Kayden Knox finds himself in the same place yet again another PPV another loss. Knox walks away his head down and is followed by cameras as they try to get a word from in.

Kayden Knox: What do you want?

What is there left to say?

This is a reoccurring outcome time after time and I come out here and say the same thing next time Kayden Knox is going to show the world what he is capable of is that the answer you are looking for do you want me to get angry start throwing chairs across the room then breaking apart at the seams falling to the ground tears running down my face.

The truth of the matter is I sold my soul to the devils and in the end the devil got the better deal. I am standing here right now and I am asking myself a question and that is what is this all for? I go out here time after time and night after night I am left standing in the same position and I should be angry I should be motivated but the truth, I feel nothing I feel as though it's just another day and that right there is the scariest thing and the biggest take of that night.

The longest time people have come out here and they have told me Kayden has this potential Kayden is on the up and up when the facts that are laid in front of you are telling you that is a lie.

Do I look like a child?

I am a grown adult I don't need to be coddled I can face the truth and that truth is I wasted that potential, that I sold out and that I am the biggest joke in FWA there will always be a need for a guy to be the punchline to the joke the weak part of the chain the guy that will get the other guys over and will watch as they become bigger names and they are the ones to hold the gold guys like Eli Black, JJJ, Hao, Yuna, and I have learned my role and I have accepted it. This is not me losing my smile or my drive this is me simply realizing the truths and knowing that I will never be what I wanted and that the sins that I have made are starting to become clear as day.

Kayden Knox walks off as the screen fades to black.