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Thread: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

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    Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Chris Peacock in

    In the taxi following his departure from the Crossfire Christmas Reunion event, Chris Peacock sits with his head against the window and looks at the streetlights as they pass by. He has the FWA Gauntlet Championship resting on his lap, and double takes for a moment, thinking back to the interaction with the strange man as he got into the car.

    "Hey driver, what was that guy talking about back there?"

    "I don't know, guy. Somethin' about an agent."

    "An agent? Beats me. It's a funny story. I honestly don't normally do this. I had a drink after the show with Danny Toner - BIG mistake, trust me - and one drink turned into six. He had to go to some sort of meeting..."

    "No offence pal, but I don't really follow that stuff. I'm just gonna focus on the road if it's all the same to you."

    After the abrupt response from the driver, Chris leans his head back on the window and closes his eyes. The rhythm of the lights passing by and the smooth road cause him to lull into a sleep against the window...



    Chris finds himself standing on a disco dance floor under a spotlight. There isn't any music playing and all Chris can see around him is light smoke and darkness outside of the spotlight. A slight panic comes over him, as he doesn't know where he is (he cannot place the dance floor to a specific venue) and there doesn't seem to be anyone else around in this place with him.

    A figure becomes visible in the mist surrounding him. Chris has to wait for a few moments before he can make out who has appeared in front of him, but a spotlight drops down on the individual and the mist around them subsides enough for Chris to see that his father has appeared before him. "Dazzling" Dave Peacock doesn't appear as he did in his last moments, when Chris last saw him, but this is how he looked a few years ago before his health began to seriously decline. The feeling of panic inside of Chris increases and he finds himself unable to speak, but his father gives him a familiar smile which does relax him somewhat.

    "Chris, it's been a while, huh? I can see you're surprised to see me, son. Don't panic; there's no need for any alarm. I'm not really here... and neither are you. I think you know that you're dreaming, kid."

    "Dad... I've missed you so much."

    "I know you have, Chris. Before we get started, I want you to know that I am so proud of you. You're following your dreams and I am sorry that you had to wait to long to do it because of me. I was a burden on you."

    "No, it wasn't like that at all, Dad. You weren't a burden... Wait, what do you mean "before we get started?""

    [Dave takes a few steps closer to Chris, and the spotlights above each of them merge into one larger light. He places his hand on Chris's shoulder and Chris feels a rush of sentiment pass over him, remembering how his father would address him to give him advice.

    "Chris, for all the success you've had in such a short time, I'm worried about you. I'm scared that you're losing your way. So, I wont be the only person paying you a visit tonight. You know 'A Christmas Carol'? It's something like that. So, you can call me 'The Ghost of Disco Past' if that would make things easier."

    Putting his arm across Chris's back, Dave leads him over to a large circular bowl that is in what seems to be the middle of the dance floor.

    "Just like 'A Christmas Carol', there are some things that I want to show you from Christmas Past. Take a look in there and we can get started."


    Chris finds himself standing next to his father in the back of a crowd inside a school gymnasium, but it is clear that they are not actually 'there', as a fellow attendee walks through his body without even acknowledging it. Before Chris can question his father as to why they are here, 'Dude Shack' starts playing through the speakers installed and Chris finally realises where he is upon hearing the music and seeing the ring in the middle of the crowd.

    A door behind them opens and Chris sees himself and his twin brother, Drew, enter the gymnasium on roller skates to a strong ovation from the (albeit rather small) crowd in the room.


    Seeing the energy that he and his brother brought together in the room has Chris feeling conflicted, as he knows what is about to happen.

    {"Dad, why are we here? I don't need to relive this. This is when Drew got hurt. I knew that we shouldn't have used those roller skates that day."}

    "Dazzling" Dave remains silent and solemnly watches on as Drew loses control after slipping over a drink that had been spilled on the floor and crashing on his skates into the ring steps; breaking his leg and simultaneously ending his dancing and wrestling careers. Chris looks away, not wanting to see his brother's injury again. As the crowd gathers around Drew, and past Chris looks on in shock, present Chris and Dave are pulled from the memory and back to the dance floor.
    Chris has to take a moment to turn around and have a breather after reliving the traumatic moment from his past and whilst he does, Dave stands behind him stoically.

    "You're right. You did know that they were a bad idea. What happened to your brother that day was an accident. But just because accidents are no one's fault by their nature, does not mean that they cannot be prevented."

    "So it WAS my fault? That's what you're trying to say? Does Drew blame me? That's why he hates me?"

    "That is up to you to determine. I cannot make that decision for you, Chris. It is time to look back into the past one more time. Come, son."


    This time, Chris and "Dazzling" Dave are in the dining room of Dave's house in the outskirts of New York, where the Peacock family spent the previous Christmas. They see the five family members around the table; Chris, Dave, Drew as well as Drew's ex-wife Sara and his son, Max. It had been a year since they had previously been together for the previous Christmas, and were only together for Dave's sake, as it was believed by the others that it was going to be Dave's last due to his rapidly declining health.

    Chris and Max were having an energetic conversation and Sara providing assistance to Dave with his food. Drew was seated at the end of the table, not joining in or interacting with the others at all.
    Back to the dance floor, and Chris smiles at the sight of his family together, especially his nephew and father being in the same place for the last time.

    "Max was telling me how he was trying out for his high school wrestling team because he wanted to follow in our footsteps. Yeah, and there's Drew not giving a shit. He wonders why his son doesn't want anything to do with him. I've looked out for that kid since Drew checked out."

    That trail of thought causes Chris to pause, and he balls his fists in frustration. Dave just watches on.

    "I see his injury and I feel bad for him; I feel responsible for what happened. Then I see what he's become. He KNEW that was your last Christmas just as much as I did but he still couldn't just pretend for one day."

    "He was angry at me, Chris. I wasn't there for him when he needed me. I forgot he even existed towards the end. From what I remember of that night I thought I was just seeing you twice when the two of you were next to each other. Drew never said it, but he only came to those Christmas dinners for your sake, not mine."

    Chris is slightly exasperated now.

    "If that's true, why hasn't he said anything? Spoken out?"

    Dave approaches Chris once more and puts his hand on his shoulder once again, signifying to Chris that another lesson it on its way.

    "Drew isn't the only one who hasn't said anything. The two of you have so much more in common than your appearances. Remember, a mirror is just a reflection of what is in front of it."

    With that final piece of advice, Dave takes several steps back and the spotlights split once again. Chris shares a smile with his father before the spotlight over Dave turns off.



    Chris laments the departure of his father as the sight of him disappearing like that only served to bring back the pain brought on by his passing earlier this year. He stares into space for a few moments, before he is jabbed from behind and a pair of hands pushes down on his shoulders.

    "Chris Pea-COCK!"

    A hearty laugh follows and Chris turns around to find Ron Starman trying to bundle him from behind. Chris shoves his disco dancing rival off of him and takes a few steps away, confused. He sees that Starman's face also has some pieces of mirror embedded into the skin.

    "What're you doing here, Starman? How can you be a ghost? You're not dead! And what happened to your face?"

    "Oh, this? You forget cracking me in the face with a disco ball last time we saw each other? I didn't even want to be a part of that stupid dance for your induction anyway. But there's no hard feelings, Chris. The judges felt sorry for me and I was finally able to win that damn trophy. The chicks dig the mirrors, too. Somethin' about women, always wantin' to look at themselves, even whilst doin' it, am I right?

    As for why I'm 'here'... well, I'm not really here, Chris. You forgotten that you're dreamin'? You're asleep in the back of a cab in Chicago and I'm probably gettin' myself some back in New York. I know I'm not dead, but for these purposes, you can call me 'The Ghost of Disco Present'. After all, I am the first word in disco, nowadays. The name 'Peacock' doesn't mean squat now and I personally could not be happier.

    For years, I was stuck behind your mommy, daddy, Drewy and then Chrissy. It is all about ME now, Chris. How was it seein' pops again, by the way? Must have been weird for you with him not being around that much.

    I bet he was real proud of what you accomplished tonight though, huh? "Chris Peacock - a champion wherever he goes!" You tell your daddy that you couldn't even beat the reigning champion, not once, but twice? You had to pin that other schmuck to win the title? Would he still be proud o' ya then, Chris?"

    "Shut your mouth, Starman! You wanna talk about not being able to win right, huh? How many times did you lose to my family? Twenty? Thirty? The day that I start taking advice from you will be the day that I'm dead."

    Starman chuckles to himself. A larger man than Peacock, he walks over to him and looms above his rival before lowering his head to adress him at eye level.

    "I couldn't give a shit whether you'd take my advice or not, Chris. As for my credibility, that isn't why I'm here. This... is all about you, Chris. After all, isn't it always? Doesn't a Peacock always have to be the centre of attention?

    As I said before though, there's no reason for hard feelings to exist between us. We've both got what we want! I'd ask if you wanted to go and grab a beer, but that's what got us into this place! So, how about we have a look-see at how some of your nearest and dearest reacted to your big win tonight?"

    Starman motions towards the circular bowl in the middle of the dance floor.


    Inside the Malibu Vice nightclub, a sea of drinks fly into the air at the moment Peacock rolls up Marcus McClain, with "Slick" Rick Vance and Santino Dongarelli in the middle of the crowd, both jumping wildly in the air.

    The father with his two children that Chris rescued from the snowstorm in Canada are all wearing his merchandise and watching on their sofa and the kids jump around the room at the moment of Chris's victory.

    "Rockstar" Randy Ramon is shown watching the Gauntlet Championship Match on a monitor backstage at Crossfire Christmas Reunion, and he slaps his hands together and lets out a loud cheer when his Ground Zero mentee wins the match. A number of the other faces on the FWA roster and staff personnel are also shown celebrating behind Ramon.

    Chris then sees his nephew Max again, who leaps out of his chair in his bedroom when Chris won, and he busts out a number of disco moves in celebration. That sight causes Chris to well up. Ron Starman then nudges Chris and chuckles to himself.

    {"Adorable, ain't it? Kid is eighteen years old and already decided that he wants to follow in your footsteps. If those moves are anything to go by, I need to start gettin' worried because I won't be on top much longer!

    You sure are a popular guy, Chris. Although not everyone was as happy as all of these guys..."

    The scene then changes to a dark room, where the light from the television provides the only illumination. A figure sits on a solitary armchair in the middle of the room in front of the TV. Knowing that the individual cannot see him as with everyone else in each of these visions, Chris kneels down in front of the person and sees his own face - meaning that this is his brother in front of him.

    {"He's not with Max at Christmas?"}

    {"Neither are you."}

    Chris looks up at Starman and approaches him, with his arms motioning towards Drew in the armchair. Just at this moment, Chris wins the Gauntlet Championship on the TV, and Drew turns the television off, plunging the room into darkness. Chris and Ron then find themselves back on the dance floor.
    "He's his father, Ron! Just because he wants nothing to do with me or Dad doesn't mean he can just abandon his son! This is NOTHING like what happened between him and Dad. Dad was sick. This is unbelievable."

    "Chris... as much as I am enjoying watching you freak out about all of this, I have to remind you that none of this is real. We are in one of your dreams. I have no earthly idea whether your brother was with Max today or not, and neither do you... because you weren't with either of 'em! And who the hell knows whether any of that other crap happened, either!"

    With another chuckle to himself, Starman steps back into the mist and his spotlight turns off. Chris is left alone with his thoughts for the moment.

