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Thread: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT ONE RESULTS]

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    Live from The Krestovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    When the countdown finally reaches zero and the feed kicks in, we’re treated to a wide shot of the Krestovsky Stadium - perhaps better known as the Gazprom Arena. The view is from a helicopter, and we can hear the blades rotating over our heads. And then the fireworks start: at first they seem to be in appreciation of the host country. Dozens of huge rockets that explode in white, and then blue, and then red, followed by a series of high, loud, and - most pertinently - golden explosions to signify that we are about to be treated to Night One of the CWA: Gold Rush competition! The preparations for the tournament were extended and arduous, but the Russian Federation finally agreed to re-open their borders to anyone who has been vaccinated and possesses a negative PCR test dated within three days of their arrival, as well as offer the same scheme as they did for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where those with a ticket to one of the events wouldn’t need to also apply for a VISA. The entire city of St. Petersburg was cloud-seeded earlier this week, and as a result the event organisers have left the roof of the arena off with confidence. The helicopter is drawing closer to the stadium as the fireworks finally stop, and in the middle of it we can see the ring: The ‘CWA: Gold Rush’ logo emblazoned in its centre and the event’s four sponsors displayed in each of its corners: Газпром, МТС, Аерофлот, and Фон-бет. Our shot finally shifts to one inside the arena, just in time for another round of extravagant missiles and rockets in (ironically) all the colours of the rainbow around the stage area. The audience are going crazy as the tournament’s theme song - "Vibes and Stuff" by A Tribe Called Quest - plays out around the massive arena, and the camera spins and whirls around them, showing the crowd as they bay for blood…

    Jim Taylor: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! Welcome to the Gold Rush: we come to you LIVE from St. Petersburg in the Russian Federation, as twelve of the most successful stars in the Clique Wrestling Alliance’s history will begin a new chapter…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim! The winner of the first incarnation of this tournament will earn themselves a chance to challenge Brayden Bridges at an as-yet-unannounced event later on this year for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship! That belt has not been defended in over three years, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “And what a field we have for you, ladies and gentlemen! We have World Champions, High Voltage Champions, Pure Champions, Continental Champions, World Tag Champions, Quest for the Best Winners, Five-Star Attraction Tournament Winners, and Wrestle Royale winners! There’s a reason this tournament is called the Gold Rush, Tim: these twelve guys are draped in the shit!”

    Tim Coleman: “No argument there, Taylor!”

    Jim Taylor: “And we’re going to get underway… RIGHT NOW!”

    Jim Taylor: “And as Nate Savage makes his way to the ring to a respectful but tempered reaction from this St. Petersburg crowd, I think it’s time that we reminded our audience of the tournament set-up. There are six competitors in each of the Gold Rush’s two pools, and the two wrestlers with the most points will progress to the finals night at South Pacific. Each match in the group stage will have a twenty minute time limit, and wrestlers are awarded two points for a win, one point for a draw…”

    Tim Coleman: “That could come through either the time limit elapsing or a double countout, but that’s not what we really want to see. The world has descended on St. Petersburg tonight to see dream matches, and proper conclusions to those matches. Of course, the finals night, where the four remaining competitors will engage in a knockout tournament, will see no time limits, so that a proper winner of the Gold Rush tournament can be declared…”

    Jim Taylor: “As Nate Savage, the first competitor out here in Pool B, climbs into the ring, I want to ask you about the fact that he is one of the wrestlers that we are still very familiar with, seeing him each week on FWA television. The same is true of his opponent. Do you think that puts them at an advantage or a disadvantage?”

    Tim Coleman: “You’re right, Jim. I think it will be more interesting when we see one of the men or women still regularly competing going up against one who isn’t. You’d have to expect that any advantage or disadvantage gained from this situation would be nullified in an encounter like this one. But I am interested in the positive reactions that both Humanity and Savage are receiving here tonight.”

    Jim Taylor: “I think the fans are just happy to be here, Tim! And so am I! But I don’t think the same can be said of Humanity… he’s skulking to the ring with his usual scowl on his face, which could mean very bad things for Nate Savage…”

    Tim Coleman: “This one could get nasty quickly, Jim!”

    When the lights come up, we are taken to a shot of Lindsay Monaghan standing in the ring, a smile on her face and a microphone in her hand...

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen the following is a Pool B match, scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first… weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds… he is a one-time CWA High Voltage Champion and a two-time CWA World Tag Team Champion… from The Other Side... Humanity!”

    A respectful cheer for Humanity, though there are boos from those that remember some of his darker exploits…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and sixty six pounds… he is a two-time CWA High Voltage Champion… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… Nate Savage!”

    Another mixed reaction, but Savage doesn’t seem to care, and only has eyes for his opponent. The official makes his final checks, the crowd’s excitement for the start of the event growing in anticipation of the opening bell, which - finally - he calls for…

    Pool B - Night One - Match One.

    This one starts off more than a little bit tentatively, with the two circling the ring and even engaging in a rather clumsy exchange of holds right at the beginning. The announcers comment that this isn’t really either of their standard modus operandi, and the two men seem to agree, because Humanity breaks out of a hammerlock with an elbow to the head followed up by a straight right hand, staggering Nate Savage. What follows for the next few minutes is the two competitors trying to out-strike the other, and prove to themselves and the audience who the better brawler is. At one stage, it seems that Humanity has Savage overwhelmed with a torrent of right hands and back elbow strikes, only for Savage to eventually duck under one and stomp a mudhole into Humanity. Soon after, Savage has Humanity against the ropes and proceeds to work the body with right and left hands, the referee eventually coming in to force a break… and then Humanity thumbs in the eye! It gets a warning, but Humanity has control, and he hits a discus forearm before taking Savage down with a headbutt!

    Jim Taylor: “This is what we expected to see here from these two competitors. Both are known for their versatility, but if we’re honest we are probably seeing a battle between the two premier strikers in this tournament in the very first match…”

    This earns Humanity a two-count, and from there he tries to ground Savage down with a series of rest holds. He first locks in a lengthy rear chin-lock, and when it seems that Savage is about to break out of it, Humanity simply shifts into a sleeper hold! This takes us over the five minute mark, and the official checks Savage’s arm, but Nate is able to defy the forces of gravity and stay in the match. He follows up by forcing himself to his feet, hitting a few elbows to Humanity’s abdomen, and then breaking the sleeper hold with a side suplex! Humanity is back to his feet, but Savage just tosses him unceremoniously over the top rope! The two spend the next few minutes on the outside, one or the other breaking up the official’s count towards ten at three distinct phases, and continue to kick lumps out of each other. It appears that Savage has the upper hand when he throws Humanity into the barricade and then the steel ring post, following up with a series of stomps. But when he tries an Irish whip into the steel steps, Humanity is able to reverse it and send Savage tumbling over instead! They continue to do battle on the outside, with Humanity at one point throwing Savage over the Portuguese announcers’ table, causing the commentators to disperse frantically, and then raining down right hands onto his forehead. Savage takes a few Irish whips onto the barricade, but is eventually able to reverse one and send Humanity right over and into the crowd! Nate follows him out… and hits a DDT! Right onto one of the fan’s seats!

    After this, Savage throws Humanity into the ring and tries a cover, but is only able to get a two count. Nasty Nate has a period of dominance to follow, and is able to run through some of his most notorious offence. This frequently comes in the form of suplexes, with Savage able to hit a sleeper suplex, a German, and a fisherman’s, both of which of the latter are bridged for two-counts. Humanity tries to reverse a double-underhook later on by twisting out, maintaining wrist control, and going for a lariat… but Savage ducks it (as we go past the ten minute mark) and hits a Saito suplex! Savage seems in complete control as he stalks Humanity from the corner… he charges in and takes Humanity’s head off with a spinning forearm! And then a running senton gets another two-count!

    Jim Taylor: “Nate Savage beginning to build up a little bit of momentum, but you can never really count Humanity out…”

    Tim Coleman: “No, he’s shown over many years as a CWA competitor that his perseverance is one of his greatest qualities, but it does look like Nate Savage is falling into a nice rhythm here...”

    Savage senses that the end is nigh, and when Humanity gets up he hits him with an Atomic Drop and then an overhand chop, before trying to whip him into the corner… no! Humanity reverses it, but checks his momentum and sends him the opposite way… right into the official! The referee is down! Savage reaches down and tugs at the ref’s black and white shirt, and then shakes his head at his flimsiness… before turning around into a throat jab, a low kick… and then a double underhook DDT!

    Happy that the official is down and out, Humanity goes to the outside and retrieves a steel chair, and also a table. He sets the table up on the outside - the commentators giddily commenting on how they expected these two to take things a little hardcore - before sliding the chair into the ring. He waits patiently for Nate to get to his feet and then swings for the fences, but Savage ducks it and Humanity loses grasp of the weapon…. boot to the midsection… he hoists Humanity up and powerbombs him onto the chair!! Instinctively, Savage goes for the cover, and the crowd count along, but the official is out of it! Savage tries to rouse the ref again, but it’s no good, and so he eyes up the table outside instead. He lifts Humanity’s dead weight up to his feet, struggling with it as the announcer tells us we have just gone past the fifteen minute mark. Eventually, Savage manages to lift him onto his shoulders, maybe looking to powerbomb him outside and through the table (!!!), but Humanity responds with a series of right hands to Nate’s head… and Savage eventually drops him. Humanity hits an STO! Humanity stands up and drags Nate out onto the apron. He places him in a front face lock, perhaps looking to hit a suplex from the apron through the table… No, Savage drops to a knee, and then nails a series of right hands to the sternum, causing separation… Nate positions Humanity, uranage slam! Off the apron, through the table!!

