually utilised as a comeback tool), Argentine facebuster, Discus Clothesline, Muta Lock, Inverted Stylin DDT, Hammerlock Brainbuster, The Rondo Special (Styles Special), Cliffhanger DDT, Spinning Neckbreaker, The Rondo DDT (Stylin DDT), Shooting Star Plancha, Fosbury Flop, 450 Splash.

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three: R2R (Styles Clash)/Avalanche R2R (Avalanche Styles Clash), Starlight Shine Bright (Phoenix Splash) and RKO/Amazing KO (RKO)

    Base pic for your character: Jake Gyllenhaal

    ​updated pic soon.

    Theme music: Waterproof Blonde - Just Close Your Eyes (I am aware this is Christian's old theme song, but it suits Rondo in my opinion). Second link is with an Arena Effect.

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us): Example Promo from Red White and Bruised 2014

    The Retirement of Ryan Rondo

    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo sits, alone, on a steel chair in the middle of his, dimly lit, locker room. He is sitting, wrapping his hands with tape, preparing himself both physically and mentally for what could well be the biggest match in his career. He stops momentarily, distracted from the raucous noise coming from, what he can only assume, the arena as Devin Golden and Lucian Ace do battle with Wolf. He's too focused on wrapping his hands to decipher whether they are boos or cheers. He looks down at his attire as he goes down to tie his boots. Green and gold wrestling tights, are these the tights that he finally wins the big one in? Are these the tights that will end up auctioned off on the FWA eBay for the IWC to battle over? He thinks so. He brings his hands back up, stands up and looks at himself in the mirror... he can't help but feel that there is a piece of the puzzle missing. Ryan Hall always told him, backstage behind the scenes, that Rondo just seems to be missing that something. Rondo shakes his head.

    "Hall is wrong. The only thing missing here... is that belt."

    It has taken years for Ryan to reach this point. A point where he feels like he is ready to be THE champion. He feels like he has it all when compared to his opponents for the night: the defending champion, Shane McLean and Phillip Alexander Jackson a.k.a PAJ. He has the talent to make any match five star in his own mind. He has the will to win. He has fans on his side. He has the skillset, the moves to baffle anyone. He feels that he has progressed to a point where he just needs to win the big one to finally elevate himself into the elite echelons of the FWA. To be considered one of the greatest. Of course, he remembers being a newly signed rookie touted for big things... he remembers what it was like to step into the presence of what he considers greatness. His mind flutters back to when he was preparing to make his debut and he had the biggest chance encounter any debuting rookie could have hoped for.

    He was sitting in a corridor, receiving a quick physical checkup from the FWA doctor before going out to face Sean Moore in a match where he was expected to get squashed... but he proved his worth. He was getting ready to go out when suddenly, he brushed shoulders with none other than "The Idol" Matt Boudreau. He responded with a meek and timid "Sorry" as Boudreau looked at him curiously, wondering who he was. "Debut?" the FWA World Champion queried at him. "Yeah. Yeah. Nervous as all hell. Got any tips, sir?" He remembers asking Boudreau, feeling like an idiot...a fish out of water. A fanboy.

    "Don't be nervous, kid and don't call me sir. Just be you. Be unique. Oh, and make everything as multicolored as possible."

    Rondo remembers taking every word of that to heart, and he chuckles at the last line.. just like he did back then.

    "Th-thanks. One day you'll see my name up in lights: Ryan Rondo."

    A crestfallen smile falls across Rondo's face as he remembers Boudreau's response to that as he walked away from him.

    "No problem. Look forward to it, kid. See you around."

    Rondo never managed to make good on that promise. Matt Boudreau was his first 'friend' in the FWA and he never will get to see Rondo's name up in lights. Sitting back down, Ryan thinks about it all for a moment. The words that Boudreau spoke that day... about being unique, about being himself... it's what he has done. But that's not the only thing that has motivated him. He sighs for a moment, his concentration slightly broken by his trailing thoughts. He hears a thundering noise come from the arena and again it spurs his brain into action. He is literally moments away from his chance of glory. His chance to make some FWA history. It's still slightly surreal to him what he has done in the last two years of his FWA career. But it isn't what he has achieved in the ring that sticks out in his mind. One event sticks in his mind. The night that Sunrise-Sunset was formed. Devin Golden is out there battling Wolf right now and won't have Rondo on his mind but the same can't be said here. They may not be as close as they once were, but Ryan still treats him as a close friend and as a mentor. Hell, he's even considering donning the maroon mask and cape and asking 'Whyte Thunder' if they want to go for round two if Ryan can't get the job done. But that isn't an option. He remembers vividly, the very night that Sunrise-Sunset lost the tag team titles, something that Golden said to him.