    "Damn it, he's right. I have NO idea what they did today. I've spent all this time, thinking Drew hates me, but does he? And Max! I can't believe I didn't try to get him tickets... this is not groovy, Chris."



    Another spotlight turns on behind Chris, and he turns around to see his nephew, Max, standing in front of him (OOC: Max is Tom Holland). Chris runs up to Max and hugs him, and it is returned by the teenager.

    "Hey Uncle Chris."

    "Max, I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you today. That was so uncool of me-"

    "Uncle Chris, calm down. Remember, I'm not really Max. This is all in your head. If you haven't figured it out, I'm 'The Ghost of Disco Future'. You wanna get right into it?"

    Max gestures at the bowl, as both Dave and Ron had done before.


    Chris and Max are at ringside at an FWA event. Chris looks in the ring and sees "Rockstar" Randy Ramon lying on the mat face down, with pain etched on his face.

    {"What happened to Randy? When is this?"}

    {"This is next year, Christmas Day 2021. You'll find your answer, if you look up."}

    Max points at the turnbuckle above them, and Chris looks up... and sees himself... holding the FWA World Championship. Putting two and two together, he realises that he has just defeated his mentor for the title. Max then pulls them out of the vision.
    "I'm going to become the World Champion next year?"

    "It's possible. Remember, this isn't actually the future. Just what you think it could be. So, you clearly believe that you can become the FWA World Champion next Christmas."

    "What's the catch? There's been a catch with all of these."

    "How about we look at the reactions to you winning the championship? Ron Starman showed you those too, right?"


    Once again inside the Malibu Vice nightclub, the same patrons that Chris previously saw celebrating his Gauntlet Championship victory wildly are in a state of utter disdain. "Slick" Rick Vance slams his drink on the floor in anger and Sonny D rips the television from the wall in the club.

    The father comforts both of his sons, all now wearing Randy Ramon t-shirts, as they are distraught that Peacock won the title.

    Chris and Max are now back in the arena, and Chris looks around to see that the fans in attendance are booing loudly and some even through rubbish in the ring in protest at Peacock's win. Chris is confused.

    {"What happened? This... this is awful. What did I do to make these people hate me so much?"}

    {"You changed, Uncle Chris. It became about winning for you and you didn't care who you hurt on your way to get to the top. Diamond Dogs, Randy Ramon, that family, OUR family... people you care about... came second to you. Success went to your head."}

    The scene then shifts to a similar one that ended the 'Ghost of Disco Present' vision, with a solitary figure sitting alone in front of a TV, but instead of a dreary apartment Chris and Max find themselves in a lavish hotel suite.

    {"Your dad turned his fortunes around..."}

    Chris kneels in front of the person occupying the chair once again and sees the same face he did before. But then he notices a glisten on Drew's lap; he's holding the FWA World Championship."

    {"That isn't my dad, Uncle Chris. It's you. Later that night. All alone. No post-show drinks. No friends. No family to spend Christmas with. This is the cost of your success."}
    They exit the vision, and Chris is still knelt down. He looks up to Max, almost quivering.

    "That isn't me. It can't be. What can I do to prevent all of this?"

    "Prevent it? Uncle Chris, it's already started. Look at everything you've seen so far tonight. Did you do anything to prevent my dad's injury? Make him feel included in family Christmases?

    You blew off family Christmas this year, didn't get any of us tickets for the show so we could have shared your moment with you and you're celebrating a title win without beating the champion.

    Just think about it, Uncle Chris."

    With that, Max's light turns off and all of a sudden, the dance floor disappears in its entirety.


    Chris wakes up in the back of the taxi with a start, and sees the surly taxi driver staring right at him. He looks outside and sees that the vehicle is parked outside of his hotel.

    "Woah... sorry, I had the craziest dream. How much do I owe ya?"

    "Nice of you to join us, Sleepin' Beauty. You looked so angelic that I didn't want to wake you up, so I've been parked up out here for an hour and left the meter running. That's £372.48."


    A conference room with three reporters sitting on different rows is set up in a traditional style, with a table with two microphones set up at the front of the room. Allen Price enters the room and waves to the reporters, and looks confused as he expected both a larger turn out and an applause. He sits down and looks around sheepishly for a few moments, and the reporters exchange confused looks of their own. Price coughs into the microphone and then leans in far too close before talking, causing feedback to loudly come from the microphone. He grabs some cards from his pocket and begins to robotically read what is on the first card, offering no eye contact to the reporters.

    "Thank you all for joining us here today. My name is Allen Price, and I am the agent to the new FWA Gauntlet Champion, "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock. Motion to Chr-""

    Realising that he was reading out a physical prompt, Price cuts himself short but still motions to the empty seat next to him. He coughs nervously before continuing.

    "We are here today to provide a response to the challenge laid out to my client by the former FWA Gauntlet Champion Danny Toner. After great consideration, it is our decision NOT to accept this match-"


    Everyone looks to the door at the back of the room, where Chris Peacock has just entered the room. The reporters get to their feet and applaud Chris as he struts to the table, and places the Gauntlet Championship down in front of him.

    "Before I publicly give my response to Danny Toner's challenge, I just wanna make one thing clear to you, Price. You do NOT speak on my behalf without consulting me beforehand. That won't fly. No sir. I agreed to let you do this, and I'm not going back on my word, but I will not hesitate to fire you if you give me cause. Got it?"

    Price nods at Peacock, who then turns to face the reporters.

    "A lot has been said about Danny Toner and myself in the past couple of days since our match at Crossfire Christmas Reunion. You've heard accounts of us having a few drinks together after the show and how we've gotten to know each other over the past few weeks since Mile High, and I can confirm that it is all true. I wasn't aware that Danny had a meeting with FWA officials before I agreed to have a drink with him and if I was, I'd have encouraged him to attend the meeting first. Our celebratory drinks could have waited. By the time I did find out he was due to meet with FWA officials, it was too late and by that point I'd celebrated a little too much already. I wasn't any use to anyone.

    I've been reminded of a couple of past experiences where I haven't stepped in where I should have, and only bad things have come of it. I'd like to think that Danny's request for a match with me would have been accepted had he not been an hour late to his meeting. This is just another example of me sitting back and allowing bad things to happen, because as things stand, Danny Toner is leaving the FWA after Back in Business and I could have done something about it.

    I want the record to show that I accept Danny Toner's challenge. I too want to know who the better man is. Whilst it might not matter to Danny that I pinned Marcus McClain to win this championship and not him, it matters to me. If I can't beat Danny Toner, then I shouldn't hold this championship, it's as simple as that. I'm not going to rest on this success and act like I don't have the same responsibility to earn respect and opportunities as every other person on this roster.

    So Danny, name the time. Name the place. I'll be there. I'd put the title on the line if I could, but I don't think the brass will rubber stamp it. All I ask in return is that you give me three tickets so my family can come along. You can even have Allen on commentary-"

    ""Chris, let's talk about this. You might get in trouble with the FWA-""

    "I don't care. If they want to take this championship from me, they can. What I care more about right now is proving that I can beat Danny Toner. Are there any questions?"

    We've seen you adopt two different game plans in your matches with Toner, neither resulting in you being able to beat him. What are you going to do differently this time?

    "As is common knowledge, I took advice from Randy Ramon before my first match with Danny, and I regretted doing so. Not because I lost, but because if I did win, then it would have been because of Randy.

    It is the same motivation I have for wanting this match with Danny. I want to win the right way. In the words of Robert Tepper, there's no easy way out."

    You mention Randy Ramon, a known rival of Danny Toner for some time and one who most would consider your closest ally on the FWA roster given your history in Ground Zero; what do you think his thoughts would be on your blossoming friendship with Danny Toner?

    "Randy and I are adults. There's no reason why I can't be friends with who I want to be friends with. I have all the time in the world for Randy, but if he has a problem with me and Danny cracking a beer open then it's just that - his problem."

    As your agent pointed out, you accepting this match may get you in trouble with FWA officials. What are your thoughts on that?

    "This match with Danny is what I want to focus on. If they won't give him another shot at the Gauntlet Championship even though he was never pinned to lose it, then it's their loss. When I face Danny I want to bring the roof down with him, and I know that he wants the same thing."

    You say that you won't feel like the Gauntlet Champion unless you have defeated Danny Toner. What if you lose? Will you relinquish the title?

    "Whilst I will gladly take this match with Danny, knowing how dangerous he is in the ring and that he's beaten me before, losing is not an option for me. Winning this title and defending it five times is my goal. I won't feel like I have won it until I have defeated the former champion. Which I will."

    Price rises from his seat and cuts off the reporters from asking more questions as Chris sits still in his chair and thinks. "My Way" by Frank Sinatra starts playing in his head as he thinks back to his crazy dream where he learned of his mistakes.

    "For what is a man?
    What has he got?
    If not himself, then he has not
    To say all the things he truly feels
    And not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows
    I took the blows
    But I did it my way!

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    5x FWA Tag Team Champion

    2020 North American Sports Poster Of The Year

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    The 'I' in Addict

    Danny Toner's Apartment
    26/12/20 ~ 00:25

    Danny takes a deep breath and then allows his eyelids to rest for a moment. He had just done it. He’d laid it all out there for the whole world to see – his dirty laundry aired worldwide through YouTube on Christmas Day. He hadn’t been exactly sure what he was going to say when the stream began rolling, but as he began talking the words just seemed to roll off his tongue. Danny figured he really did want Chris Peacock because when he was speaking, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was speaking from the heart. That was the one thing that people often questioned, the one thing people had expressed doubts about - his passion. How much did he really care? He often asked this of himself. Surely if he did care as much as he tried to portray to everyone, then he wouldn’t have the track record that he had. How many times had he been fired? Missed a promotional event? Missed a god-damn match?

    Danny open his eyes and shifted his glance towards his former tag team partner, Christian Quinn and then to their former manager, Thomas Princeton. They were seated beside him smoking cigars and had just been a part of his live stream. He allowed his thoughts to wander back to that era, to the time when he ran with his old crew. Himself and Christian, the World Tag Team Champions. Gabrielle Montgomery, the World Champion. Thomas Princeton, the general manager of Fight Night. Executive Excellence. Money, power, fame personified. They were some good times. They may have been … pretty fucking terrible as people but they had that Rockstar lifestyle and were a pretty big deal before the volatile personalities involved predictably exploded.

    Heinous as they undeniably were, they formed a pretty tight bond – well, some of them. Even to this day Danny doubted in a gun-to-head situation he’d be able to name a better friend than FWA’s current commentator, Christian Quinn. Maybe Donny but even still, Danny wouldn’t be sure. Gabrielle Montgomery? What could he say? They were close. Intimate. At one stage Danny seriously, seriously liked Gabrielle and he felt, for a time at least, it was returned. Multiple partners later each and Danny still couldn’t put his hand on his heart and say he disliked Gabrielle. There was always a strange energy whenever they encountered each other. Thomas Princeton on the other hand? Danny hated Thomas Princeton with every fiber of his being. The man seemed to be able to get under Danny’s skin at will and he always brought out the worst in him. Danny was at his absolute lowest when Princeton offered him solitude, a path to relevance and that is something that Danny, by his very nature, craved.

