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Thread: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

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    FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    A cold open to Fight Night is now what was expected, but it's what we get. The crowd's first sight initiates boos from the Alabama arena, a shot of Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird standing in his general manager's office.

    The enigmatic, insensible general manager has received some negative feedback lately, but he isn't affected. He looks ... pleased? ... as he's ruffling through some papers. His attention changes though when his door swings open.

    The crowd buzzes at who it could be, and Vincent looks up and smiles. Just the man he was looking for. Walking in ... is none other than Cyrus Truth.

    The crowd EXPLODES with cheers as Vincent, who is wearing his usual dark black coat and hat, stands face to face with the already-dressed-for-wrestling Cyrus Truth,

    "What is he doing here?"

    The camera shifts to the left, to show a part of the room not originally privy to the crowd. Nova Diamond, otherwise called "24K", stands on the opposite side of Vincent to where Cyrus is standing. The two tag team partners and not-too-long-ago match opponents have an unspoken-yet-noticeable tension.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: "Well, he's here for the same reason as you, Cyrus. I hope your sojourn from the FWA was well-used and effective. I'm glad you're back.

    And Nova Diamond ... thank you for waiting patiently. I know I didn't explain myself.

    I just wanted to tell you both ... I know you are tag partners and that may seem ... uncomfortable, maybe even unnecessary. Just know that I will be watching your match against Michelle von Horrowitz and Kevin Cromwell tonight. I will be watching intently, because I have to make future plans. So show me a fire tonight. I'm rooting for you both."

    The scene ends with a fade out of Cyrus and Nova in the office with Vincent. Neither wrestler is happy, and there's a bit of dislike ... or at least a hint of unwanting ... about being paired together.


    FIGHT NIGHT, MAY 15, 2020

    The pyrotechnics explode from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, where the Fight Night feed shows images of fans shouting loudly and holding signs and wearing T-shirts. The pyros shoot out like fireworks and the announcing team shouts an entrance to this final television show before the Payback pay-per-view. Rod Sterling is the first voice we hear, followed by introductions of Christian Quinn and Daniella Kennedy.

    Rod Sterling: WE WILL FIND OUT TONIGHT ... whether or not ... "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia gets a World Championship match at Payback!

    Christian Quinn: Mike Garcia in a handicap match against "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan and Alyster Black. This is the final part of the road laid out by our general manager, Lord Vincent Blackbird!

    Rod Sterling: We will also hear from ... the current CO-champions of the FWA North American Championship. "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and Krash are here ... in the arena. Then the tag team match between Michelle von Horrowitz and Kevin Cromwell against Nova Diamond and Cyrus Truth. We saw Vincent talk about it just now!

    We see fans holding signs for the top wrestlers in the company, some long-gone names that have made the Hall of Fame, and one sign for "Dazzlin' Dimiento", the Crossfire pseudo-legend who only made it four or five matches but was remembered forever for being the weirdest signee in FWA history.

    Daniella Kennedy: Don't forget ... the tag team division. It's a triple threat match between Jackson Fenix, Mike Valander, and Noah Stocke. Which of them will get the upperhand going into Payback for the multi-team tag title match between The Valanders, The Elite, the Undisputed Alliance. And don't forget The Wave, who will face the Cheshire Cat Clan.

    Rod Sterling: We are hearing that ... Vincent ... has made that match a qualifier for the tag title match. He has been unimpressed with The Wave lately, and he informed the FWA Tag Team Champions, The Elite, that the winner of The Wave and the Cheshire Cat Clan will be in the title match at Payback!

    Christian Quinn: I also think ... we have "The Golden One" Devin Golden in the building. There's no word about Zachary Kazadi, though!

    Rod Sterling: But folks ... right out of the gates ... Michael Garcia gets his chance! We're going to find out right now who is in the World Championship match at Payback!

