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Thread: Mile High 2020 Promo Thread

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    Re: Mile High 2020 Promo Thread

    Mask of Redemption

    Somewhere on a beach in Greece, an old man is walking with a stick. His scruffy dog is close behind him, sniffing at whatever he can in the sand. Waves come up crashing onto the shore, with the tide going far enough to reach the man's sandals 100 yards away.

    The dog continues to follow the dirty trail, and ends up digging near a strange rock formation.

    Old Man: What did you find, Rufus?

    Rufus appears extremely curious as he continues to dig in the dirt near the rocks.

    The dog digs his paws into the dirt and sand as if he's a rescue dog trying to dig up a buried child.

    Finally, he uncovers what he's found...Rufus slowly backs away, allowing the old man to bend over and take a look.

    He uncovers the thin layer of dirt and is amazed at what he's found...

    Old Man: Rufus! It's...a mask!

    The old man picks up the strange looking white mask.

    He holds it carefully in his hands, studying it's every detail...until suddenly...

    The mask begins to glow!

    Rufus begins to bark at the mask, as suddenly the earth around both of them begins to shake.

    Suddenly, Rufus and the Old Man are engulfed in an overwhelming beam of bright light.

    The faint sound of Rufus' bark is the last thing heard.


    A machete can be seen chopping through thick jungle leaves somewhere on the Island of Attica.

    Behind the leaves steps out a man we all know. It's the FWA World Champion, except he's dressed a little differently. Not wearing his signature suit, he is instead in a pair of jeans with a gray thermal shirt on, and a backpack on his shoulders. He's wearing hiking boots, and has a look on his face as determined as ever. Koju and Kleio both come chopping in behind him, as the trio continues to trek through the jungle.

    Kleio: Sulley, you've barely said two words this entire way over here. Do you mind giving us some info on what's going on?

    Kujo: Yeah Dave, I would appreci-

    Suddenly, Saint Sulley turns around and snaps at Kujo.

    Saint Sulley: DO me Dave. I am Saint. Saint Sulley. You can all me Sulley, or Saint, or Saint Sulley...but I am not Dave Sullivan anymore.

    Kujo doesn't answer back as Saint Sulley turns and keeps going through the jungle.

    After another few minutes of jungle stomping, Kujo speaks again...

    Kujo: Can you at least tell me what we're supposed to be looking for out here?

    Suddenly...Sulley turns back and smiles...before pointing his finger up a different direction...

    Saint Sulley: THAT...That is what we're looking for.

    Kleio and Kujo look up amazed

    Kujo walks up to it and stares with his mouth wide open.

    Kleio: That does not look Greek...

    Saint Sulley smiles.

    Saint Sulley: It's not. But it's way we're here...that my friends, is the Statue of Redemption. And inside of it's compartment, there is a very valuable object that has power beyond what either of you could possibly desire. Beyond what anyone could possibly desire...inside of it should be...The Mask of Redemption.

    Kujo and Kleio look on intensely...

    Saint Sulley: You see, over five years ago, I traveled out here after getting released from prison. I was doing a lot of soul searching, and trying to figure out my way. I was still young, and still very lost. It was then that I found this statue, and what was inside of it was something that was so much powerful than I had ever imagined. I put that mask on, and instantly I felt like a different person...I felt...redeemed. I felt better about all my wrongs, all my errors. Everything was suddenly cleared, and fulfilled.

    I wore that thing when I returned to the FWA, and beat Vincent Blackbird at Red, White, and Bruised. And I wore it all through the X Championship tournament that year, where I eventually got to face Passion. I won, and become an X Champ for the second time in my career. As history would tell, I won that title two more times...but that isn't what's important here. The power I felt during those matches was controlled me. After I defeated Passion, I took the mask off...and I had it sent back here. you'll see....

    Saint Sulley opens up the middle of the statue, to reveal an empty compartment.

    Saint Sulley: The mask is gone.

    Kleio and Kujo both gasp.

    But yet, Saint Sulley doesn't look surprised.

    Saint Sulley: Just a couple days ago, I felt something. Something inside of me...I don't know what it was exactly, but I knew it had something to do with The Mask. If that mask falls into the wrong hands...things could go very...wrong.

    Kujo: Who do you think took it?

    Saint Sulley: Who do you think, Kujo? I'm facing off in a Mile High Massacre match against four other opponents. You tell me who out of that group doesn't need The Mask of Redemption in order to defeat me?