    Tim Coleman: “And then a senton from the apron for good measure!!”

    The crowd are going wild, and both men are down amongst the debris (all three if you count the referee). After what seems like a LONG time, Savage finally begins to stir and uses the barricade to get himself to his feet. He lifts Humanity up and rolls him beneath the bottom rope, following him in and getting to his feet. He moves to the official and rouses him, the referee finally starting to show signs of life. Savage hooks a leg…

    The official crawls towards him…

    Jim Taylor: “Surely this is it! Humanity looks out cold!”

    ONE… TWO… THR - NO!

    Humanity kicks out! But the count seemed painfully slow! Savage gets up once more and stalks Humanity from the corner. He finally raises to a vertical base (the time-keeper announcing that we have one minute remaining), and Nate hits him with a boot to the midsection… sit-out scoop slam piledriver! But Nate isn’t done there, he climbs to the top rope… MOONSAULT!

    ONE… TWO… THRE - NO!!

    Jim Taylor: “Unbelievable resilience on display there from Humanity!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Nate Savage can’t believe it!!!”

    He stares at the referee in disbelief for a moment, and then down at Humanity, ready to deal the killer blow. He hoists his opponent up, and after looking into his eyes for a moment, throws him off the adjacent set of ropes…

    Jim Taylor: “NASTY BOMB!”

    Tim Coleman: “He nails the pop up powerbomb! But is there time?!”

    He slumps into the cover, hooking the leg…

    ONE… TWO… TH - -

    Result: Nate Savage and Humanity wrestle to a twenty minute time limit draw.


    As Nate Savage rolls away from Humanity and looks at the official in frustration, the audience begins to give the two wrestlers in the ring a round of applause as a show of respect.

    Tim Coleman: “Well, the fans are impressed by that opening contest, but I don’t think Nate Savage is happy to share the spoils with Humanity here…”

    Jim Taylor: “Indeed, although both men showed an impressive amount of resilience in taking that contest to twenty minutes, it did seem that Nate Savage was very close to picking up his first victory of the Gold Rush tournament in its opening match…”

    Tim Coleman: “And you have to wonder if he’ll live to rue that tie later on in the competition…”

    Nate Savage has left the ring, and shakes his head with his hands on his hips as he stomps back up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, that remains to be seen, but now we must prepare for our second match-up tonight, between two current stars in the FWA and former Wrestle Royale winners: the highly-anticipated battle between Krash and the recently-named #1 contender for the FWA’s World Championship, Michelle von Horrowitz…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, and our cameras were able to catch up with The White Wolf himself as he arrived at the Gazprom Arena earlier today…”

    We cut to backstage, with a helpful subtitle informing us that this was recorded earlier today. Thanks, subtitle. As we fade from black, the roar of a cherry red '58 Plymouth Fury grinds to a halt, and a thin, lanky man steps out of the driver's seat. He steps into the light of the parking lot, revealing a familiar handsome face, bright green eyes behind a pair of aviator sunglasses, slicked back hair, and a gloriously smooth black moustache above a delighted smile. Gripping his carry bag in one hand, adjusting his paisley pink tie with the other, the Heartbeat of CWA, Krash, begins walking towards the arena...

    ... Where he is immediately beset by a trio of reporters, all hollering the typical journalistic noises that become indecipherable when more than one person is shouting. The delighted smile fades into a tight-lipped one, as he raises a hand to shush the very loud trio.

    Krash: ”Now, now, gentlemen. Some decorum would be preferred.”

    The investigative crackshot expert reporters - and we're using that term very loosely here - all settle down for maybe two seconds, before one promptly shoves a microphone into Krash's face, ruffling his moustache slightly in the most heinous heel gesture of the month.

    Reporter #1: “Krash, what can we expect from you over the next few days of the Gold Rush tournament?”

    Frowning in annoyance, Krash gently pushes the microphone away, smoothing his moustache back into place.

    Krash: “You can expect my absolute best, and nothing less. For better or for worse, this was my home. My sanctuary. I haven't been the same since it's been gone, so these... bi-annual tribute shows, for lack of a better term, I find to be... rather important to me. And important to others, clearly, otherwise none of us would be here right now. So you can expect everything that made me the Heartbeat of CWA, and so, so much more.”

    Reporter #2: “Are you able to properly split your focus between all the events you have going on right now? CWA, the recent Carnal Championship, not to mention this thing with Devi-”

    Krash waves a hand, cutting off Reporter #2 before he can finish the rest of that sentence.

    Krash: “Let's not kill the mood, shall we? I admit, my attention is a little... skewered, at the moment. There's a lot happening at once, lots of moving parts in this bigger picture. But I've been very, very good at focusing on what's in front of me when that bell rings, and letting the petty distractions simply wait their turn. No, if anyone can beat me during this Gold Rush tournament, it won't be because I was distracted. It was because they were the better wrestlers that night.”

    Reporter #3: “Speaking of the other wrestlers, is there any particular performer you're looking forward to wrestling during the Gold Rush tournament?”

    Krash: ”Funny you mention that. There's one person in this entire tournament who I've never fought. Not one-on-one, not in tag action. Hell, I recommended him to CWA management before he got signed. You know who I'm talking about? Jonathan McGinnis. He's one of the only people to ever defeat Jon Snowmantashi, someone I was itching to battle the entire time I was out on the injured list...And by the time I got back, he was last seen being let away by security after being fired like he was nothing. A two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion, led away by security because he knew his worth.”

    Reporter #3: “But McGinnis is-”

    Krash: ”In a separate block, I know. Trust me, I'm very much aware. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. But as for someone in my block, I've yet to face Michelle von Horrowitz one-on-one. Our sole experiences were with Mike Parr & Gerald Grayson by our sides, respectively, or with thirty three other wrestlers getting in the way, and for someone as driven as MvH, she's probably itching to get that definitive answer between the two of us. And I'll be more than happy to oblige. Now then, if there's no more questions?”

    Reporter #1 raises a hand.

    Krash: ”Wonderful! Have a lovely night, gentlemen. Don't be a stranger.”

    With that, Krash gently pushes past the trio of reporters, making his way to the back as we fade to black and then back to the arena...

    Nothing but vitriol as MvH walks out onto the stage, both from the audience directed at her and in the opposite direction. She chooses to acknowledge the disdain and bark back a few words at anyone who will listen as she walks down the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, over on FWA television, we’ve seen positive reactions towards Michelle von Horrowitz build and build over the past few months, culminating in her victory at the Carnal Contendership. But here? MvH is not a popular woman…”

    Tim Coleman: “She never was during her tenure in the CWA and her acrimonious exit did nothing to help her cause. Whether in Philadelphia, St. Petersburg, or - I’d wager - Vanuatu, Michelle should expect this sort of reaction from a CWA crowd.”

    It doesn’t bother her too much, and she skips the last few steps to the ring before rolling in. She moves to a corner, taking a seat with her head propped up against the second turnbuckle and staring off towards the stage…

    The audience turns on a sixpence, a massively positive reaction raining down onto the stage as Krash comes out. He has a smile on his face and one of the CWA World Tag Team Championship belts proudly hangs over his shoulder.

    Jim Taylor: “Surely the most decorated competitor in this match-up, Krash really has done it all in the CWA. And can you believe, Tim, that despite the overlap between Krash and MvH’s time in both the CWA and the FWA, this is a first time ever one-on-one match-up!”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim: these two have a one-one record when it comes to tag matches on opposite sides of the ring, and of course there was the climax of the recent battle royal… but we’re about to see a hugely anticipated match that will settle some debate with regards to these two competitors…”

    Krash climbs into the ring and eyes up Michelle - still seated in the opposite corner - from across it. She doesn’t move from her perch as Lindsay Monaghan makes her introduction.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest is our first Pool A match-up, scheduled for one-fall and with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner of my left: she hails from Rotterdam in the Netherlands… weighing in at sixty seven kilograms… she is a Wrestle Royale winner and a one-time CWA High Voltage Champion… ‘Dreamer’... Michelle… von… Horrowitz!”

    Predictably, nothing but boos. She remains unmoved, both emotionally and literally. Krash is warming up in the opposite corner of the ring.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And her opponent, in the corner to my right: from Melbourne, Australia… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and five pounds… he is a Wrestle Royale winner, a Five-Star Attraction Tournament winner, a CWA High Voltage Champion, a four-time - and current, reigning! - CWA World Tag Team Champion, a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… he is ‘The White Wolf’... HE… IS… KRASH!”

    Each accolade increases the volume until Krash’s name sends the audience into a frenzy. A loud ’LETS GO KRASH’ chant breaks out as MvH drags herself up to her feet, taking one solitary step forward as Monaghan removes herself from the ring and the official calls for the bell..

    Pool A - Night One - Match Two.

    The contrasting approach towards the match is on full display when the opening bell is rung. Krash instantly moves into his favoured stance, slowly circling the ring and expecting Michelle to do the same. Instead, she just stands with her hands on her hips, looking at him with vague disapproval. Eventually, Krash shrugs, and then lunges at her with an attempted collar and elbow. Michelle ducks the first and moves into a rear waist lock, but she’s engaged in chain wrestling with the Wolf now, and soon enough Krash is able to out-grapple her. He puts her on her backside a handful of times, causing her to retreat out of the ring and take a breather on a pair of occasions. The third time she tries this, however, Krash picks her ankle and takes her down with a leg whip, and then goes for a heel hook, only for Michelle to get to the ropes. The official comes in to ensure a clean break… and Michelle thumbs Krash in the eye! This earns MvH a boo from the audience and a first verbal warning from the official.

