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    - CWA -
    One Night Only's official kick-off show...

    The scene opens on what appears to be, at first glance, some sort of television studio. The background of the picture is taken up by a red brick wall, and attached to this wall is a series of championship belts. Hanging by one of their straps and arranged in a uniform and regimented fashion are, from left to right: the CWA Women's Championship, the CWA High Voltage Championship, the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, the CWA Tag Team Championship, and finally the long-defunct CWA Continental Championship.

    To the right of the belts are four posters, arranged in diamond formation: LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi face off on the poster for Five-Star Attraction 2017... below and to the right, Chubby Carlos and Cyrus Truth stare each other down in advertisement of the same event in 2012... to the left are Krash, The Andrew Alexander, and Carlos again on the poster of Redemption 2013… and at the base of the diamond is Retribution 2017, with six faces appearing as bullets in a chamber to advertise their Steel Roulette match: clockwise from the top is Snowmantashi, Lilith, Krash, LIGHTBRINGER, Nate Savage, and Prince Ali.

    On the left hand side of the championship belts is a wardrobe, hanging up from which is a series of perhaps thirty t-shirts. We can only see the side of most of them, but we catch glimpses in the closet of merchandise for The Movement, The Ultimate Pain, and Rich Stone. Above it all, on a high shelf that goes from the far left to the far right of the studio, stacks upon stacks of event programs are piled on top of one another, one for each of the pay-per-views that took place during CWA's storied existence. On the edge of the wall, left and right, are two tall and thin digital screens. The one on the left displays the logo for One Night Only, whilst the right screen is emblazoned with the insignia for The Launch-Pad pre-show…

    In the foreground of the image is a long desk, and on its surface there is yet more merchandise, giving the room the impression of a grotto or treasure trove for the most ardent CWA aficionado. We can clearly see retro dolls of Roberto Superstar and Ashley Adams, alongside a Cyrus Truth bobble-head. Next to them are more modern action figures of the Echo, Drew currently hoisted up in the air by his brother Ethan, as if in the midst of a delayed vertical suplex. In front of each of the four people sitting behind the desk is an identical mug, emblazoned with the Adrenaline Rush logo. Attached to the front of the desk is a series of dogged and weathered banners and signs, which look like they were collected from arena floors after past events. There are a huge number of them, and they are often obscuring one another, but the most eagle-eyed viewer can make out a few of them:

    - ”Roberto Superstar for President.”
    - ”Chubby Carlos stole my cheeseburger.”
    - ”Summer’s Over!”
    - ”Mister Mister!” with caricature drawings of Mr. Showtime and Mr. Willis.
    - An OBEY poster shaped like a cheeseburger, with The Chubster’s face.
    - "I saw Mr. Showtime in Sharknado!", with an illustration of Showtime holding a great white in a delayed vertical suplex.
    - "Dan Maskell is my role model."
    - "Sticks & stones may break your bones but Roberto Superstar breaks your ass."

    We cut to a close-up shot of our host, and Michelle Kelly smiles warmly at us, as if about to take us by the hand…

    Michelle Kelly: "Ladies and gentlemen, what an absolute honor and a privilege it is to welcome you to the CWA: One Night Only pre-show! This is The Launch-Pad, my name is Michelle Kelly, and I am joined here on this historic evening by three very special guests…"

    The camera cuts back to a wide shot, three male guests sat to Kelly's side. She introduces each of them in turn.

    Michelle Kelly: “First of all, immediately to my left we have a man who was instrumental in putting this event together: the former General Manager of Adrenaline Rush, Noah Hanson."

    The camera cuts to Hanson, who is wearing a sharp bluer suit without a tie. He smiles warmly at the camera, but it comes across as smarmy and makes you feel like you need a shower.

    Noah Hanson: “The pleasure is all mine, Michelle. “

    Michelle Kelly: “Next to him we have our second esteemed guest, a former High Voltage Champion and a veritable CWA legend… Shawn Summers. Shawn, it's great to have you with us…”

    Summers is more casually dressed than the other panelists, wearing a black hoodie and tan shorts (though we can’t see these through the desk). He nods at the camera in lieu of a greeting.

    Michelle Kelly: “And finally, we have the man who has represented the wrestler who could be argued to be the most dominating force in CWA history. I'm talking, of course, about Jon Snowmantashi, and I'm joined here tonight by none other than John Duncan.”

    Duncan is wearing a tight fitting black suit, a white shirt, and a thin black tie. He pushes his spectacles up his nose and fiddles with a pencil.

    John Duncan: “Thank you for having me.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Just like we have a stacked card planned for you, we have an action packed Launch-Pad this evening. We will be analysing every match on the main show, as well as bringing you exclusive clips from yesterday's One Night Only press conference. And that’s failing to mention the highly anticipated match-up between Sweet Sammy Riggins and Dicky Zuko, along with interviews with very special guests. But first, let's take a look at one of the biggest matches on tonight's card…”

    As she says this, the two electronic screens on the wall behind her come to life. The one on the left now hosts a picture of LIGHTBRINGER, whilst on the right we have a ferocious image of Jon Snowmantashi.

    Michelle Kelly: “It was Five-Star Attraction 2017 when LIGHTBRINGER, the winner of that year's Wrestle Royale, took on then CWA World Champion Jon Snowmantashi. After one of the best matches of the year, the Kaiju emerged as the victor and retained his championship belt…”

    As Kelly speaks, we see a montage of highlights from that particular battle. We see the two men exchanging suplexes and power slams, and then a series of ever escalating strikes, most notably a huge sliding kick from the challenger that draws a wince out of the assembled New York audience. We see a LIGHTBRINGER, his face a crimson mask, held in a sleeper hold by the champion. Finally, we witness the Hailstorm Cutter, LIGHTBRINGER finally down for the three count. The end of the montage sees Snowmantashi celebrating with his championship belt as confetti falls from the ceiling.

    Michelle Kelly: “John Duncan, it feels only right to ask you about this match-up first. Snowmantashi may have won that contest back in 2017, but how has the Kaiju been preparing for the re-match? Have you done anything differently the second time around?”

    John Duncan: “What? You mean like work out? No idea, honestly. I didn't realize that was part of my job. I mean, this is Jon Snowmantashi we're talking about. You don't exactly need to worry about his game plan. That's why he's the perfect client.”

    Unable to stop himself from joining in the discussion, we hear Hanson’s voice from off-screen. We cut to his smug face, leaning back in his chair, gesticulating freely with his hands as he makes his points.

    Noah Hanson: “We all remember Jon Snowmantashi and his dominant run here in the Clique Wrestling Alliance. I don’t believe he’s been particularly active in the years since, but Jon Snowmantashi was, is, and always will be a force to be reckoned with. I don’t think we need to worry about the kaiju’s preparations. Even if he avoided the gym and the sparring ring for a year, there would still only be a handful of men in the world who could keep up with him. Snowmantashi is a big match sort of guy, and this will be an unbelievable match-up, I feel sure.”

    John Duncan: “I couldn’t have said it better myself, Noah.”

    The two share a half-smile (almost a smirk) at each other, and it feels though their contact leading up to this event has been more regular than you might expect.

    Michelle Kelly: “And what about LIGHTBRINGER... do you think he will bring anything different to the table? Will we see a different man to the one your client beat back in 2017?”

    John Duncan: "LIGHTBRINGER has probably spent more time with elite competition over the past few years, so I'm sure he's better to some degree. I'd say last time LIGHTBRINGER wasn't ready to face Snowmantashi, this time he probably is. But guys like Krash were ready too, and that didn't help him much.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Interesting, thank you. Shawn, I wanted to ask you about this one as well. I’m sure that every wrestler has memories of that one match that didn’t go their way, and dreams about putting it right. Not many wrestlers have that opportunity, but LIGHTBRINGER does tonight. Do you think Tokyo Kisai stands a chance of avenging this blemish on his record?”

    Summers is casual as he answers, and speaks with clarity and confidence.

    Shawn Summers: “You know, I don't think he does. When I think of LIGHTBRINGER, I think of his last couple of performances in the CWA ring and you know what comes to mind? Someone who lacked drive. Someone who lacked motivation. Someone who was defeated. LIGHTBRINGER is being handed an opportunity that not many wrestlers get, and I honestly think it's an opportunity that he truly didn't want.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Are there any matches in your own career that you would like to visit again, Shawn? Any skeletons in the closet… re-matches that you’ve dreamed of but never quite got around to?”

    Summers thinks for a moment, digging through the resources of his memory for an answer.

    Shawn Summers: “I would have to say my match against MVH is the one that I'd like to avenge. I stand firm behind my belief that women should not be competing in physical combat or sports against men. However, I believe that in our match I took things too easy on MvH and underestimated her as an athlete and paid for it. If we were to meet today, I'd have to argue that it would be a different story.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Okay, gentlemen, we warned you about this. It’s prediction time: who is your money on? Jon Snowmantashi or LIGHTBRINGER?”

    John Duncan: “Jon Snowmantashi is the easiest client you'll ever have. In big matches, he does not lose. It takes an army to take down Snowmantashi, and I'm not sure LIGHTBRINGER's got an army in his back pocket tonight.”

    Shawn Summers: “Jon Snowmantashi was one of the most dominant champions in CWA history and I think he dominates at the reunion show.”

    Noah Hanson: “This is a tough one to call, Michelle. On the one had, you have Jon Snowmantashi, who as I’ve already mentioned always turns up in the big matches. And then on the other you have LIGHTBRINGER, who will be out for revenge and to even up the tally. I think that extra motivation, that memory of the loss at Five-Star Attraction 2017, might tip the scales ever so slightly in LIGHTBRINGER’s favour.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Well, we have a split decision here tonight to start things off, and I don’t think that will be for the last time tonight. Gentlemen, for now, thank you…”

    We cut to a close-up of Michelle, who smiles at the camera again and shuffles her notes in front of her. She now talks directly into the camera.

    Michelle Kelly: “It’s now time for one of our very special guests here on The Launch-Pad. He is the very last holder of the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, the richest prize in the game, as well as the winner of the inaugural Young Lions Cup. I ask you to join me in welcoming Brayden Bridges to the show…”

    The camera has panned out to reveal Bridges sat next to Kelly, dressed in his street clothes and with his own Adrenaline Rush mug in front of him. The CWA World Championship sits proudly on his shoulder.

    Brayden Bridges: “Glad to be here, Michelle. It feels good to be back!”

    The two share a smile at each other before Kelly looks down at her notes, preparing her first question.

    Michelle Kelly: “To jump right into it… of course, you have a very special and notable place in CWA history, being the last ever World Champion in this company. You won this title by defeating all three members of the Dark Watch in a single night. Would you say that's your greatest accomplishment in the company?”

    Brayden answers almost instantly, but he skirts around the question slightly.

    Brayden Bridges: “A second chance. CWA gave me a second chance. I was a man who lost everyone and everything. I fell into drugs. I went to prison. I served my time... and CWA and the fans - they gave me my second chance. I wasn't handed anything. I earned my way here and it started with the CWA Young Lion Cup. Then, it came with this CWA Championship right here on my shoulder. I was The Lost Soul but CWA gave me soul... a home... it gave my life meaning and while tonight I may not be inside that ring - personal matters have kept me out of it - I am gonna be watching the very best CWA ever had compete here tonight.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Lilith is a woman that you'll know very well, as I've already mentioned. What advice do you have for Ashley Adams as she prepares to do battle with her tonight.”

    Bridges takes a second to pause, thinking the question through. Something resembling a smile creeps onto his face as he remembers his wars with Lilith and her goons...

    Brayden Bridges: “Lilith... her and I we battled during the last days here and she held that title hostage. Her and The Dark Watch were a cancer to CWA. I never asked to be the white knight and save the day, but in the end I did what I had to do to save CWA from Lilith. Ashley Adams... you need to go into that place you are afraid to go to... you need to find that thing you fear most and you need to face it or she will expose it and you will fall. Lilith is a parasite that feeds off of your innermost and darkest fears. And while she had the CWA World Championship, she had the power. Without it... God only knows what she is going to do.”

    Michelle Kelly nods along with the answer, following the story of Brayden and The Dark Watch and seemingly agreeing with his analysis and advice to Ashley Adams.

    Brayden Bridges: “Lilith and I are very similar in some ways. Whilst she used fear as a weapon, I used it as a motivator. You see Ashley... Lilith is not like anything you have ever faced, and to go into this without knowing if her other two disciples are gonna involve themselves... you’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head. I’ve got to be honest... I don’t see it happening. I see Lilith winning here tonight and whatever the future holds for CWA, know that Lilith is always a factor.”

    Michelle seems tentative before asking her final question, not sure if she is being too direct.

    Michelle Kelly: “Finally, were you approached to wrestle tonight on One Night Only? The Elite are putting their status as the last ever tag champs on the line tonight. Were you tempted to lace up those boots one more time? Will we ever see Brayden Bridges in a wrestling ring again?”

    Again, Bridges smiles. He elects to be coy.

    Brayden Bridges: “Nobody knows what the future holds, Michelle…”

    Kelly smiles back at the ambiguous response, adjusting her notes in front of her as Bridges takes a sip of water.

    Michelle Kelly: “Brayden, thanks for joining us, and enjoy the show…”

    We again cut to a wide shot of Michelle Kelly and the three panelists, ready to introduce the next section of the show. The images of Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER on the screens behind them have disappeared, replaced now by opposing visuals of Lilith and Ashley Adams.

    Michelle Kelly: “That brings us along nicely to our next match-up. It was indeed Brayden Bridges who ended her reign, but next up we are going to discuss another former CWA World Heavyweight Champion. The Mother of Ravens will tonight go one-on-one with a woman whose name is synonymous with the women’s division here in CWA: Ashley Adams.”

    As Kelly introduces the match-up, we are shown footage of both of the competitors. The videos of Adams are relatively lo-fi and old-school, as the first ever Women’s Champion hits a few of her signature moves on various opponents. We see her way back in 2010 nailing the Sweet Dreams tornado jumping DDT, as well as a handful of spinning heel kicks. Finally, we are shown her locking in the sharpshooter, her opponent writhing in agony as she taps on the mat. For Lilith, we see a montage of Mists, each one a different colour, before her Widow’s Peak that she calls the Murder of Crows. Finally, we are shown her Judas Kiss (Destino) finisher, which she happens to be hitting on the previous guest, Brayden Bridges.

    Michelle Kelly: “The penultimate World Champion will face off against the first and longest-reigning Women’s Champion in what will surely be a fascinating match-up later on tonight. Let’s take a look back at yesterday’s press conference, when these two women came face-to-face.”

    We cut to footage from the conference, a room full of journalists looking on as Lilith walks out to take her seat on Noah Hanson’s right. It's freaking weird to see such a supernatural being such as The Mother of Ravens sat at a press conference dressed as she always is, a black hood over her face looking down at the ground for the most part, clearly not enjoying the fact she's here. It's awkward all around that she's in this setting. Ashley Adams is already sitting to Hanson’s left, nonchalantly sipping at her water and smiling in Lilith’s direction…

    We cut to the first journalist, a boom held above their head, ready to ask his first question.

    Journalist #1: "Hi there, it’s Jared Peagrove here from Power Slam Monthly. My question is for Lilith: if you could face anyone else on the card, who would it -?"

    Immediately, Lilith leans forward and into her microphone, interrupting poor Jared with an intensity in her eyes.

    Lilith: “Do you consider yourself a God? For only Gods have the power to question my whims. I answer only to forces that would break what little sanity you have a million times over if I were to even speak their names...and yet you believe that you are fit to question the very darkness itself. I find your ego pitiful, and your attempts to establish yourself as an authority over me....insulting. This is your warning. Do not temp faith again.”

    The camera cuts back to Jared, who is clearly quite uneasy in response to the diatribe. He cannot rebuild his courage enough to ask his vapid question of the other woman, so instead leans back in his chair. A young woman with a notepad sat next to him leans forward.

    Journalist #2: “Good afternoon, I’m Lisa De Rossier, from the Gorilla Position pro-wrestling and yoga self help podcast. My question is for Ashley Adams. it has been many years since a CWA ring has been graced by your presence, and your illustrious achievements are now many years in the past. Far longer than your opponent's accomplishments? Are you at all worried about ring rust?"

    We cut to a close-up of Ashley Adams, who has her usual casual air, but in her eyes we can see that she is taking this match seriously. She leans forwards towards her microphone.

    Ashley Adams: “It has been entirely too long since I have stepped foot inside of a ring, I believe the last time was that CWA/FWA supershow where I faced that no good bimbo Gabrielle Montgomery. In regards to my list of accomplishments, they can speak for themselves but I can also gladly speak for them. Longest reigning CWA women’s champion in history? Check. Last ever CWA women’s champion? Check. Far more illustrious then whatever that witch Lilith ever did, CWA World Heavyweight Champion? Pfft, big deal.”

    Here, she rolls her eyes in derision. Lilith doesn’t react, simply continuing to stare downwards with her hood over her eyes.

    Ashley Adams: “I’m not concerned about ring rust in the slightest because since this show was announced I’ve been training tirelessly. I have to look my best as well be the best for all of the peasants that will come to watch their Queen Bee.”

    There’s a confidence about the way she talks and it’s clear that Hanson appreciates it, nodding along with her as she speaks. We cut back to the crowd, and a third journalist. He is wearing thick-rimmed (non-prescription) glasses, has his hair tied up in a bun, and drinks a latte (with almond milk) from a cup emblazoned with the logo of an independent coffee outlet.

    Journalist #3: “John Hargreaves-Maclinson of The Gentleman Grappler, with a follow-up question for Ashley Adams. in her pre-match comments, it seems that your opponent tonight thinks that this match is beneath her. Do you feel that Lilith is underestimating you?"

    Ashley Adams: “Beneath her? Honey, you should feel fortunate enough I even agreed to this match with you. The way I see it you’re the one that’s beneath me. Lilith underestimating me will only cost her in the end and make her look even more foolish than she already does.”

    No reaction from The Mother of Ravens. We instead cut to our fourth journalist. This one is middle-edged and balding, though what hair he does have is a mess of curls and tangles. He wears a Gang Stars t-shirt and speaks directly to Lilith.

    Journalist #4: "Hello, Lilith, this is Mark Peevee from the Collar and Elbow Tie-Up wrestling newsletter. A lot has been made in the media about your own accomplishments, being the penultimate CWA World Champion and de-throning Jon Snowmantashi in the process, no less. We must remember, though, that Ashley Adams is the first and longest reigning CWA Champion in history. How do you feel her accomplishments match up to your own?"

    This is where it gets weird. Lilith actually looks up at the reporter, making eye contact with a gaze that… well, there was no other way to say this, it was an intense and heavy glare that seemed to scream "I'm going to murder you". The reporter seems to freeze up abruptly, the microphone falling from his hand , but he doesn't seem to notice. Eyes wide, unable to tear himself away from Lilith's glare, almost hypnotized by her eyes… it was then his nose started to bleed…

    From there, we get a brief glance of a photo opportunity staged between the two. They stand in front of the desks, Noah Hanson positioned in-between them. Lilith stares almost straight through her opponent, who is not meeting her gaze and is smiling as a hundred cameras flash around them.
    Michelle Kelly: “Some sharp words there from Lilith, which is what we have come to expect from The Mother of Ravens. One of the journalists alluded to it there, Shawn, but it almost seems as if Lilith doesn’t believe Adams deserves to share a ring with her. Do you think there might be an element of over-confidence there? Is Lilith underestimating Ashley Adams?”

    Back in the studio, Kelly throws her first question at Summers, who looks down the lens to deliver his answer.

    Shawn Summers: “No, I 100% agree with Lilith. Ashley Adams shouldn't be sharing the ring with Lilith as a competitor. There's no competition there. Ashley is looks first and wrestling second. Lilith is wrestling first, wrestling second, and wrestling third. Ashley may have agreed to this match thinking that she could help elevate women’s wrestling, but she may have signed her career death certificate. Personally, I would have rather seen Lilith versus Brayden Bridges on this show. If you compare the matches, it’s still two bitches facing off against one another. So, there's really not that big of a change.”

    Michelle suppresses her shock at Summers, a brief shake of the head followed by a change in tact.

    Michelle Kelly: “What do you make of this situation, Noah? Ashley Adams is a highly talented performer, but not many are giving her much a chance against Lilith.”

    Noah Hanson seems happy to finally be called upon, and he leans forward in his chair as if standing to attention. He uses one of his hands to push his hair back into the correct position and then, with a smug look on his face, responds whilst focusing his attention only on Kelly.

    Noah Hanson: “You know, at first glance, I can see what everybody is saying. Lilith was the World Champion, and certainly ascended beyond any notion of a Women’s division. But things were very different when Ashley Adams was performing regularly for the CWA. If opinions were different, and more women were allowed to go up against more men, then perhaps Ashley Adams’ legacy would be very different to what it is now. You know, when I heard Adams speak, I understood things from her perspective, and I saw the hunger and desire that she had ten years ago. I think we’re going to see an upset here tonight.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Interesting, Noah. Okay, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, gentlemen. Lilith or Ashley Adams: who are you picking?”

    Noah Hanson: “It’s going to take a lot, no doubt, but if Adams is still the same elite performer as she was when we last saw her? I think she could pull off quite the upset here tonight.”

    John Duncan: “I have to give it to Lilith. She did take the CWA World Heavyweight Championship from my client after all. Ashley Adams is talented but Lilith is just... something different entirely.”

    Shawn Summers: “Are you kidding me? It's Lilith. Ashley Adams should have stayed retired.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Well, personally I agree with Noah. I think Adams might surprise quite a number of people tonight.…”

    We return to a close-up shot of the host, who is still smiling as if she doesn’t know how to do anything else. Behind her, the images of the two women disappear, and are now replaced by pictures of Prince Ali and Mark Merriwether (one above the other) on the left hand screen, along with Chubby Carlos on the right.

    Michelle Kelly: “We move on now to take a look at this special attraction triple threat match, featuring another former CWA World Heavyweight Champion. I’m talking, of course, about the man who won the Wrestle Royale in 2012 and went on to defeat Cyrus Truth at Five-Star Attraction: Chubby Carlos.”

    We are again shown a montage of some of Carlos’ career highlights. We see several of his eliminations during his Wrestle Royale victory, and then some key moments from his first world title win against Cyrus Truth. The footage ends with him hitting his Patty Melt top rope diving senton on Truth, and then celebrating with the belt after the match.

    Michelle Kelly: “Everybody’s favourite Chubster will tonight compete against Prince Ali and ‘The Hollywood Standard’ Mark Merriwether, two men with very different styles and, often, interpretations of the rules. And I can now introduce you to our second special guest of the evening, and the second CWA World Champion that I will be talking to tonight. I’m talking about none other than Chubby Carlos himself!”

    The camera pans out to reveal El Chuberino, a smile on his face and wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a cheese burger on it. He looks in good spirits as Michelle finishes her introduction.

    Chubby Carlos: “Thank you for having me on, Michelle…”

    Kelly almost blushes.

    Michelle Kelly: "It’s our pleasure. Of course, you are one of the most decorated stars in CWA history, as well as one of the most beloved. You are a Wrestle Royal winner, a former world heavyweight champion and have main evented Five-Star Attraction. Do you feel that your position on the card is fair considering your contributions to this company?"

    Carlos smiles, almost laughs, at the question, adjusting his position to lean back in his chair whilst he answers...

    Chubby Carlos: "Nah dude. It's all good. So they wanted to put two dudes in the main event, because Puro is over as hell at the moment and they wanna get as much eyes on the product as possible. It's cool though. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I've always been the main event, and I have been since I first stepped into a CWA ring in 2010, no matter where I am on the card. Hey, that ain't opinion .That's just pure, historical, documented fact. So, opener. midcard...You can TRY follow me. But… I mean… Come on; we all know they can't.

    Michele’s face suggests she admires the confidence, and that it has been hard- and well-earned over the years.

    Michelle Kelly: "If we can shift focus and take a look at the match tonight. You’re scheduled to compete in a triple threat match tonight against both Prince Ali and Mark Merriwether. Which of your two opponents tonight do you feel poses the biggest threat and why?"

    Carlos shrugs his shoulders.

    Chubby Carlos: “Meh. Don't get me wrong. I'm not overlooking either of them, but I'm not threatened by anything. Never have, never will. I mean, sure, no disrespect to Prince Ali and Marky Mark. I'm sure they're… good. But good ain't good enough to put me down.“

    It seems as if Michelle initially wants to push the point a little bit more, but eventually decides that any attempt to have Carlos add some tension to the match might be futile. Instead, she changes tact.

    Michelle Kelly: "Okay, Carlos, one final question. A little bit of a curve ball, I guess… if you could face anyone else on the card, or indeed any of the many wrestlers in CWA’s long history… who would it be, and why?"

    This one makes Carlos think for a moment, his face a picture of puzzlement as he strokes his chin thoughtfully.

    Chubby Carlos: “It's not anyone on the card per say: I look around this room, and I don't see Roberto Superstar. Rich Stone. Mr Showtime, or anyone from my generation. Those are the people I want to fight, The legends that built this place and would know that this night is special. Not two dudes that showed up for a cup of coffee and are just here for a paycheck. But hey, it's cool. I'll make up for it and put on a show. I always do.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Indeed you do, Carlos. And i look forward to seeing you later on tonight. Good luck!”

    Carlos smiles knowingly.

    Chubby Carlos: “Don’t need it.”

    We return to our four panelists: Hanson is looking idly down at his notes, whilst Summers is staring at something off camera. John Duncan, however, looks all of a sudden quite interested, and is leaning forward in his chair.

    Michelle Kelly: “And before we get to our discussion on this match-up, I am told that Mr Duncan has an announcement...”

    Duncan addresses the camera directly with a big smile on his face, clearly quite proud of his ability as a negotiator...

    John Duncan: “Thank you, Ms. Kelly. After a talk with Mr. Hanson earlier today, I was able to negotiate a change to tonight's triple threat match. It will now be a fatal four-way match featuring my newest client: Izaya Snowmantashi!"

    When we cut back to a wide-shot, we see Michelle Kelly clearly exchanging a glance with the camera-man. It seems she’s just worked out why Duncan agreed to appear on this pre-show. It is also notable that he waited for Carlos to leave the studio before making his announcement. Hanson picks up the slack.

    Noah Hanson: “I was only too happy to add Izaya Snowmantashi to this match-up, as soon as the idea was first brought to me. Izaya is a special talent, and one that didn’t have enough of a chance to shine during his short run here in CWA. I’m confident his inclusion will only add to the excitement of this match.”

    Michelle Kelly: “And the other competitors in this contest? Will they be as pleased as you are about the late change?”

    There’s a momentary flash of annoyance on Noah’s face as he’s confronted by Kelly’s sudden attempt at a hard line. It passes as quickly as it appears, though, and the calm, cool, collected manner that we’ve come to expect returns.

    Noah Hanson: “Of course, the other three wrestlers will have to make adjustments. But these are top-tier athletes, Michelle. Making adjustments is part and parcel of that. I’m sure that Ali, Carlos, and Merriwether will rise to the occasion.”

    Michelle Kelly: “Mr Duncan, what do you think Izaya will bring to this match-up? Which of his three opponents do you think poses the biggest threat to your, um, newest client?”

    John Duncan: “No one. Jon Snowmantashi wins matches. Izaya Snowmantashi puts on a show. And no one can stop Izaya from putting on a show.”

    Seemingly flustered on the behalf of the other competitors in the match, Michelle takes a moment to compose herself before continuing with the show…

    Michelle Kelly: “Okay, gentlemen, despite the late change in line-up here, we are still going to ask you to predict the winner of what now is a Fatal 4-Way match. Chubby Carlos, Prince Ali, Mark Merriwether, and... Izaya Snowmantashi. Who do you think will emerge the victor in this one?”

    John Duncan: “All three of these guys are amazing talents and I'm sure they'll put on a show, but I couldn't really say that any of them really stands out as a winner. Izaya, on the other hand, is a star in the making.“

    Noah Hanson: “I’m going to take Mark Merriwether. I think he had a lot of potential and he’s never afraid to let something as inconsequential as a rule come between him and victory. I see a lot of myself in Mark Merriwether: suave, sophisticated, a certain je ne sais qoui, if you will…”

    Shawn Summers: “I can't tell you a winner in this match but I can tell you a loser. The loser is the fans having to watch it.”

    We return to our close-up of Michelle, as the three (now four) competitors’ images disappear from the screens behind her. They are quickly replaced by the grinning faces of Sweet Sammy Riggins and Dicky Zuko…

    Michelle Kelly: “We are going to take a break from analysis now and bring you the first of eight match-ups scheduled for tonight: it’s ‘Sweet’ Sammy Riggins against Dicky Zuko. It’s now time to hand over to Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman live in the 2300 Arena, for what is only a taste of things to come at One Night Only!”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut to an interior shot of the small but packed arena, just in time for the first entrance music to hit…

    Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike
    He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough
    Gina works the diner all day working for her man
    She brings home her pay, for love, for love.

    As the sound of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer hits the system, the fans in attendance give our first contender a warm welcome. Sammy Riggins enters through the curtain, taking a brief moment to bob his head as the fans bang the railings and sing the words to his theme. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love this song? An easy-going grin on his face as he takes a moment to take in the occasion in before strutting down the ramp

    Tim Coleman: “A few days ago, Sugar Sean O’Malley, welcomed us to the sugar show with a fantastic first round knock out, but if there’s one thing sweeter than sugar... It’s Sammy Riggins.”

    Jim Taylor: “This kid has it all; He excels at every sport, he throws himself at, he’s a one of a kind grappling machine, and the crowd loves him. If this kid chooses that path, we could be looking at a future major player.”

    Sammy Riggins takes the time to fist bump everyone in the first row, keeping the party going whilst rolling into the ring, slapping the referee on the back in a friendly gesture that nearly knocked our poor striped official off his feet. Before heading to the corner and posing for the crowd nodding his head to the beat. As his theme fades away…

    Baby, There was a time
    When you wouldn't even look my way
    You left me behind
    Turned my life into darkness and gray
    This time I know she will stay
    No more running a-way-a-wayyyy

    It’s a surprisingly loud reaction as the acoustic guitars of Nekromantix’s psychedelic bastardization of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”... “Dead Girls Don’t Cry” kicks into gear. It’s a mix between “X-Pac Heat” and Ironic cheers. They know what’s coming and sure enough, we hear the sounds of a car horn honked incessantly as the hot pink classic Cadillac known as “Peggy Sue” rolls into the arena. As always, it’s driven by its owner Dicky Zuko. After stopping the car right beside the ramp. Dicky stands up on its seat and reveals himself/herself in all his/her splendour, (as always) looking like an extra from “The Outsiders” on acid. Clad in his/her usually thick black leather jacket, slicked-back hair, sunglasses, and eternally smouldering cigarette between his/her lips. He/she screams out with arms outstretched to the crowd. Looking delighted that He/She managed to get into an area after a series of attempts to get on FWA TV. Before throwing his/her cigarette into the crowd and hopping over the passenger door and on to the rap way (giving “Peggy-Sue” One last loving look and screaming at the ringside attendance “DON’T TOUCH MY FREAKING CAR!”), he makes his/her way down the ramp pausing every once and awhile to make sure his/her hair is slicked back to perfection.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s amazing to me, out of all the legends in CWA… Mr.Showtime. Mr Willis. Roberto Superstar... They all retired, but Dicky Zuko has somehow survived.”

    Tim Coleman: “Dicky is the STD of the wrestling world, just lingering around... Don’t forget we’ve heard rumors and seen the videos of Dicky trying to force a way into an FWA contract. A win today would surely help that case”

    Eventually, after Dicky is done leering at the women in the crowd, he creeps into the ring (making sure to comb his/her hair just once) before tossing his/her grease-covered comb and his/her leather jacket to the side.

    Lindsey Monahan: “The following match is scheduled for one fall, with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds, ‘Sweet’ Sammy Riggins!”

    A positive reaction for Riggins emanates from the small but very vocal crowd.

    Lindsey Monahan: “And his Opponent; From Pleasantville, USA- Dicky Zuko!”

    Dicky, too, gets a pop. The return of CWA action will get anybody over, it seems. Lindsey retreats from the ring as the referee makes his final preparations.

    Singles Match.
    ‘Sweet’ Sammy Riggins versus Dicky Zuko.

    The bell rings, and we’re on.

    Dicky rushes out from the corner, in a maddening run - and RUNS RIGHT INTO A PERFECTLY TIMED, STIFF FLYING KNEE RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES! Jorge Masvidal would be proud! The crowd gives an “oooh-!” as Dicky flops down to the canvas, a glazed over look in the greaser’s eyes. He’s clearly out for the count. Sammy is not messing around tonight, as he grabs Dicky, under hooking the arms… looking for the finisher… ONLY TO GET BIG BOOTED IN THE FACE. A massive gothic-looking man dressed all in black and wearing a spooky match that...I mean quite frankly seems like he’s trying way too hard to look dark and scary, but hey, I’m not judging. has stepped over the rope and has begun attacking Sammy Riggins.

    Tim Coleman: “Wait, I know who that is; It’s THE LORD OF DARKNESS-!

    Jim Taylor: “Who?!”

    Tim Coleman: “It’s a CWA original, he was on the very first CWA show-! It’s the Australian Career Killer; The Lord Of Darkness-!”

    Jim Taylor: “...Wait, his name is The Lord of Darkness and he has the nickname ‘The Australian Career Killer’?!”

    Tim Coleman: “Yeah? Why?”

    Jim Taylor:“Well, I mean, I think there comes a point where you hit a point of diminishing returns with scary wrestling names right?”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Hey, don’t look at me, Lord Of Darkness is a traditional Australian name, names like that are part of their culture... Like Krash or Alyster Black.

    The ref moves forward to yell at The LOD, looking like he’s about to signal a DQ... but he just gets a backhand for his troubles! The ref is sent flying from the ring by the might of edgy, dark monster heels before the LOD turns his attention to Sammy Riggins, hitting him with a series of finishing moves that he listed as basic moves in his profile BECAUSE THAT’S HOW COOL AND DARK HE IS-! Before trying to get him in position for a tombstone...

    Tim Coleman:
    “Oh my god-! The Australian Career Killer is going to kill another career!”

    Jim Taylor:
    “What’s Sammy going to bring the count up to?”

    Tim Coleman:”

    But wait, Sammy begins to kick and struggle, enough to move off his shoulders, change the momentum and delivers a TOMBSTONE of his own! It’s Tomb-sweet! The LOD rolls out of the ring and back into e-fed obscurity as Sammy shrugs off the attack and looks to advance on a recovering Dicky Zuko, who is still nursing a bloody nose in the corner...WHEN HE’S MET BY A FOREARM TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD. What the hell?! A pale, gaunt-looking man with black eye shadow has just blindsided Sammy, taking a moment to stalk around the ring, hissing and wagging his tongue out showing off his... fangs?! Wait a minute...

    Jim Taylor:
    “Wait, is that- Vampyro LeMures from High Voltage!? What is going on here?!”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Isn’t it obvious?! Dicky Zuko has recruited some of the most colourful figures from CWA’s past to help him out!”

    LeMures moves in for the kill, battering Sammy with a barrage of punches, but not even his elevated supernatural abilities are enough to keep Sammy Riggins down for the count. He begins to fight back with rapid-fire punches, taking the fight to the king of the undead, but Lemures pokes him with a long nail right to the eye, Sammy stumbles back grabbing his eye, and that’s all Lemures needs… as he lunges forward and buries his fangs in Sammy’s exposed neck… but wait-! Lemures stumbles back quickly, almost like he’s repelled, grabbing his throat in pain, coughing and spluttering all over the ring.

    Vampyro LeMures: “Gah… too… Sweet”

    Lemures can’t take the sweetness of Sammy Riggins! Sammy uses the moment to rush forward, grabs him by the waist and launches him with a MASSIVE German suplex. The magical vampire man rolls out of the ring thanks to the impact, but Sammy isn’t letting up, he looks out at the crowd pumping his fist, trying to get going, he bounces off the ropes and looks to be going for a suicide dive to the outside-


    The arena is engulfed in confusion as the area goes back for a few brief moments before they turn back on… Sammy Riggins’ path is blocked by a tall beast of a man engulfed in smoke. He’s wearing a green cape and a tiger mask, and grabs Sammy him by the throat and chokeslams him.

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor:
    “What’s his deal?”

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor:
    “... and what’s the deal with the mask and the magic powers?”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Look, this guy wears a lot of hats, don’t question Doctor Space. He has a Medical Degree damn it!”

    The crowd boo as Vampyro moves back into the ring. Doctor Space and Vampyro LeMures begin to stomp the bejesus out of Sammy Riggins, double-teaming him, while a now fully recovered Dicky eggs them on and offers instructions. Eventually, Space and Vampyro knock the wind out of Sammy with the dreaded double suplex and lay him out supine on the mat. Space and Vampyro hold him in place as an older looking man in green tights climbs the top rope.

    Tim Coleman:
    “Look at this; All the stars are coming out-! It’s Randy The Ram Robinson, another CWA original!”

    Jim Taylor:

    Tim Coleman:
    “Oh man, this looks bad for Sammy, he’s going to-”

    Jim Taylor:
    “No, no, no. We’re not just going to gloss over that; Randy The Ram Robinson?”

    Tim Coleman:
    “... Yes”

    Jim Taylor:
    “The fictional character played by Mickey Rourke in the 2008 oscar-nominated movie The Wrestler?“

    Tim Coleman:
    “I’ve never seen it. “

    Jim Taylor:
    “Ok, but is that Mickey Rourke up there now?”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Um, if it was Mickey Rourke I would have called him Mickey Rourke. That’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson. Why the hell would it be Mickey Rourke?! He’s an actor, not a wrestler-!”

    Jim Taylor:
    “So who's playing him?!”

    Tim Coleman:

    Jim Taylor:
    “... But didn’t he die at the end of that movie?”

    Tim Coleman:
    “He looks pretty alive right now!”