    Kujo doesn't have an answer, but Kleio does...

    Kleio: Jesus, it could be any one of them. How do we know who?

    Saint Sulley smiles.

    Saint Sulley: We follow the tracks...

    Sulley points down to some footsteps leading from the statute.
    The trio follow the footsteps and continue through the jungle. They reach a rope bridge, but the bridge is clearly not crossable...considering it's clearly cut and hanging down the cliff.

    Kleio: Damn! The rope was cut...someone is covering their tracks.

    But Saint Sulley doesn't look concern, as he sees a way across. He climbs down the cliff, then leaps over to the other side. Kleio and Kujo look on shocked at Sulley's parkour skills, as he scales the mount.

    He makes it all the way across to the other side, and throws down a nearby tree for Kleio and Kujo to climb over with.

    They both look skeptical, but do so none the less.

    The trio then continues down the path, leading into a compound...

    The creep up as close as they can in the bushes...

    Saint Sulley: Damn it...just what I thought...Bandits!

    Kujo continues to look on with a pair of binoculars he pulled out.

    Kujo: Who do you think is in charge? This looks like a Michael Garcia operation to me. These men even look like him!

    Kleio: No Kujo, look at these men. They're Pirates! This is Yuna.

    Saint Sulley: Don't leave Parr or Black out of this either. It could be any one of them...but there's only one way to find out...there!

    Sulley points up to a big building in the center.

    Saint Sulley: There's got to be some documents in there somewhere. Only way to get them...

    Kleio: We can't take all these guys out...

    Saint Sulley: No, we can't. That's why you two are gonna keep watch, and I'm going to sneak in...sneak out. Just like that.

    Kujo: Just like that huh?

    Sulley smirks at Kujo, and jumps off the cliff into the bushes below.

    The compound conveniently in fact has a ton of bushes for cover, as Sulley uses all of them to stealthily maneuver his way through. He comes close to a guard who's been patrolling the compound, but knocks him out quickly via a sleeper hold and leaves him in the bushes.

    Soon, Sulley is at the center of the compound.

    He sneaks into the main room at looks at the papers on the table...he's shocked at what he sees...

    Until he hears a large door close behind him.

    Sulley jumps and turns around...surprised to see a large brute bandit come in.

    Sulley: Well hey they're big guy. Don't mind me...I was uh...just leaving.

    The Brute shakes his head no, and punches Sulley with a large enough force that he falls backward.

    He quickly jumps up and rubs his jaw...

    Sulley: OW! That hurt...okay, that's how to want to play it.

    Sulley punches The Brute in the face, but he barely moves...

    Instead, The Brute tosses him out the window of the center building and out to the jungle floor on the front of all the other bandits.

    "GET HIM!"

    They yell, as Sulley jumps up.

    He sprints through the jungle with the papers in hand, wandering where the hell Kleio and Kujo went...

    When suddenly the two pull up in the jeep rental.

    Kleio: Get in!

    Sulley jumps in, as the bandits continue giving chase in their own trucks.

    Bend after bend Kleio tries to shake them, as Sulley and Kujo try shoot back with the sidearms they brought.

    This goes on until Sulley is able to hit the tires of the giant truck, driven by The Brute from earlier. It swerves and crashes, creating a roadblock and preventing the rest of the bandits from catching up.

    The Saints & Sinners laugh at their narrow escape as they drive back into town.


    Now in their Athens hotel, Sulley has the papers who took from the compound all spread out.

    Saint Sulley: We were arguing trying to figure out which one of them was trying to steal my mask...Kleio thought it was Yuna, Kujo thought it was Garcia...I thought it could've been Parr or Black.

    But what we didn't know...was it was all of them!

    Kujo and Kleio looked surprised as Sulley continues....

    Saint Sulley: Or at least I suspect. According to this, every single one of them has a team out here trying to steal my mask. There are The Carnivores, working for Michael Garcia surely. Then there are the Pirates, probably connected to Yuna. Next, The Prodigies, take a guess on who they're with...and lastly, the Black Jesus Army...probably sent by Alyster Black.

    Kujo: Wait, but if they're all trying to steal it...then who has it?

    Kleio: That's what we're trying to figure out Kujo!

