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Thread: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

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    The camera pans across a peculiar setting, the ring erected upon a square structure that has been built upon a frozen lake. The frozen lake is Baikal, but more on that later. For now, it is enough to focus on the three people in the ring: a slight woman dressed in what look like UV-riddled street clothes, a large man who broods away silently in a corner, and a shadow-boxing man with a strong, thick physique and a confident look on his face.

    There’s a loud series of boos in the arena as Violet Dreyer walks out onto the stage. There’s a smile on her face as she waves sarcastically to the audience, looking down upon the ring from the raised platform from which tonight’s competitors appear…

    Jim Taylor: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Launch-Pad! We have an incredible Night Four coming for you later tonight, but first… we have not one, but two warm-up matches airing free to whet your whistle!"

    Tim Coleman: “We have some tag team action later on, but first up it’s time for another preview match of the upcoming ‘I’m New Here’ battle royal. We now have twenty competitors confirmed for that match-up in Vanuatu, and four of them will take to the ring tonight with the hopes of sending a message to the rest of the field…"

    Jim Taylor: “We already have three competitors in the ring, and our fourth is on her way! Fans will remember Violet Dreyer from the Women’s Classic event way back in 2017, and now she’s about to throw her hat into the ring in CWA competition for the first time…"

    Tim Coleman: “But it won’t be easy tonight, Jim! She will have her hands full with her three opponents: Luna Piper, Lamont Banner, and Shaun Primax are already in the ring, and that’s quite the array of colourful characters wanting to stamp their own authority on the pack ahead of the battle royal…"

    Dreyer slides into the ring and takes in each of her three opponents in turn… the last being ‘Superstar’ Shaun Primax. The large man looks down his nose at her, almost sneering at the morsels that have been served up to him. Luna is aloof, leaning against her own corner and looking about herself at the frozen lake. Banner concludes his shadow boxing, and turns to face the other three with a deep breath...

    The Launch-Pad: “I’m New Here” Battle Royal Preview Fatal 4-Way Match.

    All four are in their corners looking around. They all stare about themselves tentatively, twitching in anticipation… all except the odd man in the bunch, Lamont Banner, who instantly rolls out the ring and begins to throw a bizarre tantrum in the ringside area. He’s ranting to anyone that will listen… to a cascade of boos for the controversial boxer, who only responds with “PUT ME ON A PRESHOW?! I’M A PPV PLAYER. WHERE’S NOAH WITH MY MONEY?! WHERE HE AT?!”

    Jim Taylor: “Well, we really shouldn’t be surprised by this behavior from by far the most controversial fighter in the battle royale, Lamont Banner; he’s shown no class, no respect to this sport and that seemingly hasn’t changed. You know, his spot could have gone to someone that earned a shot at the big time..."

    Eventually, the ref tempts him back into the ring and Banner climbs in, complain the whole way, but when he turns around, he looks uneasy and rightfully so... everyone in the ring is slowly approaching his corner. His eyes dart from one face to the other… until PIPER GOES FOR A PUNCH. Still, the expert boxer he is, Banner dodges it and forces Piper to spin into the corner.

    Banner starts laying into her now with those infamous hands, but before he can do too much damage, Primax comes up behind him and nails Piper with a HEADBUTT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! This stuns him long enough to stumble right into the waiting arms of Violet Dryer, who slings a pair of forearms to the side of his jaw. With Lightning Lamont stunned, he’s picked up like he’s in a chair by Piper, Violet, and Primax…and DUMPED UNCEREMONIOUSLY OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!! WRESTLING-1 BOXING-0!

    Looking outside at their handiwork, Primax has a sick grin that’s shared by Drayer while Piper actually dusts off her hands. But not long after their brief moment of accord, Piper and Dryer, without so much as missing a beat, both SOCK Primax in the face with a double dose of punches. They begin railing on him with repeat blows, trying to wear the big man down, backing him up against the ropes. They each clutch a wrist apiece, and Irish whip him across the ring, only for the near 7 foot tall Super Star to slings back at them with a HUGE DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! Both Dreyer and Piper whiplash the back of their head violently, with Dreyer being forced to roll out of the ring.

    Piper sticks around, on the other hand, and has now drawn the wrath of Primax. Forced back to his feet, Primax bashes Piper with a forearm that forces her to take refuge in another corner. Primax stays on her and grabs hold of her, whipping her into the opposite corner. She hits it so hard, she recoils out. Primax is right there waiting, lifting Piper up and taking her down with a SIDEWALK SLAM!! The gargantuan man makes an incredible impact on the canvas, Primax with the first cover...

    Tim Coleman: “We could be looking at a star here! A superstar! Shaun Primax is a contender! He’s young, ruthless, charismatic, built like a tank, moves like a rocket! He can dominate anyone on the roster if he wants to. He just has IT."

    Piper lifts her shoulder and tries to get herself back to a vertical base, but Primax stays on her with a vicious club to her spine, stunting the trance master for a second. In this second, Primax takes Piper up… and holds her up… before slamming her down with a BIG DELAYED SCOOP SLAM. Primax follows this up by rushing and bouncing off the ropes and rebounds right back towards the downed Piper…AND DROPS A MOMENTOUS, NEAR 300 LB ELBOW DROP!! Primax hooks a leg for another big man cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Piper keeps going! Even so, she’s clutching her chest from the meteor impact of that elbow drop, breathing somewhat heavily as she tries to get up. Primax continues his domination, lifting Piper across his chest… AND VIOLET DREYER FLIES FROM THE TOP WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!! The dropkick hits Piper and causes her to fall right on top of Primax, resulting in her first cover, if inadvertent…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Violet Dreyer recovers in time to knock Piper off. As she pulls Piper off and away, Primax rolls away to the outside to recover from his impact. It’s now Piper and Dreyer alone in the ring. Violet tries to hit a few right but can’t quite hit the flexible Piper, who rolls with the hits and dodges them like a damn ballerina before grabbing Piper by the wrist and whipping Piper into the ropes. On the rebound, however, she hangs her head a little too low…and on the rebound, Piper rolls off Dreyer’s back like a damn kung fu movie and lands on her feet, back peddles and hits the ropes and comes back with a beautiful Spinning heel kick!

    Jim Taylor: “...And that’s what makes Luna Piper so unique. She’s so damn flexible and, more often than not, lands on her feet like a cat; She hits like Shannon, moves like Bell, and that gymnastic training is something no one else brings to the battle royale. Is that going to be the x-factor?"

    Violet still has loads of life, getting back to her feet and regaining a little bit off balance. Piper looks to take advantage of that, taking Violet and whipping her into the corner. Piper then bullrushes the Aussie native, leaping up for the cornered dropkick...NO ONE HOME. Piper catches herself in the corner just in time and rolls out of the corner only to be greeted by a STIFF running corner elbow smash.

    Meanwhile… Banner is on the outside of the ring complaining of sweat in his eye….

    Violet looks like she’s about to make a pin but gets clobbered by a lariat to the back of her head by Primax! Looking to establish dominance, he tries to club Violet into submission, she’s backed up against the ropes, and Primax goes in for the kill, but Violet pulls down the top rope, and Primax’s momentum sees him shooting over it! Those are those veteran instincts! Knowing an advantage when she sees one, Violet quickly scurries under the bottom rope and takes the time to smash Primax off the lip of the ring over and over again, fighting dirty like only a Dreyer can! Eye pokes, hair pulls, fish hooking, any short cut she can take, she takes. , But just as Primax is fighting back they look up to see…LUNA PIPER FLYING OVER THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A NO-HAND TOPE!!!! BUT VIOLET PUSHES PRIMAX IN THE WAY-! HE GETS MOST OF IT!

    All three are down on the outside. Violet just has to shake the cobwebs out of her head and get back to her feet. sensing blood in the water; she gets back in the ring and runs the ropes… SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd cheering even louder for this now. Everyone is downed yet again; not even Violet is in good enough condition to stand immediately after hitting the big move.

    ..and that’s when Lemont Banner rolls into the ring….he looks out at his three downed opponents... looks out at the crowd….seems to pump himself up, and goes to bounce off the ropes and…..

    ...Flips off the crowd and gestures for the ref to start counting...The heat is NUCLEAR! As Lamont Banner looks content to take the cheapest road to victory as the ref starts counting out the three wrestlers out at ringside as Lamont trash talks with the crowd and raises his fists in the air in victory talking about how great he is..but seems to be a tad bit confused once the ref stops counting. He turns around….and GETS A BIG BOOT FROM PRIMAX. Smarting from the move, Banner rolls out of the ring in a cowardly fashion… and Primax is left alone in the ring. Violet and Piper appear to cluster right back together. The crowd’s buzzing gets all the louder – and they look up and see why; Shaun Primax is ON THE TOP ROPE. The fuck did he get there?? Whatever means the near 300lber used to get there will have to wait, as he’s not even on the top rope completely, one foot off. But the second the other one gets up there, Piper and Primax can only look up in terror as Primax pushes off and leaps… AND SPLATS ON TOP OF EVERYONE ELSE!! A SUPERSTAR SPLASH! There are bodies lying everywhere, and the crowd are on their feet from that surprising move. Even more surprising is that on the move, everyone seems to have wound up okay other than the superstar monster dropping on them... because they braced the fall so well. Nonetheless, Primax makes his way to his feet and forces both Luna and Violet back into the ring

    Primax shoves Piper to the side, then takes Dreyer and drags her to a corner with him, tucking her under his arm as he climbs to the second rope. What’s he got on his mind? Primax then transfers Dryer from his underarm…TO HIS SHOULDERS! Is a top rope Samoan drop on the way?? Primax is still trying to adjust her but just when it looks like he may be ready, below him is Luna Piper is entering back into the fray! She delivers big blows to Primax’s lower back, stopping him and takes Primax’s legs and leaning on the ropes… LIFTS HER AWAY FROM THE CORNER. LUNA LEANS BACK…AND LAND A DOUBLE ELECTRIC CHAIR/SUPER SAMOAN DROP DOMINO!!! The impact is enough to send Primax flying from the ring as Banner looks on and starts mouthing “fuck this”...

    And he slides into the ring! He charges at the rising Luna, going for a HUGE haymaker… but Luna catches the arm! She wrestles him down…

    Jim Taylor: “MK Ultra! Piper has the last chancery locked in!!"

    Tim Coleman: “Lamont Banner has no choice but to tap!!"
    Result: ‘TheTranceQueen’ Luna Piper wins by submitting Lamont Banner at 13:52.

    Luna Piper celebrates for a moment on the top rope, the other three competitors in various states of disrepair being helped to their feet and away from the ring by CWA employees on hand. Piper gets a decent ovation from the crowd who are impressed by her antics, and she slowly nods her head in self-approval before climbing out of the ring. Meanwhile, the announcers hype up the night ahead. The Launch-Pad is, of course, going out live on CWA’s YouTube channel, and Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman are doing their absolute best to get a few last minute subscriptions to the HBO-affiliated streaming service on which the show will air…

    After the ring has cleared, we hear…

    There’s a reasonable ovation for the entrance of The DiMiaco Brothers, Joe and Paul appearing on the raised stage to the sound of Bruce Springsteen with large smiles on their faces. They nod their heads and share a fist bump before making the way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “We saw The DiMiacos again last Summer at One Night Only, taking on the dream team of Jonathan McGinnis and Mr. Willis. It’s great to see them back again here at the Gold Rush… and, of course, they have a big match coming up at South Pacific when they’ll take on the returning Diamond Dogs…"

    Tim Coleman: “With all the events currently going on in the tag team division, I’m sure The DiMiacos won’t want to get left out and left behind. Their mission to insert their names into the championship picture begins tonight!"

    The DiMiacos are in the ring and on opposite corners, beating their chest and raising their fists in attempts to whip up the crowd. Their music fades out, soon replaced by…

    There’s another positive reaction as Murder, Inc. bounce onto the stage, nodding their heads along to the music as they survey the audience and the ring below them.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, we heard Murder, Inc. last week in Yekaterinburg via pre-recorded video: they were quite prepared to stay out of the developing tag team saga, and would appear when they were booked to compete. It looks like Noah Hanson has taken them up on that offer…"

    Tim Coleman: “Yeah, and considering the ongoing bad blood between The Division, The Echo, and The Undisputed Alliance, not to mention The Gang Stars, I’m really not surprised to see Murder, Inc. showing their faces here at Baikal…"

    The pairing of Creed and Lethal are making their way down the ramp, touching hands with some of the front row fans as they go. They pause for a moment when they get to the structure upon which the ring rests, their eyes focusing on the DiMiacos waiting patiently in the ring. Finally, they slide in, going to opposite corners and posing a little more on the second turnbuckle for the fans. When they hop off, their music fades out and the official is able to make his final checks before calling for the bell...

    The Launch-Pad: Tag Team Match.

    This one starts off at a quick pace, Paul DiMiaco attempting to bundle Creed over with a clothesline. Creed ducks it, and nails DiMiaco with a backflip kick! From here, we see a period of domination for Murder, Inc., who move around quickly and are able to showcase some of their offense for the Baikal crowd. Creed knocks DiMiaco down with a Jumping Reverse STO and later a tornado DDT, whilst Lethal - after being introduced and watching on as Paul tags in his brother Joe - is able to hit an enziguri followed by a jumping clothesline and then a standing moonsault. This gets him a two-count, and another tag to Creed is followed by the pair hitting a double snap suplex… followed by twinned standing moonsaults! The crowd applauds the effort, and Creed gets another two-count…

    Jim Taylor: “An impressive start here for Murder, Inc., showing us all why they’ve been placed in that number one contendership match at South Pacific…"

    Things start to go wrong for Creed after he’s able to hit a springboard clothesline. He goes to the top rope and attempts a corkscrew 450… but he eats mat when Joe DiMiaco rolls out of the way! He tags in his brother Paul, and the momentum shifts in favour of the brothers for the next few minutes of the match. The DiMiacos keep Creed in their half of the ring and wear him down with constant tags. Their offense is strike-based for the most part, Creed overwhelmed by a torrent of forearms, straight rights, stiff kicks, and stomps. This is punctuated by the occasional power move. Paul DiMiaco gets two-counts with a delayed vertical suplex and then later on a gut-wrench suplex, whilst his brother Joe is able to hit a double-arm underhook suplex, a snap DDT, and eventually a pop-up powerbomb, forcing another two. A little frustrated, Joe decides to lock in a sleeper hold to wear Creed down…

    Tim Coleman: “For a lengthy period here it has seemed like Joe DiMiaco is successfully wearing Jermaine Creed down, but now the audience is getting on Creed’s side! They’re almost willing him back to life…"

    Lethal is stamping his boot on the apron too, and Creed eventually is up to a knee… and then to his feet! He reels off a series of elbows to Joe’s sternum… and he hits a back suplex! And then a tag to Lethal! Lethal has a jumping clothesline to the also tagged in Paul, and then another for Joe… followed by a big back body drop for Paul! The other DiMiaco gets a flapjack!!

    Jim Taylor: “Kendrick Lethal looking pumped here! He has been waiting to get into this one for a long time, and now he’s letting out all of that aggression!"

    Paul, the legal man, comes at Lethal once more, who doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. He hoists him up… powerbomb! And then he lifts him up for a second! He’s going for his ‘Triple Homicide’ powerbomb… but Joe comes up from behind with a dropkick to his back! Lethal is forced to drop Paul…

    But here comes Creed! He turns Joe around and hoists him up into a fireman’s carry… CREED OF VIOLENCE! He hits him with the overhead kick!

    And now Lethal is back, and he has Paul up in a fireman’s carry of his own… he throws him towards Creed who nails him with a roundhouse kick!

    Jim Taylor: “That’s it! This one’s over!"

    Result: Murder, Inc. defeats The DiMiaco Brothers via pinfall at 10:14.

    Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal are up to their feet and share a fist bump in the middle of the ring. The DiMiaco brothers both roll onto the outside, re-grouping and then removing themselves from the situation. In the ring, Murder, Inc. have ascended opposite turnbuckles and lift their fists high into the air…

    Jim Taylor: “That was an impressive and ultimately triumphant return for Murder, Inc., and that’s just what they needed with The Echo looking strong each week here in the Gold Rush, and Nate Savage of The Undisputed Alliance making waves in Pool B…"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. It was important that Murder, Inc. returned with a win here tonight, and that’s exactly what they’ve done."

    Jim Taylor: “But something tells me that’s not the last time we’ll see Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal tonight…"

    Tim Coleman: “We’ll find out soon enough!"

    As Murder, Inc. climb out of the ring, we see one more wide shot of the unique arena set-up for the evening before fading out to black...


    Live from Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal, Russia.

    “Vibes and Stuff” | A Tribe Called Quest.

    Night Four begins with a low tracking shot across a huge frozen lake, the ice vaguely cracked here and there but - for the most part - remains thick and firm and steadfast despite the recent oncoming of spring.

    We see the entirety of Olkhon Island from afar, jutting out of the frozen wasteland. It looks barren and uninhabited from this vantage point, sizeable plateaus on its top punctuated with irregular rock formations that just out of the earth at strange, harsh angles. It is far from flat, and we can see dense taiga forestry on the sharp hills on the south, east, and west coastlines. The terrain seems far gentler to the north, where it runs away towards a flat tip free of forestry but still adorned with the same angular rocks formations as the rest of the land.

    Jim Taylor: “Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to Night Four of the Gold Rush tournament! We’ve made it to Lake Baikal, and to Olkhon Island specifically, for a wrestling show in a most peculiar setting!"

    Tim Coleman: “You can say that again, Jim! Lake Baikal is the world’s largest freshwater lake, and it freezes over every winter. The CWA has spared no expense in creating a unique setting for this fourth night of Gold Rush action! And what a show we have coming up for you at home…"

    We jump to a shot of the south of the island, taken in time-lapse style as the ice freezes below our feet and day turns to night into day. Clouds stream overhead.

