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Thread: “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole

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    Meltdown “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole

    “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole

    Height: 5’11

    Weight: 215lbs

    Age: 36 (birthday: July 6th 1984)

    Billed From: Essex, England

    Face/heel/tweener: Face

    Regarded as one of the best tacticians in the wrestling world today, Reagan started out as a kid on the streets after running away from a abusive household. He spent three years on the streets before one night, he finally got desperate enough to try to break into a house and steal some food/supplies. Unfortunately he was caught by “The Rhino” Roy Gibson and Sara Gibson. Roy took pity on the kid and allowed him to stay, doing small jobs at Roys MMA gym and eventually taking part and becoming a major player in their fight club due to his mind. From there Reagan learnt about pro wrestling and he slowly started to get into that business and started doing independent shows at the good old age of 18 thanks to some promoters owing favours to the Rhino. Skip around 18 years and he's fought some major names and competed in some major companies and now after being through it all, he has a five year old called Jason with the previously mentioned Sara Gibson. He also now co runs The Gibson Gym with his wife as Roy has retired. With all that in consideration Reagan is now faced with the biggest wrestling company he's ever been apart of. He’s looking to make a statement and a big one at that. Will he? Who knows.

    Current feuds: Most people.

    Non-FWA accomplishments: 1x UNWC Champion
    6x time Tag Champions across multiple promotions and two different partners.
    IWS Hardcore Champion
    IWT British Champion

    FWA accomplishments: Ground Zero Finalist

    FWA win-loss record: Overall Record: 9-9

    Ground Zero: 3-1
    Episode 5: Won Battle Royal, Eliminating Billy Gene, The Ice Princess, Jonathan McClean, Guru Quang, Noah The Roach, Steve The Techno Vampire, Putter Green & Charles Newry.
    Episode 6: Won Triple Threat including Emerson McCoy (p) & Koncho Hao
    Episode 7: Beat Nicole Valander
    Episode 8: Lost the 6 Man Ladder Match for a FWA Contract to Koncho Hao. Match also included Lizzie Rose, Marcus McClain, Chris Peacock & Caesar

    Chapter One: 1-5
    Fight Night 22/1/20: Lost Triple Threat to Dan Maskell. Match also included Kai Urigawa
    FIGHT NIGHT 2/12/21 -
    "Big Mack" Marcus McClain vs. "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole - loss
    Desert Storm - 6 man tag - Tagged with Marcus McClain & Kai Urigawa versus Michael Garcia & Undisputed Alliance - loss
    Carnal Contendership- loss
    Fight Night: Lost Treasures - Davey Jones Locker Room Match - Saus X vs Reagan Cole - win

    Chapter 2: 2-3
    Fight Night NOLA (April 23rd, 2021) - Gauntlet Title Match vs Eli Black - loss

    Fight Night: Sin City - Four Man Gauntlet for the Gauntlet Championship involving Saus X, Eli Black & Marcus McClain - Win
    Fight Night: Curtain Call - Gauntlet title defence against Louis Valander - win
    Back In Business - Gauntlet title match against Marcus McClain - loss

    Meltdown 1: Gauntlet title match against Marcus McClain - loss

    Chapter 3: 3-1

    Meltdown 2: "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole vs Legends Evolved in a Tag Team Match - win
    Meltdown 3: "Father Eli" Eli Black vs "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole - win
    Lights Out: Legends Evolved [Johnny Johnson and Logan Darwin] vs. Reagan Cole and Tommy Bedlam- win
    Meltdown 6: Number One Contenders Match for the NA Title: Reagan Cole vs Tommy Bedlam - loss

    Style of wrestling: Brawler but has some good submissions under his belt

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:The Fire of Cole (Heel Hook) & The Rhinos Rage (Kotaro Krusher)

    Signatures: Kickstart (Front Chop Block), Invented suplex, Disasterpiece (Regal Stretch while repeatedly Headbutting the opponent)

    Strikes: Headbutt, forearm clubs to the chest, grounded elbows, Double Underhook Knee Strikes,

    Running Moves:Running Knee Lift, Forearm Smash, Running Single Leg Dropkick, Clothesline to the back of the head, swinging neckbreaker

    Aerial Moves:Diving footstomp, battering ram

    Grapple Moves: tornado snap suplex, Bridging Northern Lights Suplex, neckbreaker onto knee, gutbuster, scoop powerslam, Olympic slam,Dragon Screw Leg Whip, half nelson wrist clutch suplex, back suplex onto the turnbuckle

    Submissions: catch throw transition into a double wrist lock, Fujiwara Armbar,, Single leg liontamer, rear naked choke, Dragon Sleeper, Straight Jacket Clutch,Single Leg Camel Clutch,

    Attire: Jean shorts with knee pads over them, elbow pads along with tape on both hands. For the entrance, maroon jacket as well as a t shirt supporting a band, a superhero or even other people on the card if he's feeling nice.

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic): Stephen Amell

    Theme music:”Alone” by Jonathan Young & Lee Albrecht
    http://<a href="</a>

    Important Side Characters:
    Sara Cole - Formerly Sara Gibson, Sara is the best friend and wife to Reagan Cole (7 years this year) and also the mother to his kid, Sara is a caring human being who inherited the fight club from her dad but is also a badass in his own right.

    Jason Cole - The five year old son. Literally everything you expect the kid to be at that age.

    Roy Gibson - The mentor/father figure to Reagan who brought him into the fight club and taught him how to properly fight. Now retired from fighting so he will only show up every now and then but when he does, you better expect some good advice!

    Xavier DeCollins - A good friend of Reagan and fellow fighter. He's a former wrestler who moved over from America, almost won a tag team championship with British Kid that one time.

    Alexander Tyler- Another friend who's a lot more energetic than the other guys, knows a lot about comics and is suspected to be the famous independent family friendly luchador The British Kid but nobody really knows because he doesn't end most of his words with a “o”

    Nate Knight - The one friend who isn't a wrestler. He's some hotshot in a company that we can't mention because he uses the fight club as a escape from all the stress and paparazzi. Because of his position, he's real good at cameras so he's a occasional cameraman as well.

    Ill format it a bit more in the morning I just forgot how annoying it was to format this on my phone lol and I can add a promo if it’s needed.
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    Re: “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole

    This is an awesome sign up that has been teased for quite a while. Really interested to see what you can do broski. Welcome aboard.

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    Re: “The British Apprentice” Reagan Cole

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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