WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will look to defend his title against Bobby Lashley at Backlash tonight. To help promote the match, McIntyre took part in an interview with TV Insider recently. During the discussion, he spoke about being champion during a global pandemic.

“It has been everything I imagined it to be within the confines of a pandemic,” McIntyre said. “I know my unique journey of all the ups and downs, being released before and finding myself as a person and performer. It prepared me to not just be one of the top guys but the top guy in the company who can handle any situation presented to him.”

“Nobody could predict [the coronavirus pandemic]. I’m the guy to move the company forward. Whenever I could step up like I did for British wrestling and independent wrestling, I’m all about it. The fact I got to step up for the company and the fans during a pandemic means the world to me.”

McIntyre also mentioned he doesn’t know much about the ins and outs of WWE’s creative process but commented on the recent changes.

“I don’t know the ins and outs regarding creative,” McIntyre said. “I get my creative and go from there.”

McIntyre also spoke about the possibility of Paul Heyman taking on new clients in storyline.

“Perhaps Paul Heyman has his eyes on other superstars he wants to bring to Drew McIntyre,” McIntyre said. “Either way, I always enjoy a little joke with Paul Heyman on the microphone. There is nobody better than him. It forces you to up your game. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing him soon enough.”

Source: SEScoops

After Drew won the gold at Mania, he climbed the ropes and began posing with the belt in what must have been the most awkwardly-staged moment in wrestling history. It looked like he was doing a run-through the night before Mania and was practising how we was going to pose.

I don't mind McIntyre, I definitely wouldn't consider him to be a fantastic babyface by any stretch but he's the best of what they have at the moment. Better than Seth at being a babyface anyday.