    Danny knew himself – and even if he didn’t, Christian and Donny have said it countless times now – he’s an addict, plain and simple. Booze, drugs, women, fighting, winning – you name it. Danny knew if he got a taste of something and he liked it, it was light out. That was it for Danny, his whole world began to revolve around whatever the latest thing was. Some of the addictions come and go – ecstasy pills, cigarettes, whiskey. Some of them, once they get their claws into Danny … they aren’t ever going anywhere. Relevance was one, success was another. Thomas Princeton recognized this and was able to lure Danny into a world where the only possible way he could succeed was by being as ruthless and violent as possible. Danny felt like in his current predicament, these were the same criteria needed to succeed again but this time, he wasn’t about to let Thomas Princeton tell him how to channel it. There was a big difference between Danny in 2015 and 2020. Danny in 2020 had values his former did not. Despite still craving success and glory he’d come to recognize that it meant absolutely nothing if you cheated to get there. If you took a shortcut. If the fans didn’t accept you. When Danny eventually reaches the top of the mountain, he doesn’t want one single person to be able to say he shouldn’t be in that spot or he didn’t deserve it. Going into every fight with that mindset made Danny a different beast to his earlier versions. Even if Thomas Princeton didn’t think so.

    Thomas Princeton: “You know I still think this is a terrible idea.”

    Danny Toner: “To be perfectly honest I don’t really give a fuck what you think, Princeton.”

    Thomas Princeton: “Come now Daniel, I may have loosened my grip on the leash because I can see the benefits of what you’re proposing to do but rest assured, you are still on my leash.”

    Christian Quinn abruptly stands up from the table, pushing his chair back and glaring at Princeton angrily.

    Christian Quinn: “Just who the fuck do you think you are? Have you hit your head and gone back in time? Are you taking the fucking piss? Just how the hell do you think you’re going to sit in Danny’s place and speak to him like that?”

    Christian looks at Danny incredulously. Danny doesn’t look happy but he doesn’t seem like he’s going to say anything.

    Christian Quinn: “Dude? Don’t let him talk to you like that, he’s not the boss of you man, he hasn’t been for years!”

    Thomas chuckles lightly and pushes back from the table before standing up leaving Danny sitting between the two.

    Thomas Princeton: “Well Christian, funny you should say that. What if I were to tell you that--”

    Danny Toner: “It’s fine.”

    Danny stands up from the table and holds his arms out in a calming manner. The animosity runs as deep between Christian and Thomas as it does between Danny and Thomas. Danny turns to Christian and fixes him his widest grin.

    Danny Toner: “It’s aight brother, honestly. Honestly. Thomas and I, we’re just havin’ a little … difference of opinions on what to do about this Japan thing. That’s all, honest.”

    Christian glances at his former tag team partner, unsure on the sincerity behind his words. He shoots his look above Danny’s shoulder and directly at Christian.

    Christian Quinn: “As much as I don’t think you should be listening to this guy at all, if he’s telling you to stay here … I’ve got to agree with him, Danny. You’re on the cusp of really breaking through in FWA. You and Donny are going to get a shot at Golden Rock and after that you’re going to be hot-shotted up the card. You’re on fire man and one loss isn’t going to be enough to make the FWA derail you. They might not like you but they aren’t stupid, they’ve got ears. They can hear the fans chant your name-”

    Danny Toner: “And you putting me over on commentary.”

    The two share a laugh and Danny nods his head at Quinn as Princeton looks on unimpressed.

    Christian Quinn: And me put you over on commentary. My point is you’re going places man. Even higher than the places you went the last time we kicked this asshole to the curb.”

    Christian dismissively juts an outstretched thumb in Princeton’s direction. Princeton, who’s had enough of the slander, especially considering he’s got Danny royally by the bollocks, decides to interject.

    Thomas Princeton: “Would this be the year Danny nearly won the Carnal Contendership you’re referring to? Because that would have been my doing, neither of yours.”

    Christian Quinn and Danny Toner: WHAT?!

    It’s a race to speak and Danny gets there first.

    Danny Toner: “Are you freakin’ crazy? You made us enter 1 and 2. Maybe you have hit your head …”

    Thomas Princeton: “I assure you there has been no downturn in my mental sharpness. I am still as calculating as ever. Just as I knew back then that by putting you two in the Carnal Contendership at the start, you’d have to dig deep and go to terrible, terrible places to come out the other end. And like I’ve always said to you boys, if you’re ever going to truly succeed in this business … you’re going to need to be willing to do things that have never even crossed your mind. Look at who’s dominated FWA for the last year. Garcia and Sulley. Two of the scummiest bastards that have ever set foot in the FWA.”

    Thomas is smiling throughout, the thoughts of the nastiest, evilest acts being committed seemed to bring him a strange joy.

    Thomas Princeton: “I’ve always known what’s best for people. Especially you Daniel. Maybe if you had have listened to me you wouldn’t have been left on the outside looking in … again. Heh … Chris Peacock. What an embarrassment. He’s wrestled two matches and now he has your Gauntlet Championship. A championship you defended a grand total of one time. You have the potential to be one of the greatest ever Daniel, but you need to listen to me. Let me put it in a way you may better understand; when you don’t do what I say you’re nothing more than an average, washed-up chump. Christian here was always better. It’s a pity he was stuck hiding behind the commentary booth otherwise I may have approached him rather than you. You’re proving to be once again quite disappointing if I’m speaking frankly.”

    He cracked his knuckles and looked to continue but Christian had finally had enough of Princeton’s shite. Quinn stormed over and without warning shoved Princeton flat on his back.

    Christian Quinn: “Shut the fuck up man!!! I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with your brain but you’re not Danny’s manager, you’re not his boss. He’s his own man and the only reason you’re here is because you can host this fucking suicide mission Danny’s hell-bent on going on. Danny what the fuck is wrong with you?”

    Christian snaps around to Danny who is trying to piece everything together. There were too many moving pieces. Princeton, Quinn, Donny, Peacock, Randy, Devin, Michelle … his thoughts are racing a million miles an hour and there’s so much going on in his mind he can’t get his priorities straight and instead of offering a response he … offers none.

    Christian Quinn: “I mean seriously? What the hell are you running with this imbecile for? Going to Japan? Even though I think you’re crazy if you want to do that you can do it! You don’t need this asshole to set it up. He means fucking nothing Danny. Not anymore. Fuck this shit! If the Japan deal needs Princeton to happen, I don’t think it should happen Danny, I’m being serious. Fuck Princeton, fuck Japan, stay here in the FWA and with people that actually care about you Danny. Don’t let this guy lead you astray. Nobody cares that you lost to Peacock, honestly.”

    Suddenly Danny’s jumbled thoughts aligned, and he looked icily at Quinn.

    Danny Toner: “I care.”

    Christian Quinn: “Well of course you care but-”

    Thomas Princeton has risen to his feet and dusted himself off. His expression and manner were oddly calm for a man who has just been sent on his ass as he interjects in the conversation.

    Thomas Princeton: “But what Christian?”

    Thomas steps towards Christian and although his manner isn’t aggressive in the way Danny and Christian’s is, he has very certain assurance about the way he approaches things. It’s not that he doesn’t know fear … he just feels his powerful enough to circumvent it. This exudes an arrogance that masks an unmistakable intimidation factor that follows Princeton around.

    Thomas Princeton: “Aren’t you listening? Daniel cares. Don’t you care about what Daniel wants? I know I do. Daniel being satisfied helps me align my own interests – interests that are none of your concern by the way. What’s going on between Daniel and I is strictly confidential but let me tell you this; I was, am and always will be the boss. This? Wrestling? This is my world, Christian. As long as Daniel is living in it, I’m always in charge. As much as you not like this, it’s a fact and there’s a reason Daniel is going to Japan. You were wrong with your assumption earlier that I was telling Danny not to go to Japan. Quite the opposite actually. As I said, I care about what Daniel wants and what he wants right now is acceptance. He wants to be accepted as one of the truly elite fighters in the world. He wants to be finally after six long years, get his due. Now I can provide a platform in Japan for Danny to potentially gain that recognition. For people to look at him and say to themselves that he truly is one of the best – no ifs, ands or buts. I can give him that opportunity in Japan … can you give him that opportunity here?”

    Danny is now looking at Quinn, standing not beside but nearer Princeton. Danny seems to have subconsciously gravitated towards Princeton’s words, the promise of a chance for success in Japan activating every addiction trigger in Danny’s body.

    Christian Quinn: “What do you mean can I give him that opportunity here? What are you talking about? Danny what’s going on man??? You know I’ll do whatever I can for you, anytime.”

    Danny Toner: “Can you get me Peacock?”

    Christian Quinn: “What do you mean can I get you Peacock? I’ve said I’ll call the match, but I can’t make him accept. I’m not sure what it is you think I can do?”

    Danny Toner: “Well … you’re pretty well got backstage man … what about on Fight Night? What if you convinced them to run the match?”

    Christian looks startled at Danny’s request. The confusion can be heard in his voice as he speaks to Danny, completely ignoring the smirking Princeton.

    Christian Quinn: “Dude … I’m a commentator? I know you want to fight Peacock and I know you want to get eyes on it, so I said I’ll call it. I’m not sure what else I can do – I haven’t got any pull Danny, you know that?”

    Thomas Princeton: “Well I think that just about settles it. It’s quite evident I’m more useful than you to Daniel. Sure, we’ll get eyes on Peacock and Toner even if it isn’t on FWA programming, but that number would significantly go up if it were. I’m a businessman with my client’s best interests at heart. You’re well intended but essentially useless Christian. If FWA can’t grant Danny the match he wants or the platform … I’ll have to give it to him in Japan.”

    Christian nearly spits the next words out of his mouth.

    Christian Quinn: “And just what exactly is that? What can you give him in Japan that could possibly be bigger than the opportunities he has here?”

    Thomas Princeton: “LIGHTBRINGER.”

    Christian Quinn: “BULLSHIT! LIGHTBRINGER is going to face Danny Toner at the Tokyo Dome on New Year’s Day? LIGHTBRINGER? Danny this guy is shitting you, I’m telling you. He can’t land you that the week before the event.”

    Danny eyes Princeton up but really, given the predicament and the fact that Princeton has a hold over Danny and Donny, there isn’t much Danny can do but hope Princeton is being sincere. Danny sighs and looks at Christian.

    Danny Toner: “I promise you I’ll be able to explain all this soon brother. I fuckin’ love you but you’ve got to trust me on this. Thank you for helping me with this tonight and I really freakin’ hope that Peacock accepts. If you can get this on to FWA programming it’d mean everything to me Christian, legit. Now come here.”

    Danny pulls Christian in tight and embraces him in a hug.

    Danny Toner: “Merry Christmas brother …”

    Danny speaks lowly into Quinn’s ear as he pulls him in closer, low enough that Princeton can’t pick it up.

    Danny Toner: “Please Christian, it’d really fucking help.”

    Danny breaks the embrace and beams at Quinn.

    Danny Toner: “Now go on! Get outta here! I’m sure you got some fine thing waitin’ home Mr. Quinn.”

    Christian initially arches an eyebrow but then chuckles following Danny’s lead.

    Christian Quinn: “That I do Mr. Toner. Merry Christmas, Danny.”