    This seems to be Michelle’s game in the early stages, and she earns another warning soon after for a closed right hand. Then after Irish whipping Krash hard into the corner and hitting a cornered drop kick, the official is forced to get in-between the pair when she refuses to listen to his pleas for a rope break, instead continuing to stomp on Krash as he sits in the corner. The moment’s rest - whilst the referee admonishes MvH and points to the CWA logo on his shirt - allows Krash to get to his feet… he charges from the corner, and takes Michelle down with a spear! She’s quickly up, but he puts her back down again with a dropkick! Krash lifts her up, throws her off the ropes… Michelle ducks the attempted clothesline and continues her momentum, going for a lariat of her own… Krash ducks it! German suplex! He bridges for the cover… two-count!

    Michelle rolls out under the bottom rope, and she is clearly feeling quite groggy after the shift in momentum and the string of high-impact moves. She’s sucking in oxygen as Krash climbs out afterwards, the official hopping down from the ring to try and get them back in… and MvH creams Krash with a low blow! The referee misses it whilst getting to the floor, but he sees Krash holding his nether-regions and looks at Michelle accusingly… She just smiles, and then Irish whips Krash into the steel steps!

    The official is right in MvH’s face, telling her to tow the line, and she simply pushes him away. Michelle looks under the ring… and retrieves a steel chair!

    Tim Coleman: “This is meant to be a traditional wrestling match, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “What on earth is Michelle von Horrowitz doing?!”

    She waits for Krash to get to his feet, and then pokes him in the sternum with the top of the chair, before bringing the flat of it down over his back! Krash falls to the floor, and the official has no choice but to call for the bell…
    Result: Krash defeats Michelle von Horrowitz via disqualification at 07:12.


    MvH smiles to herself as the derision begins to rain down from the crowd, and she rolls back into the ring to take up position in the middle of it. She still has the chair in her hand, and she spits on the CWA logo that’s emblazoned in the middle of the ring, prompting yet more boos…

    Jim Taylor: “Well, MvH has made her opinions on the Clique Wrestling Alliance well-known, but you’d have to question why she would enter this tournament given the blatant disrespect on display here…”

    Michelle eyes up Krash from over the top rope, as if contemplating whether it’s worth going for another pop…

    … but then Alyster Black appears from the stage and runs down the ramp! MvH high-tails it, a smile still on her face, and clambers down out of the ring. She walks around the perimeter with her hands on her hips, looking back at Black as he keeps a watchful eye on her…

    Tim Coleman: “We’ll see Alyster Black in competition later on tonight, but he’s out here right now to ensure MvH doesn’t do any more damage to Krash in the aftermath of this one…”

    Black has climbed out of the ring and is checking on Krash, who has made his way to his feet. The two share a fist bump and look up the ramp at Michelle, who gives them one more courtesy before disappearing behind the curtain…


    Of course, here in the U.S., CWA: Gold Rush - Night One is airing on HBO, a paid subscription service. As such, its millions of worldwide fans can enjoy it without the intrusive element that is paid advertising.

    The rest of the world, though, is not so lucky. Those in the U.K. are watching on Sky Sports, whilst the Russians who couldn’t get a ticket for tonight’s show were viewing on МАТЧ-ТВ. In Australia, FOX Sports had won the lucrative bidding battle. A hundred different channels in a hundred different countries, and all of them - unlike HBO - were selling the great lie of capitalism.

    What follows is one of those paid adverts, meticulously placed here in between the second and third matches by two ingeniously diligent souls from the United States of America (ironically, the one nation who had to catch up with it after-the-fact…).


    The sun set long long ago. In its place is the bright moonlight shining down on a decrepit, old, vacant alleyway in Somewhere, USA. Somewhere obsolete and unimportant, or maybe important and withheld for other reasons.

    The brick shotgun-style houses have water pipes running down the sides, dripping water slowly to the pavement floor where small puddles materialize. The light from the moon and overhead street lights creeps in just enough to offer a little visual of one side of the alleyway, with graffiti on the brick walls with visible dry plaster and caulk between the letters of the artist’s work.

    ?: “A great night tarnished … and a bad night made worse.”

    That’s an unmistakable voice … well, unmistakable to many, but maybe not to those faithful to just the CWA. If they never ventured to the FWA section of the WC Network, they might find this voice a stranger’s words. If not, then they surely recognize the voice to be that of a Hall of Famer.

    ?: ”“Krash … Alyster Black … that’s what you did. That’s the effect you had. Congratulations. You … accomplished … so so so much.”

    The face of “The Golden One” Devin Golden emerges, a hooded figure with half his face hidden in the alley’s darkness and the other half boosted into vision by the moon and streetlight’s help.

    Devin Golden: “You two, for whatever reason … decided … to make us your targets. You presented yourselves as friends, as allies. Yet, you were men in an alleyway with knives hidden under your sleeves this whole time. You call yourselves the GangStarz and acted like a second-rate gang of second-rate stars would.”

    “Rockstar” Randy Ramon steps forward next, with a black leather jacket puffing up his shoulders, and the sunglasses raised to his head, revealing his piercing eyes. He has an unshaved face, likewise Golden, and his long dirty blonde hair wrapped into a ponytail.

    Randy Ramon: “Mile High was supposed to be a celebratory night for us. We ran undefeated through the tournament. We proved to be the best tag team in the FWA. And you two … tainted … that. You were a spray can of graffiti on an otherwise-perfect wall. You were the imperfection on a perfect night.

    And then … on the most imperfect of nights, the night we lose the FWA Tag Team Championships to the Toner Brothers … to Danny Toner OF ALL PEOPLE … you two decide to make it all worse. You spill our blood after we already spilt blood nobly. You bruise us, concuss us, fracture our bones, when we were ready to do those things to keep the titles. But after failing, you added to our emotional pain with more physical pain.”

    Devin Golden: “You’re asking for something of us with these attacks. We just don’t know what it is. But you’re going to get our attention. You’re going to get our words of warning. You’re going to get our shadow, a dark cloud hanging over Gold Rush. In what could be a memorable night for either of you, maybe both of you, we want you to remember our faces.”

    Randy Ramon: “And we want you to remember this promise: We will be at every Fight Night, every FWA show possible, until we find you. If you show up, you will have to face us. You will answer.

    And whatever you’re asking of us … we will grant.”

    “Rockstar” Randy Ramon offers a wry smile as Golden bends down and picks up a glass shard from the ground, surely the remnants of some gang of hooligans spending time in this alley. Golden dances the sharp fragment of glass through his fingers and flicks it into the air, where Ramon catches it safely in his palm.

    Devin Golden: “We’ll even give you the scars you deserve.”


    “Everybody Knows” | Wildfire.

    We come back to the arena in time for Dan Maskell to appear on the stage. There’s initially a huge cheer for one of CWA’s triple crown champions, but he has a sneer on his face and spews vitriol in the general direction of the fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He ignores the offered hands of the front-row punters, going as far as to snarl and shout at a few of the younger ones, and then rips the sign out of a hand of a female fan who is declaring her enjoyment of Krash’s aesthetics via her placard. Maskell rips it up and throws it into the air, shakes his head, and continues on his way…

    Jim Taylor: “Well, Dan Maskell is absolutely a CWA legend, but he’s also a terrible human being…”

    Tim Coleman: “Undeniable, but there’s something to be admired in that! In just a few short minutes, Dan Maskell has managed to turn this entire arena against him! He seems to thrive in this hate!”

    Jim Taylor: “He’ll need some sort of edge going into this one, because he’s about to come face-to-face with perhaps the most dominant force in CWA’s history…”

    Maskell’s music fades out, and he’s left pacing in the ring for almost a minute whilst we await his opponent. The audience knows who they are expecting, and every eye is turned onto the stage in unison. Finally…

    “Sword of Destiny” | Marcin Przybyłowicz and Percival Schuttenbach.

    The Gazprom Arena erupts at the opening notes of the theme, and then again as Jon Snowmantashi walks out onto the stage. At his shoulder is John Duncan, who smiles approvingly as the kaiju begins to walk down the ramp.

    Tim Coleman: “Well, we expected a reaction, but this is unreal! Just listen to this…”

    The commentators are silent for a moment to let the magnitude of the situation sink in. We see a wide shot of Jon Snowmantashi marching to the ring, the stadium alive with noise and activity all around him. As he reaches the half-way point on the ramp, a dozen silver and black rockets are let off from the stage, exploding high above the arena.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s the longest reigning champion in CWA history against one of only two CWA Triple Crown champions… these are the sorts of matches that the Gold Rush tournament is all about! I’ve got goosebumps!”

    Snowmantashi climbs up the steps and into the ring, a watchful eye on Maskell as he continues to pace back and forth. The lights come up as Lindsay Monaghan takes up position in centre stage.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “The next contest is a Pool A match-up, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first: in the corner to my left… from London, England… he is a former CWA High Voltage Champion, a former CWA World Tag Team Champion, and a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion... he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… ‘The Heretic’... DAN MASKELL!”

