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Thread: "The Rave" Lizzie Rose

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    Meltdown "The Rave" Lizzie Rose




    Elizabeth Isabella Rose




    99 lb.

    Brooklyn, New York

    Good-She has literally saved a cat out of a tree. Will always get INSANE reactions from a brooklyn crowd

    Lets be honest; There are a million young upstarts who are potential diamonds in the rough, obvious choices for FWA to sign up to take FWA into the next generation...Lizzie Rose, is not one of them.

    Standing a staggering five feet and two inches, looking like one of the wrestlers twelve year old daughters, the goofy sidekick of the independent’s foremost female. By no metric whatsoever should Lizzie Rose be here. In fact; Lizzie’s entire wrestling career is an accident. Born and raise on rave culture, raised in a -Mex-American" household with four older brothers. She never planned to be a wrestler, the thought has never even begun to to cross her mind. She was perfectly happy with her dead end job in the video store making obscure sci-fi references that no one would remotely get browsing through Internet wrestling forums and eating pizza, and letting her obsession with 90’s rave dance music shine through However her life changed when she was contacted to be apart of a documentary about independent wrestling in New York and they wanted segments with various fans.

    Naturally Rose was only too happy to compile, and the documentary turned out to be a great success….and one of the key aspects that made the documentary so popular was Lizzie herself. A lot of her footage was used in the final cut and wrestling fans in New York couldn’t help be utterly charmed by her unique and quirky personality, the new york wrestling community more or less adopted her and she became something of the face of wrestling geekdom, gifs. She made some dosh showing up at wrestling events, reporting on various wrestling shows for blogs if things kept like that who knows? Until the day she took up training in wrestling and challenged the resident queen of the indies Daphne Shelly to a match, a match where Daphne utterly dominated Lizzie, beating her from pillar to post, but Liz kept getting up for more, no matter how much Daphne threw at her. Daphne was finally able to get the pin, but during the course of the match, She earned her respect and they were able to form, a strange yet powerful friendship, Shelly’s Gothic nature counteracting Lizzie’s geeky personality, not to mention Lizzie getting over due to her very energetic entrance, shuffling down to the ring to the beat of her music while the crowd sings along complete with Lizzie's glow in the dark sneakers and wrist bands that complete the party vibe

    Lizzie and Best Friend/Tag Team Partner Daphne Shelly

    It was then the reality show Ground Zero began talent scouting for it’s latest series. Naturally Daphne was the stand out female who insisted on having her best friend be in the house with her- The weakness member of the roster, many experts naturally assumed that she wouldn’t last the week….yet she made it to the finals, even with a bum ankle...and even after being denied by FWA management, Her mentor and personal hero Gabrelle used her influence to sign her to a contract.

    Style Of Wrestling:
    It’s brutal honesty time; Lizzie is without a doubt the weakest member of the roster.Lizzie is just a rookie, she's still green, she's raw, she's whatever you want to call it and that means she's likely to screw up or worse and the fact that she’s normally a bag of nerves has a tendency to cause her backfire and create openings that more savvy opponents can exploit. Her moves also lack any real punch or oomph, so more hardy competitors will take longer to wear down enough which of course could lead to Lizzie tiring herself out. She’s a very Very basic athletic wrestler, often colliding into her opponents with jobber like offense able to use her speed and size to evade attacks.

    There’s two things however; That Lizzie has going for her; One for whatever reason, fans love her particularly in New York, Seriously, Lizzie’s entrance is what got her noticed in the first place, but in Brooklyn with the entire crowd singing along and some even waving glove sticks, it becomes a rave, and Lizzie feeds off that.

    The second corny as it sounds- Lizzie has an INSANE amount of heart, Most of her matches tend to feature her fighting underneath, and..quite frankly spends the mass majority of her matches getting the shit kicked out of her...but the thing is- Lizzie can take a beating and still keep going. She is scarily resilient like a horror movie monster stuck in a teeny tiny adorable body, a true blue underdog she is more then happy to pass out rather then tap. There is simply no quit in Liz...even in situations there really should be

    Move List:
    Arm Drag
    Back Suplex
    Dragon Sleeper
    European Uppercut
    Jumping Shoulder Block
    Cruiserweight like evasions
    Scoop Slam
    Seated Body Scissors
    Seated Rear Chinlock
    Seated Senton
    Spinning Back Elbow
    Wristlock Sitout Side Slam

    Girl Meets Mat- Tornado DDT
    IZ-T-T-Ok, I’ll be honest. This is the 34 Double DDT, she just wants to use it to impress her mentor
    Thunderbolt-Twisting top rope Splash
    Brooklyn Flash- Slingblade (Often as a out of nowhere counter)


    Sliced Liz-Sliced Bread#2
    Goomba Stomp-Cave In

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    Re: "The Rave" Lizzie Rose

    Oh boy, I take back what I said in my review

    Credit to OMB

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