Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently commented on the creative direction of the company on his Conversation With The Big Guy podcast. During the show Ryback would make some huge statements regarding WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, saying that he needs to sell the company as soon as possible.

“He tapped out, he’s not hungry anymore” Ryback began on the podcast. “From the level of a creative aspect of things? He hasn’t been. Because he’s got too much money. It’s [WWE] too big for his own good.”

The Big Guy would elaborate further, saying “he’s being pulled in too many different directions. He has too many people working for him. The business is not…he’s not doing much wrong from a financial standpoint of creating revenue. That is what he cares about. That’s all he is, he goes ‘Ryan I am a business man;’ that’s all he’s looking at is the numbers. Vince McMahon is no longer interested in the details of creating compelling long term storylines and mega stars.”

Ryback would finish by referring to the Paul Heyman situation; with the former Executive Director of RAW being removed from his position. “We see it with the writers, like the Paul Heyman stuff, and they are crucial. He’s [McMahon] not…he doesn’t want to relinquish any control. He needs to sell the company and they need to get people that are hungry in these positions and the product. They have the stars there, they just need to get the right people that have a vision that want to prove themselves.”
Quote - SEScoops.

Okay. So I've been in a similar position where I've looked at a business owner and thought "You're not bothered about the service/product because you're making money". But, also, what they often fail to understand is that they could make MORE money by improving their product and bettering their service.

WWE is all about the TV revenue which will dry up in a few years time if the ratings keep diving, so they could be in a position where they need to look at other revenue streams. The WWE Network imo was an attempt to move away from the instability of PPV buys towards a system that relied on regular venue that fluctuates but remains solid or rising.

However, this hasn't happened and it's mostly because their fan engagement and interaction long-term needs to be drastically improved.