    Jim Taylor: “We have our customary SIX tournament match-ups here tonight, finishing up with that huge main event in Pool A between Chubby Carlos and Dan Maskell. Last week, after defeating Alyster Black and moving onto three points, Maskell demanded that his match in Baikal go on last. Noah Hanson acquiesced, and that one could have huge implications in the hunt for qualification, especially if Krash is able to overcome Alyster Black earlier in the night…"

    Tim Coleman: “And, of course, we will see the match that MvH has been waiting for since the start of this tournament, as she goes one-on-one with Jon Snowmantashi in our opening match-up. If the kaiju emerges victorious, he qualifies for the finals night in Vanuatu, and only one place will remain for Dan Maskell, Chubby Carlos, or Krash…"

    Jim Taylor: “It’s a similarly delicately balanced situation over in Pool B, where Cyrus Truth has taken up a commanding position with three wins out of three, but behind him we see Christopher Jackson and Jonathan McGinnis each on four points, Nate Savage on three, and Shawn Summers close behind on two…"

    Tim Coleman: “Hell, even Humanity isn’t out of this thing! He might be bringing up the rear with one point, but he’s not out of this yet. Back-to-back victories could put him in the hunt…."

    We finally get a view of the northern tip of the island, where the ring is set up in the shadow of two rocks that jut up from the ice. A temporary structure - essentially a square board drilled into the deep ice - has been set up on the surface, the ring and two announcer’s tables - English and Russian - upon this structure and a heavy steel barricade around the parts of its perimeter that back onto the white vista beyond. Large temporary stands, seemingly carved of wood, have been placed upon whatever small tracts of sturdy land have been found in the area.

    We then get a view from within the ring, looking back at the island. The big screen and staging area are upon a hill, perhaps eight metres above the ring and casting a shadow over it in the afternoon sun. The ramp too is irregular. It leads from a corner of the ring to the foot of the hill, and then a series of steps are carved into the rockface itself, climbing up the hill and to the entrance. Either side of the steps are more temporarily wooden stands. The entrance itself is two large jutting rocks, similar to the ones pictured above, but angled towards one another to form a triangular archway through which tonight’s warriors will appear.

    Only 2,200 fans pack into the makeshift ‘arena’ tonight, a number carefully calculated based on the amount of pressure and noise can be spared in such a delicate and quiet corner of the world. As the camera finally settles on the commentators themselves, sitting in large, thick coats with their backs against the barricade separating the ring’s base structure and the ice-covered sea beyond.

    Jim Taylor: “And we also have a huge night ahead in terms of preparations for the upcoming South Pacific event. That tropical island seems a million miles away as we bed down in Baikal and await Spring’s relief, but the temporary structure erected to house the CWA’s talent here this evening has been buzzing with activity from those who will walk down to the ring in Vanuatu…"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim: we’ve heard that a who’s who of the tag division is here tonight at Baikal. The Gang Stars, The Division, Murder, Inc., The Undisputed Alliance, and - of course - those dastardly Conners are all in attendance here tonight! Those are some combustible elements, make no mistake…"

    Jim Taylor: “Speaking of combustible elements… it’s time for our opening Gold Rush match of the evening!"

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I guess it’s that time already…"

    Tim Coleman: “And would you just listen to this audience…"

    Those packed into the stands around the wrestling ring, braving the cold to witness this historic event in this unique setting, let Michelle von Horrowitz have it. Unlike in her previous matches in the tournament, she does not appear through the stage immediately. Instead, she lets the anticipation build, allowing the audience to build and build in their vocalised disdain.

    Jim Taylor: “I use the word already, but it’s true that Michelle von Horrowitz has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. And it seems she’s prepared to wait a little longer…"

    Eventually, a full minute into the song, MvH appears on stage. She is clearly not her usual self. She has no time for the fans, whom she usually snarls at freely right up until the opening bell, and pauses on the stage in order to solemnly stare at the empty ring upon the frozen ice. After a deep breath, she begins her walk down the stairs, towards the ramp and onto the lake.

    Tim Coleman: “Four years have elapsed since Jon Snowmantashi and Michelle von Horrowitz met in the main event of Five-Star Attraction, and a lot has changed since then. But one thing has remained the same: MvH has never ceased her unblinking hunt to corner Snowmantashi into a one-on-one rematch…"

    Jim Taylor: “Although only once in a one-on-one contest, these two have actually met three times previously: once in the Five-Star Attraction main event, once on opposite sides in a tag team match at the CWA-FWA Supershow, and once more in a Steel Roulette match. Jonathan McGinnis was eventually victorious on that night, but not before Snowmantashi eliminated MvH."

    Tim Coleman: “But this match means so much more to MvH. We’ve heard her endlessly opine about the significance of this match, most recently in Yekaterinburg on Night Three, when she took to the ring after Snowmantashi’s hard-fought victory over Krash."

    Jim Taylor: “She’d already made a mockery of this tournament, rushing through her matches - two disqualification losses and a double count-out - in just under seventeen minutes. That’s less than half of Snowmantashi’s total ring-time. Add Yekaterinburg’s chair attack to the ledger and how could one possibly call this a fair rematch?"

    Tim Coleman: “Something tells me it will take a lot more than a couple of chair shots for MvH to even up the odds against the kaiju..."

    Michelle stands in the middle of the ring, and it is notable that she has not taken up her usual nonchalant spot in the corner. Instead, she stands in the middle of the ring, unmoving, her eyes on the entrance atop the hill...

    Baikal erupts for the first time, and some of the attendees look at each other uncomfortably, remembering that the ring and the surrounding structure have been built upon the ice. It is thick, though: thick enough to move a train across. There is nothing for anyone to worry about, except - of course - Michelle von Horrowitz. She is breathing heavily when Jon Snowmantashi walks out onto the stage, surveying his audience, and then locking eyes with the woman in the ring down below.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s easy to get caught up in the significance of this match historically, but this is also an extremely important one for Jon Snowmantashi as far as the Gold Rush tournament goes. One could argue he is at a disadvantage: Maskell, Krash, and Carlos have faced an ambivalent MvH, whilst he faces one focused on vengeance…"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s true, but victories over Dan Maskell, Alyster Black, and Krash have put Jon Snowmantashi in a dominant position at the top of Pool A. A win here tonight and he is through to the finals at South Pacific. A loss will mean he will most likely need to beat Chubby Carlos in Vladivostok…"

    Snowmantashi stomps down to the ring with John Duncan a few paces behind him, all-the-while maintaining eye contact with von Horrowitz. She stands still in the centre, watching his descent of the stone staircase and his approach down the ramp… and then at the last moment she rolls out of the ring, allowing him to enter it. She remains on the outside whilst Monaghan is making her introductions, looking up at the kaiju, almost in reverence, but occasionally allowing her face to scrunch up into a scowl…

    Lindsay climbs into the ring, Snowmantashi waiting in his corner whilst Michelle paces in front of the commentary desk.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “The next contest is a Pool A match-up, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first: in the corner to my left… she hails from Rotterdam in the Netherlands… weighing in at sixty seven kilograms… she is a Wrestle Royale winner and a one-time CWA High Voltage Champion… ‘Dreamer’... Michelle… von… Horrowitz!”

    MvH doesn’t even seem to be listening to her introduction. There’s anticipation amongst the audience. They feel confident that von Horrowitz is about to get her just comeuppance. She is still not quite ready to come into the ring.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And her opponent… from Tokyo, Japan… he is a Ruler of the Ring tournament winner and a former two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion... he weighs in tonight at two hundred and ninety pounds… ‘Inhuman’... JON… SNOWMANTASHI!”

    A huge roar sounds out on Olkhon Island for Jon Snowmantashi. He, like MvH, pays the fans no mind. He watches on as Michelle walks around the perimeter of the ring once more, weighing up her first moves, watching Lindsay Monaghan climb out of the ring and realising that the moment cannot be delayed any further.

    She slides into the ring, standing warily, the Mountain in front of her waiting patiently in a corner of his own...

    Pool A - Night Four - Match Nineteen.

    As soon as the bell rings, Michelle von Horrowitz charges across the ring and takes Snowmantashi out at the knees with a low dropkick! The kaiju is immediately staggered, and falls down onto one knee. MvH, looking to make the most of the opportunity, rocks him with a step-up enziguri… but JS still doesn’t go down! He’s on a knee, and von Horrowitz hits the ropes, before taking him off his feet with a shining wizard!

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like MvH has been watching some recent tape of the big man… a very similar opening to this match than the one that we saw Alyster Black have success with earlier on in the tournament."

    Tim Coleman: “And notably a very different approach from the one we saw from MvH at Five-Star Attraction. In New York City we saw her playing possum for the early stretches of the match, frequently taking breaks outside of the ring in an attempt to coax a mistake from Snowmantashi…"

    Jim Taylor: “I think the twenty minute time limit will thwart that strategy, Tim. Michelle will need to take things to Snowmantashi a little bit more here tonight…"

    She is doing exactly that, and as soon as he’s on the mat she goes to work with heavy stomps to the head. The gash from MvH’s chair shot just three nights before has been closed, but she seems intent on opening it back up again. Snowmantashi is onto his front and then up to his feet, but Michelle comes up from behind him with a chop block! He’s down on his knees and she slaps on a front facelock before driving him down with a snap DDT! She neglects going for a cover, instead locking in a head-scissors on the kaiju in an attempt to wear him down. JS tries to wriggle towards the ropes, but MvH checks that momentum by driving the point of her elbow down into his cranium. He throws up a hasty guard, but the head-scissors coupled with the blows make it difficult for him. Eventually, he has no other option but to get onto his knees, drive up to his feet, and then lift Michelle as if attempting a powerbomb…

    … but after one more straight right hand, she nails a hurricanrana! The momentum takes Snowmantashi out of the ring! Michelle moves to the side of it and tees the kaiju up, waiting for him to rise to his feet…

    Tim Coleman: “Springboard shooting star press! MvH takes Snowmantashi out on the outside!"

    Jim Taylor: “MvH pulling out all of the stops here! We haven’t seen her hit that move in years…"

    After taking a moment to catch her breath, Michelle takes Snowmantashi by the scruff of the neck and throws him face-first down onto the announcer’s table, before slamming him down to the floor (atop the temporary structure that has been built upon the ice) with a Russian Leg Sweep. She notices that the official is already up to six, and so she rolls herself into the ring and out of it to break it up, before taking JS by the wrist and dragging him up. She attempts to Irish whip him into the steel steps… but Snowmantashi is too big and too strong! He plants his feet and stops his momentum, forcing Michelle to release his wrist and stumble backwards… He comes at her…

    Jim Taylor: “Drop toe hold onto the steel steps! Classic MvH!"

    MvH lifts Snowmantashi up and rolls him into the ring, climbing up to the top and watching him get to his feet. When he’s regained a vertical base, she leaps off the top, a picture perfect crossbody taking Snowmantashi down in the middle of the ring! This time she does go for a cover, hooking the kaiju’s leg in the process…

    ONE… NO!!

    Tim Coleman: “At ONE!"

    Jim Taylor: “But MvH knows that she can’t allow frustration into her game, she goes right back to work… and it looks like she’s going for that ankle lock!"

    Indeed, MvH is going for Snowmantashi’s ankle, trying to lock the move in. Snowmantashi wants none of it, and kicks out at Michelle, eventually causing some separation. The kaiju gets to his feet and Michelle attempts her busaiku knee kick, but JS evades it and then goes for a clothesline… Michelle ducks it and goes for a straight right hand. Snowmantashi blocks… and replies with a headbutt! Michelle is rocked backwards… T-Bone suplex! Snowmantashi gets all of the move!

    Jim Taylor: “We saw this happen in 2017: Jon Snowmantashi managed to gain control and kept it for large portions of the match. One Hailstorm was all it took by the end of the onslaught. Michelle can’t allow history to repeat itself…"

    Snowmantashi lifts Michelle up and throws her hard into the corner, so much so that she hits the turnbuckles and bounces back towards him. Snowmantashi is waiting for her with a flapjack, and then he lifts her straight up and into a bearhug. He squeezes at her for about thirty seconds, Michelle trying to wriggle her way through, but realising his grip is too tight she instead is satisfied to drive her elbow down onto his head. After four of these, JS realises he may need to relinquish… and so throws her overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex! Snowmantashi goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    The kaiju goes straight back to it, lifting Michelle up and dumping her unceremoniously over the top rope. He follows her out and lifts her onto a shoulder before snakes’ eyes-ing her onto the announcer’s table! He lifts her up again, perhaps trying to use her as a battering ram against the ring post (like he did in his last match against Krash…), but Michelle is able to slip out of the back and hit JS with a dropkick to the back! The momentum takes Snowmantashi forward into the ring post!

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like that might have opened Snowmantashi up again…"

    Tim Coleman: “Yeah, it definitely has, Jim. That’s going to affect his vision moving forward in this one. Certainly part of the plan for Michelle…"

    MvH is enacting another part of her plan, it seems. With a wild smile, she begins to dissemble the Russian announcer’s table! Coleman and Taylor lament what is about to come but MvH pays them no mind. She removes the cover and throws the monitors down, and the official - who has already reached six with his count - climbs out to admonish her and tell her to stop. She’s already prepared, though, and rolls in and out of the ring to break up the count once more…

    … but she has left Snowmantashi alone for too long, and the kaiju is on his feet! He charges her and turns her INSIDE OUT with a huge clothesline! The crowd pops for the move, and he picks her up to throw her into the ring. He stalks her as she attempts to recover, rolling onto her front, and then he lifts her high above his head in a military press… before dropping her face-first onto the mat! Michelle is down, and here come the stomps! One after the other to the head, perhaps twenty in total, and Michelle is forced to roll out of the ring and onto the apron to escape them. Snowmantashi reaches over the top rope to pick her up by the hair and applies a front facelock, bringing MvH back into the ring with a LONG delayed vertical suplex!!

    Jim Taylor: “Jon Snowmantashi covers again…"

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Michelle von Horrowitz kicks out as we move past the ten minute mark in this one. But she needs something here. She can’t allow Snowmantashi to get into a rhythm…"

    Snowmantashi is watching Michelle as she struggles to get back to her feet, facing away from him and out of the ring. It looks like she’s looking at the endless white vista leading back to the mainland. He shakes his head, lamenting her lack of focus, and then drags her towards him. He places her in a rear waist lock and throws her across the ring with a German… but she over-rotates, and lands on her feet! Snowmantashi turns around…

    Jim Taylor: “Busaiku knee kick! She gets it! That might be the turnaround you were talking about, Tim…"

    Tim Coleman: “But Snowmantashi is still up! He’s rocked to a knee…"

    Michelle hits the ropes, and then takes him down with a single running high knee!!

    Jim Taylor: “Was that...?!"

    Tim Coleman: “That looked an awful lot like Krash’s One-Hit Kill to me…"

    Jim Taylor: “Another move that we saw have a BIG effect against Jon Snowmantashi last week. Michelle using anything that she can get her hands on… anything that she knows Snowmantashi is weak against…"

    Snowmantashi is down, and Michelle climbs up to the top rope. It looks like maybe she’s going for the 450 already… but it is too early, and Snowmantashi is up to his feet before she can steady herself on the top. He walks to the corner and nails her with an overhand chop! Michelle recoils and almost falls off the top, but Snowmantashi steadies her and then climbs up too! He’s stood on the second turnbuckle with her sitting on the top, and he pulls her close for a bearhug…

    Jim Taylor: “Is he gonna hit a belly-to-belly from the top rope?!"

    It looks like he’s trying, but Michelle holds the top rope with her right hand to stop him… and then she bites the bleeding forehead of Jon Snowmantashi!! The referee can’t properly see it, and Snowmantashi is forced to release the bear hug. Michelle steps up onto the top turnbuckle…

    Jim Taylor: “Sunset flip powerbomb!!"

    Tim Coleman: “NO! Snowmantashi is holding onto the top rope! He won’t budge!!"

    And then Snowmantashi reaches down and grabs Michelle in a double choke, still standing on the second rope, and lifts her back into a seated position on the top turnbuckle! He rocks her with a headbutt and then puts her in a double underhook…

    Jim Taylor: “Double underhook suplex! From the second rope!"

    Michelle flies across the ring and lands in a heap, and - after taking a moment to suck in some oxygen - Snowmantashi walks over to her for a lateral press…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Snowmantashi is up onto his knees, looking at Michelle and weighing up his next move… and then he decides it’s time for this to end. He lifts Michelle up and into a fireman’s carry, staring down the camera as he prepares for the Hailstorm… but MvH starts to fight out! She’s kicking out with her legs and again driving the point of her elbow into JS’s head… and he’s forced to drop her! She lands in a front face lock… double-underhook DDT! Michelle hooks a leg!

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Snowmantashi gets his shoulder up, and again Michelle goes straight for the ankle, looking for the ankle lock. The kaiju kicks out at her again, and one catches her flush in the face. She’s forced to release, and JS gets to his feet. He charges in for a clothesline, which she ducks…

    Jim Taylor: “SUPERKICK!!"

    Tim Coleman: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michelle use a superkick before?!"

    Jim Taylor: “But we’ve seen the man who has had most success against Snowmantashi down the years in Jonathan McGinnis perfect that move! And Snowmantashi is down to his knees!"

    Tim Coleman: “That was as unexpected to him as to the rest of us…"

    Snowmantashi looks dizzy, and Michelle hits the ropes behind him, nailing him with a running knee to the back of the head! She picks up his arms, and hits a Super Dragon-style curb stomp! Snowmantashi eats the mat and then rolls onto his front, allowing MvH to climb up towards the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: “And now she’s feeling it! Michelle’s going for that 450 splash…"

    This time she’s able to steady herself on the top rope, and then she leaps off… and Snowmantashi gets his knees up! Michelle bounces off them and across the ring, and Snowmantashi gets to his feet. MvH is using the corner to help herself up, and the official moves over to her, asking if she’s okay to continue. Out of the corner of her eye, Michelle sees the Mountain charging towards her corner…

    … she dives out of the way…

    … and pulls the referee into his path! The official is clattered into the corner and goes down in a heap!

