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Thread: Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

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    Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

    A small camera crew brings us the views inside the lovely home of ďThe Goddess of Opportunities.Ē Panning through the well lit hallways and into the luxurious living room of the Goddess herself. Illuminated by a rather expensive lighting setup in a white gown, with long sleeves, fur trimmed edges, open legs and cleavage on full display. Gabrielle is properly made up, donning caramel lipstick with pearls around her neck, white heels, and a golden anklet. Across the couch sits her tag team partner, the casually and quite under-dressed Alyster Black. Donning his signature mask, a plain grey hoodie and a pair of blue jeans. Heís bare footed, having taken Gabrielleís invitation to make himself at home to heart and quickly disposing of his shoes and rolling his mask up over his mouth. His attempt to light a cigarette was met with scorn from his tag team partner and his pack of smokes was confiscated by one of the camera crew.

    Gabrielle: In my time on this couch in front of the camera I have spoken with so many amazing people, Iíve sat here and gotten to know more about people I admire, people I respect, and people Iíve always wanted to know more about.

    But Iíll go ahead and say it. Today I have the best guest Iíve had so far, and potentially the best guest I ever will have.

    Alyster leans back into the couch, pulls his mask back down over his mouth and begins to relax as Gabrielle sings his praises.

    Gabrielle: One half of Black Caramel, a man who bested King Sullivan with a quickness, a future World Champion, and just in general a great, charming, even sweet man. Alyster Black...Black Jesus himself. It's such a privilege to have you here with me today.

    Alyster: This is a comfy couch. It's about time you had me over.

    Gabrielle: This is a very relaxed side of you Iím seeing here. Iím liking it.

    Gabrielle takes a moment to look Alyster up and down, and then glances down upon her own body briefly. It's a stark contrast between the pair. Alyster, so casual and relaxed, Gabrielle dressed to seduce.

    Gabrielle: But still you wear that mask. I have seen under it briefly...and after seeing the man under there I have to know why do you wear a mask?

    Alyster readjusts in his spot. Raising his arms to the side and resting them along the headrest of the long couch, he crosses his legs and tilts his head toward his partner.

    Alyster: Why do you wear eloquent makeup and lavish clothing? Because you want to portray yourself a certain way and hide all your insecurities. I wear my mask so that the Alyster Black inside me is comfortable enough to crawl out of the deep dark recesses of my soul. I mean, you should know it's actually harder to hit someone when theyíre looking right at you. The mask helps with that. The mask gives me comfort and anonymity, which is great when Iím out and about in civilian life.

    Gabrielle nods her head as she copies her partner's relaxed position.

    Gabrielle: That anonymity must be amazing at times. Take off the mask and you can just relax with none of the pressures of fame. I guess though I have to ask, what motivated you to start wearing your mask in the first place?

    Alyster: I was born and raised in southern California and it was common for Lucha promotions to tour around. I used to go to the shows with my father and I got to see these real life superheroes perform. They inspired me, well not just me. My entire wrestling class donned masks too. It became a tradition for anyone graduating from our wrestling school to imitate our Luchador heroes. Granted, we donít follow the same traditions. I donít value my mask as much as they do in Mexico. Iím a little careless with it, I mean youíve seen me without it.

    Alyster waves a hand toward Gabby as he mentions the Ďincidentí from Payback. He then shrugs his shoulders. Gabrielle smirks broadly and nods her head.

    Gabrielle: Moving on from that, the big question of course is what motivated you to become a Professional Wrestler in the first place?

    Alyster: Big fan. I couldnít not pursue it. I grew up watching it, and then imitating it. And when I started I couldnít get enough of it, it was like a switch flipped in my head. A perfectly legal outlet to fight people that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Gabrielle: You really do love to fight donít you partner. Tell us about your journey to the FWA, what led you here in 2020?

    Alyster: Money. It's always money, isn't it? If the doors of CWA were still open Iíd have gone there. But the doors are shut closed arenít they? I came to FWA because this is where the money is and the best competition in the world.