    Jim Taylor:
    “But… how… what? He’s a fictional character! How-”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Jim. This is the Pre-show. This is a four-hour show, and we’re not even ten minutes in. Just go with it. Pace yourself”

    Randy The Ram stands up at full height, weeping hysterically. If you listen carefully you might be able to hear Bruce Springsteen play wistfully on his guitar as Randy leaps forward almost in slow motion and hits THE RAM JAM-! RIGHT TO THE HEART OF SAMMY RIGGINS! Instantly as he meets his mark. Randy hightails it out of the ring and retreats into the crowd muttering something about “I’d like to see Sean Penn do that. Where’s my fucking oscar, huh?!”

    The terrible trio celebrate in the ring, as Sammy looks down for the count before Dicky starts directing traffic. He sends Vampyro out to rouse the Ref, while Doctor Space grabs Sammy off the ground and holds him in place. Dicky reaches into his/her jeans for an awkwardly long time and pulls out a pair of brass knucks. He/She lengthens the moment by holding up the weapon for all to see before placing them on his fist. Then, he’s rushing forward to deliver the killer blow. BUT SAMMY DUCKS AND DICKY HITS DOCTOR SPACE WITH ENOUGH FORCE TO KNOCK HIS MASK BACKWARDS!

    Dicky stares in horror as the greaser’s plans backfire. Taking his moment, Sammy roundhouse kicks the knucks right out of Dicky’s hand, before delivering another kick laying out Dicky; meanwhile, Doctor Space is stumbling around blindly around the ring, that makes him easy pickings for the SWEET SURRENDER DDT-! It’s back to intergalactic medical school for Doctor Space! Vampyro, seeing the way the wind is blowing, goes for a blind attack, Sammy ducks, kick. SWEET SURRENDER DDT-! Down goes Vampyro! Desperately, Dicky begins calling for reinforcements and here comes Eddie Von Gunner! The washed-up glam rocker screams all the way as he goes for Sliced Bread… But Sammy reverses the momentum and tosses the still screaming Eddie over the top rope. But Sammy is given no time to relax as Zack Sullivan runs into the ring and starts slashing at Sammy with hands holding two massive needles full of heroin.

    Eddie von Gunner: “I just want to be an inspiration to other recovering addicts-!”

    He screams as he swipes wildly with the heroin needles. Thankfully, all of his attacks are misses, as Sammy uses his own momentum against him and tosses him out of the ring!

    And then there were two; it’s a fair fight at last-! Sammy smiles, feeling, like this match is his… only to be met WITH A LOW BLOW! Dicky was waiting for him on his knees and uppercuts Sammy Riggins right in the nuts from behind, The arena is awash with boos as Sammy leans over, his face contorted in agony, as Dicky just laughs and shouts “Ohhh-!”. He/she quickly shifts position into a sloppy pinning combo, one hand grabbing the tights and the other grabbing the ropes for an insane amount of leverage, as the ref finally climbs back into the ring. He’s clearly still feeling the effects of the earlier assault, unable to see the blatant cheating... the crowd boos the prospect of Dicky winning his/her first-ever match in such a cheap way as the Ref counts very dramatically.


    Sammy is trying to kick out, but there’s just too much weight.


    Jim Taylor:
    “No, not like this! Not like this!”

    Tim Coleman:
    “Grease is the word!”

    THR - - SMASH-!

    Almost in slow motion, Dicky’s eyes go glassy, and he collapses to the ground as someone from the outside of the ring smashes a glass bottle over Dicky’s head….

    A glass bottle full of milk?!

    Sammy Riggins is confused as he gets up and sees on the outside of the ring a near seven-foot giant dressed in a white shirt and slacks combo, complete with black bow tie and cap. He looks up at him and smiles

    “I always deliver.”

    He tips his cap at Sammy - who has long admired him - and walks pass the ref - who has long admired him - and to the back - where all the wrestlers have long admired him are-

    Jim Taylor:
    "I don’t even know how to call this, The pinfall was broken up, by some kind of; ‘Milk Man?!’”

    Tim Coleman:
    “I don’t know what to say except, this is a gimmick, that would fit in perfectly with a main event role seamlessly and anyone who doesn’t see that is a fool!”

    Clearly, Sammy is as confused as anyone who doesn’t read the FWA Discord right now, but isn’t about to question it, as he picks up the limp body of Dicky… underhooks the arms… SWEET SURRENDER-! Sammy rolls him over and shoots the half.



    The bell rings as Sammy rolls off his downed opponent, using the ropes to lift himself to his feet. He climbs to the second rope, getting a huge ovation as he beats his chest.

    Lindsey Monaghan:
    “Here is your winner, via pinfall at ten minutes and fifty two seconds… ‘Sweet’ Sammy Riggins!!”

    Jim Taylor:
    “Well I don’t think we will see ANYTHING quite like that tonight, Tim…”

    Tim Coleman:
    “You’re right, Jim. Except for one important thing: that match was full of surprises, and I think we can expect more of those later tonight.”

    Jim Taylor:
    “You may turn out to be proved correct there, Tim. This was just a taste of what’s to come at CWA: One Night Only! But for now, it’s time to go back to Michelle Kelly in The Launch-Pad studio…”

    Our last lingering shot is of Sweet Sammy Riggins hopping down from the second turnbuckle and having his hand raised in victory by the official. The fans are cheering his name when we cut back to the studio.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We return to our panelists, and note that Duncan has removed his jacket, clearly getting hot beneath the bright lights in the studio. Hanson, in contrast, still looks as composed and well put together as ever. Behind them, the screen on the far left of our picture now shows Michelle von Horrowitz and Humanity, whilst the one on the far right hosts images of XYZ and Clint Shepard.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Welcome back from us here in the studio, and it’s now time that we spoke about the High Voltage Tournament. Four competitors will take their place on the starting blocks, and we are told that the two semi-final match-ups will take place at the beginning of tonight’s show…”

    We see footage of the four competitors during their CWA career. Michelle von Horrowitz nails a 450 Splash on WOLF… Clint Shepard hitting his License to Kill version of the Olympic Slam… XYZ walks the ropes and then delivers his trademark springboard front flip leg drop… and Humanity damn near breaks an opponent in two with his Devil’s Whisper neckbreaker. Michelle Kelly continues as a narrator as the images flash by on our screen.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “... first up will be Humanity versus Michelle von Horrowitz, and then directly after that we will see XYZ face off against Clint Shepard. Later on in the night, the winners of these matches will go toe-to-toe, and the winner will take home with them the illustrious High Voltage Trophy.”

    We see the trophy for the first time: it is tall and gold, and on the top of it is a sculpture of a wrestling ring. The four ring posts have been replaced by thunder bolts, and ‘2020 HIGH VOLTAGE TOURNAMENT’ is engraved onto a small plate at its base. Like all wrestling trophies, it looks moderately terrible and extremely gaudy.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Let’s find out what happened yesterday at the press conference, when these four combustible elements shared a stage.”

    In the conference room, the combatants are positioned so that Hanson is between each of them and their semi-final opponent. To Hanson’s left is Humanity, who cuts an imposing figure, and next to him is Clint Shepard. XYZ sits on Noah’s right, and is staring off past the camera, a lot going on in his eyes. Finally, next to him is Michelle von Horrowitz, the FWA X-Division Championship sitting proudly on the table in front of her. She looks disinterested and sips at her water.

    We cut to the audience, and to a balding man who scratches his belly slowly and deliberately as he asks his question.

    Jouranlist #1: “Hello, good afternoon… It’s Mark Vilderblitz here from the Samoan Drop podcast. My question is for Humanity. You have a long history with the Clique Wrestling Alliance, plying your trade with the company for many years. What about this event made you want to make a return?"

    Most of the eyes in the room fall upon the CWA legend… except for Michelle von Horrowitz’s, who stares up at the ceiling.

    "CWA was my home for a long time. It was where the people came to see me as more than a psychopath, some "monster". It's where they saw me as a father, husband, and very very ill man. The people hated me at first but they started to love me as time went on. It's not an easy thing, becoming beloved despite your shortcomings. That is what was so special about the Clique Wrestling Alliance. That's why I do this, and why I came back for this event. I wanted to see the people again."

    Journalist #1: “Amongst your list of accolades is a reign with the High Voltage Championship, and tomorrow night you will compete against Michelle Von Horrowitz in the High Voltage Tournament. What does that particular championship mean to you?"

    Humanity mulls the question over, as if taken by a momentary bout of nostalgia.

    “The High Voltage Championship was the first title I had won in the CWA, it was one of my best matches too, I remember the ladder match like it was yesterday. The people saw the battle we went through and they knew just how much winning that title would mean to me. I clawed and I scratched my way for it, and brother, it was one of the best feelings in the world to hold the High Voltage Championship, a title with a rich history. That championship represented everything it meant to be, well, a wrestler."

    There’s a respectful pause, punctuated by a loud and elongated yawn from MvH. Some of the assembled journalists shake their heads reproachfully.

    Journalist #!: “I guess the obvious follow-up is to ask the same question of Michelle von Horrowitz. You have made your opinions on this company QUITE clear. Why are YOU here?”

    Michelle doesn’t take her boots of the edge of the table, and continues to lean back ever so slightly on the hind legs of her chair.

    “I thought you were a journalist? I answered this question in a press conference earlier today. Jesus, don’t you read the news? You just write it? Okay, for the hard of hearing. I’m here for several reasons. Mostly, it’s for the glory. It’s always for the glory. Secondly, I’m here to right a few wrongs. Take a look at the history books of CWA High Voltage Championship. You will see these three men here in that lauded list of names. Even interim champions are listed…”

    A sidewards glance towards XYZ.

    “But where am I? NOWHERE, of course! I do not want to rake up the bodies of my past once again in front of you all, but the GALL of this! Admittedly, I stole the championship belt and went to Japan and then Europe, but complete erasure? This is unheard of. The man sitting in the middle of this table - yes, YOU, Noah - I would hold him entirely responsible if I wasn’t aware of his shortcomings as a General Manager and as a man. But if I cannot have my High Voltage Championship reign listed in the history books, the High Voltage Tournament will have to do.”

    She takes her water and takes a lengthy sip, clearly dehydrated under the bright lights in the hall. We cut to a second journalist, wearing a ‘SUMMER’S OVER’ t-shirt and with a big shit eating grin on his face (as if he’s taking after his icon).

    Journalist #2: “Milos von Eriksen. The Daily Echo newsletter. Question for XYZ: Your first match in the High Voltage tournament is against Clint Shepard, a man a lot more experienced than you and with a lengthy HV championship reign in his list of accolades. How do you prepare to face off against a veteran like Shepard? Do you think you can show him anything he hasn't seen before?"

    XYZ is staring slightly above and to the left of the journalist, but spurs into action when called upon.

    “The Shepard ... of sheep ... has never seen ... a black sheep ... quite like XYZ. This Shepard is ... is going to have to deal with a lighter ... in the forest. This Shepard ... must deal with fuel ... in the ocean of snakes. He's a Shepard ... who has no worry or concern ... for the Voltage of High. He doesn't want the shockwaves anymore.”

    Journalist #2:
    “Excellent point. Follow-up question to Clint Shepard: XYZ has what can only be described as a very unorthodox style. Have you ever fought anybody like him before, and how are you going to have to change up your usual style to deal with him?"

    The Icon leans forward towards his microphone, the assembled press each leaning towards him in turn, pencils outstretched towards their notepads. You can feel the anticipation for Shepard’s big return.

    Clint Shepard:
    “I have encountered a number of opponents in my time similar to him and his style. He is unique, I like that about him. He marches to the beat of his own drum. I’ll just have to do what I can to keep up with him, but in my heart I believe that I can”

    One of the journalists who spoke during the Lilith-Adams press conference, Mark Peevee of the Collar and Elbow Tie-Up wrestling newsletter, raises his hand to draw the boom over to him.

    Journalist #3: “I have a question for all four wrestlers, but let’s start with XYZ. If you do manage to progress past The Icon, you will face off against either Humanity or Michelle Von Horrowitz in the final. Which of these competitors would you rather face, if you should beat Shepard?"

    “Humanity ... is evil. He's not the representation ... of humanity. And Michelle von Horrowitz ... does not have the desire ... to represent the tireless workers ... the people who are stepped on ... who wish for a voltage on high. XYZ ... I ... am going to welcome any ... challenge. The Shepard of sheep ... will go. And whether it's Humanity ... or Michelle ... I'm right here. Because the dream ... never dies.”

    There’s an elongated silence as the journalists take what they soon realise are undecipherable notes.

    Journalist #3: “Clint? Same question…”

    Clint Shepard:
    “I believe that Humanity and I have faced off before, although I could be entirely wrong. That’s not to discredit him and say that I wouldn’t want to face him because I would love nothing more. I would love to face Michelle as well because even though I know for sure that we never did get the chance to face each other, she is still someone that I truly enjoyed watching in the CWA. I never did condone some of the things she did or how she may have acted, but didn’t deter me from appreciating her work.”

    Journalist #3: “Okay, Michelle, I guess that brings us nicely onto you. If you manage to progress past Humanity in the semi-finals, who would you most like to come up against in the final?”

    Michelle is checking beneath her nails, and doesn’t look up from them when she answered.

    “Does it really matter?”

    Clearly, she doesn’t think it does. Clint and Humanity both look at her in an admonishing fashion, but XYZ doesn’t blink. The journalist

    Journalist #3:
    “Humanity… If you should manage to defeat Michelle Von Horrowitz, you will face off against either Clint Shepard or XYZ in the tournament's final. Which one of these two competitors would you rather face, and why?"

    "To me, it doesn't matter who I face, should I beat Horrowitz. Shepard and XYZ are two incredible talents and the best this business has to offer. However, we're overlooking Horrowitz here. She's a damn tough wrestler and it'd be an honor having to face her in the ring. Win or lose, one must accept their place with dignity, but if I can help it, I'll show Michelle that this old man still has a few tricks up his sleeve."

    When Humanity speaks, he commands respect, and it takes a few moments for the next journalist to pluck up the courage to follow up.

    Journalist #4: “Terry Tibbs here from Flapjack Weekly. My question is for Clint Shepard. Many in the wrestling press were surprised to see you as a scheduled performer on tomorrow's show. What made you want to come back to the ring? What was it specifically about this show that drew you back?"

    Clint seems almost taken aback by the directness of the question, raising his eyebrows before he begins his answer.

    Clint Shepard:
    “I felt like I owed it to the fans of the CWA and to the CWA itself. During my time as an active competitor in the CWA, I was always treated with such dignity and respect amongst my peers, as well as the fans who have always been there for me through it all. In the end, I want to go out on a positive note, and to quote Frank Sinatra: say that I did it my way.”

    The words seem to strike a chord with Humanity, who smiles at Shepard respectfully. MvH struggles to stifle a scoff. XYZ simply stares into space. The final shot from the press conference is of the four competitors lined up, Noah Hanson standing in between each Round of 4 pairing. Dozens of cameras flash around them before we cut back to the studio.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “I think, considering the four wrestlers on the stage there, that went as well as anyone could expect. Shawn, I want to come to you first here, as many people would argue that the name Shawn Summers is almost synonymous with the High Voltage Championship. Were you not at all tempted to throw your name into the mix in this one?”

    Shawn Summers:
    “I'll be honest, I wasn't tempted at all. I was offered a spot in this tournament and I turned it down. I've always hated the High Voltage Championship. It never seemed a real accomplishment to win that title. It didn't hold the same prestige that the Intercontinental or the United States Championship held in the late 80's early 90's. It's a prop, just like this tournament. It's just filler so that the card doesn't shoot its load too early with the main event matches.”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Interesting to hear you say that, Shawn, and I wonder if the four competitors taking part in this would agree... There’s certainly a big contrast of styles in this one. Between these four wrestlers tonight we will see essentially every style of wrestling represented. Which one of the four do you feel is best suited for a tournament like this one?”

    Shawn Summers:
    “Does it matter, Michelle? The tournament is a joke.”

    Kelly wonders whether or not she should probe further, and eventually thinks better of it. Fortunately for her, Noah steps in.

    Noah Hanson:
    “If I may, Michelle, I’d like to voice a contrasting opinion. I think here we have assembled four huge names from different periods in CWA history. Each of them has held this championship in their past, albeit sometimes in very temporary, transitional, or even acrimonious circumstances. We felt that these four competitors represented a cross-section of this championship’s history, and I for one can’t wait to see who is crowned the 2020 High Voltage Tournament winner.”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Mr Duncan, your client Jon Snowmantashi knows one of these competitors, Michelle von Horrowitz, extremely well. She certainly had a lot to say about the Kaiju in her own press conference earlier on in the week. What did you make of these comments?”

    John Duncan:
    “Well, I can’t say it was anything new. Michelle von - -”

    “Now, hang on just a moment…”

    The camera zooms out and pans towards the right immediately to find the source of the mystery voice. It settles on Michelle von Horrowitz, in full ring gear, who has wandered into the studio with the clear intention of confronting John Duncan. She addresses only the representative for the entire time that she speaks.

    “My name has been in your mouth far too often lately, Duncan. It feels like 2017 all over again. You can relax, Summers. Just blend into the background like you always do. I'm not here to see you - although I do find it amusing that you proclaim me as the opponent you'd most like to face, and then in your next breath you admit you refused to face me in this tournament. But I'm here to speak with Duncan, so that he can be a good little boy and deliver a message for me… "

    John Duncan:
    "Look, Michelle…"

    Duncan has his arms outstretched, as if to try and placate her. She's not happy to yield the floor just yet, though…

    "I'm not here to listen, Duncan. I'm here to speak. You do the listening. It’s been a long time since New York City, but if you think that I’ve forgotten it then you are mistaken. Five-Star Attraction. Jon Snowmantashi. Michelle von Horrowitz. We tore the house down, as everybody knew that we would. And… I lost. Everywhere I’ve been since... every promotion in every city… every man that I’ve stepped into the ring with from that day on… all of them have taken great pleasure in reminding me of this loss. This failing that I am yet to erase. When I heard from Hanson about this little event I signed up with one thing in mind. I want the kaiju, Duncan. That has not dulled over time. All I want from you is a date.”

    When she draws to a close, there's a moment of silence in the studio. The panelists all look at each other, as if questioning whether she's done.

    John Duncan:
    “Can I?”

    MvH waves him on.

    John Duncan:
    “Michelle, you have to understand that I'd love Snowmantashi to participate in any match that will sell tickets more than anyone. In fact, that's literally all I care about. Unfortunately, it's not me you have to convince, it's him. And a word of advice from a friend who knows he'll have his pockets full if this match does happen, if your argument in favor of a rematch is tearing the house down, I'm not sure you'll be able to change his mind."

    Von Horrowitz nods, as if she understands, still standing at the edge of the desk and glowering at Duncan.

    “If it’s him I have to convince, why am I wasting my time here with you? What exactly is the point of you if not this?”

    She storms away from the desk and we hear her trailing off in the background…

    “What kind of useless representative doesn't…“

    A door slams, and we cut to a visibly flustered Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Okay, um, so I think it's time for some predictions, gentlemen. Because of the structure of this tournament, we are going to need three names from you here. The winner of each semi-final, and then your prediction of who will be the victor of the tournament…”

    Shawn Summers:
    “As much as it pains me to say… MvH wins the tournament, but she is NOT the greatest High-Voltage Champion in this company’s history. That status belongs to me.”

    John Duncan:
    “It has to be Michelle Von Horrowitz. There's no chance Shepard or XYZ are going to beat her so who really cares who wins that match. She won the Wrestle Royale and went toe-to-toe with Snowmantashi in the main event of Five-Star Attraction. None of those other three could ever step in those shoes.”

    Noah Hanson:
    “Many of our viewers will remember that MvH and I had a… strained relationship during her time in CWA. She took the High Voltage Championship and left the company, which is why I had her name struck from the title’s history. I’m not sure she should even be in this tournament. Trust me: it wasn’t my decision. I trust that Humanity will defeat her and Clint Shepard in the final.”

    As Hanson concludes his predictions, the long screens behind the panel again morph. The tournament entrants disappear, and now those vying for tag team gold are revealed. On the left hand screen are the challengers: Drew and Ethan Connor of The Echo above Alyster Black and Krash of The Gang Stars. On the right hand screen we see The Elite, and below them a visual of a trio of ladders leading to the championship belts.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “And now, gentlemen, we move on to what is probably the most highly anticipated match on this card. The Echo, The Gang Stars, The Elite. Three duos that could possibly each claim that they are the most important tag team in the history of the company, and each going through their peak at a different point in its progression…”

    As Michelle speaks, we begin to see clips of the three tag teams in the match. First, we are treated to a montage of Skullfuckers (Melter Driver) from The Echo, against a veritable who’s who of CWA’s tag team division. Both members of The Moment, Nightmare, and Krash himself are seen taking the move. This transitions into Krash nailing his Daybreaker diving elbow drop, sans elbow pad, first on Kyle Crosby and then on Guardian Devil of The Brotherhood. Then, images of Alyster Black nailing his One Shot Kill lariat on some faces from CWA’s earlier history: Kenneth LeBlanc and our panelist Shawn Summers are all shown taking the move. Finally, The Elite hold up their tag team belts, before clips from the match where they won them. Stocke hits a short-arm high knee on Drew Connor, and then Ocean holds Ethan in a cross-face chicken wing. The montage ends with Noah Stocke covering one of the Connors, the referee counting the three, and then we cut back to Michelle.

    Michelle Kelly:
    "... when this match was announced, the internet was almost broken my speculation, and then finally it was confirmed by The Elite themselves. They will put their championship belts, and the honour of being the last ever CWA World Tag Team Champions, on the line. And if that's not enough, it will be a ladder match. Let's have a look at what went down at yesterday's explosive press conference."

    We see short clips of all three teams entering the press conference, Hanson sat in the middle with a huge, greedy grin on his face. First, Krash and Alyster Black walk in and take a seat to his left. There is a look of seriousness on Krash’s face, but also a suggestion that he’s happy to be here. We can only assume that Alyster is the same behind his mask. Next, the Echo strut out onto the stage, the Gang Stars rising to enter into a short stand-off with them. Ethan Connor dispels the tension by blowing Krash a kiss before taking his seat, the other three men following suit. Finally, The Elite enter the scene, placing their championship belts with a heavy thud on the table before sitting down to Noah Hanson’s right, away from their challengers.

    We cut to the floor, where the first journalist is leaning forward towards the assembled panelists and prepares to ask his question.

    Journalist #1: “Good afternoon, gentlemen. Mark Silverstein here from the Getting Colour podcast. My question is first aimed at The Echo, but I’d also like to get the opinions of the other teams. Which of the two teams do you feel poses the biggest threat in your match tomorrow night?”

    The camera cuts to the members of The Echo, who seem to have a healthy amount of disdain for this question.

    Drew Connor:
    “Oh, piss off.”

    His brother has a smirk on his face as he adds his voice and his criticism.

    Ethan Connor:
    “You want us to put these guys over?! Who are you?! Who let you in here?! Do you even know who we are?! We've never put any one over in our God damn lives!”

    Drew Connor:
    “Yeah, we can do that… once they put us over tomorrow night.”

    We cut back to our journalist, who does his best to pick his courage and dignity up off the floor.

    Journalist #1: “And the same question to The Gang Stars… do you feel any one of these teams poses more of a threat than the other? What about the stipulation? Do you feel a ladder match plays into the hands of The Echo, as has been said quite often in the build-up to this one.”

    "I think The Echo are reckless and stupid enough to do something that could cause irreparable damage, either to themselves or someone else. The Elite, though, are purists, they're out of their element. When it comes to the technical wizardry, the ground & pound, The Elite live up to their name, but throw a ladder into the mix and they fall apart. So out of those two, I'd have to give the edge to The Echo. They're more willing to do what it takes to take someone else out."

    The camera pans over to Alyster as he begins to speak.

    Alyster Black:
    "I dunno, I've never fought any of these guys. The ladder match favours no one. Except my buddy here. Every time he's been in one I swear he's killed someone."

    "It's a tradition. You put me in a ladder match, I'm doing to do something awesome, amazing, death-defying. It might incidentally also end up killing someone. It happens."

    Alyster smirks before looking at the journalists, explaining the in-joke.

    Alyster Black:
    "He once DDT'd me off a ladder and choked me out until I passed out."

    "Precious memories. But Alyster here, hoo boy, Alyster. Giving this man a ladder is like giving a ladder to a fire-breathing dragon. It doesn't really change the outcome, that dragon's still going to burn you to a crisp and ruin everything you love. But at least he'll be doing it with a ladder and not his bare hands, so... Hooray?"

    There’s a little bit of a low murmur of laughter that ripples around the audience, much more so than with the barbed jibes of the Connor brothers. We cut back to the journalist, who turns towards the champions.

    Journalist #1: “And what about the champions? Do either of your opponents pose a bigger threat to you and your championship reign tonight?”

    We finally cut to the champions, their gold belts shining on the front of their desks.

    Noah Stocke:
    “The Gang Stars. Without a doubt, they are the biggest threat to us tomorrow night for the simple fact that they are a known unknown to us. Sure, we can watch tape on them and get opinions from guys who have faced and beaten them but at the end of the day, we won't know how to react to them until we get in the ring.”

    A second journalist joins Mark Silverstein in this line of questioning.

    Journalist #2: “Phillipa Van Der Housen here, from the American Joshi magazine. My question is also for our champions and follows on directly from Mark’s. Much of the discussion of this match has pointed at this favouring The Echo. What do you make of that? Are you at all intimidated by The Echo’s reputation when it comes to this type of match-up?”

    We cut back to the champions, and they answer almost immediately. It seems as if this fact is beginning to grate on them.

    Trevor Ocean:
    “I think both of our opposing teams are at an advantage when it comes to competing in a ladder match. We don't do gimmick matches per se. We wrestle. I've been wrestling since I was 10 years old. Noah has been wrestling since middle school. That's what we do. When you start adding ladders and things of that nature to the equation, the whole match becomes less than it was.”

    Back in the audience, a third voice speaks up.

    Journalist #3: “Dobre dien, Yevgeny Volgin here, otherwise known as Russian Bear. I am proprietor and presenter of BearHug podcast, biggest wrestling podcast in all of Moscow. Sticking with champions for present… Some might say that you are putting the most on the line here tonight, specifically title of being the last World Tag Team Champions in CWA History. If you are successful in this defence, are you open to the idea of defending championships again in future?"

    Noah and Trevor look at each other as if to say this question has been answered numerous times, most recently by their willingness to defend the belts at this event.

    Noah Stocke:
    “We've always been open to defending the championship belts. That's what champions do. They defend the championships against the competition until they are defeated. When this card was announced the match was originally a non-title match. A non-title match. Let that sink in. Then, Alyster Black tried to be cute and tell us if we were really serious that we'd put the titles on the line. And we didn't hesitate to accept. Why? Because that's what champions do. Real champions do championship caliber shit. And that's what we plan to do at One Night Only. Win or lose, no one will be able to say that Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean aren't willing to do championship level shit to prove that they are the best tag-team in the business. Period.”

    There’s a moment of pause afterwards, as if in silent respect for the confidence and clarity shown by the champions. Finally, we cut back to the same journalist preparing for a follow-up question.

    Journalist #3: “I guess I have same question for other two teams in this match. If you were to defeat Elite tonight and take home belts, would you return to defend them again?”

    Ethan Connor:
    "Why the fuck would we do something like that? That's not sarcastic. Why would we do something like that? Give us a reason.”

    Drew looks just as incredulous at the question as his brother.

    Drew Connor:
    “We're only here now to get back what was stolen from us, and prove we're the best. Now, when we win the belts, you want us to come back and defend them?! We're not under contract. We don't have to defend Dick. If we don't want to defend them, we won't. So why would we? See, no one wants us to win this match because we know we would get the big bargaining chip, and we're going to use it. So let me spell this out for you, if you want us to show up, you have to make it worth our while. What's in it for us?”

    The camera cuts to Hanson, who is smiling knowingly to himself as if he has an answer to this question that he isn’t quite prepared to give yet. Then, we pan across to Krash and Alyster Black, preparing to give their own answer.

    Alyster Black:
    "Nah, those titles are going in the trash where they belong."

    The audience is somewhat surprised at the comment, but Krash gives some further context.

    "I understand the gesture, but it's an empty gesture. CWA died. This is it's last hurrah, a final attempt to give it a proper show to go out on. I'd prefer not to drag it's corpse through the mud under some guise of 'honouring' it. Let it go. Let it rest in peace. But thanks for the extra gold to hang on my wall, though."

    In the audience, another journalist keeps the ball rolling.

    Journalist #4: “Gustav Graves here from Cross-face Chicken Wing Weekly, and I have a question specifically for Krash. You have been caught in a vicious cycle of ever-escalating violence with Mike Parr over the FWA North American Championship for months now, and you are currently regarded as a co-champion in that organisation. To what extent is it even possible to put that feud to one side and focus on your ladder match tomorrow night?"

    "Easy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy over an open wound. It's effortless. Not to downgrade the North American title, Mike Parr, or the upcoming Deathmatch, but this ladder match is everything to me. It's everything I've always wanted and everything I've always needed. Not to fight The Elite, not to fight The Echo. Just to reunite and team with a friend I didn't think I'd ever have the chance to again.


    Krash rolls his eyes and then smiles at the comment.

    "I'm sentimental, okay? Sue me."

    Again, the audience show their enjoyment of the pitter-patter between Black and Krash, but The Echo clearly look less impressed. Gustav continues with another question.

    Journalist #4: “And a similarly themed question for Alyster Black… you have a huge FWA World Championship match on the horizon at Payback, not to mention your handicap match with Dave Sullivan against Mike Garcia next week on Fight Night (this event is set before that happened...). Do you think a ladder match and all the risks that go along with that is a wise move with such a huge opportunity in front of you?"

    Black can barely stifle a chuckle at the question.

    Alyster Black:
    "Fuck no its not a wise move. But I'm not in the business of making wise decisions. I'm in the business of violence and business is good. I hope the Elite and the Echo kill me, they'll be doing Dave Sullivan, Michael Garcia and the whole FWA locker room a favour."

    We see a wide shot of all the panelists, and clearly see Ethan mouthing the word ’we’re going to’. A final journalist, one we have already seen in an earlier package, appears to ask her question.

    Journalist #5: “Lisa De Rossier here again from The Gorilla Position podcast, and I have a question for all teams. This event has thrown up some dream matches, some that we have seen before and some that we thought we would never see. With this in mind… If you could wrestle any one tag team, past or present, dead or alive, who would it be?"

    The Echo lean forward to get their answer in first.

    Ethan Connor:
    “Jon Snowmantashi's double chin.”

    Drew Connor:
    “Jesus Christ, that's a loaded fucking question. Are there even any tag teams any more? I mean we got those Elite Dorks, the undisputed dorks that rip us off in every way possible ...and that's about it.”

    Ethan Connor:

    The two lean back once again with a clearly satisfied look on their faces. Smug, even. The camera pans across to the next team, The Gang Stars.

    "Ourselves from an alternate reality."

    Another chuckle from the journalists.

    Alyster Black:
    "Cyrus Truth and Surge."

    "Who some people claim could be us from an alternate reality."

    Alyster Black:
    "Cyrus has the goatee for it."

    A quizzical look passes over Krash’s face.

    "Does Surge?"

    Alyster Black:
    "... Good question. You lot are reporters, get on that case. Earn that paycheck."

    Once more, the camera pans across to the right, across Hanson and then to the champions. It is the last chance for a serious answer to the question, and The Elite rise to the occasion.

    Trevor Ocean:
    “Growing up, I was always a fan of the legendary Hart Foundation. However, once I started to grow and mature, I realized that the Hart Foundation was literally all Bret Hart. They weren't a tag-team, it was just Bret featuring Neidhart. So I started to look for and watch other teams to see who really worked as a cohesive unit and who really showcased the spirit of tag-team wrestling. I couldn't find it in the 80's. I couldn't find it in the 90's. I found it in the 00's after watching Cowboy James Storm and The Wildcat Chris Harris, America's Most Wanted (AMW). Those two were the blueprint for what Noah and myself are today. They were the Division before The Division was a thing. That's who I would like to face.“

    Noah Stocke:
    “It's not the answer that you would think to hear from tag-team wrestlers like Trevor and myself, seeing as we have a more conservitive view on what tag-team wrestling is, but I agree 100% with him. My choice would have to be AMW.”

    The camera cuts as if it’s going to show the six men in a photo opportunity, like we’ve seen with the other matches previously. The Elite and The Gang Stars walk around the desk into position, but The Echo simply stomp out of shot. The camera follows them, watching them as they leave through a side exit, clearly not interested in the camera. When we re-focus on the other two teams, we see that The Gang Stars are shaking their head and slowly making their own way to the exit. The Elite, on the other hand, hold their championships aloft for the cameras, many flashes illuminating them before we cut back to the studio.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Tempers are certainly flaring up before what will certainly be an unforgettable match in our other co-main event. And John, I want to come to you first here because of your first-hand experience with two of the wrestlers in this match. Your client, Jon Snowmantashi, had a lengthy war with Jonathan McGinnis back in 2017, and at that time The Echo were McGinnis' running buddies. What are your memories of Drew and Ethan Connor in that period?"

    John Duncan:
    “Well, to avoid talking negatively about them... as tag team wrestlers, they're some of the best around. Extremely entertaining. Extremely confident.”

    Noah Hanson leans forward in his chair, as if what he’s about to say is of the highest importance and he wants to make sure the camera sees him enunciating clearly.

    Noah Hanson:
    “I think you’re selling The Echo short there, John. They dominated the CWA tag team scene for years. Who could forget their epic battles with The Movement, The Moment, Cyrus Truth and Krash, The Elite… the list goes on. The only two teams that could even claim to be mentioned in the same breath as The Echo are the other ones in this match-up. That’s how big of a deal this match is.”

    Hanson sits back, clearly quite happy with himself, as if he is single-handedly building this match up into what it is.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Many in the wrestling world are saying that a ladder match favours The Echo more than any other team in this match-up. An argument can certainly be made for that idea: The Connors made a name for themselves in high-profile ladder matches against teams like The Moment. Do you think the stipulation in this contest favours The Echo? Are The Gang Stars and The Elite at a disadvantage?”

    John Duncan:
    “The more you let The Echo loose, the better they'll do. They thrive in chaos. They thrive when there are no rules. I think the ladder match favors The Echo 100%.”

    Shawn Summers shakes his head, interjecting to firmly disagree with Duncan.

    Shawn Summers:
    “I think it favors the champions. They're the ones who added the stipulation. This was supposed to be a traditional three team tag-team match and Trevor and Noah upped things and made it a ladder match. You think they're stupid? You think they made that decision in haste? The Echo's need to be spot monkeys will be their downfall. Krash's need to get that pop out of the fans will be his downfall. Alyster Black’s inability to climb ladders, or anything for that matter, with his messed up ankle will be his downfall.”

    When he alludes to Black’s ankle, Summers gives a knowing wink to the camera.

    Shawn Summers:
    “Wrestling match, ladder match, cabbage patch, Noah and Trevor are still gonna walk out with the tag-team championships.”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Noah, much has been speculated about which match is going to go on last tonight. This contest, along with the Five-Star Attraction rematch between LIGHTBRINGER and Jon Snowmantashi, are both being advertised as co-main events. But everybody knows that the match that goes on last is the real main event. So, have you and the rest of the people who put this event together given any more thought as to what may possibly be the last CWA match ever?”

    Noah Hanson:
    “Of course, we’ve given it lots of thought. In truth, any one of the matches that we have planned tonight could be a main event. The High Voltage tournament features four talents who dominated that division at their peak. Lilith versus Ashley Adams, as we’ve already discussed, pits the two most important women in CWA history against one another in what I imagine will be an absolute barnstormer. Chubby freaking Carlos is returning to the ring! That’s potentially the most beloved star in the company’s history. No: in professional wrestling’s history! LIGHTBRINGER versus Jon Snowmantashi would sell out arenas on both sides of the Pacifc Ocean. And finally we have the three most prominent tag teams in our history vying for championship gold. In a freaking ladder match. Honestly, Michelle? Put these matches in a hat, pick one out, and I’d be happy with that as our main event.”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “You’re not going to tell us, are you?”

    There’s a devious smirk on Hanson’s face.

    Noah Hanson:
    “Not yet, Michelle.”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “Okay, have it your way. Okay, gentlemen. I believe we are indeed now ready for our final set of predictions this evening. The Gang Stars. The Echo. The Elite. Who will walk out of One Night Only as the CWA World Tag Team Champions?”

    John Duncan:
    “I have to begrudgingly give it to The Echo. I think the chaos of a ladder match favors them. I respect the history of the Gang Stars and the success of The Elite but The Echo are show stealers. They won't let this moment escape them.”

    Shawn Summers:
    “The Elite.”

    Noah Hanson:
    “An argument can be made for all three of these teams. The Elite are the reigning champions, the final champions, and that will give them a lot of confidence going into this one. The Echo, as has been mentioned, will fancy themselves as ladder match specialists. But I’m going to go with the Gang Stars. It may have been longer ago, but these guys dominated the division as much as The Echo or The Elite in the later years. Krash is a three-time CWA Tag Team Champion, two of those reigns with Alyster Black. They are still operating at the top of their game on a weekly basis. I think The Gang Stars leave Philadelphia with the championships”

    Michelle Kelly:
    “I’d like to thank each of my panelists for joining me this evening and, in our own small way, being a part of that history.”

    The three men each acknowledge Kelly to a various degree. And then, for a final time, we cut back to our close-up shot of the host.

    Michelle Kelly:
    “And ladies and gentlemen, I am hearing that we are now finally ready to take you live into the 2300 Arena, as Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman prepare to lead you through a truly historic event. This... is One Night Only. This... is the Clique Wrestling Alliance. Jim…”

    - - -
    C ~ W ~ A - - -

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    - CWA -
    proudly presents…

    Opening video package:

    The picture opens up slowly and silently on the ivory keys of a grand piano. We are in black and white, and the contrast between the colours is startling.


    Two hands appear: old hands, full of life and vitality, and, it seems, memories. We hear a deep, wistful sigh as she maneuvers her still-nimble digits into position, and as she pushes the first key and the first note of her song rings out, the picture abruptly shifts.