    Snowmantashi rounds on Michelle, picking her up by the hair, and dominating her with a half-dozen headbutts! She is out on her feet, and Snowmantashi lifts her up into a fireman’s carry…

    Jim Taylor: “HAILSTORM!"

    Tim Coleman: “But Snowmantashi isn’t going for the cover. He knows that the referee is out…"

    Snowmantashi walks over to the corner and tugs at the referee’s shirt, not realising that Michelle is rolling out of the ring and onto the outside to escape him. After he’s content that the official is well and truly out and there’s nothing to be done, he turns around to find an empty ring. With a deep breath, he climbs out through the ropes and begins to walk around its perimeter. And, as he rounds the steel steps, he’s taken out with a HUGE chair shot! The echo sounds out over the lake as a bloody Snowmantashi is taken off his feet! Michelle is beaming ear to ear (despite simultaneously breathing heavily) and she throws the chair to the ground…

    Jim Taylor: “I think she’s not only re-opened that gash, Tim, she’s worsened it. This is not a good situation for Jon Snowmantashi!"

    Tim Coleman: “And it’s getting worse! Look at Michelle heave Snowmantashi up onto our announce table…"

    The two Russian commentators dart to get out of the way as Michelle drives forearm after forearm into the supine Snowmantashi’s skull. When she’s content, after maybe a dozen, that he’s incapacitated, she goes back to the ring and climbs up the steps. She ascends the top turnbuckle, steadying herself and looking down at the announcer’s desk below…

    Jim Taylor: “TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP!"

    Tim Coleman: “THROUGH THE TABLE!"

    The crowd lose their shit at the spot, launching into a chant of some initials… the company’s, not the wrestler’s. The camera looks at the carnage, Michelle on her knees and trying to use the barricade to help herself up. When she’s managed it, she looks into the ring, noticing the official starting to show signs of life…

    Jim Taylor: “Just in time! The official is breathing, you’ll be pleased to know, and now Michelle has the unenviable task of transporting Snowmantashi back to the ring."

    It’s difficult, and takes half a minute or more, but she manages it, and eventually she’s able to throw him under the bottom rope. She slides in too, looking over at the official, who crawls over towards Snowmantashi. Still smiling, MvH nods her head eagerly and hooks a leg…

    ONE… … TWO… … TH - - NO!

    Michelle can’t believe the kick out, but now is no time for frustration. Instead, she stands up, and climbs back up to the top rope as quickly as her fatigued legs will carry her. She stands up straight, staring down at Snowmantashi, prone and waiting…

    Jim Taylor: “450 SPLASH!!"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s gotta be it!"

    ONE… TWO… THRE - - NO!!!!

    Jim Taylor: “He kicks out again!!"

    Tim Coleman: “He’s unkillable! MvH can’t put him away…"

    Michelle is wide-eyed as she stands up, momentarily staring down at Snowmantashi’s ribcage, which slowly expands and falls as he takes in heavy breaths. She looks out at the discarded chair… at a middle turnbuckle that could be exposed… at the ring bell… but the official is up, and there’s no recourse available but for repetition…

    … she darts up to the top rope, and again hurls herself off with a second 450 splash! Jon Snowmantashi has no choice but to lie there and take it, and this time she hooks BOTH legs…


    BUZZ - - !!!

    Jim Taylor: “What?! It’s over?!"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s the buzzer, Jim! They’ve had twenty minutes!"
    Result: Jon Snowmantashi and Michelle von Horrowitz wrestle to a twenty minute time limit draw.


    For a moment, Michelle von Horrowitz remains in the cover, elation still on her face, the kaiju - it at least seems to her, exactly where she wants him…

    But then she looks up at the official, confusion creeping onto her face. Why has he stopped counting?

    Michelle stands up, taking a step over Snowmantashi’s body and towards the official. The kaiju rolls out under the bottom rope and onto the floor, his face a crimson mask…

    And then Michelle sees the timer on the big screen: 0.00...

    After turning towards it, MvH sinks to her knees, her head in her hands. She slumps further down still until her forehead touches the mat, almost in the foetal position…

    She slams a fist into the mat, but there’s no strength in the blow. Eventually, her hands rest out of clenched fists, and with her opened palms on the mat she pushes herself up onto her knees. There are tears in her eyes, and her whole body convulses as she expels them.

    The arena is silent: there’s no music… Lindsay makes no announcement… the fans make very little noise for the first and last time in the evening. And then we fade to black.

    Snippets of a large amount of the performers due to be present at the show are placed together in a montage with Enzio Pinza singing “Some Enchanted Evening” over the top of it. Each match currently scheduled for the card gets a little bit of focus:

    CWA proudly presents: ”SOUTH PACIFIC”.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships.
    The Gang Stars (Alyster Black and Krash) [c] vs. TBA.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Final.
    Winner of Semi-Final #1 vs. Winner of Semi-Final #2.

    Lilith vs. Michelle von Horrowitz.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships: #1 Contendership Match.
    Murder, Inc. vs. The Echo vs. The Undisputed Alliance.

    Fatal 4-Way Match.
    Clint Shepard vs. Billy Hatcher vs. Johnny Vegas vs. XYZ.

    Tag Team Match.
    The Diamond Dogs vs. The DiMiaco Brothers.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Semi-Final #2.
    Winner of Pool B vs. Runner-up of Pool A.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Semi-Final #1.
    Winner of Pool A vs. Runner-up of Pool B.


    The "I'm New Here" Battle Royale.
    Confirmed entrants: The Power, “Pretty” Billy “Mr.” Wright, Trevor Walker, Ratin Mikichin, Kung Fu Karl, Juan Tothrefor, “Lightning” Lamont Banner, Devour the Suffering, Violet Dreyer, “Squeaky Clean” Dick Washer, RetroJethro1984, FaZe, “Superstar” Shawn Primax, Kasey Conner, “TheTranceQueen” Luna Piper, Fiyero Lermontov, Tank Aikae, Jimmy Boom Boom, Meg, “Machine” Mikey Williams.

    Singles Match.
    Dicky Zucko vs. Diego Gonzalez.

    Noah Hanson's 'Next' Announcement.
    (w/ special guest Randy Ramon)

    There’s a loud pop amongst the assembled fans as Christopher Jackson walks out onto the stage. He seems to be enjoying himself despite his 1-2 record. He looks about his bizarre setting: at the large jutting rock formation around the ring, which sits a few metres below me and requires the traversal of a staircase to reach, as well as the temporary stands placed at off-kilter angles at any stable ground to be found. It doesn’t dampen his spirits: he even goes as far as to beat his chest as he begins his descent to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Jackson has had mixed success in the tournament so far, but his defeat to Jonathan McGinnis last week had a lot to do with some of The Echo’s trademark shenanigans. The reformation of The Indy Club spelled bad news for Jackson…"

    Tim Coleman: “It leaves him in a precarious position on two points, but all is not lost. Back-to-back victories in Baikal and Vladivostok could be enough for ‘Straight Edge’ to book his place in the Vanuatu finals."

    Jim Taylor: “That might be easier said than done. There are no straight-forward matches in the Gold Rush…"

    Jackson climbs into the ring and up to the second rope, lifting his hands into the air to garner another cheer from the audience. He hops down into the middle of the ring and turns to face the entrance...

    From the arch carved between the southern rock formations, Humanity emerges to a chorus of boos. He looks around at the 2,200 fans in attendance, packed onto the wooden structures, and then his eyes wander to the great white vista beyond the ring. He seems to ponder this for a moment, before catching himself and beginning to walk to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Humanity has had a rough time in the Gold Rush tournament so far over his first three matches, and going into tonight he sits at the foot of Pool B on one point."

    Tim Coleman: “That one point came on Night One courtesy of a twenty minute time limit draw against Nate Savage in our very first match, but since then Humanity has suffered back to back losses."

    Jim Taylor: “A loss here would mean elimination from the tournament for Humanity. Truth, McGinnis, and Jackson would all be beyond his maximum possible points tally. I’m sure Humanity knows that, and it probably explains the serious countenance we see here…"

    Tim Coleman: “Well, that’s hardly out of character for Humanity at the best of times…"

    He climbs into the ring and stands, essentially motionless, in his corner, staring across the ring at ‘Straight Edge’. Jackson is pacing slightly in his corner, watching on as the official and Lindsay Monaghan climb into the ring.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen the following is a Pool B match, scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first… weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds… he is a one-time CWA High Voltage Champion and a two-time CWA World Tag Team Champion… from The Other Side... Humanity!”

    Another chorus of booing is heard on the northern tip of the island. Humanity ignores it. He is focussed on the task at hand.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent, in the corner to my right, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… from Brooklyn, New York… he is a former CWA Continental Champion… CHRISTOPHER… ‘STRAIGHT EDGE’... JACKSON!”

    Jackson smiles, nods his head, and lifts a fist into the air. The crowd gives him another cheer, and it’s instantly clear whose side they are on in this one. Lindsay Monaghan vacates the ring, the official making his final checks before calling for the bell...

    Pool B. Night Four. Match Twenty.

    After a very amateur-esque exchange of moves for the opening three minutes - not just a brawler that Humanity - the two are at a stalemate as far as feeling out and mat skills. This surprises Christopher Jackson very much, enough to force him to stop and nod his head with a ‘not too bad’ face, The two approach one another again, with Jackson pulling away this time with several hard shoulder blows. Jackson uses this advantage to whip Humanity across the ring, but the hardcore legend dodges underneath two clothesline attempts before rebounding right back at with a ridiculous lariat!! The move surprises the hell out of Jackson, who gets turned inside out! Humanity covers…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Well, we are only a few minutes into this one, but already we see Humanity going for a cover after a BIG lariat. I think he knows how important a win is here for him, and wants to get things wrapped up quickly…"

    The match rolls on, Humanity the one in command now, dropping a knee onto Jackson for good measure. He gets him back up to set him up for a Russian leg sweep, but Jackson fights his way out of that move with some elbows, grappling Humanity from behind, looking for a German suplex…NO! Humanity elbows, goes behind, and gets a schoolboy roll up…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Jackson frees himself from the move, both men back vertical and Humanity charging…right into a snap powerslam!! Jackson whips Humanity violently against the canvas for his first cover attempt…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Humanity still has life!"

    Tim Coleman: “A real hard-hitting start to this one!"

    Even so, he’s clutching his head in pain, giving Jackson time to take advantage here, taking Humanity in his clutches in a suplex position and lifting him up… and keeping him there for quite some time! He lets all of the blood rush down to Humanity’s head, an impressive sight considering Humanity is no small man. Jackson even bends his knees and springs back up before finally dropping Humanity back with a beautiful stalling suplex. The somewhat proud flair of the Franchise hasn’t gone away after all this time… but Humanity springs the trap and pulls him over into the small package!!

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Jackson breaks out of the surprise!"

    As both men rush back to their feet, Jackson gets another surprise from Humanity when he lets loose a kick to Jackson’s gut that has him doubled over, Humanity then snapmaring Jackson over his shoulder. He follows that up very quickly by kicking Jackson square in the spine! The crowd ‘oohs’ along with the impact, as Jackson displays the pain on his face as well, Humanity keeps him up and hits another kick to the spine!! This one gets the same reaction, Humanity following up on that by bouncing off the ropes twice before nailing the still sitting Jackson with a low front dropkick to the face!! Franchise jaw cracks on the impact!

    Tim Coleman: “Humanity now with another cover…"

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Humanity keeping up the pressure in this one, chasing that elusive and all-important win…"

    Humanity is showing the power of his strikes here, but he can’t put Franchise away, prompting Humanity to take his opponent and try to whip him into the ropes, but he’s whipped instead. There is no rebound, as Humanity grabs onto the ropes to keep from going anywhere. Jackson takes the bait and charges at Humanity, who hits Jackson with a STIFF forearm that sends Humanity right against the ropes into the waiting arms of Jackson…


    Tim Coleman: “Jackson turns things around in a hurry, covering Humanity here…"

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Humanity stays alive!! The tables turn quickly there and now it’s Humanity’s turn to test his perseverance…"

    The resilient Humanity gets a small applause of respect from the crowd but Jackson is getting frustrated a bit. Jackson takes the severely weakened Humanity and chucks him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! Humanity is chucked halfway across the ring, forcing himself to get back up in a corner. This doesn’t spell very well for him, as Jackson is right there to follow him and crunch him between body and steel with a stinger splash!! Humanity then groggily drifts out of the corner and right back into Jackson’s clutches, right into a flawless German suplex!! He keeps the bridge, this offensive flurry sure to get him something…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Humanity still won’t go down here!"

    Jim Taylor: “God, Humanity is like a zombie… He just doesn’t stay down!"

    Jackson looks down at Humanity at his feet and shakes his head now, taking a few steps back and waiting for Humanity to get to his feet, getting ready to kick his head off…NO! Humanity dodges what may have been the Dragon Whip and pulls Jackson back with a school boy!

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Jackson throws the legs up! Straight Edge quickly springs back to his feet, Humanity taking a little bit more time, before dropping Humanity with a double leg takedown…

    Jim Taylor: “TEXAS CLOVERLEAF ATTEMPT… but can he turn Jackson over?"

    ....NO!! Humanity kicks him away and Jackson releases. He lifts him up and whips him at the ropes, Jackson crouches down, maybe going for a back body drop… Humanity halts his momentum, he pulls him into position…

    Tim Coleman: “PILEDRIV-…NO!! Humanity gets kicked in the chops! But then fires back with a right hand! Then a discus forearm!!"

    Jim Taylor: “Jackson loses his balance from the ferocity of the move, and now Humanity looks to move in with the Devil’s Whisper attempt…"


    Jim Taylor: “Breathlyzer! BREATHLYZER-!!"

    Humanity is dead on his feet and Jackson hits Breaking Habit finisher, before covering him one more time…

    Result: Christopher Jackson defeats Humanity via pinfall at 13:51.


    Christopher Jackson gets onto his knees and looks down at Humanity’s defeated body, adjusting his elbow pads as he does and giving himself a slow nod. Finally, he gets up to his feet, and allows himself one more moment up on the second turnbuckle in a corner, his hands raised up high, before he vacates the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “I think we can see a little more self-belief in Christopher Jackson, who moves to a .500 record with his second victory. Things really are delicately poised in Pool B: Jackson will be watching developments in Truth vs. McGinnis and Savage vs. Summers later on in the night. ‘Straight Edge’ is right in the hunt for qualification for the finals night on the island of Vanuatu…"

    Tim Coleman: “Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Humanity. With two points left available to him in his match against Nate Savage, Humanity already finds himself more than two behind Truth, McGinnis, and now Jackson. Humanity will go one-on-one with Jonathan McGinnis next week, but he’ll be fighting for nothing more than pride…"

    Jim Taylor: “Whilst we’re on Pool B, Michelle Kelly is standing by with another of the chasing pack, and someone who will be looking to go level on points with Jackson later tonight when he takes on Nate Savage. Over to you, Michelle…"

    Michelle Kelly stands in front of a large monitor with the Gold Rush event logo displayed as the camera focuses in on her.

    Michelle Kelly: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined at this time by the former CWA Tag-Team and High Voltage champion, Shawn Summers, and the former CWA Tag-Team Champions, Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean – The Division."

    The camera pulls out and reveals the three men standing opposite Michelle. Shawn is dressed in a white “Elite DVSN” muscle shirt and wrestling attire. His beard stubble has become more prominent as we enter the fourth day of the tournament. His eyes are cold and his demeanor is that of someone who would rather not be participating in an interview prior to his match. Nevertheless, ever the professional, Michelle takes a moment before beginning.

    Michelle Kelly: “Shawn, you are moments away from competing in your fourth match in this tournament. Last time out, you were able to pick up your first win but your previous two losses put you at a huge disadvantage as this tournament progresses. Every match is a must win situation for you. What are your thoughts about this situation that you are currently in?"

    Shawn Summers: “Michelle…for you, this is just another night at work. If you mess up an interview tonight, you’ll be able to laugh it off and go about your day business as usual. The same thing can be said for this cameraman we’ve got for this interview, our ring announcer, the commentary team, and countless other people working here tonight. For me, this is everything. If I mess up tonight, my career means nothing. I remain the Michael Garcia of CWA. A guy that is more bark than he is bite. A guy that gets high off his own shit."

    Shawn Summers stares directly at the camera, the two members of The Division nodding their head in affirmation in the background.

    Shawn Summers: “Winning this tournament…is EVERYTHING to me. It’s a chance for me to finally say that I’m one of the top wrestlers to step into a CWA ring. It’s a chance for me to prove to MYSELF that I am still the alpha athlete that I had dubbed myself. Winning this tournament…is a way for me to prove that this “wrestling thing” is exactly what I was born to do. I’ll be damned if I let anyone take this away from me…again."

    Michelle Kelly: “Well, two men recently tried to take you out of the tournament prior to your second match. Of course I am speaking about The Echo. It has recently been discovered that The Echo have been backing up Jonathan McGinnis – the man who beat you in your tournament opening match. What are your thoughts on the reveal of this alliance and the attacks?"

    Shawn Summers: “At the CWA PRIDE pay-per-view event, The Echo lost the tag-team championship to the Division. They were left bloody, bruised, and embarrassed. The next night on Adrenaline Rush, they invoked their rematch clause and they were left broken and unemployed. If the Division met the Echo again…I wonder what would happen?"

    Michelle Kelly: “Tonight you face a tough opponent in Nate Savage. What are your thoughts as that match approaches?"

