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Thread: "The Last Great Adventurer" Yuna Funanori

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    "The Last Great Adventurer" Yuna Funanori



    Name: Yuna Funanori

    -“Pirate Lord of the the Pacific Ocean
    -Captain Funanori
    -The Voyager.
    - The Last Great Adventurer
    -The Heart of The Ocean
    -Umi No ōkami (“Wolf Of The Sea)


    Tokyo, Japan by way of the Isle of Tortuga

    5ft 1in.


    Gimmick:In recent history pro wrestling in north america has targeted some of the best JOSHI wrestler the rising sun has to offer, However unlike others Yuna certainly stands out as more “Colourful” a former fencer having represented Japan in the 2014 olympics games, she had been able to transport her life long obsession with “Pirates of the Caribbean” into a persona that have maximized her likeable personality. Having plundered and pillaged and looted the YOSHI world for years, she now sets sail and sets her sights on a even grander treasure; The FWA World Heavyweight Championship

    Non FWA Achievements;
    -A Former Olympic standard fencer
    -Experienced Yoshi talent
    -Master of Disguise

    Pure Face

    Wrestling Style:
    Standing a grand Five foot and a single inch, there will be an instinct to take Yuna Funanori lightly, short in stature and hardly intimidating but do so at your peril; Like all of JOSHI wrestlers she has been trained with a emphasis on stiff stikes and explosive suplexes and of course instilled with that “Warrior spirit” of never backing down, She has been fighting off opponents bigger to her since her debut, so she’s well adapt with fighting underneath her foes. Often looking to tire them out in the early stages of a match before targeting their legs and ankles looking to take away their vertical base as soon as she can with low drop kicks and kick boxing like shoot kicks

    Funanori, has gained a reputation for unique“Cannon ball” forearm attacks, STIFF as hell rapid fire forearms that make a large part of her attacks

    Of course, it should be noted that Yuna, is a pirate and therefore isn’t afraid to take a few short cuts to get a win, Lie. Cheat. Steal. Viva La Rasta.

    Speaking of stealing she has been known to steal the possessions of the people she beats. Entrance attires, hats. Coats. That kind of thing.

    Also she comes out with a freaking sword, that’s something to watch out for in No DQ situations

    Several armdrag variations
    -Jumping Lariat
    -Swinging Neckbraker
    -Running DDT
    -Standing Leg Drop
    -Machine Gun Chops

    -Hesitation Dropkick

    -Suicide Dive

    -Suplex Variation
    Spinning Back Kick
    -Tiger Feint Kick to the head-
    Suicide Dive
    -Diving Cross body
    -Cradle Suplex
    -Running double knee strike to an opponent seated in the corner
    -Lifting sitout double underhook facebuster
    -Inverted Samoan Drop
    -Asai Moonsault
    -Spinning Crucifix Slam
    -Cactus Clothesline
    -Corkscrew Elbow into a cornered opponent
    -Enzuigiri-Seated Senton
    -Standing shooting star press
    -Roundhouse Kicks
    -Low Shoot Kicks
    -Low Dropkick

    Tsunami Fist (Spinning Backfist)

    Black Pearl Forearm (Springboard Forearm Smash)

    Cannon Fire (Simple really;She backs her opponents in the corner and unleashes hell; Rapid fire STIFF as hell forearms right to the face in a blur of movement. Even 50 however many it takes for her opponent to sit down so she can run across the ring and deliver one final low angle forearm)
    Captain Hook- Running Spinning Uppercut
    Tortuga Rush- Slap, slap, Right Forearm, Left Forearm, Back kick to the stomach, Question Mark Kick to a kneeled over foe.
    Pirate’s Plunge-Spanish Fly
    Anchor Drop- SPIKED hurricanrana; purposely driving her opponents head into the mat.
    Walk The Plank- Yuna literally walks the top rope and hits a modified coast to coast on an opponent tied up in the ropes, the opposite side of the ring

    Finisher: Davy Jone’s Elbow Drop- Delayed Top Rope High Impact Elbow Drop,

    The Black Spot-
    Top Rope Bodyscissors Backflip Into A Back-To-Back Kneeling Piledriver. (Note: This is a last resort, do or die finisher, only to be used in special circumstances or personal blood feuds, because; jesus christ look at it! There’s a reason it’s called; “The Black Spot” It means death

    Entrance theme:

    Known as “New Adventure”


    -Wrestling Attire

    -Entrance Attire

    -A young Yuna in her fencing days

    -Yuna’s personal sword


    Manager: Patches.

    Gimmick: That’s right. It’s a parrot, but not just any parrot. Patches is Yuna’s trusty manager, tag team partner, best friend, and the best first mate a JOSHI pirate could ever ask for. Patches also serves as a helpful translator for Yuma, translating her stunted english into more eloquent statements. He’s mostly content sit at the steps, watching over matches, but be forewarned; if anyone tries to take liabilities with his mistress, He has sharp claws and he’s not afraid to use them.

    It’s Ashes to ashes when Patches’s scratches. Squawk-!

    Non FWA Achievements;
    -Will accept payment in crackers
    -Can speak English, Japanese,
    -Is the world’s most wanted bird,
    -a wanted criminal mastermind .

    -Cleaning self

    -Clawing someone’s eyes
    -Canadian Destroyer

    -Born in a sea shanty town off of Toyko; she was born to an Japanese fisherman and a mother who died in child birth, even with that Yuna always said she never felt lonely as a child and that “She was raised by the sea” having been brought on several fishing trips in her youth, she felt as comfortable on a boat as she was on land.

    -It was around the age of seven, Yuna’s life changed forever; Her father had scrimped and saved and eventually was able to afford a day at Disneyland Toyko ,which only a few hours to spend at the park, obviously there was only so many rides they could go on. And if Space Mountain wasn’t closed,and the line for Snow White wasn’t insane. Yuna’s path in life might have been totally different. She was already excelling at fencing, if Yuna wasn’t afraid of the haunted mansion she may have followed a liner path in life, A gold medalist in the marking, but instead Yuna’s life changed with a few simple words;

    “Ahoy there, crew! For your safety, remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the boat—and watch your children. And no flash pictures! Prepare to make sail!”

    Yuna, left the pirates of the caribbean ride an entirely different person then she entered, from that moment on, she was hooked on the strange english man at the end of the ride and the world around him, She watched the movies so many times, it was how she learned English, she created her own outfit, and would run around town, with a pointy stick challenging strangers to duels. It was generally considered this was just a phase she’d grow out of it.

    -She did not.

    -In the mean time; she had a successful career in fencing even going to represent Japan in Brazil, olympics games. However, after the games she retired from the sport and instead began training in various forms of martial arts for her debut in pro wrestling, what the JOSHI world was expecting a former olympic fencer, a serious competitor coming to make her mark in the world of wrestling.

    ...What they weren’t expecting was the same serious competitor coming out to the ring dressed as a pirate.

    The rest is history.

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