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    Fallout Kleio De Santos

    Kleio De Santos
    "The Boa Constrictor"

    "All my life...people pushed me around because I'm weak. Because I'm small. Because I am nothing but a little girl...they see weakness, and they take advantage of it. I can't...I can't show weakness. But I am weak...I am what I am. But my career, my life...I can't. I can't show weakness."
    - Kleio De Santos in the "Sink or Swim" promo for Fight Night: Steel City

    Vitals and Personal Information

    Kleio De Santos

    "The Sphinx"
    "The Sinner"
    "The Boa Constrictor"

    Height and Weight
    5ft 4, 115 Lbs

    DOB (Age)
    October 30th, 2002 (18)

    Billed From
    Miami, Florida, USA

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Anti Hero

    Base Pic
    Claudia Gadelha

    Records and Accolades

    Championship History

    • 24/7 Champion (1x)

      • ​First reign was won on Apr 7th, 2021 after defeating Epsilon for the belt in Washington, DC. She held the title for what was at the time a record 13 hours before losing it in Las Vegas to J.J.JAY!

    On the first day of the 24/7 Championship's Inauguration, Kleio De Santos became the eighth ever champion when she pinned Epsilon after several failed attempts prior. She was able to escape with the title out of Washington, DC and hold it for 13 hours and 26 minutes. She made her way to Las Vegas where she eventually lost the belt to J.J.JAY! early in the next morning. She then retired from attempting to pursue the gimmick belt in an effort to focus on real FWA competition.

    History and Background

    Biography and Personal Life

    Born in Brazil, her parents immigrated to the United States when she was just a toddler. However, they were both killed by radical right mercenary groups when they were falsely suspected of being illegal immigrants. Now an orphan, Kleio ended up in and out of foster care by age five. By the time she was a teenager, she was on her own as a runaway living on the streets of Miami. That is until she was met by FWA star Saint Sulley who brought her in at the age of 16. Two years later and trained in the art of Brazillian Jiu Jitzu and Muay Thai by Saint Sulley, Kleio has developed the skills she needs to dominate in the FWA.

    She puts on a tough girl act as a defense mechanism, but is really soft on the inside. She's loyal to Saint Sulley and his daughter, and considers them both to be family.

    Stable and Tag Team History Members Years Active Notes
    Saints and Sinners
    • Saint Sulley (Leader)
    • Kleio De Santos
    • Ty Johnson
    2020 to Present In October of 2020, Saint Sulley brought together two people who he helped give a second chance to.

    The first being Ty Johnson, who he previously betrayed, but got him back on an FWA Roster. The second being the young Kleio De Santos, who was living in the streets as a teenager before being brought in by Sulley.

    Ty Johnson left the trio, but the group is still considered by Sulley to be family.

    Entrance Music History Time Used
    "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones
    2020 to Present

    In Ring Information

    Fight Style:
    Kleio was trained by her mentor and adoptive father Saint Sulley in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. She brings an MMA mix of fighting to the ring, and is dangerous on the ground earning the nickname "The Boa Constrictor".

    Fight Attire:
    Kleio typically wears a pair of MMA style compression shorts, with a sports bra top. She has her hands taped, and on her feet she wears a pair of high top Chuck Taylor All Stars that vary in color depending on the night.

    Move Set


    • Superman Punch
    • Front Jab
    • Uppercut
    • Spinning Back First
    • Front Snap Punch
    • Elbow Strike
    • Spinning Elbow Strike


    • Clothesline
    • DDT
    • Ground and Pound
    • Lou Thez Press

    High Flying

    • Frog Splash
    • Standing Moonsault
    • Falling Thez Press
    • Diving Crossbody
    • Diving Spear
    • Diving Clothesline

    • Front Snap Kick
    • Side Snap Kick
    • Crescent Kick
    • Roundhouse
    • Jumping Double Roundhouse
    • Jumping Spinner Roundhouse
    • Flying Jumping Scissors Kick


    • Hip Toss
    • Shoulder Throw
    • Dropping Body Drop
    • Sweeping Loin Throw
    • Leg Sweep

    • Garvin Stomp
    • Mounted Punches
    • Soccer Ball Kick
    • Running Knee Drop
    • Low Dropkick


    • Hair Pull
    • Neck Bite

    • Kimura Lock
    • Heel Hook
    • Bar Choke
    • Indian Death Lock

    Signature Moves

    • Flying Elbow Drop


    • Letters to Kleio (Twist of Fate)

    Professional Record Breakdown: Wins Losses Draws
    Singles Competition (Singles Match, Triple Threat, Carnal Contendership, etc) 10 6
    Tag Team Competition (2v2, 3v3, 2v1, etc) 3 3
    Title Matches 0 0
    2022 Record