    Message received. Back when Executive Excellence imploded, Princeton had constantly tried to pit Christian and Danny against one another and get one to sell out the other, but he hadn’t realized how strongly their bond had grown. He hadn’t realized that a year of being manipulated and being forced to commit the darkest of acts had actually pushed them closer together. When they had first started plotting their escape from Princeton’s grasp that was always how they referred to each other when they were trying to communicate that something was off about what Princeton was saying. Mr. Toner and Mr. Quinn. If they said that to one another, the other knew shit wasn’t on the up and up and that Princeton was planning something. Danny had to hide his smile as Christian took his leave, completely ignoring Princeton on his way out. Danny turned and looked at Princeton.

    Danny Toner: “You know I fuckin’ hate you, right?”

    Thomas Princeton: “Do you actually though? Would you have been the Gauntlet Champion in the first place without me helping you prepare? Would you have beaten Peacock the first time if you hadn’t have listened to me? Did you beat Peacock the second time, when you didn’t listen to me?”

    Danny Toner: “You wanted me to bring knucks to the freakin’ ring!”

    Thomas Princeton: “It was a triple-threat. It was no-disqualification. Use your head Daniel. I’m sick telling you.”

    Danny Toner: “Even still, it ain’t right. It means nothing if you do it like that. Now I know Peacock MIGHT be my equal. We’re 1-1. Now I have to see who’s better. It’s not somethin’ you’d understand.”

    Thomas Princeton: “Not something I’d understand? I'm a Triple Crown Champion. Danny, I’m better than Chris Peacock. I’m better than Christian Quinn. I’m most certainly better than you.”

    Thomas flicks a conniving smile at Danny.

    Thomas Princeton: “Listen, I’ve done it all in this company and although you’ve failed me by not delivering me the North American Championship I know when there’s an opportunity to be sniffed out. If you put Peacock to bed in this match, the rubber match, it’s big. It can lead to bigger things, maybe you won’t have to go five to get a shot at the North American Champion. I think I already have an idea on how you could work your way into contention if you beat Chris. If he accepts. You have got to trust me Daniel. The Golden Rock thing is working out isn’t it? I told you to call them out on live programming. Randy’s obsession with you and his ego meant there was no way he could ignore you publicly calling them out. I’ve gotten you and Donny, or should I say you and-”

    Danny Toner: “Aight, aight, aight! I get it, I get it. Listen to you. I don’t got much choice in anyway.”

    Danny thinks of his brother Donny, the reason he conceals his identity. That’s more important than anything Danny could possibly be doing. That’s a story he’ll eventually have to tell but no way in fucking hell was Danny going to let Thomas ruin that for Donny. So, until that time could come, a time when Donny could tell his story, Danny would do Thomas Princeton’s bidding. Danny checks his watch – 00.42.

    Danny Toner: “What times the flight?”

    Thomas Princeton: “8 sharp, I’ll send someone to pick you up at 5.30. Get some rest, you’re going to be signing on for the biggest fight of your life tomorrow and I want you looking the part. No drinking, I’ll know.”

    Danny picks up the cigar and takes a big puff out of it before retorting.

    Danny Toner: “Yeah … I suppose you know it all, dontcha Princeton?”
    JFK Airport
    26/12/20 ~ 06:37

    Danny is walking through the middle of JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 searching for a spare seat in the bustling terminal. He is wearing a matching grey North Face tracksuit, white Air 2090s and wheels a black Armani suitcase behind him. Despite passing a Starbucks on the way into the terminal, Princeton had insisted he wanted the coffee from Peet’s Coffee inside the terminal proper. Danny hadn’t complained, he didn’t care for caffeine strangely enough plus it meant that he would get a moment’s reprieve from Princeton’s constant droning. He’d stayed up after Princeton had left his apartment a few hours prior – he’d called Donny. He’d had a lot of thoughts racing through his mind in the aftermath of his live stream on YouTube and he always looked to Donny for reassurance when he was doubting himself. To say that Danny was doubting himself was a massive understatement. Danny felt he was at a crossroads right now. His goal upon returning to the FWA was to win the FWA World Tag Team Championships with Donny, this was something he still greatly wanted. However, Danny had the benefit of knowing Donny’s true motivation and from what he knew even if they did get a shot at Golden Rock and even if they did dethrone the champions … as soon as they lost them Donny would be moving onto his end game. Donny had that sussed out for a long time but Danny? Danny didn’t know what his end game was. What his ultimate goals are. It troubled him some but really, for now, Danny was happy to trust his gut and follow his heart. As Danny spotted an empty seat beside a portly, mid-fifties man sporting glasses. He was absolutely engrossed in his phone and didn’t so much as look up when Danny plopped himself in the seat beside him.

    Danny found himself bothered and not wholly convinced by his self-evaluation. Did he really trust his gut? Because if he did, he shouldn’t be sitting here waiting to board a flight to Japan with a man he hates more than most. He should be at home with Donny, training and getting ready to put this Chris Peacock question to bed. Although, that was somewhat out of his control; FWA had refused to sign off on the match and he hadn’t yet heard from Peacock since he’d issued his challenge. Rather than wait around to have another segment iced or be booked against enhancement talent Danny had decided to take matters into his own hands, well, Princeton’s hands if the truth’s to be told. Princeton had almost immediately contacted him saying he had something massive lined up in Japan, something that would get eyes and could lead to massive opportunities for Danny. Danny wasn’t sure what he wanted to achieve in the world of wrestling but the one thing he knew he wanted without a shadow of a doubt was recognition. He wanted to be recognized for what he believed himself to be; one of the toughest professional wrestlers out there with a determination that could damn-near see him achieve anything. He wanted to wash away the stained memories of his no-shows and his cock-ups. He wanted to be given the opportunity to face Ryan Rondo and Chris Kennedy and Shannon O’Neal again. He wanted to be talked about as a potential Carnal Contendership winner. He wanted to be taken seriously. He wanted people to look at him and say, “Shit, the fucker did it.” But more than that, he wanted to be able to say he did it his way, by staying true to himself and trusting his values and beliefs. That’s what would make anything he achieved really special.

    Danny felt he had been really gaining some steam in recent months, but he kept running into roadblocks and having his momentum cut short. He needed to do something big so people would finally sit up and realize that this time was different, this time Danny really was busting out the big guns and doing everything he could. He needed a stage and a performance to show everyone that there was no doubt about it: the Danny Toner that’s been threatened for the last six years had finally arrived. Danny felt he was nearing the very top of his game and he’d been around long enough to know that those peaks don’t last forever and even when you’re at your peak, the window of opportunity is so small to actually grab the brass ring and be recognized as the best. He’d seen many birds fly to close to the sun and ultimately get burned. The Emerald. The Prodigy. The Dreamer. So many talented people get so close to the very precipice of the game but ultimately fall short. Some, like The Emerald, were never truly going to make it. The Emerald had crafted a wonderous tale and had won everyone over to his side, fan support can buoy even the most average of talent to great things, though average The Emerald was not. He was, however, masking his true-persona, one which was vile and over-confident, this seeped to the surface – as it always does with these people – and it was his own undoing. A failure of his own demise. Then there was The Prodigy. All the momentum in the world and an insane amount of backing. The Prodigy had earned his early plaudits and toting for potential greatness and The Prodigy’s failure wasn’t of the final variety like The Emerald, indeed, he could still get there but for now, he’s been deemed a failure in the eyes of many for not getting there yet. To place such expectations on one’s shoulder in their infancy causes even the greatest among us to crumble and even turn to a darker path. A failure born out of relentless hype and unnecessary pressure. The Dreamer … Danny’s thoughts drifted momentarily as he pictured her. Something about The Dreamer made him feel strange but it was not a feeling he particularly disliked … it was just something he had noted. Still, The Dreamer too, had failed when she got to close to the sun. This was very different. The Dreamer, exuding all her glory had gotten very close to the peak. There was seemingly nothing that would stop her. But there was something. The jilted Prodigy. Perhaps frustrated at seeing another realize the potential he was acclaimed to have had, The Prodigy put a stop to The Dreamer’s ascension. A failure due to someone else’s doing but a failure none the less.

    There were many paths that lead towards failure and very few that leads towards success. Danny was ever cautious this time around. He had to make the right choices, he had to pull the trigger at the right moment and if an opportunity wasn’t presenting itself, he had to create one before he got sucked into the void of failure. Japan might bring some interesting opportunities, but Danny knew in his heart and soul that the thing that would garner him the biggest opportunity was if he put an end to this feud with Peacock and showed the World just how far Danny had come this time around. He was going to finally put an exclamation point on a feud, end a struggle and come out on top. Just as he had when he’d won the FWA Gauntlet Championship. Just as he had when he and Donny beat the FWA World Champion and his partner in their first ever match as a tag team. Danny was fixing to start replacing the “Oh, remember Danny blew it against Kennedy?” and “Oh my god, remember when Danny no-showed Black Caramel?” memories with his successes. He wanted the world to watch him and Peacock, in a non-restricted environment go all freaking out. He wanted to fully announce himself with this performance and if he lost – he lost. He was going out to give it everything and make a statement … win or lose. He could handle the result. Tt was how they got to the result that was important. Danny wanted to show everyone the full extent of his abilities and he hoped Peacock would accept his challenge and he hoped Christian Quinn would be able to wrangle it onto FWA programming. If he couldn’t … well, Danny could still make a statement in Japan, Princeton was right about that. Danny retrieved his phone from his pocket – a black Huawei, Danny wasn’t interested in flashy phones despite his expensive clothing choices. He clicked onto the WhatsApp app and scrolled through his contacts until he stopped on one, KAIZEN. Danny clicked into the contact and began to text.

    yo Kai, what happening man?
    Toner, what happening? Merry xmas
    nm, nm just in the airport. Merry xmas to you too
    what you doing in the airport?
    my flights in an hour
    Princeton’s gone to some fancy coffee place
    im sittin beside some fat sunnuva
    Princeton?? As in Thomas??
    what are u doin with him??? guys a dick
    I know I know
    I mean, he got connects
    or so he says
    how highly is he connected there?
    connected where?
    in Japan you moron, where else?
    uh, idk? do u mean in SPJ??
    i mean the dude said he got it all set up
    but … idk it seems really short notice
    what do u think?
    Princeton set what up?
    what do I think of what?
    me and lightbringer in the dome new years
    LB? lul, wut????
    u high Toner?

    Danny looks at his phone, confusion clouding his thoughts. Just as he goes to write a reply to the former World Heavyweight Champion his phone starts vibrating in his hand and the chirpy stock music that is the default ring tone on the Huawei begins ringing out. Danny glances at the screen.


    Danny immediately answers his heart beating rapidly beneath his chest.

    Danny Toner: “Speak to me brother.”

    You can just make out Quinn on the other end of the line.

    Christian Quinn: “Peacock’s agent tweeted something out and … yeah it hasn’t formally been accepted but Peacock’s taking the fight. He’s got a lot of guts.”

    Danny Toner: “Peacock was never gonna be the issue. Guys gotta ton of fire and heart and he knows he could make a real name for himself if he takes the series over me. I presume you’re ringing for somethin’ else ...”

    Christian Quinn: “Yeah … it’s on but-”

    Danny Toner: “YESSS!!!”

    Danny jumps up out of the seat and punches the air completely startling the over-sized man beside him, breaking his trance from his phone for the first time. He stares at Danny in disgust as Danny fleetingly makes eye contact with him and then just flicks him two fingers. Christian is speaking a little louder on the phone now, a little more urgently.

    Christian Quinn: “LISTEN Danny! They’ve got a few conditions, namely, they want you to sign a contract extension. A proper contract.”