    We are still in black and white, but now instead of piano keys we see men in a wrestling ring. It is the 31st of December, 2008. More than a decade ago. From opposite corners of the ring, Logan V, Ultimate Pain, Devon Jones, and Rich Stone silently size each other up. Not much happens in the scene, but it takes centre stage for a few seconds, unravelling in ultra slow motion. Fans in the crowd are cut mid-applaus, or exclaiming something that is lost in the silence. A young couple kiss on the front row. Behind them a camera flash momentarily obscures the picture. This is a moment of history: the first match ever on Adrenaline Rush.

    “Stars, they come and go. They come fast, 'n slow. They go like the last light of the sun. All in a blaze. And all you see is glory.”

    Slowly, the footage from New York on New Year’s Eve, 2008, fades to black, and is replaced by images from within a much larger stadium in the same city. Again, thing splay out in slow motion, and we’re given a wide shot of a stadium in rapture. In the middle of the ring, Nickolas Kennedy Arsen celebrates his victory in the inaugural Wrestle Royale Match, staring up at Roberto Superstar (the first ever and five-time World Champion). It is Five-Star Attraction, 2009. The first installment of CWA’s biggest show.

    Hey, but it gets lonely there. When there's no one here to share. We can shake it away. If you'll hear a story.

    At an achingly measured speed, we see glimpses of various main events from Five-Star Attractions throughout the years. Mr Showtime poses on the second turnbuckle, Rich Stone and Mr Willis visible in the ring behind him, readying themselves for their triple threat match in 2010.

    From 2011, we get an intense close-up of Rolando Fuentes slapping a sleeper hold onto Ultimate Pain. Sweat bounces off both competitors as Pain and Fuentes come together. Chubby Carlos celebrates his 2012 victory in front of a crowd that is losing their shit in super slow motion. In 2014 at FSA’s fifth show, Dan Maskell holds Leon Wallace up for his patented brainbuster as Krash watches on from across the ring, a look of anguish etched on his face.

    [i]People lust for fame. Like athletes in a game. We break our collarbones. And come up swinging.

    Prince Pain roars into the camera, his arms pumping and his chest violently expanded, as he closes in on his World Championship victory in 2015.

    Some of us are crowned.

    He is a stark contrast to Jon Snowmantashi, who has a calm, almost indifferent look as he steps over the fallen body of Michelle von Horrowitz in 2016, his eyes locked onto Jonathan McGinnis, who has appeared on the stage with the Echo at his side. He clutches the World Championship on his shoulder.

    Some of us are downed.

    In 2017, the kaiju still occupies centre stage, and we get an elongated shot of him winding up in slow motion, his face consumed with rage as he drives himself into LIGHTBRINGER with a vicious headbutt.

    Some of are lost and never found. But most have seen it all.

    As his opponent slowly succumbs to gravity and falls to the mat, the kaiju beats his chest and lets out a roar. We cannot hear it. We hear only the soft playing of a piano, and a woman’s voice.

    They live their lives. In sad cafes and music halls. They always have a story.

    We see Nightmare on his knees, his hands on his hips, staring down at the mat. His tag team partner, Humanity, is lying face-down in front of him. The scene is Global Collision, 2015, and the Movement have just seen the end of their second tag team title reign. They gradually become blurred, the camera instead deciding to focus on the new champions. The Echo are standing on the stage, the belts lifted high above their heads.

    Some make it when they're young. Before the world has done it's dirty job.

    Roberto Superstar is on his knees in the middle of the ring, staring at his newly won CWA World Championship. It is February, 2009. He is the first champion in history. His face blurs, as do the crowd around him, and the scene gradually morphs into another.

    And later on, someone will say, “You've had your day, now you must make way.

    Braiden Bridges sits with his head against the second turnbuckle, his face covered in a crimson mask. He holds the same championship, nine years later, in June of 2018. His eyes are glazed over, his condition only marginally better than that of Lilith, the woman who lies on her back in front of him.

    Don't they always?

    Cyrus Truth sits on the apron, adjusting a knee pad. The World Championship is draped over his shoulder. Behind him, out of focus, Samuel Hyde is being checked on by officials, the Meltdown 2012 sign visible in the distance. The assembled Orlando audience stares respectfully at Cyrus; a portrait of a champion in stasis.

    But they'll never know the pain, of living with a name you never owned. Or the many years forgetting, what you know too well. That you who gave the crown, have been let down.

    We view glimpses of some of the greatest teams in CWA history. Axl Rose and Daren Storm of The Future stand upon opposite turnbuckles, the camera slowly panning around them. The Tag Team Championships hang high above the ring as the Domino Brothers look on at them from outside of the ring. This is the 267th and final day of their inaugural and longest ever reign.

    You try to make amends. Without defending. Perhaps pretending.

    We cut to Ethan Connor of the Echo in mid-air, mid-rotation in a Shooting Star Press. The footage is slowed down so that he is barely moving, almost levitating above Nick Lawton of The Moment. Alyster Black and Krash of the Gang Stars stand in the centre of the ring with the belts at Meltdown 2011, staring with dead eyes at the Brotherhood on the outside. We cut to Krash handing over the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships to Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli at the first Krash Tag Team Classic in 2017. Finally, in September 2018, we see The Elite holding their championship belts aloft in the ring in Victoria, Australia.

    They really loved you. Never.

    Three separate pieces of footage are shown from Dan Maskell’s career. He hooks the leg of Dexter Darwin Douglas in Chicago, the referee sliding into position to count him to the X-Fly Title. Secondly, in Richmond, he and Krash exchange a tag in the match that would lead to his first Tag Team Championship. Finally, he and Krash fall through the air from the top rope with a Big Ben Bash in Vancouver, Maskell on the way to his first World Championship.

    Some make it when they're old. Perhaps they have a soul they're not afraid to bare. Perhaps there's nothing there.

    These images of Maskell are intercut with parallel scenes from Krash’s career. He steadies himself on the top rope at Madison Square Garden at Five-Star Attraction in 2017, staring down at the High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards. Back in October 2011 at Meltdown, he nails Kenneth LeBlanc of the Brotherhood with the Kill on the way to the tag straps. Finally, he has both legs of The Andrew Alexander hooked, the referee bringing his hand down to count the three in Atlanta for his first World Championship.

    But anyway that isn't what i meant to say. I'm meant to tell about a story, since we all have stories, but can't remember it anyways.

    Back in 2011 at Hostile Takeover in Rome, Italy, we’re treated to elongated shot of Mr Willis ducking beneath a wild right hand from Mr Showtime, moving into a rear waistlock. In ultra slow motion, every movement of the two former champions is amplified and laid bare, particularly the look of focus on both of their faces.

    Some people play a fine guitar. I could listen to them play all day.

    We see The Ultimate Pain with Roberto Superstar hoisted up in position for his Ulti-Bomb at Uprising in Houston back in 2012. Superstar’s body is driven towards the floor, Pain moving towards his second and final World Championship reign.

    But anyway, I'm trying to tell my story.

    The piano is louder, the music building towards its crescendo. Images of former champions in their prime are inter-spliced with momentary glimpses in black and white of contrasting images. A solitary man walks down a road, which stretches and winds into the horizon before him. A lonely mountain dominates the horizon as the sun peeks its head over its shoulder, casting the first morning light. A white wolf silently prowls through a forest, its nose close to the ground, alone and proud.

    Janis Ian told it very well,

    Michelle von Horrowitz rotates through after a huge back body drop from Jon Snowmantashi at the Garden in 2016. The slow motion highlights the look of terror on her face, and the expression of passivity on his.

    Janis Joplin told it even better,

    Jonathan McGinnis is mid-F5 on Cyrus Truth, footage from the climax of 2015’s World’s Strongest in Philadelphia, the Last Indy Darling on the cusp of his first world title.

    Billy Holiday told it even better.

    Rolando Superstar stands on the second turnbuckle with the World Championship back in February, 2009.

    We always...

    Inhuman Jon Snowmantashi is in the middle of the ring, the belt on his shoulder, on the first of a record 412 days with the same championship in 2016.

    We always...

    Braiden Bridges stands on the stage in 2018, his back to the camera. He seems to be looking at the ring, the same leather strap in his hand. Finally, after lingering for a moment, he drags his eyes away, and walks away from us, through the curtain.

    We always have a story.

    We cut to black. Finally, the teaser’s only moment of colour gradually fades onto the screen. The teaser poster for CWA: ONE NIGHT ONLY.

    The latest story that I know is the one that i'm supposed to go out of.

    18th May, 2020.
    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We rejoin the arena in a wide shot, the ring and the ramp visible, the ‘CWA’ logo proudly sitting on the big screen in the centre of the shot. The lights are dimmed, and suddenly there’s a huge burst of black and gold pyrotechnics on the stage. The small arena - packed right up to the rafters - comes alive as the light show finishes, a torrent of noise and excitement and anticipation. An impromptu chorus of a CWA chant begins as the shot switches to a track across the front row of the audience. One of the signs that is held aloft simply reads INHUMAN, whilst another asks the Echo to SUPERKICK ME. We see fans wearing t-shirts featuring slogans of their favourite wrestlers, most notably LIGHTBRINGER and The Gang Stars, whilst another proudly holds a replica CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt on his shoulder. The last sign we see reads TAG MATCH MAIN EVENTS OR WE RIOT, and then the camera cuts to the announcer’s desk. Sat behind it are two familiar faces.

    Jim Taylor: "Ladies and gentlemen it is my absolute honor to introduce you to CWA: One Night Only, live from the 2300 Arena here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"

    Tim Coleman: "That's right, Jim - it's standing room only here as 1400 fans sold out this tiny venue in a matter of seconds when tickets went on sale weeks ago."

    Behind the commentators, the front row fans are doing their best to get on camera. One of them is dressed head to toe like XYZ, whilst another is flipping the bird at the lens before she’s told to calm herself down by security. Behind them, a fan holds aloft an imaginative sign that simply reads MVH SUX.

    Jim Taylor: "And over three million of you have bought this pay-per-view at home, making One Night Only when of the three most purchased PPV events in history!"

    Tim Coleman: "Jim, it feels good to be back!"

    The two commentators share a laugh as the camera cuts away from them, panning across the arena once more as the first competitor’s music hits…

    There’s a big pop as Humanity walks out onto the stage, surveying the audience with a smile on his face. His eyes come to rest on the CWA logo above the ring, and whilst nodding his head he begins his slow walk down towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “What an incredible night of action we have ahead of us, Tim, and it’s all about to kick off with the High Voltage Tournament.”

    Graphics of the wrestlers involved appear on the screen, showing the brackets for this four-person tournament.

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, and as you can see Humanity will take on Michelle von Horrowitz in his first of a potential two match-ups tonight, the other against the winner of Clint Shepherd and XYZ.”

    Jim Taylor: “All four competitors in this tournament have, at one time or another, held the CWA High Voltage Championship, and this man is also a two-time CWA World Tag Team Champion. Humanity debuted in this company way back in 2012, and wrestled for the CWA as late as 2018. He’s a true veteran of the CWA and it’s great to see him back in this ring.”

    Humanity has climbed to the second rope in the ring, surveying the crowd once again from his isolated perk. He doesn’t pose or taunt, instead simply taking it all in. His music fades away, and Humanity hops down from the second turnbuckle, limbering up against the ropes and staring towards the entrance ramp.

    For the first time in the evening, there’s a loud eruption of boos as Michelle von Horrowitz walks out onto the stage. There’s a smile on her face and a championship belt on her shoulder: the FWA X-Division Championship, to be exact. When she’s standing in the centre of the stage, she takes a deep bow, seemingly taking no notice of the obscenities that the audience are throwing in her direction.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, Tim, it appears that the assembled CWA faithful have long memories indeed…”

    Tim Coleman: “That's right, Jim. They still remember the manner in which she turned her back on this company shortly after becoming the High Voltage Championship.”

    Jim Taylor: “She may have been here for a while, Tim, but she fights beneath a different banner now. I'm sure that, as well as the acrimonious nature in which she left the company that you alluded to, is a big factor in this reaction that we’re witnessing right now.”

    It doesn’t seem to both von Horrowitz, who is smiling happily to herself as she climbs through the ring-ropes. She stands in the middle of the ring, surveying the audience, and then locks eyes with Humanity. Her music fades out and the lights come back up, the referee coming between the two competitors and sending them to opposing corners.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest, scheduled for one-fall and with a thirty minute time limit. It is a Round of Four match-up in the High Voltage Tournament!”

    As our ring announcer speaks, we cut to a shot of the tournament trophy. In the tradition of all wrestling trophies, it looks terrible. It’s tall and on top of it is a wrestling ring with ‘2020 HIGH VOLTAGE TOURNAMENT’ engraved onto a plate. The steel ring posts of the ring have been replaced by gold thunderbolts.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Introducing first. To my left, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and fifty five pounds. Currently residing in St. Paul Minnesota. He is ‘The Effigy of Death’... HUMANITY!”

    There’s a roar from the crowd as Humanity lifts his arms into the air, eyeing his opponent from across the ring with a cold, hard stare. She has taken up a position sitting upon the top turnbuckle, casual as ever.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And his opponent. Weighing in at sixty seven kilograms. From Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She is the current FWA X-Division Champion…”

    A particularly loud boo here.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “‘Dreamer’... Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!”

    Despite Monaghan’s best efforts, the crowd is deeply unimpressed by the introduction. Von Horrowitz hops down from the top turnbuckle and holds her FWA X-Division Championship belt high in the air. She then hands it to Monaghan, who takes it out of the ring as the official conducts his final checks.

    High Voltage Tournament: Round of 4, Match #1.
    Michelle von Horrowitz versus Humanity.
    The match begins, with Von Horrowitz on the forefront, instantly launching herself at Humanity and unleashing a barrage of strikes! Forearm, chop, forearm, chop, forearm, chop, backing Humanity into a corner, eager to snatch the starting momentum. Humanity, however, refuses to be shown up in the opening minute, catching Michelle's fist mid-punch, and returning with a solid jab right to the jaw! Still clutching Michelle's fist in his own, Humanity returns the favors with some well-targeted strikes, forcing Michelle back into the centre of the ring, before using all his weight against her with a whipping armdrag!

    Jim Taylor:"Von Horrowitz starting off with a sprint, eager to prove a point many didn't even know of. But Humanity is nearly double her weight, an entire foot taller - it's going to be extremely easy for Humanity to use all that against her."

    Tim Coleman: "But what we've both seen over the years, Jim, is that height, weight, size - it's a great starting advantage, but it's not everything. Skill, technique, heart, it beats out a size advantage nine times out of ten."

    Jim Taylor: "You're absolutely right, Tim. But let's not count out Humanity's own skill and technique. He's a very accomplished grappler in his own right, very technically sound, something you wouldn't expect from a man dubbed 'The Effigy of Death'."

    Von Horrowitz rolls to her feet, not exactly perturbed, but certainly not amused at how easily Humanity ragdolled her. Humanity stares at her, the thinnest of smiles on his face, before Von Horrowitz returns to the fight, ducking beneath a lariat and bouncing from the ropes. She nails Humanity with a stiff elbow to the dome, but continues her run, rebounding off the opposite ropes to strike a tough knee into Humanity's gut. She sticks to the run & gun plan, bouncing off the ropes for a third time, this time with a dropkick right to the chin of Humanity! Humanity falls to a knee, stunned, and Von Horrowitz goes for broke with a suplex attempt! Whether she can lift the bigger man remains to be seen, though, as Humanity manages to block it, and reverse it into a suplex of his own! But Von Horrowitz is clean enough to land on her feet behind Humanity, and nail a sitting neckbreaker! Humanity falls to a grounded base, one hand against the back of his neck, and Von Horrowitz nails a double-knee strike to the head, landing in a perfect pinning position!

    Kickout before one!

    Tim Coleman: "This is what we were talking about - Humanity cannot rely on his size advantage the entire, the more openings Von Horrowitz uses against him, the easier it is for her to sting together a winning combination."

    Jim Taylor: "And yet, Humanity kicked out at one. At zero, even. A flash pin on a stunned opponent has seen many a victory in every wrestler's past, but neither Humanity nor Von Horrowitz will let this match slide past them like that."

    Having taken the bigger man off his feet, even for just a second, Von Horrowitz smirks. Humanity rolls to his feet, his eyes meeting Von Horrowitz's... And he smirks right back. In a flash, Von Horrowitz sprints, unleashing a yakuza kick - but Humanity ducks under the attempted blow, wraps his hands around Von Horrowitz's waist, and nails a picture-perfect back suplex! Von Horrowitz stumbles to her feet, leaning on the ropes, and Humanity keeps up the offense with a Cactus Clothesline, sending both opponents tumbling out of the ring!

    Tim Coleman: "And with the action spilling outside the ring, you'd have to imagine this is an aspect where Humanity shines too, right?"

    Jim Taylor: "While you might be right, let's not discredit Michelle Von Horrowitz - she's extremely adapt at adapting to her surroundings, inside or outside of the ring. She's the reigning FWA X-Division champion, after all, something that can't be earned by simply constricting yourself."

    Humanity is the first to pop to his feet, and wastes little time as he grasps Michelle Von Horrowitz by the hair, dragging her to a vertical base, before irish whipping her into the side of the ring! The Hardest Part Of The Ring (trademarked) slam dunked against Von Horrowitz's lower back and spine, but she has little time to recover before Humanity does it again, whipping her against it with even more force! He calls for a third time, and motions to put more power into it, but Von Horrowitz manages to reverse it into not just an irish whip of her own, but one with a drop toe hold attachment, causing Humanity to smash his lower jaw against the edge of the ring!

    Tim Coleman: "Humanity's dentist is going to have a field day with that one. Yikes."

    Humanity stumbles to a knee, casually spitting out a tooth, while Von Horrowitz rolls back into the ring. She takes the briefest of seconds to run a hand over her lower back, before shaking it off and sprinting towards the ropes, catching Humanity with a baseball slide right to the chest! Humanity staggers, but Von Horrowitz keeps her foot on the gas, instantly climbing to her feet, sprinting and bouncing off the ropes once again, this time catching Humanity with a suicide dive! She rolls right back into the ring, sprinting towards the ropes a third time, and nails Humanity with a diving senton, falling the bigger man!

    Jim Taylor: "And this is where Michelle Von Horrowitz can seize her openings - utilising her speed advantage to ensure Humanity doesn't remain in the driver's seat for long. Very well played by The Dreamer."

    Michelle Von Horrowitz refuses to give Humanity even a second to recover, as she drags Humanity's body to his feet (or close enough) and pushes him into the ring, before climbing onto the apron and absconding to the top turnbuckle. She twirls a finger, and leaps with the 450 Splash! But Humanity gets his knees up, and Von Horrowitz crumples, all the wind knocked out of her. Humanity transitions into a small package rollup!


    T - - NO!

    Humanity shakes off the kickout, not bothering to try and argue as he gets to his feet. Instead he keeps the focus on Michelle, wrapping his arms around her waist and deadlifting her off the ground, before nailing an impressive German Suplex! But he holds on, climbing back to his feet, dragging Von Horrowitz with him, and nails a second! The hold clinched on, he raises to his feet, and hits a third! He bridges into a pin attempt!



    T - - NO!!

    Tim Coleman: "For a man who hasn't been active in a wrestling ring for some time, Humanity's skill is still something to be feared."

    Von Horrowitz rolls under the ropes, dragging herself to her feet with the rope, as Humanity stalks her. Humanity aims to suplex her back into the ring, but Von Horrowitz blocks it, snapping Humanity throat-fist across the top rope. As Humanity staggers away, Von Horrowitz springboard onto the top rope, and flies with a springboard crossbody, taking Humanity down! Von Horrowitz rolls through, not going for a pin, instead rolls into a corner, taking a second to catch her breath... and to discretely remove the protective covering of the second turnbuckle. She waits, baiting Humanity in as he slowly gets back to his feet, and as he approaches she catches him in a drop toe hold-

    But Humanity catches himself, grabbing on to the ropes and preventing a face-first stumble into exposed steel buckles!

    Tim Coleman: "Von Horrowitz might's telegraphed that one, but I can't fault the play - while frowned upon, it's not necessarily illegal, and a move like that is an instant gamechanger no matter who you are."

    Humanity laughs, whether in disbelief or sheer joy, as he grips Michelle Von Horrowitz by the hair and yanks her to her feet, and throws her clear across the ring with an exploder suplex. He cracks his neck from side to side, and as Von Horrowitz returns to her feet, he blasts her with the Welcome to Reality!

    Jim Taylor: "Welcome To Reality! A clothesline from the darkest depths of hell itself! The prelude to an end!"

    Humanity drags a flatlined Von Horrowitz back to her feet, before throwing her onto his shoulders. He signals for The Devil's Whisper-

    -But Von Horrowitz flips out of it, landing on her feet just barely, staggering away from Humanity to survive a little bit longer! Impressive agility and skill indeed! She stumbles into a free corner, and Humanity charges - but Von Horrowitz ducks beneath the blow, sending Humanity crashing into the corner chest-first, and Von Horrowitz seizes the moment, wraps her arms around Humanity's waist, and wrenches him off his feet with a beautiful German Suplex!

    Tim Coleman: "Michelle Von Horrowitz just lifted a man nearly twice her weight and dumped him on his neck! Whether it's using Humanity's momentum against him or a display of sheer guts, that's godamned commendable!"

    She bridges into a pin attempt!



    TH - - NO!

    Kickout! So close!

    Wasting little time, Von Horrowitz grabs Humanity by the neck, and signals for the Psycho Driver #2! Von Horrowitz seizes the pumphandle, and straining, lifts Humanity onto her shoulders!

    Jim Taylor: "A German Suplex is one thing, but a Psycho Driver #2 with this size difference is another thing entirely!"

    But her back gives out, and she drops to a knee as Humanity slides off, immediately taking advantage with a sickle suplex! Humanity continues the aggression, grasping as Von Horrowitz's legs and locking in a Texas Cloverleaf!

    Tim Coleman: "With Von Horrowitz's back giving out after trying to lift Humanity for a Psycho Driver #2, Humanity's now targeting the back with the Texas Cloverleaf, very smartly applied in the middle of the ring."

    Von Horrowitz scrambles, reaching for the ropes, straining, gritting her teeth against the pain! The ropes seem so far away!

    Jim Taylor: "This could be it! MvH might have to tap out now!"

    The pain and pressure is unbearable, and it takes everything in Von Horrowitz's power to stop herself from doing anything more than grunting in pain, refusing to show weakness! She inches towards the ropes, one drag at a time, escape mere fingertips away-

    Tim Coleman: "There it is! Michelle's got the bottom rope! Humanity has five seconds to break the hold or risk disqualification!"

    Humanity holds onto the submission for a second longer, but relents, releasing the hold, as Von Horrowitz attempts to drag herself to her feet, using the ropes for assistance. Humanity gets right in her face, with a blistering uppercut, a punishing jab, and a fearful forearm. He grabs her in a powerbomb position, walking towards the corner turnbuckle where the second turnbuckle is exposed, before turning and throwing Von Horrowitz right at it with an Alley-Oop!

    But Von Horrowitz catches herself on the ropes, just barely stopping herself from meeting the exposed steel head-on! Before Humanity can scramble back to his feet, Von Horrowitz drops with a double-foot stomp right to Humanity's face! Stunned, Humanity can barely raise a sign of resistance as Michelle quickly lifts him back to his feet, before nailing a Russian Leg Sweep, striking the back of Humanity's head against the steel of the turnbuckle!

    Jim Taylor: "Good god! I don't know which move would suck worse for Humanity there - double-foot to the face or steel turnbuckle to the back of the head!"

    Humanity is dazed! The lights are on but nobody is home as he slowly rises to his knees - only for Von Horrowitz to crush him with a Busaiku Knee Kick! Seizing the moment, taking zero time to stop and breath, Von Horrowitz climbs to the top turnbuckle!

    And only now, does she pause, and let out a breath.

    Before launching herself with the 450 Splash!

    Tim Coleman: "The 450 Splash! It connects! Michelle Von Horrowitz with the cover!"




    Michelle Von Horrowitz is surely sore and hurting, but she's victorious, as the referee raises her arm in victory. Satisfaction graces her face, as vindication is finally earned, for a slight gone unseen by nearly everyone. Humanity blinks, his senses slowly coming back to him as he starts to roll out of the ring. For the briefest of seconds, Humanity's eyes catch Michelle's. He nods, accepting defeat. And after a brief pause, Michelle nods back.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here is your winner, via pinfall at sixteen minutes and twelve seconds... Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Both competitors are back up to their feet, and after a quick sidewards glance at von Horrowitz, Humanity vacates the ring. It’s quite clear that the fans in attendance tonight do not appreciate the result of that contest.”

    Indeed, as Humanity begins to make his way up the ramp, the crowd rains a torrent of boos in MvH’s direction. She collects her FWA X Division Championship from Lindsey Monaghan and celebrates with it on the second turnbuckle, playfully kissing the FWA logo on its plate. Obviously, this brings more animosity.

    Tim Coleman: “Nobody really gets under the skin of an audience in quite the same way as Michelle von Horrowitz. But you’ve got to admit, she backs it up in the ring. A victory over a CWA legend here in this semi-final match, but I imagine Humanity will have left his mark on MvH.”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Tim. The entrants in this tournament will always have to keep one eye on the gas tank and make sure they’ve still got enough to go in the final later tonight. Michelle has emerged from this match far from unscathed.”

    As von Horrowitz climbs out of the ring and begins to walk up the entrance ramp, we cut away to the interior of an office somewhere backstage.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    Behind a desk that is covered with official looking documents is Noah Hanson, immaculate dressed in a blue suit and with hair neatly (if perhaps a little overly) waxed into a tight quiff. He is on the phone, leant back in his chair and with his feet positioned just on the corner of the desk.

    Noah Hanson: “Yes, I understand that completely… No, your concerns are my concerns, I’ve told you that before… You think? I’m not sure I agree… I think it sells itself, you have to remember that these people are desperate for even a taste… I’m sure all will become clear after the announcement… Look, I have to go, there’s a lot of irons in the fire here… Thank you, Sir…”

    He hangs up the receiver just in time, as there’s a knock on the door followed by the entrance of… The DiMiaco Brothers!

    Joe DiMiaco: “Mr Hanson, Mr Hanson… don’t get up! We’ve just come to catch up, you know?”

    Hanson indeed does not get up. He sets down his phone and his pen on the table, bringing his hands together to regard the new arrivals thoughtfully.

    Noah Hanson:Just to catch up? I’m sure… It’s great to see you both here, gentlemen. I’m very pleased you could make it. But, why are you really here in my office? To what do I owe this pleasure?”

    There are congenial smiles on the faces of the DiMiacos, Paul lifting both of his hands in front of him as if he’s reasoning with and trying to placate Hanson.

    Paul DiMiaco: “The people in this audience… they know us. They know that we’re straight down the line. They believe in US!”

    Joe DiMiaco: “That’s exactly right, Paul. And you know what, Hanson? Although we were pleased to accept your invitation to this show, we have to admit we’re a little put out by not having a match. You’re depriving this crowd of the opportunity to cheer our names, to scream Go Joe! in adulation as we prove what we’ve always proved. That we’re not just brothers, we are a true team, and the only team…”

    Noah leans back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head, prepared to hear them out.

    Noah Hanson: “And I suppose you have a match in mind, do you?”

    The brothers smile at each other and then at Hanson, as if he’s finally catching on to what should have been immediately obvious.

    Joe DiMiaco: “We might have some ideas there, Mr. H… We watched The Launch-Pad, of course. And we heard the announcement about Izaya being added to the three-way match.”

    Paul DiMiacos:“Excellent decision, by the way.”

    Joe nods his approval at Paul’s comment.

    Joe DiMiaco: “So we thought… why not do the same in the three-way ladder match? Picture it…”

    He lifts his hand up in front of him and stares off into the distance, as if he’s imagining some marquee or banner.

    Joe DiMiaco: “The Gang Stars… The Echo… The Elite… and The DiMiacos! A four way ladder match for the CWA World Tag Team Championships!!”

    The brothers both react as if this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Hanson would be a fool to pass it up. Noah simply leans back, mulling over the suggestion.

    Noah Hanson: “Well, I’ll tell you what for, fellas. I’m not sure this match is really the same as the one involving Chubby Carlos, Prince Ali, and Mark Merriwhether. That triple threat was an exhibition match, and not for any championship. I feel adding Izaya Snowmantashi will only add to that match in a manner that the fans would appreciate. The tag team match?”

    Here he pauses for effect, raising an eyebrow.

    Noah Hanson: “That’s a different thing entirely, gentlemen. I wouldn’t want any of those three teams pulling out of it at the last minute because of a late addition, no matter how worthy that addition would be. So, if you can convince all six of these guys that you deserve a place in the match, then so be it.”

    Noah lifts up his pen, and returns his attention to the documents laid out on his desk. He doesn’t look up at the brothers as he continues.

    Noah Hanson: “Sound fair?”

    Joe DiMiaco: “Fair and just, Mr. H!”

    The two brothers remove themselves from the office, clearly firm in their belief that the first step of their master plan had gone well. The camera lingers on Hanson for a moment longer…

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut back to the arena in time for the next entrance song to play...

    The familiar tune of MIA’s “Paper Planes” hits, eliciting a huge pop from the CWA faithful as Diego Gonzalez runs out on stage. He is singing and dancing along to his theme music. Diego slaps hands with several fans and dances with them to the music while they all sing along with him. He runs down to the ring and slides in, still dancing and bopping to his music, in nothing but good spirits with a smile on his face.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Hey CWA, what’s good?!"

    The fans pop huge just for that, bringing an even bigger smile to his face.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Hey yo man, it feels so good to be back inside of a CWA ring in front of all of ya’ll man, you have no idea man how good it feels!”

    Diego looks like he might tear up a little. He even mimics that he’s about to cry but then waves his hand away.

    Diego Gonzalez: “I know it’s been a minute though, for real. I can’t even remember the last time I had a match here, no lie… I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning…”

    He winks at the camera and acts like he’s smoking.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Where am I again? Oh yeah, CWA: One Night Only...nah man I know where I’m at, but for real though I am a little buzzed right now… no lie. I just wanted to come out here though and thank ya’ll for everything, I mean it man… thank you. I was just some punk stoner kid trying to live his dream and the CWA made that possible, as well as all of you for accepting me for who I was when no one else would... so from the bottom of my heart… thank you.”

    Cheers from the crowd.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Now all that mushy junk is out of the way, who’s ready to party man?!”

    Just when Diego is about to get down and have some fun with the fans he’s interrupted… by “Sunshine” Tony? The wannabe tough guy walks down to the ring to zero reaction from the fans as he steps in the ring and approaches Diego.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Hey yo man, who are you?”

    Sunshine Tony: “Don’t you remember me?! It’s “Sunshine” Tony!”

    Diego’s face is blank, as if there’s a complete lack of recognition.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Nah man, I don’t remember you at all. You sure you wrestled here?”

    Sunshine Tony: “Yeah man! I wrestled! I ain’t no joke boy!”

    There’s an ironic SUN-SHINE TO-NY! chant circulating amongst some sections of the crowd, and Diego pauses to smile at it. He lets it build, until most of the 2300 Arena is singing the interloper’s name.

    Diego Gonzalez: “Oh, for real? You ain’t no joke?”

    Sunshine Tony: “That’s what I said man! I ain’t no joke and you not remembering me makes me seem like a joke… but I ain’t one!!”

    Tony is speaking fast, but Diego takes his time to respond. Cool as a cucumber.

    Diego Gonzalez: “I got it the first time, man. Hey, look man, that’s cool and all but we’re just out here trying to have a good time and you’re kind of killing the vibe here…”

    The audience’s chant morphs into a distinctly unrhythmic rendition of ’bitch don’t kill my vibe’.

    Sunshine Tony: “Oh, it’s gonna be like that, huh?!”

    Diego Gonzalez: “Gonna be like what, man? All I said was that you were out here kind of killing the mood…”

    Sunshine Tony: “What?! I ain’t good enough to party with ya’ll? I ain’t no joke man!”

    The crowd joins in: ’AINT NO JOKE! AINT NO JOKE! AINT NO JOKE!’

    Diego Gonzalez: “Hey man, you know what? You can party man, come on…”

    Diego tries to offer him a handshake but Tony slaps it away to heavy boos from the crowd.

    Sunshine Tony: "Man, I don’t want to party with you! This party is whack! These people are whack and you’re whack, man I’m outta here!"

    Just then Diego grabs Tony by the hand and kicks him in the gut… HeHe ists him up on his shoulders with ease...BUZZKILL! Goodnight, ‘Sunshine’ Tony!

    “Paper Planes” hits once again as Diego leaves the ring and celebrates with the fans while Tony lies in the ring motionless. We cut to the commentators as medical help arrives to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “It certainly is good to see Diego Gonzalez back in a CWA ring, Tim!”

    Tim Coleman: “I think the only person who would disagree with that statement is ‘Sunshine’ Tony!!”

    The commentators share a quick laugh.

    Jim Taylor: “I think it’s time we moved on to our next contest tonight, the second of our two High Voltage Tournament semi-finals. Tim, let’s find out who is going to join Michelle von Horrowitz in that final match later on this evening…”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    As we return to a wide shot of the arena, the camera pans across it to show a cross-section of cheering fans before settling on the stage, just in time for the next entrant’s music to hit…

    Despite the slow nature of the entrance music, there’s a HUGE pop as CWA veteran and legend Clint Shepard walks out onto the stage. There’s no denying that Shepard has aged since the last time we saw him, but there’s still a ferocity in his eyes and an intensity in the manner that he strides down the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes the man that they call ‘The Icon’, and he’s more than earned that title, Tim. A former High Voltage Champion and a real locker-room leader, you’d have to think most of the audience is firmly behind Clint Shepard here tonight.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. It would be a great story if Clint Shepard were to win this whole tournament, and I’m sure most of the CWA purists watching in attendance and the millions of fans at home will want nothing more than to see that happen.”

    Shepard slaps a few fans’ hands on his way down to the ring before rolling beneath the bottom rope. He lifts a fist into the air and gets another big cheer from the crowd. His music fades and he focuses on the stage, waiting for his opponent to appear.

    There’s another overwhelmingly positive reaction for XYZ as he walks out onto the stage. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans at first, in fact he barely seems to register their existence. His eyes are on the ring and Clint Shepard… and then he finally lets out a roar and strides down to the ring with both intensity and flamboyance. The fans lean over the barricade to pat him on the back as he goes.

    Jim Taylor: “This will be an interesting contest between two fan favourites, Tim.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, and interesting is a word that so very often applies to XYZ. Everything that this man does is… um… unique. Did you see his interview for this event?”

    Jim Taylor: “I saw it, Tim. It was… something!”

    Tim Coleman: “But there’s no arguing with XYZ’s talent within the squared circle. Throughout his time in CWA we saw over and over again the effectiveness of his unorthodox arsenal.”

    Jim Taylor: “Unpredictable is the key word with XYZ, and it will be really interesting to see how his style meshes with Clint Shepard’s.”

    XYZ has climbed into the ring and is standing in the opposite corner to Shepard. He is staring right through him as The Icon paces back and forth. Monaghan steps forward to make the introductions.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for one-fall and with a thirty minute time limit. It is a Round of Four match-up in the High Voltage Tournament!”

    Another close-up of the horrific-looking trophy.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Introducing first. He weighs in tonight at two hundred and four pounds. From Sitika, Alaska… XYZ!”

    XYZ lifts his hands out either side of him and closes his eyes, allowing the fans’ chanting of his name to wash over him.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And his opponent. From Phoneix, Arizona. Weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds… Clint… SHEPARD!!”

    Another huge ovation. A significant portion of the crowd begins to shout Shepard’s name, and there’s a dueling chant amongst the supporters of each man as the referee calls for the match to begin.

    High Voltage Tournament: Round of 4, Match #2.
    “The Icon” Clint Shepard versus XYZ.

    When the bell rings, it is quite clear that Clint Shepard does not appreciate XYZ’s unique sense of style. The two circle the ring, Shepard shaking his head and approaching the first confrontation with a look of disdain. They tie it up with a collar and elbow, and instantly The Icon transitions into a headlock, showing his superior power and strength. Still in the headlock, he flips XYZ over his body and onto the mat, grounding him and wrenching on his hold. XYZ, after failing to reach the ropes with an outstretched limb, instead brings both his legs up to Shepard’s head and attaches a leg scissors, forcing Shepard to relinquish his own hold. Clint, though, is able to reach the ropes with a foot, and the referee demands a break.

    Jim Taylor: “An interesting start to this contest, and maybe not one that we would expect from these two competitors. An exchange of holds results in a stalemate.”

    Tim Coleman: “I’m not sure which of these two would have the edge in a technical match, Jim. Shepard is renowned for his power game and his brawling style, whilst XYZ is a high-flyer who can throw a few strikes of his own…”

    The two again circle the ring, Clint looking a little bit more disdainful than he did before the exchange, and it looks as if they're about to lock up again. The Icon, however, wants none of it, instead unloading with a big right hand, XYZ staggering back. The crowd react to the blow, and to his credit XYZ fires back with a stiff kick to the thigh. This only angers Shepard, who goes for another right hand… But XYZ ducks it and charges off the ropes, and when Shepard turns he eats a big spinning heel kick! Both men are quickly back to their feet, and XYZ nails a dropkick!

    Jim Taylor: "Clint Shepard rolls under the bottom rope here, perhaps wisely deciding to take a time out and rethink his strategy."

    Clint walks around the outside, weighing up his opponent whilst the referee begins a count. When the official is at six, he hops back up to the apron and climbs through the ropes. XYZ charges at him as soon as he can, but Shepard hits a low drop kick, taking his opponent out at the knees. XYZ goes down to all fours and The Icon follows up with a vicious stomp to the back of the head, and then an elbow drop to the back to flatten XYZ out! XYZ rolls onto his front, and Clint Shepard picks up one of his feet. Shepard proceeds to drop his elbow into the inner knee of XYZ a total of three times, before turning him over in a single leg Boston crab…

    Jim Taylor: "The Icon is zoning in on that left leg, looking to ground XYZ indefinitely here."

    Tim Coleman: "Of course, that's a smart game plan. We've already alluded to XYZ's aerial abilities. It looks like Shepard has come to Philadelphia well briefed."

