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Thread: CWA: GOLD RUSH [card and promo thread]

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    CWA: GOLD RUSH [card and promo thread]

    2nd March, 2021 - Live from the Krestovksy Stadium, St. Petersburg.
    1/ Humanity vs. Nate Savage (1/20) - PB
    2/ Krash vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20) - PA
    3/Dan Maskell vs. Jon Snowmantashi (1/20) - PA
    4/ Christopher Jackson vs. Cyrus Truth (1/20) - PB
    5/ Alyster Black vs. Chubby Carlos (1/20) - PA
    6/ Main Event: Jonathan McGinnis vs. Shawn Summers (1/20) - PB.

    4th March, 2021 - Live from Red Square, Moscow.
    1/ Dan Maskell vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20) - PA
    2/ Christopher Jackson vs. Shawn Summers (1/20) - PB
    3/ Jonathan McGinnis vs. Nate Savage (1/20) - PB
    4/ Chubby Carlos vs. Krash (1/20) - PA
    5/ Alyster Black vs. Jon Snowmantashi (1/20) - PA
    6/ Main Event: Cyrus Truth vs. Humanity (1/20) - PB

    7th March, 2021 - Live from the Yekaterinburg State Circus.
    1/ Alyster Black vs. Dan Maskell (1/20) - PA
    2/ Shawn Summers vs. Humanity (1/20) - PB
    3/ Jon Snowmantashi vs. Krash (1/20) - PA
    4/ Christopher Jackson vs. Jonathan McGinnis (1/20) - PB
    5/ Chubby Carlos vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20) - PA
    6/ Main Event: Cyrus Truth vs. Nate Savage (1/20) - PB

    9th March, 2021 - Live from Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal.
    1/ Jon Snowmantashi vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20) - PA
    2/ Chubby Carlos vs. Dan Maskell (1/20) - PA
    3/ Shawn Summers vs. Nate Savage (1/20) - PB
    4/ Christopher Jackson vs. Humanity (1/20) - PB
    5/ Cyrus Truth vs. Jonathan McGinnis (1/20) - PB
    6/ Main Event: Alyster Black vs. Krash (1/20) - PA

    11th March, 2021 - Live from the Primorskiy Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, Vladivostok.
    1/ Christopher Jackson vs. Nate Savage (1/20) - PB
    2/ Alyster Black vs. Michelle von Horrowitz (1/20) - PA
    3/ Humanity vs. Jonathan McGinnis (1/20) - PB
    4/ Chubby Carlos vs. Jon Snowmantashi (1/20) - PA
    5/ Cyrus Truth vs. Shawn Summers (1/20) - PB
    6/ Main Event: Dan Maskell vs. Krash (1/20) - PA

    - One promo only for this event, totalling a total of no more than 1,000 words. Your promo will be copied and pasted into Google Docs and a word check will be run. All quotes, lyrics, extracts from previous works or matches, etc, are counted towards the 1,000 word limit.
    - Deadline is the 10th March at midnight, PST. This is the 11th March at 03.00 EST, or 08.00 GMT, or 11.00 MST. This is indeed midweek but the window stretches over two full weekends (three if you count this one).
    - Please let me know if you'd be up for me reaching out for a couple short interview segments either before or during the tournament, maybe in the form of me asking for your words, or if you'd be happy to let me write some short stuff for your character on the shows that would be helpful too.
    - All promo and card discussion should still be in the other thread:
    - Will be graded by myself, Shake, and Sulley in the first instance. After the pool stages, all eliminated participants with have the opportunity to send in grades on the four finalists if they so wish to.
    - The winner of this tournament will receive the first shot at the CWA World Heavyweight Championship in three years, should they choose to challenge for it!

    Good luck! Have fun!
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    Re: CWA: GOLD RUSH [card and promo thread]

    Kaiju straps his boots. Adjusts his tights. Tosses on his shirt. He’s done it a thousand times. Different building, constant routine. He steps past the curtains. He sees admiration. Hatred. Boredom. Indifference. He’s seen it a thousand times. Different visages, only so many reactions. He steps through the ropes and exchanges a cold glare with his opponent. He sees fear. Determination. Passion. Greed. Different adversaries, only so many emotions. The bell rings. Time passes, as it always does. They batter each other. Bruise. Bloody. Beat. The bell rings again. Kaiju, or sometimes that adversary, has their hand risen. He steps back through the ropes. Back through the curtains.