    Saint Sulley: There is only one solution. We take down all five factions, and we figure out who has it once and for all. I think we'll cover more ground if we split up. So Kujo, you take on the Prodigies, Kleio, you take on The Black Jesus Army, and I'll go check out The Pirates. Then we'll all meet back and go after The Carnivores together. Sound like a plan?

    Kujo: I think we really shouldn't spli-

    Saint Sulley: Cool, let's go!


    We see Saint Sulley traveling through the beach on the outskirts of Athens.

    Saint Sulley: Hmm...where should I go next...

    Saint Sulley looks up, and sees a giant Pirate mast in the distance.

    Aha, there!

    The champion sneaks his way into the ship dock, and launches himself parkour style onto the pirate ship. He sneaks up the side, and knocks out one of the pirate guards, and sends him over board. He looks around just to make sure he's entirely unseen, before continue to shimmy the Pirate ship and make it into the Captain's Cabin.

    He can over hear a conversation being held by a couple of Pirates.

    "We have to get that mask for the boss..." the one Pirate says.

    The other one responds "What is that little girl gonna do? I'm twice her size!"

    Sulley continues on...finally making it to the open window of the Captain's Cabin! He hops right on in, and sees an Asain looking Pirate with her back towards Sulley...

    Saint Sulley: AHA! Yuna Funanori...I got you! Give me back my mask you scallywag.

    The woman turns around, and is clearly NOT Yuna as Sulley looks on shocked.

    Saint Sulley: Wait, who are you? Are you who Yuna hired?

    Pirate Captain: It does not matter who hired me. I came here to do a job, and I'm going to do it!

    The woman takes out her sword, and prepares to attack Sulley.

    But Sulley sees a sword hanging on the wall, and quickly grabs it.

    He puts it up just in time to deflect the Pirate Captain's swing.

    Saint Sulley: I won't let Yuna steal the Mask of Redemption!

    Sulley and the Pirate Captain go back and forth with their sword fight, somehow without any of the other pirates on the outside hearing the commotion.

    Saint Sulley continues to shout as the fight goes back and forth.

    Saint Sulley: Yuna is not worthy of the mask. She is not worthy of Redemption!

    Pirate Captain: Who are you to decide who is worthy and who is not of finding Redemption?

    Saint Sulley: Because I know Redemption better than anyone! I wore that mask. It does not belong on Yuna. Yuna Funanori doesn't even belong IN THIS MILE HIGH MASSACRE MATCH. She was a late add in because of some trickery that evil Vincent Blackbird tried to pull. His plan to get his goon Kayden Knox in backfired in his face, but he still got what he wanted...another person to add in and make it harder for me. That is the only reason why Yuna is in this match, and nobody can give me any reason otherwise. She's had what, four matches in the FWA so far? She beat some Canadian Mooseman, then lost to The Division...THE DIVISION for crying out a match that was clearly some crazy drugged up invention of what could only be Vincent Blackbird himself.

    So in her first two matches, she's what...1-1...then, then she somehow gets lucky and wins a Championship Scramble match, a gimmick match that she was seconds away from losing...Danny Toner had her beat the first time.

    And he proved it...because Yuna's first title defense, she lost.

    Do you know what I did in my first title defense with the FWA World Championship? I defeated Nova Diamond on the biggest stage of them all, at Back in Business. I did it in the main event.

    What would happen if Yuna got my mask?

    What would happen if she used that mask to get my FWA World Championship?

    She'd lose the championship in her very first defense.

    This title is supposed to be prestigious.

    It is supposed to have honor.

    If it changes hands every month because nobodies like Yuna keep going one and done with the title, then nobody is going to respect it's value. It's value that I've worked so hard in restoring to it's greater glory, after taking it away from Cyrus Truth.

    When I beat Cyrus Truth, I earned my Redemption.

    But Yuna? Does she have anything to redeem? Losing the Gauntlet Championship in her first defense is a mark that will follow her for the rest of her career. How she now gets rewarded immediately after with a world championship is beyond me, but I will not let her steal my mask and go on to win the title in her fifth ever match. I didn't let Nova Diamond do it when he won Carnal Contendership and went straight to the top, and I didn't let Alyster Black do it when he lucked his way into a title shot thanks to Vincent Blackbird. Yuna the freaking Pirate Face is not going to do it either...

    She will not have that Mask of Redemption!

    With that, Sulley gets advantaged in the sword fight.