    "We set out to accomplish something and we accomplished it better than we could have hoped. You know what happens next. You're the best in the world right now, prove it."

    Devin Golden had faith in him from that point onwards, he saw something that Rondo himself didn't... at the time. Now Ryan can see it. He can believe it. Maybe he was blinded by the fact that he was slightly starstruck at the fact he was in a tag team with Devin Golden. Maybe he let all those words spoken against him from various opposing teams about being a 'weak link' get to him. But now, he hears no such thing as being described as a weak link. The entire locker room sees him as a very real threat. He knows he has the tools to get the job done against anyone. Victories against Wolf, Stu St. Clair and Jack Severino - all former World Champions - hould have made him realise that much sooner. Confidence has sometimes been an issue. Something that held him back but Devin Golden is one man that Rondo should thank for helping him get over it and deal with it. "The Amazing One" has a little laugh to himself as he thinks of another possible explanation to his confidence issues as he looks in the mirror again. Maybe he just couldn't see how good he was due to the fact that he was blinded by all the Brokeback Mountain references people slung at Sunrise-Sunset... owed in part due to Rondo's amazing resemblance to Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course not, just a funny thought to lighten his mood a little. Devin Golden isn't the only man he sees as someone who has helped him reach where he is today. There's another man who he sees as a close friend, someone who has influenced him. Perhaps unexpected but that man is none other than "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy. Both from the same place in Florida and having trained with the late, legendary Kerry Kennedy a few times, Rondo can see the winning work ethic it takes... and he took it on board. And it's his turn to have the glory.

    He stands up and walks over to the hooded jacket, hanging in a an adjacent locker from the mirror he has been staring at, that he normally wears for his ring entrance. He smiles, feeling rather coordinated given the fact that it matches his wrestling tights. Maybe it won't be the only thing that goes right tonight. He looks back at the mirror and begins to psyche himself up, knowing that at any moment, someone will knock on his door and tell him that "It's time". Usually before a match he thinks about his opponents and tells himself inner monologues, things he would say to a crowd of people if they were to listen, in order to build an image of his opponents that he wants to defeat. But he feels slightly awry about it this time. Shane McLean and Phillip Alexander Jackson are two people that, until the last few recent months, Ryan has never had much interaction with in the FWA. But yet, it's a pre match ritual that he's not going to skimp out on doing. He looks down at the ground. He tries to focus but is slightly disturbed by some theme music playing... He's too spaced out to consider who it belongs to and what it means. This is his time.

    "This is my time"he thinks to himself.

    "McLean, PAJ have had their shining moments. McLean has won an elimination chamber and then somehow defended the belt in a triple cage match. He has already done more in this reign than alot of the other champions. He doesn't need to prove himself worthy anymore. I have always respected him as a fellow competitor and a fellow person. He was just the guy in the wrong place at the wrong time when I needed a way to win at Trial By Fire. Unfortunately, that way was Jimmy King. I have nothing against Shane McLean. Nothing at all. I know I wronged him and I wronged the FWA universe but I have set things straight and will keep things that way. McLean might be wary of me but I am not the snake in the grass this time and he, atleast, will know that. But again, McLean is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's nothing personal, I just want that belt. But there is one thing that irks me about McLean. He plays the same hand that I do... in a different way. He says that he and the fans are the same, they're collectively the champion of the FWA. Firstly, sounds like he's been huffing the same cult coloured paint as Jason Gryphon or along the same lines away. And mainly, how will McLean act if he does lose? Will he still keep his attitude? Absolutely not. He chose me as his opponent for his own selfish reasons - not for the fans.That was just mere coincidence. The difference between us is that I know that I want the belt for myself... but what i've been saying is that I want to win it using the skills and the talent that won me so many fans in the first place - not by using treachery and smoke and mirrors. The current champion might have the better track record but I have the mental edge. I am the one with the past victory. I know I can do it. Does McLean know he can beat me when there's less distractions? Speaking of distractions, that is all that PAJ is.

    Everyone knows that tonight is about me and Shane. Not PAJ. All he is is some self important idiot who can't decide if he is coming or going. And for some reason, he managed to get a title shot. I can't lie though, he has been a thorn in my side for a long time. He ruined my Carnal Contendership and he has ruined my title shot. It will please me greatly to ruin his night and to ruin his supposed 20th reinvention. I would say that PAJ has done nothing to deserve the mantle of FWA Champion seeing as he preferred to be the man who held up LOW rather than work hard in the FWA until very recently. But that logic only leads me down a path to being hypocritical. I want to win that belt. But I will not lose any sleep over Shane McLean winning. The title is my ultimate goal but I will make it a personal objective to ensure that PAJ knows that he is never getting anywhere near that belt as long as he is in the ring with me. It is the absolute very least that I owe to Shane McLean. But that is all I can do for him. I am sure it won't mean much after I take that belt from him...."