    “412 days,” he says to the students. He does not desire to boast, but he recognizes a subconscious need to do so, to demand to be acknowledged. “No other conqueror has achieved such a feat.” He justifies his boasts, perhaps misguidedly, as a necessity for his message. “And even so, it’s a hollow feat. The mountain fell, it’s no more. Abandoned by some, replaced by others.”

    But the mountain had risen again, though now nothing more than a hill. Those who’d once climbed returned. Out of habit? Meager hope to do what they had not been able to do before? And if they accomplished it, what then? Would it fill some emptiness inside of them they had long yearned to be rid of? And for how long will it satisfy? A day or two, he guessed.

    “I intend to do to you what I did to all of those who attempted to lay siege to my mountaintop. To rid you of the notion of fate, destiny, ambition, and finality. There is only one thing to be done in this world - find the gestures commanded to you by existence. Toil away at it. Let it deplete you until you have nothing else to give. Rid yourself of the idea that there is a purpose to your suffering. That the world will reward you. That reason dictate that compensation is due to you for your labor. It is not.”

    The Kaiju’s struggle had weakened, briefly. He recalled his every feat, and he feared that to continue his toil was to undo it. He’d forgotten that happiness was in the struggle. He’d forgotten that legacy amounted to nothing in the end. Every deed and every effort, all the trials and the tribulations had no inherent value outside the acts themselves.

    “You will all,” and this was an optimistic assessment, “begin the climb yourself. Some of you will falter. Some of you will succeed. Everyone of you will war for a tomorrow. You will live for a future, one in which your climb will amount to something. A paper prize. Fulfilled vengeance. Glory. Whatever it may be, most of you will never achieve it.” He met acceptance in few, defiance in most. “And those of you who succeed, will come to recognize the worthlessness of that achievement soon after.” And in the same way that people scorn the rich man who betrays his richness, his students momentarily scorned the climber who betrayed his climbs.

    In Russia, twelve who had climbed the mountain, in some measure or another, would gather:

    To obtain long sought after redemption;

    To taste something that had been so fleeting;

    To ascertain their independence;

    To sneer at an indifferent world once again;

    To rekindle the world’s hope;

    To be remembered in the face of erasure;

    To validate one’s faltering ego;

    To serve a makeshift god;

    To fulfill the demands of the endless journey;

    To chase forgotten glories;

    To reject their own weakness.

    How many of them would reject his assessment? Few, the Kaiju feared. Like his students, they longed for destiny’s answer. They longed for their owed supremacy. They longed for their expected tomorrow. Each believing that they were deserving of it above all the others who felt they were deserving of it. Each stipulated that destiny owed them. The Kaiju would not abide by destiny, his or anyone else’s, he would reject it every night, no matter its determination.

    He had only one intention. One purpose. One goal. One ambition. To toil. To struggle.

    On March 2nd, he would inflict as much pain as he would receive. He would struggle until one or the other could no longer. He would disregard whatever sneer or insult was thrown his way, only the struggle mattered.

    On March 4th, he would do to one what he had long ago done to the other. He would care nothing for the man’s cry for independence, and he would not pretend to be the shadow the man was railing against. His black veil would not shelter him from a struggle more fearsome than any he had ever found in his old friend.

    On March 7th, he would remind the man that his passions, his heroics, his beating heart, they had all faltered in the end. He was empty, when it came to the struggle. This was not his new world. This was his old world. But it was not the old world he had cherished, filled with treasured friendships and rivalries. He would be faced with that same indifferent visage, the visage of someone who only knows to struggle, and whose struggle cannot be surmounted by a stalled heart.

    On March 9th, he would give the wilted flower her long sought chance at vengeance. It would be a one-sided affair. He cared not for the past. He cared not for reprisal. He cared not for the validation she so desperately solicited. He cared nothing for her. For him, there would only be the struggle. There was ever only the struggle.

    On March 11th, faced with his voluminous predecessor, he had only the one offering that had once been too much for him: the struggle he had long abandoned. This would be his reminder of what it took. Could he handle the struggle now?

    And as for tomorrow? The Kaiju rejected it. Only today’s struggle mattered.

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