    XYZ screams out in agony, but soon enough he is able to crawl over to the ropes and hook on to them with both arms. The referee starts his count, getting to four before Shepard relinquishes the hold. Shepard doesn't give XYZ a moment to recover, though. He rolls out of the ring, reaching in to grab his opponent by the foot. He drags him over to the corner and then drives the inside of XYZ's left knee into the steel post! XYZ cries out again, but Shepard simply repeats the move, damn near shattering his opponent's knee! The official is on his back, but Clint simply drags XYZ out of the ring and Irish whips him into the steel steps!

    Jim Taylor: "XYZ better pray he can mount some sort of comeback here! Shepard is being methodical and deliberate with this early assault on the knee, and XYZ looks in a bad way."

    As the referee reaches five, Shepard rolls back into the ring and goes for a lateral press…




    XYZ gets a shoulder up, and Clint grabs him by the hair to lift him to his feet. He Irish whips him into the corner, and Shepard attempts to charge in for a clothesline… But XYZ dives out of the way! Shepard hits the turnbuckle chest first, and then he's taken down by a step up enziguri! Rather than get to his feet, XYZ rolls under the bottom rope and stands on the apron. He waits for Shepard to get up, and when he does, he leaps up, attempting to springboard back into the ring…

    … but his knee gives out, and XYZ falls in a heap face first to the mat! Shepard can't believe his luck, and drags his opponent back to a vertical base. He applies a front face lock and hooks the left leg…

    Tim Coleman: "Picture perfect fisherman's suplex from Clint Shepard there, and he bridges for the cover…"




    XYZ is again able to get the shoulder up, but Shepard is quick to continue his attack. He stomps the knee a couple of times, and then lifts XYZ back up to his feet. The Icon attempts an Irish whip into the corner again, but when his opponent is half-way across the ring his knee gives out and he falls to the mat. Shepard walks back over to him, slowly weighing up his next move. He reaches down to grab XYZ by the hair…

    … and XYZ rolls him up with a small package!!


    Jim Taylor: “XYZ playing a little possum there!”


    Tim Coleman: “I think he might have him!”

    TH - - NO!

    At the last moment, Shepard manages to power out of the pin attempt. Both men are quick to their feet… and Shepard wipes XYZ out with a vicious clothesline! Clint stumbles into a corner, using the ropes to balance himself, more in shock at the surprise near-fall than anything else. After shaking his head and admonishing himself for being caught out, Shepard strides back over to XYZ once again and lifts him up by the hair. He applies a front facelock and hits a vertical suplex. Rather than releasing, he rolls through and picks XYZ up, hitting a second vertical suplex. He goes for the third, but XYZ drops down to a knee (his right one) to block it, and then rolls Clint up with another small package!



    THR - - NO!

    Shepard manages to kick out at the last second once again, and both men are up to their feet. Shepard hits a big right hand, closed fist… but XYZ fires back with a kick with his good leg to the thigh! Shepard hits another big right, and gets a kick to the shins in return! The two of them fire off on each other, back and forth… Until Shepard is finally staggered by a big kick to the side of the head! XYZ charges the ropes as best he can, going for a big clothesline, but Shepard is able to duck it. XYZ turns into a boot to the midsection, and Shepard hooks his arms.

    Jim Taylor: “The Icon perhaps looking for his patented double-arm underhook DDT here… but no! XYZ reverses with a Northern Lights suplex! He bridges for the cover…”




    Tim Coleman: “Again Clint Shepard is able to kick out… and he still has the arms hooked! He drags XYZ up to his feet… And he nails the DDT!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Did you hear the thud of XYZ’s head on the mat?! He could be out cold!!”

    Shepard has a slightly wild look on his face as he goes for the cover, hooking the near leg…




    Jim Taylor: “NO! The referee has stopped counting! XYZ has his foot on the ropes!! The crowd can’t believe it!”

    Tim Coleman: “Neither can Clint Shepard!”

    The Icon looks at his wit’s end, and moves away from his opponent and into the corner, weighing up his next move. XYZ is slowly finding his way to his feet, still heavily favouring his left knee. Shepard signals that it’s time he finished this one, and starts to stalk him from behind. When XYZ is on his feet, Shepard positions him for his Licence to Kill (Olympic Slam) finisher…

    But XYZ slips out the back, and applies a rear waist lock… He bundles Shepard into the ropes, and then rolls him up with an Okada roll…



    Shepard kicks out just after the three count is made! XYZ instantly rolls under the bottom rope as his music is played, The Icon remonstrating with the referee…

    Jim Taylor: “Did he get him?!”

    Tim Coleman: “I think he did, Jim! Despite a lot of offence in that match-up for Clint Shepard, it appears XYZ has come out with the win!”

    The official is helping XYZ to his feet on the outside, preparing to raise his hand. Shepard paces back and forth in the ring, clearly annoyed at himself for being taken by surprise…

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Your winner, via pin-fall at thirteen minutes and thirty two seconds… XYZ!!”

    The victor celebrates as one of the medical team takes a look at his knee, an uneasy look on XYZ’s face despite picking up the win…

    Jim Taylor: “We get official confirmation there that XYZ will progress to face Michelle von Horrowitz later on tonight in that High Voltage Tournament final, but one has to ask if he’s going to be able to operate at the same level given what happened here in this match?”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s an excellent point, Jim. Clint Shepard methodically tore away at that knee for much of that match-up, and you have to know that Michelle von Horrowitz will smell blood in the water."

    XYZ is getting carried up the ramp, the medic under one arm and the referee under the other. Finally, Shepard rolls out of the ring, getting a good ovation from the assembled Philadelphians as well. A 'THANK YOU SHEPARD' chant circulates, and The Icon acknowledges it before following XYZ up the ramp.

    We cut back to the two announcers sitting next to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Ladies and gentlemen, the action will keep flowing shortly here at One Night Only with a match that we had believed would be a triple threat between Prince Ali, “The Hollywood Standard” Mark Merriwether, and ‘El Chuberino’ himself, Chubby Carlos. However, we found out tonight on The Launch-Pad that Izaya Snowmantashi had been added to the match, making it a Fatal 4-Way. Here was the announcement from John Duncan…”

    The scene cuts to a replay of the panel show that took place before the main event.

    Michelle Kelly: “And before we get to our discussion of this match-up, I am told that Mr Duncan has an announcement for us all…”

    Duncan addresses the camera directly with a big smile on his face, clearly quite proud of his ability as a negotiator...

    John Duncan: “Thank you Ms. Kelly. After a talk with Mr. Hanson early today, I was able to negotiate a change to tonight's triple threat match, it will now be a fatal four way match featuring my newest client Izaya Snowmantashi!"

    When we cut back to a wide-shot, we see Michelle Kelly clearly exchanging a glance with the camera-man. It seems she’s just worked out why Duncan agreed to appear on this pre-show. Hanson picks up the slack.

    Noah Hanson: “I was only too happy to add Izaya Snowmantashi to this match-up, when the idea was first brought to me. Izaya is a special talent, and one that didn’t have enough of a chance to shine during his short run in CWA. I’m confident his inclusion will only add to the excitement.”
    Tim Coleman: “I’m sure that addition will indeed add to the excitement of that one, but before we get to the entrances, our old friend Daniel Oakley is standing by in the back with a very special guest. Daniel…”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -
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    We cut to backstage at the interview position for the night. CWA broadcaster Daniel Oakley stands in front of a monitor displaying the event logo as he awaits his cue. He adjusts his earpiece and straightens out his white polo, tucked into a pair of black slacks. The polo has an embroidered CWA logo just above the right side of the chest area – a fitting touch for the reunion show tonight.

    After moments of waiting, he finally receives his cue that they will be switching the camera to him, prompting him to raise his microphone into view and motion to his guest to get ready.

    “Five… Four… Three… Two… One”

    Daniel Oakley: “We have had a tremendous response to the matches and appearances on social media and here in the arena for CWA One Night Only. That response will only get louder and more traction with my guest at this time. He is a former CWA tag-team and high voltage champion. Currently, he serves as a political commentator for various programs on Fox News. My guest at this time, Shawn Summers.”

    A rather cross-reaction is given for Summers as he walks into the frame wearing an all-black hoodie – with the hood over his head – 7’ tan Chubbies shorts, and a pair of low top Chuck Taylor shoes. He casts a telling side-eye glance at Daniel as the booing of the crowd intensifies. Daniel slightly shrugs his shoulders and mouths “sorry” to Shawn before beginning.

    Daniel Oakley: “Shawn, tonight your good friends Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean, collectively known as The Elite wi…”

    Shawn Summers: [interrupting] “Let me stop you right there, Danny. I think you and many of the members of the professional wrestling world are somewhat confused. I say this because since they arrived in CWA and FWA, people have been calling Noah and Trevor “The Elite”. It’s crazy to me that they are continuously referred to as that when in reality, that is not their tag-team name.

    Daniel Oakley: [confused] “I’m not sure I understand what you mean.”

    Shawn Summers: “Alright, so when you refer to “The Elite” you are referring to the group that consists of Noah, Trevor, and myself. WE are “The Elite”. There’s meaning behind that term “elite”, Danny. We call ourselves that as a group because we are all the “elite” at one thing or another. Take me, I am the Elite when it comes to amateur wrestling. No one in this business can outwrestle me in traditional Greco-Roman style. Noah is the “elite” at psychological warfare. There is no one better at dismantling their opponents psychologically inside or outside of the ring. Trevor is the “elite” at tag-team wrestling. You have those who claim to be a tag-team “expert” and then you have Trevor. Trevor has a keen ability to match his partner in intensity, thoughts, and awareness. When you combine us three together, you get The Elite. Separately, you have “The God King” Shawn Summers and you have “The Division” Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean.”

    Daniel Oakley: “So, their team name is “The Division”?”

    Shawn Summers: “Don’t sound so confused, Danny. What would you think they would be collectively named? They are what tag-team wrestling is molded after. They are what comes to mind when you mention modern-day tag-team wrestling. They are consistently the best tag-team in every company that they compete in. You can’t mention tag-team wrestling without mentioning the foundation of it. You can’t mention tag-team wrestling without mentioning, The Division. And tonight, The Division is going to show why tag-team wrestling is the premier showcase of professional wrestling. And tonight, The Elite will stand in the ring among the wreckage and chaos that comes with a ladder match and put a stamp on their career in C… W…. A. Thank you, Daniel.”

    Shawn flashes a smirk at Daniel as he walks out of camera view, leaving the CWA announcer in thought on his final words with the self-proclaimed, “God-King”.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut away from Summers and Oakley and to another corridor in the back-stage area, the DiMiaco brothers walking along and conversing with each other in hushed voices. They are clearly strategizing things, laying out what they’re going to do to live out their main event dream tonight at One Night Only.

    They take a corner and suddenly they are standing in the canteen area. Sitting on a bench, with no other talent anywhere near them, are Drew and Ethan Connor. They are both eating hot dogs. Nervously… tentatively… The DiMiaco brothers approach The Echo. The camera cuts to the Connors both enjoying their food, and from over their shoulders we see The DiMiacos. Joe clears his throat, but gets no reaction whatsoever. Paul does it a little louder. The Echo roll their eyes in unison, swallow, and place their respective hot dogs back down onto their respective plate. Ethan's is a little bigger than Drew's. They turn to face the interlopers in a synchronised manner.

    Drew Connor: “Yes?”

    The DiMacio brothers pause, and Paul gives Joe a little nudge forward, prompting him to begin.

    Joe DiMiaco: “Well, Ethan. Or Drew? Well, we just thought that tonight’s main event looks incredible.”

    Ethan Connor: “Oh, you do, do you? You mean, the co main event?”

    It is quickly dawning on The DiMiaco brothers that if they are to convince all six men to allow them into the main event, they’ve probably started with the toughest customers.

    Joe DiMiaco: “Absolutely I do! It’s clearly THE main event, from where I’m sitting. Three of the greatest teams in the history of the Clique Wrestling Alliance, all vying for the top prize in our profession. If you ask me? I think there’s only one way that this match could be made even better.

    Ethan raises an eyebrow. It seems he’s predicted where this is going.

    Ethan Connor: “And what would that be, whoever the fuck you are?”

    Again, just like he did in Hanson’s office, Joe DiMiaco raises a hand as if picturing the advertisement for his pitch.

    Joe DiMiaco: "The Elite… The Echo… The Gang Stars… And… The DiMiaco Brothers!”

    Drew and Ethan think about it for a moment. They look at the DiMiacos, and then at one another. The pause seems to go on for a while, cogs turning in the Connors’ mind. Eventually, they stand up, and extend a hand to the other set of brothers. They are nodding their head, ready for the battle. The DiMiacos reciprocate, gladly shaking their counterparts’ hands.

    Paul DiMiaco: “We knew you’d respect this! From one set of brothers to another!”

    Suddenly, both of the Connors pull on the handshake, drawing a DiMiaco each closer to them… SYNCHRONIZED SUPERKICKS! The DiMiacos hit the floor, and The Echo shake their heads. Almost immediately, they turn around from The DiMiacos and carry on eating their hot dogs.

    Ethan Conner: “We gotta stop letting fans backstage.”

    Drew Connor: “Who the hell are the DiMiaco Brothers?”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut away from The Echo and back to the arena, just in time for…

    Jim Taylor: “Well, ladies and gentlemen, we told you about this late addition to this match-up and it appears he's going to make his way down to the ring first here tonight.”

    Izaya Snowmantashi walks out onto the stage to a positive reaction. He is without Duncan, who we assume is back-stage somewhere with the Kaiju. Izaya is smiling, enjoying the fans' appreciation, before he makes his way down the ramp.

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, and we heard John Duncan say it himself during his predictions for this contest. You are guaranteed one thing when Izaya Snowmantashi enters a wrestling ring, and that is a show.”

    Jim Taylor: “Absolutely, Tim. We only saw Izaya compete in a handful of matches here in the CWA, and I think it’s fair to say that he never really got started in the company. It will be interesting to see how he deals with three more established CWA stars here tonight.”

    Izaya climbs into the ring and his music fades out, quickly replaced by the opening notes of Long Live the Chief.

    As Jidena plays out around the arena, there’s another positive reaction for Prince Ali. He walks out onto the stage with a focussed look on his face, surveying the audience before locking eyes with the man in the ring.

    Tim Coleman: “Here comes a man who showed a huge amount of potential during his run with the Clique Wrestling Alliance. Who could forget that Steel Roulette match back at Redemption 2017? The fact that Ali challenged for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship, the richest prize in the game, tells you a lot about his pedigree.”

    Jim Taylor: “And perhaps a minor personal story of sorts here as Prince Ali climbs into the ring. The man who eliminated Ali that night? Izaya’s brother. That will no doubt be in the back of Prince’s mind as he prepares to do battle with another Snowmantashi in another multi-man match tonight.”

    Ali stares off with Izaya as the lights come up and his entrance music fades away to silence. There’s a moment’s pause before…

    As “Hollywood” by Jay-Z blares out, the crowd leaps into a rare chorus of boos. ‘The Hollywood Standard’ walks out onto the stage with a cocky, arrogant look on his face. He holds his arms out to either side of himself, as if asking the fans to bathe in his glory, before making his way towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, this crowd is sure letting Mark Merriwether know what they still think of him, but there’s no denying that ‘The Hollywood Standard’ is an impressive athlete with a huge amount of talent and potential.”

    Tim Coleman: “From what I can see, Jim, this doesn’t seem to be bothering Merriwether at all. He thrives on these kinds of reactions! It’s what drove him back when he was regularly competing here in the CWA, and it will be no different tonight.”

    Indeed, Merriwether looks almost smug as he climbs into the ring, ignoring his opponents and carefully de-robing. His music fades out as he makes his final pre-match preparations. There is a silence amongst the audience, anticipating building and building around the arena. They know who is coming next, and as the silence extends a little longer they begin to chant his name. This builds and builds and builds until…

    The crowd absolutely ERUPTS as The Chubster walks out on the stage, a smile on his face from ear to ear.

    Jim Taylor: “Would you just LISTEN to this, Tim?!”

    Chubby Carlos is nodding his head in approval, staring out into the crowd, his eyes tracing across their faces as they cheer his name in pure adoration. He beats his chest and roars before walking down the ramp, causing a similar rise in noise level and intensity amongst the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes a Wrestle Royale winner… the man who defeated Cyrus Truth in the main event of Five-Star Attraction... a former CWA World Heavyweight Champion! I can barely hear myself think over this crowd!”

    Tim Coleman: “Jim, I think sometimes it’s better if you just sit back and listen!”

    This is what they do as Carlos climbs into the ring, the three men backing away into other corners as he proceeds to climb the spare one to the second turnbuckle. He lifts both hands high into the air, closing his eyes and breathing it in. He hops down into the ring and his music fades, but the noise from the audience certainly doesn’t…

    Jim Taylor: “One of the most beloved stars in the history of this company. Boy, isn’t it wonderful to see Chubby freaking Carlos back in a CWA ring?!”

    The question is rhetorical, but answered anyway by the noise from the fans. Finally, a huge smile on her own face (the positivity is infectious), Lindsey Monaghan steps forward with her microphone.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a Fatal 4-Way match, scheduled for one-fall, and with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first… he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ninety pounds… from Tokyo, Japan… He is Izaya SNOWMANTASHI!”

    Snowmantashi slowly nods in approval as his name is read out, and gets another small pop from the crowd.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Introducing next… currently residing in Los Angeles, California… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds… ‘The Benchmark’... Prince ALI!”

    Another positive reaction from the crowd as Ali climbs onto the second rope and beats his chest.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Next… from Hollywood, California… weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… ‘The Hollywood Standard’... Mark MERRIWETHER!!”

    This time, the crowd lets out a torrent of boos at Merriwether, who simply smiles and shakes his head at their stupidity.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And finally…”

    The boos stop and the cheers begin once more…

    Lindsey Monaghan: “From Mexico City, Mexico, and also currently residing in Los Angeles, California… he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ten kilograms… The Chubby One… The Fat Man… The Chubster… His Royal Chubness… El Chuberino”

    As Lindsey goes through each of his monikers, the audiences’ cheers get louder and louder.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “The Single Most Awesome Wrestler in CWA Today… Everybody's Favorite Wrestler… The Green and Black Attack… CHUBBY CARLOOOOOS!!”

    Another huge roar. Carlos can do nothing but smile and step back and forth from one foot to the other. Lindsey climbs out of the ring, the official checking the boots and pads of each man in turn before signalling for the contest to start…

    Fatal 4-Way Match.
    Izaya Snowmantashi versus. “The Hollywood Standard” Mark Merriwether versus. Prince Ali versus. Chubby Carlos.

    ]As soon as the bell rings, Izaya charges at Mark Merriwether and begins to strike him with kicks to the knees and thighs. Ali marches over to Carlos, and hits a handful of forearm smashes, which the Chubster does his best to deflect. Ali attempts a wild lariat, but Carlos ducks underneath it and slides into a rear waist lock. He lifts Ali up before planting him down to the mat with a belly-to-back suplex. Izaya is striking a cornered Mark Merriwether, but Carlos comes up from behind and puts his hands on Snowmantashi’s shoulder. Almost by instinct, he turns around and nails Carlos with a step-up enziguri. Carlos stumbles backwards, and Izaya takes him off his feet with a roundhouse kick…

    Jim Taylor: “This one has started the way that I expected it to, and I don’t think the chaotic nature of this match is going to relent at any point…”

    Tim Coleman: “And you’ve got to remember that, under Fatal 4-Way Rules, this match has no disqualifications and no count-outs. It’s only a matter of time before that becomes an important factor…”

    Izaya doesn’t even have a chance to go for a cover, as Merriwether charges out of the corner and nails him with a running bulldog. Izaya rolls out of the way, and The Hollywood Standard goes for a cover on Chubby Carlos instead…


    T - - NO!

    Prince Ali re-appears to break the pin up, and Carlos kicks out anyway. Ali follows up by lifting Merriwether and backing him into a set of ropes. He Irish whips him into the opposite set and takes him down upon re-approach with a dropkick. Merriwether is quickly back up to his feet but Ali is waiting for him, and he throws him back down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex! Merriwether rolls under the bottom rope and out of harm’s way, Ali unable to capitalize as he’s hit with a drop-sault kick from Izaya, who follows up by lifting Ali to his feet and doubling him over with a boot to the midsection. He pulls Ali into position for a piledriver variant, but before he can follow up he’s taken down by a huge clothesline from Chubby Carlos! Carlos takes over from Izaya on Ali, throwing him towards the ropes…

    Jim Taylor: “A beautiful snap scoop power slam there from The Chubster!”

    Tim Coleman: “And he’s not done there, rolling through into a Crucifix armbar! He has Prince Ali right in the middle of the ring!!”

    It looks like a desperate situation early on for Ali, but he’s saved by Mark Merriwether, who has re-entered the ring to hit a low dropkick on Chubby Carlos, breaking up the hold. He lifts Carlos up to his feet as Ali rolls away, but before he can do anything, Carlos hits a forearm strike to The Hollywood Elite, and follows up with a discus lariat! Merriwether hits the mat and Carlos gets to his feet, noticing Izaya Snowmantashi springboarding into the ring…

    … but Carlos catches him with a uranage slam!! Snowmantashi hits the mat hard! Carlos hooks the leg…




    This time, Mark Merriwether breaks up the pinfall, but Carlos gets to his feet and takes Merriwether by the scruff of the neck. He throws him over the top rope and onto the outside, focusing his attention on Ali. Carlos lifts him up and Irish whips him into a set of ropes. He goes for a massive clothesline, but Ali ducks it and continues to run… before throwing himself through the middle and top rope towards Merriwether!”

    Jim Taylor: “SUICIDE DIVE! Merriwether gets taken back down!”

    Back in the ring, Carlos has climbed to his feet and eats a mule kick into the sternum from Izaya, who follows up with a bicycle kick! Carlos goes down to one knee, and Izaya turns away from him, noticing Ali and Merriwether on the rise on the outside. He charges towards a corner, ‘running’ up to the top rope, and somersaulting off it onto them both on the outside! All three men fall to the mat as the crowd shows its appreciation…

    Jim Taylor: “Incredible displays of dare-devil aerial attacks from Prince Ali and Izaya Snowmantashi!”

    Tim Coleman: “I don’t know which of them came out of that the worse… only now is Snowmantashi finding his way back to his feet…”

    Jim Taylor: “And look inside the ring! Chubby Carlos is gearing up to charge!”

    Carlos is watching the three men slowly rise to their feet, and when they’re almost there he throws himself - full throttle - against a set of ropes, charging towards them…

    Tim Coleman: “He flies over the top rope! He takes them all out!! Did you see that?!”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s two hundred and fifty pounds flying over the top rope there, ladies and gentlemen!! That’s what this night means to them!”

    The crowd are chanting CWA’s initials as Carlos climbs back to his feet. He plays up for the fans before picking Izaya Snowmantashi and Prince Ali up and throwing each of them under the bottom rope. He climbs the steps and into the ring, before lifting up both men again by their hair. He throws their heads into each other, watching as both of them stumble backwards. He focuses on Izaya first, driving him to the mat with a Russian leg sweep, and then nailing a snap DDT on Ali.

    Jim Taylor: “Carlos is really rolling along nicely in this one. He has both of these men exactly where he wants them and is beginning to think about finishing this one…”

    Tim Coleman: “Mark Merriwether has other ideas… he comes out of nowhere and takes Carlos down with a chop block to the back of the knee!”

    Merriwether is quick to follow up, backing away from Carlos, who has gone down to one knee. The Hollywood Standard tees him up…

    Jim Taylor:Welcome to Hollywood! Merriwether nails him with the superkick!”

    Carlos goes down onto his hands and knees. Ali is back to his feet… and he nails Carlos with a Pele kick!

    Tim Coleman: “It looks like these three men, Ali, Snowmantashi, and Merriwether, are going to join forces to remove Carlos from this particular equation. Izaya Snowmantashi is steadying himself on the top rope, facing away from the ring…”

    Izaya flies through the air with a picture perfect moonsault, landing square on Carlos’ chest and then getting back to his feet. The three uneasy allies all share a sideways glance at each other, before focussing again on Carlos. They lift him to his feet and begin to drag him towards the side of the ring...

    Jim Taylor: And now we have scenes reminiscent of a Wrestle Royale match, with all three men trying to lift the big guy over the top rope!

    Tim Coleman: "There's no eliminations here, of course, but it looks like these guys might want to just get poor Carlos out of the way!"

    Indeed, they spend a while trying to get Carlos over the top rope, but he just lets himself be dead weight and slumps to the mat. The three men look at each other before deciding that beneath the bottom rope is just as good, proceeding to roll and kick Carlos out of the ring.

    They each follow him out, and Merriwether collects a steel chair from beneath the ring. Ali lifts Carlos to his feet before taking him back down with a tornado DDT, kicking off the ring apron for some extra momentum! Izaya watches on from afar as Merriwether waits patiently with his chair for Carlos to get back to his feet. When he does, Merriwether hits the big man in the stomach with the edge of the chair, doubling him over. He follows up by bringing the flat face of the object crashing down onto Carlos’ back! The big man falls to the mat and Merriwether throws the chair away.

    Jim Taylor: “And these actions, whilst certainly a logical strategic move, aren’t endearing these three men to the Philadelphian fans at all!”

    Tim Coleman: “Yes, and although each of these men has earned some level of respect from the CWA fans, none of them are quite as loved as Chubby Carlos. But that admiration isn’t helping The Chubster here…”

    Indeed, the three men now begin to pile as many foreign objects as they can on top of Carlos, trying to bury him so that he can’t return to contention in the match. Prince Ali throws a ladder onto him that he retrieved from beneath the ring, whilst Izaya takes the top of the commentators’ desk and puts that on top of the ladder. Mark Merriwhether brings over the top half of the steel steps and positions that on the pile, and eventually Ali throws the monitors from the announcer’s desk and a handful of chairs from beneath the ring into the heap. The three men look pretty pleased with themself, but the fans are loud in their derision at what they see as an underhanded tactic.

    Nevertheless, Ali and Merriwether climb into the ring, and they begin to circle it. Snowmantashi, meanwhile, circles the ring from afar, and moves over to the entrance ramp. He begins to fish under the ring, whilst inside it Ali and The Hollywood Standard come together with a collar and elbow tie up. They tussle for supremacy in the middle of the ring, and it looks like Merriwether - the slightly larger and stronger man - has the upper hand. He backs Ali all the way into the corner, and then follows up with a trio of knife edge chops. Outside the ring, we see Izaya Snowmantashi has retrieved a table, and he’s beginning to set it up parallel to the ring apron. Back in the ring, Merriwether has backed away from Prince Ali, and charges in, looking for a big splash in the corner… but Ali manages to dodge out of the way. Merriwether hits the turnbuckle and then stumbles back into the middle of the ring. Ali bounces off a nearby set of ropes, and then takes Merriwether down with a swinging neckbreaker! Ali goes for the cover…



    It’s broken up by Izaya, who reaches into the ring from the outside and grabs Ali by the boot. He proceeds to pull him onto the outside, where Ali lands on his feet. Izaya takes a handful of hair, and throws him face first into the steel ring post! Prince Ali stumbles back towards Snowmantashi, who doubles him over with a boot to the midsection….

    Jim Taylor: “Izaya Snowmantashi with the brainbuster on the outside! Ali may be out cold!!”

    Tim Coleman: “That didn’t look like a good landing for Prince Ali, as we take a look at that move again here on instant replay… right on the top of his head!”

    Izaya rolls back into the ring, where Merriwether has found his way to his feet. Snowmantashi charges at him, going for a big lariat… but Merriwether ducks underneath it. Izaya turns round into a big discus forearm from the Hollywood Standard, who follows up with a boot to the midsection, and then a spike DDT! Izaya lands hard on his head, and Merriwether hooks the leg.




    Jim Taylor: “Izaya Snowmanatashi showing an impressive amount of resilience there, and it does look as if he has a point to prove here tonight…”

    Tim Coleman: “I wouldn’t be surprised if this has something to do with a certain other Snowmantashi, and the long shadow that he casts.”

    Merriwether doesn’t let up his offense on Izaya, lifting him to his feet and backing him up into the corner. He nails three forearm smashes, followed by a trio of knife edge chops. When Merriwether hits a headbut, Izaya falls to a seated position in the corner, and The Hollywood Standard proceeds to stomp a mudhole in him! He hits perhaps a dozen stomps before retreating across the ring, and then charges in with a running knee strike! Merriwether isn’t done there, instead lifting Izaya up out of the corner by his hair and applying a full nelson…

    Jim Taylor: “Nobody does the full nelson suplex better than Mark Merriwether… He calls this the Hollywood Shuffle!”

    Tim Coleman: “He gets all of it!! Mark Merriwether bridges into the cover…”



    TH - - NO!!

    Jim Taylor: “Prince Ali is in to make the save! He throws himself onto the pile with a double axe handle!!”

    Merriwether is distraught, but he has to get to his feet and deal with Ali, who is on him with a flourish of left and right hands. Ali is successful in backing Merriwether up into the corner, and then Irish whips him hard into the opposite turnbuckles. Merriwether hits them chest first and bounces back towards the centre of the ring… where Ali is waiting for him with a rear waistlock, followed by a German suplex! Ali doesn’t bridge for the cover, instead maintaining the waist lock and dragging Merriwether to his feet. Ali transitions and then hits a belly-to-back suplex! Again, Ali doesn’t cover, lifting Merriwether to his feet and Irish whipping him towards the ropes. On his return, Ali throws Merriwether into the air…

    Jim Taylor: “Pop-up powerbomb! Merriwether is spiked onto his head with that move!”

    Tim Coleman: “And now Prince Ali does finally go for the cover…”



    THR - - NO!!

    Jim Taylor: “It’s Izaya Snowmantashi’s turn to break up the pin attempt! I was sure that was three!!”

    The audience can’t believe it either, and for a moment all three men lay spent in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Prince Ali and Izaya Snowmantashi are able to get back up to their feet, and eye each other from across the ring. Mark Merriwether rolls out of harm’s way and onto the outside. Ali and Izaya step towards one another, and after a lengthy stare-off Ali nails Snowmantashi with a forearm strike… before Izaya strikes back with one of his own! Ali winds up, and hits Snowmantashi with a second forearm… Izaya just roars at him, asking for another! Ali takes a step back, and then hurls himself at Snowmantashi with a discuss forearm!! Izaya staggers backwards, going down to one knee… but again he lets out a battle cry, before sending a HUGE forearm crashing into Ali’s jaw! Prince Ali stumbles backwards into the ropes, bounces off them… and then nails a huge forearm smash, this time sending Izaya back into the ropes. Snowmantashi has to hook an arm around them to steady himself, before slapping his own face to psych himself up! With a grunt, he charges at Ali… and takes him down to the mat with a HUGE forearm strike!!

    Jim Taylor: “The moral of the story there is that you do not trade blows with a Snowmantashi!”

    The crowd show their appreciation for the exchange, and to his credit Prince Ali is making his way back to his feet… but when he manages it, all he receives for his troubles is a spin kick to the abdomen, followed by a strike to the back of the knees, and then a shining wizard! He’s taken down by the trifecta of kicks, and Izaya hooks both legs in his pin attempt…



    T - - NO!!

    Prince Ali just about gets a shoulder up, and a look of something resembling frustration passes over Izaya’s face. Ali is still spread-eagled in the centre of the ring, and Izaya points up to the heavens, much to the appreciation of the crowd. He begins to climb up towards the top rope, slowly steadying himself on the turnbuckle. He takes a deep breath, the camera cutting to a wide shot of him standing on the top rope, Ali prone in the middle of the ring…

    … and then a hooded figure appears! It hops onto the apron, and pushes Izaya off the top rope …

    … Snowmantashi lands on the apron hard, having tangled with the ropes on his way down.

    Jim Taylor: “What the…?!”

    Tim Coleman: “Who was that?!”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s… Is that?!”

    The camera cuts to a close-up of the assailant, whose hood has come down to reveal a familiar face, smiling at the camera…

    Jim Taylor: “That’s Michelle von Horrowitz!”

    Tim Coleman: “What business has she got out here?!”

    Without further time for thought, MvH hops up onto the apron, hoisting Izaya back to his feet. It is only now, with the camera watching the pair more closely, that we see the table Izaya set up earlier in the match right next to them. Von Horrowitz puts Izaya in a pump-handle, leaping off the apron and towards the table with a Psycho Driver #2!! The pair of them crash through the table as the crowd pops hard (despite their disapproval at the attacker’s identity). Just as quickly as she arrived, she leaves, Snowmantashi in a heap amongst the debris as she climbs over the barricade and disappears into the crowd…

    Tim Coleman: “We’ve already seen MvH earlier tonight, including her match against Humanity earlier in the evening. But other than that, she’s persistently been mentioning Jon Snowmantashi over the past few weeks, and I think this is her way of drawing him into a confrontation…”

    Jim Taylor: “You think that Izaya Snowmantashi was just collateral damage?!”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s the only explanation that I can think of!!”

    The camera remains focused on Izaya, lying in a broken heap amongst the wood. There are two officials around him and a hushed quiet has descended around the arena. One of the officials signals for help from the back, and finally we cut to the ring. Inside of it, Merriwether and Ali are now back to their feet, breathing heavily and eying each other up from across the ring. They step towards one another, exchanging anything but pleasantries as they get closer…

    … but then a cheer begins to circulate around the arena, growing louder and louder as each member of the audience in turn notices a certain somebody beginning to stir on the outside…

    Tim Coleman: “HE’S ALIVE!!!”

    The camera cuts to the heap of hardware, and an arm reaching out from it…

    Jim Taylor: “Chubby Carlos refuses to say die! And now he begins to clear away the foreign objects that were piled on top of him, and struggles to his feet!”

    The two men inside the ring turn sideways to face the man they thought was out of contention in this match, and from behind them we get a shot of Carlos rising into the frame. He initially looks pissed… but then a smile breaks out onto his face, and he rolls back into the ring. He stands up as the crowd reaches fever pitch… and when Ali and Merriwether charge at him, he takes them down with a double clothesline! Ali is the first of the two up to his feet, but he is taken back down by a HUGE big back body drop! And then when Merriwether is up to face Carlos he receives a flapjack for his troubles! Chubby Carlos gets up and roars, beating his chest as the audience goes wild!

    Jim Taylor: “The Chubster is building up a real head of steam here! He hoists Prince Ali back to his feet by the scruff of his neck, and then slams him back down with a Samoan Drop…”

    Rather than go for the cover, Carlos retreats into a corner, waiting for Ali to get back up. It looks as if he might be going for the McKick, his running knee strike. Finally, Ali gets to his feet, and stumbles towards Carlos…

    But out of nowhere comes Mark Merriwether, who charges at Carlos and clotheslines him over the top rope! Both men go spilling to the outside, landing on the pile of furniture that had been used to bury Carlos earlier on! As the two men writhe about in agony on the outside, Ali has come to his senses, and he rolls out after them. He lifts Merriwether to his feet, but doesn't attack him. Instead, he first points at Carlos before turning towards the announce table. The monitors and cover had already been removed, and Merriwither nods his head. The two of them begin to lift Chubby Carlos up and drag him towards the Spanish announcer’s desk, which is still fully intact. Ali and Merriwether climb up onto it first, and then they pull Carlos up on top after them. They apply a double front face lock, one man either side of Carlos, and then begin to try and hoist him up…

    Jim Taylor: “This could end very badly for Chubby Carlos! They’re going to suplex him from the Spanish desk through ours!”

    Taylor and Coleman (as well as their Spanish-speaking counterparts) have scattered in fear, but Carlos drops to a knee to block the attack. He wriggles free from the front facelock and then rocks Ali with a huge headbutt, sending him tumbling off the desk and back to the floor. He follows up by lifting a knee into Merriwether’s sternum, and then plants a shoulder into his ribs. Chubby Carlos hoists him up with a Northern Lights suplex, driving Mark Merriwether through the English announce table in the process!!

    Jim Taylor: “Oh my God!! A devastating move there from Chubby Carlos!!”

    Tim Coleman: “But this match isn’t falls count anywhere, Jim! Carlos needs to get at least one of these men back in the ring!!”

    The crowd are enjoying a ’HOLY SHIT!’ chant whilst Carlos comes to his senses. He is on his hands and knees and crawls away from Merriwether and the exploded table… but Prince Ali appears from nowhere to drive a knee to the side of his head! Carlos rolls onto his back, and Ali is quick to take him by the scruff of the neck and drag him to the ring, rolling him under the bottom rope. Ali follows him in, and lifts Chubby Carlos up in a fireman’s carry…

    Jim Taylor: “Impressive show of strength here from Prince Ali! He has Chubby Carlos up on his shoulders!”

    Tim Coleman: “He’s perhaps looking for his patented ’Broken Dreams’ finisher! This is Ali’s own version of the GTS!”

    Carlos, though, begins to struggle, and he manages to slip out of the back of the fireman’s carry, landing on his feet behind Ali… Ali turns around, and Carlos creams him with a big step-up enziguri!! Ali falls into a heap on the mat near the corner, and Carlos runs towards him…

    Jim Taylor: “There it is! The Whopper! El Chubberino nails the Slingshot Splash!”

    Rather than go for the cover, Carlos instead waits in a corner, the audience reaching dizzy new heights (blinded by the lights). When Ali gets to his feet, Carlos charges towards him… but runs right past him and hits the ropes… Ali turns around, clearly disoriented, into a massive spear!!

    Tim Coleman:FastFood connects!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Chubby Carlos hooks both legs!”




    The bell rings and Carlos rolls away from Ali, getting to his feet with a smile on his face. He seems satisfied with his night’s work, and lets the cheering of the crowd soak in as the referee raises his hand in victory.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here is your winner, by pinfall at eighteen minutes and forty eight seconds… CHUBBY CARLOS!!”

    Carlos isn’t too sure on his feet, and after the referee lifts his hand he takes a moment whilst leaning on the ropes to regroup. The audience is loud, cheering his name and revelling in his win. It feels as much their victory as it is him.

    Jim Taylor: “What a fantastic moment this is for Chubby Carlos! We’ve alluded to it several times, he is perhaps the most beloved star in this company’s storied history, and once again he has triumphed over the odds here tonight.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, and as much as I hate to say it, El Chuberino was certainly a worthy winner.”

