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Thread: In Character vs Out of Character posting

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    In Character vs Out of Character posting

    Lately I feel like we've been losing our line that separates us from being in character and out of character, and I wanted to address it as a whole in order to keep the FWA feeling friendly, supportive, and welcoming.

    So what is the difference between in character and out of character posting? It's pretty simple. When we're posting in character, we're talking through our characters that we control. This is can be through RPs, Shows, or our Open Promo section for example. Now when we post out of character (or OOC) we're posting as ourselves and who we are as real people.

    The problem I've been seeing lately, is it seems like we're saying things OOC that we really should be said in character.

    Here is an example. If I make a post like this

    "I am the best on the roster. Nobody can beat me."

    It comes across much more differently than...

    "Saint Sulley: I am the best on the roster. Nobody can beat me."

    Perhaps on the surface it doesn't feel that way, but remember we ARE role playing. Imagine for example if we were real life the ring, these guys say the meanest things back and forth to each other. But backstage, everything is usually pretty calm (for the most part) and they're willing to support one another.

    I want us to have the same sort of environment here. We have plenty of outlets to RP in character, and say whatever is on our mind. We have an entire Open Promo section that is currently collecting cobwebs right now and is rarely used. We also have the Twitter Thread which is a very easy way to express quick thoughts and use your character's voice to do so. Sometimes, yes, people will post thoughts in character that they really truly mean or believe...but when they post them out of character, it's 100% perceived that way instead. It's an issue I've seen not only from several people, but myself included. I have certainly said things out of character that weren't necessary to say, and could've been said in character instead.

    Saying these things IN CHARACTER helps further our fed. It builds on character development, and it keeps us in the immersion of our role play. Saying these things OUT OF CHARACTER promotes a toxic environment of spite, resentment, and anger. Like I said, I very much have been a perpetrator of this myself. But let's together try and focus on using our role play platforms to help make these comments that should be in character, STAY in character.

    You can:

    1. Use the Open Promo Section
    2. Use the Twitter Thread in the News and History section
    3. If you're on Discord, make In Character comments in "Open Promo" channel there as opposed to the General discussion channel, storyline channel, etc.
    4. You can even make in character comments in threads like card threads or news article posts. Just remember to use your characters name before doing so, in order for it not to be misperceived.

    Let's work together to make our e-fedding community friendly and welcoming!
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