    He knocks The Pirate Captain's sword away, and pins his blade up to her neck.

    Pirate Captain: Please don' have what you're looking for in my pocket.

    Sulley reaches into her jacket pocket, and finds a little golden key.

    Saint Sulley: A key? This isn't what I want. Tell me...where is my mask!?

    Pirate Captain: You're too late for that...

    Saint Sulley: What?

    Pirate Captain: They knew you were coming. I was told to distract you...

    Saint Sulley: Wait...but...if they know I'm here! Oh shit, Kleio and Kujo!

    Sulley throws the sword on the deck of the ship, and gives The Pirate Captain a scowl before hopping out the open window and down into the water.

    He just realized that Kleio and Kujo might be in danger. He'll have to get to them first before they go into either compound...

    But will he make it in time?


    Sulley can be seen sprinting across the island of Attica, trying to make it to where the Black Jesus Army is camped.




    Sulley can hear the gunfire.

    Saint Sulley: Oh no...that doesn't sound good, I have to get there in time.

    Sulley reaches an old Athens Fort, where The BJA is strongly tucked in.

    He sees on BJA soldier on the outside, and gives him a swift roundhouse kick to the head. He at first wants to go through the front doors, but decides to scale the wall on the back instead.

    Once he gets to the top of the wall, he sees Kleio pinned down by BJA Soldiers.

    He's about to make a move, but the soldiers capture Kleio and drag her down into the fort's dungeon.

    Sulley: Shit! I need to find a way to get down there.

    Sulley sneaks through the fort, again silently taking out BJA Soldiers with his deadly sleeper holds. He makes it to the dungeon stairs...but is shocked what he sees when he gets to the bottom...

    An empty jail cell!

    Sulley: What! Where did Kleio go?

    Suddenly, Sulley is approached from behind in a man with a dragon like mask.

    Sulley: Okay...who are you...Captain Black Jesus? Where is my daughter Black Jesus?

    Captain Black Jesus: Your daughter? don't care about that girl. You brought her in because you wanted to help you...and nothing more. Wouldn't you rather know...where your mask is?

    Sulley stops for a moment and thinks...what is more important to him? Finding the mask, or saving Kleio?

    What if he could do both?

    Saint Sulley: Do you even know where the mask is?

    Captain Black Jesus: I do.

    Saint Sulley: So Alyster Black got it did he? Well, it won't work for him! Alyster Black is far from redemption, and my mask won't help change that. You're working for the man, so you tell me right now how he deserves to be in that Mile High Massacre match...tell me!

    Do you want to look at how Alyster Black truly got to where he is right now?

    Because I'll tell you right now, Michael Garcia said it best when he called Black an imposter.

    Alyster Black got a shortcut to the main event when he got to be lucky number five in that gauntlet match Vincent Blackbird made me fight in. I defeated all of them in that ring, up until I faced off against Alyster. That was FOUR matches I just fought in before I faced him, and like anyone I was completely gassed. So what happened? Alyster got a pin on me. A pin that meant nothing because it wasn't a legitimate match. I proved that match wasn't legitimate, when I faced off against Alyster and I absolutely crushed him at Payback.

    Alyster got that title match out of pure luck.

    Luck of the draw.

    Had Gerald Grayson came out sixth instead of Alyster Black, based on how much energy I had, Grayson probably would've beat me instead and I would've dispatched of Black just like I did at Payback. Can you imagine that? If Grayson wins? He'd be where Alyster Black is today, and Alyster would be trapped in that X Division just like Gerald Grayson, fighting in empty arenas to defend some X Belt. That's how you know that Alyster Black doesn't belong where he is.

    He can't seek redemption, because he doesn't have anything to redeem. He's a guy who should just be grateful to be where he is right now and nothing more. He didn't earn any of that...he got lucky...he drew the last spot.

    And what happened since Payback? Huh? Since I humiliated Alyster in front of the world in a one on one match? He teamed up with Gabrielle, and road her coattails through the tag team tournament up until they lost. I'm not going to insult Alyster because he lost in that wretched tournament, because we all know I didn't have the best luck either...although I perhaps have a certain Michelle von Horrowitz to thank for that.

    But what I can blame him for is what happened next...when he faced Michael Garcia on Fight Night just a few weeks ago, and got again absolutely hammered.

    I'm not great at match, but let's see if we can crunch the numbers shall we?