    With his music blaring out and the fans slapping him on the back as he passes, Carlos climbs out of the ring and begins to wander up the ramp. We cut away from Carlos and to the commentators behind their recently imploded table.

    Jim Taylor: “And after that thrilling four-way contest, we’re going back to one-on-one action next as Lilith and Ashley Adams prepare to do battle in a special exhibition match.”

    Tim Coleman: "That's right, Jim. And there's been a lot of talk recently about what will main event this show. Will it be the Five-Star Attraction 2017 main event rematch between Jon Snowmantashi and LIGHTBRINGER, or will it be the three-way ladder match for the CWA World Tag Team Champions? Well, a case could also be made for this match, which pits two of the most important women in this company's history against one another."

    Jim Taylor: “You could look at the contributions of Ashley Adams and Lilith as book ends in this company's history. One of them is the first ever and longest reigning CWA Women's Champion in history, and the other is one of the final World Champions - the first female to hold that prize - who dominated this company for most of its final months.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s coming up next… but first, Michelle Kelly is standing by in the back with a special guest. Michelle…”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut to Michelle Kelly, a smile on her face and a microphone in her hand.

    Michelle Kelly: “Ladies and gentleman, I'm backstage with one half of tonight's co-main event, a two-time Five Star Attraction headliner, a two-time and the longest reigning CWA World Heavyweight Champion of all time, as well as a Ruler of the Ring winner. He is one of the greatest wrestlers in CWA history... 'Inhuman' Jon Snowmantashi.”

    The camera zooms out. Jon Snowmantashi looks as harmless as ever. He has a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in one hand, and wears a t-shirt representing a smaller Japanese company he wrestles for now and then, Kingdom Pro.

    Jon Snowmantashi: “Thank you, Ms. Kelly.”

    He nods slightly.

    Michelle Kelly: “You're no stranger to big main events in CWA, but both you and LIGHTBRINGER have had opposite trajectories since you last faced. LIGHTBRINGER has kept rising while it seems like, with all due respect, you've slowed down."

    Jon Snowmantashi:Yes.”

    Michelle blinks at Snowmantashi. She doesn’t quite know how to react to his bluntness.

    Michelle Kelly: “Yes?”

    Jon Snowmantashi: “You're right.”

    It takes her a second to regroup, but she decides to push the issue a little further.

    Michelle Kelly: “Are you worried you might not be sufficiently prepared for this match?”

    Jon Snowmantashi: “I've never prepared for wars before. I'm Kaiju. Inhuman. I will be Kaiju and Inhuman forever. Nothing will change that. If LIGHTBRINGER's wars have sharpened him, then I am glad. He was painfully dull the last time he crawled up my mountain, and I would not want to be disappointed twice, especially not by the man meant to lead my country's next generation of warriors.”

    He sounds convincing. Sure of himself. But Michelle Kelly is still not quite satisfied.

    Michelle Kelly: “You don't think you might be underestimating him?”

    Jon Snowmantashi: “No. You would never ask an ocean if it underestimates the pond. LIGHTBRINGER is talented, but I am Kaiju.”

    The big man falls silent and his eyes wander to his left, away from Kelly. When the camera zooms out slightly, we see that he has been joined by none other than Michelle von Horrowitz. She has her FWA X Division Championship on her shoulder, and for once she doesn’t have her usual smug smile adorning her face.

    MvH: “I am happy to find that, after all these years, it has been revealed that you were indeed telling the truth. Albeit in your trademarked and rather monotonous, rather dull manner. You always presented yourself as a mountain. Or, just as you did now, an ocean. Unmoving. Unaffected by the years that pass and the kingdoms that fall around you. And here you are, three years later, and still saying exactly the same things in exactly the same way. I think the last time I saw you, in 2017, you were also eating a sandwich. Uncanny.”

    Snowmantashi just looks at the young woman, not even registering her championship belt. He takes a bite from his sandwich, slowly chewing it as she continues.

    MvH: “There’s a certain amount of honour in that, I’ll admit. It’s worthy of respect. The years have not changed you in the way that they have changed me, it seems. But one thing remains the same. The day that I left this continent, and went to my home, my only regret was that New York City was the only time we got to share a ring. Just the two of us. McGinnis was given multiple chances to share a ring with you. LIGHTBRINGER. Lilith. All of these competitors attempted to erode the mountain over time, and were given several chances to do that. I had only one. And it is not enough.”

    She appears to be building through her crescendo, intent on taking her time to make her point. Kaiju looks as disinterested in her now as when she first began speaking.

    MvH: “I don’t care where it is. Rotterdam, Tokyo, or New York City once again. I don’t care whose banner flies above the ring. FWA. Kingdom Pro. Hell, right here in one year’s time, if the rumours are true. If it’s honour and prestige that you want, the opportunity to do what nobody has done since I returned - beat me, of course - should be more than enough. If it’s championships, I’ll come back in six months with the FWA World Title and throw it at your feet. Believe me, that’s a promise. If it’s money, you can have my share of the purse. That seems to be all that your snake of a representative is interested in. Whatever it is, if it’s in my power, it’s yours. Even if that means fucking with your brother over and over again. This is something that I need.”

    She stops, and awaits her counterpart’s answer. He has just finished his sandwich, and he finishes swallowing before addressing the woman.

    Jon Snowmantashi: “No.”


    MvH: “No?”

    For the first time, Snowmantashi turns to face von Horrowitz.

    Jon Snowmantashi: “No. You may need this, but I do not. I have already beaten you. Twice. And no one could question the righteousness of my victories. Can you say the same about your own?"

    He lets the question hang in the air.

    Jon Snowmantashi: "Or did you think vengeance would be enough to make me reconsider? I fight for myself and no one else. Would you have someone fight your battles for you? Would any self-respecting warrior?"

    When she doesn't respond he gives his final answer.

    Jon Snowmantashi: “No, I don't believe I will wrestle you again. Train you? Maybe...”

    Here, he shrugs suggestively, before walking away from von Horrowitz and out of shot. She is left with a bewildered look on her face, stood next to Michelle Kelly, before we cut to another area in the back.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    Now, we find ourselves in what looks like a medical treatment room. Sat on a long, low bench are both members of The DiMiaco Brothers, holding ice packs up to their jaws. Suddenly, Noah Hanson enters with a big smile on his face.

    Noah Hanson: “So, gentlemen? How did it go?”

    There’s a brief pause. At first, The DiMiacos don’t want to answer. They assume he must have seen how it went. Eventually, Joe lowers his ice pack to speak with a numb jaw.

    Joe DiMiaco: “Not great.”

    Noah Hanson: “Oh. I feared as much. Okay then, maybe I have something else for you. Something, if I may say so, even bigger than what you had in mind. You’ve got to think BIG, gentlemen!”

    Another pause. The brothers lean in a little closer, as if they’re about to be let in on a little secret. Hanson lowers his voice to follow along with the charade.

    Noah Hanson: “I might have another match in store for you. A match that could make you in this company. If you want it, just go to the ring, and ask for it. I’ll send your opponents right on out.”

    He has a devious smirk on his face, before turning on his heel (his expensive heel, no less) to leave the room. The DiMiaco Brothers are left to ponder the cryptic proposition, and stare at each other with mistrustful countenances.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    As we come back to the arena, the crowd pops loudly for the entrance of another CWA legend…

    Ashley Adams walks out onto stage, and it seems that the crowd has forgiven her for many of her sins over time. There’s a positive reaction for, the audience recognising and responding well to her accomplishments within a CWA ring. She looks serious and focused on the task at hand as she walks down toward the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes Ashley Adams, and I want to run down her list of accomplishments within the Clique Wrestling Alliance one more time: not only is she a two-time CWA Women’s Champion, she is also the first holder of that belt and the longest reigning champion to boot. She was voted the Top Rope Observer Women’s Wrestler of the Year back in 2011, and for good reason. She essentially dominated that division here in CWA for years.”

    Tim Coleman: “But she has a real challenge ahead of her tonight, Jim. She faces the woman that dethroned none other than Jon Snowmantashi to become the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. The first and only female to ever hold that belt. This is a true clash of the titans when it comes to women’s wrestling here in the Clique Wrestling Alliance.”

    Adams gets into the ring and limbers up in the corner, staring at the stage as her music fades. The silence stretches out, her opponent making Adams wait for her arrival. And wait. And wait… Eventually, we return to a wide shot just in time for a huge shift in tone as all of the lights go out. There's a feeling of anxiety and anticipation circulating the arena as smoke begins to pour out of the mouth of the stage and music begins to play…

    The intro plays and plays and plays, the crowd somewhat awestruck as they await her entrance. The smoke doesn’t stop, silently filling much of the stage as the camera slowly zooms in from a wide shot until it comes to rest on the entrance. Through the smoke, a dark, hooded figure steps out, slowly emerging into the arena as her music begins to build momentum. There’s a respectful silence in the audience, the fans almost held in a trance as Lilith makes her walk down towards the ring. As she comes down the ramp, flames are set off either side of her, fans in the front row recoiling to avoid having their eyebrows singed. Eventually, when she reaches the ring, she slowly climbs up the steps and between the middle and top rope. She steps into the middle of the ring, taking down her hood and staring into the camera with dead eyes. Slowly but surely, we zoom in, the lights gradually coming back on, until we rest on an extreme close-up of Lilith’s eyes, alive with intensity and wrath.

    Jim Taylor: “There’s nothing quite like that entrance, Tim!”

    Lilith walks into her corner, still wearing her coat and turning to face at her opponent. Her fists are clenched at her side and her eyes are locked on Adams, who rocks uncomfortably from one foot to the other across the ring.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, your next contest is scheduled for one-fall with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first… from Salem, Massachusetts… weighing in at one hundred and seventy pounds… The Mother of Ravens... LILITH!!”

    There’s a respectful round of applause for Lilith, who does not move an inch.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And her opponent… from Toronto, Ontario and currently residing in Beverly Hills, California… she weighs in tonight at one hundred at fifteen pounds… The Queen Bee… Ashley… ADAMS!!”

    Another pop for Adams, the crowd willing to put their feelings on both women, to a certain extent, to one side in anticipation of this dream match. The referee makes his final checks before finally calling for the bell.

    Singles Match.

    Lilith versus. Ashley Adams.

    The start of the match is quite an odd spectacle. Ashley Adams begins as you would expect a professional wrestler to do so: limbering up, circling the ring, offering a test of strength to her opponent whilst at all times looking for an opening. Lilith, on the other hand, simply stands completely still, watching Adams from across the ring with a stern countenance on her face. Eventually, as Adams gives up on her serious attempts to get the match started, Lilith finally moves, shaking her head slowly and solemnly at the first ever Women’s Champion. Then, she removes her long coat, and places it beneath one of the corners.

    Lilith takes a few steps forward, and Ashley Adams winds up, before throwing a big forearm smash towards her opponent… Lilith simply catches the blow, and has Adams by the wrist. She pulls her opponent’s arm down, and once again shakes her head. Lilith pushes Adams away, and then takes her down with a dropkick. Ashley climbs to her feet, but gets doubled over with a boot to the midsection and then put in a front face lock…

    Jim Taylor: "Lilith lifts her up, and then plants her back down with the vertical suplex!"

    Tim Coleman: "She's going for the cover, this one could be over already!"


    T - - NO!

    Adams gets a shoulder up, but Lilith wastes no time in dragging her back up to her feet. She hurls her into the corner with an Irish whip, and then follows her in with a running shotgun drop kick. Ashley falls face first onto the mat and then rolls over onto her back, allowing Lilith time to climb up to the top rope. She steadies herself on the top turnbuckle, smiling as she watches Adams struggle to her feet… and then leaps off with an attempted cross body… It looks like she’s landed the move, but Ashley Adams is able to roll through! She applies all of her weight onto the shoulders of Lilith…




    Lilith just about manages to kick out, and both women quickly clamber back to their feet. Lilith charges at Adams and attempts to take her head off with a vicious lariat, but Ashley ducks it and then doubles the turning Lilith over with a kick to the sternum. Adams applies a front face lock and then drives her head-first into the mat with a snap DDT! Rather than go for the cover, Adams waits for Lilith to get to her feet, and then charges at her, taking her back down with a hurricanrana!

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like Ashley Adams has taken Lilith by surprise with this bout of offence!”

    Lilith gets to her feet in the corner, and Adams charges in with a big clothesline, turning into a headlock, and then charging across the ring with a bulldog. Adams goes for another cover…




    Lilith gets a shoulder up, and Adams places her into a grounded sleeper hold, looking to take the fizz out of the match. It seems to be working just fine, and Lilith appears to be fading out when the referee decides to check her arm for consciousness. He lifts it into the air and lets it fall, but Lilith stops it before it touches the match. She clenches her hand into a tight fist and then begins to fight her way back to her feet. When they are both standing, Adams transitions from the sleeper into a headlock… but then Lilith picks her up and drives her down to the mat with a belly-to-back suplex! Adams fights back to her feet, but Lilith nails a dropkick. Adams bounces off the ropes, attempting a lariat, which Lilith ducks, proceeding to hit a Side Effect! Lilith hooks the leg in the cover…




    Jim Taylor: “It’s going to take more to put away Ashley Adams for three, that much seems clear.”

    Tim Coleman: “Of course it is, Jim! She is the longest reigning CWA Women’s Champion in the company’s history, and that’s not an accolade that is easily won.”

    Lilith takes Adams by the hair and lifts her to her feet, proceeding to nail four consecutive forearm strikes, which backs Ashley up into the ropes. Lilith whips her into the opposite set, and then when Adams re-approaches she’s taken down by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Lilith backs herself up into the corner, waiting patiently until Adams gets back up to her knees. She charges in…

    Jim Taylor: “Knee Trembler! Lilith nails the running strike, and then goes for another cover!!”



    TH - - NO!

    Adams kicks out at the final hour, and a momentary look of frustration passes over Lilith’s face. Ashley is laid out in the middle of the ring, and Lilith proceeds to climb up onto the top rope. She sizes up the jump, and then leaps off with a BIG splash all the way from the top…

    Tim Coleman: “Adams gets the knees up! Lilith lands hard on them and rolls away in tatters!”

    Adams is quick to get to her feet, nailing her Good Night (Chick Kick) signature strike to send her opponent reeling. Lilith is down to one knee, her back to a nearby set of ropes. Ashley charges past her, springboarding off the second rope, rotating through the air and nailing her Show Off bulldog! Lilith hits the mat face-first, and Ashley turns her over onto her back for the cover.




    Ashley lifts Lilith back to her feet, and Adams sends her stumbling with a dropkick. Lilith retreats by rolling under the bottom rope, standing up on the apron… but Adams notices this, and charges at Lilith. She throws herself over the top rope and over Lilith, landing with her head beneath her legs, driving Lilith down back-first onto the ground with a sunset flip powerbomb! The crowd pop hard for the big move as Ashley Adams takes a moment to get her breath back…

    Tim Coleman: “It’s important that Adams doesn’t spend too long recovering here. She’s got the upper hand and it’s important that she keeps up the momentum…”

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like she’s thinking through her next step, Tim. She’s removing the top half of those ring steps and setting them up adjacent to the ring. I’m not sure what she’s got in mind here…”

    Tim Coleman: “This is pretty out of character for Ashley Adams, Jim, but I think it might be a deliberate strategy to unsettle Lilith. She’s trying to take the fight to The Mother of Ravens and give her a taste of her own medicine…”

    Adams picks Lilith up by the hair and drags her over towards the steel ring steps. She lays her down atop the steps, slumped face-down on the steps. Adams rolls into the ring, breaking up the referee’s count at eight. She then moves to the corner nearest to Lilith’s prone body, climbing up onto the top rope, spying her downed opponent as she goes. Eventually, she’s able to stand upright on the top, and without hesitation, leaps through the air from the top rope, going for a big diving elbow…

    Jim Taylor: “Lilith rolls off the steps!! Ashley Adams crashes and burns!”

    Tim Coleman: “That looked like a nasty landing, Jim! She crashed down hard onto those steel ring steps, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the last we see from Ashley Adams!”

    As a replay shows the doomed dive once more, Lilith is climbing to her feet in the small half of our picture-in-picture display. She rolls into the ring, again breaking up the referee's countout at eight, but then simply rolls back out again. She has a wild look in her eyes, full of rage, and lifts Adams up by the hair. She places Ashley’s feet up on the lip of the apron, and then positions her head over the steel ring steps, before nailing a hangman’s DDT! Ashley Adams hits the steps face first and seems to remain lifeless!

    Jim Taylor: “Lilith looks almost pleased with her handiwork here, Tim. All she has to do, surely, is roll Ashley Adams into the ring and pin her, and this one’s over.”

    It seems as if Lilith is going to follow Taylor’s advice, picking Adams up and rolling her into the ring. Lilith casually climbs in after her, and then moves into a lateral press…



    THR - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “How did Ashley Adams manage to kick out there?!”

    Tim Coleman: “It shows great heart, Jim, but I fear that Adams is just prolonging the inevitable here. Lilith is now in complete control of this match-up.”

    Lilith seems almost angered by Adams’ defiance, and after a moment of contemplation she picks Adams back up to her feet. She rocks her with a European uppercut, sending Adams stumbling backwards… Lilith takes a step towards her…

    Jim Taylor: “The Mist! Lilith sends a cloud of green mist into Ashley Adams’ eyes!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Adams can’t see! She’s stumbling helplessly around the ring! This is torture!”

    Lilith smirks before going in for the kill, pulling Adams into a powerbomb style position. She lifts her up over her head though, until she’s back-to-back with her opponent, and then slams her down to the mat with a widow’s peak!!

    Jim Taylor: “She calls that the Murder of Crows, Tim… and it usually signifies that the end is near…”

    Indeed, Lilith waits for Adams to get to her feet, charging in and nailing her Judas Kiss (Destino) finishing move!

    Tim Coleman: “This one’s over…”



    THRE - - NO!

    At the last possible second, Lilith lifts Adams’ head - and therefore her shoulders - up off the mat. She shakes her head solemnly, signalling that she’s not done with Adams yet…

    Jim Taylor: “She’s almost toying with her, Tim!”

    Lilith places Adams in the Darkness Falls submission, and when she wrenches at the grapevined cross-face chicken wing Ashley Adams has no choice but to tap out!

    Lindsey Monoghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via submission at fourteen minutes and thirty one seconds… LILITH!”

    Ashley Adams rolls out of the ring as Lilith’s music begins to play. But it appears that The Mother of Ravens isn’t quite ready to yield the spotlight just yet. She marches to the side of the ring, demanding a microphone from Monaghan. The ring announcer obliges, handing it over and then scurrying back to her chair. Lilith takes up a commanding position in the middle of the ring.

    Lilith: “Stop the music!”

    The sound team quickly and dutifully obliges, the lights coming back up again and allowing Lilith to speak.

    Lilith: “You insult me...”

    It’s not exactly obvious what or who she’s talk about, but the crowd begins a steady ’ASH-LEY AD-AMS’ chant, more in derision of Lilith than anything else.

    Lilith: “You offer me scraps... When the fat and lazy feast upon the fat of the land, the great warriors of yesteryear sit on their laurels while they’re handed kudos, world championships and main events at grand show in their honor, yet they look at this with barely disguised apathy… while I’m forced to deal with children. If you will not grant me a worthy offering… then I will find one.”

    She drops the microphone and her music begins to play. As Lilith vacates the ring, we cut to our commentators behind their broken desk.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, I’m not really sure what to make of that declaration from Lilith. It’s clear that she’s not happy with the competition offered to her tonight at One Night Only, but what does she mean about finding her own?”

    Tim Coleman: “Jim, I never know what Lilith is talking about…”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -
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    Jim Taylor: “Well, I guess we can only hope that we will find out at some point in the future, but for now it’s time for us to return to the High Voltage Tournament…”

    We cut to a close-up of the ugly trophy once more, the commentators continuing to talk as the camera pans around it.

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. We’ve already seen two matches in this tournament, and from those matches Michelle von Horrowitz and XYZ qualified for this final contest.”

    Jim Taylor: “But the circumstances of those victories are important. XYZ’s knee was methodically taken apart by ‘The Icon’ Clint Shepard, and although XYZ was able to get the quick roll-up victory, I would be surprised if he’s entering this match in the condition he’d like.”

    We return to a wide shot just in time for…

    The boos start up again as Michelle von Horrowitz walks back out into the arena. She's all smiles, taking her customary deep bow before walking down the entrance ramp. As she gets half way down it, she finds a young female fan carrying a sign that reads 'MICHELLE YOU INSPIRE ME!' At first she acts humbled and honored, lifting a hand to her chest and opening her mouth as if to say [I]"all this for me?!" When she's lulled the kid in, though, she swipes the sign out of her hand and crumple it into a tight cardboard ball. She then throws it at the child. Not particularly hard, but the gesture is enough to start the tears.

    Michelle turns away from her young fan and continues to stride down the ramp, climbing through the ropes and taking one more bow in the middle of the ring. She follows up by taking her usual perch atop the top turnbuckle as her music fades out.

    The crowd grows far more positive as Roy Orbison is replaced by The Wallflowers, and XYZ promptly walks out onto the stage. A wave of apprehension seems to pass over the audience when they see the brace and bandaging around his left knee, a clear product of the targeted assault of Clint Shepard earlier in the night.

    Jim Taylor: “There it is, Tim. We can see the bandages, and they look an awful lot like a target to me…”

    Tim Coleman: “I’m not feeling very optimistic about XYZ’s chances in this final match-up given the evidence in front of us, but he’s shown in the past how resilient a performer he can be. There’s still hope yet, Jim!”

    XYZ is walking down to the ring without his usual fanfare, and it seems like a slight ordeal for him to get through the ropes. Afterwards, he climbs rather than hops onto the second turnbuckle. There’s a certain amount of defiance in his person as he poses for the crowd, eliciting a loud and hopeful reaction from the fans. Eventually, he climbs down once again, and locks eyes with his opponent.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is the High Voltage Tournament Final Match, and is scheduled for one-fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first… she hails from Rotterdam in the Netherlands… weighing in at sixty seven kilograms…

    MvH walks over the announcer, muttering an aggressive but inaudible instruction to Monaghan…

    Lindsey Monaghan: "She is the current, reigning FWA X Division Champion… ‘Dreamer’... Michelle… von… HORROWITZ!”

    She steps forward and raises her hands to her adoring audience. When Lindsey announces the name of her championship, several half full cups of beer are thrown into the ring.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And her opponent… he comes to us tonight from Sitika, Alaska… weighing in at two hundred and four pounds… X… Y… Z!!”

    A big cheer circulates, but he keeps his eyes firmly locked on Michelle. As Lindsey climbs out of the ring, we get one more look at the prize. The referee makes his final checks, and then gets the final underway...

    High Voltage Tournament: Final Match.
    XYZ versus. Michelle von Horrowitz.

    As the bell rings, the two enter a staring contest from across the ring. Michelle hops down from the top rope and only takes her eyes from XYZ's own in order to glance down at the knee brace on his left leg. A sinister smile spreads across her face as the anticipation of the crowd builds and builds. Finally, as if trying to dispel the tension, XYZ hits the ropes, charging at his opponent. He goes for a lariat but she ducks it, and he continues to the opposite set of ropes. She leapfrogs over him this time, and then - on the third approach - she nails a low dropkick to the left knee! Instantly and decisively, XYZ drops down to the mat in a heap, clutching his leg.

    Jim Taylor: “I can't say that I'm surprised at all, Tim, that von Horrowitz's first attack was to that knee. It looks as if she's going to continue what Clint Shepard started earlier in the night.”

    Tim Coleman: “I said it earlier on and I'll say it again now: Michelle von Horrowitz knows when there is blood in the water. Expect a lot of this during tonight's match up.”

    Unsurprisingly, they are right. Michelle bounces off the ropes and approaches the still grounded XYZ, leaping off the mat and driving her own knee down into his. He writhes with pain and then rolls over to the bottom rope, standing up on the apron. Michelle puts him in a front face lock and hits a snap suplex, bringing him back into the ring. She methodically slows down the pace, meandering over to her opponent and nonchalantly brushing the sole of her boot against his head. The crowd boo as she continues to taunt XYZ. He rolls onto his back and she places a foot on his chest, flexing as the official counts the cocky pin attempt.



    Tim Coleman: “XYZ is obviously able to kick out there, but you'd have to think that pin attempt was more about psychology than actually trying to finish the match.”

    XYZ is using the ropes to help himself back to his feet, and Michelle hits a couple of stick kicks to the knee, before dragging him into the middle of the ring in a front face lock. She hooks both arms, perhaps going for her patented DDT, but XYZ is able to wriggle free. He has hold of her wrist still, and pulls her towards him for a lariat. She ducks beneath it and goes into a rear waist lock, before attempting a German suplex. XYZ manages to land on one foot, his good foot, and then rolls her up with a school boy…




    Jim Taylor: “Von Horrowitz manages to get a shoulder up at two, but she was almost caught out there. After lengthy periods of domination from Shepard, most of it focused on that knee, XYZ was able to sneak a victory from under his nose. MvH needs to make sure he doesn't pull the same trick here…”

    Tim Coleman: “It looks like XYZ is building up a head of steam, summoning some back up resources to deliver not one, but two deep arm drags!”

    Von Horrowitz gets to her feet and charges in a third time, but XYZ lifts her and slams her face-first into the mat with a flapjack. She contemplates another charge, but instead rolls under the bottom rope for some respite. XYZ has no intention of giving it to her, though, virtually hopping across the ring to bounce off the ropes, and then flying through the opposite set with a suicide dive! Both competitors go sprawling!!

    Jim Taylor: “MvH is taken out on the outside, but it looks as though XYZ did as much damage to himself there…”

    Tim Coleman: "That’s right, Jim. I think, as you’ll see in this action reply, his knee connected awkwardly with von Horrowitz and then the ground as he crashed into her. I don’t know if XYZ is going to be able to rely on that high risk strategy for much longer…"

    It is XYZ who manages to get to his feet, and he lifts Michelle up to hers and flings her into the steel steps. She tumbles over them and he follows her round the ring, hopping along on his good leg, the referee at this time beginning his count. He lifts Michelle up in a front face lock, before driving her head into the ground with a DDT! As the referee reaches seven, XYZ lifts her to her feet, rolling her under the bottom rope. He climbs up to the apron, and then decides to keep on going up, planting his foot on the bottom turnbuckle and beginning his ascent. He steadies himself on the top rope, perhaps thinking about a moonsault, perhaps taking a little too long whilst making sure he maintains his balance… And MvH is up… She throws herself into a nearby set of ropes, causing XYZ to lose balance and land split-legged on the top turnbuckle!!

    Von Horrowitz climbs up into the same corner, standing on the middle rope and hooking both of his arms from behind. Things look precarious when she steps up onto the very top, proceeding to drag XYZ up with her. They pause for a moment… And then she throws him off with a top-rope tiger release suplex! XYZ over rotates and lands flat on his stomach! The crowd go wild as MvH heaves him onto his back and hooks the leg…



    TH - - NO!

    Von Horrowitz goes back to work, moving over to XYZ's legs and nailing a trio of stomps to the left knee. She lifts up one of his legs, steps through, and then falls back into a figure 4 leg lock! XYZ cries out in agony as MvH elevates herself, applying more pressure to the hold and to his knee. He reaches out with both arms, trying to stretch out and grasp the bottom rope with his fingertips… but he’s just a few centimetres short! The official is asking him if he wants to throw in the towel, but he shakes his head in defiance…

    Jim Taylor: “I don’t know how much longer XYZ will be able to take this! That leg must be in absolute agony!”

    Tim Coleman: “His knee brace is just ornamental at this stage. It’s offering no protection from this onslaught from Michelle von Horrowitz. He’s going to have to tap!”

    It looks like Coleman might be right… but then XYZ clenches his fists, roars out, and rolls over onto his front! The pressure is reversed and MvH screams out in agony! The crowd begin to cheer the efforts of XYZ as Von Horrowitz crawls, hand over hand, until finally she reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. The referee starts his count and the hold is released at three. Von Horrowitz uses the ring ropes to get to her feet, and then notices that her opponent is still slow to rise to his, clutching at his left leg. She strides over to XYZ… and he nails her with a step-up enziguri!

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps a desperation move there from XYZ, but it was certainly effective! Von Horrowitz collapses face first onto the mat!!”

    Tim Coleman: “And XYZ rises to his feet in the corner, seemingly stalking von Horrowitz! The crowd can’t believe this swing in momentum!”

    Von Horrowitz gets up, and charges once more at XYZ with a wild lariat, but he’s able to duck it and float underneath into a rear-waist lock. He throws her over with a German release suplex, and Michelle looks a little punch drunk when she stands up in the corner. XYZ hobbles across the ring and hits a trio of knife edge chops, followed by a European uppercut, and then a bull dog…

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like XYZ is going back up to the high rent district! We’ve seen him nail his patented springboard moonsault in the past, but I think his knee has deteriorated to the point where he’ll have to climb up to the top instead of springboarding…”

    XYZ steadies himself on the top, his back to the ring, and then launches himself through the air with a picture perfect moonsault! He lands it, and then hooks the leg for the cover…



    T - - NO!

    Michelle manages to get the shoulder up! XYZ crawls off her and makes his way to a corner, watching on as she struggles towards a vertical base.

    Tim Coleman: “It looks like XYZ is weighing up his next move carefully, here.”

    Jim Taylor: “I think he needs to, Tim. So much of his regular offence - springboards, rope-walks, those educated kicks - has been taken away from him over the course of tonight. We’ll have to see what he has left in the locker!”

    The two have entered one more stand-off from across the ring, and eventually they come together once again. Michelle aims a stiff kick to XYZ’s side, which he’s able to catch and follow up with a leg whip! He gets up to his feet - one bare foot, to be more precise - and then leaps into the air to nail her with an elbow drop. He doesn’t go for the cover, instead electing to climb through the ropes and once again hobble back up to the top turnbuckle. Michelle is up to her feet when he leaps off… and nails her with a single flying knee to the chest! He goes for the cover, hooking both legs…



    TH - - NO!!

    Once again, von Horrowitz is able to kick out, but she remains down on her back for the time being. XYZ begins to psyche himself up, knowing that he needs to go big if he is going to finish her off. He looks at the ropes as the crowd cheers him on…

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps XYZ is thinking about his Front-Flip Springboard Leg Drop…”

    Tim Coleman: “We’ve seen XYZ walk the top rope for this move time and time again, but you’d have to question whether he’s going to be able to do that here tonight…”

    He’s going to try, at least, and he seems to take an age climbing back up to the top rope for a third time in quick succession. He stands up, steadies himself, and then takes a first step onto the top rope to begin his tight-rope walk… there’s a look of lingering hesitation on his face… which gives Michelle von Horrowitz the time she needs to throw herself into the ropes, causing XYZ to lose his balance and fall into a heap back into the ring!!

    Jim Taylor: “You have to admire the determination of XYZ but I don’t know if that was really the best move…”

    Von Horrowitz lifts XYZ back to his feet, and puts him in pumpe-handle position. She hoists him into the air, and drives him down with her Psycho Driver #2! She gets all of her finishing move, and XYZ lands violently on the top of his head! She goes for the cover…



    THRE - - NO!!!!!!

    Jim Taylor: “I can't believe it!! XYZ just kicked out of Psycho Driver #2!!”

    Tim Coleman: “You don't see that very often, Jim! I think until now only Harrison Wake has kicked out of that move… Maybe XYZ is wanting of the voltage forever and ever after all!”

    Michelle can't believe it either, but she doesn't remonstrate with the official. In fact, she doesn't even look at him. She backs away from her opponent in a crab call, a look of sheer confusion on her face. The audience can't believe it either, a resounding XYZ chant taking firm hold. Finally, the look of bewilderment gives way to one of unadulterated rage. She crawls over to XYZ… and begins biting his forehead! The crowd begin to jeer and the ref, when he realises what’s going on, tries to drag Michelle off him. Eventually, she relents, and the referee forces her to wait in the corner whilst he checks on XYZ. Michelle spits a chunk of his flesh down onto the mat. The official notices a trickle of blood on XYZ and starts to put his protective gloves on… and MvH uses the momentary distraction to begin tearing off the second turnbuckle cover…

    Jim Taylor: “It was only a matter of time before MvH resorted to these kind of tactics, Tim! A damn shame, if you ask me…”

    She has it loose and discards it just as the official is asking XYZ if he wants to continue. Of course, he does, and he pushes the referee out of the way as he gets to his feet. XYZ stumbles over towards MvH, and she nails a drop toe hold! XYZ’s head collides with the exposed steel ring! There’s an audible gasp around the audience, but MvH goes back to work. She picks up XYZ’s left ankle, and puts him in a stretch muffler! She wrenches hard at the injured knee positioned behind her head! He writhes in agony, but still reaches out to the ropes, refusing to give in just yet…

    … and then Michelle starts to drop stomp after stomp onto the back of his head, still maintaining the submission move! XYZ has no choice but to tap out! The referee calls for the bell!
    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here is your winner, via submission at sixteen minutes and forty two seconds… MICHELLE VON HORROWITZ!”

    Von Horrowitz collapses into a corner as her music begins to play, the referee checking on XYZ’s condition and calling for some help from the back…

    Jim Taylor: “Although I can’t condone the tactics used to secure the victory eventually, what a hard-fought match that was…”

    Tim Coleman: “Michelle von Horrowitz has emerged victorious in this High Voltage Tournament, and after big wins over both Humanity and XYZ, it’s difficult to argue with that result.”

    Lindsey Monaghan is handing the trophy to the official, Michelle von Horrowitz rising to her feet in the corner. XYZ has rolled out of the ring and is watching on from the outside, blood in his hair. The referee now has the trophy - gaudy and gold - in his hands, and he takes a step towards Michelle von Horrowitz…

    … and then the lights go out…

    There’s a momentary hushed silence, von Horrowitz’s music ending as abruptly as the lighting had.

    Jim Taylor: “What the - -”

    Tim Coleman: “What’s going on, Jim?! Have we lost power?!”

    Jim Taylor: “Is it… she's been calling out Jon Snowmantashi all night… Perhaps?”

    … the lights come back up …

    … the trophy is nowhere to be seen ...

    … Michelle von Horrowitz is no longer alone in the ring …

    … she turns around, and Lilith fires a smog of red mist into her face! Von Horrowitz is blinded, the mist burning in her eyes! She falls down to her knees, and Lilith nails her with a knee trembler!

    Jim Taylor: “What on earth is Lilith doing here?!”

    Tim Coleman: “It looks like she's making a statement, Jim!”

    Von Horrowitz is doing her best to get to her feet, but Lilith is there waiting for her… She charges in, and nails her Judas Kiss finisher! MvH stays down after the Destino! The audience are a little bit awe-struck, a stunned silence descending as Lilith places a boot on von Horrowitz' back and raises two arms into the air. There's an unsettling look on her face, almost a smile, as her music begins to play…

    Jim Taylor: “Lilith said after her match with Ashley Adams earlier on that if Noah Hanson and the rest of this event’s organizers couldn't find her a fight worth having, she was going to go out and pick one herself…”

    Tim Coleman: “You think that's what this is, Jim? There's always a pragmatic element to Lilith's actions, so I would indeed be very surprised if this assault was entirely random…”

    Lilith has climbed out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp. The camera cuts away to our commentators, sat behind the shell of a desk that Chubby Carlos and Mark Merriwether crashed through earlier in the night.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    Jim Taylor: “Well, we can only hope that isn’t the last we hear about Lilith and Michelle von Horrowitz, but now we have to move on to one of our main events of this evening…”

    Taylor is interrupted by an unexpected entrance song…

    There’s a cheer in the crowd as the DiMiaco brothers walk out onto the stage, waving at the fans as they make their way down the entrance ramp. They seem to have forgotten about their superkicks from The Echo, and instead look thoroughly hopeful for their prospects in the immediate future. They slap hands with the fans on the front row, before climbing into the ring. They ascend opposite turnbuckles and each lift a fist, again eliciting a cheer from the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: “It seems the DiMiaco Brothers have something to say before we can get to our main events this evening. We’ve seen the brothers multiple times tonight, trying to earn themselves a match on this card.”

    Tim Coleman: “This might be an understatement, but I don’t think The Echo were particularly enamoured with the idea of The DiMiacos joining them in the main event, and so Noah Hanson told the brothers from New York, New York that he had another match lined up for them.”

    Jim Taylor: “And I can only reason that this is why the DiMiaco Brothers are out here in the ring, to take Hanson up on that offer…”

    Paul DiMiaco takes a microphone from Lindsey Monaghan, and addresses the crowd and camera as Bruce fades away.

    Paul DiMiaco: “It feels good to be back in Philly!”

    The crowd cheers the mention of the name, the brothers going for cheap pops and smiling at themselves in a self-satisfied manner.

    Paul DiMiaco: “And it feels good to be back here in a CWA ring! It’s been a while. Too long! But we are here tonight to do what we have always done in this ring, and that’s prove unequivocally that - if you believe in US! - there is no team in the world that can match the DiMiaco brothers for athleticism, for charisma, and, of course, for patriotism! [i]USA! USA! USA!”

    The fan continues the chant as Paul hands the microphone over to his brother. Joe allows the nationalistic chant to continue for a few moments, savouring his brother’s handiwork, before lifting the mic to speak.

    Joe DiMiaco: “And so, we went to Noah Hanson, the man who is seemingly at the wheel of this ship. And we told Hanson that we wanted a match even bigger than tonight’s Tag Team Title main event. We want a match that is going to change the face of professional wrestling… forever! We want to face a team so impressive that what we know couldn’t possibly be denied by the masses any longer. We’re here to prove we’re the best, and we feel sorry for the team that’s about to walk through those curtains. Because they ain’t ready for The DiMiaco Brothers! Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe!

    The audience seem perfectly willing to allow the DiMiacos to play cheerleaders, and join in with the chant. The brothers climb back up to the second rope to garner another cheer from the ground, before beginning to prepare themselves for their match.

    Jim Taylor: “Who’s it going to be?!”

    They both stare up at the stage, willing the arrival of the next competitor. The pause elongates itself for longer than seems necessary… and then…

    The crowd goes WILD as The Indy God’s music plays around the 2300 Arena!

    Tim Coleman: “Are you kidding me?!”

    Jim Taylor: “Could it be?!”