    Danny doesn’t even need to think, the prospect of getting his hands on Peacock with the world watching was dictating his every response. That’s the thing with addicts. They aren’t really in control.

    Danny Toner: “Done.”

    Christian Quinn: “You and Peacock, you’ve got to sign waivers. They aren’t covering you if something goes wrong.”

    Danny Toner: “Naturally. You know I ain’t got any problem gettin’ a little roughed up – does Peacock?”

    Christian Quinn: “I’ve talked to his - well I struggle to call him by the title but I can’t think of another word – agent and Peacock’s fully in. He knows all the terms. In addition to this, Princeton still has to handle the logistics of running the event and promoting it. They’re simply airing it on the FWA network.”

    Danny Toner: “That sounds freakin’ perfect man – anything else?”

    Christian Quinn: “One more thing … they’re going to air it live on New Year’s Eve. So … you have to make a decision … Japan or FWA?”

    Danny laughs a loud. It’d been a while since he’d plotted a con. It felt good, returning to his roots, pulling parts in different directions, acting one way but intentioned another. He’d started plotting it as soon as the brass told him they wouldn’t sign off on the rubber match with Peacock and Princeton mentioned Japan. He’d dangled the threat of Japan in front of the whole world to see and used Princeton to give him that ammunition. Princeton was going to be pissed. Danny never intended on going to Japan and Princeton was probably going to end up burning bridges because of this. But Danny didn’t care; this was about him and not Princeton. He got what he wanted – Peacock in a rubber match that the whole FWA Universe could bear witness to. His arrival. He was nearly giddy with excitement.

    Danny Toner: “Give the FWA word, Christian – I’m in. Fully fuckin’ in.”

    Christian Quinn: “That’s great man, honestly, you’re making the right decision. I’m glad I could help, I love you brother, a lot of us do. Don’t forget that.”

    As Danny’s best friend hung up, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. He hadn’t wanted to be deceptive towards Christian but if Christian didn’t really believe Danny was going to go to Japan, he wouldn’t have gone to the lengths he had to get this match onto FWA programming. Danny owed Christian one, he’d probably rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way. None more so than the biggest plonker on two feet sauntering towards him, sharp suited and clutching a triple, venti, soy, no foam latte. He had an obnoxious smile on his face as he approaches Danny and Danny can’t help but return it as he thinks of how he’s about to wipe that smug bastard’s smile off his face. Danny hates Thomas Princeton.

    Thomas Princeton: “Well, Daniel, are you all set? The flights very soon. First class, of course. And speaking of first class – you could’ve dressed up. What is that – gym gear?”

    Danny steps up towards Princeton and pats down his suit jacket before holding the fabric between his fingers.

    Danny Toner: “It’s a suit, pal. Just like yours. But different material. It’s what I like. It’s what I am, it let’s me be comfortable with myself and not uptight and rigid like you. What people wears tells you a lot about them, dontcha think? I mean when I look at you Thomas, to be honest, all I see is a grade A-asshole. But … I have the benefit of actually knowing you. You can’t always judge people on what they wear. Your suit tells me you’re an asshole, it doesn’t tell me you’re a dangerous asshole. Look at Peacock, his groovy get-up his flares, his shirts – it tells me he ain’t afraid of having fun. It doesn’t tell me he chooses to have fun and can turn it very fuckin’ serious the second he wants to. Now let’s look at me – you sit me sitting here in my ‘gym gear’ – not looking the part for first class. A thug, a scumbag with no respect for authority. But what it doesn’t tell you is that I ain’t no brain-dead lowlife. That I’m smart. Smarter than you, even. Oh, no.”

    Danny steps back from an emotionless Princeton and flashes him a toothy smile. He chuckles.

    Danny Toner: “It doesn’t tell you that, Princeton and you know what? You’ve just gotten played.”

    Danny picks up his suitcase and looks at Princeton.

    Danny Toner: “Please, by all means, board the flight to Japan. Never come back if you don’t want to. But I ain’t goin’ with ya. The fights off, Japan’s off, LIGHTBRINGER’s off. I’m staying here and I’m fighting Chris Peacock on New Year’s Eve.”

    Princeton’s face still doesn’t betray his feelings, he remains stoic but speaks rather lightly.

    Thomas Princeton: “Daniel, I-”

    Danny Toner: “I don’t want to hear it! Honestly, save your breath. Nothing, and I mean nothing is more important than me right now then getting in the ring with Peacock one final time. Do you know how much this means to me? My whole career I’ve always been the guy that does thing in half measures. I’ve always been the guy to nearly get there. The entertaining dance partner for people on the rise but the guy that’ll never be on the rise himself. People might think; so, it’s 1-1 between Toner and Peacock – who cares? I FREAKIN’ CARE! My whole fuckin’ life has been 1-1. I’m always the guy that goes 1-1 but … do I ever win? I’ve had victories in battles all throughout my career, enough to have garnered somewhat of a reputation but I’ve never won the war. Marcus Thane, TNT, we won so many battles in the tag team division, but we never won the war over RevEl. Christian Quinn, Executive Excellence, we won the battle for the tag team championships but then, then we imploded and lost the war for Fight Night. Carnal Cotendership 2016, hell, people will tell you I won that war with my performance that night but in reality? When I dropped the ball in the World Championship tournament was actually me losing that war. The Division’s Tag Team Tournament. Kayden Knox. Black Caramel. Alyster Black. I never get the job done and I’ve decided it’s about fuckin’ time I put that notion to rest. Chris Peacock is NOT going to be the latest name on that list. Peacock will have the unfortunate privilege of being the first name on a different list, the list of people Danny Toner absolutely fucked up in his rise to the top. I actually quite like Chris Peacock. Honestly, Thomas, I do. He’s legit but believe me you, I don’t need any freakin’ pep talks off you, I don’t need you to try and convince me to go to Japan – nawh, I’m staying here and I’m breakin’ Peacock in two and that’s my decision. I have to prove to everyone out there that has spent time talking to me, trainin’ me and investin’ in me that I’m worth it. This is my stage to show the whole of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance from the guy sitting in the bleachers to the chairman of the board that Danny Toner is fuckin’ here this time. I’m more than aware that one misstep could be the end of me, I’ve familiarized myself with the paths of failure and that’s something Peacock hasn’t yet had to endure. Not true failure. He ain’t cut from the same cloth as me, not yet. I’m not messin’ around. Thomas, I want’em all to know that they can give me any opportunity they want – I will deliver. They can put any challenge in my way – I will overcome it. They can air me fighting with Disco’s Last Warrior and baby I will make sure that it’s Disco’s Last Dance. There ain’t nothin’ you can do about it Princeton – this is what I’m doin’, I’m doin’ it for me.”

    Danny takes a deep breath after finishing his verbal rant. He felt good. For the first time in months, he felt like he was controlling his own destiny and was starting to get what he wanted – fair opportunity to show the whole world just what he can do. You talk Danny’s addictions and the one everyone always forgot was probably Danny’s very first addiction – he needed to be in control. Danny had to beat to the sound of his own drum, traverse his own path because if he didn’t? Then Danny wasn’t truly doing it for himself. He was doing it for other reasons and the fact that he knew that he wanted to do this was all the motivation Danny needed to keep doing this. To keep knocking on doors. To keep calling for shots. To keep entertaining the fans. To mean something. The feeling was unlike any other high Danny had recently experienced, it was a mess, it was complicated, but he’d gotten there. That pretty summed up Danny Toner’s life but at least now he was once again in control of it … or so he thought.

    Thomas Princeton: “Am I right in assuming that Christian has gotten the FWA to air your match with Peacock?”

    Danny snaps out of his blissful thoughts and nods at Princeton and a befuddled look falls over Danny’s face as Princeton’s lingering, ominous presence seems to grow with each passing second. He laughs now. Not joyfully like Danny when he realized he was getting his match with Peacock but rather he laughed coldly and cruelly. Princeton steps towards Danny, reaching in his breast pocket for something.

    Thomas Princeton: “Oh, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel … so naïve. Here I am thinking you may be finally copping on and coming around to the proper way of thinking. If the FWA are going to air an event that I’m hosting on their network, a network with millions of subscribers, for free then who am I to complain? You think I didn’t know you’d use your friendship with Christian to get this pulled onto the network? Don’t be ridiculous Daniel, this is what I wanted all along. I'm not the one who has been played.”

    Danny’s face has gone a sickly white and he remains frozen to the spot as Princeton places something into the palm of his hand. Danny looks down and sees a wrap of cocaine. Danny’s eyes widen slightly as Princeton kicks at Danny’s suitcase, indicating him to come on. Princeton starts walking ahead of Danny and Danny finds himself, without even thinking, falling in line, his head to the ground, trudging after Princeton, the wrap of cocaine clutched in his fist. The asshole hadn’t even brought a suitcase. He knew this was happening all along.

    Thomas Princeton: “I mean really, Daniel? LIGHTBRINGER? How did you buy that one? As if I have any interest in that bullshit Oriental promotion. I know where the cash cows are and that’s right here in America. Right here in the FWA. LIGHTBRINGER.”

    Princeton again laughs, his cruel chuckle echoing off the walls of the terminal and rebounding directly into Danny’s ears. All Danny had racing through his mind was one thought, over and over and over again; I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

    Thomas Princeton: “No, no. You were quite right in your assertion that there needs to be a line drawn under this pesky Peacock problem. You have quite spectacularly – and to be honest, as expected – failed in your quest to get my North American Championship back in my possession. But that is not the only thing that I want. In fact … my next plan is even grander than my scheme to have the North American Championship returned to me. My next plan involves the World Tag Team Championships.”

    Danny looks up from the ground at the mention of the World Tag Team Championships.

    Danny Toner: “And what plan is this?”

    Thomas whips around to face Toner.

    Thomas Princeton: “In due time, in due time. For now, I need you to concentrate on Peacock. A win here will all but guarantee yourself and Donny are next in line for a shot at Golden Rock, but Peacock is no slouch. In a straight-up wrestling match he might be better than you, he might beat you. I don’t need you to wrestle for me Danny. I don’t need a wrestler.”

    Princeton grabs Toner by the wrist and forces him to open his hand. Princeton bites the top off the wrap of cocaine and digs the corner of his credit card into the wrap before jamming a mountain of it under Danny’s right nostril.

    Thomas Princeton: “I need … my rabid dog.”

    Snifffffff. Right there in the middle of JFK Terminal 4. No wonder they hadn’t gone through security yet.

    Thomas Princeton: “That’s it, that’s it. Chris Peacock-”

    Danny Toner: “Don’t you fuckin’ worry about Peacock. I’m gonna kill that motherfucker.”

    Thomas smiles at Danny and nods his head before turning on his heels and making his way towards the airport exit. Danny allows himself a moment to burn a hole in the back of his head before wiping away the remnants of the cocaine from the underside of his nose. He always found that the first sniff jumbled his thoughts while he adjusted to the chemical coursing through his body. He usually sat it out and tried to stay focused but this time he let his thoughts wander. Oh, he’d hurt Peacock alright, but then? Then he was going to kill Thomas Princeton.

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Two matches. One win apiece. This gets settled before 2020 ends.