    Saint Sulley defeats Alyster Black. Saint Sulley defeats Michael Garcia in back to back matches...then...Michael Garcia defeats Alyster Black.

    So, hmm...well based on that order of operations it would appear as if Saint Sulley is our highest on the totem poll, followed way way lower by Mikey Garcia...due to not one but two losses this year to me, and then...way down on the Alyster Black...Alyster Black who lost to both Mike Garcia, and me.

    Should Alyster Black try to redeem himself with my mask? Maybe he does have a cause. But does he deserve to? Absolutely not. Because the fact of the matter is, some people do not deserve to be redeemed. Yuna and Alyster are both two who I've made very clear do not deserve to be redeemed.

    I will not let them steal my mask.

    And I will not let them steal my championship.

    Captain Black Jesus smirks back at Sulley.

    Captain Black Jesus: Maybe you already have...

    With that, Saint Sulley punches Captain Black Jesus right in the face and knocks him out.

    He searches him, and finds a key just like the one Captain Pirate gave him earlier.

    He doesn't know where they took Kleio too, but maybe he can get to Kujo in time.


    Sulley makes his way across Attica yet again, this time leading into a cave on the hillside.

    This is where the map said The Prodigies were.

    This is where Kujo is.

    Sulley takes a deep breath, and heads into the cave.

    But he's shocked to find no army waiting for him.

    And no Kujo either.

    Instead, the only thing we see is four large statues on in the middle of a big floor.

    Sulley scratches his head, and tries to figure out what they mean.

    He turns all the statues facing inward...but nothing happens.

    The turns all the statues facing outward. Again, nothing.

    He tries several more designs, but again...all nothing.

    Saint Sulley: This is bullshit. I hate puzzles! I wish I had a hint....

    Sulley strangely stops and looks around...

    Saint Sulley: I SAID...I WISH I HAD A HINT!


    Sulley: Damn I thought that would work.

    Sulley plops down on a strange looking stone...when suddenly, the statues begin to spin. The one farthest north ends up rising up out of the ground, leading to a narrow staircase.

    Sulley: Well would you look at that, the genius riddle solver here figured it out.

    Sulley chuckles to himself as he heads down the narrow staircase...

    There, he finds both Kleio and Kujo tied up and gagged...and standing over them is none other than...

    Sulley: Captain Prodigy!

    Captain Prodigy: I was wondering what would take you so long, you fool.

    Sulley: I'm not a're a fool!

    Captain Prodigy: Nice comeback, fool.

    Sulley: Enough of this. Where is The Mask of Redemption?

    Captain Prodigy: Wow, cutting right through the small talk, huh? I know where The Mask of Redemption is. It's in my bosses hands.

    Sulley: Who is your boss?

    Captain Prodigy chuckles.

    Captain Prodigy: Oh, you haven't figured it out by now?

    Sulley: Mike Parr is it. The slime covered worm Mike Parr. Tell him to come down here and fight me right here, right now. I'm not waiting until Mile High. I want to take that son of a bitch on.

    I saw what he said at Fight Night.

    Bragging on and on about how he "ended my Triple Champ" reign.

    That reign was already over when Vincent Blackbird stripped me of the X Championship earlier that night. Right there, he ended a reign that was the longest to date for that title, and he did so with no second thought. So when I went into that main event and fought both him and Krash with my North American Championship on the line...let me tell you something, I didn't give a damn that I didn't win at that point. I wasn't going to just go from Triple Champ back to Double Champ just like that. No, in was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. From that point on, I was able to focus solely on the FWA World Championship.

    I was able to defend it at Back in Business.

    I was able to defend it at Payback.

    And what was Parr doing all this time? Fighting with Krash.

    While I've been in the main event.

    I've been in the main event defending world titles, and Parr has been stuck in that mid card right where he belongs. And the fact of the matter is, when it was all said and done, he didn't even come out with the North American did! Krash beat him. And the best part about all of that really? Krash was the one who took the pin in that Triple Threat match that crowned Mike Parr a two time champion.

    No, Mikey Parr didn't pin me.

    Mike Parr didn't pin me when he won that North American Championship on December 6th, 2019.

    And Mike Parr didn't pin me earlier that year when we fought in September, a match that on the records say was no contest...but ask Mike Parr, he knows who the real winner was.

    And the last time we faced before that?