    “Hail to the King” plays over the speakers, signaling the arrival of the FWA Champion Dave Sullivan. Sullivan wears a signature suit to the ring, with a King's robe on his back and a King's crown on his head. He carries his FWA championship over left shoulder, and in his right hand he carries a golden King's scepter. His robe is black and gold, as is his crown. Sullivan cockily smiles all the way down the ramp, as he steps to the ring and hands his robe and scepter to Kurt Harrington.

    Rod Sterling: Heavy is the head that wears the crown and that rings no more true than right now for Dave Sullivan as the competition for the FWA Championship has never been tighter!

    “Sonne” by Rammestein plays next as Alyster Black makes his way down to the ring. Black is wearing hisn usual black robe and mask. Black and Sullivan share a tense moment in the ring as they await their opponent.

    Daniella Kennedy: Clearly when Blackbird said that the FWA was the Land of Opportunity, Alyster Black was listening! Black has leaped up out of the X Division and has certainly taken advantage of this opportunity!

    “Fozzy” by Judas plays next as the “Carnegie Carnivore” comes out to the ring in his usual Adidas Black stripe pants, and his brand new “Main Event Mike” T-shirt. Garcia is in a very pissed off mood as he walks down the ramp.

    Christian Quinn: A tall order indeed for the Carnegie Carnivore, who in the past four weeks has had to compete in an Elimination Chamber, and now three consecutive handicap matches, just for an opportunity at the FWA Championship!

    Handicap Match
    FWA Champion “The King” Dave Sullivan and “Black Jesus” Alyster Black vs “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Garcia steps into the ring and almost immediately slaps Black on the shoulder, telling him it’s his chance to prove himself, before walking out of the ring and standing on the apron. Garcia stares a hole straight through Black, before stepping to the center of the ring only for Black to duck and dodge until he’s able to maneuver Garcia so that his back is to Sullivan. Black then lunges at Garcia’s legs, forcing him tlo back up into the corner, where Black buries a hard shoulder to the midsection. Sullivan tags himself in as Black keeps his shoulder pinning Garcia to the turnbuckle. Mike starts throwing hard right forearms into Alyster’s back, and manages to fight free as Sullivan steps into the ring and throws a few bombs at Mike’s head. Mike kicks Black out of the ring as Sullivan continues to pummel Garcia back into the corner. Sullivan buries a boot into Mike’s rib but Garcia blocks the next punch and shoves Sullivan across the ring! Sullivan goes right back to work, with a series of strikes in the corner before he starts choking away at the big man! Referee Steve Bryant forces Sullivan away,with Sullivan pitching a small fit that allows Black to reach over the turnbuckle and continue choking Garcia in the corner! Sullivan brushes past the ref and goes back to work, kicking Garcia in the ribs and tagging Black back into the match.

    Black takes over drilling several more shots to the lower back. Garcia falls to a knee near the ropes, so Black pushes his neck over the middle ropes and then presses his knee straight against the neck of the Carnegie Carnivore! The referee counts to 4 and then pushes Black away as Sullivan drops down to the floor, runs over to Garcia and swings but Mike grabs him by the throat! Mike rises to his feet, but Black comes back in, with a chop block to the knee and then a few more shots to the lower back! Black goes back and tags in Sullivan! The duo both run towards Mike and take him down with a Double Clothesline! Sullivan drops down for the cover but gets a strong one count! Sullivan gets Garcia back up and backs him into the far corner, again peppering him with a series of right hands! Sullivan smirks at Garcia, and playfully slaps him across the face, before taking a few steps back and then charging forward…but Mike came bursting out of the corner with a decapitating clothesline! Upper cut by Garcia! Garcia ran to the corner and laid out Black with an uppercut as well! Sullivan tried to attack from behind but Garcia caught him and sent him to the croner! Running splash by Garcia nearly caves in Sullivan’s chest! Another splash! Sullivan comes stumbling out of the corner and right into a back body drop! Black gets back up on the apron but again Garcia knocks him back down to the floor below! Main Event Mike turns back around to see Sullivan coming right at him, but he tosses him in mid-air Military Press Slam style and catches him on the way down with a Samoan Drop! Mike raises his hand high as he awaits Sullivan to get back to his feet, but he grabs Black by the throat instead as Alyster desperately tried to stop the onslaught! Garcia held Alyster for a chokeslam, but Sullivan got to his feet…only for Garcia to grab him as well! The Carnegie Carnivore held them both, summoning all his strength, but the duo both kicked Mike in the kneecap and then scored a Double DDT, spiking Garcia’s head off of the mat! Black ducks to the outside, only to reach in for a tag, which Sullivan gives him.