    Shawn Summers: “Under Siege… Nate Savage had the opportunity to become a co-champion here in CWA with Jackson Fenix. He was mere moments away from defeating the best damn tag-team in professional wrestling. And then he ran into me. I made sure that The Division kept their tag-team championships and ended the Nasty Prophecy before it even had a chance to take place. Tonight will be no different. I plan to end Savage’s dream of becoming a world champion here tonight. I will not lose. I cannot lose. Tonight, Savage competes in a match that he cannot win."

    Shawn gently moves Michelle’s microphone away from him and walks out of camera view. Michelle shakes her head at Summers’ abrupt departure and begins to walk in front of Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke. Trevor smirks as Noah puts a hand out in front of Michelle, blocking her from exiting. Noah, wearing a black hoodie with the hood up over his head, slowly raises his head up revealing himself to be wearing a red Oni mask. Michelle looks around in a panic as Noah slowly grips his hands around Michelle’s – helping her to raise the microphone to where his mouth would be if he weren’t wearing the mask.

    Noah Stocke: “The Gang’s… all… here! You… know what we want… you’ve…had enough time to make it happen…and… we’re done waiting."

    Noah releases Michelle’s hands and backs out of camera view with Trevor smirking and shaking his head as the scene fades to black.

    We cut away from Michelle Kelly and pick up Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage of The Undisputed Alliance as they round a corner within the large temporary structure that has been erected near the entrance to act as a backstage area. The camera tracks around the corner with them, when suddenly they stop in their tracks. Momentarily, the cameraman does the same, before he pans out to reveal… Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal of Murder, Inc!

    Jim Taylor: “Uh-oh!"

    Tim Coleman: “This could be a situation!"

    Jim Taylor: “Two of the teams that will compete for a shot at the CWA World Tag Team Championships in Vanuatu… this is indeed a situation and a combustible one at that… We heard from Murder, Inc. last week, and they performed on the Launch-Pad tonight... and it seems they want to let The Undisputed Alliance know they’re here!"

    Tim Coleman: “That Launch-Pad match was a victorious outing against The DiMiaco Brothers: a surprise after they told us last week that they’d next be seeing us at South Pacific. Looks like the bubbling tag team situation was a little too much for Lethal and Creed to stay out of!"

    Jim Taylor: “They also told us that, if they were told a date, they’d be there. Noah Hanson may have acted on this promise…"

    The Undisputed Alliance stand to attention in front of their South Pacific opponents (or two of them, anyway), who immediately reciprocate. The moment is tense, until Creed lifts his palms out in a placatory manner.

    Jermaine Creed: Shit... relax… we’re not here to fight. At least, not with you, anyway…”

    Creed’s words are not unkindly delivered, but they do nothing to soothe Nate Savage or Jackson Fenix. They are still unsure what to make of the unwanted interruption to their day.

    Jermaine Creed: “We just came to let you know that we’re looking forward to South Pacific. It’ll be good to get back on the beach after all this snow. Look… we saw what The Echo did to both of you boys last week in Moscow, and we’ve noticed that you’ve been inseparable ever since. We’ll be doing the same thing. Strength in numbers makes sense...”

    Creed looks over at Lethal, who nods his head in affirmation.

    Jermaine Creed: “Come South Pacific, it’s gonna be a brawl. Every team for themselves. But before then? If The Echo wants to launch a rampage against the tag team division? Well, we don’t want to find ourselves surrounded by enemies just yet. We’d rather just be looking over one shoulder, not both of them... if you know what I mean?”

    Savage and Fenix glare at their South Pacific opponents for a moment… and then ‘Nasty’ Nate finally gives them a slow nod. Jermaine Creed smiles, and the two interlopers remove themselves from the shot…

    … Jackson Fenix looks over at Nate Savage, who lets out a chuckle and shakes his head. The two go about their evening, and then we return to the ring.

    We return to the arena to hear...

    The reaction is positive for Black Jesus as he walks out onto the stage, his CWA Tag Team Championship belt upon his shoulder. He doesn’t pause on the stage at the bottom of the staircase, instead proceeding to walk straight down the ramp, ignoring the outstretched hands of some of the front row fans as he goes.

    Jim Taylor: “Alyster Black has not had the run of the green thus far in the Gold Rush tournament. Three matches and three defeats: Dan Maskell, Jon Snowmantashi, and then Chubby Carlos. Black can’t catch Snowmantashi, and he can only equal the points tally of Chubby Carlos."

    Tim Coleman: “The aforementioned head-to-head loss with Carlos means that Black can at best finish third in Pool A, so he - like Humanity - will be fighting for personal pride from here on in. And there will be bucketloads of that on display here tonight…"

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Tim. Black will tonight go one-on-one with his tag team partner, the other half of the current CWA champions, The White Wolf. Given everything that is currently going on in the tumultuous world of professional wrestling, particularly in the other place, this one is certainly a curious encounter…"

    Black is in the ring and patiently waiting in his corner. His music fades out, and then there’s a rapturous reaction for...

    Krash walks out onto the stage with the other CWA Tag Team Championship belt, and he smiles whilst nodding his head in appreciation of the roaring crowd. Unlike his partner and opponent tonight, he happily and freely slaps the hands of the young front-row fans as he passes.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s been a far more positive tournament so far, with The White Wolf currently in position of a healthy 2-1 record. Victories over MvH and then Chubby Carlos put him at the top of Group A, but he came back down to earth in Yekaterinburg against Jon Snowmantashi."

    Tim Coleman: “Krash is still in a good position, though. He’s a point ahead of Dan Maskell, and is in front of Chubby Carlos based on their head-to-head, both on four points going into Night Four. Maskell and Carlos are due to compete in our main event tonight, so a win here against Alyster Black will give Krash some breathing space over at least one of them.”

    Jim Taylor: “Jon Snowmantashi has already qualified from Pool A, and after tonight I think we’ll likely have a pretty good idea of who will move through to the finals night alongside him."

    Krash slides into the ring and him and Black meet for a second in the middle of it. There are some quiet words that the camera is unable to pick up, and then the two share a quick handshake. They retreat into opposite corners, each taking in their unique surroundings on the northern tip of the island. When we return back to a wide shot, Lindsay Monaghan has entered the fray…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Pool A match-up scheduled for one-fall, and with a twenty minute time limit… Introducing first, in the corner to my right: from Melbourne, Australia… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and five pounds… he is a Wrestle Royale winner, a Five-Star Attraction Tournament winner, a CWA High Voltage Champion, a four-time - and current, reigning! - CWA World Tag Team Champion, a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… he is ‘The White Wolf’... HE… IS… KRASH!”

    A huge reaction for Krash as he lifts his hands up above him, enjoying the favour of the fans.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent, in the corner to my right… from San Dimas, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds… he is a three-time, and the other half of the current CWA World Tag Team Champions… he is ‘Black Jesus’... ALYSTER BLACK!”

    Another moderately positive reaction for Black, though there are still some pockets of negativity aimed at Alyster. He pays it all zero attention, instead looking out into the white vista and the small huts and sparse lights of a village on the shore.

    When he turns around to face Krash, Lindsay Monaghan has climbed out of the ring, and the referee calls for the bell...

    Pool A. Night Four. Match Twenty One.

    Surprisingly considering the violence and barbarism of their previous encounter just a few weeks prior, this one begins as a strictly technical affair. The two exchange holds in the middle of the ring, and it’s fair to say that in the first three such interactions Krash emerges on top. In the first, Alyster is able to reverse a headlock with a back suplex, but Krash lands on his feet and slaps on a hammer lock, before taking Alyster down with a clothesline and then applying an arm bar. Black scrambles to the ropes and forces the break. In the next, Alyster at one stage manages a sleeper, but Krash hits a jawbreaker and then a double leg takedown, followed by a single-leg Boston crab, again forcing Black to the ropes. The third such exchange ends with Krash managing to squeeze his way out of a chicken-wing attempt, picking Alyster’s ankle and going for an ankle lock. Black kicks him off, and when Krash comes at him he rolls him up with a small package! Black gets a two-count, and when the two are up he proceeds to get three more quick near-falls thanks to a crucifix, a backslide, and finally a sunset flip roll-up. Each time Krash kicks out, and after the fourth he thinks twice about going straight back at Black…

    Krash looks like he wants to go for another collar and elbow tie-up, but Black wants none of it and instead lashes out with a boot to the midsection. This doubles Krash over, and Black takes him over with a snap suplex. What follows is a period of dominance for Alyster, who switches between strikes (mostly knife edge chops, corner stomps, and the occasional shoulder block) and some of his heavier power moves. He is able to get two counts with a DDT and a belly-to-belly suplex, and continues to wear Krash down with a belly-to-back suplex and later a Russian leg sweep. After The White Wolf kicks out of a bridging German suplex, Black catches a breather whilst putting Krash in a reverse chin lock.

    Jim Taylor: “After a bright technical opening from Krash, we’ve seen Alyster Black slide into a rhythm here. He’s locking Krash down and keeping the pace how he wants it."

    Tim Coleman: “Krash mustn’t be complacent. A lot hangs in the balance here. Dan Maskell and Chubby Carlos are nipping at his heels, and Krash faces Maskell next week. That could be make or break for The White Wolf if he’s unable to get a grip on this match."

    Krash must sense this too, because he begins to fight up to his feet, using the volume produced by the fans to help him do so. Black transitions into a headlock, but Krash backs him up to the ropes and throws him acrossing the ring. Alyster bounces off and eats a powerslam from Krash! The White Wolf follows up with two clotheslines, a leg lariat, and then a German suplex to match the one from Black earlier in the match. Krash doesn’t bridge, though, instead backing away from Black… and going for the One-Shot Kill!

    Jim Taylor: “NO! Black able to evade there by dropping to the mat and rolling underneath the bottom rope… He had that one well-scouted!"

    Tim Coleman: “But look out!"

    Krash simply marches to the side of the ring and takes Black out with a slingshot cross-body to the outside! Both men go down, but The White Wolf is up to his feet and pumping his fist, eliciting another pop from the crowd. Krash lifts Black up and throws him into the barricade, reeling off a handful of knife edge chops. He then attempts an Irish whip into the nearby steel steps… no! Black reverses! Krash is sent flying into them instead! Black rolls in and out of the ring to break up the official’s count at eight, and then lifts Wolf up by the hair. He drags him towards him by the wrist… flapjack onto the barricade! Krash’s throat comes down onto it! And then Black takes him out with a discus elbow strike!!

    Black doesn’t let Krash rest a minute, reeling off a series of stomps on The White Wolf as he backs away towards the steps. Black lifts him up and then throws him back-first into the apron. He proceeds to work the body with lefts and rights… and then a headbutt rocks Krash! He rolls The White Wolf into the ring and follows him in, lifting him up, and then driving him down to the mat with a body slam. Alyster looks at Krash’s position in the ring and immediately moves to the corner… he nails a Great Muta style moonsault! Into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Krash gets the shoulder up, and this one is still going. We’ve moved past the ten minute mark, Tim, and seeing one draw earlier in the night you have to start wondering about this match, too…"

    Tim Coleman: “Everyone hopes it won’t come to that… especially Krash, I imagine!"

    It looks like Black is trying to get Krash into position for a curbstomp, and The White Wolf immediately scrambles to the bottom rope to force a break. Black gives him a clean break and backs away, but when Krash is up he hits a trio of forearms and then a second big headbutt, again staggering Krash. Black doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, and then hurls him into the ropes… he looks to be going for his pop-up Death Valley Driver… but Krash overrotates, and he nails Black with a tiltawhirl DDT! Black is spiked head-first into the mat, and Krash feels the momentum begin to shift…

    The White Wolf lifts Krash up to his feet and Irish whips him off the ropes, taking him out with a leg lariat. He follows up with a snakes’ eyes in the corner… and then he hits the ropes and damn-near snaps Black in two with a spear! He neglects going for a cover, instead working up the fans with a little bit of gentle showmanship, and then climbing up towards the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: “Is he thinking about that Daybreaker elbow?! This almost always means the end…"

    Tim Coleman: “But look at Black! He’s getting to his feet!"

    Indeed, Alyster is up and he charges at Krash, rocking him with a forearm to the side of the head. He then climbs up towards the top rope with Krash, proceeding to nail him with three consecutive quick and HARD headbutts! Krash is close to falling off his perch, but Black pulls him into a front face lock, steps up onto the top turnbuckle, and…

    Jim Taylor: “SUPERPLEX!! All the way from the top!!"

    Krash bounces away from Black and towards a corner, and it takes Alyster a moment to crawl across the ring and pull Krash away from the ropes. He hooks a leg…

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Black doesn’t waste a minute, immediately lifting Krash up and doubling him over with a boot to the midsection. He hoists him up as if he is going for a powerbomb… but Krash fights out! A few right hands… CODE RED! Krash flips over Black and nails him with a code red! And Black’s shoulders are down…

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Krash gets up, lifting Black up with him and nailing a trio of European uppercuts… and then a spin kick to the gut doubles him over… famouser! Black fights up to his feet…

    Tim Coleman: “One-Hit Kill! Krash gets all of the running knee!"

    Jim Taylor: “Black is staggered to one knee… step-up enziguri!"

    To his credit, Alyster STILL doesn’t go down… but he has no choice in the matter when Krash hits him with a reverse tornado DDT! Into a cover…

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!!

    Black kicks out! Krash kneels up, taking a few deep breaths and wondering what it’s going to take to put his friend away… he nods his head, finally deciding on his next move. He hoists Black up and puts him in a front facelock…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like Krash is going for that trapped DDT into a guillotine choke…"

    Tim Coleman: “He calls this Discordant Serenity, and it will certainly spell the end of this match…"

    But Black knows this too, and he drives Krash back into the turnbuckles! The impact causes Krash to release the hold, and Alyster grabs his wrist, pulling him close for a hard clothesline! Then a headbut! ROARING ELBOW!! Krash is staggered and drops to one knee, and Black takes him by the scruff of the neck… and hurls him between the second and third ropes, shoulder first into the steel post! The official stops Black from following up, and Krash falls to a seated position in the corner. Black approaches and unleashes a torrent of stomps… followed by the start of the facewash! He rubs the soul of his boot against Krash’s face, and then he charges to a nearby set of ropes…

    Jim Taylor: “Surprising to see Black bust out this disrespectful move against his tag team partner, but this is how much a win means to both men!"

    Tim Coleman: “Look at Krash! He uses the ropes to get up, and he charges at the oncoming Black!"

    Jim Taylor: “Krash going for a spear… NO! Black catches him with a snap DDT!"

    And now, finally sensing that Krash is suitably weakened, Black hoists him up to his feet again… applies a front facelock… and nails his brainbuster DDT!

    Jim Taylor: “He calls that one ‘Satan’s Spike’! And now Black hooks both legs…"

    Result: Alyster Black defeats Krash via pinfall at 18:42.


    Alyster Black takes more than a few moments to remove himself from the cover, and when he is finally able to, he simply sits for a moment in front of Krash. Fifteen seconds or so later, The White Wolf starts to stir and - with Ramstein sounding out on the speakers once again - the two men begin to get to their feet together…

    Jim Taylor: “Well it was only Krash out of these two men who stood a chance of progressing to the finals night in Vanuatu, but Alyster Black does some serious damage to Krash’s chances with that victory."

    Tim Coleman: “You can say that again: looking at the table, Chubby moves back into second by virtue of having a match in hand over Krash. Either Carlos or Maskell will go clear ahead of Krash as we enter the final night of the pool stages when they go head-to-head in our main event."

    Jim Taylor: “There doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings between the two men, a handshake shared, and now Black supports Krash’s weight and helps him towards the ramp... It always brings out the best in each of these men when they go up against one another."

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, but I’d have to question if Krash is as happy with this as he is making out. He is the only man in Pool A to have gone for longer than an hour, and will be at the end of the night even if Carlos and Maskell go the distance. He needs all the help he can get, and Black did not offer that at all!"

    Jim Taylor: “I’m not sure Krash would have it any other way…"

    The two men take a moment on the stage to turn back and face the fans packed into the northern tip of Olkhon Island, before they both disappear through the stone arch at the top of the stone staircase.

    Tim Coleman: “Well, Krash will be a very interested viewer for our main eve - - -"

    In mid-sentence, Tim Coleman is cut off as the screen fizzes uncontrollably. Millions of peoples’ trust for CWA hangs on a knife-edge as the screen now cuts totally to black. The black screen looms for a prolonged few moments as a worldwide audience watch on bemused. Was this a fault? A show on a remote island in the middle of a frozen fresh-water lake in Siberia suddenly seemed a stupid idea. Some kind of glitch? Did those damn FWA hackers get into the servers? They managed it last week, changing a ‘C’ into a rouge ‘F’ during the scene-setting of the Red Square dark match… why not again tonight?

    ??: "At what point does your willful ignorance go from amusing to insulting?"

    Oh shit! The picture slowly comes back. Colour inhabits the screen, shades of red, black and grey are all present at first, but soon they begin to gush into each other as the focus sharpens... revealing the former undefeated world champion known to the world by one word; "Lilith". Her dark eyes burning a hole through the camera, lounging on what appears to be something resembling a throne. Where is she? We have no clue. All we know is that it's black and very smokey .

    Lilith: "Not that I blame you for trying to forget about me. It is the way of men to shut their eyes and close their minds to cold, stark reality... to light a candle or to simply shine a light to illuminate their surroundings to make them feel safe. But just because there is an absence of darkness. That does not mean it's not there. Does not mean... I'm not there... watching.”

    Lilith leans up in place; a forefinger pointed idly at the screen.

    Lilith: "....And what is it I have seen? The craven tantrums of mortal men trying in vain to justify their fragile egos by climbing over themselves for trinkets.. A tainted prize that still remains my property, yet almost three years ago was stolen from me by liars and cheats. Brayden Bridges ran away with my prize, and for three years, he has run.”

    Suddenly whatever room she was sitting in now echoed the voice of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Brayden Bridges in his exclusive interview at CWA One Night Only.