    A mixed reaction at best for Maskell, but he pays it no bother. As soon as Monoghan begins her next introduction the noise begins to gather dramatically…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent… from Tokyo, Japan… he is a Ruler of the Ring tournament winner and a former two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion... he weighs in tonight at two hundred and ninety pounds… ‘Inhuman’... JON… SNOWMANTASHI!”

    Another huge roar that doesn’t abate whilst Monaghan vacates the ring. The official looks nervously from one volatile component to the other as they stare each other down from across the ring. John Duncan bangs the ring apron with the palms of his hands to further encourage the rowdy audience. And then the official calls for the bell...

    Pool A - Night One - Match Three.

    When this one kicks off, Maskell lifts his guard and moves into his stance, and Snowmantashi simply nods. He comes forward, and to his credit Maskell doesn’t back down, and he comes at Snowmantashi with a stiff kick to the side. Kaiju doesn’t seem to register it, and he comes forward again, lunging at Maskell, but the Heretic is able to duck it, and then hit a second stiff kick to the same spot. This cat and mouse game continues for a while, with Maskell able to evade Snowmantashi’s attempts to grasp him and then fire back with kicks to the side and legs of the big man. Eventually, they seem to begin to take a little effect… and after the seventh or eighth such kick Snowmantashi almost seems to come forward with a bit of a limp… but then he manages to catch one of the kicks! He has Maskell by the leg… and he simply throws him across the ring!

    Snowmantashi enjoys a period of dominance from here, repeatedly lifting Maskell up and then throwing him back to the mat with a power move, adjusting his shorts as he weighs up his next move after each attack. We see a T-Bone suplex, an uranage, and then later on a belly-to-back suplex, the last of which gets JS a two-count. Snowmantashi seems to be dominating the pace of this one, and already - after only the five minute mark - Maskell is beginning to look a little worse for wear. He senses that things are looking bad when the kaiju has him hoisted high into the air, perhaps looking for a sit-out powerbomb… but Maskell begins to fight out with a handful of stiff right hands! Maskell manages to slip behind Snowmantashi… and rolls him up with a sunset flip! The shoulders are down… no! Two-count!

    Jim Taylor: “Almost surprising to see Maskell nearly win this one with a roll-up… we are used to seeing him dominate opponents with strikes.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s true, Jim, but you have to remember who he is in the ring with… there’s no dominating Snowmantashi!”

    Both men are quickly up to their feet, but the Heretic is waiting with three, no, FOUR stiff kicks to Snowmantashi’s side! And then a spin-kick to the gut… DDT! Maskell is able to get in a large chunk of his offense over the next few minutes, disorientating Snowmantashi with a series of signature strikes and grapple moves. He connects with the Gravity Rush (running low drop kick) and feigns a Russian Leg Sweep into a clothesline, which he calls the Reap the Whirlwind, amidst a large number of stomps, forearms, and bruising stiff kicks to the kaiju’s sides and legs. He’s able to secure a series of two-counts with his Game Time Son running neckbreaker, ‘The Classic’ (rope-hung DDT), and eventually the Long Road Back curb-stomp. In disbelief that such a series of moves is only able to get him a two-count, the Heretic admonishes the official and then picks up Snowmantashi’s legs, attempting to turn him over into his Lucker Lock cloverleaf…

    Jim Taylor: “If Maskell is able to get this one locked in, I think this match is over!”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s a big ‘if’ though, Jim! Look at the size of Snowmantashi!”

    Jim Taylor: “And he’s struggling like hell! Snowmantashi fights out!”

    Snowmantashi kicks Maskell away and then fights to his feet. The Heretic is straight on him though… SUPER-KICK! He gets all of the ‘Final Moment’... and now he weighs Snowmantashi up…

    Jim Taylor: “Better Luck Tomorrow! He gets all of the ace crusher! And now he hooks the leg!”

    ONE… TWO… TH - - NO!

    Maskell can’t believe it! Eventually, he manages to re-focuses himself and sizes Snowmantashi up from the corner… he charges in… goes for the Northern Lariat… Snowmantashi ducks it! HUGE overhand chop to the turning Maskell! He hits the mat! Snowmantashi lifts him up by the hair… thundering headbutt! And a second! Snowmantashi doesn’t stop! He nails half a dozen headbutts, and Maskell goes down to one knee… Snowmantashi lifts him up in a fireman’s carry… HAILSTORM!

    Jim Taylor: “Academic…”

    Result: Jon Snowmantashi defeats Dan Maskell by pinfall at 11:26.


    Snowmantashi rolls off Dan Maskell and quickly gets to his feet, John Duncan happily applauding him from outside the ring. Snowmantashi adjusts his shorts once again and looks down at Maskell, who is just beginning to stir. Snowmantashi nods his head approvingly, and then climbs out of the ring. He proceeds to stomp up the ramp, John Duncan close in tow…

    Jim Taylor: ”Well, Snowmantashi can congratulate himself on a job well done there, joining Krash on two points in Pool B. Maskell certainly had his moments, but when the Hailstorm connects it’s invariably the end of the match…”

    Tim Coleman: “One of the most dominating moves in CWA history, utilized by one of its most dominant men. You can’t look past Jon Snowmantashi when you think about the finals night…”

    Jim Taylor: ”And what a night that is going to be! Ladies and gentlemen, South Pacific is just around the corner!”

    We cut to a teaser video for the forthcoming, heavily-delayed pay-per-view in CWA’s infrequent and irregular series: South Pacific. Snippets of a large amount of the performers due to be present at the show are placed together in a montage with Enzio Pinza singing “Some Enchanted Evening” over the top of it. Each match currently scheduled for the card gets a little bit of focus:

    CWA proudly presents: ”SOUTH PACIFIC”.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships.
    The GangStarz (Alyster Black and Krash) [c] vs. TBA.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Final.
    Winner of Semi-Final #1 vs. Winner of Semi-Final #2.

    Lilith vs. Michelle von Horrowitz.

    CWA World Tag Team Championships: #1 Contendership Match.
    Murder, Inc. vs. The Echo vs. The Undisputed Alliance.

    Fatal 4-Way Match.
    Clint Shepard vs. Billy Hatcher vs. Johnny Vegas vs. XYZ.

    Tag Team Match.
    The Diamond Dogs vs. The DiMiaco Brothers.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Semi-Final #2.
    Winner of Pool B vs. Runner-up of Pool A.

    Gold Rush Tournament: Semi-Final #1.
    Winner of Pool A vs. Runner-up of Pool B.


    The "I'm New Here" Battle Royale.
    Confirmed entrants: The Power, “Pretty” Billy “Mr.” Wright, Trevor Walker, Ratin Mikichin, Kung Fu Karl, Juan Tothrefor, “Lightning” Lamont Banner, Devour the Suffering, Violet Dreyer, 'Squeaky Clean' Dick Washer, RetroJethro1984.

    Singles Match.
    Dicky Zucko vs. Diego Gonzalez.

    Noah Hanson's 'Next' Announcement.
    (w/ special guest Randy Ramon)
    We return to the arena just in time for...

    A cheer goes around the arena as Christopher ‘Straight Edge’ Jackson walks out onto the stage for the first time in nearly ten years, a smile on his face as he surveys the audience and begins his descent of the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “This is something, Tim: a CWA Continental Champion, one of the very few in history, and the only one in this tournament. The long defunct championship was held by Christopher Jackson way back in 2011, and it’s great to see ‘Straight Edge’ back in front of a CWA audience ten years on!”

    Tim Coleman: “Well, he better hope there’s no ring rust still knocking around, because this isn’t a warm-up match. A quick glance at tonight’s fixtures and you’ll see that Jackson is about to go one-on-one with one of the all-time greats…”

    Jackson climbs into the ring and stares around himself at the massive arena, nodding his head in approval at the CWA fans in their thousands. His music fades out, and then…

    Jim Taylor: “Would you just listen to that?! The audience is on its feet in unison as Cyrus Truth, two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion, steps into the arena…”

    Tim Coleman: “A notable absentee for last Summer’s One Night Only event, I think everybody is happy to see Cyrus here tonight… Everybody, that is, except Christopher Jackson!”

    Jim Taylor: “Jackson remains unmoved in the ring, a venerated and respected veteran himself, but the atmosphere here tonight is electric in anticipation of Cyrus Truth’s return to a CWA ring!”

    Cyrus has descended the ramp and climbed into the ring, the lights coming up as he engages in a lengthy stand-off from across the ring with his opponent. The official completes his final checks as Lindsay Monaghan makes her introductions…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Pool B match-up, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my left, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds… from Brooklyn, New York… he is a former CWA Continental Champion… CHRISTOPHER… ‘STRAIGHT EDGE’... JACKSON!”

    There’s an ovation for the returnee as he nods his head, trying to psyche himself up and keeping a watchful eye on Cyrus from across the ring.

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And in the corner to my right, his opponent… he weighs in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds… from The Long and Winding Road… he is a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… ‘The Exile’... CYRUS TRUTH!!”

    A roar around the Gazprom Arena when Cyrus Truth’s name is called. This whole time, he’s been standing motionless, his hands by his side, staring a hole into Christopher Jackson. Monaghan vacates the ring, and then the official is able to call for the bell...

    Pool B - Night One - Match Four.

