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Thread: NJPW G1 Climax 30: Be The One!

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    Re: NJPW G1 Climax 30: Be The One!

    Ibushi is one step closer to become a God. Good for him. Hopefully he wins the title at Wrestle Kingdom and saves us from LIJ running the scene.

    The Two Domes this year helped New Japan financially through the year while everything stopped. I can only imagine they think the same again. Plus they won't have the same money from a typical single dome show so two will cover that (running the Dome is expensive in its own right). I think they'll split the titles at Wrestle Kingdom though. Ibushi only mentioned the Heavyweight Title seemingly and this seems like a good time to split them apart again.

    I loved the Ibushi v SANADA match but it fit with the rest of the tournament's top matches - being good without bei being great.

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    Re: NJPW G1 Climax 30: Be The One!

    I think this tournament at least wasn't boring, and had a few great matches, but many more matches that were mind bogglingly stupid and it ended on two low notes with one of the worst angles ever in Block A and a shitty EVIL/SANADA match in Block B.

    In general, I'll give brief thoughts on everyone.

    Yano: Did the same stuff as always and remained unfunny as always.

    EVIL: Godawful. His YH match was a miracle performance from YH and even then he added nothing. Everything else sucked and is a sad example of Dick Togo usage on top of it. He's very bad.

    Yujiro: Wasn't horrible but meant nothing and showed nothing to put him back in. Arguably his best match was a big angle that lasted 4 minutes. Need to turn him babyface as he is much better showing fire than putting everyone to sleep working on top.

    Juice: I thought he had a pretty bad tournament quite frankly. His matches vs. EVIL & SANADA in particular were embarrassing and the SANADA match would be up there as one of my least favorite matches in the tournament. Should have been Finlay in this tournament.

    White: His wrestling is bad and his dance counter sequences are arguably the worst in a company with people bad at it, but I will say he did a bit better with his character in years past as the silenced crowd required him to try a bit harder, although it was still pretty basic stuff all and all. Still, he was probably not as bad as years prior and definitely better than EVIL though you still get the sense that the crowd simply don't buy into him as any kind of star.

    SANADA: He has a strong case as the worst pure wrestler in the company and lived up to it in most of these matches. He's borderline embarrassing in many of his matches, particularly with Juice and Ibushi you could easily spot a ton of fuckups on his end and seems to be oil to everyone else's water in this company. He's over with the fans so you can't fault the company for pushing him but God...he really is bad. At least he didn't almost dump himself on his head again with a botch like in NJC so that's something I guess.

    Cobb: Better than last year and had his best match ever vs. Ishii but ultimately just came across as a guy. Highly average.

    Taichi: He was far from great for the most part, but had my favorite match of the tournament against all odds. It feels like he ranges from horrible to average for 8 matches and then there's that 9th that reaches MOTYC every year. An enigmatic guy.

    Ospreay: Bang average at best and then had my least favorite moment in any wrestling show this year. On the positive side he was at least consistent, mixing dumb stuff with great spots and he still can't act worth a damn. Don't know what they see in him either especially as a heel but I just don't get his appeal at all.

    KENTA: I had low expectations but had a couple of matches I highly enjoyed and would say exceeded my expectations. Other times like with Juice and Naito it didn't work but that was more on them. EVIL might have been the worst match of the tournament however. A mixed bag.

    Suzuki: A High high vs. Ishii, a couple of low lows vs. Taichi & White, and a lot of really middle of the road and forgettable matches. Weird tournament and one that wasn't great. He's better off not being in the G1.

    Naito: Had arguably the best match of the tournament against Tana and then had a lot of long and boring matches. Putting him in 28 minute matches every night is bad already but his heart really seemed to not be in this tournament much. Still, love that Tana match.

    ZSJ: He did alright but wasn't enamored with his tournament. It always feels like something is missing with him in NJPW. Still his consistency was needed in B Block with a lot of lackluster workers.

    Okada: Much has been said of his stupid storyline that DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A PAYOFF. And his lackluster work in general. But he did deliver in the Ishii & Shingo matches at least and in this tournament that's probably more than most. That said, his defenders make mind boggling mental leaps to claim him as any sort of "great" wrestler.

    Goto: By his standards this was much worse than other years but was hurt and handicapped by the circumstances surrounding him. Still enjoyed his performances vs. KENTA & YH and was rarely bad, even against EVIL. Just a solid tournament but sadly nothing special this year.

    Ibushi: Well he won the tournament, had my favorite match of the tournament, and had multiple great matches and yet it's hard to shake that he felt like a total background player even in his Block compared to Okada and Jay until the very end. There were times he annoyed me with his lack of selling but there's no way him winning wasn't an improvement over the main 4 ahead of him in the tournament I feared.

    Shingo: He was one of the 5 best workers in the tournament but even then it was a big drop from 2019 and it feels like all his matches should have been better. Still, hard to argue he didn't have a very good tournament.

    Tanahashi: One of the highlights of the tournament and the only person to have a good match with SANADA, this man deserves a lot of credit but in a weird way actually benefitted from NOT being a focal point in terms of booking as he didn't have to be involved in a poorly booked or nonsensical storyline. If there was any doubt, Tana is at worst a much better wrestler than Okada and Naito and it was proven yet again.

    YOSHI-HASHI: Along with Tana, the B Block MVP. Benefits from always trying his hardest and got himself over once again. Had one of EVIL's best matches of his career and by far the best of his BC leader run. I also quite enjoyed his matches vs. Goto, KENTA, & Tanahashi and even SANADA was above average for SANADA.

    Ishii: The same things said about him every year is true this year, and arguably might be his finest singular performance considering how literally nobody in his Block was on his level and he still has Ishii-level performances night after night, even adding new things in each match like his armbar and even a stundog millionaire at one point! Without question the MVP of the tournament and ahead of everyone else. It's clear they know he is too because he was rewarded by winning the main event on the final night, sadly the closest to a block win he'll get probably.


    Ibushi winning isn't great from a story perspective and he's unquestionably colder than he was last year but he was the best case scenario as the other 4 options were all actively bad. I wasn't a huge fan of his run with Naito but in the main event of the Dome they'll have a crazy epic so it should at least be entertaining.

    My 5 favorite matches:

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