    "I never asked to be the white knight and save the day, but in the end, I did what I had to do to save CWA from Lilith."

    The ith-ith-ith reverberates around the room as Lilith regards it with a tilt of the head before a deep rumbling unnatural baritone cackle erupts from her. She is truly amused by what she heard...

    Lilith: "Oh, and what a noble hero you turned out to be! A white knight that couldn't slay the dragon by his own hand, so he fled for his life after taking something that you have not EARNED the right to claim for yourself. A man who considers himself a brave champion, yet there has been a dragon hunting you for three years, and instead of bravely meeting it head-on, you fled clutching the world heavyweight championship to your chest. There's a darkness encroaching on your kingdom, Brayden where are you...twelve of the greatest warriors this land has ever seen has raging battles for the right to face you…. and… where… are... you…”

    By now, all amusement has drained on her face as she stares at the camera once again, disgust clear on her pale features.

    Lilith: "Never forget; when the horns of war were sounded, and a call went out for a champion, remember who led the line and who was the pitiful… COWARD.”

    Lilith's shout echoes unnaturally throughout the room, her voice becoming deeper than an average female voice should ever go.

    Lilith: "Brayden Bridges is not worthy of falling by my blade… I have chosen my next offering… The one who calls herself… Dreamer… Finally...a battle worthy of my sword, and do rest assured that… when The Dreamer steps foot within the realm of darkness… it will be war untold… A fight that will immortalize us both and prove just who is the truly dominant force… Yet apparently, I am not worthy of the great Dreamer's attention. Her obsession with Jon Snowmantashi blinds her to the slowly creeping nothing. Come now, Michelle, among the many, many people you wish to see fall at your feet, I'm truly the one that you need not worry about. Is what's to come after tonight truly just a mere distraction from what you truly want? Do I not scare you?”

    At these words, Lilith closes her hands into a fist, an insane-looking smile on her face

    Lilith: "We shall see."

    We return to the arena for...

    There’s a mixed reaction for Shawn Summers, large pockets of negativity but a surprisingly large amount of support for the man as he walks out into the arena. The Division are nowhere to be found, Summers deciding to go it alone tonight without them at ringside...

    Tim Coleman: “What a huge match this is in Pool B, ladies and gentlemen…"

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Tim! Things are delicately balanced, with Cyrus Truth having pulled ahead of the pack but four out of the other five competitors closely packed together in the chasing group. Two of those men are involved in this match-up. Here comes Shawn Summers, who opened up his account with back-to-back losses to Jonathan McGinnis and then Christopher Jackson. He finally got out of the starter’s block last week against Humanity, leaving him a point behind his opponent tonight and hoping to leapfrog him…"

    Tim Coleman: “But you’d have to worry about that being too little, too late. Even with back-to-back wins tonight and in Vladivostok, Summers has to hope for other results to go his way if he is to qualify."

    Jim Taylor: “I don’t think Summers can be worried about that, Tim! He has to focus on the job in front of him tonight, especially with such a dangerous opponent awaiting him…"

    Summers has climbed into the rings and looks on as his music fades, quickly replaced by...

    Unlike Summers, Nate Savage is not alone. Jackson Fenix walks alongside him, and the two share a fist bump on the staging area before they begin to stomp down the staircase and towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “One win, one tie, and one loss leaves Savage on three points, part of that chasing pack looking to tuck themselves behind Cyrus Truth in the hunt for qualification. But Nate will need to have one eye on his own back in this one, with The Echo constantly circling around them and the rest of the tag team division…"

    Tim Coleman: “I think that’s why Fenix is out here, Jim! Anyone in Pool B, specifically those that pose a threat to Jonathan McGinnis, may need to take out similar insurance policies…"

    At the foot of the ramp, Nate shares a fist bump with Jackson and then slides into the ring. Fenix stands with his arms folded, looking on as Nate beats his own chest and talks up his chances of winning into the camera. Meanwhile, as Savage’s music fades out, Lindsay Monaghan climbs into the ring with a microphone in her hand…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen the following is a Pool B match, scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and sixty six pounds… he is a two-time CWA High Voltage Champion… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… Nate Savage!"

    A roar of negativity washes over Olkhon Island, Savage pacing this way and that as he locks eyes with Shawn Summers across the ring.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… from Laguna Beach, California… he is a former CWA Pure Champion and a former CWA World Tag Team Champion… SHAWN SUMMERS!”

    Another very mixed reaction for Shawn Summers, who stands with his eyes fixed upon Nate Savage.

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like Summers knows the magnitude of this match. If he loses: he’s out!"

    As Monaghan exits, they take a step towards one another, the official calling for the bell...

    Pool B. Night Four. Match Twenty Two.

    When this one starts, it immediately breaks down into a straight-up fist fight! The two begin by trading blows in the middle of the ring, Savage eventually getting the better of the exchange and backing Summers up with right hands into a corner. Summers throws a guard up, and Savage simply backs away before hitting a big corner splash! Summers falls into a seated position and Nate proceeds to blast him with a dozen consecutive stomps. Shawn rolls under the bottom rope to escape the tirade and Nate follows him out. He takes Summers by the scruff of the neck and Irish whips him first into the barricade, and then into the ring apron! Shawn falls to the ground and Nate picks up his legs, before sending him into the ring post with a catapult!

    Jim Taylor: “A fast start for Nate Savage! He has overwhelmed Summers here with his strike game, and already Shawn looks like he’s seen better days…"

    Savage throws Summers into the ring and slides in after him, getting a two count with a pin attempt. Savage dominates the early stretches of the match, wearing Summers down with a series of power moves: he’s able to connect with a series of suplexes: a butterfly, a snap, a delayed vertical, and finally a bridging fisherman’s, for which he gets a two-count. He then wears Summers down for what feels like a long time with a sleeper, but the crowd shows their begrudging support for Summers, who begins to fight out of the move. He nails Savage with a series of elbows to the head, but Nate just throws him overhead with a sleeper suplex!! Savage gets another two-count, Shawn looking worse for wear when he powers out…

    Much to the chagrin of the fans, Savage goes straight back to his sleeper hold, and Summers attempts to fight his way back to his feet again. Nate blocks this by wrapping his legs around Shawn with a body-scissors, and you can sense the life draining away from Summers. Eventually, he manages to roll over his body weight and reach a leg out to a rope forcing a break. It looks as if Nate will allow Shawn to get to his feet… but as Summers uses the ropes to help him up Savage launches himself at his opponent!

    Jim Taylor: “Summers reverses! He’s able to pull that top rope down, and Savage tumbles over onto the apron…"

    Summers is quick to pull Nate towards him in a front face lock… and then he drags Nate up and into the ring with a suplex! Savage hits a series of quick-fire grapple moves shortly afterwards: first a backbreaker, then an unanage, followed by a snap DDT and finally a swinging neckbreaker. He punctuates each move with a series of strikes, namely European uppercuts, knife edge chops, and stiff forearms, not to mention an endless series of stomps when Nate is down on the ground. After successfully hitting an inverted suplex, Summers hits the ropes and lands a leg drop! He covers, but Savage is able to kick out at two!

    Tim Coleman: “Shawn Summers is kicking the pace up here. He senses that he’s had over half of his time, and nothing short of a victory will do…"

    Summers attempts to lock in a fujiwara arm bar, but Savage instantly scrambles to the ropes and hooks onto them. Shawn seems as if he’s going to let Nate up, but it’s his turn to charge when Savage is still tangled in the ropes, first hitting a boot to the midsection and then Irish whipping him into the opposite set. Summers nails Nate with a mule kick! Savage is doubled over, and Shawn shifts him into position… reverse lifting DDT! Shawn goes for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Nate is able to kick out, and Summers backs away into a corner. He stalks Savage as he slowly gets to his feet, and then he comes in for the kill. He gives Nate a boot to the midsection and then hooks the arms…

    Jim Taylor: “Summers looking for his Prophecy finishing move here… but Nate drops to a knee…"

    Tim Coleman: “And now Nate drives up! He has Summers up in a fireman’s carry!"

    Shawn begins to kick his legs and drive an elbow into Nate’s head, eventually forcing Savage to drop him…. AXE KICK! Summers gets all of the strike! Nate falls to the mat…

    Jim Taylor: “... and now Summers locks in the fujiwara arm bar! Nate is in the middle of the ring!!"

    Nate screams out with pain, but every time he gets close to tapping he clenches his hand into a fist, and crawls - hand over hand - closer and closer to the ropes… until he manages to reach the bottom one!

    The official forces a break, and Shawn releases at four. He backs away, allowing Nate to get to his feet. Savage takes a deep breath… and then he lunges at Summers! He tries to take his head off with a clothesline!

    Tim Coleman: “But Summers ducks it! Kick to the midsection… Prophecy!"

    Jim Taylor: “He hits his double-underhook kneeling facebuster. He could get the pin if he wants here…"

    Tim Coleman: “But instead Summers locks in his Alpha Male guillotine choke!!"

    Jim Taylor: “Summers is refusing to tap! But he’s fading quickly!"

    Tim Coleman: “The official checks his arm… Savage is out! He calls for the bell!"
    Result: Shawn Summers defeats Nate Savage via knockout at 12:03.


    Summers releases the hold, getting up to his feet and snatching his arm away from the official after he has lifted it in a symbol of victory. The audience are still not entirely sure what to make of Summers, and the result is a cocktail of cheers and boos. Summers nods his head, happy that he’s wiped off his two early losses with back-to-back victories. He makes a full circuit of Nate’s body, and then - as Jackson slides in to tend to his partner - Shawn climbs out of the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “Well, win was all that Summers could do here tonight, but he’s still hoping for other results to go his way…"

    Tim Coleman: “Summers must surely wonder why he couldn’t have turned things around like this earlier on in the tournament..."

    Summers stands on the ramp, slowly nodding his head in a sign of self-belief. The camera is in wide-shot, the cheering (and booing) fans visible beyond Summers, and Nate Savage in the ring receiving attention from the official. As the referee calls for more assistance from the back, we fade away to the back…


    Night Five.
    Live from the Primorskiy Stage of the Marinsky Theatre.

    Full Card:
    Pool A.
    1/ Alyster Black vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20)
    2/ Chubby Carlos vs. Jon Snowmantashi (1/20)
    3/ Dan Maskell vs. Krash (1/20)
    Pool B.
    4/ Humanity vs. Jonathan McGinnis (1/20)
    5/ Christopher Jackson vs. Nate Savage (1/20)
    6/ Cyrus Truth vs. Shawn Summers (1/20)

    We cut to a smiling Michelle Kelly, who is standing in a corridor of the temporary structure in which the performers and other employees are housed during the night’s show. The man standing next to Kelly, however, is decidedly more dour and generally looks rather unimpressed with what has transpired during tonight’s show. He is smartly dressed in a black suit, a white shirt, and a black tie, and his thin-rimmed spectacles sit forward on his nose as if he is about ready to do some first-rate thinking. Michelle, microphone in her hand, gives the camera a flash of her pearly whites and then addresses the audience…

    Michelle Kelly: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by tonight with a man who must be very happy to have seen his client ensure qualification to the Final Four at South Pactific: Mr. John Duncan. John, congratulations on seeing the kaiju safely through to Vanuatu…"

    Duncan turns towards Michelle with a flabbergasted look on his face. He cocks an eyebrow and then shakes his head flippantly. He rubs his temple, as if attempting to dredge up a suitable response to such an irritating question.

    John Duncan: “Michelle, I know that you mean well, but, come on…"

    Duncan doesn’t really register the camera, instead satisfied with addressing the interviewer exclusively in recognition of the perceived faux pas...

    John Duncan: “Jon Snowmantashi is now officially through to the Final Four. This is true, and when considered in a vacuum this is of course good news. But let’s face facts, Michelle: Jon Snowmantashi was through to the Final Four long before tonight. This was a foregone conclusion before this tournament even began! But one cannot consider this fact without also considering the context of the rest of the evening. Jon Snowmantashi’s record is no longer perfect, and I am a petty man. This bothers me, more than it would ever concern the kaiju. He knows the circumstance of this ‘tie’. He knows that Michelle has conserved herself since St. Petersburg, bumbling through disqualifications whilst, elsewhere on the card, three wrestlers showed up with their very best to try and slay the beast and become a legend. He knows that you resorted to cheap shenanigans in Yekaterinburg, mocking this tournament and yourself with a steel chair and a poor attitude. And yet: Jon Snowmantashi still had you beat. Once again, a single hailstorm was all it took. Had the CWA bothered to employ any officials that weren’t made of paper, Jon Snowmantashi’s perfect record would still be intact. But if my Aunt had a cock, she’d be my uncle…"

    Duncan pauses here, as if he’s quite content to let the monologue finish on a vulgarity. He is smiling to himself now, as if he’s soothed the memories and is content with his demonstration of his client’s superiority.

    Michelle Kelly: “Snowmantashi has one more match left in the pool stages against Chubby Carlos. Depending on what happens in our main event tonight, this could end up being utterly meaningless or of paramount importance to Carlos. Will the kaiju’s preparations differ now that his qualification is already ensured?"

    Duncan can’t help but let out a slight, soft chortle.

    John Duncan: “The storm does not prepare. If you are asking if Chubby Carlos can expect an easy ride, this is a question that you already know the answer to. Jon Snowmantashi would not suffer a loss to Chubby Carlos on his record, even if there was nothing but a handful of peanuts on the line. You can expect to see the same kaiju as you’ve seen four times already in this tournament."

    The manager looks rather smug with himself, and Michelle Kelly nods along with him as if fully believing in the words that are falling from his mouth.

    Michelle Kelly: “Now that Snowmantashi’s qualification to Vanuatu is ensured, can we ask who you’re hoping to see join him there from Pool B? Have you and the kaiju been keeping up with developments involving McGinnis?”

    John Duncan: “Well… of course we have. At least, I have. That’s sort of my job, Michelle. But there’s no point standing here and postulating. I haven’t seen anything in Pool B, or in Pool A for that matter, that is threatening to the Mountain. He will not wither from any change: least of all the re-turned McGinnis. And anyway, personally…"

    Here, Duncan shields his mouth from Kelly and whispers towards the lens, as if he is sharing a secret with us.

    John Duncan: “This is the McGinnis that I hoped to see all along…"

    With that he cracks one final smile, and offers Kelly a wave.

    John Duncan: “Now, I really must be going. We’ve got three more matches to win…"

    Duncan nods at Michelle, and then disappears from the shot. The interviewer turns back towards the lens with her microphone in hand.

    Michelle Kelly: “Back to you at ring-side, Jim!"


    We return to the arena as a huge, collective groan sounds out around Baikal...

    The boos continue when Jonathan McGinnis walks out onto the stage, flanked on either side by a Conner brother. He has a shit-eating grin on his face and his hands outstretched at his sides, as if he’s willing the audience on in their vitriol. He lets out a maniacal laugh and pulls an approaching camera in close, jawing into it about how he is destined for the finals night in Vanuatu. He kisses it and then walks past, Drew Conner feigning a superkick attempt which makes the cameraman recoil. He lets out a laugh and passes, his brother Ethan shouting “BOO!” into the camera as he brings up the rear.

    Jim Taylor: “Last week Jonathan McGinnis’ master plan was unveiled, and it was unfortunately rather predictable: he drafted in the help of a couple of old friends to help see him over the line…"

    Tim Coleman: “Victory over Christopher Jackson last week pushed McGinnis a little closer to that, but he still needs at least one more win out of his last two matches. And tonight’s task is a daunting one…"

    The Indy Club have each gained access to the ring and now occupy a position in the centre of it. Ethan reaches out and pats McGinnis on the back as The Indy God nods along to his music. It cuts off abruptly, the fans still booing McGinnis as he stands in silence in the middle of the ring. And then, they erupt for...

    Cyrus Truth walks out onto the stage and seemingly has eyes only for the three men in the ring. He begins his walk down the ramp with a sense of purpose.

    Jim Taylor: “‘A daunting task’ is exactly right. Cyrus Truth has been perfect so far in this tournament, recording victories against Christopher Jackson, Humanity, and Nate Savage in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Yekaterinburg respectively…"

    Tim Coleman: “Jonathan McGinnis will surely be grateful for a little bit of breathing space, knowing that he still has a match against the winless Humanity next week in Vladivostok…"

    Jim Taylor: “Breathing space, and lots of insurance. Truth’s aura of invincibility in this tournament looks a lot more fragile when Drew and Ethan Conner are introduced to the situation…"

    Cyrus Truth doesn’t back away from the challenge, and climbs up the ring steps and through the ropes as the official stands between him and the three other wrestlers in the ring. McGinnis shouts Truth down as Lindsay Monaghan enters...

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen the following is a Pool B match, scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, in the corner to my left… from Montreal, Canada… he weighs in at two hundred and seven pounds… he is a one-time Ruler of the Ring winner, and a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… ‘the Last Indy Darling’... Jonathan… MCGINNIS!"

    When once McGinnis could’ve expected one of the best reactions of the night, now he is serenaded in derision by the Baikal fans. The Echo each pat him on the back before they climb out of the ring. Drew bangs the apron with his fists when on the outside, attempting to motivate his leader and get some adrenaline going. The Indy God loosens up his joints and continues to jaw manically in Cyrus’ direction.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent… he weighs in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds… from The Long and Winding Road… he is a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… ‘The Exile’... CYRUS TRUTH!!”

    Cyrus doesn’t move. He just stares across the ring at McGinnis, who is still pacing and mouthing off and trying to psyche himself up. Eventually, after Monaghan has climbed out of the ring, Cyrus allows himself a little smirk. He is ready to begin. The official calls for the bell.

    Pool B. Night Four. Match Twenty Three.