    At the beginning of this one, it does indeed seem like conditioning is in Cyrus’ favour, with Jackson potentially suffering from some ring rust and Cyrus Truth able to get the better of the opening exchanges. It starts out somewhat technical, but in these first interactions we usually end up with Jackson on the ground and Truth locking in an arm-bar or a heel lock or, in the third such exchange, a knee bar. Jackson is able to get to the ropes each time, and after realising he’s not going to have any success that way he tries a change of tact and charges at Truth with a shoulder block. Truth is taken to the ground, and Jackson lifts the pace dramatically. He hits Truth with a drop kick and then a hurricanrana, and then follows up by darting to the top rope and attempting a cross-body… only for Truth to evade by diving out of the way, and then he nails the recovering Jackson with a tiger suplex, bridging for the cover and getting a two…

    Jim Taylor: “We worried that this might be the case, with Cyrus Truth competing at the highest level on a weekly basis in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. It looks like maybe Jackson is half a second off the pace, and Truth is taking full advantage of that…”

    Truth moves through a lot of his offense whilst dictating the pace in the middle section of the match. He’s able to hit a series of arm drags and hip tosses, before taking things up a notch with a running neckbreaker, a discus punch, and then a Fisherman’s suplex, again bridging for another two-count. Jackson does his best to fight out of a sleeper hold, but when he attempts to reverse it with a belly-to-back suplex, Truth rotates through and lands on his feet, and then he hits the dragon suplex! Truth seems in complete control, and then he attempts to turn Jackson over with a Boston Crab. Jackson squirms to the ropes and forces the break, but Cyrus lifts him straight up into a fireman’s carry… maybe going for his Journey’s End finisher... no! Jackson slips out of the back, and he pushes Truth chest-first into the turnbuckles! Truth bounces back at him, and Jackson hits a snap German suplex!!

    Tim Coleman: “You could argue that this was a desperation move from Christopher Jackson… but it sure was effective!”

    Jim Taylor: “And now he looks to follow up… he nails a brainbuster!! Jackson goes for a cover…”

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Truth kicks out! But Jackson almost caught him by surprise with that flourish!”

    Jackson senses that this is his time, and he stalks Truth as he gets to his feet. He pulls him in close, boot to the midsection… perhaps looking for his Breaking Habit (Pedigree) finisher? He hooks an arm… no! Cyrus begins to fight out… he pushes Jackson away. ‘Straight Edge’ charges back in, but Cyrus checks his momentum with a discus forearm! He then lifts him up into an Argentine rack…

    Jim Taylor: “Exile’s Edge! He nails the neckbreaker!!”

    Tim Coleman: “But Cyrus isn’t done there… fireman’s carry…”

    Jim Taylor: “JOURNEY’S END!! He damn-near breaks Jackson in half with the piledriver!”

    Result: Cyrus Truth defeats Christopher Jackson by pinfall at 09:15.


    Cyrus Truth gets to his feet and allows the official to lift his arm, receiving an impressed ovation from the St. Petersburg crowd…

    Tim Coleman: “An impressive win there from Cyrus Truth, opening up his points tally in the Gold Rush tournament in impervious fashion…”

    Jim Taylor: “And you have to note that Jackson seemed a little off the pace in his first match-up, but still almost picked his moment with that snap German suplex... We’ll have to wait and see if more ring-time in this tournament gives Jackson a chance to settle in and an opportunity to reach greater heights later on in the Gold Rush...”

    Truth is climbing out of the ring, walking back up the ramp towards the stage. He doesn’t look pleased with himself, but he’s content with the victory, though he knows bigger battles will come later in the tournament. Cyrus takes one more look back towards the ring, and then disappears behind the curtain…

    When we cut to the back, CWA cameras and interviewer Michelle Kelly find Nate Savage in the medical area. He is receiving some treatment following his match with Humanity in the Gold Rush.

    Michelle Kelly: “Nate, earlier this evening you went through a grueling match with Humanity in the Gold Rush tournament, and unfortunately it wasn't the result that you were looking for after it ends in a draw, are you at all disappointed that you couldn't put him away in time?”

    The doctor finishes up and Savage glares over at Michelle, if looks could kill Michelle would be lifeless on the floor of the medical area.

    Nate Savage: “Am I disappointed that I couldn't put him away in time? What do you think Michelle, huh? Do you think I'm happy about what happened? Does it look like I'm happy?! Obviously I'm disappointed! What kind of question is that, seriously? Why would I feel any other way about that? Do you think before you ask these questions? Listen, they can call it a draw... but you know and I know that I beat Humanity in the middle of that ring. I had him laid out from the Nasty Bomb, that was it! There was no way that he was going to kick out of it.”

    The doctor is trying to calm a clearly-agitated Savage, but he’s not having any of it.

    Nate Savage: “Humanity should consider this a blessing in disguise because it saved him from humiliation in front of the entire world that's watching at home. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Jonathan McGinnis, because I'm going to make damn sure that the next match will not end that way…”

    Nate stands up and brushes past Michelle leaving her alone as the show continues on…

    The arena goes NUTS for the arrival of Chubby, clad in his usual green and black he, swaggers on the stage, as always with a self assured and cocky grin as he plays to the crowd He has the slightest of limps from days of hard hitting matches but his resilience is impressive, and the crowd gives him a great ovation on his way down the ramp. The bell chimes as he heads for the ring, shifting his weight from the ankle a little, but looking better than we might have expected. He slides under the bottom rope, then immediately goes to the second rope in a corner, saluting the crowd as energetic as ever before he takes up a position in the corner, waiting patiently…

    Coming down the ramp now is the most no-nonsense man on the roster in Alyster Black. He gets a very big but somewhat mixed reaction... it's easily more positive than negative, though, and he almost struts down to the ring. He has his CWA World Tag Team Championship on his shoulder as he steps into the ring, looking across it and seeing his old foe…and getting a confident little smirk on his face...Not that we can see because… y'know; mask. but we can feel it.

    Jim Taylor: "Here's a stat for you, Alyster Black has faced off with Chubby Carlos 7 times...and he's beat him seven times, I don't think anyone can attest to that kind of record, but his no nonsense strong style just naturally counters Chubby's.”

    Tim Coleman: "Black's not built for entertainment, he’s built for brawls, an’ he’s built to last. This is gonna be a knockout fight!"

    With the two men in the ring, Lindsay Monaghan steps up to play her part…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Pool A match schedule for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, to my left… from San Dimas, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds… he is a three-time, and one half of the current CWA World Tag Team Champions… he is ‘Black Jesus’... ALYSTER BLACK!”

    Black lifts his championship belt into the air to applause from the audience, and then he passes it to the official who organises its transport to the time-keeping area. Black is staring through his mask at his opponent across the ring, now utterly motionless as he waits for the beginning...

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And in the corner to my right... from Mexico City, Mexico... he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ten kilograms… he is a one-time Wrestle Royale winner and a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion… The Chubby One… The Fat Man… The Chubster… His Royal Chubness… El Chuberino… The Single Most Awesome Wrestler in CWA Today (or Yesterday)... Everybody's Favorite Wrestler… The Green and Black Attack… CHUUUUUBY…. CAAARLOOOOOOS!”

    Wild applause for the hugely popular CWA figure, alongside credit to the pompous introduction from Monaghan. Chubby is on the second rope, nodding his head in approval as the Gazprom explodes for him. Finally, when he hops back down and Monaghan exits the ring, the official makes his final checks, and then calls for the bell...

    Pool A - Night One - Match Five.

    They say ‘never say never’ in the wrestling business. Mostly because just when you think you know all the answers, the industry changes the questions. This was taken to its logical conclusion: that these two great rivals would never meet again, and Alyster Black would always hold an undefeated record against the CWA legend. And then it was announced the two would go at it once again...

    The roles both men normally have has completely flipped – It’s Chubby Carlos who is intense and it Black who is grinning away. Even so, the contest starts with an attempted handshake. But not what you might expect: it’s Black offering one to Cubby, which many immediately saw right through as just poking fun at Chubby and he answers in kind by clotheslining Black, signaling the start of this. For the opening minutes, there was no back and forth. It was just Chubby Carlos UNLOADING on Alyster Black, hitting him with a flurry of blows and kicks, Black unable to counter anything because of the high pace.

    Black is finally able to get his voice in things when he capitalizes on Chubby’s carelessness, straddling his jaw off the top rope with a flapjack. With Black using the ring to his advantage, he takes control of the match, even taking the contest outside. He attempts to suplex Chubby on the apron, but Chubby is able to land on it, but loses a duel with Black that leaves him doubled over, leading to Black sunset flip powerbombing the Chubster to the floor!! Black then takes control on the outside, further destroying Chubby by hitting him with the spinout powerbomb on the ring lip. With Chubby’s lower back now in question, his agility is hindered greatly, leaving him at Black’s mercy while on the outside.

    Jim Taylor: ”This is exactly what Alyster Black wants this contest to look like! As long as they’re on the outside, this one is Black’s match to lose…”

    Things stay this way until Black restarts the outside count out by rolling in, and tries to whip Chubby into the barricade, but the STILL impressively quick and agile big guy is able to leap clean onto it! As Black tries to chase after him and knock him back down, Chubby executes a beautiful sky high crossbody from off the barricade!! This swings things right back in Chubby’s favor, the two heading back into the ring, but Chubby unable to get the winning pinfall. Chubby keeps the offense on, stunting a Black counter by hitting him with the pendulum kick in the corner, following it up with a Tornado DDT try…but Black counters that by surprising Chubby, and all in attendance with an elevated Northern Lights suplex!! He bridges into the cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Tim Coleman: “Chubby taken by surprise by that counter, and this one almost ends suddenly!”

