We open up inside a Circle K from the body camera of a cop as they have been brought in to a robbery taking place. They slowly walk into the Circle K where we here in a southern twine voice two men shouting out the clerk.

???: Alright y'll you gonna put that money in the bag.

The two cops pull in closer and much to the shock of them the two robbers are holding a 6 foot alligator trying to rob the store the one men is wearing what looks like a rip up Dale Jr flag as a mask but, you can see it all falling off as the officers recognize the two men.

Officer: Cletus Cody what the hell are you two trying to do? Where the hell did you get the alligator from?

The two of them look at each other before looking at the officers and then reassuring them they ain't the guys they think they are. The officer looks over at the two before putting down his gun.

Officer: Dear lord if your mothers find out....

The two criminals then look at one another before screaming.

???: Don't tell Momma! She kick our asses worst then then that forth of July with the bottlerocket, the Squirrel, and the peanut butter.

??? (2): I haven't been able to look at the squirrel in the eyes again.

???: Or how bout that time we tried to jump dead man's ditch with her brand new riding lawn mower.

??? (2): Oh Yeah your momma was real mad at us for that not as bad as when you got drunk and tried to get to 2nd base with Aunt Myrtle.

???: Or that time when we were 10 and we accidently drink that whole bottle of laxative cause you thought it was a bottle of Jack.

??? (2): We still ain't allowed in that Wawa's in Polk County anymore because of that.

Officer then tells the boys to get before they tell their mom as they call for the Gator and walk off.