    Black re-enters the ring as Sullivan holds Garcia up and places him in a Full Nelson so Black can get in some free shots. Alyster pulls Garcia to the center of the ring, before delivering a Snapmare and following it up with a running ddropkick to the back of the head! This time, Alyster follows it up with a running knee kick to the face of the seated big man! Alyster covers, but only gets barely a two count. Black viciously continues his attack on Garcia, dropping knee after knee into the jaw of the Pittsburgh native. Black tags Sullivan back in, and the unlikely partners both grab a limb of the big man and whip him into the ropes before delivering a Double Back elbow! Garcia drops to the mat in a heap as Sullivan struts around the ring, taunting the crowd. He drops to his knees before bending Garcia’s arm behind his back and twisting it in a nasty position, he pulls back with all his might! Garcia struggles not to scream out in pain, but it’s clear that he’s in an unimaginable amount of pain right now! Garcia reaches his long arm out the ropes but he’s a few inches short! The crowd seems to be supporting Garcia more than Sullivan and are stamping their feet in support of him to keep fighting! Not usually one that is looking for fan support, Garcia does feed off this a bit and pushes himself up, trying to inch towards the bottom rope, but Sullivan uses his feet to angle Garcia away from the ropes! Mike tries to push up again and manages to shift his weight to put Sullivan on his shoulders!



    Sullivan kicks out and immediately jabs Garcia in the throat before walking him over to the turnbuckle and slamming his head off the top turnbuckle a number of times! Sullivan whips Garcia into the far turnbuckle before following in with a splash, but Garcia gets the boot up! Sullivan is stunned as Garcia starts fighting back with a series of right hands, whips Sullivan into the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop, but Sullivan pulls him down into a DDT! Garcia falls to the mat as Sullivan covers and gets a 2 count! Garcia rolls to the apron where Alyster Black drops down to the floor and starts peppering him with a series of forearms to the skull! With Garcia’s head hanging over the apron, Black takes a few steps back and runs forward with a boot to the face of the big man! Black steps into the ring and drops a forearm to the back of his head, and then a right to the face, but then Mike starts fighting back, driving Black to the corner, until Black ducks a right hand and delivers an STO into the middle turnbuckle! Garcia falls backwards as Black stumbles to the center of the ring before tagging Sullivan back into the match. Running Leg Drop by Sullivan! Garcia grabs at his own neck, as Sullivan gets back to his feet and delivers another one! Sullivan tags Black back into the match. Both men pull Garcia to his feet and launch him into the corner. Sullivan grabs Black by the arm and whips him into the ropes, but Garcia ducks down and sends Black over the ropes! Black lands on the apron as Garcia charges out of the corner and rushes towards Sullivan, who throws a clothesline that Garcia ducks and connects with a running forearm on the rebound! Black springboards off the top rope towards Mike but Mike ducks out of the way! Black rolls through the landing, into the corner, where Garcia delivers another corner splash! Black stumbles out of the corner and walks right into a Jackhammer style suplex from Garcia! Garcia calls out that it’s time for the Penduluum (End of Days) and he awaits Black to get to his feet, but Sullivan gets on the apron! Garcia turns his attention to Sullivan, blasting him with a forearm that knocks him off the apron! Garcia goes for the Penduluum, but Black flips over it, lands on his feet and connects with a leaping knee to the jaw! Garcia is stunned as Black steps back for the One Shot Kill (Lariat)! Garcia ducks it and connects with The Sixth Ring (Deep Six Slam) on the rebound! Alyster’s back hits the mat with a thud as Garcia drops down for the cover!