    With Black in control, he begins executing what seems to be his tried and tested game plan he’s always used against the big man: nailing move combinations, and short-arm combos, as well as hitting Chubby with a backbreaker to neckbreaker move, Chubby still showing his guile in getting out of that. Black realizes he has to wear down Chubby, again going to his targeted lower back, locking him up in a bow-and-arrow lock. Black is able to hold him like a damn accordion in the move! Chubby still fights his way out of the move, but as he tries to build momentum, he is caught in a series of Black sleeper holds, not only stunning him, but cutting off the oxygen to his brain to tire him out as fast as possible.

    But Chubby refused to go with a whimper, even after Black drives his face into the canvas with the Violence Party. As Black looks to make sure to put things away with a top rope move, Chubby winds up fighting back with resilience, spinning out of a Gamma Bomb attempt and finally nailing Black with the Tornado DDT he had wanted to earlier, giving him some time to rest up. As Chubby builds himself back up some more momentum, his injured back makes it harder to go from move to move, leading to Black squeezing in a snap powerslam and trying a pair of surprise roll-ups, but to no avail. Unfortunately for Black, the first thing Chubby does when he gets back to his feet is CUT THROUGH BLACK WITH FAST FOOD! JUST LIKE THAT. NO WARNING. NO BUILD UP. Knowing Black probably had a game plan for everything; he flattens Alyster with his big move OUT OF NOWHERE!!

    Result: Chubby Carlos defeats Alyster Black by pinfall at 12:51.


    The official lifts Carlos’ arm into the air, and he quite happily begins to celebrate his victory in the ring. As Black rolls out of it, Carlos climbs to the second turnbuckle, beating his chest and then raising both fists above his head...

    Jim Taylor: “A hard-earned victory there for Chubby Carlos, and now he is one of three men on two points in Pool A.”

    Tim Coleman: “He joins Snowmantashi and Krash on one victory after the first round of matches, and all three of them got off to perfect starts here tonight…”

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I’m not sure if I’d agree that Krash’s start could be said to be perfect, but at least he picked up the two points…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s all that matters, Jim! Perfect start!”

    Carlos has climbed out of the ring, and proceeds to slap hands with some of the fans as he makes his way up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s time for us to go to one of the other victors here tonight from Pool A… we’re led to believe that Michelle Kelly is standing by with the longest-reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion of all-time, Jon Snowmantashi… Michelle…”

    We join Michelle in the back, and she’s standing outside a closed locker-room…

    Michelle Kelly: “Well, almost, but not quite, Jim! I’m standing by with Jon Duncan, the manager and representative of Jon Snowmantashi, who just told me that the kaiju is unavailable for comment at this time. Can you tell us why that is, Mr. Duncan?”

    The camera has panned back to reveal a smiling John Duncan, clearly quite happy with his client’s exploits and eventual victory tonight. He is wearing a black suit, and he carefully adjusts the lapels whilst he addresses Michelle and her questions...:

    John Duncan: “Well, Michelle, the main point is that Jon Snowmantashi was - rather inevitably - victorious over Dan Maskell tonight and recorded his first of doubtlessly many victories. After such a win, I think my client is entitled to a bit of privacy, don’t you? And besides, anything relevant that you could ask of the kaiju can surely be addressed to me…”

    Michelle Kelly: “Well, can I ask your opinion on the rest of the matches we’ve seen tonight in Pool A? We’ve seen Krash and Chubby Carlos move to one victory also: who do you and the kaiju see as the biggest threat in your group?”

    It’s quite clear what Duncan thinks of this question before it’s even been finished. He almost scoffs at it, and is shaking his head as he answers…

    John Duncan: “You heard them at the commentary booth, Michelle: the longest-reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion of all-time! This is not a brag: this is a stated fact. Undeniable and inalienable. There simply are no threats to Jon Snowmantashi in this tournament. Never has the Clique Wrestling Alliance seen a champion so dominant as the kaiju, and he will be proving that to you all once again over the next two weeks…”

    Kelly handles the derision quite well, as if she’s somewhat used to it and ready to take it in her stride…

    Michelle Kelly: “To ask you once again about future opponents… you have a 5-Star Attraction main event re-match on the horizon against Michelle von Horrowitz, and beyond that, maybe even a reunion with Jonathan McGinnis at the finals on South Pacific?”

    These two prospects make Duncan smile, but it’s not the same derisive one as we saw earlier in the interview. Instead, this seems to be something that Duncan is looking forward to…

    John Duncan: “Well, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t looking forward to the von Horrowitz re-match. For all of our years together, I must admit that that match is one of my absolute favourites. As for the kaiju? Michelle von Horrowitz was an interesting experiment for him, but one that ended up exactly as he expected it to. He will be approaching the match with MvH in much the same way as he will be all the others, and you should expect precisely the same dominant result.”

    Duncan nods at Michele, as if that’s the end of the interview. He turns around and reaches for the door handle to the kaiju’s locker room…

    Michelle Kelly: “Mr. Duncan? … John? … What about McGinnis?”

    Ducan turns back, grins, and then closes the door behind him...

    We cut back to the arena for...

    The opening violin cords from "Cola" by Lana Del Rey are birthed from the arena sound system, eliciting a mixed reaction from the fans in attendance. As Lana's melodic vocals begin, the mixed reaction rises in amplitude with the arrival of the self-proclaimed "God-King" from behind the entrance curtain. The camera slowly pans from his boots up his body - focusing on the new Elite Division muscle shirt - before stopping on his face. The usually clean-shaven leader of the Elite has a noticeable dark brown stubble of a beard. He purses his lips to the side as he keeps his head down and reaches behind him and pulls a microphone out - twirling it around as his entrance theme gets to the chorus. As Lana sings, "Come on baby, let's ride," gold pyro rains down from the top of the entranceway behind him as he points to the curtain. The mixed reaction metamorphs into cheers as the former CWA and FWA Tag-Team Champions, Trevor Ocean, and Noah Stocke join Shawn on the stage. Shawn raises his hand to his neck and signals the audio team to cut the music before he begins.

    Shawn Summers: ”It's been over a year since I stepped into a CWA ring for a one on one matchup. It feels to be back in the place where WRESTLING matters. It feels good to be back in a place where the only way for all your "fantasies" to come true is by doing the work. It feels DAMN good to be back WRESTLING for a company that doesn't operate like a storybook, changing the narrative whenever things aren't panning out the way they would like. It feels good to be… home.”

    This impromptu speech elicits a cheap pop from the fans in attendance as Shawn paces back and forth on the stage.

    Shawn Summers: ”Earlier tonight I saw the advert where the men living in fantasy decided to step into reality and speak about tag-teams. They spoke about tag-teams as if they give a damn about them. They spoke about and hype tag-teams like The GangStarz and failed to mention the team that brought tag-team wrestling back to prominence - The Division. So, since the FWA wants to talk about tag-team wrestling, I decided to allow the quintessential tag-team a chance to get a couple of things off their chest.”

    Shawn reaches out towards Trevor Ocean and hands him the microphone. The fans pop for Ocean eliciting a smile from the mild-mannered wrestler.

    Trevor Ocean: ”At the last CWA reunion show, three tag-teams had a had a war for the tag-team championship belts. That was made possible by US, The Division. We made it possible for you fans to witness the true match of the year between tag-team greats of CWA. We gave our all and sacrificed our bodies for you all and now...I hear people talking about tag-team of the year for 2020 and our names aren't even mentioned in the conversation. But, I hear the Gang Stars being mentioned. The Gang Starz, Krash and Alyster Black...the CWA Tag-Team Champions being mentioned for an award that should have been given to us for all that we did for tag-team wrestling in 2020. Seeing them mentioned was just another slap in the face for us. It was the culmination of multiple slaps in the face that we suffered from the FWA universe in 2020.

    The first slap was that they named a whole tournament after us and made it seem like it was our doing, but they gave us no input. The second slap in the face was naming a pay-per-view after us, calling it Division's Rules, and none of the rules were made by The Division. Crazy, right? The third slap in the face was allowing the psychological torture of Noah and myself for the amusement of their fans. My guy almost committed suicide thanks to that. You can thank Vincent Blackbird for that. But the ultimate slap in the face was tonight in their paid advert. Mentioning the Gang Starz as the CWA tag-team champions and in the past few weeks alluding to the fact that they could defend those titles against an FWA team?

    Are you kidding me? An FWA tag-team getting a shot at titles that we kept relevant from the moment CWA shut down until the reunion show? An FWA tag-team getting a shot at titles that actually represent tag-team wrestling - something THAT company doesn't care about? Man, they must really be living in a fantasy over there. I guess Krash and Black are living the fantasy too because rumor has it that they actually think they beat us at the reunion show.

    Krash, didn't beat us. You just were able to climb a ladder and steal property. That doesn't make you better than us. That just proves that when you have an "echo" of a distraction you're able to pull off the biggest heists of your career.

    Don't get too comfortable with those tag-titles. We've got a receipt waiting for you two, and we'll be handing it to you sooner rather than later.”

    Trevor drops the microphone as "Cola" by Lana Del Rey begins to play again as Shawn hugs the both of them before making his way down the ramp towards the ring, the Division disappearing to the back...