    Gabrielle: A very honest answer. Can you tell us a bit about your friendship with Krash?

    Alyster: Whatís there to tell? The man is like a brother to me. Iíve known him for over 10 years now. Weíve been through everything together. Dizzying highs, lowest of the lows. And we stuck together...for the most part.

    Gabrielle: We'll come back to that later...Now a question that I might regret; Myself or Krash...who would you prefer to be partnered with?

    Alyster: See now, you canít go and put me on the spot like that. Iíll just answer with this; the better looking of you two.

    Gabrielle smiles blissfully, taking a moment to once again admire her own figure before teasingly raising an eyebrow and acting shocked at Alyster, only for her smile to quickly return.

    Gabrielle: Well Krash does have an impressive moustacheÖ

    She playfully sticks her tongue out at Alyster.

    Gabrielle: How do you see our future in the Elite Tag Team Classic playing out?

    Alyster: I see us winning. Sure we had a rocky start but perfection isnít achieved overnight. Loss is just the first step to perfection.

    Gabrielle: We can only go up from here Partner. Is there anyone in the Tournament that you are particularly glad you are not partnered with?

    He throws his head back, then scratches his chin. Heís silent for an uncomfortable amount of time. Gabrielle is forced to clear her throat to catch his attention.

    Alyster: Huh? Oh, Dave Sullivan I guess. I dunno, I went into this tournament with a willingness to make any drawing work. It worked out perfectly that I got you as my partner. I couldnít have asked for a better one. You were number one on my list of people I wanted to team with, the rest of my top five being Cyrus Truth, Michelle von Horrowitz, my cousin Eli, and that British jerkface cunt Kevin Cromwell.

    Gabrielle grins from ear to ear.

    Gabrielle: And I couldn't have asked for a better Partner either...Partner. Moving on from Black Caramel. One of the things I respect the most about you is heading into Payback you didnít overly celebrate the way you got there. Youíre a man who will be World Champion someday soon. But you didnít necessarily look at winning a Gauntlet match as being an accolade to be proud of. Can you tell us a little about your motivations, and how you conduct yourself? Not many people would dismiss the way they got to a World Championship match no matter the circumstances.

    Alyster: I like to think I fight with a sense of honour. Iím not above getting my hands dirty and cheating within reason but I like my matches to be fair. I hated getting a world title shot by entering a gauntlet match last, I hated getting a win over Big Mike in a handicap match. Iím just here to put a little spark back into my life, and I feel like fair barbaric gladiator style fights are how Iím going to do that.

    Gabrielle: I respect you immensely for all of that. Be honest, if not Pro Wrestling, what would Alyster Black be doing with his life?

    Alyster: Iíve never put any thought into that question. I was a bouncer while I was starting out. I imagine Iíd still be doing something like that if I wasnít wrestling. Iíve never been all that ambitious.

    Gabrielle: Then have you always been a fighter?

    Alyster: Depends on how you define fighter. A warrior, Iíve only been since I started wrestling. Before that was a different story.

    Gabrielle: Iíll let you keep that secret but ask; do you have a secret talent we don't know about?

    Alyster: I wouldnít say talent but I have a guitar I play once every now and then. You know when my hands arenít numb and in unbearable pain from wrestling.

    Gabrielle: You continue to surprise me Partner, Iíd love to hear you play some day. But I have to know...what did you do with my lucky bra?

    Alyster: Nothing dirty. I put it away with all my memorabilia and treasured items.

    Gabrielle: Iíve seen enough of you, and know enough about you know to have to ask this question; Do you, Alyster Black know how incredible you are in the ring?

    Alyster starts laughing at the question.

    Alyster: I wouldnít say I was incredible. If I was youíd be conducting this interview with the FWA world champion. Not your tag team partner who youíre trying to butter up.

    Gabrielle leans in closer to Alyster, a somewhat stern expression upon her face.

    Gabrielle: That is just a matter of time for you, Sullivan got the better of you once, but thats all it was.

    Alyster nods his head, very slightly but then moves the conversation along.