    Sullivan pulled the referee out of the ring!

    Sullivan and Black immediately both went to work on Garcia stomping away at him, before Black started climbing up to the top rope! The King held Garcia in place, as Black came off the top rope with the greatest of ease, connecting with his Diving Moonsault! Black covered!



    Garcia kicked out!

    A frustrated Sullivan yanked Black off of Garcia, which drew the ire of Alyster Black. The camera caught a glimpse of Black’s displeasure, but he kept his composure as Sullivan pulled Garcia to his feet! He told Black to hold Garcia upright, which he did, as The King set up for a Roundhouse Kick! But Garcia ducked the shot and Sullivan connected with Alyster! Alyster fell backwards into the referee, who fell out of the ring! Garcia grabbed Sullivan by the throat and lifted him up for a chokeslam! Sullivan fought out of it though and attempted his RKO, but Garcia shoved him into the ropes and connected with the Penduluum on the rebound!

    The crowd began to count!




    But there was no referee to count the fall! Garcia maintained the hooked leg cover as Referee Jon Chavez sprinted down to the ring!



    Alyster Black dove into the ring to break up the cover!

    Black steps back and takes a running charge towards Garcia, ducking a clothesline and springboarding off the ropes, looking for a moonsault but Garcia catches him over his shoulder! Mike looks for a running powerslam but Black squirms out of it and pushes Garcia forward, squashing the referee in the corner! Chavez slumps out of the ring, as Black has climbed up to the top rope and dives off with a crossbody! Garcia catches him in mid-air and swings him out into a Homewood Heart Attack (Front Carry into a Swinging Side Slam)! Garcia drops down into the cover but again there’s no referee! Mike looks around ringside for a referee, and sees Steve Bryant starting to stir, so he reaches down over the ropes, yanks him up by his collar…and then gets his eyes raked by The King! Garcia is completely blinded as he turns around, right into an RKO by the King!

    Garcia falls to the mat as The King makes the cover!




    Here are your winners @ 13:23 – “The King” Dave Sullivan and “Black Jesus” Alyster Black

    Referee Bryant immediately hands Sullivan his championship belt, and The King is none to eager to be touched by a lowly ref, so he pulls away as quickly as possible. Sullivan raises his belt up on his own, but an unhappy Alyster Black re-emerges behind him, as the fans begin to cheer.

    Alyster grabs The King by the shoulder and spins him around, getting right up in the champions face.

    Rod Sterling: This is heating up! It'll be ONE on ONE for the championship at Payback!

    Sullivan doesn’t back down as the two stand nose to nose, jaw-jacking, with Alyster clearly challenging Sullivan to fight him right here, right now. Sullivan pumps himself up, as the crowd gets amped up for the fight, only for Sullivan to throw his hands in the air and back away. Sullivan ducks under the middle rope as a disappointed Black turns away in disgust.

    But The King was just setting the trap, runs up to Black, spins him around and attempts an RKO, but Black was ready for it and shoved him into the ropes! The King rebounded off the ropes and right into the One Shot Kill Lariat!


    Sullivan looked like he was having a seizure as he rolled on the mat, gasping for air! Alyster picked up the championship belt, looked at his reflection in it, before nodding approvingly, and laying the belt on Sullivan’s body before leaving the ring as we go to commercial.


    When we come back from commercial, we see Michael Garcia walking back through the hallways throwing an absolute fit. Flipping tables, tossing crates, knocking over light fixtures…We see him passing Triple J Security who run in fear, Ashley Bell at the makeup station, The Valendars staring at the latest edition of Maxim with Gabrielle on the cover, The Elite having a conversation with a parrot, and finally Nova Diamond, nonchalantly tossing a rubber tennis ball to himself in a corner, blowing bubble gum.