    McGinnis begins to circle the ring and Cyrus dutifully reciprocates. The two come together in a collar and elbow tie-up, McGinnis instantly shifting into a headlock. Cyrus backs him into the ropes and throws him into the opposite set, and when Truth re-approaches he takes The Indy God down with a shoulder block. Truth hits the ropes again, but McGinnis is up and he leap-frogs Truth, and then goes for a lariat… Cyrus ducks it and hits the turning Indy God with a mule kick! Cyrus goes straight into a front face lock, attempting to take McGinnis over with a suplex. McGinnis blocks it by going to a knee… and then takes Cyrus over with a snap suplex of his own! McGinnis looks for a figure 4 with Truth down, but Cyrus kicks him away and scrambles to his feet. It’s McGinnis’ turn to go for a lariat, but Truth ducks it and takes him in a hammer lock, and then he goes for a crossface chicken wing! Truth has no choice but to scramble to the ropes and hook onto them…

    Tim Coleman: “McGinnis comes out on top of that exchange. Despite his actions, there’s no doubting that McGinnis is one of the premier technical wrestlers in CWA history…"

    Jim Taylor: “Which makes his involvement alongside The Echo in The Indy Club even more baffling…"

    Truth and McGinnis circle the ring again, and this time they look like they are about to engage in a test of strength… McGinnis instead goes for a kick to the midsection, which Truth catches! The proceeding step-up enziguri attempt by McGinnis is ducked by Truth, and then he takes The Indy God in a rear waistlock. He bundles McGinnis forward into the ropes and then backward with an O’Conner roll…

    Tim Coleman: “McGinnis’ shoulders are down! But look at Ethan Conner…"

    Conner has hopped up onto the apron, and the official is straight over to tell him to get down. Meanwhile, Drew reaches in under the bottom rope on the opposite side of the ring and grabs Truth by the ankle. He pulls him out of the ring and attempts a clothesline… which Truth ducks… discus punch sends Drew to the ground! Truth slides back into the ring as the official turns around, and the distraction proves enough for McGinnis to lay into Truth when he’s on his hands and knees with a series of stomps.

    McGinnis hoists Truth up and whips him into the corner, works the body with lefts and rights, and then backs away from his opponent. He charges in and hits Truth’s chest with a cornered dropkick, which forces Cyrus down into a seated position. McGinnis again backs away, and this time he hits a charging low dropkick right to the chops! He pulls Truth away from the corner and goes for a cover, but Cyrus forces out at two. McGinnis goes right back to work, hitting an uranage into a backbreaker, following up with an abdominal stretch, continuing to drive the elbow into Truth’s ribs as he is gradually worn down.

    Jim Taylor: “Look at the Echo on the sideline! It would be nice if all that they were doing tonight was playing cheerleader, but we’ve already seen them involve themselves in this match. I’d be surprised if that was the last time, too…"

    When he feels Truth is suitably worn down, he releases the hold and applies a front face lock. He lifts Cyrus into the air…

    Tim Coleman: “Brainbuster! Followed by a lateral press…"

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Truth is able to kick out, but McGinnis goes right back to work, lifting his opponent up and throwing him into the corner. He drives his shoulder into his gut a handful of times, forceful enough to drop Cyrus into a seated position. McGinnis puts the soul of his boot against Truth’s throat and chokes him out, the referee starting a count for a rope break and a manic McGinnis very begrudgingly letting go at four and a bit. The official checks on Truth… and McGinnis gives him a stomp just for good measure!

    Jim Taylor: “McGinnis needs to be careful, here. He doesn’t want to get himself disqualified. As we know from Michelle von Horrowitz’s involvement in this tournament, a disqualification victory counts as much as one by pinfall or submission…"

    The official seems to be reminding The Indy God of this, and he backs him all the way across the ring to berate him for his refusal to observe a clean break… which gives The Echo the chance to pull McGinnis out of the ring and lay into him with a quick series of stomps! McGinnis keeps the official talking so that Ethan Conner can lift Truth up… hurricanrana on the outside! Drew lifts Cyrus up and rolls him into the ring, the pair dispersing as the official turns back around and tells McGinnis he can continue…

    McGinnis lifts Truth up and rocks him with a trio of European uppercuts, before bouncing him off the ropes and taking him down with a lariat. He takes a moment to posture in the middle of the ring, and then turns Truth over with a single-leg Boston crab! Truth screams out in agony as he begins to crawl to the ropes… it seemingly takes him an age to traverse the short distance across the ring… finally, when they are within grasp, he reaches out for the ropes…

    … but The Echo are on that side of the ring, and they pull the rope away from him! Each of them have a foot on the apron as they tug on the ring rope. With the brothers in opposite corners they are outside of the official’s field of vision as he checks on Cyrus, who is forced to crawl a few more desperate centimetres before he can secure the break!

    Jim Taylor: “Skullduggery there by The Echo, causing McGinnis a few more painful seconds in that hold! And now McGinnis stomps on Cyrus’ back rather than observe another clean break!"

    McGinnis picks Cyrus up and places his head between his heads, signalling to the fans that it’s time for this one to end. He hoists Truth up into a powerbomb position, maybe looking for his double-knee backbreaker…

    Tim Coleman: “McGinnis is going for Something Light here! But Truth begins to fight out with heavy blows to the head!"

    Jim Taylor: “The Indy God is forced to drop him… And now Truth lands behind… Argentinian rack! He contorts McGinnis’ body to a natural angle…”

    Tim Coleman: “Exile’s Edge! He gets all of the neckbreaker! Truth with the lateral press…"

    ONE… TWO… … …

    The referee sees McGinnis’ foot on the ropes! But he also saw Drew put it there! He stands up with his hands on his hips, and then he climbs out of the ring to confront Conner. The official points to the CWA logo on his shirt as a symbol of his authority… and then he ejects Drew Conner! The crowd go NUTS for the decision!!

    But meanwhile… Ethan Conner has slid into the ring! The official is busy dealing with Drew!!


    Tim Coleman: “And now Ethan puts McGinnis on top of Truth…"

    Jim Taylor: “Not this way!! Not again!!"

    Drew finally relents, seeing McGinnis in a pin. He turns to retreat, the official sliding back in when he sees the lateral press...

    ONE… TWO… THR - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Truth kicks out!! He’s still alive!"

    McGinnis is dubious, and he has a word with the official about his slow counting before sharing a sly look with Ethan. The Indy God stalks Truth from behind, waiting for Cyrus to get to his feet…

    Tim Coleman: “He tries to take his head off with a superkick! But Cyrus ducks!"

    Jim Taylor: “Memento Mori! Truth hits the leg-sweep STO!"

    And now a cover…

    But Ethan is up on the apron! The official watches on as Conner tries to get into the ring…

    … and so he ejects the younger Conner brother too! Ethan has his head in his hands at the decision, but eventually he has no choice but to give in to the official’s demands. Meanwhile, Cyrus has stood up to see what’s going on, and he tells the official to keep his eye on proceedings. He doesn’t notice that McGinnis is up behind him…

    Truth turns into a boot to the midsection… McGinnis going for Something Light! NO! Big back body drop from Cyrus on McGinnis! The Indy God gets back to his feet… mule kick! Followed by a discus punch! And then an enziguri!

    Jim Taylor: “McGinnis is dead on his feet… but he’s still up!!"

    Tim Coleman: “Not for long, Jim…"

    Truth lifts McGinnis up into a fireman’s carry… and then he nails him with the belly-to-belly sit-out piledriver!

    Jim Taylor: “JOURNEY'S END! He hits it!"

    Result: Cyrus Truth defeats Jonathan McGinnis via pinfall at 14:40.


    Jim Taylor: “Can you believe it?! Cyrus Truth just overcame all three of The Indy Club!"

    Tim Coleman: “I think you can put a lot of that down to the officiating, Jim…"

    Jim Taylor: “Swift, decisive action when The Echo were seen to have overstepped their boundaries, Tim! I completely agree… and look at Ethan Conner! He’s beside himself with rage!"

    Drew has emerged on the stage again to reunite with his brother, whilst in the ring Cyrus Truth allows the official to lift his hand into the air. He looks proud and solemn as he stands in the middle of the ring…

    … but then out of the corner of his eye, he sees The Echo sliding into the ring! And Jonathan McGinnis backs himself up into a seated position in the corner, his maniacal grin beginning to reappear on his face…

    McGinnis nods his head… and The Echo nail Truth with a double superkick!!

    The Indy God lets out a quick, blunt laugh, and then allows the Conner brothers to help him up to his feet. He looks down at Cyrus Truth and shakes his head at him, saying something about next week to The Echo before climbing out of the ring. He is screaming into the camera - mostly platitudes about his own greatness or making an impact - as he walks up the ramp…

    Jim Taylor: “An unnecessary and essentially useless attack on Cyrus Truth there, Tim! McGinnis’ last match is with Humanity, and that win takes Truth through to the finals night as the winner of Pool B."

    Tim Coleman: “Unsurprising, given the dominant performances we’ve seen from Truth, including here against McGinnis and, to be honest, the entirety of The Indy Club…"

    Jim Taylor: “It’s McGinnis who stood tall at the end of it, though. A sure psychological advantage, if the two end up meeting again in the tournament final…"

    Tim Coleman: “That’s a real possibility that I don’t really want to think about…"

    McGinnis pushes the camera away as he finishes his diatribe and instantly disappears through the stone arch. The Echo wait for a moment, ensuring that the cameraman doesn’t fall backwards from the push… before nailing him with a superkick! We see a view from that camera for a moment, pointing up at the sky, quickly turning to even. And then we cut away…


    We cut to the backstage area as Michelle Kelly runs to make the exit before a woman who walks a few paces ahead of her…

    Michelle Kelly: “Michelle! Michelle!"

    The woman - short in stature and slight in frama and with a heavily slumped posture - stops in her tracks, and we can see her take a deep breath. With a heavy sense of reluctance, she turns around. A sheepish Michelle von Horrowitz has changed out of her ring gear and now stands before us in a pair of black skinny jeans and a black hooded sweater about three sizes too large for her. She has a rucksack on her back, her wrestling boots tied to the side of it with string, and her hands (along with the overhanging arms of her sweater) are stuffed into her front pocket. She stares down at the ground, her pale face reddened around the eyes, the product of expelled misery.

    She says nothing, and fails to properly regard the oncoming interviewer or the man who now pointed a camera into her face.

    Michelle Kelly: “Thanks for stopping, Michelle. I know that tonight hasn’t been a particularly good evening for you. You’re now mathematically out of the running for finals qualification, but that didn’t ever really seem the point for you, anyway. More pertinently, tonight saw you fail to exert your long-awaited revenge over perhaps your greatest rival: Jon Snowmantashi. Is it still too raw to ask for your thoughts on the match?"

    MvH’s reaction is not one of outrage or anger. There’s barely a reaction at all. Instead, she continues to stare at the same patch of ground that has been the subject of her attention since she first turned around.

    Michelle Kelly: “You still have one match remaining in this tournament, against the other eliminated participant in Pool A, Alyster Black. Can we expect a different approach from you now that your ultimate objective in this tournament is beyond your grasp?"

    Von Horrowitz adjusts the straps on her rucksack and shifts her weight from one foot to the other, but maintains her abject despondence. Kelly holds the microphone in front of her unmoving face for a few seconds, before hesitantly taking it back and trying once more…

    Michelle Kelly: “We heard from Lillith, your South Pacific opponent, earlier on tonight. Are you going to be able to put this disappointment behind you and focus on whatever match the Mother of Ravens has in store for you in Vanuatu?"

    Still no response. She expels a deep breath, and continues to stare at nothing in particular. Kelly takes the microphone back, and decides to give it up as a bad job.

    Michelle Kelly: “Michelle, thank you for your time."

    The interviewer takes a step back out of the shot, and slowly - her hands still stuffed into the front pocket of her hoodie and her back hunched forward unnaturally - she walks towards the exit. She pushes her way through, braving the elements outside to acquire passage onto the mainland, and we fade away from the scene.


    We are suddenly elsewhere in our backstage area, and there’s an awful lot of commotion to greet us!

    SUPERKICK! A stagehand is taken out by an enraged Ethan Conner, a was of papers that he’s carrying flying up into the air upon impact! A paramedic is trying to offer Jonathan McGinnis some assistance, but The Indy God pushes him away… SUPERKICK! The paramedic hits the deck hard!

    Jonathan McGinnis: “This is outrageous, boys! Ejecting legendary tag team ICONS The Echo from ringside?! Who do these fucking jokers thing they are?!"

    Drew Conner: “It makes me sick, Jonathan!"

    An assistant walks past carrying a tray of coffees, and Drew unloads on him with a superkick just for fun! The tray flies into a nearby wall, brown coffee stains streaking across the cream paint in the process…

    Jonathan McGinnis: “You just don’t eject legendary tag team ICONS from ringside! How many tag team championship reigns did you have?! The gall!!"

    McGinnis is pacing, and a second assistant rounds the corner. He surveys the carnage, along with the tense, anxiety-ridden Indy God, and silently backs out of the shot… Meanwhile, McGinnis runs his hands through his hair, his eyes wide and wild…

    Jonathan McGinnis: “Next week?! Fuck next week! There’s more than one way to make an impact, boys!"

    The Indy God lets out a sharp laugh, throws his head back… and then superkicks out cameraman! The lens is flung back, now observing the ceiling, as the three members of The Indy Club step over it and out of shot...


    We are back at the lake for...

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I dread to think what impact Jonathan McGinnis intends to make before the night is through, but we’re going to have to shift focus here onto our main event!"

    Chubby Carlos walks out onto the stage to a huge round of applause. He begins to stride down the stone staircase and - when he gets to the ramp - gladly high-fives the fans on the front row as he goes.

    Tim Coleman: “Carlos is in a good position in Pool A. He is currently on four points, in second place behind Jon Snowmantashi. But a loss here changes everything. It puts him behind Krash due to an inferior head-to-head, and Maskell would leapfrog him, too!"

    Jim Taylor: “That becomes more desperate when you consider Krash and Maskell face off on Night Five. If Carlos loses this week, even if he is able to beat the already-qualified Snowmantashi in Vladivostok, the result of Krash vs. Maskell would take at least one of them above Carlos too. If he loses here, he’s out!"

    Carlos seems to have worked this out too. He is still smiling, of course, but there’s something in the manner in which he loosens up in the ring that suggests he’s bringing his A-game tonight. Meanwhile, his music fades out, and is replaced by...

    A loud boo for one of CWA’s two Triple Crown Champions, Dan Maskell walking out onto the stage with a look of utmost displeasure on his face. He shakes his head at the cackling audience before making his way down the ramp…

    Jim Taylor: “Dan Maskell currently sits one point behind his opponent in Pool A tonight thanks to a win, a draw, and a loss. He is in exactly the same position as Carlos here: a second loss here tonight would mean his elimination from the tournament. Dan Maskell demanded that this match be made tonight’s main event, and Noah Hanson relented. I don’t really blame him: given that both men cannot afford to lose, the stakes couldn’t be higher in this one!"

    Tim Coleman: “Something’s got to give here, Jim! We are truly getting down to the business end of the tournament now, and our finals night is shaping up! We already know that Jon Snowmantashi and Cyrus Truth will qualify from Pools A and B respectively, but who's gonna join them?!"

    Jim Taylor: “We’re about to get a pretty good idea, Tim! Let’s go over to Lindsay for the introductions…"

    Lindsay Monaghan: “The next contest is a Pool A match-up, with a twenty minute time limit… AND IS YOUR MAIN EVENT! Introducing first: in the corner to my left… from London, England… he is a former CWA High Voltage Champion, a former CWA World Tag Team Champion, and a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion... he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… ‘The Heretic’... DAN MASKELL!”

    More negativity at Dan Maskell’s introduction. He merely loosens up and looks at Chubby Carlos in distaste.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And in the corner to my right... from Mexico City, Mexico... he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ten kilograms… he is a one-time Wrestle Royale winner and a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion… The Chubby One… The Fat Man… The Chubster… His Royal Chubness… El Chuberino… The Single Most Awesome Wrestler in CWA Today (or Yesterday)... Everybody's Favorite Wrestler… The Green and Black Attack… CHUUUUUBY…. CAAARLOOOOOOS!”

    The audience’s cheering builds and builds and builds, and when Monaghan belts out his name they reach fever pitch. A chant of simply CHUBBY! repeated over and over begins to circle, and Carlos smiles. He nods his head, feeling the emotion of the audience, as the official calls for the bell...

    Pool A. Night Four. Match Twenty Four.

    Carlos charges across the ring with a clothesline attempt, but Maskell ducks it and hits the turning Chubby with a forearm, followed by a knife edge chop, and then some stiff shoot-style kicks to his sides. This is enough to back Carlos into the corner, and then he irish whips him hard across the ring. Carlos hits the turnbuckles and bounces out, and Maskell waits for him with a flapjack! Maskell tries to grab Carlos’ arm and put him in an arm bar, but instantly Carlos wriggles until he is on his knees, forcing Maskell’s shoulders to the mat. Dan kicks out at two and is forced to release the attempted arm bar, and then scrambles to his feet. Chubby does the same and grabs Dan in a rear waist lock. Maskell hits a pair of elbows, and then Carlos lifts him over with an attempted back suplex… but Maskell over-rotates and lands on his feet! Carlos turns, and Maskell lays into him with forearm after forearm! Six in total! Carlos is staggered, and Maskell charges the ropes… drop kick from Carlos!