    Jim Taylor: “Well, after that unscheduled interruption… here comes the first ever CWA Pure Champion, and a man that has not overly enamoured himself to the CWA fans down the years…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s true, Jim, but you can still hear some respect for Shawn Summers as he makes his way down to the ring. And it’s well-earned. In fact, I’d rather comment on the blatant disrespect being shown Summers by the other half of this crowd…”

    Jim Taylor: “Shawn Summers has popped up a couple of times recently on television for the other company, so maybe that has something to do with this tempered reaction. Either way, Summers will go up against another man with a somewhat… acrimonious… history in the company. The last time we saw McGinnis, though, he was teaming with Mr. Willis at One Night Only to rapturous applause…”

    Tim Coleman: “I think that’s more than Shawn Summers could ever hope for, which is saddening…”

    Shawn Summers has climbed into the ring and to the second turnbuckle, and he breathes in the air, cutting a striking figure as strobe lighting intermittently illuminates him. Eventually, he hops from the ropes and stands in the middle ring in anticipation…

    The crowd erupts when the self-proclaimed Indy God walks out onto the stage. He has a smile on his face, soaking in the atmosphere as he begins to walk down to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: ”Here comes another man who has a somewhat turbulent history with the CWA fans. Jonathan McGinnis has played both hero and villain, but the last time we saw him he was teaming with fellow-legend - and former World Champion - Mr. Willis. It appears that this audience is willing to let bygones be bygones…”

    Tim Coleman: ”It doesn’t surprise me. Fans are fickle…”

    Jim Taylor: ”Well, when you look at the list of accolades that Jonathan McGinnis has collected over the years, it’s hard to look past his talent. McGinnis is one of our most decorated stars, and he has to be one of the favourites to win this whole thing…”

    Tim Coleman: ”No argument from me there… and what a main event we have for you here! It’s the Indy God versus the God-King! What a contest!”

    McGinnis has climbed into the ring and enters into a tense stand-off with Shawn Summers. The two almost look as if they are going to start this one off straight away, but the official comes between them and forces them back to their respective corners until the customary introductions are made…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a Pool B contest scheduled for one-fall, with a twenty minute time limit… AND IS YOUR MAIN EVENT! Introducing first, to my left… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty five pounds… from Laguna Beach, California… he is a former CWA Pure Champion and a former CWA World Tag Team Champion… SHAWN SUMMERS!”

    Another mixed reaction for Summers, but he continues to mad-dog McGinnis from across the ring rather than acknowledge it…

    Lindsay Monaghan: “And his opponent… from Montreal, Canada… he weighs in at two hundred and seven pounds… he is a one-time Ruler of the Ring winner, and a two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion… ‘the Last Indy Darling’... Jonathan… MCGINNIS!”

    A huge round of applause for McGinnis, but he too chooses to not register the reaction. Instead, he allows the official to quickly make his final checks, and then - just as anticipation for the main event of the evening has reached a crescendo - nods his head in anticipation as the bell is called for...

    Pool B - Night One - Match Six.

    This one starts off slowly and technically, with both men comfortable and well-adept in the opening chain-wrestling exchanges. After reversing a chinlock into a hammer lock, taking Summers down with an arm-drag, and forcing him to squirm to the ropes by looking for an arm-bar, it is clear that McGinnis gets the better of the first contest. Summers wins the second, though: first lifting McGinnis up and over with a belly-to-back suplex when he’s in a headlock, only for the Indy God to land on his feet and slap on the headlock again… but Shawn slips out of the headlock into a rear waistlock… German suplex! He bridges for the cover and gets two… The third such exchange is a long one, both men showing their full technical flex in a string of reversals, culminating in McGinnis picking Summers’ ankle and going for the Ankle Lock… no, Summers able to kick him off… and then rake the eyes!

    Jim Taylor: “It’s a shame to see, but you wouldn’t really expect anything else from Der Basterd…”

    Tim Coleman: “Shawn Summers showing his true colours after that exceptional opening display of technical ability from the two men…”

    Jim Taylor: “And the crowd back here in St. Petersburg here are letting him know exactly how they feel about that…”

    Indeed they are, but Summers is hardly fazed by that. He follows up the eye rake with a kick to the midsection, then a snap suplex, and then he slaps on a rear naked chin lock. McGinnis takes a while to recuperate, the hold making it hard for him to get past the change in momentum, but eventually the audience wills him back to life. He gets up to his feet, but Summers transitions into a headlock and then a hammer lock. McGinnis shifts behind and puts on a full nelson, maybe looking for a dragon suplex… but Summers fights out with a few elbows, and then he stomps on McGinnis’ foot! The Indy God reaches down for it in pain… DDT! Summers gets another two-count…

    Tim Coleman: “Summers seems to be in complete control of this one as we move past the five minute mark…”

    Summers settles into a rhythm here, and it’s fair to say that he slows the pace down to a crawl, interspersing power moves with rest holds. He at first hits a side suplex, followed by a scoop slap, and then slaps on a lengthy hammer lock. When McGinnis finally begins to come back around and fight out of it, Summers hits him with a Northern Lights Suplex (without bridge), and then his patented inverted lifting DDT. When this only gets him a two-count, he slaps on a sleeper hold, again attempting to slow down the pace and wear him down…

    After ninety seconds in the hold, McGinnis is back to the feet and he forces Summers to the ropes, throwing him off into the opposite set… Summers reverses, though, throwing McGinnis across the ring with an Irish whip of his own. McGinnis ducks the attempted short-arm lariat… dropkick sends Summers down! Shawn is straight back up, but McGinnis sends him overhead with a BIG back body drop! Summers is back up, albeit a little more slowly, but he swings wildly and lazily with a clothesline, which McGinnis telegraphs and ducks… into a full nelson… dragon suplex! McGinnis goes for the cover… but Summers kicks out at two.

    Jim Taylor: “McGinnis needed that shift in momentum. You could just see Summers beginning to sense victory with the Indy God fading out in that sleeper hold…”

    Tim Coleman: “And there’s no question who the audience is behind in this one. Both of these men are CWA through and through, but Summers’ love for the company hardly extends to its fans…”

    The audience are indeed fully behind McGinnis, who is lifting Summers to his feet. It’s McGinnis’ turn to dictate the pace as we move past the ten-minute mark, securing another two-count with a mule kick followed by a cutter! Afterwards, he locks in the STF, and Summers screams out in pain in the middle of the ring! On a few occasions, it looks like Summers is going to tap out… but each time he resists, and fights his way, hand over hand, and then he gets to the ropes! The official gets to three by the time McGinnis releases the hold. Summers pulls himself under the bottom rope and onto the outside, and the official begins his count. He’s up to five by the time Summers is back to his feet… suicide dive from McGinnis!

    Jim Taylor: “Jonathan McGinnis takes Shawn Summers out on the outside! And he’s back to his feet to a tremendous ovation from this crowd!”

    McGinnis is feeling it now as he gets back to his feet. He picks up Summers by the scruff of the neck, and then he flings him across the announcer’s desk! The commentators quickly get out of the way as he flies over it, and McGinnis is on him instantly with a torrent of lefts and rights! The official is on the outside remonstrating with The Indy God to get his opponent back in the ring, but before he does McGinnis takes him by the scruff of the neck and hurls him face-first into the steel ringpost!

    Jim Taylor: “And as Jonathan McGinnis finally gets Summers back into the ring, it seems the momentum has firmly shifted into his favour…”

    Tim Coleman: “He’s stalking Shawn Summers from the corner… it looks like he thinks this one’s over…”

    McGinnis hits Summers with a mule kick when he gets to his feet, and then he pulls him up for a powerbomb position… no, Summers begins to fight out with a series of right hands… McGinnis is struggling, and he has to drop Summers in front of him…

    Jim Taylor: “AXE KICK! And then he takes McGinnis in a bearhug…”

    Tim Coleman: “WIPE OUT! The Indy God is thrown across the ring with the over-the-head belly-to-belly suplex!”

    Jim Taylor: “Summers hooks the leg…”

    ONE… TWO… T - - NO!

    McGinnis gets the shoulder up. Summers doesn’t take no for an answer, lifting McGinnis back to his feet… and throws him into the corner with a HARD Irish whip. McGinnis slumps into a seated position… Bee’s Knees! Summers nails the running knee strike… and then he drags McGinnis out into the centre of the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “He’s going for the Guillotine Choke… does he have it in?!”

    Tim Coleman: “Almost… no! McGinnis is forcing Summers’ shoulders to the mat…”

    ONE… TWO… THR - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Summers kicks out, but the momentum takes him onto his stomach… and McGinnis is going for that ankle lock again!”

    Summers is able to squirm away and then give McGinnis another boot to the face… he’s quickly up to his feet… He nails McGinnis with a step-up enziguri! McGinnis is down to one knee… Summers is dead on his feet! Heart punch from McGinnis!! And then an exploder suplex!!

    Tim Coleman: “This crowd is going wild! But they don’t want to see ANOTHER draw tonight…”

    Jim Taylor: “But McGinnis struggling to get Summers back to his feet! He damn near collapsed himself after delivering that move!!”

    It’s only as the announcer informs the arena that there’s just one minute left on the clock that McGinnis - worn out and sucking oxygen - finally manages to get Summers back onto his feet… he doubles him over with a boot to the midsection and hoists him up…

    Jim Taylor: Something Light!”

    Tim Coleman: “Powerbomb into a backbreaker! That’s gotta be it!”

    Jim Taylor: “He hooks BOTH legs…”

    Result: Jonathan McGinnis defeats Shawn Summers by pinfall at 19:18.