    Trial By Fire...2015...when Mike Parr watched me pull down my X Championship in a ladder match. Because Mike Parr may have never pinned me, but Mike Parr has gotten to witness me pull a championship down from up above. And at Mile High, in that cell, he's going to get to watch me do it again.

    Mike Parr needs all the redemption in all the world. He needs to redeem himself for his cheap win against me in that triple threat match, where I was never pinned. He needs to redeem himself for his poor performance last year in the September match, and he needs to redeem himself for five years ago at Trial By Fire too...because I still haven't forgiven him for it, nor have I forgotten that bland reaction from the crowd he got that night...just like he receives every single other night too.

    But, I won't let him do it...not with my mask of redemption.

    Captain Prodigy chuckles at Sulley.

    Captain Prodigy: You truly have no idea what you're talking about, really don't...Mike Parr isn't my boss.

    Sulley looks on confused, as a rumbling can be heard upstairs.

    Captain Prodigy: And now, you've run out of time. It looks like Captain Carnivore has arrived...

    Just then, Koju breaks free from his bonds and attacks Prodigy with a boot...knocking him out.

    Saint Sulley: Oh, I was gonna do that!

    Kujo: You were taking too long!

    Kujo unties Kleio now too, as Sulley searches Captain Prodigy's body...

    Saint Sulley: Another key!

    Kujo: Wait, another one?

    Saint Sulley: Captain Pirate, Captain Black Jesus, and now Captain Prodigy all had them...

    Kleio: So wait that means...Captain Carnivore must have the last key.

    Saint Sulley: And he's sending his army right down here at us...

    And sure enough, The Carnivores come stomping down into the tomb, dressed in full on Athenian Warrior armor. They charge on at Saint Sulley, Kleio, and Kujo..but the trio stand strong.

    They take out each warrior one by one in what looks like an old fashioned Sparta vs Athens battle. Saint Sulley takes the shield of one Carnivore, ripping it right out of his hands and whacking him with it.

    Meanwhile, Kleio and Kujo do some damage together...taking down several warriors with boots and clotheslines.




    The Carnivores get taken out.

    They all lay on the ground in pain, as the captain stumbles his way towards Sulley...collapsing at his feet.

    Sulley takes one look at him, and scoffs...he sees a key tied to a string and hanging on Captain Carnivore's neck.

    He rips it off, taking the last key he needs.

    Saint Sulley: was Garcia who sent you.

    Captain Carnivore coughs, spitting up some blood onto the floor...

    Saint Sulley kicks the Captain in the ribs, causing him to roll over in my pain.

    Saint Sulley: Where is Garcia, and where is my mask!? I am not playing games anymore.

    Especially not with the likes of Michael Garcia, the worm that he is.

    Tell me why Michael Garcia deserves redemption? Huh? Because people feel pity for him? Garcia goes out week after week stomping around, and acting like this big invincible douche. Acting like he can just say and do whatever he wants, and there are no consequences. But then, Garcia loses...and suddenly, I'm supposed to feel bad for him? I'm supposed to feel sorry that he's so unlikable?

    I'm supposed to go around and shed some tears because Michael Garcia has choked in every title match he's had in his career? Because he can't win without Malik?

    I can go on and on again about why Garcia is a sniveling little rat, and why I'm better than him. How how I beat him not once, but twice in a row and humiliated him, but I'm honestly starting to feel like a broken record. How many chances is this guy going to get? Chance after chance he has at a World Championship? How much is he paying Blackbird under the table for this? How could Blackbird even want someone like Garcia to win? Explain to me how that makes any logical sense whatsoever. Explain to me why Michael Garcia is getting yet another shot to fight for my title and fail, while there are plenty of guys on the roster like Krash, or Devin Golden, or even Danny Toner who deserve a shot way more than him. But instead, Garcia gets it, again...he is like the trust fund baby getting fed with a silver spoon, while the rest of the roster is getting sent off to Vietnam.

    Blackbird, the rest of the roster? They've noticed.

    They've noticed the treatment Garcia has gotten, and they're not happy.

    Nobody is buying into the Redemption Story.

    A champion like me? People should be rooting for me to be slayed. Taken down so a new man may step forth and take the light. But do you know how many people were rooting for Garcia to win at Divisions Rules?

    Do you know how many are rooting for him to win this week at Mile High?