    Overall Record: 13 9

    No. Result Record Match Event Date Promo Notes
    22. Loss 13-9 Kleio De Santos vs Thomas West King of the Deathmatch (2022) Mar 19th, 2022 "The Purge" Round 3 Finals of the King of the Deathmatch tournament
    21. Win 13-8 Kleio De Santos vs Kayden Knox King of the Deathmatch (2022) Mar 19th, 2022 "The Purge" Round 2 Semi Finals of the King of the Deathmatch tournament
    20. Win 12-8 Kleio De Santos vs XYZ vs Kayden Knox King of the Deathmatch (2022) Mar 19th, 2022 "The Purge" Round 1 of the King of the Deathmatch tournament
    19. Win 11-8 Kleio De Santos vs Anzu Kurosawa Fallout 13 Mar 4th, 2022 "The View From Halfway Down"
    18. Win 10-8 Kleio De Santos vs Yuna Funanori Fallout 12 Feb 18th, 2022 "Rising From The Ashes" Kleio snapped a four match losing streak with this win.
    17. Loss 9-8 Kleio De Santos vs Danny Toner Fallout 10 Jan 14th, 2022 "Another Time Travel Thing"
    16. Loss 9-7 Kleio De Santos vs Shawn Summers vs Kayden Knox Mile High (2022) Dec 26th, 2021 "Grow Up Kleio" This match was a number on contenders match for the X Championship.

    Shawn Summers would win it as he would pin Kayden Knox for the victory.
    15. Loss 9-6 Kleio De Santos and Shawn Summers vs Chris Peacock and Kayden Knox Fallout 009 Dec 3rd, 2021 "An Interview With Kleio De Santos"

    Tag Team Match.
    14. Loss 9-5 Cibernetico Match Fallout 008 Nov 19th, 2021 "The Labyrinth Heist" Kleio De Santos would compete in the Cibernetico as part of Team Uncle. Team Uncle would go on to lose the match.
    13. Win 9-4 Kleio De Santos vs El Demente Fallout 007 Nov 5th, 2021 "The Ricktom of the Mortpra" Kleio De Santos would easily defeat El Demente in singles competition.
    12. Win 8-4 Kleio De Santos and Kayden Knox vs The Undisputed Alliance Fallout 006 Oct 22nd, 2021 "Run From Me Darling" Tag Team Match

    Kleio De Santos would go on to carry the team and get the pin to give her a tag team win along with Kayden Knox.
    11. Loss 7-4 Kleio De Santos vs J.J.Jay! (c) vs. Kayden Knox vs. Nate Savage Fallout 004 Sept 3rd, 2021 "Rose Colored Glasses" J.J.Jay! would go on to retain and win the fatal four way match.
    10. Loss 7-3 Kleio De Santos vs Shawn Summers Fallout 003 Aug 21st, 2021 "Shawn Summers sucks big fat wieners" Round Two of the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament
    9. Win 7-2 Kleio De Santos vs Krash Fallout 002 Jul 23rd, 2021 "Who Inspires Me? The Girl Who Could Do Anything" Round One of the Fallout Contender Eliminator Tournament
    8. Win 6-2 Kleio De Santos vs Derek Hunter Fallout 001 Jul 9th, 2021 "The Runaway" Hunter was a Class A Jobber that required a grade average of 30 or higher to defeat
    7. Win 5-2 Kleio De Santos vs Lizzie Rose Back in Business XV Jun 20th, 2021 "The Lost Little Puppy"
    6. Win 4-2 Kleio De Santos and Lizzie Rose vs The Crimson Knights Fight Night: Steel City May 7th, 2021 "Sink or Swim" Tag Team Match
    5. Win 3-2 Kleio De Santos vs Elliot Harvey Huttlestone Fight Night: NOLA Apr 23rd, 2021 "Pure Evil"
    4. Loss 2-2 Kleio De Santos vs Gabrielle Montgomery Fight Night: Lost Treasures Apr 2nd, 2021 "She Remembers"
    3. Loss 2-1 Kleio De Santos and "Kujo" Ty Johnson vs Gabrielle Montgomery and Lizzie Rose Fight Night Feb 12th, 2021 "Who Needs Revenge More?"
    Tag Team Match
    2. Win 2-0 Kleio De Santos vs Yuna Funanori Fight Night Dec 11th, 2020 "I Fucking Hate Thieves"
    1. Win 1-0 Kleio De Santos and "Kujo" Ty Johnson vs The Undisputed Alliance Fight
    Nov 13th, 2020 "The Question Everyone is Asking" Tag Team Match

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    Re: "The Sphinx" Kleio De Santos

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: "The Sphinx" Kleio De Santos

    Kleio is a cool name I wonder where Sulley got it from

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    Re: "The Sphinx" Kleio De Santos

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Kleio is a cool name I wonder where Sulley got it from
    Fuck I just lol’d hard

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    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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