    Alyster: Enough about me though. Letís discuss you a little. I think the first thing everyone would like to know is, just when do you plan on becoming world champion again?

    Gabrielle: OOO a little role reversal time...Iím not there quite yet. I mean sure it would feel incredible to be the World Champion once again right now. Iíd love to be able to show you that Title right here and now. But Iím having fun tormenting Davey. I donít think Iíll quite be ready to cash in until Dave is scared of anything with caramel in it. I want to make him dread my name and constantly be nervous that Iím coming to bring down his Kingdom.

    Alyster: Ha, thatís fair. Well then how do you feel about Alexandra Marie aping your interview gimmick on Fight Night?

    Gabrielle: What can I say other than imitation is the best form of flattery. I wish her the best, maybe her interviews will be as talked about as mine are...maybe.

    Alyster: Is that hot tub story from Dave Sullivanís castle party thatís been circling around the locker room true?

    Gabrielle: Well...Iíve heard no less than four hot tub stories about myself from that Party. All I will confirm is that each story has some elements of truth to them, and a lot of falsehoods. So somewhere within them all is a true hot tub story in Dave Sullivans castle. Let your imagination run wild...

    Alyster: Interesting...fuck, marry, kill. Louis Valander, Michelle von Horrowitz, Davey boy Sullivan?

    Gabrielle: Hard hitting journalismÖ

    Well, Louis is such a sweet kid, maybe a little naive...but heís cute, so Iíd rock his World. Dave Sullivan, now Iíd have to marry him. Just imagine how much I could torture him being his Wife, that would be so great. And Iíd get to live in a Castle! So that leaves Michelle, nothing personal...

    Alyster: Whatís your most fond FWA memory?

    Gabrielle leans back on her couch for a moment in deep thought before a smile crosses her face.

    Gabrielle: Defeating PAJ for my second FWA World Championship. It doesnít get any better than that.

    That was a moment years in the making. It was over three years prior that I had lost the FWA World Title. In those three years I was divorced twice, had one Wedding and welcomed my Princess Carmella into the World. I fought for the FWA against Jimmy King and his plans to destroy it. I had a War with Stu St.Clair that changed me forever. There were so many ups and downs in those years but everything felt worth it when I pinned PAJ, and was then joined in the ring by Carmella and Chris Kennedy to celebrate. Nothing else quite matches just what that meant to me to win, and to celebrate with my daughter in the ring.

    Alyster nods his head appreciatively as Gabrielle smiles proudly. Then in a quick change of tempo and mood she clasps her hands together and giggles with delight.

    Gabrielle: But now Aly, Partner I have to introduce a new segment for the Interview. Something different, something new. An extra special guest!

    Alyster perks up, cranking his neck to the side as he hears the sound of footsteps approaching on the marvelous tiled floors. If you could see under the mask youíd see his jaw drop at the sight of his Ďformerí tag team partner, none other than the other half of the famed ĎGang Starsí, the current FWA North American ChampionÖ Krash. Slicked back hair, smooth, luxurious moustache, sporting a pale green waistcoat above a white shirt and brown trousers, as is typical, Krash politely clears his throat as he approaches the set.

    Krash: Well, well, well. Fancy meeting you here, Alyster! Always good to see my favorite person in the world.

    His eyes flicker towards Gabrielle at the end of the couch, his tone transitioning from warm and smooth to a more measured, even tone.

    Krash: And Miss Gabrielle, of course.

    He nods his head at Gabrielle in greeting, before sitting himself down in the middle of the couch, crossing his legs and throwing an arm around Alysterís shoulders.

    Krash: Not interrupting anything, am I?

    Alyster grumbles and grabs Krash by the arm, quickly removing it from around his shoulders. His tone is cold.

    Alyster: You sure are. One wonders why you were even invited here.

    Gabrielle: I didnít think this would be this awkwardÖ

    Alyster: Awkward? Sitting here with this two-timing whore. Hardly.

    Krash: Oh, not this againÖ

    Gabrielle shrinks back into the couch a bit as her eyes dart from Alyster to Krash.