    Unannounced New Year's Eve Special

    Non-title match
    Danny "F'n" Toner vs. "Disco's Last Warrior" Chris Peacock

    Published on at 8 p.m. eastern time
    Location: An empty warehouse

    Standing in the middle of a dimly lit warehouse, surrounded by a few hundred drunken fans clutching various alcoholic beverages stands former FWA Triple Crown Champion, former Fight Night General Manager and tonight’s host is Thomas Princeton. He is sharply dressed in a black suit and shirt combo and clutches an unbranded microphone that matches the all-blank canvas, ropes and ring aprons. He takes a deep breath before he begins speaking.

    Thomas Princeton: “Ladies and gentlemen … my name is Thomas Princeton and as the founder and head promoter of Thomas Princeton Productions, I proudly present to you … Chris Peacock and Danny Toner, The Rubber Match!!!”

    The five hundred strong crowd roar in approval. There is no seating in the warehouse and the boisterous crowd are packed around the ring and those closest to the ring begin slamming the apron in appreciation.

    Thomas Princeton: “This is a match that the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance did NOT want to sign off on, they did NOT want to air it, they did NOT want it to happen but these two men … these two warriors … THEY wanted it! YOU wanted it!”

    Another roar from the crowd.

    Thomas Princeton: “Ladies and gentlemen I do not wish to cause disappointment but tonight there will be NO wrestling match …”

    The crowd begin booing but Princeton motions for them to hang on.

    Thomas Princeton: “There will be NO wrestling match because tonight? Tonight there’ll be a FIGHT!!!”

    The crowd blow the roof off the warehouse and begin slamming their hands off the apron again. Princeton points over to Christian Quinn and Allen Price standing behind a standard merchandise table with a couple of monitors on it. Quinn is in a tight-fitting black sweater and black jeans get up, while Peacock’s new manager and agent Allen Price is wearing a colorful burgundy and purple suit.

    Christian Quinn: “Good evening folks, we are LIVE from The Warehouse in Tonerville!!!”

    Allen Price: “What? We’re in Ne-”

    Christian Quinn: LIVE FROM THE WAREHOUSE IN TONERVILLE!!! Tonight, we get the match that the FWA didn’t want you to see – the rubber match between Danny Fucking Toner and Chris Peacock! I’m Christian Quinn and it is my great privilege to call this match on New Year’s Eve alongside Chris Peacock’s manager-”

    Allen Price: “Allen Price: Agent Extraordinaire, at your service. Current clients include: Fantasy Wrestling Alliance’s reigning and defending Gauntlet Champion, Chris Peacock!”

    Christian Quinn: “And it’s really the Gauntlet Championship that was at the crux of this feud exploding the way it has. Danny Toner successfully defended the championship against Peacock-”

    Allen Price: Barely survived against Disco’s Last Warrior. And the very next time of asking Peacock won the Gauntlet Championship despite Danny Freaking-”

    Christian Quinn: “Fucking.”

    Allen Price: “… despite Danny Fucking Toner’s best efforts. Tonight, Peacock dances his way around Danny’s EZ Wizer finishing-”

    Christian Quinn: “Equalizer!!!”

    Allen Price: “Yes, he dances his way around Danny’s finishing move to capture the pinfall!”

    Christian just shakes his head at Allen Price before continuing.

    Christian Quinn: “The match official has been instructed to let this one flow folks so let’s strap in and get ready for this, an unsanctioned event, get ready to find out who’s the better man, it’s one all, they’re ready, we’re ready, it’s time for you to get ready … FOR A FIGHT!!!”

    The unfamiliar begins playing but the crowd instantly begin grooving along to the song and cheering. They’re dancing away and drinking their beers – a noticeable portion of them anyway. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear than an AWFUL lot of those dancing seem well-versed in disco dancing. Suddenly from this side of the warehouse a huge cheer goes up and Chris Peacock comes grooving through the crowd, a large chant kicks off.





    Chris Peacock approaches the ring, he’s wearing an unconventional outfit – a white tank top, blue denim jeans and black boots. Suddenly, four men and two women fall in line behind Peacock and they perform a groovy disco routine with Peacock at the forefront. The crowd are cheering loudly as Peacock finishes up and struts to the ring, absolutely loving the small, intense crowd – half of whom are here after purchasing tickets off The Diamond Dogs and are major Peacock fans – and the spotlight. Notable by its absence is Peacock’s FWA Gauntlet Championship. Tonight isn’t about the championship, it’s about who is the better man. Besides, with Thomas Princeton Productions actually hosting the event and going by the unofficial theme music for Peacock, it seems that FWA haven’t sanctioned anything to appear on this show. The crowd quietens down as Peacock readies himself in the ring. Once again, unfamiliar music begins to play.

    The crowd on the other side of the room, joints and cigarettes in mouth, clutching bottles of beer or spirits begin to buzz. As the music continues to intensify so do the crowd, they are getting quite loud and they begin cheering as Danny Toner, bare-chested, wearing white Nike runners and black Nike tracksuit bottoms, pushes his way through the crowd slapping the adoring fans hands out of his way, his eyes firmly fixed on Peacock in the ring. This is Tonerville. These are his fans. They are slapping Toner on the back as he downs a bottle of Corona letting the beer flow down his chin and chest until it’s empty. He looks at the empty beer bottle, then at Peacock, then at the beer bottle one more time BEFORE SMASHING IT OVER HIS OWN HEAD!!! The crowd ROAR as blood begins trickling down Danny’s head, Peacock looking stunned in the ring.

    OOH, WAH-AH-AH-AH!!!

    Danny Toner has a crazed look on his face as he races to the ring, slides into the ring and makes a bee-line towards Peacock. Thomas Princeton and the match official move quickly to get in between the surprised Peacock and the irate, furious Toner. Peacock, to his credit, doesn’t back down and holds his ground and temper as Danny thrashes around getting pulled back to his corner by Princeton and the match official. Toner jumps onto the second turnbuckle and faces the fans, raising a closed fist in the air.




    The chant rings loud and clear from this side of the warehouse. Toner turns around and begins bouncing on the spot as Princeton takes on the announcing duties.

    Thomas Princeton: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, weighing in at 210 pounds, from Boogie Wonderland, Disco’s Last Warrior – CHRIS PEACOCK!!!!!!!”

    Half the crowd explodes while the other half boo loudly. Peacock isn’t fazed this time. He stares directly at Toner.

    Thomas Princeton: “And his opponent, weighing in at 208 pounds, from New York City – DANNY FUCKING TONERRRRRR!!!!!!!”

    Again, an explosion of noise that belies the five-hundred strong crowd. Again, a mixed reaction.


    Danny “Fucking” Toner vs. “Disco’s Last Warrior” Chris Peacock

    The crowd are already starting as the two men take a moment to soak in the small but intense atmosphere. From Toner’s corner there are loud “TONER! TONER! TONER!” chants dueling with the “PEA-COCK! PEA-COCK! PEA-COCK!” chants coming from Disco’s Last Warrior’s side. Danny and Chris share a very brief, blink-and-you-miss it nod with each other before charging and meeting each other in the center of the ring. The crowd explodes as the two men just meet with fists flying, it ain’t clean, it ain’t pretty the two are just wailing on each other with closed fists in the middle of the ring. Some are hitting, some are missing, it’s a flat out brawl as both men look to gain the upper-hand. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Chris Peacock catches Danny Toner in a small package attempt!


    No! Toner rolls through and pops up to his feet. Peacock is a little slower and Danny absolutely NAILS Peacock with a roaring elbow which sends him through the middle and top ropes and onto the fans surrounding the ring! The fans immediately surrounding the ring begins banging on the canvas with their hands as Toner, still bloodied from his pre-match antics, shouts out at them!

    Christian Quinn: “There will be NO roll-ups here tonight ladies and gentlemen, Danny Toner sending a message loud and clear in the early goings!”

    Allen Price: “HOT start here tonight but is that legal what Toner did to my client? Dumped him to the outside?”

    Christian Quinn: “Just look at that man in the ring Price, he’s fired up, he’s got a point to prove tonight. I’d wager a guess that this going to the outside is only the start of it! You heard Princeton at the start of the night, this one is going to have a definitive winner!”

    Allen Price: “CHECK OUT MY PEACOCK!”

    As Danny pumps up his fans surrounding the ring, Peacock’s contingency have helped him back to his feet after his tumble to the outside. Peacock has pulled himself up to the ring apron and when Danny turns around PEACOCK SPRINGBOARDS INTO THE RING AND KNOCKS HIM FLAT ON HIS BACK WITH A MASSIVE FORE-ARM!!! Peacock pops to his feet and shout out at the crowd after performing a move outside of his wheelhouse. The Peacock fans begin chanting for their man once again as he does a little celebration dance to their delight.

    Allen Price: “What an entertainer! He’s got the crowd in the palm of his hand!”

    Christian Quinn: “Peacock has all the potential in the world but he’s still raw. He’s new to the big scene, it’s natural to play into the fanfare when you first arrive. Against a different opponent who has learned to concentrate on their opponent and not the crowd, this could be a deciding factor.”

    Allen Price: “But against Danny??”

    Christian Quinn: “Danny … Danny never shook the habit.”

    Chris allows Danny to his feet and the two slowly move towards each other in the center of the ring. Chris goes for a lock-up looking to engage but Danny swipes his attempt out of the way and slaps Peacock open-handed across the face! The crowd “OOOOHHHHH” and Toner shouts at Peacock “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN’?! FIGHT ME!!!”. The crowd comes UNGLUED as Peacock snaps and starts peppering Danny with right hands. One, two, three, four! Danny stumbles into the ropes, uses them to support himself and then catches Peacock with a nasty right hook, knocking the spit out of his mouth. Danny goes to follow up but a knee to the mid-section stops him in his tracks, Peacock follows with an uppercut, DANNY RESPONDS AGAIN WITH A RIGHT HOOK! PEACOCK UPPERCUT! TONER HOOK! PEACOCK UPPERCUT! TONER HOOK! HOOK! UPPERCUT! HOOK! UPPERCUT! HOOK! UPPERCUT! The crowd EXPLODE as the match official jumps in between the two. Both men are leaning against the referee for support, neither willing to drop to their feet, their faces red with welts.




    The referee, to his credit, merely created a bit of separation before letting them go again. Peacock attempts a clothesline but Toner ducks under it, kicks him in the gut and plants him with a DDT! Not letting up, Toner immediately pulls Peacock to his feet and nails a belly-to-belly suplex! The Toner chants are starting again as Toner bangs the turnbuckle sizing Peacock up! He’s jumping up and down on the spot and when Peacock rises, Toner charges looking for his patented Equalizer BUT PEACOCK AVOIDS THE MOVE! Danny pulls the breaks and turns around surprised to see Peacock on the other side of the ring tapping the side of his head with his finger. The bloodied Danny Toner just smiles at his opponent.

    Allen Price: “Am I missing something here?”

    Christian Quinn: “Danny just tried to finish this one! He went for the Equalizer. People don’t get up from that!”

    Allen Price: “And Chris avoided it?”

    Christian Quinn: “Well, he’s not on the ground so …”

    Allen Price, animated, jumps up from the commentary table and starts clapping his hands.

    Allen Price: “LET’S GO PEACOCK! LET’S GO!!!”

    Danny tries to grab Peacock but Peacock ducks underneath and when Danny turns around Peacock does the Night Fever pose and strikes Danny in the face with a backfist! Fight Fever! The crowd, even the Toner supporters, are cheering Peacock as he dances around the ring, Toner clutching his face. Peacock struts over to Toner and nails him with a straight left to the face to another cheer. Peacock disco dances his way over to the crowd on the outside and they show them their appreciation.