    I can tell you, as far as that roster goes, there aren't much. Michael Garcia might consider himself to be a heel...that's not true. I am a heel. Kayden Knox is a heel. Michael Garcia? He's an insufferable antagonist troll who bullies his way through the locker room. And when I say bully, I mean bully...because even middle school bullies are projecting what happens to them at home to their victims at school. What is Michael Garcia projecting? Who hurt you Michael? Why do you feel the need to go out every night and rage your insufferable ego at the rest of us to no avail?

    I'll tell you what's going to happen to Michael Garcia over the course of the next year. The same thing that always happens...Michael Garcia is going to lose at Mile High. He's going to likely go and sulk, and maybe he'll go back and reflect for a moment in the park, throwing some bread to the birds, and think about what he's doing wrong. Maybe he'll realize his insufferable personality has taken himself over so much that it's causing him to not only lose, but alienate himself from the rest of the roster, and maybe he'll claim he'll change his ways. He'll probably win a couple lucky matches back to back, like he did against Gabrielle and Alyster Black...and then? Then he'll lose again. He'll lose like he did before, and he'll lose again...and maybe Blackbird forces him into another title match, and he'll lose that too. He'll lose...and lose...and lose. And in this time we're just supposed to feel sorry for him...until suddenly, he wins. He gets one simple win, probably over someone like Bronco Wells...and BOOM...that Ego T-Rex is back in full gear, and out comes the insufferable asshole yet again.

    Honestly....the cycles gotten old, Mike.

    It truly has.

    You don't deserve my mask.

    You get no redemption.

    For you, are cursed. Cursed to forever live that same cycle over and over...with no pay off in the end.

    Captain Carnivore lays on the ground...absolutely still and no longer moving...

    Sulley: see that shovel over there? Go get it...we're going to bury this motherfucker.

    Kleio grabs the shovel and tosses it over to Sulley...who starts digging away...burying Captain Carnivore like he deserves.

    Sulley continues to dig Kujo finds something on one of the soldiers.

    Kujo:'re gonna want to see this...

    Sulley: What is it?

    Kujo holds up a tiny golden pin.

    Kujo: It''s an owl?

    Sulley's face lights knowing exactly where to go with the four keys.


    Saint Sulley, Kleio, and Kujo race now through the busy streets of Athens with all four keys.

    Saint Sulley: We have to go to the of the oldest buildings in Athens.

    Kleio: And there we'll find where to put the four keys?

    Saint Sulley: I hope so...and the mask too!

    Kujo: I'm confused...who sent those men if it wasn't any of your opponents?

    Saint Sulley: I'm hoping to find out.

    The trio reach the library, and jaunt up the stairs and to the inside.

    The place is absolutely huge, with no clear direction on where to go.

    Kujo: How are we ever going to figure this out?

    Saint Sulley: In my's usually something...right in the middle...

    And sure enough, in the big ancient library, is a statue! It's a large statute of Athena, and she's holding a large book.

    Sulley runs up to it...and looks for somewhere to put the keys...but he doesn't find anything on Athena at all...until....the book! Sulley looks at open book part of the statue, and sure enough there's a place for four keys! He puts all four keys inside...and the statue moves!

    It opens up, and sure enough...there's the Mask of Redemption!

    The ground begins to shake yet Sulley holds the mask strongly in his hands.

    Sulley: Yes! The mask is safe!

    Kujo and Kleio look on happily...but confused.

    Kleio: But Sulley...who...who put it there?

    Sulley turns back at Kleio and Kujo as he holds the mask tightly in his grip...

    His serious glare turns into a sly smirk as his plan has come to full fruition.

    Saint Sulley:
    For the last five years, I've had to worry about someone finding this mask again...wielding the powers that I once had and becoming stronger than ever before...reaching their full potential to redeem every horrible quality in them. To redeem every thing they've done wrong...all the haunting memories. Do you understand how dangerous something like this could be in the hands of my opponents? Like Michael Garcia, a man who has choked in every championship match? Or Yuna, who went one and done with the Gauntlet Championship? Mike Parr, who's never pinned me, and lost his North American Championship to Krash...or Alyster Black, who doesn't deserve to be where he's at in the first place after only getting there thanks to Blackbird and Gabrielle. All four of them could have been completely changed...completely redeemed!