    Tim Coleman: “It is!!”

    The crowd roars once more as Jonathan McGinnis walks out onto the stage, dressed in his full ring gear. There’s a smile on his face, clearly glad to be back alongside these passionate fans. He waits patiently on the stage as his music continues to play, the crowd chanting ’IN-DY GOD!’ over and over and over.

    Jim Taylor: “Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who lived under a rock for the second half of CWA’s run… Jonathan McGinnis is a multiple time CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and spent much of 2017 dominating the main event scene alongside Jon Snowmantashi. The DiMiaco Brothers may have got more than they bargained for here tonight!”

    Tim Coleman: “Don’t get carried away just yet, Jim. We haven’t seen who his partner is…”

    Big Sean fades out and there’s a smile on McGinnis’ face that seems almost knowing. He slowly nods his head as he locks eyes with each of the DiMiaco brothers in turn. And then…

    Jim Taylor: “OH MY!!!”

    The roof damn near flies off the building as none other than Mr. Willis walks out onto the stage! He looks ready to go in his ring gear, and as he approaches The Indy God the two share a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fist bump. A ’HO-LY SHIT!’ chant gathers steam, almost drowning out Slaughter House. Without speaking, the two new arrivals begin to walk down the ramp and towards the ring.

    Tim Coleman: “Can you believe what we are about to see, Jim?! The DiMiaco Brothers are going to go up against Jonathan McGinnis AND Mr. Willis! What a dream team!!”

    The two climb into the ring and lap up the applause of the fans for a while, standing upon opposite corners as The DiMiaco Brothers had done only moments earlier. When they hop back into the centre of it and exchange some unheard words, Mr. Willis’ music fades out and The DiMiacos climb back into the ring. To their credit, they are unnerved by the challenge laid out in front of them.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is a tag team match scheduled for one-fall, with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, in the corner to my left… from The Bronx, New York City and currently residing in Manhattan… Weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and forty points… The New Patriots of Wrestling… The DiMiacos!!”

    Polite applause for the brothers.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And their opponents… first, from Toronto, Ontario and currently residing in Los Angeles, California… weighing in at two hundred and seven pounds.. ‘The Indy God’... JONATHAN MCGINNIS!”

    A huge pop for the Indy God, who plays up for the crowd a little and only gets them more riled up.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And his tag team partner… from Chicago, Illinois… he weighs in tonight at one hundred and ninety pounds… MR. WILLIS!”

    Another massive reaction for another legend of the company. Lindsey Monaghan retreats from the ring as the official makes his final checks before calling for the bell.

    Tag Team Match.
    The DiMiaco Brothers versus. Mr. Willis and Jonathan McGinnis.

    Joe DiMiaco decides he is going to start this one off against Mr. Willis, and the two of them stare off briefly from across the ring. Suddenly, as if he had planned this all along, he charges across the ring at a full head of steam…. But Willis just creams him with a knife edge chop!! The crowd let's out a gasp as the stinging strike resonates around the 2300 Arena! Willis hits the ropes and DiMiaco clambers up to his feet, leapfrogging the legend, who continues to the opposite set. Joe leaps off his feet for a picture perfect dropkick… But Willis has held onto the ropes to check his momentum, causing Joe to crash into the mat! Joe gets up once more, and Willis creams him with an STO! Willis gets back to his feet to a huge round of applause!

    Tim Coleman: “The crowd is going wild here for Mr. Willis! They can’t believe he’s back in a CWA ring!”

    Jim Taylor: “And now one former World Champion tags in another former World Champion! Here comes The Indy God!”

    Tim Coleman: “Who could forget when we witnessed history back in 2017, when McGinnis took on Mr. Willis during the inaugural Krash Tag Team Classic. Perhaps a little bit of respect formed from that match-up three years ago?”

    At the same time, Joe has tagged in his brother Paul, who charges at McGinnis with an attempted lariat. McGinnis ducks it and grabs his wrist, moving smoothly into a rear hammer lock. He wrenches the hold, and then shifts into a headlock. He uses a judo throw to put Paul down whilst still maintaining his headlock, and then transitions into a Fujiwara armbar! He wrenches at the hold, Paul screaming out in agony…

    Jim Taylor: “This one might be over already, Tim! Jonathan McGinnis is moving from hold to hold, and you know what usually happens when he gets into that sort of rhythm…”

    Not content with the arm-bar, McGinnis puts Paul’s arm between his legs and moves into a cross-face! The angle at which Paul’s back is arched looks gruesome, but he is wriggling his way over towards a rope… He’s almost there, centimetres away… and McGinnis releases the hold, takes the other arm, and rolls Paul DiMiaco up with an inside cradle!




    DiMiaco kicks up and, to his credit, climbs back to his feet. He goes for a wild right hand, McGinnis easily evading and then rolling him up again with a schoolboy…




    Paul kicks out again, and gets to his feet with his back to The Indy God. McGinnis grabs him in a rear waist lock, bundles him into the ropes, and then rolls him up with an Okada roll…




    Jim Taylor: “Quickfire pinning combinations there from Jonathan McGinnis, and after the third attempt Paul DiMIaco thinks better of going back on the attack…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. Instead, he scrambles back into his corner and tags in his brother. Joe looks a little bit tentative about getting in the ring with Jonathan McGinnis.”

    Eventually, he does, and the two of them circle around the ring. They come together in a collar and elbow tie up, and McGinnis immediately backs Joe DiMiaco up into the ropes. The referee forces a break, but before it’s a clean one Joe nails McGinnis with a knife edge chop…

    Jim Taylor: “Usually I’d call that an underhanded tactic, but the DiMiacos need to try SOMETHING here to get some offence going.”

    Joe DiMiaco takes McGinnis by the arm and Irish whips him across the ring. DiMiaco ducks down, perhaps going for a back body drop… but McGinnis checks his momentum and lifts a boot into the bent over brother’s face! Joe recoils, and McGinnis throws himself off another set of ropes…

    … but he does so a little too close to Paul DiMiaco, who grips the top rope from the apron and nails the approaching Indy God in the back of the head with an enziguri! McGinnis turns around to attack Paul on the apron, but Paul hops down to evade him… and then McGinnis turns around into a power slam from DiMiaco! He goes for the cover…


    T - - NO!

    McGinnis kicks up, and Joe puts him in a headlock, dragging him over to the corner and tagging in his brother. Paul climbs in and, whilst Joe still has him in a headlock, kicks McGinnis a couple of times in the ribs. The official gets Joe out of the ring, and Paul places McGinnis into a front facelock before nailing a snap suplex. He goes for the cover…




    McGinnis gets a shoulder up, and Paul tags his brother again.

    Tim Coleman:“Frequent tags here by the DiMiacos, trying to isolate McGinnis in their corner and wear him down.”

    Joe climbs to the top rope, meaning to re-enter the ring with an aerial attack. He looks a little unsteady as he gets up onto the top turnbuckle, steadying himself and looking out over the arena and McGinnis’ prone body…

    Jim Taylor: “Joe DiMiaco deciding to look at properties in the high rent district here. This isn’t something we’re used to seeing from him!”

    He takes a deep breath, and then leaps off the top rope, positioning himself for an elbow drop with incredible hang time… but McGinnis rolls out of the way! Joe DiMiaco crashes onto the mat as McGinnis gets to his feet…

    … Paul DiMiaco senses the momentum slipping, so he climbs into the ring. But Mr. Willis charges in and clotheslines him over the top rope!

    McGinnis is sizing Joe DiMiaco up, waiting for him to get up to his feet from the corner. Eventually, Joe does, and he turns around into a HUGE…

    Jim Taylor: “SUPERKICK!!!!!!!”

    Joe DiMiaco doesn’t hit the mat, instead simply being fired into Mr. Willis’ path. Willis puts him in position…

    Tim Coleman:Did This Entertain!!!”

    Willis nails him with his rock bottom finisher. He notices Paul getting up to his feet on the outside, and charges across the ring towards him…

    Jim Taylor: “SUICIDE DIVE! Willis takes out Paul on the outside whilst The Indy God lifts Joe up inside the ring…”

    McGinnis doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, before nailing Joe with his Something Light finisher! The powerbomb into the double knees connect! The Indy God hooks the leg.

    Jim Taylor: “This one’s academic!!”



    Mr. Willis rolls back into the ring just as Joe DiMiaco rolls out of it, his brother comforting him on the outside. The official stands between Mr. Willis and McGinnis and lifts their hands into the air in victory.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here is your winner, via pinfall at six minutes and fifty eight seconds… Mr. Willis and Jonathan McGinnis!!”

    The two former world champions go into opposite corners to climb to the second turnbuckle, posing for the fans who rain down the cheers upon them.

    Jim Taylor: “What a surprise it is to see these two men compete here tonight at One Night Only! I almost feel for The DiMIacos, given the formidable team that they found themselves up against here.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim. But The DiMiaco’s loss is this audience’s gain. They’ve just witnessed two men whose contributions to the main event scene here in CWA are virtually unparalleled… ON THE SAME TEAM!!”

    Willis and McGinnis bump fists in the ring, the fans chanting the initials of the company once again as Big Sean sounds out around the arena. Eventually, the two legends climb out of the ring, and we cut back to our commentary team.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -
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    Jim Taylor: “And now, Tim, I think i actually is time for the first of our two main events here tonight…”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, and there’s been a lot of discussion about this one in the weeks leading up to One Night Only. Two of Japan’s top stars, both legends in the CWA, and they’re going to tie it up once again here in Philadelphia.”

    Jim Taylor: “Yes indeed, Tim: Jon Snowmantashi, who dominated the world title picture for years and main evented Five-Star Attractions twice, will one more time go head-to-head with one of his biggest rivals: Tokyo Kisai, LIGHTBRINGER. Let’s take a closer look at these two men and the long, long story that leads us to this final showdown…”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    Shake Meltzer posted on his blog earlier today:

    The following is a specially produced hype video segment circling around Japanese TV at the moment designed to promote the upcoming Jon Snowmantashi vs LIGHTBRINGER match at the CWA reunion show. I believe LIGHTBRINGER's current promotion (SPJ) in Japan have had a hand in this. Worth a watch for any fans who might want to see a bit of background to this match happening or what both may have been up to during this time off our screens.

    All of it's translated at the following YouTube link below.

    If you're interested in viewing the special CWA reunion show you can purchase it from GRAPS TV for $19.99. Alternatively, SPJWORLD viewers will have different feeds commentated by both their japanese crew ( names to make up) and their english crew (former FWA star KAIZEN and former CWA star “Slick Rick” Ricardo Vance)

    I believe this is a one time only deal at this point in time. Sources indicate this may change.

    The VTR opens with a black screen followed by a loud, victorious DING DING DING ... a low, booming, japanese voice of a male narrator kicks through.


    A small flash of the CWA FIVE STAR ATTRACTION stage is shown - and a quick pan around the crowd before another cut to black, the sound of the crowd cheering slightly drowned out by the voice of Jim Taylor, the well known CWA commentator – and then followed by the Japanese narrator once more.



    The scene then comes back in with the aftermath of the Five Star Attraction match between “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER and “Kaiju” Jon Snowmantashi. The camera mainly focuses on the successful defending champion, Snowmantashi, as he lays on the canvas with the referee pushing the CWA Heavyweight Title on his arms. Another familiar voice from the CWA cuts through the footage...

    “LIGHTBRINGER was good. They were all good, all those kids. But I'm Kaiju. You can't beat Kaiju.“

    The footage shows Snowmantashi standing, in a victorious pose with his title held high, as stoic as ever. The narrator's next spoken words appear on the screen...


    … before the camera cuts to Snowmantashi making a meal for himself in a house that clearly borders what looks like Santa Monica beach. It's quite modest and breaks the mood. Snowmantashi looks a bit leaner and more compact than he did at the 10 Year Anniversary Show, even the sight of him making a home cook meal betrays the fact that Snowmantashi is perhaps fitter than he's ever been.

    “You know, LIGHTBRINGER is just like the rest, they all want revenge against Uncle Kaiju who taught them real defeat. They ran away, learned to succeed again, now they want another chance. I don't really feel like it but, I like it here in CWA. I'll fight anyone here. It just so happens this time I'm fighting LIGHTBRINGER. It could be anyone. I'll beat him again and come back to beat someone else when CWA returns again, that's just how it is. “

    The scene shifts back – with Jon Snowmantashi's music suddenly stopping and the video becoming silent – to Five Star Attraction and the camera now focuses on the defeated contender, still lying down, in the ring. A recognizable cornerman attends to him as he starts to wake up and take in thoughts of what's happened. A small wave of disappointment washing over his glazed expression. Again, word's display on the screen spoken by the narrator:


    A new voice then speaks over the footage.

    “I knew at that moment that everything had come crashing down in my world.”

    There's a small pause as the footage cuts out and the screen quickly turns black.

    “Some say it was the greatest match the CWA has ever seen....”

    The image then cuts to show the speaker, “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER in the present day. His surroundings are not revealed much as the camera appears to be zoomed in on his head and shoulders. It's clear he's wearing a sapphire blue suit with a white shirt and blue/gold tie combo. Other than that, all that can be really made out beyond his head is a small brown table with a small, lit golden lamp adorned atop of it. The 'defeated challenger' wears a stonyfaced expression as he quickly delivers the second half of his sentence.

    “... but that is not enough for me.”

    The sound of the signature penny drop in LIGHTBRINGER's theme song hits and the focus of the footage changes as the music plays on. There is footage of LIGHTBRINGER's highs in the CWA shown as his music continues to play and he speaks over it with a matter-of-fact surefire tone. At first, his victory over Elijah Edwards and his High Voltage title reign is shown...

    “I was dominating the competition.”

    Up next is LIGHTBRINGER's victory at the CWA's WrestleRoyale – a victory that set him up to challenge Snowmantashi for the CWA Heavyweight title at the Five Star Attraction event.

    “I conquered the Royale and had one final hurdle...”

    The image then shifts back to LIGHTBRINGER as his gaze changes from being directly at the camera to directly at the ground.

    “I failed.”

    The music stops and the footage changes focus again and becomes centered around Jon Snowmantashi and his conquests in the CWA. Snowmantashi speaks over the highlights, his words uncertain and improvised.

    "In my first interview with Michelle Kelly, I said: I will beat everyone in CWA until no one else to beat."

    The carnage begins with Prince Pain, crushed underneath nearly three hundred pounds of a Snowfalling Snowmantashi. Right after he crashes down on McGinnis, winning the CWA World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. Next up is Michelle Von Horrowitz in the main event of Five Star Attraction.

    "I lost some battles."

    Snowmantashi falls to McGinnis after innumerable superkicks as the final elimination in a Steel Roulette match.

    "But I never lost the wars."

    In the final match of Snowmantashi & McGinnis's rivalry, McGinnis is pummeled with a Burning Hammer for Snowmantashi's second reign as CWA World Heavyweight Champion. The string of clips continue - Krash with a Snowfall, Summers with a Hailstorm. Finally, Snowmantashi puts away LIGHTBRINGER with a Hailstorm in the main event of Five Star Attraction.

    "Any of them."

    The camera returns to Snowmantashi in his kitchen. A thick block of raw meat sits on a cutting board in front of him, machete in hand. He's got an apron on now. He focuses on the camera. Scoffs.

    "I'm not starting now."


    We CUT back to a previous scene – blue hue fills the screen as we're thrust to a cold open of LIGHTBRINGER sitting on a red velvet chair in what appears to be a swanky room - littered with golden ornaments around the place. It's clearly meant to give an impression of importance. On the mahogany table infront of him lies a small glass filled with what appears to be scotch.

    “My thinking following Five Star Attraction? It might not be great hearing for the CWA fans watching. Honestly... Jon Snowmantashi, CWA and that match had not been in my mind a lot. It simply was not important to me anymore. I was back home in SPJ and I had scores to settle that go beyond the importance of Kaiju and America. I was injured. I took time out. BoBo got married and has taken time out indefinitely. So I came back here after CWA folded – there wasn't anything for me in America anymore. I considered that chapter of my career over. I looked towards what I wanted to accomplish next and I looked to my home and seen that it needed saving. There was no time to sit around and wait for someone to tell me something comforting.”

    A quick transition shows some quick highlights of SPJ – SUPER PURO JAPAN – not necessarily exclusvely showing LIGHTBRINGER in action. There's mixed shots of action, old and new, featuring some clips of well known stars to western fans such as KAIZEN, Lucian Ace and Diamond Dogs.


    As the title flashes on screen, there's now a mix of wrestlers that are less known to the western fans. The music hits a minor key, almost signifying a dislike of these people. The villainous duo of Kotani and Shirasawa are shown as well as Draxxler, SHIRO and Inaki Gomez. All of these men are shown winning SPJ gold such as the Intercontinental and Heavyweight titles.

    "Kotani, Shirasawa, the rest of those worthless insects. I couldn't stomach it any longer. I'd looked toward my home and seen that it was in ruins. It needed me. Nobody from SPJ was making the step up. Gomez from PAW taking the intercontinental belt. Draxxler, SHIRO... guys from outside promotions winning the heavyweight title... something that I have never held... It disgusted me. These aren't the type of people who should be holding these belts! It should those men that carry loyalty to SPJ.”

    There's a quick flash highlights of another known wrestler to western fans - Izaya Snowmantashi. Labelled as THE OUTSIDER by SPJ. There's a few flashes of the man in action in America also. The narrator speaks again as white text flashes on the screen during the 'highlights' of Izaya. LIGHTBRINGER then carries in speaking as clips play.


    “And then of course... there was OUTSIDER Izaya Snowmantashi. Another guy here to try to make a name using SPJ as nothing but a stepping stone. But... I think I made enough enemies with my return and our paths did not cross that much. Of course, a lot of people would speculate about our inevitable showdown and how I would win. My interest never swayed towards him. He was just a symptom of the disease. I didn't view him as having villainous intentions. He had some crazy idea of starting his own 'research institute' and using SPJ as a Japanese base. I don't know. I didn't care for it and neither should anyone else really. Of course, hearing the Snowmantashi name was going to be something I'd encounter but... I'd already come to terms with CWA and what happened. It was going to take something bigger to if you wanted to try and get to me.”

    The scene cuts back to LIGHTBRINGER showing a facial expression as if he is pondering the answering to a question. His eyes look at the ground for a moment then slowly raise up to make eye contact.

    “There was just something... insulting about seeing Kotani and the rest dominate whilst the rest of the SPJ trueborns and young lions struggle to represent us well against a series of parasitic invaders – the identity of SPJ was crumbling. I was desperate to make my mark again. And the perfect chance was coming up...”

    Camera does a hard cut to show the exterior of the TOKYO DOME as the narrator speaks once again with text flashing. "Tokyo Kisai" continues to speak.

    “ 1.4.20


    “Then came the Dome show. Kotani won the heavyweight belt. Good for him. He wanted to stand there and make a mockery of the Dome show. It pissed me off. He was getting to reign supreme that night. But... I had other thoughts for that son of a bitch.”

    The clip then shows Kotani celebrating his win at the SPJ's January 4th show before being cut off by LIGHTBRINGER coming down to the ring and having an intense staredown. Kotani puts on sunglasses as the crowd boos his disrespectful attitude. He turns his head to shout at the crowd and before he can turn back he is slapped by "Tokyo Kisai" to loud cheers! Kotani, the new champion, looks up in disbelief and looks to attack but SPJ Young Lions hold him back from doing so. LIGHTBRINGER holds a mic in the ring but we cut back to a smirking LIGHTBRINGER in the present.

    “I made my name off of embarrassing Kotani. I did it again. Now I had his and everyone else's attention. I declared that I would enter the SPJx2020 Cup, beat everyone that tries to get in my way and take that belt from Kotani. My destiny was to be the Heavyweight champion. A true SPJ Champion unlike the shams beforehand. I told Kotani he could run... but he couldn't hide.”

    There is a quick few seconds where the bracket for the tournament is shown on screen.

    “And then the bracket came out. SHIRO, Draxxler, Shirasawa and Izaya Snowmantashi all in my way. And that's when I pondered more over Izaya. Honestly, I just really didn't think my time was worth it. . I give him his due respect for getting to the finals... but he hadn't faced anyone on my level. I knew I had surpassed anything he had seen in the past and I knew he wasn't even on my level then. BoBo may no longer be at my side either but I've adapted and become better than ever."

    We go back to Tokyo Kisai as he stares down at the gold watch on his wrist... perhaps contemplating the amount of time he's been speaking. He also slightly chuckles to himself as if silently remembering something. There's then a quick flash to show the outside of the legendary Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall in Japan - along with the tagline "SPJx2020 Cup FINAL"

    “Really, when the final came, it was at this point that Kaiju crept into my mind. I think the fact that LIGHTBRINGER vs Izaya Snowmantashi was being promoted heavily probably contributed to that. The fact that Izaya was Kaiju's brotherr could not be ignored but I felt it was something hyped up a little more by the promotion than Izaya himself. Izaya was his own man doing his own thing. I don't think he cared about any comparison to Kaiju. I don't think I really did either... but I was aware of their connection obviously.”

    There's a brief pause as LIGHTBRINGER is shown taking a small glass with scotch and ice and sipping from it. He nods as he drinks, again, as if an unseen person is speaking to him.

    “I think a lot of people have been whispering Kaiju's name behind my back like it's some kind of taboo. And on the night of the finals... I think I'd had enough. Kotani taunted me backstage. Told me that Kaiju was around somewhere. I think he tried to unnerve me. Honestly, it just made me think he was scared. That told me that he didn't want me to win. I now realised that I had evolved to the point that Kotani was using his cocky, brash asshole attitude character as a front for his fear of me.”

    There's clips of LIGHTBRINGER vs Izaya Snowmantashi sprinkled in during his speaking. The crowd seems to be mostly on the side of LIGHTBRINGER but Izaya's spots of unpredictability gather loud reaction. The video also focuses on Izaya's moves a lot more than it does LIGHTBRINGER's.

    “... but all of that went out of my mind during the match with Izaya. He doesn't have a style resemblance to Kaiju but I know he tried to use some his stuff against me. He is crafty. I was prepared for it. Call it psychological ring warfare I guess. It almost worked. But see... I'm not the same LIGHTBRINGER that lost to Kaiju at Five Star Attraction. And like I said, Izaya was not on my level.”

    There's a brief flash of images of Jon Snowmantashi as LIGHTBRINGER delves further.

    “Kotani's comments and the adrenaline of the match got to me. Maybe I had simply locked away the torment of losing in America. I don't know. I just simply... I didn't care for calling out the champion at that point. Fuck him. I wanted Kaiju. I thought... if it was true that he was in the building... then I am telling him to come out. This has to go down now. I've just shown that I am Clearly, there was an air of expectancy. I could see people looking at the entrance way but Kotani was on the commentary desk. My heartbeat sped up a little actually. Perhaps it was the bumps to the head but the ringing in my head started to resemble incoherent crowd mumbling with smattering's of 'Kaiju' here and there.”

    The camera then cuts to a clip of the ending of the match as LIGHTBRINGER finally defeats Izaya with a second signature lariat and getting the three count. The crowd are cheer as his music hits and he begins to get to his feet. The camera cuts to show SPJ Heavyweight Champion, Kotani, at the commentary table next to KAIZEN and Ricardo Vance. He stands on his feet with his belt on his shoulder and sarcastically claps. The referee grabs LIGHTBRINGER's hand and lifts it high as the MC announces his victory. The trophy is presented as his music continues to play and golden white confetti falls from the ceiling. The newly crowned number one contender is given a mic and speaks... slightly panting first before admiring his trophy...

    “It's a nice trophy isn't it?”

    He then gestures around the crowd, lifting his hand up to this head as if to concentrate on looking far.

    “I hope any special spectators in this building are paying attention.... wherever they are. This is now the dawn of a new era for SPJ. This is the beginning of my triumphant rise to the top – I've cast aside the outcasts. Now, I just have to settle a score...”

    He walks over to the rope and stares down Kotani as the champion gets up from the table. He goes to move towards the ring but LIGHTBRINGER lifts the mic to his mouth and interrupts him. He gestures to the crowd...

    “What? This guy at the commentary table? Fuck him.”

    At the commentary desk both Kotani and KAIZEN screw up their faces in response. Tokyo Kisai throws up a finger at Kotani as the champion tries to rush the ring but several SPJ young lion ring attendants rush him and prevent him from getting in once more. The fans cheering as the champion is restrained and helpless. KAIZEN looks upset on commentary as he realises LIGHTBRINGER wasn't referring to him initially.

    “Your time comes soon. There's something else I have to do...”

    LIGHTBRINGER turns and casts a look at Izaya and walks over to him. He stands over his ex-opponent who nurses his shoulder. The crowd are silent and clearly wonder what LIGHTBRINGER's intentions are. Izaya is unaware. 'Tokyo Kisai' takes a deep breath before casting a sharp glance at the entrance way and roaring, defiantly, on the mic...


    The Japanese fans let out a surprised gasp and begin murmuring as LIGHTBRINGER takes the middle of the ring and stares a hole through the stage set up - pointing as he speaks. A tone of confrontation seeps through his voice.

    “They say you're hiding away backstage from me. I wonder why? You're not here to support your waste of a brother. You're here for me if what they say is true! Everyone here knows who you are! They know who you are because of me! Are you here to finally give me the gratitude that I deserve!? Or should I declare that I am now ready to right that wrong from years ago!? What is it that you want!?”

    With no appearance, there's obvious disappointment everywhere in the crowd and etched slightly on LIGHTBRINGER's sweaty face. He looks like he has more to say as music overlays the clip - war drums begin to beat in rhythm and slowy begin to get louder...

    “There was some whispers that you were here tonight, Kaiju. Is it to play a game? Or is it to... do nothing? I refuse to accept that! I don't need to face this worthless worm infront of me. I want to face you. I am ready to finally right that wrong. In this ring! I am the best that SPJ has to offer you... I am the best that the world has to offer you!"

    The war drums suddenly cut out as we cut back to LIGHTBRINGER...
    “I wasn't surprised that he didn't come out. I know that Jon Snowmantashi wouldn't care if I beat his brother. He wouldn't be at his side. I knew that Jon Snowmantashi would be afraid of facing me in a SPJ ring. Why do you think he suddenly wants to do this in a CWA ring? If he really was in the Kokugikan that night then I want to let him know that the legendary CWA Heavyweight Champion would have walked out, stared me down and accepted. He didn't. Because that is no longer who he is.”

    LIGHTBRINGER chuckles a little.

    "And that moment... is how I know I will win. Snowmantashi is not what he once was. He was scared to accept the challenge then... and he had no chance but to accept the challenge now for this CWA show. He was scared to do it on my home turf... so I left him with no choice but to do it on his own turf. Jon Snowmantashi is CWA. I am SPJ. I believe SPJ wrestlers are the best in the world and I am proof positive of that! I will win my match to show everyone that not only am I the best in the world... but I am better than Jon Snowmantashi."

    A deep, jovial laughter breaks out cutting away from LIGHTBRINGER. Jon Snowmantashi is leaning on his counter, face reddening, almost double over.

    "Scared? Is he the one who has something to prove or am I the one who has something to prove? It was Kaiju who vanquished Tokyo Kisai. It was Kaiju who sent him back home. He's their hero now, the way he was always born to be. Good for him. But if he's the hero, and I'm the monster who beat him, why should I go lower myself to beat him again, this time in his home where he eats? Who else do I beat if I go there? There's no one else to beat. I'll be the lonely aging Kaiju on the mountain top all over again. It's CWA all over again. If Tokyo Kisai wants to fight, he comes to me, not the other way around. Could I have gone out there and said yes?"

    He thinks about answering that question.

    "Who knows. But, it's not happening in there. It's never going to happen there. It's happening in CWA. That's all there is to it. It will begin in the land where it ended. And it will end, just as it began."

    It's early 2017, Adrenaline Rush: Live and it's almost the end of the show. The victor of Wrestle Royale, "Tokyo Kisai" LIGHTBRINGER stands in the ring with his manager BoBo and his opponent at Five Star Attraction, the CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi. Snowmantashi is on his way out of the ring when LIGHTBRINGER runs up behind him and teases his iconic lariat. LIGHTBRINGER stops short and just taps the belt.

    "My feelings about LIGHTBRINGER changed a lot between Wrestle Royal and Five Star Attraction. At first I wanted to try and show him my way of war, but I realized quickly it was too late. I thought because LIGHTBRINGER and I, we'd known each other many years back, that would be the difference. But he was like everyone else I faced, Michelle, Shawn, Jonathan. He thought he deserved more than he could achieve with his own two hands."

    On the next Adrenaline Rush, from the point of you of the commentary seat where Snowmantashi sits with Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman. Inside the ring, Krash flies off the top rope for The Kill onto LIGHTBRINGER. He goes for the pin. BoBo tries to save his partner and place his leg on the rope but the referee doesn't notice.

    "That young boy thought he could beat me? He couldn't beat Krash even with his goblin's help. I was disappointed. McGinnis brought an army. Michelle brought a fight I had never expected. LIGHTBRINGER was embarassing. All he had was his little goblin to help him. And the best thing his little goblin could do was cost him his own match."

    The camera cuts back to Snowmantashi, you can tell his disgust for BoBo.

    "You know if he's coming?"

    The camera shakes back and forth.

    "If you see him, tell him I'll kill him if he's at One Night Only. You know that little goblin had more of a fight in him than LIGHTBRINGER, if he's around he'll probably come because of that."

    Snowmantashi laughs. The camera cuts to Snowmantashi after his victory over LIGHTBRINGER at Five Star Attraction. Confetti falls all around Snowmantashi as the bloodied champion holds his crown up, once again standing tall to end CWA's biggest event.

    "LIGHTBRINGER was the end. I said I would beat everyone and I beat everyone. He thinks its one of the best CWA matches, it's all he can take from it. To me it wasn't. I liked fighting McGinnis and I liked fighting Michelle. LIGHTBRINGER was like memories from back home, I had already beat everyone there, it was like having to do school work."

    The camera comes back to Jon Snowmantashi in his kitchen. He's leaning back on the kitchen stop and thinking.

    "After CWA, I started teaching my way of war and eventually I decided to just enjoy life a bit and take it easy. Eventually, CWA asked me to come back for the Ten Year Anniversary. I said sure. It's CWA. I like CWA."

    At CWA A Decade of Decadence, Snowmantashi clobbers Thomas Jones out of the ring with a big boot and is awareded with 10000$ for his success.

    "I thought I should have gotten a bigger match, but they didn't ask me. I hadn't wrestle in a while, I guess they already forgot what I could do."

    Pictures taken from Snowmantashi's instagram show the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion taking pictures with some big names across the wrestling world in recent months.

    "After winning that match, I got a few calls and I decided to consider returning."

    A blurry picture of Snowmantashi outside an SPJ show fills the screen. On the same night this picture was taken, LIGHTBRINGER had taken the first step that would lead to this match at CWA: One Night Only, he challenged Snowmantashi to a singles match after having defeated his younger brother.

    "Well, I wrestled most of my career in NWA Japan so it wouldn't be right for me to wrestle for a rival company. I heard LIGHTBRINGER's challenge, it was disrespectful of him to challenge me somewhere I could not answer no matter how close I was to that ring. If he really wanted a match, he should have found a way to ask respectfully. He hasn't changed since then. He's still a young boy who thinks the world owes him everything."

    In a small show of around two hundred fans in Japan. Snowmantashi bullies the quick rising star Nayoko Ichimura, a freelancer making his way around the Japanese circuit. It was a small shock to the wrestling world when Snowmantashi began appearing worldwide for small companies as a boost to their attendances. He shows up in a handcord clip from THRASH in Mexico, Wrestling Premier League in London, and Ligue du Combat in France against some of independent wrestling's hottest names.

    "I decided I didn't really want to be stuck in one place. In CWA, I beat everyone and there was nothing else to do, I didn't want to get stuck in that situation again. I realized that if I wanted what I had in CWA, young boys with big dreams putting everything of themeslves in the certainty that they are destined for success, then I didn't need to trap myself anywhere, not like LIGHTBRINGER wanted me to be. Now I wait for a new challenge everyday, they pay my ticket, and I beat them in front of their fans. It's mean, but it's a living."

    Shots from the trailer that had announced CWA: One Night Only play again, particularly the clips containing Snowmantashi's reign atop the company. We cut back to Snowmantashi in front of a book case that contains the belts he's won over the years, including the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Aside from the CWA gold, no other belt has more than one copy. Snowmantashi tended to leave companies when he was done with them. He did not leave on his back.

    "I came to the U.S. because I had done everything I could do back home. And I had done well all around the world except America, where the big stars are. I wanted to face Krash, Cyrus Truth, even McGinnis. CWA welcomed me with open arms when they heard I was interested. I had a lot of fun fights in CWA. I wish it had all lasted longer. I'm always happy to come back and fight in CWA, and this time they made sure to get me involved."

    Though Snowmantashi was working worldwide, a lot of the clips are centered in Japan in some of the smallest shows you'll find. Still, Snowmantashi doesn't take a day off no matter how small the show. Eventually, the audio cuts in for one of these shows and after having his hand raised. He grabs a microphone. "Tokyo Kisai, LIGHTBRINGER. If Papa says you can come fight me in Philadelphia, I'll come fight you in Philadelphia," he speaks in Japanese, the audio subtitled.

    "I was a bit surprised. You don't send a big bright star like LIGHTBRINGER to fight someone like me, they must be very confident. That must be the only reason. You don't risk sending a man like LIGHTBRINGER with a bright bright future to fight for a dead company. They must think I'm done."

    Snowmantashi no longer shows up in the clips. Instead its an image of a body lying broken in the ring. Victims he's had in CWA, pictures of victims from his time before CWA, and new pictures of young indy stars he's left writing on the way to One Night Only. The shots pass through slowly as Snowmantashi speaks.

    "I am Kaiju. I was Kaiju when I beat LIGHTBRINGER at Five Star Attraction, and the years have not deprived me of my title today, I am still Kaiju. It disappoints me that LIGHTBRINGER hasn't learned the truth I told him so many years before. This is not a story book. This isn't the garden path his parents carved out for him. This is the top of the mountain, you can rely on no one but yourself. This is a mountain littered with those more capable than LIGHTBRINGER. Each of them with their own little story. Their own reasons why it was their time to win. Does he think that now that he's grown, his story has any value now. Does he believe that failure at Five Star Attraction was but a false defeat? LIGHTBRINGER is mistaken. When we last faced I sent LIGHTBRINGER back home broken. I am going to do that again. That's it."


    The scene finally cuts back to show LIGHTBRINGER standing up and leaving the room he was sitting in. Images of Snowmantashi's furious face cut through the screen as thunder sounds. A small cut to black before the narrator speaks - there are quick clips of both men's highest points in CWA and fights with each other. Upbeat J-trance synth begins to play silently as the video builds to a climax.




    The video then cuts to LIGHTBRINGER standing and staring directly into the camera with a stone-eyed gaze before striking his signature pose. The camera quickly zooms out to reveal his standing next to a brightly lit Torii-gate supported by countless neon-lit buildings in the background.


    Thunder strikes a few times more as Jon Snowmantashi replaces the figure of LIGHTBRINGER.



    The clip finishes with the match card graphics being displayed...



    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We come back to the arena and anticipation has almost reached its height. We take a slow, wide panning shot of the crowd before our camera finally settles on the stage, just in time for…

    The lights dim and there’s a huge positive reaction for Tokyo Kisai. Eventually, when he has let his music play just long enough for the anticipation to be brimming over, LIGHTBRINGER walks out onto the stage. A ’TOK-YO KIS-AI’ chant can be heard as he surveys the small but loud audience that has crammed itself into the 2300 Arena. Slowly, with great gravitas, he begins to walk down the short ramp towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, we’re finally here, Tim! Here comes LIGHTBRINGER, a former CWA High Voltage Champion and the 2017 Wrestle Royale winner. He looks supremely focused on this match tonight…”

    Tim Coleman: “And why wouldn’t he be?! It was alluded to on The Launch-Pad this evening: not many wrestlers get the chance to avenge a big loss like LIGHTBRINGER has tonight.”

    Jim Taylor: “And of course the loss that you’re speaking about is to Jon Snowmantashi in the 2017 Five-Star Attraction main event. That particular contest was widely touted as the Match of the Year in this and any other promotion, and if we get half the battle here tonight that we did in 2017 we are in for an absolute classic!”

    LIGHTBRINGER has climbed into the ring and stands in the centre of it, viewing in a wide shot and with a rabidly cheering audience surrounding him. A smile slowly begins to appear on his face, almost knowing, as he takes his long jacket off and passes it to the time-keeper outside the ring. His music fades out, and there’s a lengthy silence as we wait for the next entrance theme to hit…

    When Jon Snowmantashi walks out onto the stage, solemn and focused as he always is before a big match like this, the fans go through the roof. John Duncan stands at his side, smiling and nodding his head in support of his client. Snowmantashi begins his slow trudge to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: “And here he comes - one of the most dominant World Champions in CWA history. Certainly in the second half of this company’s run.”

    Tim Coleman: “Who could forget the wars that this man has had throughout the years here in CWA? Jonathan McGinnis, Michelle von Horrowitz, Lilith… this man has gone to war with and overcome many of the wrestlers who have claimed victory here tonight.”

    Jim Taylor: “And one man that you leave out of that list is LIGHTBRINGER himself. We are about to see the re-ignition of one of the finest and fiercest WRESTLING rivalries of the twenty-first century, folks!”

    Snowmantashi climbs up the steps and through the ropes, taking up his position in the corner and slowly moving back and forth from one foot to the other, shifting his weight and staying loose. LIGHTBRINGER stares back at him from across the ring. John Duncan remains on the outside, circling the ring as if he is doing reconnaissance. The music lowers and the lights come back up, our announcer having entered the theatre of battle to introduce the combatants…

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Ladies and gentlemen… this your first of two main events for the evening, and is a singles match scheduled for one-fall with a sixty minute time limit. Introducing first… he weighs in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds… from Tokyo, Japan… Tokyo Kisai... LIGHTBRINGER!”

    There’s another ovation for LIGHTBRINGER, who has now blocked the crowd from his mind and has eyes only for his opponent.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “And his opponent… accompanied to the ring by John Duncan… also from Tokyo, Japan and weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds… ‘Inhuman’... Jon… SNOWMANTASHIIIIIII!”