    Chris turns around but here comes Toner!!! Danny charges across the ring and clotheslines himself and Chris to the outside of the ring! The fans part like the red sea as both men crash to the ground! The rabid fans in attendance PULL both men to their feet and push them into each other!!! WE’VE A FULL BLOWN BRAWL HERE AS TONER AND PEACOCK FIGHT THEIR WAY THROUGH THE CROWD!! Peacock has the upper-hand as Toner pushes into the crowd, trying to get away from Peacock. The match official tries to follow the action but quickly gets cut off by the fans in attendance. Peacock has caught up with Toner and Toner swings wildly but Peacock downs him with a right hand. During this Peacock grabs a bottle of beer off a fan, downs a bit AND SMASHES IT OVER HIS OWN HEAD!!!




    Allen Price: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

    Christian Quinn: “Both men are bloodied – by their own hands! Peacock’s sending a message to Toner and every one in attendance – he’s as fired up as Toner and he’s here to FIGHT!!!”

    Chris pumps his fist in the air and at this stage, fan alignment had gone out the window, this crowd was blood-thirsty and cheering the carnage, regardless of who was dishing it out. With blood covering both men’s faces, Peacock drags Danny over to the commentary table. Danny feebly punches at Peacock’s mid-section but Peacock kicks him in the gut and pushes him between his legs. The crowd are at fever pitch as Peacock looks around for reassurance. Price stands up from the table and is begging him not to whilst Quinn stands up and just looks on in silence as the events unfold. Peacocks nods his head emphatically, pulls Toner up onto his shoulders AND POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE!!! THE CROWD EXPLODE AS THE TWO COMMENTATORS JUMP BACK FROM THE WRECKAGE!

    Christian Quinn: “WHERE has this come from! Peacock’s gone from attempting small packages to powerbombing Danny through tables!!! This fight is insane!!”

    Allen Price: “That escalated quickly! I might be new to this game but it seems to me that Danny was looking for a fight … AND HE’S GOT ONE! Why is the referee counting though?”

    Chris Peacock whips his head around and indeed the match official is in the ring on a “5” out of 10-count. Peacock absolutely sprints back to the ring and slides in at the “9” count and then rolls just back out of the ring forcing the referee to break his count.

    Christian Quinn: “THIS, this, I respect. Kudos, Peacock.”

    Allen Price: “What just happened?”

    Christian Quinn: “If a wrestler fails to make the ring before the referee’s 10-count, he loses.”

    Allen Price: “WHAT!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??”

    Chris is applauded by those in attendance but as he makes his way back down towards Toner he hears the referee shout out “ONE!!!” and the crowd immediately begins booing. Chris turns around to the match official in the ring and wags his finger at him. Immediately the fans begin chanting.




    The referee looks out at the wild fans, then at Peacock, figures this isn’t an official FWA event and then just shrugs his shoulders and stops the count to a large cheer. Peacock buoyed on by the momentum makes his way towards the downed Toner and then … stops in his tracks. Bloodied and LAUGHING, Danny slowly rises from the ruins of the table and looks extremely pumped up. Peacock’s hesitation is short-lived and he snaps into action as Toner wildly charges him, countering his spear attempt into a sloppy but impactful DDT on the cold, unforgiving floor. Peacock is slow to his feet, feeling the effects of this brawl, and he struggles back to the ring plotting his next move. It turns out it’s a big one as he begins to scale the turnbuckle inside the ring. When he reaches the top he looks at Toner all the way on the outside. He times Toner’s rise perfectly and LAUNCHES HIMSELF TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A PICTURE PERFECT CROSSBODY INSTANTLY TAKING TONER BACK OFF HIS FEET!




    The five-hundred strong crowd chant in unison, Peacock having a breakout performance here tonight against the hardened Toner. Chris tries to pull Danny to his feet but Toner’s all dead-weight now and Peacock has to use all his strength to get Toner in under the bottom rope. Following him in and exhausted, Peacock signals that he’s going for the finish much to the appreciation of the fans. Peacock lifts Danny up and looks to begin The Roller Disco by running Danny into a turnbuckle but Danny counters and rams Peacock’s head into the turnbuckle – SUPERKICK!!! Peacock flops to the outside of the ring and Danny running on fumes quickly and very unexpectedly climbs to the top rope and sizes Peacock up on the outside. TONER LEAPS TO THE OUTISDE AND NAILS PEACOCK WITH HIS TRADEMARK DOUBLE AXE-HANDLE! The crowd pop loudly for the sudden Toner resurgence and Toner gladly gulps down a beer offered to him by a fan! That infamous chant starts up again!




    Christian Quinn: “Never EVER rule Danny FUCKING Toner out!!!”

    Allen Price: “This is crazy … I didn’t agree to this.”

    Christian Quinn: “Nothing is going to stop these two men right now – NOTHING!!! I suggest you just sit back and hope we don’t have to call EMTs!!!”

    Danny picks up Peacock and rams his head into the ring post drawing more blood from Peacock’s cut forehead. “DISCO BITCH!” is the shout from Toner as he rolls Peacock into the ring from the outside. Danny gets the crowd fired up by slapping his right knee – he’s prepping for The Equalizer!!! Danny gets into the ring and stalks Peacock from his corner. The fans are emphatically slamming the mats with their hands as Danny bounces up and down to the rhythm. Peacock finally gets to his feet and turns around and Toner charges full speed at him going for The Equalizer and PEACOCK DODGES AGAIN! SUEPRKICK FROM PEACOCK!!! BOTH MEN COLLAPSE ON THE CANVAS!!! The crowd go wild again!

    Allen Price: “COVER HIM PEACOCK! COVER HIM!!!”

    Christian Quinn: “LET’S GO DANNY – GET UP!!!”

    Any slight attempt at balanced calling has gone completely out the window – Price and Quinn are realizing they have witnessed a massive battle unfold in front of them and they were both pulling for their boys to strike the decisive blow. Both men are currently attempting that as they go blow for blow in the middle of the ring on their knees. They fight to their feet doing nothing except trading punch for punch but suddenly Peacock nails one, two, three punches without reply and Toner drops to a knee. Peacock quickly bounces off the ropes and NAILS TONER WITH A SHINING WIZARD! Blood particles spray across the ring as Toner lays eagle-spread on the canvas.

    Allen Price: “THE STRUT!!! PIN HIM!!!”

    Peacock doesn’t need telling again as he dives on Toner looking to seal the biggest victory of his career.



    Allen Price: “WHAT!?!?!?!”


    The crowd is going fucking crazy as Danny rises to his feet, sweat glistening on his chest that is lit up with red welts, a crimson mask covering his face and blood on his black sweatpants. He looks like he’s been through a war but he’s on his feet and a stunned Peacock cautiously takes one step back – that’s all the hesitation Danny needs – Danny charges for The Equalizer BUT HE’S MISSED AGAIN!!! Danny turns around and Peacock catches him with a flush roundhouse sending him back to the floor. Peacock picks up Toner’s legs and spreads them before striking the Night Fever pose and attempting a jumping leg-drop between his legs to his exposed mid-section but TONER CATCHES HIM FROM A GROUNDED POSITION! Peacock’s right leg is caught in between Toner’s and Danny starts trying to roll into position.

    Allen Price: “What is this?”

    Christian Quinn: “Is he … I think he’s …”

    Danny has flipped him and Peacock onto their stomachs, Peacock still trapped between Toner’s legs and Toner shows perhaps an unexpected technical prowess by bridging up into a vicious sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

    Christian Quinn: “HE IS!!! The Equalizer isn’t landing but Danny has somehow transitioned this into The Clincher! Peacock’s in trouble!!!”

    Peacock screams in pain as Danny shouts unintelligibly and wrenches back even further. It’s quite a sight, both men covered in blood, one giving everything to make the other tap out, the other doing everything in his power to avoid just that and the five-hundred strong pushed in as close to the action as they can. Some are screaming for Peacock to reach the ropes but the majority have been overtaken by bloodlust and repeatedly chant;




    Peacock has inched closer to the bottom rope but Danny sits back and he looks like he’s about to give in.

    Allen Price: “Just tap kid!!! Think about your career!!!”

    Peacock looks to be in excruciating pain and it’s no surprise when he finally pulls his hand off the mat and LUNGES TO THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

    Allen Price: “HE’S GOT IT! HE’S GOT IT!!!”

    Christian Quinn: “… Wow.”

    The fans explode as Peacock wraps his arm around the bottom rope. The referee pulls Toner – who is in his own world – off Peacock and Toner staggers into the middle of the ring, punch drunk, before just flopping face first onto the canvas! Both men lie motionless on the floor trying to recover as Quinn tries to recap what we’ve just seen to a shocked Price.

    Allen Price: “This is the first match I’ve ever called and I’ve got to say … this stuff is INSANE!”

    Christian Quinn: “It isn’t always like this. This isn’t what a regular FWA show looks or feels like. The victory doesn’t always mean as much as it does to these two men. Peacock is looking to be the hottest upstart in professional wrestling and standing in his way is the original upstart, Danny Toner who is trying to finally announce his arrival in the big boy leagues. Both men think they NEED this more than anything else. They’ve gone to the trouble of making it happen even after they were told no. This is two men who want to do nothing else until they can prove they’re better than the other.”

    Toner and Peacock pull themselves to their feet with the assistance of the ropes. They look at each other across the ring one last time and run at each other – DANNY RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A RIGHT HAND FROM PEACOCK! Danny is punched so hard he stops on the spot and begins swaying. A second massive punch! A third! Peacock does the disco pose and goes for the knockout punch – DANNY TONER JUST SMASHES HIS HEAD ACROSS THE BRIDGE OF PEACOCK’S NOSE!!! Peacock stumbles back clutching his nose and - no theatrics, this time Danny just charges and …

    Christian Quinn: “EQUALIZEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!”

    Allen Price: “NOOOOO!!!”

    As Quinn does his best Rod Sterling impression, Danny collapses on the out cold Peacock and the ref makes the count.


    Christian Quinn: “NOBODY kicks out from The Equalizer!”


    Allen Price: “COME ON PEACOCK!”


    The crowd goes insane as the bell rings.

    Winner: Danny F’n Toner

    The crowd around the ring are slamming their hands repeatedly on the canvas in appreciation as the two men lay motionless on their backs in the ring. Those who can’t bang on something are cheering and chanting;




    Danny rolls onto his back and props himself up with his head against the bottom turnbuckle. As “Down With The Sickness” – Toner’s temporary theme – starts up he finds himself staring as Peacock pulls himself to his feet, pushing away the referee’s assistance and getting up of his own accord. Danny rises and goes to the center of the ring where Peacock is groggily staring at him, unsure of his intentions. Danny sticks out his hand to a big cheer but … Peacock slaps it away!!! Toner looks SHOCKED as Peacock turns his back on him but almost immediately Peacock snaps around and locks Toner in a massive hug for the pop of the night!!!

    Allen Price: “Why is he doing this? He LOST!”