    Exhausted in victory, Jonathan McGinnis simply rolls off Shawn Summers and lays supine next to him in the ring.

    Jim Taylor: ”What a match!”

    Tim Coleman: ”I thought this one was going to go the distance and give us our second Pool B draw of the evening, but McGinnis about to finish this one off with Something Light with only forty two seconds to go…”

    Both men are still lying in the ring, and the camera picks up McGinnis mouthing something at Summers. Shawn says a few world back, and then - after a deep breath - the Indy God nods…

    Jim Taylor: ”I can’t believe we still have four more of these shows to come! In just two nights time we will come to you LIVE from Red Square in Moscow for Night Two of the Gold Rush tournament!”

    At long last, Jonathan McGinnis sits up. Shawn Summers has rolled onto his front, and then discreetly under the bottom rope to recuperate after the exertion. With the official’s help, McGinnis is able to get to his feet.

    Tim Coleman: ”What a night that promises to be: Carlos vs. Krash and Black vs. Snowmantashi just two of the huge matches going down in Moscow…”

    Jim Taylor: ”Some may have edged ahead here tonight in St. Petersburg… but, ladies and gentlemen, we’re only just getting started!!”

    The feed ends with Jonathan McGinnis standing in the middle of the ring, his arm being raised in victory, and black and purple pyro erupting over the arena.


    Title graphic - ComebackKid.
    Krash segment - SmoothJazzWolf.
    Paid ad - TGO and Shawn.
    Nate Savage segment - Jimmy King.
    Chubby Carlos vs. Alyster Black match - AON.
    The Elite segment - ComebackKid.
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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT ONE RESULTS]

    Hey AON, you’re doing a review for the CWA show, before the FWA show that’s been up for a few days, isn’t that favouritism?”


    This is what I love about these shows; it’s so easy to skirt along do the bare minimal with the description “Oh here we are at the stadium. Fireworks. Crowd.” let's get to the matches. SS is like, “Fuck that-! I’m going to punch you in the face with so much detail you’re going to go to the hospital in the CWA universe because of how real I make it seem. Anyone who doesn’t want to be apart of these shows are damn fools. Fools I say

    Oh wow: Curveball right out of the gate; this isn’t going to be as simple as best promo wins, SS has a narrative going, and I like that! It gives it a little unpredictability that is sometimes hard to get with most; I think that’s why CWA had you PM promos to them. Just because you can’t get an idea what the result might be, and yeah, this was great. Nate Savage is a wrecking ball of a brute, but Humanity is pretty much inhuman. It’s absolutely in character and in his history that Humanity feels no pain, and I think everyone needs to be put over hard in this situation as a way to say thanks for being legends and taking part. If I’m brutally honest, I would have liked to have seen Jimmy go with Clint or Diego in the gold rush, just because they’re pure CWA while Nate is a committed member of FWA, but that’s just a minor gripe, and he’s a great character that should be fun to see in these circumstances.

    There’s my boi. Short but sweet segment, underlining Krash ain’t going to be distracted by anything happening in that OTHER company. The focus is here as it should. Good stuff. I approve

    Well, damn, so much for the MOTY that this no doubt would come from seeing Krash and MVH in the màin event, this does well to reestablish Krash as the big ol face, and MVH is a heel; we’ve reestablished basic dynamics. FUCK SHADE OF GREY, FUCK OFF TWEENERS. BLACK AND WHITE MORALITIES WHERE IT AT YO.


    Oh no

    OH, NO-!

    Oh, go away, FWA story progression-! We were having such a nice time. Well, shit, boys. The forbidden door has been opened. The Cool kids have come over to the nerd's table. “HEY, YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE YOU’RE HAVING FUN OVER HERE! WOULD BE A SHAME IF WE REMINDED YOU ABOUT OUR STUFF.

    I’m playing up the reaction. That’s kind of what I do, and I like to think no one takes me seriously when I do, but I’m a little bit meh about using CWA shows to further FWA storylines. I think CWA should be its own self-contained thing, but hey, you’re here now. Congrats on gatecrashing the party. Pull up a chair, lets take a look at your promo.

    I mean, yeah, it’s good shit, of course, it is, typical intense stuff, and the fact they are willing to burst through the forbidden door to send a message to them, I feel the fire. I feel the heat.

    -Look, all respect to Dan. But when the sword of Destiny calls, you can only delay what’s inevitable. Snowmantashi is the most dominant wrestler of all time -in our shared universe- He’s not a man; he’s a force of nature, and while Dan is a goat. You can’t hold back the tide…

    ….which is very concerning Chubby has to beat him to get through.


    I said this in private, but it bears repeating; it amuses me to no end that Noah Hanson sent out the call for the best indy talent to show up and put on a show….and he gets -Among others- A Borat impersonator a middle-aged kung fu teacher and a man named “Dick Washer”. He wanted a five-star classic, and he gets the biggest bunch of misfits. Love it.

    Also, slight misspelling. It’s not The Power. It’s THE POWER-!!!! Easy mistake.

    -Huh, well, Cyrus put him to the sword pretty conclusively, but it makes sense; it’s an interesting narrative that CJ has to work himself back to being on Cy’s level. Cy is clearly one of the favs to win the world thing...just’s Cy. and you don’t even need to establish that almost, but for new people that might be reading, new to CWA. You introduced Cyrus as Cyrus…


    A-heh. I wrote this, so I don’t get a lot to say; I probably could have done more with it. It’s not the best I could have done, but it’s good for what it is. Sidebar; I do wonder why finishes don’t happen like this more often, like in kayfabe if you face a guy a million times and feel like you know all his tactics and you methodically crafted a counter for anything he can throw; at you...the last thing you expect is for them to suddenly rush at you with their finisher.

    Big daddy Dunc spitin’ facts.

    This is the biggest nitpicky gripe in the world, but I’m not a fan of Shawn Summers and his division mates having Randy Orton’s golden shower. It seems to go against their whole vibe “We stand for REAL wrestling, not that glam and fake shit, we’re not here to put on a show, just to beat people. No flips just enjoy our sparkily fireworks" I don’t know. I’m weird.

    YES. I LOVE THIS. You fucking shoot your heart out. Comeback, my boi has his gun out, and he’s shooting to his heart’s content!

    This, to me, is the promo of the night; it comes off really raw, and to the bone, there are absolutely no punches pulled. If a trio of wrestlers, of wrestlers, left one company and started airing stuff out like this, I’d be all over this.

    That being said, my inner Echo is crying, FUN THINGS ARE HAPPENING, AND HERE THE CONNER BROTHERS ARE IN THE PRESHOW-! -Pouts-

    Match of the night right here, two work rate, elite wrestlers doing elite wrestling, and I am a fan; Johnny McGinnis might take it, lads; I think since it’s been a while, people have forgotten how good Willis is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks past Cyrus.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT ONE RESULTS]

    Golden Rock did not appear on this show, nor were they invited to do so .

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT ONE RESULTS]

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA: Gold Rush [NIGHT ONE RESULTS]

    Some quickfire thoughts:

    Looks like CWA doesnt ignore COVID like a certain company

    Savage/HUMANITY was a solid hard hitting match and Savage looks good for only drawing as a result of the time running out.

    @Krash wanting to face McGinnis because he beat Snowmantashi through Hanson shenanigans & Steel Roulette??

    Obviously you (SS) get to pick & choose reactions but I found the MVH hatred odd initially (obviously she goes heelish later on) because I think she's probably got the most hometown crowd excuse of anyone since she's resided there for a time. I suppose the draw doesnt really count as a non-finish but the time limit earlier+ DQ would probably put me off back to back to start the tournament. I also think most people would feel short changed by the MVH/Krash stuff especially since it ends up feeling like that match is being saved for the FWA. Based on the RP I imagine this is leading to MVH only caring about Snowmantashi match.

    Golden Rock segment is what it is. Nitpicky again but Aly coming to Krash's rescue in a very face segment followed by FWA boys explaining how heelish these two guys actually are felt a bit shaky for me. Im not much of an alignment obsessed guy though so I can give it a pass.

    Does 'Tashi still count as longest world champ since Bridges is a 3 year champ A Tashi/Maskell feud would have been super fun & super brutal. I could see Maskell trying to punish Tashi in ways no one else has so its cool to get these two in the ring together even if itll probably be a once in a lifetime thing.

    Wouldve been cool to see a Christopher Jackson RP since I dont know anything about him. Now, I feel like he'll mostly be the guy to give everyone their dubs. Cyrus Truth gets a logical dominant win here.

    Dug Savage's remarks on the HUMANITY draw. If he beats McGinnis it'll be a big feather on his cap.

    Chubby Carlos finally going 1-7 against Alyster Black. AON, I think those finishes do seem to happen more often than you think or at least its not something I see & think that its uncommon. Good finish tho & a good return for Chubby, I daresay with quite a few segments needing to veer into FWA storylines, a Carlos segment that focused solely on CWA wouldve been neat.

    Boo face McGinnis. Disappointed Willis didn't end up showing, but I was surprised he'd signed up in the first place. Shawn Summers & Co ranting about FWA is what it is. I actually wouldve liked Shawn Summers getting the win over McGinnis here. I think Summers is lacking some bigger victories and submitted a 2X World Champ day one wouldve made him a pretty major threat.

    Cool show! I enjoyed that the entire layout felt consistent, that was something I tried to do in my brief run. I still dig the entrance videos actually on the post and not a link. I dont want to open another tab each time. Minor gripe!

    Looking forward to the next night!

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