    Another huge roar as the Kaiju continues to rock back and forth from foot to foot, loosening his wrists for the fight ahead.

    Jim Taylor: “I wouldn’t expect anything but sheer focus from either of these men ahead of this match-up.”

    Tim Coleman: “Me neither, Jim. LIGHTBRINGER will have been thinking about this match-up for a long time, even before it was announced! And Snowmantashi would enjoy nothing more than Tokyo Kisai getting his win back here tonight.”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right. Both men are determined, motivated, and talented… this one is just too close to call!”

    Monaghan removes herself from the ring and the official calls for the bell, which can barely be heard over the deafening roars of the crowd…

    Singles Match.
    ‘Inhuman’ Jon Snowmantashi (w/ Jon Duncan) versus ‘Tokyo Kisai’ LIGHTBRINGER.

    The two men step forward out of their corners and lock eyes from across the ring. There is a duelling chant, half of the crowd singing 'Let's go Kaiju!', whilst the other half reply with a resounding 'LIGHT-BRING-ER!'. It goes back and forth as the two men stare across the ring at one another. LIGHTBRINGER says something in Japanese. Snowmantashi doesn't respond.

    Jim Taylor: “The atmosphere is absolutely electric here in the 2300 Arena!”

    'Let's go Kaiju!'

    Tim Coleman: “These two have sold out arenas all over the world, but in this intimate and yet aggressive environment this all seems very new.”


    Finally, LIGHTBRINGER springs into action, beginning to circle the ring as Snowmantashi steps into the center of it, rotating to keep his eyes locked on Tokyo Kisai. The two take up a more combative stance, and LIGHTBRINGER offers up a test of strength…

    'Let's go Kaiju!'

    Jim Taylor: “It's very odd to see LIGHTBRINGER starting out this way… He's giving up sixty pounds in weight to this opponent. ”


    Snowmantashi tentatively takes LIGHGBRINGER's hand and offers his free one, but before they can test strength, Tokyo Kisai nails a vicious, hard kick into the side of Snowmantashi's leg…

    Tim Coleman: “I assumed that LIGHGBRINGER would come here tonight with a plan, and taking out the legs might not be a bad one.”

    'Let's go Kaiju!'

    Jim Taylor: “I agree, Tim. We've already seen that happen to XYZ tonight, with devastating consequences, and taking out the big man's vertical base may be the best hope that LIGHGBRINGER has.”


    Tokyo Kisai follows up with two more hard strikes with his feet to Snowmantashi's legs. The big man doesn't go down, but he's certainly feeling the kicks. LIGHGBRINGER throws himself off the ropes and at the Kaiju… But Snowmantashi is waiting for him with a shoulder block. LIGHTBRINGER hits the mat and the Kaiju jumps over him, hitting the ropes. LB gets back to his feet and leapfrogs him, and on Snowmantashi's re-approach he's nailed with a dropkick from Tokyo Kisai!!

    'Let's go Kaiju!'

    Jim Taylor: “A picture perfect drop kick there from LIGHTBRINGER!”

    A big cheer for the beautiful maneuver finally breaks the dueling chant!!

    Tim Coleman: “But he fails to take Snowmantashi off his feet! The Kaiju just stumbles backwards…”

    LIGHTBRINGER goes straight back to him and applies a front face lock. He grabs Snowmantashi by the tights and attempts to hoist him up… But Snowmantashi is far too heavy, and doesn't budge.

    Jim Taylor: “I guess you've got to admire the ambition, but that was never going to work…”

    Snowmantashi has regained himself, and he lifts LB up and over with a suplex of his own. The Kaiju is back to his feet, whilst LIGHGBRINGER rolls under the bottom rope to take a breather. He keeps an eye on the Kaiju (who stands his ground in the center of the ring) whilst cagily circling it.

    Tim Coleman: “Time to re-evaluate things for LIGHTBRINGER, maybe…”

    Jim Taylor: “He was having some success whilst striking at those legs of his much larger opponent. I understand he might not want to be too one-dimensional in his attack, but I feel he has to stick with what works when he's up against a man like Snowmantashi.”

    Tim Coleman: “Why don't you go and tell him that?”

    LIGHTBRINGER still looks calm as he completes a circuit of the ring, eventually sliding back in as the referee's count reaches seven. It looks like they're going to come together with a collar and elbow tie up… But at the last moment LIGHGBRINGER changes tactic and hits a boot to the midsection. Snowmantashi is doubled over, and LB follows up with four rapid kicks, two to each of his legs. He fires himself off the ropes, approaching Snowmantashi from behind… chop block to the back of the knee! Snowmantashi goes down to one knee, and LIGHTBRINGER hits the ropes for a swinging neck breaker!

    Jim Taylor: “For the first time in the match, Snowmantashi is off his feet!”

    Tim Coleman: “Not for long, though! The Kaiju is straight back to a vertical base…”

    LIGHTBRINGER tries to stay on him, locking in a sleeper hold, and when the Kaiju stands he tries to wrap his legs around his considerable waist with a body scissors… But before he can latch on properly, Snowmantashi brings him over with a snapmare! LIGHTBRINGER sits up, and Snowmantashi nails his back with a hideously stiff looking kick! LB arches his back in pain, but slaps the mat and gets to his feet. He roars at Snowmantashi for more… And then gets taken down by a big lariat! Snowmantashi looks to pick LIGHTBRINGER up again… but he rolls out under the bottom rope to escape…

    Jim Taylor: “Once again, LIGHTBRINGER retreats to the outside, keeping a cagey eye on the big man who seems content to wait in the ring.”

    Tim Coleman: “This will only work so many times, Jim. LIGHTBRINGER has to find himself some sort of opening soon, or he risks Snowmantashi following him out on his next pit stop. And we know the kind of damage Snowmantashi can do on the outside…”

    After taking a few deep breaths, LIGHTBRINGER rolls into the ring. The Kaiju doesn't give him chance to make his move this time, though, and charges him with a shoulder block. LB is up to eat a standing dropkick! Snowmantashi shows great athleticism for a man of his size, and hoists LIGHTBRINGER up to his feet. He throws him hard into the corner, LB’s back slamming into the turnbuckles… and then Snowmantashi charges in after him, going for a big splash… but LIGHTBRINGER dives out of the way! Snowmantashi’s chest connects with the turnbuckles and he stumbles back into the ring… where LIGHTBRINGER is waiting for him with a charging knee strike! Snowmantashi is down to one knee, and LIGHTBRINGER grabs him in a front face lock before driving his head into the mat with a DDT!

    Jim Taylor: “Classic LIGHTBRINGER! He kips back up to his feet after the spike DDT!”

    Snowmantashi gets up, but LIGHTBRINGER is right back on him. He whips him into a corner, following in with a running clothesline. The Kaiju staggers into the middle of the ring, and LIGHTBRINGER hops up to the second rope, before diving off with a cross-body! Snowmantashi rolls onto his front, but Tokyo Kisai is too quick, charging off the ropes and nailing the crawling Snowmantashi with a sliding kick!

    Tim Coleman: “That takes me back to Madison Square Garden, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “I know exactly what you mean! How many of those kicks did Jon Snowmantashi take back in 2017?”

    Tim Coleman: “I can’t quite remember - but he STILL emerged victorious. LIGHTBRINGER needs to take things to another level here tonight…”

    As Snowmantashi takes his time to get back to his feet, LIGHTBRINGER is waiting patiently for him to do so in a corner. When the Kaiju is up, he finds himself right back down again after a charging drop kick from LIGHTBRINGER, who then proceeds to climb up towards the top rope.

    Jim Taylor: “Every time the Kaiju gets knocked down, he just gets straight back up!”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s probably why LIGHTBRINGER is going up top here, Jim - some extra leverage to his strikes might be exactly what he needs…”

    Snowmantashi is facing the opposite direction to LIGHTBRINGER when he gets up, and he doesn’t see the top rope knee attack coming! Tokyo Kisai connects with the back of his opponent’s head, and then expends a lot of effort in rolling Snowmantashi over onto his back. LIGHTBRINGER goes for the first pin attempt of the match, hooking a leg…



    Jim Taylor: “Jon Snowmantashi kicks up at ONE!”

    Tim Coleman: “If it was ANYONE else I might be surprised, but they call this man Inhuman for a reason…”

    LIGHTBRINGER re-evaluates things as Snowmantashi rolls back onto his front, and Tokyo Kisai comes at him with a series of stomps, slowing him from rising. Eventually, when the Kaiju is back to his feet, LIGHTBRINGER reels off three hard kicks to his right side. The Kaiju seems to just absorb them… and then asks for more! LIGHTBRINGER obliges with three more to the opposite side, which brings nothing but a grunt from his opponent! LIGHTBRINGER takes a step back, winds up, and then smashes Snowmantashi in the side of the head with a forearm.

    Jim Taylor: “Snowmantashi is rocked! He stumbles backwards away from LIGHTBRINGER…”

    The Kaiju shakes away the cobwebs, before roaring as he stands fully erect again... and then he nails an UNREAL discus forearm! LIGHTBRINGER is turned inside out, landing on the top of his back and his neck! The Kaiju adjusts his tights before hooking a leg.




    Tim Coleman: “You’d have to question how many more of those LIGHTBRINGER is going to be able to take?!”

    Jim Taylor: “I think we’re going to find out, Tim!”

    Snowmantashi takes control of the match-up, grabbing LB by the hair and lifting him up to the feet. The first knife edge chop, with his left hand, slaps into LIGHTBRINGER’s chest with a thunderous sound. The second one, with his right, connects with a vicious thud, and there’s a handprint left on LIGHTBRINGER’s chest as Snowmantashi winds up once again. This time, the overhead chop to the chest takes LIGHTBRINGER down to the mat! Snowmantashi circles LIGHTBRINGER, regarding his downed opponent as he rolls onto his front and starts the arduous and unenviable task of climbing to his feet…

    Jim Taylor: “I think it goes without saying that Jon Snowmantashi is in complete control of this one, Tim…”

    Tim Coleman: “Then why did you say it, Jim?”

    When LIGHTBRINGER is half-way up, Snowmantashi gives him a helping hand and drags him up by the scruff of his neck. He nails a trio of headbuts, before grabbing LIGHTBRINGER in a rear bearhug, and driving him down with a belly-to-back suplex! He doesn’t go for a cover, instead electing to slow down the pace, waiting patiently for LIGHTBRINGER to stir again before closing in with a couple of stomps. He picks him to his feet and nails him with a German suplex, but doesn’t release, instead hitting a second German! He drags him up again, but this time transitions, and throws LIGHTBRINGER across the ring with a t-bone suplex!

    Jim Taylor: “Snowmantashi is hurling LIGHTBRINGER around here as if he were a rag doll! This man is two hundred and thirty pounds!”

    This time, Snowmantashi does go for a lateral press.




    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER again with the kick-out at two…”

    Tim Coleman: “But note how the Kaiju didn’t hook a leg there, perhaps not even believing himself that LIGHTBRINGER was out for the count. But every time he makes Tokyo Kisai kick out, he expends a little bit more energy…”

    Snowmantashi picks LIGHTBRINGER up and throws him into the corner. Tokyo Kisai hits it hard with his back and stumbles back towards Snowmantashi… who throws him overhead with a big back body drop! LIGHTBRINGER over-rotates and lands on his side, and the Kaiju is straight in for the kill. He lifts him up into a fireman’s carry…

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps Snowmantashi is going for the Hailstorm finisher early here!”

    Tim Coleman: “But LIGHTBRINGER begins to struggle, kicking with his legs, and manages to slip out of the back…”

    Snowmantashi turns around to face LIGHTBRINGER, who goes for a lariat. The Kaiju ducks it, and LB turns around into a boot to the midsection. Snowmantashi hoists him up into the air, perhaps looking for his sit-out powerbomb… but LIGHTBRINGER begins to fight back with a few blows to the top of Snowmantashi’s head. Jon drops him, LIGHTBRINGER managing to land on his feet behind Snowmantashi. The Kaiju turns and charges towards Tokyo Kisai… who scrambles back towards the ropes, dropping down and pulling the top rope down with him! Jon Snowmantashi falls right over the top rope and crashes down onto the outside in a heap!

    Jim Taylor: “I cannot overestimate just how much LIGHTBRINGER needed a break like that.”

    Tim Coleman: “You’re absolutely right, Jim. It was beginning to look a little bit desperate for LIGHTBRINGER!”

    LIGHTBRINGER lies on his back for a moment, his chest expanding as he catches his breath. Eventually, he gets up to his feet and climbs out of the ring, approaching the stirring Snowmantashi. He takes him by the hand, and uses a lot of force to Irish whip him into the steel steps! Jon Snowmantashi crashes over them and into a heap again, the crowd letting out a gasp as he lands!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER is taking his time here, not rushing into anything. He’s finally forced an advantage for himself and he’s not going to let it go to waste…”

    Indeed, LIGHTBRINGER stomps on Snowmantashi a few times as he begins to find his way to his feet. When the Kaiju is up, LIGHTBRINGER drives him back first into the apron, and then follows up with a quartet of stinging knife edge chops! He then takes Snowmantashi by the hand, and hurls him over the Spanish announce table! The latino announcers disperse as the Kaiju crashes into them!

    Noticing the referee has reached eight on his count, LIGHTBRINGER rolls back in and then back out. Snowmantashi is trying to climb back over the Spanish announce table, and so LB takes him in a front face lock and begins to drag him away from the table. Snowmantashi’s boots are still hooked onto the lip of the desk, LB holding him in the air in the front face lock… and then he plants his head onto the ground with a DDT!

    Jim Taylor: “That looked nasty, Tim! If I didn’t know about Snowmantashi, I’d say he could be done after that DDT!”

    Indeed, when he rolls over onto his back, it becomes clear that he’s been busted open! LIGHTBRINGER stumbles back to the ring, again breaking up the referee’s count at eight and then returning to Snowmantashi. He looks down at the Kaiju and then at the announce table. Making up his mind quickly, he begins to rip the table apart!

    Tim Coleman: “We don’t often see this side of LIGHTBRINGER, Jim - but the Kaiju can bring this out of anyone!”

    LIGHTBRINGER does for the monitors and the table cover, throwing them to one side, before he re-focuses his attention on Jon Snowmantashi. He hoists him up from the ground, forcing him over towards the announce table, trying to heave him onto the top of it. Snowmantashi is resistant, though, beginning to hit some elbow strikes to LIGHTBRINGER’s head. Eventually, this causes a little bit of separation as LB stumbles backwards. Snowmantashi stands up and moves away from the table, and attempts a clothesline on his opponent. LB is able to duck it, and Snowmantashi turns into a dropkick! It sends him stumbling back into the barricade, and LIGHTBRINGER hits a series of knife edge chops, European uppercuts… and then a big headbutt! LB hurls him from the barricade into the ring apron with an Irish whip… but he doesn’t let go of the wrist! He has wrist control!! He pulls Snowmantashi towards him…

    Tim Coleman:LIGHTBRINGER lariat! Snowmantashi eats it and then hits the floor!!”

    Jim Taylor: “But he’s on the outside! LIGHTBRINGER is going to have to deadlift nearly three hundred pounds up and into the ring…”

    This is going to be a big task, and LIGHTBRINGER realises this. First, he rolls into the ring to break up the count at seven, and then he begins to drag Snowmantashi to his feet. He heaves him up onto the apron, and then rolls him back in, following him afterwards. He hooks a leg…



    Jim Taylor: “Snowmantashi kicks up at one AGAIN, and you have to wonder if the time it took for LIGHTBRINGER to force his opponent back into the ring stopped him getting a three there.”

    Tim Coleman: “I think you’re right, Jim. But the important thing is that the lariat connected, and LIGHTBRINGER can build upon that going forward.”

    After the kickout, LIGHTBRINGER employs a failed strategy from earlier in the match, but this time the sleeper hold is more successful. At first, Snowmantashi fights up to his knees, but LIGHTBRINGER then wraps on a body-scissors and the dead weight causes the Kaiju to topple over onto the mat. Snowmantashi is still struggling in the sleeper, trying to hit some elbow strikes in an attempt to gain separation, but LIGHTBRINGER just absorbs them. He keeps wrenching on the sleeper hold, willing Snowmantashi to lose consciousness…

    Jim Taylor: “Could this main event end with a sleeper hold?!”

    Tim Coleman: “First time for everything, Jim…”

    When the Kaiju seems to be showing very little sign of life, the official moves over to check his arm.

    Tim Coleman: “The crowd begins to boo… but I don't think it's at the concept of LIGHTBRINGER winning, I think they just don't want this one to end.”

    The official lifts Snowmantashi's arm into the air and allows it to drop towards the ground…

    … And the Kaiju refuses to die!

    His hand is clenched into a tight fist as the audience begin to will him back to life. He rises to a knee, and then up to his feet. Snowmantashi drives the point of his elbow into LB's sternum once… twice… three times a lady. LIGHTBRINGER is desperately clinging onto the hold, but Snowmantashi backs him to the ropes and flings him off to the opposite set… and then takes him down with a clothesline! LIGHTBRINGER is straight back up but he eats a boot to the midsection. Snowmantashi hoists him up…

    Jim Taylor: "Sit-out powerbomb!"

    Tim Coleman: "What impact! What strength!"

    Jim Taylor: "Snowmantashi goes for the cover!”



    TH - - NO!!

    Jim Taylor: “I thought LIGHTBRINGER was done for!”

    Snowmantashi spends the next few minutes dominating the match, and - even though blood is leaking freely from his forehead - he makes an effort to build up the pace a little. He throws LIGHTBRINGER into the ropes a couple of times and nails him with shoulder blocks, before heading up to the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: “It may look strange to see a two hundred and ninety pounder ascend to the top rope, but we’ve seen this before from Snowmantashi!”

    As LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet, the big man leaps off the top rope with a missile dropkick! LIGHTBRINGER is sent flying across the ring after the impact! Snowmantashi gets up to a huge ovation from the crowd, and lifts up the reeling LIGHTBRINGER by the hair. He manuevres him into position… and then hoists him up in a torture rack! We can hear LIGHTBRINGER scream out in pain as Snowmantashi rocks him on his shoulders, applying more pressure to his opponent's back.

    Jim Taylor: “And now it's Snowmantashi's turn to wear LIGHTBRINGER down! He has the torture rack sinched in!”

    The referee is asking LIGHTBRINGER if he wants to give in… The audience begins a `please don't tap!' chant, desperate for the match to continue… LB shakes his head defiantly… And then proceeds to reel off a half dozen elbows to the top of Snowmantashi's head! Eventually, Snowmantashi has to drop him, and LB lands behind him, catching the Kaiju's wrist in the process. He swings Snowmantashi round…

    Tim Coleman:LIGHTBRINGER lariat!!”

    Jim Taylor: “He gets all of it… and this time in the middle of the ring!”

    LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg…


    T - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Snowmantashi powers out, almost at one!!!”

    LIGHTBRINGER can't believe it! He falls back into the corner, watching on in disbelief as Snowmantashi begins to stir. When the Kaiju gets to his feet, LIGHTBRINGER stands and rocks him with a standing dropkick. Snowmantashi stumbles back into a corner, and Tokyo Kisai is on him in an instant. He hits a series of knife edge chops, and then forearm strikes, followed by a couple of European uppercuts. Snowmantashi falls into a seated position in the corner, and LB charges off a set of ropes, charging in with a basement dropkick to Snowmantashi’s face! The Kaiju rolls out of the corner, and LIGHTBRINGER goes for a cover…


    TW - - NO!

    Again Snowmantashi gets a shoulder up, and LIGHTBRINGER gets up with a look of focus and determination on his face. His fists are clenched, and as Snowmantashi rolls over onto his front LIGHTBRINGER charges off the ropes… but instead of attacking he runs right past his opponent, building more momentum by hitting the ropes again… And then nails the Kaiju with a HUGE sliding kick! Snowmantashi lies flat on his back and LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg.




    Tim Coleman: “We've mentioned the Kaiju's dominance many times, and that's matched only by his resilience…”

    Lightbringer hoists Snowmantashi to his feet and then proceeds to lash out with kick after kick to the sides of his legs. Snowmantashi is rocked but maintains a vertical base. LB doubles him over with a boot to the midsection and applies a front face lock…

    Jim Taylor: “Looks like LIGHTBRINGER is trying to hoist Snowmantashi up again… But he just can't do it!”

    LB releases the front face lock and holds his back, which was strained in the effort to lift his opponent. The Kaiju takes the opening, and rocks LB with a standing dropkick. Tokyo Kisai stumbles backwards into the ropes, bouncing off them and back towards Snowmantashi. The Kaiju is waiting with a boot to the midsection, hoisting him up into a fireman's carry…

    Jim Taylor: “HAILSTORM!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Snowmantashi nails the fireman's carry cutter! Out of nowhere!”

    Snowmantashi hooks a leg.



    THR - - NO!!!!

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER kicks out!! Snowmantashi can't believe it!!!”

    Snowmantashi looks at the official, almost in anger rather than frustration. He takes perhaps a little too long before following up, eventually lifting LB up and putting him in another fireman's carry…

    Jim Taylor: "Looks like he's going for a second Hailstorm!"

    Tim Coleman: "But LIGHTBRINGER begins to struggle… There's still life in him yet!!"

    Indeed, LB manages to struggle out and fall behind Snowmantashi. He grabs him by the wrist and turns him around to face him… LIGHTBRINGER lariat!! He maintains wrist control and drags him back to his feet… Another one!! Snowmantashi hits the mat and LIGHTBRINGER hooks the leg!




    This time it's Tokyo Kisai's turn to round on the referee in disbelief. He stands up and turns to the official, shouting something in Japanese, spittle bubbling on his lips in a foamy rage. He takes a step towards the referee, who puts his hands up in defense and backs away into a corner…

    Jim Taylor: “An uncharacteristic display of perhaps frustration here from LIGHTBRINGER!”

    Tim Coleman: “He needs to keep his mind on the task at hand! Look at Snowmantashi, he's rising!!”

    LB turns around to see Snowmantashi charging at him. He ducks out of the way of the attempted lariat… And the referee gets flattened in the corner!!

    Jim Taylor: “OH MY! A referee wasn't built to take that kind of impact! But that clash looked accidental to me…”

    Tim Coleman: “I'd have to agree, Jim.”

    Snowmantashi turns away from the referee and eats a dropkick from LB. It sends him to the mat and he rolls beneath the bottom rope, standing up on the apron. LB charges to a corner and nails a triangle dropkick! Snowmantashi falls and rolls onto the floor! LIGHTBRINGER follows him out, heaves him back to his feet, and then throws him onto the Spanish announce table, which was disassembled earlier in the match. LIGHTBRINGER climbs onto it with the Kaiju, and starts to lift him to his feet…

    Jim Taylor: “This looks like it's going to end very badly for one of these men!!”

    LIGHTBRINGER hooks an arm and applies a front face lock, maybe looking for a suplex again. But as he attempts the lift, his back gives way again. Snowmantashi takes him by the hair and rocks him with a headbutt! LB almost falls off the desk, but Snowmantashi grabs him and lifts him into a fireman's carry…

    Tim Coleman: “Oh no… Is he thinking…”

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps a hailstorm through the table?!”

    LB senses impending peril, and proceeds to nail a few elbows to the side of Snowmantashi's still bloody head. Snowmantashi drops him… Snap DDT from LIGHTBRINGER! The table explodes under the weight and the impact!!

    The crowd launches into a HOLY SHIT chant as the two men lay amongst the wreckage. Coleman and Taylor don't really quite know what to say, at a complete loss for words. It's LIGHTBRINGER who stirs first, and he takes a while to lift the Kaiju and bring him to the ring. He rolls him in and notices that the referee is still out cold! He tries to rouse him, but there's no sign of life. LB refocuses on Snowmantashi, signaling that the end is near. He lifts him up by the wrist, ripcord… LIGHTBRINGER lariat!! NO! Snowmantashi ducks it, and nails a high angle, high impact side suplex!!! Snowmantashi is slow to his feet, but when he gets there he notices that LIGHTBRINGER is prone and in perfect position. He turns towards the turnbuckles, and begins to climb again…

    Jim Taylor: “We’ve seen Snowmantashi go for this a number of times before! And if he connects, it’s usually over…”

    Jon Snowmantashi steadies himself on the top rope, facing away from the ring… and then he leaps off, going for his patented moonsault…

    NO!! LIGHTBRINGER rolls out of the way!! Snowmantashi crashes and burns!! LB is up to his feet, roaring as he notices the Kaiju getting to his. He charges over… boot to the midsection… front facelock… he hooks the arm… one more roar…

    Jim Taylor: “BRAINBUSTER!!!!! Right on the top of his head!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Finally LIGHTBRINGER is able to lift the big man off his feet! This crowd is going wild!!”

    LIGHTBRINGER stands up, and notices that Jon Snowmantashi is still on his back. The referee is beginning to stir in the corner, and LIGHTBRINGER surveys the crowd…

    The momentum has turned swiftly in LIGHTBRINGER’s favour! He picks Jon Snowmantashi up by the wrist… another ripcord… LIGHTBRINGER lariat!! He’s not done there, picking the Kaiju up… And he nails him with a second lariat!!

    Jim Taylor: “Look at the look of intensity on LIGHTBRINGER's face!! He senses the urgency… He knows the time is now!”

    Snowmantashi is dragged to his feet once more… LIGHTBRINGER lets out one last huge roar… a third LIGHTBRINGER lariat thuds into Snowmantashi's chest! A mist of sweat fogs the air after impact! LIGHTBRINGER drops into a cover as the referee finally gets to his feet!




    Jim Taylor: “The referee stopped counting! Why has the referee stopped counting?!”

    Tim Coleman: “Snowmantashi's foot, Jim! He's placed it on the bottom rope!!”

    Jim Taylor: “What incredible ring awareness there from Snowmantashi!!”

    LIGHTBRINGER is breathing heavily, staring down at a bloody Snowmantashi with a look of sheer exasperation on his face! He shakes his head, and then hoists the Kaiju back to his feet. He whips him into the corner, and follows him in with a shoulder tackle. Then, after driving his shoulder once more into Snowmantashi's gut, he heaves the big man up into a seated position on the top rope…

    Jim Taylor: “I don't know what LIGHTBRINGER is thinking here, but Snowmantashi isn't having any of it…”

    As Tokyo Kisai climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, the Kaiju fires a forearm smash into LB's face. LIGHTBRINGER fires back with his own forearm, but then receives a HUGE headbutt from Snowmantashi! LB almost falls backwards, but then he lets out a roar and fires back with a headbutt of his own. He locks on a front face lock, perhaps looking for a superplex… But no, Snowmantashi wriggles out, and then proceeds to land headbutt after headbutt, endless headbutts, an extraordinary amount of headbutt!! Ten… Fifteen… Twenty headbutts in total!! And then he hoists LB up into a fireman's carry, tentatively standing up on the second rope…

    Jim Taylor: “Oh no! Not this!! We saw Snowmantashi try this back at Five-Star Attraction 2017…”

    Snowmantashi leaps up into the air from the middle turnbuckle… And damn near breaks LIGHTBRINGER in half with an Atomic Hailstorm!!!

    Tim Coleman: “OH DEAR GOD!! Did you see that?!?!”

    LIGHTBRINGER rolls onto his front, seemingly knocked out, and all that Snowmantashi can do - all that he has to do - is crawl over and drape an arm over him…




    When the bell rings once more and the audience goes wild, there is momentarily no movement in the ring. Jon Snowmantashi is still lying down with an arm over LIGHTBRINGER’s shoulder, who is also spread eagled on the mat and staring up at the lights on the ceiling. Even the official doesn’t get up straight away! The ref rolls onto his back after the three count and sucks in lung-fulls of oxygen, trying to overcome his exhaustion…

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here is your winner, via pinfall at thirty two minutes and forty seconds… ‘Inhuman’… JON SNOWMANTASHI!!”

    Finally, Snowmantashi rolls over onto his back and then sits up. There’s blood on the right half of his face and his breathing is haggard and difficult. Eventually, he gets up onto one knee, careful not to rush into things, before forcing his way up to his feet. He stumbles backwards thanks to the loss of blood, but manages to support himself in the corner.

    Jim Taylor: “What an incredible match we just saw there, Tim! I didn’t think it was ever going to end and I didn’t want it to!”

    Tim Coleman: “We witnessed a classic back in 2017 in New York, and we’ve seen another in 2020 in Philadelphia! And the result is the same: once again, Jon Snowmantashi has emerged victorious after pinning LIGHTBRINGER for three.”

    Finally, in the ring, LIGHTBRINGER begins to come to. He rolls over onto his front and then crawls to the ropes, using them to help himself up to his feet…

    Jim Taylor: “I can’t believe that Tokyo Kisai is getting up already, Tim. I think he’d be better off waiting for the medical team…”

    Tim Coleman: “That was never going to happen. There’s too much heart and too much pride in LIGHTBRINGER to allow himself to get helped out of here tonight.”

    When he’s up to his feet, LIGHTBRINGER stares across the ring at Snowmantashi, breathing heavily. After the stare-off lingers a few seconds, LIGHTBRINGER climbs out of the ring, and hops down to the floor. He is shaking his head, clearly disappointed in himself and the loss, and begins to stalk up the ramp. Snowmantashi stays behind in the ring, and although it can hardly be said that he is celebrating, he stands there with his hands on his hips and allows the fans to reign down their appreciation upon him.

    Jim Taylor: “Listen to the 2300 Arena, Tim! This is in recognition of the years of blood, sweat, and tears that Jon Snowmantashi put into this company!”

    Snowmantashi nods respectfully at the fans and then moves to the side of the ring, climbing onto the apron and then down the ring steps. He is joined by John Duncan at the foot of the entrance ramp, and the two begin to walk back towards the stage together. Our shot returns to the commentary desk.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    Tim Coleman: “And can you believe, Jim, that that was only the FIRST of our main event match-ups this evening?!”

    Jim Taylor: “I don’t think I can, Tim! But you’re absolutely right. We still have championship gold on the line tonight in a three-way ladder match. Expect more heart, more pride… and probably more blood!”

    Tim Coleman: “Earlier on tonight on The Launch-Pad we saw footage from the press conf - -”

    Coleman’s face is one of confusion as he’s interrupted by some unexpected music, but when he recognises the tune he sighs heavily. We move into a wide shot of the arena, a mixed reaction coming down from the CWA faithful as Noah Hanson walks out onto the stage…

    Jim Taylor: “It looks like before we get to that huge three-way ladder match, we’re going to hear something from one of the men that put this event together…”

    Tim Coleman: “We are indeed, Jim. Here comes the former General Manager of Adrenaline Rush, Noah Hanson. And I have to think the only reason he’s not getting booed out of the building here in Philadelphia is him being partially responsible for this incredible night of professional wrestling going ahead in the first place.”

    Jim Taylor: “I think you’re probably right, Tim. That seems to have bought him a little bit of good faith with this audience… but just a little bit. The crowd still seems quite unsure about Hanson, and must be questioning what he’s doing out here before the main event…”

    Noah Hanson trots up the ring steps with a smile on his face, climbing through the ropes and asking Lindsey Monaghan for a microphone. He turns to stand in the middle of the ring, adjusting the jacket of his smart blue suit and ensuring the knot in his red tie (put on just before he came out… look the part, be the part) is snugly adjacent to his collar. His music fades out and he brings the microphone to his lips, looking very pleased with himself and what he is about to say…

    Noah Hanson: “Ladies and gentlemen! Fans of the CWA! I’m sure that, for once, you will all agree with me when I say how fantastic it is to be back here!”

    Another fast and loud ’CWA!’ chant circulates. There’s even a few ’Thank You Han-son!’ chants to be heard if you really listen.

    Noah Hanson: “And of course, none of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for the hard work, the passion, and the dedication of… me!”

    A loud chorus of boos.

    Jim Taylor: “I wondered how long it would be before Hanson endeared himself to this crowd…”

    Tim Coleman: “It was only a matter of time…”

    Hanson cuts through the boos and carries on…

    Noah Hanson:You’re welcome, Philadelphia! But I couldn’t have done this without the help of a few people. I don’t mean the wrestlers, of course. And I certainly don’t mean you people. Both of those subsets are utterlyI mean a few anonymous people with pockets full of cash and fully justified belief in me. They knew that Noah Hanson was the man to put on an event like this, and tonight I’ve proved them right. What an evening!”

    Despite the self-appreciation ceremony going on in the ring, the audience can’t help but agree.

    Noah Hanson: “We’ve seen classic wrestling matches… returning legends… run-ins and shenanigans… pre-match assaults… post-match assaults… in-match assaults… what more could you expect from CWA: One Night Only?! And as I watched the action play out tonight from my office, every time the title of tonight’s event flashed up on the screen, I felt something in my stomach and in my heart. One Night Only. ONE night only?!”

    There’s a hush in the crowd as he asks this vague and ambiguous question. There’s a sense of suspense and anticipation within the 2300 Arena. Even the commentators lean forward in their chair to get a closer view of Hanson…

    Noah Hanson: “You know, a lot of people have been asking me: is this the start of something more? Is there another pay-per-view in the works? Or perhaps even a weekly television show? Has the CWA secured a new television deal and should we expect to see Adrenaline Rush back on our screens?”

    The crowd begins to cheer. It’s obvious what they think about this series of questions.

    Noah Hanson: “And the answer to most of those questions is… NO! There are no plans for us to bring Adrenaline Rush back, I’m afraid. Television is dead. Accept it, Philadelphia!”

    Back to boos. A ’Fuck You, Han-son!’ chant takes hold, but the former GM just laughs at it.

    Noah Hanson: “But… it pleases me to say that… this is not the end. It is my absolute pleasure to announce the inaugural edition of CWA: Fight Club. Which will take place in October of this very year. And what is CWA: Fight Club, you may ask. I’ll tell you! CWA: Fight Club will be a series of live, one-off spectacle bouts, bringing you some absolute dream matches featuring CWA talent. That’s right: a one-match card. And Fight Club #1?”

    The crowd has begun to cheer once more, unable to make their minds up as to whether they appreciate what Hanson is saying or not…

    Noah Hanson: “I have already signed the bout that will headline that particular event. You saw BOTH of these women compete and emerge victorious here tonight, and I have approached each of them in the last hour to confirm this match. One-on-one for the first time EVER on October 31st will be… Lilith versus Michelle von Horrowitz!!”

    Hanson allows the fans to react, and react they certainly do, to his announcement…

    Noah Hanson: “And if you want to buy tickets to this historic first event… well… you can’t! This is a truly exclusive show, and I doubt that any of you could afford it. This event will take place on Espiritu Santo beach, on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu! But don’t worry… you’ll all be able to purchase and watch this barnstormer of a match-up from your humble homes right here in Philadelphia!!”

    The fans in attendance don’t know whether to cheer the promise of the match or boo Hanson for his bait and switch. It seems to level out into a vaguely positive but unidentifiable noise.

    Noah Hanson: “And with that to look forward to now, I will leave you to enjoy our main event of the evening. And whilst these six men are killing each other and themselves tonight, I want you all to remember one important thing: none of this would be happening if it wasn’t for YOUR friend, and YOUR facilitator… NOAH HANSON! You’re welcome, Philadelphia!”

    Hanson hands the microphone back to Monaghan and climbs out of the ring, smiling smugly to himself as he waves to the audience on his way up the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: “Well, he may not be the most popular man in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else for that matter, but there’s no denying it… he said that this would be a series of dream matches and he has certainly delivered with this first contest!”

    Tim Coleman: “Unbelievable, Jim! And Lilith’s words earlier in the night and her assault on MvH following her victory in the High Voltage Tournament suddenly make a lot more sense. She said she was going to go out and pick a proper fight, and it seems she’s got one!”

    Hanson waves once more on the stage before disappearing through the curtain, and we return to our familiar view of Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman behind their exploded desk, for the very final time this evening...

    Jim Taylor: “And if there’s one sure-fire way to lure Michelle von Horrowitz into a fight, it’s the quite basic tactic employed by Lilith here tonight. There’s a lot of pride in MvH and she wouldn’t have taken kindly to that post-match attack from The Mother of Ravens.”

    Tim Coleman: “Well, we have that to look forward to in the not so distant future, Jim… but let’s get back to the business in front of us.”

    Jim Taylor: “Good idea, Tim. We are speaking, of course, about six men who have come to define the CWA tag division through the years.”

    Tim Coleman: “It’s the match that everybody has been taking up to in the days - no, weeks - leading up to One Night Only, and it’s time for us to see who will be walking out of Philadelphia with the CWA Tag Team Championships!”

    Jim Taylor: “Will we see new champions here tonight? The Echo and The Gang Stars will certain hope so, as they look to pry those championship belts out of the hands of The Elite, who until tonight were considered the LAST EVER champions in that division.”

    Tim Coleman: “They’re putting a lot on the line here, tonight. Not only the physical belts, but that place in history as the last owners of them. Whichever way it goes tonight, we are about to see six absolute titans of tag team wrestling trade blows in a CWA ring! This is a match I never thought I would see!”

    Jim Taylor: “It’s happening, Tim! And it’s happening… RIGHT NOW!!”

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -

    We cut to a wide shot as the lights go down once again…

    As the song suggests, the crowd in the 2300 arena explodes as the Gang Star’s theme starts to play. The curtains open and out come the Gang Stars, together for the first time in seven years. Alyster Black, in his red trimmed ring attire with a red trimmed robe. Krash wearing matching black and red trimmed trousers. They step out onto the stage on either side basking in the warmth of the CWA faithful. Alyster turns his back to the crowd to show off his robe, it reads “AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TAIL OF THE DEAD”. Krash walks up to his partner, pointing at his robe, underlining each word with his finger then screams out as loud as he can, “WE’RE HOME!”

    Jim Taylor: “What an ovation for the Gang Stars, reuniting for the first time in over seven years, right here at a CWA show. Is there anywhere more appropriate for the two time tag team champions to do it?”

    Tim Coleman: "Here we go, Jim! It's time for our second main event of the evening! Three teams with FIVE tag team championship reigns between them, and here comes a pair of CWA legends."