    Christian Quinn: “You’re new to this Price … you’re going to learn very quickly there are more important things in professional wrestling than winning or losing. These two have announced themselves here tonight in a flurry of VIOLENCE and proved to everyone that they SHOULD have the spotlight, that they CAN be as good as the top guys. It’s not all about titles. Sometimes … It’s about statements … Now, if you’ll excuse me …”

    Christian removes his headset and makes a bee-line to the ring where Toner is standing alone celebrating after Peacock took his leave. The crowd begin buzzing as Quinn slides into the ring, Toner has his back to his former partner. He turns around and Quinn is standing with his arms wide-open. Toner laughs aloud and hugs his former partner in the center of the ring and Quinn raises a bloodied and beaten but victorious Danny Toner’s arm in the air as the crowd sing along pointing at Danny in the ring.








    The camera zooms in on a delirious, bloody, Danny Toner screaming the next line with the crowd as the broadcast fades.


    ©Thomas Princeton Productions, 2020

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Happy new year folks! I just wanna make a quick shout out before I get into my thoughts on what has just occurred. The mods, genuinely, thank you. Thank you for allowing myself and Man to do this and have this spotlight. Recently, there has been a suggestion that the FWA has been stale in the main event department and while there are valid points made, I honestly do think that handlers should reach out to mods with any ideas they may have. I’ve found any time I’ve reached out with an idea, they have always been responsive. The mod team is great, they’re very strong and they WILL work with you and your character.

    I won’t comment too much on the show as I wrote the vast majority of it but I will comment on Man. The guy is already legit. His promo was great. He nailed the concept but more importantly, he’s what? 3 matches in? and already he’s hitting me in the feels and has me invested fully in his character. Chris Peacock is a SUPER fun character to write and work with. I think he could go 5-0. He’s that good. The important thing to remember is that he can GO outside the 1K word cap. His promo was class. He is class. I’ve been in the FWA since 2014. I whole-heartedly mean it when I say that Peacock is already second in my “of all time” feuds. It’s second only to his mentor, Shawn and Randy Ramon. Incidentally, I’m not done with him. You’ll see.

    Man is legit. He’s the best newcomer EVER. I mean that. Guys going to be huge.

    Join FWA =)

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Quote Originally Posted by Tig View Post
    It’s second only to his mentor, Shawn and Randy Ramon. Incidentally, I’m not done with him. You’ll see.

    Man is legit. He’s the best newcomer EVER. I mean that. Guys going to be huge.
    I ain't done with you either beyotch.


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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Two quality pieces of work there - very difficult to pick a winner. I think maybe Tig had the benefit of being able to draw on more history which made his work feel more integrated with the FWA world, but either winner here would have been a fair result I think. Great match write-up, too. Glad we got another one of these special one-match shows, this and the last one were both great and more of them in the future can only be a good thing.

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    I’ll echo Tig’s comments and thank the mods (especially TGO) for allowing us this spotlight. From my perspective, being new on the scene and being trusted with something like this was pretty cool for them to do, and I do appreciate the opportunity.

    Tig - thank you for the kind words, mate. I had a blast working with you on this and I think a huge amount of credit needs to go Tig’s way for pushing for this, including all of the Japan teases, as well as for putting the show together. I’ve said it to him privately, but from my inexperienced point of view, his recent promos have been legit. I’ve already taken a lot from him, as whilst Toner can be a lighthearted character at times, Tig has shown me that those characters can have an edge and not every promo needs to be happy fun time.

    As for the show itself, Tig did a phenomenal job with it. I’ve read through it about three times now and he nailed it. Just from this, he’s given me a load of different ways to go with Peacock going forward and I’m looking forward to the loose alliance that can form between these two now, as I can’t see anything but them having a base level of mutual respect between them. Then there’s the possible implications of this for Peacock and Ramon, which I’m sure will be touched on by Shawn and myself. Given that Tig had next to nothing to go on with Price, he played him on commentary exactly how I wanted him to and how I pictured it. The “that escalated quickly” line was EPIC given that Price’s character base is Ron Burgundy.

    I’d defo be down to revisit this rivalry at some point, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and I can’t see how debut feuds can go much better than this.

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    We just got a late entry for Match of the year lads.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Chris Peacock Promo

    - Writing this before reading the match but knowing the result.
    - Almost inevitable that there would be someone doing a Christmas Carol promo in December, and alas, there was more than one. I view that negatively. You cant really account for other promos but I think Christmas Carol is nothing if not overplayed, and everyone couldve fished out more interesting Christmas stories to riff off of. I also couldnt help but think of Michael Garcia's What if X won the championship promo from Mile High (which was almost a Christmas Carol itself) so the originality was also further lost there.
    - Beyond the gimmick of the promo, this did a good deal to further Peacock's character and background which I quite enjoyed. I just think it lacked punchyness. Thats partially because everyone knows what to expect out of the Christmas Carol theme so I wanted to see how you could make it interesting, and I dont think you went further past just the theme. So it was fine and did the job from a story perspective, but from a winning promo perspective (against this Toner promo), it needed to go beyond. I needed to see why this was more than just a Christmas Carol.
    - The taxi bits were good. I know its meaningless in the grand scheme of the promo, but I liked them. The driver felt like he wasnt just there to enable Peacock.
    - Final monologue was good. I am always skeptical about people doing monologues after story focused promos because it feels like the writer lacks confidence in the story itself or feels the need to compensate. I do think the story should be good enough to hold it but the monologue was suitable and logical within the context of Peacock needing to take a stand for himself. ONE hitch here was that the tweets that came out, at least the way I interpreted them, felt like Peacock's agent was hinting at accepting it but here he seems to be plotting to reject it. I thought to myself I misread the tweets but Toner's promo seemed to interpret that as well.
    - Im not sure what to make of Peacock placing too much reliance on needing to beat Toner to validate his reign. I know that the match was close and billed as if Peacock took it to Toner, but it does feel like a cop out for Peacock setting himself up with NEEDING to win here to certify his gauntlet belt.

    Danny Toner Promo

    - You have a really good writing voice. I think it stands out more in the briefer description bits. But you do a great job of illustrating the relationships between Princeton/Quinn/Toner.
    - Characterization is also top tier. Princeton feels like a real scumbag. Quinn feels very genuine & caring. Toner 100% comes across a guy desperate but unable to get a hold on his life. I dont think there are many guys great at characterization unless their characters have dramatic personalities (Krash is top tier at this for me), Toner is still a grounded guy, and Quinn/Princeton are as well, but you're able to drag more out of them. Your willingness to make Toner vulnerable in the face of Princeton is top tier. Genuinely want Toner to break out of Princeton's grasp, and definitely feel sorry for Toner & Quinn as they try to work at it. Princeton really felt like a bigger heel than almost anyone else on the roster to me.
    - The story was great. I think the advantage this had against Peacock is that it felt directly related to the match where Peacock's felt a bit more tangential (more about his family than the match).
    - The opening of the airport scene was too rambly for my liking. The third paragraph in particular probably couldve been entirely cut. I know that this introspection tied into the twist at the end of him having control and being delighted, then discovering he doesn't have control and being crushed. I just think that introspection deserved some very heavy pruning.

    As far as the match goes. Top tier stuff. Commentary is great and feels alive. Quinn's knowledge of Toner and Price's ignorance but bias towards Peacock stood out. Danny and Peacock came out looking fire. The match ramped up at the right spots. It leveled up as it went on and stepped further away from a regular match and validating itself as a straight up fight. From a storytelling standpoint, the Disco dancer winning a title, then proving he can fight with the biggest fighter in FWA, help establish that in spite of a disco gimmick, he's about as legit as anyone else. I really do hope Disco holds the gauntlet through the five defenses. The ending hug was terrific. Im very interested in seeing where Danny goes from here as well. Does he finally get his tag title match while Echo/NB are around the corner, or does he set his sights on something else. A NA title match wouldnt be unbelievable but considering he just lost the gauntlet, I dont know if its fitting without devaluing Peacock's reign.

    I hope Price doubting & also nearly rejecting the match come into play with Peacock, and that while Peacock may be proud of how hard he fought, I dont want him to drop how much he NEEDED this win to validate his title. I hope he follows up on it in some way or another.

    Hope to see more Warehouse shows and one-off match shows. They do a lot for helping the wrestlers stand out without being lost in a sea of 7-8 other matches/stories.

    Kudos to Man & Tig, y'all really delivered with this. Its a good blueprint for a short but punchy feud. I hope to see more Peacock/Toner interactions even if they move on to other things.

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    Re: Danny Toner vs. Chris Peacock III: New Year's Eve Special

    Peacock - Unfortunately you didn't know that Prodigy was also doing a Christmas Carol promo when you wrote this, although if feel like the Garcia promo from Mile High was also a bit too Christmas Caroly, and therefor this didn't feel as fresh of a backdrop. But you were able to change it up a bit and make it your own with the disco theme. You did a good job introducing some backstory for Peacock that's fairly needed as he's still a new character, and I enjoyed seeing his life pre-FWA. I wouldn't mind seeing Drew Peacock eventually debut in the FWA and tag teaming with Chris to be honest. The Ghost of Christmas Present section seemed like a good time to really attack Danny Toner and add some balance to what's already good character development, but instead you doubled down on the character development by keeping it about Drew and Chris' issues away from the match. Remember Character Development is just one category. Small gripe but I don't think the tidbit about Max's base being Tom Holland was necessary. I don't think small side characters really need base pics unless they're going to be much more bigger supportive roles. I'd rather you use descriptive words to describe what Max looks like, as opposed to just a cheap cop out about how he's Tom Holland. Sure, it works and I know what he looks like, but it felt like it empties out what could've been good scene descriptions. Overall even though this was a loss, I thought this promo was way beyond the tier you're wrestling in. It was North American, maybe even World title quality. Unfortunately, Danny Toner also showed up with similar quality. While I do think this promo didn't focus as much on the match as it should've, I feel like that's hard when you've faced Danny for the third time in such a short period. You've got a lot of great pieces here and seem to have a good grasp on balance between the four grading categories.

    Danny Toner - I'm going to keep this review relatively shorter as you won, so obviously you know this was a pretty good piece. Again one of the best things I love about Toner and I say this in a lot of your promo reviews is just your raw emotional writing style. I can't describe it specifically, but I can feel it. The presentation for the back and forth text messages was a good could've went with quote boxes or another style and it probably would've ended up looking sloppy, but this route did the job well and made it stand out and easy to read. I also love the overall arc Danny has going with the Executive Excellence stable and you going back to that, and I hope we see Danny truly grow honestly and use this time as a time to really change and not go back to old ways.


    The overall concept of an impromptu New Years Eve showdown in a warehouse is such a cool idea, and something I'm pretty confident has never been done before in the FWA. I'm glad you came up with the idea, and I hope we can continue doing these special one offs here and there for different characters as it's really a solid way to showcase. The entrances for this were much more detailed than the usual mail ins we see on normal shows, and I appreciate that effort that was put in. The crowd chants in the match write up helped with the immersion and I could literally hear them in my head. The overall brutalness of the match to the point where blood is drawn is what really elevated this feud and took it to a new level in this grand finale showdown. I lowkey wish that we saw the two of them end up leaving the ring and getting the actual warehouse setting more involved, but the fact that it stayed more traditional also fits and helped keep the focus on the two in the ring. The fact that such a brutal match ends with the two of them hugging it out in the ring did a solid job of pushing both of these guys over as dude's to root for, and I generally agree that these two along with Krash are super over as much needed faces in what is in ocean of heels in the FWA.

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