    Think about the set up of this match...everyone of the four going in are absolute losers. Michael Garcia had his chance to beat me for my championship, and he failed. He lost in Brooklyn, just like he always does. Alyster Black? He had his chance too, and just like Garcia he failed too. Mike Parr and Yuna haven't gotten to face me for this big title yet, but they couldn't even hold onto their own! Parr and Yuna both had quick reigns, and both lost.



    Every one of them.

    But the fact of the matter is...there is one person in the Mile High match that could've been most affected by Redemption. Most impacted by this mask.

    One person I haven't mentioned...

    Is me.

    Imagine if I put this mask on again? If I become The Redemption, and regained my power from 2015 back? I'd be unstoppable...I'd be redeemed...but the fact of the matter is...

    Saint Sulley takes the mask and spikes it into the hard library stone below.

    It shatters across the floor, and the shaking suddenly stops.

    Kleio and Kujo both look Saint Sulley looks at the broken mask with pride.


    No Redemption.

    I will not teether on the fence of whether I am going to be a person who seeks redemption...because I don't need it. I have nothing to regret, and nothing to be sorry for. So while Parr, Garcia, Yuna, and Black can all search for theirs...I'll continue to reign strong, and I'll continue to reign dominate. Because redemption? It's for losers. That mask, it's for losers. What you're going to both see at Mile a man who isn't looking for redemption.

    It's a man looking to continue his dynasty.

    And Kujo...Kleio...the dynasty?

    It's only beginning.

    “Redemption, n. Deliverance of sinners from the penalty of their sin through their murder of the deity against whom they sinned. The doctrine of Redemption is the fundamental mystery of our holy religions, and whoso believeth in it shall not perish, but have everlasting life in which to try to understand it.”
    ― Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

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    Re: Mile High 2020 Promo Thread

    "A Picture Worth It's Words"

    We open up inside the art gallery late at night where Kayden Knox stands under a dim light. He is seen with a Easel Stand and a paintbrush in his hand. Kayden Knox is staring deeply into a painting made by his foe at Mile High "The Artist Of Chaos" Eli Black. You can see him deep in thought as the picture seems to do something to Knox. Kayden picks up the brush and begins to slowly paint onto the paper unseen to the camera as he speaks.

    Kayden Knox: Eli Black... You are someone I have had my eye on for a very long time. You are a man that has wronged my many time even if you are not aware of it. You see you and I we have a past and we have it without a single word to be said to one another. So how can I hold a grudge against a man who seemly doesn't know who I am? You know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words?

    I can't help but, to stare at this painting across from me and be given everything I need to know about Eli Black. You are a brash, self entitled, self absorbed and a fraud in every sense of the word.

    Now as an artist they say their paintings talk to them to some of them they are apart of them but, to me they are consist reminders of all that you are. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so tell me what does my painting say?

    You see to some people they would look at this painting and see the darkness that they think comes from my soul but in reality it represents the smog the dark cloud that has been raining overhead here in FWA where one persons success brings them up and leads to one others persons downfall to stick them into the ground.

    The X represents the championship the one that has seems to be almost forgotten the very championship that you yourself Eli failed to capture and much like the raven that represents death you wish to drag me to the grave to save yourself. I am not someone to be set an example of and I am not someone that will accept it.

    I made it very clear that the X Championship is the gold I wish to hold it is the gold I need to hold and I assure you that sooner rather then later it will be mine. However I can't look past you Eli. I will not overlook you just as you done so many times before because now I stare at the man that has been given everything a man that is ready to tear me apart limb from very limb. Eli you are man that is ready to paint his next canvas with a blood soak revenge and send a message to Grayson that you should be champion not as my expanse.

    Eli you have given the world a look into your soul through your paintings and you out here and proved your worth when you and Cyrus broke away in the tag team tournament. However take a look around you and see that you are all alone and when the lights shine its brightest you just can't seem to get the job done.

    Now before anything else is to be said I understand that I should not be the man to say anything given my own faults given my chances but, the fact of the matter is Eli you can win the battles with nothing at stake and you may even step into the ring tonight and defeat me one, two three however you will never be able to call yourself the true victor in the end when the spotlight is shining ever so bright

    Kayden Knox stares at the painting as it is finished and looks to the night sky. However it seems as though Knox doesn't even seem to be so sure of himself instead he seems off in thought unable to do anything as the lights go out in the gallery and we fade to black.
    Father, Friend, Hero Sazh Katzroy

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