    Jim Taylor: "That's right, Tim. Well - almost right. Five and a half tag team championship reigns, Krash being a three time champion with another partner. There are few names more synonymous with the CWA than Krash: a World Champion, a triple crown winner… His contributions to the tag division are so manifold that the Tag Team Classic, won by The Elite, was named in his honor."

    Krash slaps hands with the fans as he goes by, Alyster Black already climbing the steps and into the ring.

    Tim Coleman: "And despite their undoubted pedigree as a tag team, this pairing will no doubt feel as though they have something to prove here tonight."

    Jim Taylor: "I think perhaps you're right, Tim. It's certainly been longer since we saw these two in a CWA ring than the other two teams. The Gang Stars will no doubt have heard the comments of their opponents leading up to this one and will want to silence their critics."

    The two men make their way down the short ramp, slapping hands with fans on their way. They circle around the ring and then both leap onto the apron. Krash vaults over the top rope and Alyster enters between the middle and top. Krash hits the ropes a few times to warm up as Alyster takes off his robe. He then leans back against the turnbuckle, adjusting his mask. Krash climbs onto the ropes in the opposite corner, raising his arms to the side, hands outstretched as the CWA fans shower him with love.

    Lindsey Monaghan: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome; Primus."

    The camera cuts up to the staging area where we do indeed see to the side of the entrance ramp, Tim “Herb" Alexander, Larry “Ler" LaLonde and of course the incomparable Les Claypool, collectively known as Primus set up and ready to go to a curious ovation, from the crowd in Philly.

    “Hi we're Primus, and we suck."

    After a lull we hear the distinctive sounds of drum sticks clicking together three times -The universal “Cue in”- For bands the world over before we hear the world-famous opening riff of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” on the guitar as Primus launches into their own unique cover of the song.

    “….Johnny, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard.
    'Cause Hell's broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards.
    And if you win you get this shiny fiddle made of gold,
    But if you lose the devil gets your soul.

    The Devil opened up his case and he said, "I'll start this show."
    And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.
    And he pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss.
    And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like THIS”



    “TWO-! THREE-! FOUR-!”

    And suddenly the house lights come back on as Primus begins to rock the unmistakable opening to “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” causing a MASSIVE mixed reaction by the crowd as Les Claypool becoming a blur on that base as he struts around the stage like only he can, the entire stage rocking out Claypool making sure to the includes the infamous “Heees” that sound like he’s laughing at everyone in attendance -Quite appropriate considering who they’re no doubt playing out. The infamous screeching of the bass guitar of Primus kicks into gear; As Drew and Ethan Connor strut onto the stage dressed for the occasion, both adorned in the brightest tights you’ve ever seen, Sure they look like they may have been black tights at one point...but it looks like someone just took buckets of neon paint and tossed it all over them and you can’t forget about those badass multi-coloured boots. Sweet, they’re also both wearing matching leather jackets with long colourful tassels that run all the way down almost touching the ground on the bottom of their arm sleeve. The Echo takes the time to savour the occasion, soaking in the mixed reaction leaning slightly towards boos being directed towards them. Yes, a lot of the crowd are cheering, this is a CWA show, and they’ve been a crown jewel of the company for years. But they’re still the God damn Echo. They take off towards the opposite sides of the stage shouting out to the crowd and encouraging them to give them their worst before making their way down to the ring all the while strutting and air-guitaring along, with the music. Ethan is heard to shout out as they make their way into the ring.

    Ethan Conner: “Come on, you know you love your daddy”

    Jim Taylor: "Out of all the teams that have entered a CWA ring absolutely none of them have been more controversial or wildly hated then these two loudmouth brothers from the trailer parks of Gainsville Georgia!They’re egotistical bullies that have gone out of their way to piss off the wrestling world a thousand times over. But when you talk about the greatest tag teams in CWA history, you have to include The Echo in the conversation."

    Drew and Ethan take their time to relish in the crowd reaction, before pausing at the base of the ramp, where a ladder stands proud. Both brothers take both sides of the ladder, taking a moment to admire it with matching confident smirks; Ladder matches played right into their strengths. Drew, is the first to break off from the pose pointing to the announcer to do their customary intro while Ethan joins his brother walking UNDER the ladder.

    The Echo make their way down the ramp, pointing and laughing at The Gang Stars. As they walk around the four tables that are set up at the foot of the ramp, Drew aims an audible comment in their direction.

    Drew Connor: “Look who stopped running!”

    Krash for his part is all too familiar with the antics of the Connor brothers, Alyster Black on the other hand? It’s hate on first sight as he rushes forward and kicks the ropes, as The Echo tries to get in the ring. The Brothers Connor instantly get back down and find a safe part of the ring to get in, insisting that the ref controls Black before they get in the ring, eventually doing so all the way over to the other side of the ring, Drew continuing to talk trash at The Gang Stars, while Ethan? Ethan just spits on the ground in front of Black a grin forming on his face.

    The lights in the arena dissipate to darkness and the fans react in excitement for the arrival of the champions. The anticipation grows as the seconds pass by and almost on cue with the eventual unrest, the opening rhythmic beat of “Kick in the Door” by Notorious BIG hums through the arena sound system.

    The base in the song intertwines with the boos and cheers from the audience as the lights in the arena flash and dance in unison with the thumps and horns of the instrumentals.

    If one turns their attention to center stage, they will notice Noah Stocke crouched with Trevor Ocean standing behind him. Trevor wears a black bandana with a division symbol in the center covering the lower half of his face. Noah Stocke is draped in the white pelt of baboon – he uses the upper part of the baboon’s head pelt as a hood to cover his face. Trevor looks out into the audience, nodding his head to the beat as the whites of Noah’s eyes become visible from under the “hood”.

    Noah rises to his feet and the baboon pelt drapes down to just above his boots. Trevor Ocean comes from behind Noah and we clearly can see his half of the CWA Tag-Team Championship belt – which the camera crew makes sure to get a closeup shot of.

    The two slowly begin their walk to the ring, Noah, not breaking contact with the Connor brothers from under his hood, Trevor staring feverishly at Krash and Alyster Black. The champions regard the many tables and ladders already set up around the ring cautiously. Noah slowly ascends the steel steps of the ring and makes his way to the apron, the visual of him standing there resembling one of an oversized baboon is showcased on the titantron. Next to him, Trevor Ocean ascends the top turnbuckle, unbuckles his championship belt from around his waist and raises it in the air as the lights in the arena return to normal.

    Trevor jumps off the turnbuckle into the ring and waits as Noah slowly removes the hood from his head and removes the baboon pelt robe, revealing his half of the tag-team championship belt around his waist. He smirks and shakes his head at the opposing teams before entering the ring. Lindsey Monaghan steps forward to make her announcements.

    Lindsey Monaghan “Ladies and gentlemen, the following is your second of tonight’s two main events, and is a three-way tag team ladder match, for the CWA World Tag Team Championships.”

    The cameraman rests on the belts, still sat around the waists of the champions.

    Lindsey Monaghan “Introducing first, the challengers… at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty pounds… from San Dimas, California… ‘Black Jesus’... Alyster Black! And, from Melbourne, Australia… The White Wolf… Krash! Together they are… THE GANG STARS!!”

    There’s a huge ovation for the pairing, who exchange thoughts in one of the corners. Lindsay sighs and reads the note she’s always given before every Echo match.

    Lindsey Monaghan “And now introducing team number two they come from Gainesville, Georgia…”

    Lindsay sighs, while Drew shouts at her…

    Drew Connor: “Say it, Lindsay!”

    Lindsey Monaghan "...By way of your Mother’s bedroom…"

    She rolls her eyes while the Connor brothers share a laugh and a high five.

    Lindsey Monaghan "They weigh in at a combined weight of 350lbs…Making their grand return to CWA, They are the past present and future of tag team wrestling; They’re the Gangbusters of Gang Stars. The Exorcists of Elite. They fly higher then MVH cutting a promo, getting a bigger push then Michael Garcia on a losing streak. Daddy FWA’s bastard children. They are the show stealin’ record smashin’. Standard settin’. Glass ceiling shatterin’ Super kick throwin’. Golden GODS of PRO-fessional wrestling; Drew Connor. Ethan Connor- THE ECHO-!"

    Looking disgusted with herself, she backs off while the pair of them flex for the audience.

    Lindsey Monaghan “And finally, introducing the current, reigning, and defending CWA World Tag Team Champions… fighting out of Vancouver, British Columbo… at a combined weight of four hundred and twenty two pounds… Noah Stocke… Trevor Ocean… THE ELITE!!”

    After holding them in the air for a solid amount of time, The Elite hand their championship belts from around their waists and in unison hands them to the referee. The referee hangs the belts off a cable and they’re raised into the air.

    Finally, as anticipation reaches new heights, the referee calls for the bell.

    Three-Way Tag Team Ladder Match.
    CWA World Tag Team Champions.
    The Gang Stars versus The Elite (c) versus The Echo.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    All six men run into the centre of the ring and wildly throw rights and lefts. They all pair off, Ocean brawling with Ethan, Krash with Drew, and Alyster with Stocke. The Echo manage to stun Krash and Ocean with a couple of stops to their feet followed by a pair of superkicks to the knee. They turn and then take Stocke and Black down with a pair of blindside superkicks. Krash and Ocean leap onto the Echo, throwing rights and lefts. Backing both of them off into the ropes. Krash shoots Drew off the ropes, Ocean shoots Ethan. Both bothers link arms as they pass each other and stop their own momentum. As Krash and Ocean step to them they both throw superkicks that hit their mark. Krash and Ocean drop to the mat and roll toward the ropes. As the Echo stops to mock them they both eat forearms in the back of the head from Black and Stocke. Both Conners drop to the mat, Black and Stocke stomp on the brothers then turn their attention to each other. Going nose to nose in the centre of the ring. They grab each other on the shoulder and start throwing punches, HOCKEY FIGHT! Both men throw rapid punches at each other’s temple, hitting the mark over and over. Meanwhile Krash and Ocean start brawling on the outside. They trade shots until Ocean lands a kick to the midsection then irishwhips Krash into the barricade with tremendous force. In the ring the Echo has recovered and hit Black and Stocke with two more superkicks. They then hit Ocean with stereo superkicks just after he slides back into the ring. “THIS IS OUR FUCKING HOUSE!” Drew screams at the top of his lungs to a mix of cheers and even louder jeers.

    Jim Taylor: “Drew Connor doing very little to endear himself to these fans on this very special evening…

    Tim Coleman: “Have you met The Echo before?! That has never been their modus operandi. They have shown up to win, not to make friends.”

    Drew stands with his back to Stocke, Ethan runs toward them and is vaulted into the air by his brother. He takes Stocke back down with a dropkick and Stocke rolls to the floor. Drew goes for another superkick on Black, but Black catches his foot only to eat a superkick from Ethan. Black rolls to the floor. The brothers turn their attention to Ocean who charges at the pair, he goes for a double clothesline but the Echo duck. They hit Ocea with another pair of superkicks and he rolls to the floor. The Echo both taunt the crowd, screaming obscenities at them. Unaware that Krash has slid back into the ring wielding a kendo stick. He blasts Drew over the back of the head with it then smacks Ethan. He starts raining down on the brothers with the stick, alternating between them as they cover up and try to mitigate the damage. Meanwhile on the floor, Alyster Black and Noah Stocke have continued their fight, trading forearms until Trevor Ocean breaks things up with a chair shot to Alyster’s back. Trevor drops the chair down on the mat and grabs Alyster with a waist lock. Stocke then hits him with a European Uppercut, launching him into the air in Ocean’s grasp. Ocean drops Black with a German Suplex on the chair.

    Jim Taylor: “Spine first on that chair! Alyster Black writhes around in pain as The Elite prepare to enter the ring.”

    Tim Coleman: “This one sure did escalate quickly!!”

    The Elite enter the ring and watch as Krash breaks the kendo stick on the Echo. They then take him down with a pair of forearm shots to the back. They grab the lone Gang Star and eject him from the ring with force. Turning their attention to the Echo, Stocke boots Drew in the face as he starts to get back to his feet while Ocean helps Ethan stand. Ocean lays into Ethan with a few clubbing blows to the back then pushes him toward a waiting Stocke who drops him with a vicious roundhouse kick. The Elite take a Conner brother each. Grabbing an arm and quickly lock in a pair of cross arm breakers. The Echo scream and holler in pain, kicking their legs and trying to escape. Alyster slides a ladder into the ring while Krash climbs onto the apron and springboards off the ropes. Landing on Stocke with a big splash and breaking his hold on Ethan. Alyster simply boots Ocean in the face to get the same effect. Ocean quickly gets up to his feet and eats some rapid fire forearm smashes from Alyster. Meanwhile Krash picks up the ladder and calls out to Alyster who backs away from Ocean. Krash smashes the ladder right in his face then turns sharply to take down Drew Conner too. Stocke is up on his feet against the ropes and gets taken out of the ring by a clothesline from Alyster. Alyster turns and catches an attempted superkick from Ethan. Krash then hits Ethan with the ladder.

    Tim Coleman: “We’ve seen this many times over the years, Jim. In these sorts of matches, literally anything can be and will be used as a weapon.

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Tim. And The Gang Stars are taking control of this one, Krash using that ladder to devastating effect…”

    Tim Coleman: “And now it looks like The White Wolf might be ready to climb!”

    With all their opposition down Krash sets up the ladder and starts to climb. The Echo and Ocean get up to their feet. Black takes down Drew with the One Shot Kill (Lariat), then throws one at Ethan but gets ducked. Ocean then takes Black down with a lariat of his own. Stocke rolls back into the ring and pushes the ladder over as Krash gets to the top. Krash lands on the ropes, getting crotched and then falling to the floor. Ethan Connor is being battered by Ocean who backs him off into the corner. Stocke pushes the ladder up into the opposite corner. Ocean irishwhips Ethan toward his partner. Stocke ducks under Ethan’s arm and hits with the Saito Suplex onto the ladder. Ocean then grabs a rising Alyster Black and whips him into the ladder. Alyster lands back first onto it and Ocean follows up with a running double knee strike. Black cumbles down, rolling onto the apron. Stock follows him out, grabbing him around the waist. He’s going for a german suplex on the apron. Black grabs the ropes to prevent it but Ocean kicks at his arms. Stocke lifts Black up and throws him right onto the apron, Black lands right on his shoulder and neck and falls to the floor with a sick thud.

    Jim Taylor: “Oh dear God! The hardest part of the ring!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Alyster Black lands on his neck there! He might be out of this one…”

    Jim Taylor: “I think you might be under-estimated Black Jesus’ resilience, Tim.”

    Stocke spots a recovering Krash on the floor and runs across the apron to deliver a hard PK right to the chest. Stocke enters the ring again where Ocean is restraining Drew Conner. Stocke measures Conner up and throws a roundhouse but Drew ducks it. Stocke nails Ocean right in the face, Drew springboards off the ropes and takes Ocean down with an overcastle. He then springs back up to his feet and runs to the ropes, diving through them and taking out Alyster Black with a suicide dive. Ethan Conner is on the floor, he pulls out a table from under the ring and starts to set it up. Brother Drew goes to help him then they slide into the ring. Stocke and Ocean both throw wild punches at the two brothers who duck and run the ropes. They come off with a pair of flying forearms but those get ducked. Waistlocks and german suplexes from The Elite but the Echo land on their feet. SUPERKICKS! The Elite fall into the ropes and land on the apron. The Echo waits for them to get up to their feet on the apron. They then charge at the opposite set of ropes but both have their legs swept out by Krash. Krash pulls Drew out of the ring and hits him with his One Hit Kill (knee strike). Ethan vaults over the ropes to take out Krash but the Gang Star steps out of the way. Ethan lands on his feet and turns to face a charging Krash who takes him down with a spear. Stocke grabs Krash from behind, spinning him around and starts trading punches with him. Ocean comes to join the fray, followed by Black. Drew is back to his feet, getting in on the wild brawl while brother Ethan crawls away. Ethan climbs the ropes and gets to the top turnbuckle, taking a deep breath before diving off with a 450 splash that takes out everybody.

    Tim Coleman: “Did you see that?! Ethan Connor soars through the air with a picture perfect 450 splash to the outside!!”

    Jim Taylor: “All six of these men are pulling out all of the stops in the name of those championship belts… but The Echo have never been ones to let themselves be outdone!”

    Ethen gets to his feet and helps Drew up. They roll back into the ring and take the ladder out of the corner. Setting it up by the ropes Ethan holds it steady while Drew climbs up. Drew looks down at the other men in the match who are all wobbly on their feet and dives onto them with a crossbody, taking down all four men once again. Drew quickly gets to his feet and grabs Krash, “Let’s kill this fucker once and for all!” He screams as he rolls Krash into the ring. Krash is on all fours crawling away from the ropes, trying to stand but Ethan hits him with a superkick to the head. He then picks Krash’s body off the mat and lifts him up into a firecarry. Drew has placed the ladder down flat on the mat in front of the corner. He climbs to the top rope as his brother charges with Krash toward the ladder. Ethan flips over, driving Krash’s body into the ladder as Drew comes off the top with a 450 splash. Ethan on his feet springs off the ropes and hits a moonsault. The crowd is coming alive as the Echo destroys Krash with The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

    Jim Taylor: “A 450 Splash followed up by a moonsault there! Tim. Incredible aerial assault from The Echo!”

    Tim Coleman: “A lot has been said about how this match stipulation perhaps favours The Echo, Jim, and they are backing that up here. They’re almost in complete control of this match-up.”

    Ethan to his feet stumbling back into the ropes and suddenly gets taken down by Stocke, grabbing his feet and dragging him out of the ring. Stocke drops him with a hard right hand. Drew vaults over the ropes and takes down Stocke only to get a chair shot right to the face from Ocean as he stands back up. Alyster is on his feet and receives a chair shot too. Ocean then hits Ethan on the back as he gets up on all fours. Stocke is back on his feet. He barks an order out to Ocean. Trevor sets up the chair on the floor as Stocke pulls Drew to his feet. Stocke with a knee to the midsection then passes him off to his partner. Ocean lifts Drew up for the Young Boy Killer. Stocke hits a vicious roundhouse kick and Ocean drops Drew right on the chair with a brainbuster! Crumbling the chair and Drew Conner’s neck. The Elite then set their sights on Ethan who is slowly standing. Ocean grabs Drew and irishwhips him into the barricade. Stocke is about to run after him but is grabbed by Alyster Black from behind. Black spins him around and hits with a forearm smash, Stocke fires back with one of his own. They trade back and forth, neither man giving the other an inch. Ocean is about to intervene but is cut off by Ethan who takes him down with a superkick. Ethan throws one at the brawling Black and Stocke but both men catch his foot. They let go, Black throws a chop at Ethan’s chest then Stocke hits him with a kick to the chest. Black grabs Ethan and hits him with a DDT on the floor. He gets back to his feet and receives a kick to the gut from Stocke who opens up on him with his New God Flow. Striking Black with rights and lefts, counting every shot thrown back against him. He goes to finish Black off with a headbutt but Black hits him with one as he winds back. Stocke stumbles back against the apron, clutching his nose and is then hit with a baseball slide from Krash into a One Shot Kill from Black.

    Tim Coleman: “A huge lariat there from Black Jesus!! He almost takes Noah Stocke’s head off!!”

    Black goes under the ring and pulls out another table (clearly not content with the multiple ones already set up around the ring). He sets it up quickly and goes after Ethan Conner. He grabs Ethan and lays into him with a few forearm and elbow strikes then rolls the Conner brother onto the table. Krash has set the ladder up again and climbed to the top. He cuts his throat then dives off with the Daybreaker! Putting Ethan through the table! Both men are down. Alyster checks on Krash but his partner is non-responsive. He then quickly rushes into the ring and pushes the ladder back into the centre of the ring. He starts to climb the rungs as Trevor Ocean gets back into the ring. Trevor climbs the opposite side, as Alyster reaches for the belts Ocean hits him with a hand shot to the face. Alyster teeters back and then throws a right back at Ocean. They trade a few shots before Ocean throws a high kick. He then grabs Alyster and smashes his face down on the top rung. Ocean reaches for the belts, grabbing one and tugging on it. Alyster throws a hard slap, paint brushing Ocean hard. Ocean is reeling. Alyster shoves him down to the mat with a sick thud.. With all men in the match down Alyster reaches for the titles again but someone else enters the ring.


    Shawn climbs the ladder behind Black, hitting him with a clubbing blow to the back and then pulling him down with a belly to back suplex. Summers springs up to his feet and barks at Noah Stocke on the floor. Stocke is up to his feet, bleeding from the nose and looking dazed but follows his mentor’s instructions. Rolling into the ring. He walks up to Black and applies an ankle lock.

    Tim Coleman: “This certainly brings back memories, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “That’s right, Jim. Who could forget when Alyster Black had his ankle snapped in two by Shawn Summers?! History repeating itself, maybe?”

    Summers gets down on the mat, looking Black in the eye, screaming obscenities at him as Alyster howls in pain. Stocke has a blank expression as he aims to snap the ankle as per his mentor’s instruction. Shawn gives Alyster a slap across the face which fires Alyster up. Alyster throws a jab right at Summer’s nose. Summer’s stands up, holding his nose then stomps on Alyster a few times. He then points behind Stocke, trying to warn him about the incoming dropkick from Krash, who lands a picture perfect springboard assisted kick to the back of Stocke’s head. Stocke releases the hold and crumbles down. Krash to his feet, eats a kick to the midsection from Summers, followed by an attempted roundhouse that’s blocked. Krash hits the One Hit Kill on Summers who stumbles back into Alyster’s waiting arms. SATAN’S SPIKE! Alyster drives Summers headfirst into the mat. Alyster rolls in pain, clutching his ankle. Krash crumbles in the corner. Ocean gets up to his feet. He grabs the ladder and throws it into the corner against Krash. He then picks the ladder up over his head and throws it down onto Alyster. Stocke is slowly rising to his feet as Summers rolls out of the ring and to the floor.

    Jim Taylor: “It’s about time, Tim. Summers needs to get out of here!”

    Tim Coleman: “It’s a no disqualification match, Jim! This is all within the boundaries of the rules…”

    Jim Taylor: “That may be true, Tim, but what about fairness? About sportsmanship!? There are seven men putting it all on the line out there, and there should only be six!!”

    Ocean picks up the ladder and starts setting it up in the centre of the ring. As he’s doing it both Conner brothers slide into the ring. They’re looking worse for wear but both throw a superkick at Ocean, landing on their mark. Krash stumbles out of the corner toward them and eats a pair of superkicks for his effort. Stocke is up, charges at the brothers, they duck an attempted double clothesline and hit a pair of superkicks.The brothers are breathing heavily, feeling it. They look each other in the eye for a few moments and nod their head. Both taking a stance and cocking their guns.





    They wait for all their opponents to stand again and repeat the process! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK SUPERKICK! Krash is down in the corner, Ocean has rolled onto the apron, Stocke is hanging against the ropes. Alyster is on the mat at the foot of the ladder. Drew charges at Stocke and both go over the top ropes to the floor with a Cactus clothesline. Ethan is scaling the ladder. Alyster stirs, using the ladder to raise himself up. Climbing to stop the Echo from winning the match. Ethan throws a right at Black, then a left. Black won’t fall down, he fires back with a weak strike. Drew slides back into the ring. He grabs Alyster by the ankle, Ethan throws another strike, Drew pulls Alyster. Drew catches him in position for a tombstone. Ethan has a crazed look in his eye, he vaults over the top rung and drives Alyster’s head down into the mat.


    Jim Taylor: “The Echo clear house, Tim! They feel like the time is near…”

    It does indeed seem to be the case, with Drew and Ethan Connor both climbing out of the ring to collect a ladder each. Drew begins to set a ten foot one up so that it runs from the ring apron over to the barricade, whilst Ethan brings a twenty foot beast of a ladder into the ring, beginning to set it up underneath the belts. Drew has rolled back in, and The Echo stand either side of the ladder, preparing to climb…

    Tim Coleman: “Here come The Elite again, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “You need an eye in the back of your head in this one.”

    The Elite yank The Echo doesn from the ladder and the begin to trade blows.

    Trevor Ocean and Ethan Connor battle towards a set of ropes, and then Ocean clotheslines him right over the top. Noah backs Drew up into a corner, sitting him down with a series of hard stomps. We follow Ocean and Ethan, who side step a pair of tables that have remained untouched since the start and proceed to fight over the barricade and into the crowd! In the ring, Stocke hits Drew with a snap suplex, and then mounts him to hit a series of hard rights. Ethan and Ocean are fighting through the crowd towards an exit, and Trevor nails the Connor with an STO! He then spots some tables, and begins to fold out two of them next to an exit (and beneath the balcony). After setting the tables up, he goes back to Connor, hoisting him up in a powerbomb position, looking to plant him through the wood…

    But Ethan fights out with a trio of right hands! Stocke drops him, Ethan lands on his feet. He charges at Stocke… Spear!! Right through the exit doors! They disappear from view!! Back in the ring, Stocke nails Drew with his Lionheart (rip-cord high knee) finisher, and then looks at the twenty foot ladder set up beneath the belts. He begins to climb, eyes always on the belts…

    Jim Taylor: "He's got company, Tim!! In rolls Alyster Black!"

    Black comes up from behind Stocke and puts his head beneath Trevor's legs. He walks him away from the ladder, up in power bomb position, towards the side of the ring…

    Tim Coleman: "Powerbomb out of the ring!! Through the ladder! I think he's almost broken in two!"

    Jim Taylor: "He's done, Tim! Stocke is out of this one! He landed right on his neck and folded up like an accordion!"

    We see a quick shot of Noah amongst the debris of the ladder, and then cut to up high… Ocean and Ethan have reappeared, up on the balcony!! They are exchanging rights, battling down a series of steps! We cut back into the ring, where Alyster Black is slowly climbing up towards the belts! Each step seems to be an ordeal, harder than the last. He's fifteen feet up… Twenty feet! He reaches up and his finger tips touch the gold…

    Tim Coleman: "Has he got them?!"

    Jim Taylor: "... Almost! The Gang Stars are going to win!!"

    Tim Coleman: "... No! Wait!! Drew Connor is up! He’s standing at the foot of the ladder!!”

    Alyster Black stares down at Conner, who is slowly pushing the ladder over, and realises it’s too late to do anything. He looks at where he’s heading, and the four tables waiting outside of the ring…

    Jim Taylor: “OH MY GOD!! Through four tables!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Alyster Black may be broken in half!!”

    The camera shows Black amongst the wreckage, but we don’t have chance to linger. Instead, we are taken up to the balcony, where Ethan Connor and Trevor Ocean still trade blows. Ethan is dangerously close to the edge, and - realising this - he simply grabs Ocean, and throws himself off the edge!!

    Jim Taylor: “Jesus christ!!!!”

    Tim Coleman: “This is absolute carnage!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Somebody check for a pulse…”

    Tim Coleman: “For the love of God, this match just needs to end…”

    Jim Taylor: "And now the only things left in the ring are Drew Connor and that twenty foot ladder!"

    Drew almost can't believe his luck, and quickly gets to work setting up the ladder beneath the belts. He looks up at the gold, glinting under the lights. He begins to climb up, the crowd beginning to boo, certain that this is going the way that they feared…

    Tim Coleman: "He just needs to reach out and take those belts! This is history right here, Jim!"

    As Drew reaches up for the belts, the boos begin to break and cheers break out instead. Connor looks down to find out why… Krash has rolled into the ring! He is standing at the foot of Drew's ladder, thinking about climbing it… But instead he picks up the bottom rung, slowly lifting the ladder backwards…

    Jim Taylor: “OH DEAR GOD! Drew Connor crashes through two tables with a sickening thud!!!!”

    Krash props up the ladder under the belts once more, and then begins to climb upwards, the fans fully behind him and his fallen comrade…

    Tim Coleman: “He’s going to do it, Jim! He’s at the belts!”

    Krash takes the first belt of the hook, followed by the second. The crowd erupts as the bell rings!

    Krash stands on the top of the ladder, staring at each of the two championship belts, before lifting them up to either side of him and roaring in victory!

    Tim Coleman: “Hes’ done it, Jim! Krash has done it! The Gang Stars are the CWA World Tag Team Champions for the third time!!”

    Jim Taylor: “And just listen to this audience, Tim!! They are blowing the roof off this joint!!”

    As his entrance music begins to play, Krash climbs down from the ladder. When he gets down to the ring, he collapses in a heap, unable to support his own weight. The official gives up on trying to lift his hand in victory.

    Lindsey Monaghan: “Here are your winners, at thirty one minutes and three seconds… and the NEW CWA World Tag Team Champions… THE GANG STARS!!”

    Krash clutches the two tag team belts, looking around him for the body (unsure if there’s still life in it) of his tag team partner. The camera cuts away, showing the bodies of the competitors in the match…

    Tim Coleman: “What a contest that was, Jim!”

    Jim Taylor: “A fully deserving main event! Unbelievable scenes… Just look at the carnage around the ring after that WAR!!”

    Tim Coleman: “Unfathomable fatigue… Bruised bodies… Almost definitely broken bones… What an incredible match-up we've just witnessed!"

    The montage of near-dead competitors ends with Drew Connor, laying amongst the debris of two broken tables whilst a pair of paramedics attend to him. When we go back to the ring, Krash is back to his feet… and Alyster Black is rolling in to meet him. Black can't rise straight away, on his knees before Krash. The White Wolf hands him his newly won championship belt. Black looks first at the gold, and then at Krash, before taking the belt in his hands. Finally, he gets to his feet, still looking at his gold. Krash smiles, and then the two embrace in the middle of the ring.

    Jim Taylor: "What a moment this is for Krash… for Alyster Black… for the people watching here in the 2300 Arena and for the millions watching at home!"

    Tim Coleman: "That's absolutely right, Tim. It was only a matter of time before we saw the Gang Stars ride again… and I'm so glad that we saw it here tonight in a CWA ring!"

    Jim Taylor: "My God, what a night this has been!"

    Krash and Black finally release each other, confetti falling all around the arena. The fans are chanting the initials of the company, one last time. The two wrestlers in the ring climb into opposite corners, holding their championship belts in the air, as we fade to black.

    - - - C ~ W ~ A - - -


    An Original Name ('Sweet' Sammy Riggins vs. Dicky Zuko)
    Rawr (The Echo vs. The Gang Stars vs. The Elite)
    SmoothJazzWolf (Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Humanity)

    An Original Name
    Jimmy King
    The Golden One

    An Original Name (Chubby Carlos, Dicky Zuko, The Echo, Lilith)
    ComebackKid (The Elite, Shawn Summers)
    Grim (Humanity)
    Jimmy King (Ashley Adams, Clint Shepard, Diego Gonzalez)
    Mr. Franchise (Prince Ali)
    RainShaker (LIGHTBRINGER)
    Rawr (Alyster Black)
    Slick Mitch (The DiMacios, Mark Merriwether, Sweet Sammy Riggins)
    SmoothJazzWolf (Krash)
    SuperSaiyan (Michelle von Horrowitz)
    The Golden One (XYZ)
    Todd Chavez (Izaya Snowmantashi, John Duncan, Jon Snowmantashi)
    Woke Willis (Jonathan McGinnis, Mr. Willis)

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    Jon Snowmantashi did not see Jonathan McGinnis backstage and was not made aware that his old friend would be at the show. He's disappointed McGinnis hasn't grown up.

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    Jon Snowmantashi was not consulted beforehand about not ultimately headlining the show. He's disappointed at being disrespected by the CWA. He could have accepted Lilith, the only wrestler in CWA he has not been able to beat, being in the marquee match-up above him, but it's a joke that three wrestlers he's defeated multiple times are headlining above him. He'd beat them all in a handicap match if given the opportunity. He'd offer to beat them all individually but he doesn't waste time with the weakest of the ants he's already stepped on.

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    Heck of show. Amazing matches, great segments, the format was inviting and some surprises. What a way to go out.

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    This was amazing.

    Like, amazing isn't even the right word for it. It's incredible. Every match, every segment, all of it... It's fantastic.

    I have a habit of reading a show once, then never again unless there's a thread I can pick up. But I can easily, easily see myself coming back to this thread and the promo thread a month or two down the line and re-reading the effort everyone put into this. The promos, the matches, the segments, all of it.

    I don't think I can thank SuperSaiyan enough. The guy went ahead and gave CWA a proper ending show, at least 75% of the writing coming from himself. He succeeded in creating and providing a 'CWA Hurrah' show where I miserably failed at the final hurdle. SuperSaiyan is a godamned workhorse with the amount of effort and detail put into this thing, and I'm never going to look back on this show and not fell a sense of joy and contentment. So, for what it might be worth, thank you. This show means more to me than you'd think.

    Also: The tag team titles finally main evented a PPV. That's a proper victory right there, lads.


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    Will be posting a more detailed review later. But SS has been the King of Efed everytime he's been around & he continued that with this spectacle. Dude's the best & I'm extremely happy he came back <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth Jazz Wolf View Post
    This was amazing.

    Like, amazing isn't even the right word for it. It's incredible. Every match, every segment, all of it... It's fantastic.

    I have a habit of reading a show once, then never again unless there's a thread I can pick up. But I can easily, easily see myself coming back to this thread and the promo thread a month or two down the line and re-reading the effort everyone put into this. The promos, the matches, the segments, all of it.

    I don't think I can thank SuperSaiyan enough. The guy went ahead and gave CWA a proper ending show, at least 75% of the writing coming from himself. He succeeded in creating and providing a 'CWA Hurrah' show where I miserably failed at the final hurdle. SuperSaiyan is a godamned workhorse with the amount of effort and detail put into this thing, and I'm never going to look back on this show and not fell a sense of joy and contentment. So, for what it might be worth, thank you. This show means more to me than you'd think.

    Also: The tag team titles finally main evented a PPV. That's a proper victory right there, lads.
    ;( i named a tag team tournament after you, gave you a PPV named after you, and you main evented this ppv & tournament named after you for the tag team titles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Chavez View Post
    ;( i named a tag team tournament after you, gave you a PPV named after you, and you main evented this ppv & tournament named after you for the tag team titles

    I meant recently

    it's been a long day okay


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    I wanted to do one of my customary live reaction reviews where I go through this show beat by beat by beat, but honestly if I do that? This review will be longer then the actual show, but I can do this in summation;

    This is the greatest show ever put on by the E-Fed Community, and that’s not conjecture. That’s not me being dramatic because of the occasion, if nothing else wen I review shows I make a point to be honest even to the point of being blunt. So yeah; This is the best. This is the culmination of everything I love about E-Fed. This is Beethoven 5th symphony. This is SS’s masterpiece. He took on a mammoth task, he worked his fingers to the bone and he nailed it, in every way shape or form. He is a god damn machine.

    I just want to underline one example;

    A journalist is about to ask Lilith a question; easily it could have just; “a journalist stood up, ready to ask his question” and no one would have bated an eye

    “We cut back to the crowd, and a third journalist. He is wearing thick-rimmed (non-prescription) glasses, has his hair tied up in a bun, and drinks a latte (with almond milk) from a cup emblazoned with the logo of an independent coffee outlet.”

    There is SO much minor detail in there,just a lot of thought that has gone into something small and a lot of people wouldn’t have put the thought into. But this show, there’s nothing half cocked. Every. Single. Segment. Every single match. Has so much love and hard work and heart to it, that every scene is so damn vibrant and it’s a joy to watch.

    I wish I could go into how detail on this show and maybe I will later after this post, but, honestly? The writing speaks for itself. All the matches were great, all the wrestlers were given their due and everything felt like a big deal.

    Not only do I think the main event was the match of the night. I think it was the match of the year, I’m so damn proud of it, and I’m sure I speak for Rawr, Punk, and Comeback are. I think we put a fuck ton of effort into it, and I think that shows.

    I’m a competitive person, I think anyone whose been around me long enough in this fed, knows that. When I load for bear and throw everything at a promo, I expect to win, and when I don’t? I get grumpy. I beat myself up and look for reasons why -BECAUSE CLEARLY NO ONE CAN BEAT ME FAIRLY-! So yeah after I read the show for the first time; I was bummed and did that again, but honestly? The more I think about it, The Echo should have lost-Eventhoughthatdamnfwagradingsystemhascausedmesomanymatchesihateitihateit- Because taking myself out of the equation. This was the perfect way to end the show, the biggest baby faces. Basking in the moment. That’s how this should be. And honestly? This is the perfect end to The Echo’s arch. Like after years of badging for the spot light and the main event, when they finally get it? They literally die for it -Or as close to death as you can get for wrestling- Victims of their hubris. Pride coming before a fall. Honestly if that’s it for them? What a way to go.

    I mean...yeah man, It’s the greatest E-Fed show WC has ever done. Simple as. Thank you to the entire community. Anyone who contributed. And SS in particular. A man among man.

    Also Brayden Bridges can piss off
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    fuck jon

    little bitch


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    I haven’t had a chance to read this in full, but I would like to thank SS for all of the hard work he put into this show and making it all possible. As many of you know, CWA was my baby for many years after my predecessor God (the poster) stepped down, I wanted to make CWA as great as possible for him and every one else involved. I wish I could have given CWA it’s proper, deserving ending but I’m more than happy that SS stepped up to the plate and did that.

    For that I will be forever grateful to SS, thank you sir. Thank you to everyone involved, you’re all wonderful people and I love you all.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Glad to see positive comments on the show. It was indeed a mammoth task, but I'm glad we did it and happy with the way that it has turned out. I hope that others, others who are probably much more qualified than me, feel it was an appropriate one off show for the fed.

    The matches I wrote, I really wanted to try and make each one diferent. Hope that came across and that handlers are happy with it. The most fun part about this show for me was trying to link characters together, directly or indirectly, both within the matches and with the press conference segments. Looking back I think I might have done it as a shared doc or something for all the writers involved with that match, so that there were more direct responses and interaction. But I'm still very pleased with how the pre show came out and how many people contributed to it. In case anyone's wandering, the only other characters I wrote for was the DiMiaco Bros segment, everything else came from the handlers. I'd love to do something like that, knowing what I know I'd do differently now, for a future show - maybe an FWA one if the mods there are interested?

    Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the show - whether that's promoting, grading, match writing, seg writing, or contributing to the pre show panel and press conference sets. The thing I'm most pleased with about the show is how many different people contributed material to it.

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