    There is a sudden knock at the door and it startles Ryan. It opens and in walks a FWA Tech employee.

    "It's time, Mr. Rondo. Are you ready?"

    Ryan nods affirmatively to the tech who shuts the door and waits for him. Rondo looks himself one more time in the mirror. He knows that this is his moment. He turns around and opens the locker room door, a bit taken aback due to the brightly lit corridor. He glances a few of his fellow FWA talent walking backstage, looking on at him with various emotions written in their faces. Some of expectancy, some with envy and some looking at him with a look of understanding. Even some smile at him. He begins to walk down to the corridor. "This is it." he thinks to himself. His mind begins to wander as he makes the longest walk of his life, thus far. He thinks of the repercussions that tonight will have on him. He cannot lose. This whole contract rumour situation has made him think of the future for him if he fails to get the job done.

    He thinks of the day that he retires. It's no secret to him that this is a young man's game and he is getting older. But that's not what gets at him. It's his style of wrestling. The entertaining high flyer is never around for the longest amount of time usually. He has had a fair amount of injuries and has wrestled through them. He doesn't know when he will go. But in his head, he knows how he pictures it:

    Years in the future, Fight Night has come to Tampa Bay, Florida, his hometown. He's walking down the ramp for one final time, dressed in a black suit as if at a funeral. Fans look at him with solemn expressions, some chant for him, he walks down trying to be as stonefaced as possible as he walks into the ring and gets a mic. He speaks about various things to the crowd, joking with them but after many words... he has one last spiel for them. He paces around the ring with a mic and speaks what - at this present point - to him are his final words in the FWA.

    "It's been an amazing journey. I've seen and done so many things that will go down forever as a part of FWA legend. But all of these things were not possible without you. You are the life and blood of this business and of me, Ryan Rondo, the wrestler. There are so many things I could list that just would not have been possible without you. We've had some of the best times together... but unfortunately, there is always that one thing to regret: I regret that night I turned my back on Shane McLean, the FWA and most importantly, you guys. I regret it because maybe if I stayed on the right path that night, I would have filled McLean's shoes. But because of what happened, I never had the privilege, the honour of being able to call myself the champion of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance..."

    He takes a moment as he looks on at some fans, leaning against the turnbuckle, taking a breather having almost choked that last line out. Rondo looks up at the ceiling, a single solemn tear falling from his left eye, slowly navigating its way down his cheek.

    "It's a damn shame that I will never get to consider myself as equal as 'The Idol' Matt Boudreau, Devin Golden or Chris Kennedy."

    He looks down at the canvas of the ring for a moment as some fans chant his name before looking back up, taking a big deep breath before speaking his last few words.

    "I stand before you as Ryan Rondo, the man, not Ryan Rondo "The Last Star in the Sky" or "The Amazing One". All I ever wanted was that honor, all I set out to accomplish was to win that belt and have my legacy go down as something to remember. I was the average one in the family - average grades, average lifestyle. Wrestling was the only thing I was good at and it breaks my heart that I will only be remembered as someone who came so close yet so far. It's upsetting knowing that I have to say goodbye knowing I could have done so much more. But my mission was always to entertain. It was always to do it for the fans. If just one of you go home thinking that I was the best in the world, thinking that I was the man then I am consider my mission complete. Ryan Rondo might not be a name synonymous with that belt and with greatness... but it will be a name synonymous with loyalty, hard work and a name that the fans cheer with pride and that... that is enough for me to be happy. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to the FWA world for the best years of my life. Thank you to you guys, the fans. Thank you to Chris Stallings, Matt Boudreau, Devin Golden, Chris Kennedy, Shane McLean, Ryan Hall, Matthew Robinson, G-Rich and everyone i've ever met in this company. It's been a blast..."

    And with that, he puts the mic down, poses for the fans one last time with cloudy eyes........

    Suddenly, in the present, Ryan is jerked back from his thoughts of the future as he stands at the stage curtain. He is snapped back into concentration mode as he hears the fans screaming from the void beyond. This is his moment. This is now. This is his chance to change what he perceives to be the future. This is his chance to change that regret. He pulls the curtain back and gets ready to walk out.

    He cannot lose.

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