    Alyster: Iím just saying, co-champions is just a fancy phrase for TAG champions. And now youíre teaming with HIM?

    Krash: I hardly had a choice in the matter.

    Alyster: Dave Sullivan got to choose his partner!.

    Krash: Well Iím not Dave ĎGoddamnedí Sullivan, now am I?

    Alyster responds with another low grunt and crosses his arms over his chest whilst turning his back to his Ďformerí partner. Krash does the same, though Krash is left facing Gabrielle. She awkwardly smiles at Krash, and then offers him a little wave.

    Gabrielle: Thereís a lot more animosity here than I was expecting...A LOT more.

    Alyster and Krash speak at the same time.

    ďYeah well you have HIM to blame for that!Ē

    Both men fume at the prospect of being so in sync with each other. While Gabrielle can't help but giggle at their synced up statement.

    Gabrielle: Gentlemen, can we put this tension aside. When I spoke to you earlier Krash you were eager to come on here and ask Alyster a few questions. Is this, what weíre doing now really what you wanted? Alyster is a good friend is he not? And Alyster, Krash is not someone you want to bicker with like this is he?

    The stern composure falters, and Krash lets out a sigh.

    Krash: Look. I loved Alyster. The best years of my life were with him. And when he... When I drove him away, something changed. In him, or me, or both of us, I can't say. But since he came back, he feels... Like a stranger. Someone I only knew in a fading dream.

    And it hurts, because I miss him. I've always missed him. Every day of those seven years when Alyster Black vanished from my life, I longed for his return. For my best friend to throw his arm around my shoulders, call me an overdramatic idiot, and laugh.

    Alyster throws his hands up, rolling his eyes and turning to address Krash.

    Alyster: Listen you, Iím the same as I ever was. And you are being an overdramatic idiot! Youíre looking back at those old days with rose coloured glasses. Our CWA run was a joke, do you know how many shows we werenít booked on? Weíd go well over a month without a match, and that was when we were tag team champions. And before that, we were fighting each other. You took two world championships away from me!

    He lets out a belly shaking laugh and smacks his Gang Star partner on the shoulder.

    Alyster: God, could you imagine if we were actually bitter? Thatíd be so lame.

    Krash: I know right, like we didnít just go and practically die to win the CWA tag team titles together.

    Alyster: So like, you know Gabby and I are going to kill you and Parr to get the FWA tag team titles if we have to right? So no hard feelings pal?

    Krash: Yeah right, like you guys even have a chance!

    The Gang Stars share a rousing round of laughter as Gabrielle is left bewildered by their antics.

    Krash: Okay, last question. Who do you consider to be a better partner. Me or Gabrielle?

    Alyster: We covered that one.

    Gabrielle: You didnít fare too well...sorry.

    As Gabrielle smirks playfully Krash looks down shaking his head. He silently swears to himself and then perks back up.

    Krash: Whatever, Parr is a better partner than you anyday!

    Gabrielle: Time will tell. Maybe we'll get to see Black Caramel vs you and you're new Buddy...

    But for now this has been a very enlightening and informative...and awkward at times evening. But I loved having you both on the couch here with me.

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    Re: Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

    This is the best episode so far. Really entertaining and easy to visualize the whole thing. Alyster calling me his cousin make me chuckle hard.

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    Re: Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise View Post
    This is the best episode so far. Really entertaining and easy to visualize the whole thing. Alyster calling me his cousin make me chuckle hard.
    Thanks. This was definitely a fun one to write.

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    Re: Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

    Really enjoyed this. Would've been an interesting read even without the surprise addition at the end. Gabrielle is either anti gay marriage or I've completely misread the Dave Sullivan relationship!

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    Re: Interviews In Caramel 7: Alyster Black

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Really enjoyed this. Would've been an interesting read even without the surprise addition at the end. Gabrielle is either anti gay marriage or I've completely misread the Dave Sullivan relationship!
    What Im taking from this is that MvH has the hots for Gabby...

    She was married to woman a long time ago.

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