    Jim Taylor: “A hard-hitting start to this main event, with Carlos taking the advantage following that drop kick… and now he locks in a chin lock…"

    Maskell quickly fights to his feet, and when he’s up he stamps down hard on Carlos’ toe! Chubby releases his hold and instinctively reaches down for his foot, allowing Maskell to gain separation and go for a clothesline. Carlos ducks it and hits the turning Maskell with a boot to the midsection. He then hurls Maskell into the ropes, but Maskell grabs the top rope to check his momentum, though, and then Carlos charges at him. Dan ducks down and hits a back body drop, sending Carlos onto the apron. Maskell turns into a right hand from Chubby! And then he grabs Dan by the head and drops to his knees, bringing Maskell’s throat down over the top rope! Carlos climbs into the ring and charges Maskell with a running knee! Followed by a Northern Lights suplex…

    Jim Taylor: “A beautiful bridge here from Chubby Carlos! Maskell’s shoulders are down…"

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Maskell kicks out, and Carlos hoists him up to his feet. He places him in a front facelock, going for a DDT, but Dan drives him back into a corner to cause separation… and then he unloads on Carlos! RIght hands and left hands, heavy forearms, knife edge chops, stomps, and then four brutal consecutive headbutts! Carlos is rocked into a seated position, and Dan instantly lifts him up to his feet…

    Tim Coleman: “Back to the Future! That’s what he calls that gut-wrench suplex!"

    Jim Taylor: “But Maskell isn’t done there! He lifts Carlos up… fireman’s carry… gutbuster!"

    Tim Coleman: “That one’s The Hurt Locker, folks! And now Maskell hooks the leg…"

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    Carlos gets the shoulder up, and Maskell backs away into a corner. He stalks him, allowing him to rise, and then moves in for the kill… and then takes Carlos in a reverse face-lock…

    Jim Taylor: “Is he thinking of that single-underhook lifting DDT?!"

    Carlos senses danger! He wriggles free, and has Maskell by the wrist… and pulls him into a heabutt of his own! And then a BIG clothesline sends Maskell to the mat! Carlos stumbles for a moment, trying to shake the cobwebs loose. He lifts Maskell to his feet...

    Jim Taylor: “Big Mac!"

    Maskell is sent to the mat with the Side Effect, and instantly Carlos begins an ascent to the top rope. Dan is getting up to his feet… diving cross-body! Into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Carlos wastes no time in lifting Dan to his feet, and he charges off the opposite set of ropes… single running high knee! He nails the McKick and Dan is grounded!

    Tim Coleman: “And now Carlos senses Maskell is ready for the big finish. He’s in the corner, maybe thinking about the Spear!"

    Carlos wills Maskell to get to his feet, and the two thousand two hundred fans in attendance are all on theirs already! It’s the happy ending they all want to see tonight!!

    … but then Chubby Carlos face-plants the mat …


    He’s pulled out of the ring… SUPERKICK!

    Jim Taylor: “Drew Conner is here! He just nailed Carlos with a superkick!"

    Tim Coleman: “And Ethan Conner is in the ring! SUPERKICK FOR MASKELL!"

    Jim Taylor: “The referee is calling for the bell! I think… well, I guess he HAS to throw this one out!!"
    Result: Chubby Carlos and Dan Maskell tie due to a no contest declared at 11:07.


    Drew and Ethan Conner are joined at ring-side by their leader, Jonathan McGinnis, who slides into the ring with the same manic smile on his face that we’ve seen throughout the night. He wastes no time in lifting Dan Maskell to his feet, and then driving him down with Something Light!

    Tim Coleman: “This is… just... wrong!"

    Jim Taylor: “We’ve seen some things in this tournament… but The Indy Club just torpedoed our main event!"

    Tim Coleman: “They’ve gone too far, Jim!"

    Jim Taylor: “I guess this is what they meant by making an impact..."

    The Indy God doesn’t seem to think he’s gone far enough, and he paces around the ring in a wide circle around Dan Maskell. Ethan and Drew have gone back to the outside, where they nail a rising Chubby Carlos with a double superkick! The camera picks it up and watches on as Chubby Carlos slumps to the ground...

    Inside the ring, Jonathan McGinnis is demanding a microphone, finally wanting a wider audience for his babbling…

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like McGinnis has got something to say… but we’ve seen and heard enough!"

    He collects the microphone from Monaghan and then wanders into a front and central position in the ring, The Echo pacing and circling around him. The brothers have matching cocky smiles on their face, whilst the look plastered onto McGinnis’ is something else entirely. He is unblinking, his head slightly tilted back, eyes scarily wide, nostrils flaring, and his breathing laboured. He looks like a mess of a man, without full control of his senses, and he paces slightly this way and that as he begins to speak…

    Jonathan McGinnis: “Ladies and gentlemen, I know what you’re thinking: these two plebs aren’t even in the same pool as me! It’s true, it’s true… but that doesn’t matter. I’m out here to let you, and Hanson, and the whole world know exactly what I think of this sham tournament!"

    Chubby Carlos is using the ropes to pull himself to his feet, but Drew Conner is sizing him up, waiting for him to turn… he nails him with another superkick! Carlos hits the mat and then rolls out onto the floor…

    Jonathan McGinnis: “When you dress these morons in a black and white shirt with your company’s logo on it, you give them permission to speak for that company. And your spokesman tonight fell a long way short of my expectations. This…"

    McGinnis surveys his handiwork with a smile on his face, noting Maskell and Carlos both being helped to their feet and away by medical staff…

    Jonathan McGinnis: “This is a message to Noah Hanson. Make sure that none of that bullshit your boy pulled earlier with my associates happens next week, or your tournament won’t even reach its end…"

    The Indy God smiles wildly again, and both members of The Echo nod their head in affirmation… but there is a change in the atmosphere. It is subtle and gradual, for there’s no music to herald an arrival. Instead, three men have simply walked out onto the raised stage, and they stare down at their opposite numbers in the ring, the stone staircase and the short ramp between them.

    Jim Taylor: “That’s… that’s The Elite, Tim! Shawn Summers, Trevor Ocean, Noah Stocke… they’re here!"

    Tim Coleman: “And a surprisingly positive reaction for this trio!"

    Jim Taylor: “I just think they’re happy to see someone out here standing up to The Indy Club, Tim! These fans have seen enough…"

    Shawn Summers is at the head of the three, and he walks up to the top of the staircase. He has a microphone in his hand, and he addresses the three men as he begins his descent…

    Shawn Summers: “You know, it’s only been a few days, and already I’m sick to my teeth of this shtick… but I guess that’s what happens when you recycle the same old shit you’ve been doing for years. Intermittently flitting between saviour and devil, a man in constant identity crisis… And now here we stand, all of our cards on the table… a position in which you’ve never been comfortable."

    Summers has made it to the bottom of the stairs, and he doesn’t pause when he gets there. Ocean and Stocke also reach the bottom and fan out either side of him, flanking him as he comes down the ramp.

    Shawn Summers: “It’s funny how history often repeats itself, and frequently turns itself on its head. I remember Moscow well. Back then, it made sense for you to set your boys on me before I went up against Christopher Jackson. I was a threat, even after you’d beaten me in St. Petersburg. Your own defeat meant certain insurances were needed. It makes sense, and I don’t begrudge you the underhanded tactics. Part of me admires it…"

    He’s reached the ring, and he pauses on the outside. Ocean and Stocke continue at a swagger, circling the perimeter of it and taking up position at adjacent corners.

    Shawn Summers: “But now? I stand one week away from a historic comeback… from the very jaws of defeat! Of abject failure! A victory over Cyrus Truth - no small task in itself - puts me on the precipice… but if you were to beat Humanity? Well, now it’s in my interest to ensure that doesn’t happen…"

    Summers flashes The Indy God a smile as he too walks out onto the structure upon the ice.

    Shawn Summers: “You see the dramatic irony here, Jonathan? You’re not the only one willing to take advantage of such a situation… especially when shots have already been fired…"

    With a glint in his eye, Shawn Summers drops his microphone, and then he hops up onto the apron. McGinnis throws up a guard, maniacally willing Summers into the ring. The Echo keep a close eye on The Division, just as another change comes about in the atmosphere within the arena…

    … as The Undisputed Alliance walks out onto the stage! Boos rain down to greet their arrival. They have neglected to bring a microphone with them, and instead simply snarl as they begin their own descent of the stone staircase.

    Jim Taylor: “That’s Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix! They look like they’re spoiling for a fight…"

    Tim Coleman: “And it doesn’t look like they’re the only ones!"

    The camera picks up two men standing up in the back row of one of the wooden stands. There’s a more positive reaction as they’re shown on the screen. They shuffle their way across to a staircase and begin their own descent towards the ramp…

    Tim Coleman: “That’s Jermaine Creed and Kendrick Lethal of Murder, Inc.! We’ve already seen them twice tonight: once in Launch-Pad action, and then again striking up some sort of pact of non-aggression with The Undisputed Alliance…"

    Jim Taylor: “We’ll see how well that holds up… there’s a lot of combustible elements here at ringside!"

    Murder. Inc. and The Undisputed Alliance converge on the ramp, and they behold each other for a moment. They each recall their meeting from earlier in the night… and Savage and Creed share a nod. Murder, Inc. step aside, allowing The Undisputed Alliance to make their way to the ring, following behind them…

    … and then Kenrick Lethal takes out Nate Savage from behind with a shoulder block! Savage is wiped out on the outside of the ring! Creed takes Fenix and hurls him back-first into the barricade! He follows up with a series of stomps!

    Jim Taylor: “I think this is about to break down!"

    Inside the ring, McGinnis notices that Summers is momentarily distracted by the goings on outside… and he charges at him, knocking him off the apron with a knee strike! Summers hits the barricade, and The Indy God instantly charges to the other side of the ring, hits the ropes… and takes out Summers with a suicide dive!

    The Division both slide into the ring… Ethan hits Stocke with a superkick!! Drew goes for one on Ocean, but he ducks beneath it and nails the turning Conner with a forearm smash! But then he turns into an enziguri from Ethan!!

    Jim Taylor: “We need to get control of this!"

    Tim Coleman: “No we don’t! Let them fight!!"

    Outside the ring, Jonathan McGinnis and Shawn Summers are sharing a frantic exchange of right hands, neither man backing down as they go at it ferociously! By the ramp, The Undisputed Alliance have turned the tables on Murder, Inc. Nate Savage hits an atomic drop on Jermaine Creed, followed by a big clothesline, whilst Jackson Fenix works on Kendrick Lethal with a series of stiff kicks, backing him up the ramp… but here comes Noah Stocke! He’s rolled out of the ring and refocused his attention on the pack on the ramp. He takes Nate Savage by the scruff of the neck… and throws him into the steel ring steps!

    Stocke looks as if he’s going to head back to the ring… but Ethan Conner comes out of nowhere and hits him with a somersault dive from inside the ring! Conner pops back to his feet and charges at Jermaine Creed and Jackson Fenix, who share right hands at the foot of the steps…

    Jim Taylor: “This is impossible to keep track of, Tim! Look at Summers and McGinnis!"

    The two Pool B competitors are in the crowd, exchanging hands amongst the standing fans who are baying for more blood. Summers ducks beneath a McGinnis right and hits him with an axe kick! Then a reverse lifting DDT amongst the fans! He picks up a nearby steel chair and waits for McGinnis to rise… and nails The Indy God upside the head with the weapon!

    Fenix and Conner are fighting back towards the ring, Noah Stocke and Jermaine Creed doing the same as they climb the stone staircase. They stop on each step to exchange more forearms, but the camera leaves them on their climb and follows Ethan Conner, who has Fenix by the scruff of the neck and tries to throw him into the barricade by the ring… no! Fenix rakes the eyes! And here comes Nate Savage! Fenix Irish whips Ethan towards Nate, who hits him with a snap powerslam!!

    But then Nate stands up to a superkick from Drew! And then one for Fenix!

    Jim Taylor: “Look at Stocke and Creed! They’re fighting up on the stage! Stocke is getting the better of his adversary, nailing him with alternating forearms and heabutts!"

    Tim Coleman: “But Creed blocks a forearm… he replies with one of his own! And now he doubles him over with a boot to the midsection… piledriver!!"

    Jim Taylor: “And it’s nothing but bare rock up there…"

    But Creed isn’t done there, he picks up Noah and throws him through the stone, triangular archway, following him with some stomps as they disappear through it. We cut away from Stocke and Creed and back to ring-side. Drew Conner is backed up against the steel barricade that separates the ring structure from the lake… and Nate Savage charges at him with a clothesline! Drew flies over the top of the barricade and lands on the ice! The Conner brother lets out a little yelp as he lands on the surface, feeling it shift slightly under his weight…

    … and then he sees Nate Savage climbing over the barricade and onto the ice too!

    Drew Conner: “Woah, woah, woah! Calm down big boy!"

    Savage places his hand on Drew’s hair and drags him to his feet… but Ethan appears out of nowhere and nails him with a superkick! Nate hits the ice, and Drew instantly rolls up to his feet. Neither of the Conners are particularly comfortable on the ice...

    Drew Conner: “How did MvH and Rondo even do this?!"

    Ethan Conner: “Remember: the ‘F’ stands for ‘fantasy’, folks!"

    Ethan gives the camera a wink, and then he and Drew lift Nate up to his feet. They apply a front face lock… double suplex! Onto the ice!

    We cut away from this scene and to Shawn Summers and Jonathan McGinnis, who have found their own raised plateau amongst the crowd. The Russian audience surrounds them as they exchange forearms, McGinnis eventually blocking one and lifting a knee into Summers’ sternum. He lifts him up for Something Light… no! Summers fights out of it with right hands to McGinnis’ head… boot to the midsection… he’s going for The Prophecy! McGinnis reverses with a big back body drop!! Onto the rock!

    We are back up on the stage, and Kendrick Lethal is working on Jackson Fenix with right hands and knife edge chops. He then takes him by the scruff of the neck and runs him into one of the rock formations that forms the entrance! Fenix attempts to crawl away, and Lethal follows him, beating on him occasionally as they disappear from view…

    It’s handycam footage now, and we’re trying to keep track of Jermaine Creed and Noah Stocke… Stocke has seemingly managed to take back the advantage, and works on Creed with heavy right hands. The Murder, Inc. member is backed up against the side of a structure, and when the camera pans around it is clear that the two have fought into the adjacent village… the sight of the few houses and the tavern that hosts the few inhabitants of Olkhon Island. Stocke backs away from Creed and attempts to charge into him… but Jermaine moves out of the way! Stocke slams into the structure instead, and Creed takes him by the scruff of the neck and throws him inside. We follow them in and find that we are inside a tavern, and instantly the Russian punters begin to scatter! Creed tries to take Stocke by the hair and slam him face-first into a table, but Noah puts his hands out in front of him to block it… and then he reels off a few elbows to his torso, before hurling Creed across the table!

    Stocke takes a deep breath, and then casually walks away from Creed. He stands at the bar, leans over it, and picks up a beer…

    … and then he notices two men sitting at the far end of the bar, watching him carefully…

    Jim Taylor: “Wait… that’s…"

    One of them is sipping at a whiskey, whilst the other pours the remnants of a Pepsi can into his glass.

    Tim Coleman: “That’s the CWA Tag Team Champions!"

    Jim Taylor: “Just enjoying a refreshing post-match beverage!"

    Suddenly, Alyster Black lifts up his whiskey bottle, stands, and hurls it at Noah! Stocke manages to evade the bottle, which smashes against the wall behind him… but then Krash cuts him in half with a spear!

    The door of the tavern opens, and Jackson Fenix is thrown inside. Kendrick Lethal walks in behind him, and he surveys the tag team champions. Jermaine Creed has got to his feet and brushes himself off, stepping up next to his tag team partner.

    Krash looks at Black. Black shrugs. And then they lunge at Murder, Inc!

    Black takes Creed down with a double-leg takedown and begins to pummel him with right hands! Meanwhile, Krash attempts a running knee strike - his One-Hit Kill - on Lethal, but Kendrick evades and then takes Krash in a full nelson. He yanks him over to the bar and throws Krash onto the surface of the counter... before proceeding to drag him across it! The evening’s empties, of which there are a considerable amount, are all knocked off by Krash, who is then dumped unceremoniously off the end! Lethal turns around… into a roaring elbow from Black!! He’s wiped out!

    Jim Taylor: “But watch out! Jermaine Creed is sizing Black up from behind…"

    Tim Coleman: “One-Hit Kill from nowhere! Krash takes out Creed!"

    The Gang Stars stand for a moment amongst the debris, and then they notice that Noah Stocke is nowhere to be found. They walk outside, and looking to their right they see Nate Savage slumped against the tavern wall…

    Jim Taylor: “That looks suspiciously like Savage has been the victim of a superkick…"

    Tim Coleman: “That suggests there is a Conner about… but where is Noah Stocke?!"

    We cut away from the village and back to ringside. Shawn Summers and Jonathan McGinnis have fought their way onto the stage area atop the stone staircase. They are both fatigued, but still exchange heavy strikes that elicit oohs and aahs from the assembled crowd. Summers hits a European uppercut… and McGinnis fires back with a heart punch… Summers hits another axe kick! McGinnis staggers to one knee.... and then he hits a mule kick! The Indy God pulls Summers into position…

    Jim Taylor: “He has him ready for Something Light! McGinnis looking to send a clear message ahead of crunch-night in Vladivostok!"

    Tim Coleman: “But Summers is fighting out desperately with straight right hands… hurricanrana! McGinnis is thrown down!"

    Jim Taylor: “And now Summers has him where he wants him… boot to the midsection… he hooks the arms… Summers is about to end this brawl with The Prophecy…"

    Tim Coleman: “SUPERKICK!! Drew Conner appears out of nowhere!!"

    Summers stumbles… right into a second superkick from Ethan!! McGinnis doesn’t let Shawn fall to the ground, instead pulling him in close...

    Jim Taylor: “Something Light! Jonathan McGinnis caps off this three-on-one assault!!"

    Tim Coleman: “Where are The Division?!"

    The last we see of inside the arena is The Indy Club standing over Shawn Summers’ body, each lifting a raised fist into a huddle whilst they grin from ear to ear…

    … but that is not the end of the night. We cut back to the village, and The Gang Stars are walking through a central street. They go slowly, disturbing as little ground as they can, making no noise. They are hesitant and tentative, Krash looking from side-to-side as they get further and further south…

    … and then they hear a sound away in the distance. Perhaps twenty metres away, Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke walk from behind a small, wooden house, and take up position up the road from the tag team champions.

    The camera gives us a close-up of the eyes of each of them in turn: first Krash, then Trevor Ocean, then the masked man, and finally Noah Stocke. A wide shot from the side of the road displays both teams, staring each other down at a distance. One more view from behind The Division’s shoulders. We can see The Gang Stars blocking the road, and further down the path is the backstage area, Gorilla position, and the rock formation entrance to the arena. Little do The Division know of Summers’ plight, but their way is blocked off regardless.

    Clenching his fist, Noah Stocke takes a step forward…

    … but Trevor Ocean places a hand on his shoulder.

    Trevor Ocean: “Vanuatu…"

    Stocke looks at him, and then slowly nods. The two walk out of the shot.

    Alyster Black and Krash stand alone in the village upon Olkhon Island, our show finally coming to its end.



    Title graphic: ComebackKid.
    Piper vs. Primax vs. Dreyer vs. Lamont match: AON.
    Humanity vs. Jackson match: AON.
    The Elite segment: ComebackKid.
    Lilith segment: AON.
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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    CWA Launchpad is a great idea that was implemented at the previous reunion show, and I am happy to see it being utilized to showcase the talent that will be competing in the "I'm New Here" battle royal. It's a very unique idea and something I think would be good for FWA.

    S.S. really set the scene with the description of where the event was going to be held (on a freaking frozen lake?!?!?!) and I enjoyed the photos that you included to really bring us into the setting.

    The opening contest between Jon Snowmantashi and MVH was a match that I really enjoyed. We had built up to this match on the previous three shows. MVH, obsessed with finally getting the "W" over Snowmantashi, valuing a match and victory over him more than the CWA World Championship. The flow of the match felt like I was reading through a written description of an actual match up. I could really visualize each move and the mannerisms of the wrestlers. I love the way you incorporate the commentators to describe the action. So unique. Having this match end as a time-limit draw seemed realistic and I enjoyed it because it sets up a potential definitive match up between the two down the line - if one is determined to be necessary.

    Christopher Jackson is making it further in this tournament than I honestly expected him to. It's a bit suprising but I've learned from reading this series that every win and loss matters when it comes down to how the story plays out. Every character is used strategically and that's something I have never seen done in this good of a way for an efed.

    Teams aligning with one another seems like the smartest idea since The Echo is just out here ambushing everyone due to them being pissy and to help their boy. I think that's a smart/logical segment that was perfect for the situation.

    I honestly expected more of a big deal to be made about Alyster Black and Krash facing each other once again, but since they are the current tag-team champions and they probably wouldn't be going too hard against one another I can see where it wouldn't be some knock down drag out match like MVH/Snowmantachi. I still enjoyed it and was happy to see Alyster pick up that "w".

    Of course I'm going to "pop" for Lilith - I literally "ruined" her character on my first day in charge lol I was happy to see someone address the fact that Brayden Bridges is fully MIA. I would have loved to have seen or heard from him since he's the former champion.

    Summers has just...been so inconsistent in this tournament. I was really hoping to see that confident, cocky, douche that he usually is but man he's been unsure of himself, less methodical, and has really gotten lucky with his last victory and the victory against Savage. Dude's gotta find the old Summers if he wants to have ANY chance of winning his final match. It's do or die for him now.

    Cyrus Truth is like the Undertaker of CWA. He's the measuring stick so to say. So, it's not surprising to me that he was the one to win against the dangerous McGinnis/Echo alliance. Random note: I LOVED everything that went into the entrance for McGinnis and The Echo. It was so damn good. I love a good entrance scene!

    I'm just going to cut to it because it's my absolute favorite thing on this show...that ending brawl between the of the best written segments I've seen in a LONG time for a show. It had EVERYTHING and everyone got to shine. So many stories were able to be told in that one segment. If that segment didn't get you interested in night five AND South Pacific, this just ins't for you. That final scene between The Division and The Gang Stars was *chef's kiss*. It was just so damn perfect. Trevor Ocean came off so bad ass with just the utterance of one word. Everyone's always focused on Noah but it's Trevor you gotta worry about. I'm always worried when someone else writes segments involving my characters, but I'd trust my characters in SS for ANY segment. You're just damn good at what you do. You portrayed them perfectly!

    I am HYPED for this final show of the Gold Rush tournament! Thank you for all of your hard work with this.

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    Hey don’t you still need to review night three?

    Shut up.


    Christ alive a frozen lake?! I mean it’s a beautifully scenic and unique setting but health and safety must be having a stroke.


    As you know; I had my doubts about this match, I thought at first this was kind of a rare mishit, just because this felt like a one way beating, more then anything else and I didn’t know how to feel about that in some regards Jon Snowmantashi just got taken to pound town on the other hand, I don’t think Deadpool. A Zombie. Hulk Hogan and Dracula could take that much damage and keep going but the more I read it, the more I started to come around to it; The big man Jon himself raised a good point on the discord about this, three grueling matches, MVH obssessing over it for five years, she being a cheating bitch...what other finish could there be? I think you’re at your best in terms of match writing when you got a clear and complete story to run through and this was beautifully written you could prracticaly feel MVH’s obssession

    Shawn Summers: “At the CWA PRIDE pay-per-view event, The Echo lost the tag-team championship to the Division. They were left bloody, bruised, and embarrassed. The next night on Adrenaline Rush, they invoked their rematch clause and they were left broken and unemployed. If the Division met the Echo again…I wonder what would happen?"

    Huh so that’s what happened to the Echo once I left CWA.

    Oh shit!!! I thought this was going to be cut and dry with Krash more or less sealing it. But oh-ho-ho there be a twist in the tale! Al with the upset to really throw the catch among the pigions Ido enjoy to a certain extent you’re for-going actual promo judging and just going on what makes a more interesting story I sometime think there sould be more of this in E-Fed but then it wouldn’t be E-Fed would it? But yeah beautifully written match between everyone’s favorite mates that love to beat the shit out of each other.

    Yeah, Shawn Summer’s needed this win after a rocky start and I think he’s coming into form at the exact right time to juuuuuuussssssst sneak into the semi finals like the surprise main eventer tier talent he’s been all year.

    Big Daddy Dunc, dropping rhymes like a nerdy paul heyman. I am kind of curious about him, this is probably explained in a promo from five years ago but who is John Duncan? Is he like a manager that discovered Jon? A journalist? What chu deal Dunc?

    I am well aware I have a vested interest in this but I think the way you’re writing the indy club is your best work on these shows, they’ve been the MVP’s of these shows and I absolutely love you managed to keep up the “Fuck the Echo” vibe I always enjoy putting out there. We all knew Johnny wasn’t winning for obvious reasons but I do enjoy you using the club to cause chaos and yeah Cyrus Truth goes through...because of course he does; I think out of everyone if you would ask whose going to qualify it would be truth and Jon, the two most dominate CWA wrestlers of all time and yeah the post match made me laugh. Dicks.

    MVH ^

    You asshole.

    I told you that I was probably more invested in Chubby getting through to the semi’s more then anything else in my e-fed career, so reading this my bum was clenched and just as it looked like Chubby was going to win….

    Well congrats, EVEN I’M TURNING ON THE ECHO NOW!!

    But yeah all seriousness, what a beautiful way to get heat and it sets us up nicely for…

    The best ending to a show I’ve seen in awhile, just what a version all these people fighting over each other all over the arena described in beautiful ultra violent detail. Russia turning into the wild west and everything about it, hit the mark absolutely perfectly, and yeah man; this was fun. Just lovely lovely fun.
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    Okayokayokay getting this review in just before n5 lets go

    I question the logistics of hosting a wrestling show atop a wrestling lake but the imagery is sick so ill buy it. Also if this is actually possible in real life, what a joke that no one’s done it yet.

    Violet Dreyer <3 She was one of my absolute faves from the WWC. I’m glad anytime we get a tiny bit of her. In a way her cheating antics definitely was some bit of inspiration for Uncle’s own style. Sweet theme song! As far as the match itself goes - I had no idea you could win a fatal four way by count out. I know count outs themselves are rare enough as it is, but have you ever seen a count out in a multi-match work? Weirdly enough, I think Piper is the wrestler whose character stood out the least, Banner is the dickish ex-boxer, Dreyer is the cheating veteran, Primax is the 7 foot guy with the superstar splash, but idk if I got anyhting out of Piper.

    I appreciate the tiny commentary tidbit explaining why Murder Inc. Are here after all, obviously when I initially wrote the segment I wasnt expecting that. In any case, solid win for Murder Inc.

    Timelapse frozen lake .o. CWA production team getting paid mad money. The setting for this show makes it iconic alone tbh.

    Imagine starting off the show with fucking MvH vs. Snowmantashi 99% sure MVH is actually taking her time because she’s got PTSD from her last time on the ice. I think we’ve established already that I think Snowmantashi doesnt look bad in this match but you’re already getting ahead of that issue with commentary even playing up the match time difference, post-match assault & ease of MvH’s path to tonight. Also since we were on the topic of theme songs in the discord, I still think Snowmantashi’s two theme songs are brilliant as fuck. Love the idea of crowd being sketched out about cheering cuz of the structure Almost feel like Snowmantashi/Carlos should’ve happened here just for the hilarity of it. Anyways, the mixture of idolatry & hatred MvH has for Snowmantashi is a compelling ass read.

    Match itself begins and again noting MvH having a strategy she picked up from his previous matches is cool attention to detail (and another notch on, MvH is prepared for this). The dynamic of the match is fun overall. I mean I dig the big man/little man style in general, but when the big man is the face and the little man is the heel I think it gets even funner to see every trick the heel has to pull out to keep the big man down. And every time Snowmantashi gets in control, its basically MvH desperate to get another opening so she can get back to enacting her plan. Though interestingly, most of MvH’s fuck ups come from her underestimating how long Snowmantashi will stay down. Forehead biting was gnarly. Michelle getting Tashi bleeding and using that as an out each time she was in a shite spot is great. MvH holding a bloodied chair, out of breath, grinning, and probably with face/hair full of blood herself from the Snowmantashi headbutts is a sight. This match really made Snowmantashi feel impossible to beat in 20 minutes considering the amount of hell MvH put him through. And just thinking forward to the Iron Man match later on, time is once again her worst enemy. Those final instances of knowing she’s basically got no time left but is nearly helpless to come up with a tactic felt very reminiscent of her being stuck at the end against Parr. Sweet af match overall. Obviously bias since ‘Tashi looked great but I loved it. What a start to the night xD

    Christopher Jackson vs. HUMANITY time. Christopher Jackson mostly dominates this match but considering it seems like Mr. Franchise put a bit more attention to him with segments, this was also my preferred result. He goes up to #3, tied with McGinnis on point, but we know Savage/Summers are the ones that are actually comepting for that #2 spot. Still, it gives Jackson hope if he can pull out a win on N5, which he presumably wont or at least it wont be enough to get him through. Im imagining Humanity pulls out his only win to spoil the McGinnis party.

    Enjoyed the little note of Shawn’s growing facial hair during their time here in Russia. Solid Shawn Summers, especially enjoyed Summers comparing the stakes of his night to this being just every other day for everyone else. I dont care for the Michael Garcia shot. And I’ll probably say that anytime FWA is unnecessarily mentioned/referenced/addressed. That aside, neat Summers seggo.

    Interesting Murder Inc seg. I imagine anyone would be suspicious of Murder Inc. deciding to be pals with TUA.

    This Krash/Black match is automatically more interesting considering they’re new public allegiance in FWA and obviously the fact that they are headed towards a tag title defense. Huge win for Black in the end. There were a lot of counters in this match which makes a lot of sense given how well these two know each other but a part of me still wanted more story/character to it. Aside from the counters and this match having less aggression than their previous FWA matches where they really hated each other, this felt a bit emotionally dry. I definitely think there was opportunities here for both guys to show a bit more personality. That aside, Krash is now firmly in third place with his hot start stopping flat thanks to his BFF & Snowmantashi. But it makes his N5 match a really huge one.

    Fun promo from Lilith. I think there’s a lot of money in a mega cowardly heel Brayden Bridges. I know that wasnt necessarily his initial gimmick, and I dont think he needs to go that route either, theres a lot of different things you can do with the champ who vanished. Does he not care? Is he a coward? Is he just waiting for the right opponent? Is it just Noah not booking him? And of course, Dreamer has to turn her focus towards Lilith now, though itll be interesting to see waht she does about her match next week. Lilith vs. MvH overall should be a huge match. Will be hilarious if Lilith beats MvH and she spends the next 20 years chasing after her now. She can hire Uncle if she needs help!

    As always, there is nothing more legendary than Shawn Summers entrance thanks to that theme song. Easily the best song in efed. Anyways, Summers is in perfect position for the surprise rise to the top and knowing hes main eventing next show, I really have a hard time believing Savage ends up making it through. Storytelling dictates Summers is getting that final spot. Hardhitting match overall with Savage still looking slightly good for refusing to tap and needing to be put to sleep for Summers to get out with the win. I know we were complaining about Krash’s match time but Savage is right up there with him and Humanity still looks solid for having been it even further despite his losses. He’s a hard man to put down. As for Summers, hes got a big date with Truth.

    I dug the John Duncan interview quite a bit. I think you’ve mostly nailed down how I initially envisioned him and his role vis a vis Snowmantashi. That said, I personally wasn’t a fan of the “aunt had a cock” line and I know it was probably throwaway on your end but it has a sort of gender essentialist feel to it (if a woman has a dick they’re not a woman has a negative undertones for me). I might be exaggerating but I think I kinda view it worse than dropping a “cunt” or most absent-minded cuss words. That said, its just a small line in the greater interview and is a nice set up for Snowmantashi’s showdown with Chubby.

    I guess Sister Conner is not part of the Indy Club. Probably because she’s a fake Conner. Blessings still a wonderful ass theme song - I almost feel like if last week was his official theme song, it wouldve been fun to switch it to his second theme song Smile by Vince Staples. Jonathan McGinnis is such a fun heel character, once again I am bummed out Willis didn’t pop back up because this rematch & side of the tournament overall would’ve been super fun if he had. Mad kudos to SS for making him look great anyhow. Cyrus Truth theme song is still my least favorite McGinnis is in full Indy Club mode with the help of Conners, and nearly getting himself disqualified. If New Breed can prop up a game Mike Parr like this, he’d be a super fun heel to see at the top. McGinnis uses a lot of cheating here but actually doesn’t feel like he gets that much big offense in it. Not a single superkick for him (his only attempt was ducked, MOAR ATTEMPTS!!), no Something Light. Maybe he was too focused on cheating to win to think he could do it without. Truth gets a confident win and is absolutely dominating the bracker… until his date with Shawn Summers.

    That Michelle look during the interview is great, huge showing of how much that match meant to her. I feel like MvH doesnt pop up enough in favorite characters which is weird because she easily has to be the one with the most character exploration and introspection out there. If it wasnt for MvH liking MK, I almost would’ve expected MvH to murder her right there. Anyways, short but awesome segment. I cant wait to see what MvH does next show.

    I know modern DX gets a lot of hate, but I really liked their segments. It was the most I liked of HBK or Triple H tbh and Indy Club have a huge DX vibe for obvious reasons. Anyways, loved the Indy Club going unhinged segment. They’re one of the best parts of this Gold Rush so far.

    Haha the ending of this Dan Maskell and Chubby Carlos put such a smile on my face. I forgot this happened. I dont know why but it hit me really hard, the “It’s the happy ending they all want to see tonight!! …. But then Chubby Carlos face-plants”. That was a nice chuckle. Carlos gets to keep his 2nd spot but it’s probably not the cushion he wishes he could have and now he has to do it all against Snowmantashi. Id rather Snowmantashi gets an unblemished record then Carlos making it through, sorry man.

    Loving this McGinnis segment. I do really hope there’s some follow up to Maskell being just disrespected here after demanding a main event match. McGinnis & Indy Club ruined HIS long awaited main event. He’s gotta be wanting to murder these dudes.

    The Summers Camp turning out to be the faces of CWA has been really entertaining. Are they genuine faces? They have such a perfect tweenerish spot I want to see a lot more of them. Much much hype for the idea of Summers Camp vs. Indy Club. Great sight of those 2 stables showing up. WILLIS WE NEED THIS REMATCH. COME BACK ME BOI.

    TUA pops up which feels a bit forced personally, but Murder Inc coming out soon after makes sense since they’re taking advantage of their play from earlier. I kinda dig that they’re the ones who end up starting the fight. Tim Coleman is my kind of guy. Lol the Donner snipes were kind of weird, ngl xD Still the MvH & Rondo comments is a nice call back Lmfao, the fight between Creed & Stocke taking them to the tavern where Gang Stars are having a drink is awesome. Poor Murder Inc. Getting punked out by Gang Stars. I need to pull out a serious RP, they need that PPV win to get legitimized xD Interesting ending to the brawl, I wonder if Summers will have any issues with Division getting lost only to just have a staredown.

    In any case, I loved this final brawl. It was an amazing way to end the show and involved so many characters and a nice usage of the environment. This whole tournament has been such a huge creative showcase with the use of the setting to make everything feel so much bigger. You’re doing awesome work with this series of shows, and it’s got me really excited for what’s to come from the brand split.

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    Look, you suggest a proper replacement for Truth's theme, and I'll be more than happy to adjust, Jon. LOL
    Something Witty!

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth View Post
    Look, you suggest a proper replacement for Truth's theme, and I'll be more than happy to adjust, Jon. LOL
    I'll brainstorm with Tig

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT FOUR RESULTS!]

    Thanks for the reviews, folks! Night Five's provisional post date is Monday, just FYI. If anyone in the tournament or on South Pacific would like to contribute a segment (outside those already in or being worked on), we have lots of space for those.

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