    Garcia completely stops his rage fueled temper tantrum and just stares at Diamond, neither man saying a word before Diamond just turns and walks away. Katie Lynn Goldsmith runs up to Mike, begging for a word.

    Goldsmith: Mike….Mike….I know…this probably isn’t the best time, but….after what just happened out there….

    Garcia: After what just happened out there? You mean, with me jumping through hoop after hoop after hoop to get what I deserve, to be robbed of my opportunity yet again? Yeah, well after what just happened out there, all you need to know is that someone is going to pay for that shit, TONIGHT.


    Cheers from the crowd erupt as Gerald Grayson walks onto the stage with a disappointed look on his face, putting his hands on his hips. He looks down for a moment before acknowledging the crowd and clapping at them. A thud can be heard with each clap as Grayson is armed with a microphone.

    Rod Sterling: “For whatever reason, Gerald Grayson is still winless in his FWA career. I don’t get it. He has all the tools to make a strong impression but in the end, he just comes up short.”

    Christian Quinn: ”Who knows what’s going on in Grayson’s head, but you gotta think that these losses are really getting to him. He may have all the PHYSICAL tools to succeed but sometimes, it’s all about the mental game.”

    Grayson stays on the stage for a bit and paces around before settling in.

    Gerald Grayson: ”Well, I’m still winless.”

    Grayson flashes a disappointed smile while scratching the back of his head.

    Gerald Grayson: “But you know, I’m a glass half full kind of guy. If it were any other day, it’d probably be me in Alyster Black’s place right now. But I digress.”

    More cheers from the crowd.

    Gerald Grayson: ”Trust me, I still have the X Division title in my sights. One of these days, I’m going to get that victory that’s been eluding me. But right now, all I can do is prepare. And to my knowledge, we’ve got Eli Black vs. Kayden Knox up next, right?”

    Grayson looks to the crowd before speaking again.

    Gerald Grayson: “Knoxy. Not cool interfering with my match last week. But you’ll get yours. So what I’m going to do right now is grab a headset and get a good view of this upcoming match. How’s that sound, Huntsville?!”

    The Huntsville crowd roar at the mention of their city. Grayson claps again towards the crowd before making his way to join the commentary team...

    Rod Sterling: “As Gerald Grayson takes a seat next to us here on the commentary booth, it looks like somebody else has something to say before we get to see Kayden Knox and Eli Black tying it up…”

    Alexandra Marie walks out to the stage with Orion, fake coughing as she is, as they forgot about her and her client.

    Alexandra Marie: “Ahem, what about my client? He's still a force to be reckoned with, and I promise he will give you Hell as champion...”

    The crowd show their disapproval, raining down boos on Alexandra and her client. Alexandra seems unfazed, lifting the microphone back to her lips as if she’s about to go on. However, she is interrupted by Orion grabbing the microphone. Alexandra looks at her client as if to say what the heck as the big man lifts the mic to speak.

    Orion: “Listen! Grayson: you punk! Listen to me. I am not Triple J Security. I'm not a loser. I am pissed off. Gerald Grayson, you goody two-shoes jackass… thinking you're next in line for the belt? Forget about it, while I haven't won yet, when I do, I'll be unstoppable.”

    As Orion says this, his tone evolves into a deep rumble. Alexandra is confused, while Orion gives her the mic back.

    Alexandra Marie: “Anyways, as I was saying, how about that Eli Black? The guy is so lazy sometimes. He doesn’t even pay attention. Do you want these people to see a guy that worthless become the champion? At least, Orion is a better athlete than Eli Black, and he'll prove it.”

    Alexandra tries to say something more but she’s interrupted by another man’s entrance music...

    “Colors” by Crossfade sounds out and Eli Black quickly walks out onto the stage. He is met by a mixed reaction from the crowd, and Alexandra is clearly upset about being interrupted.

    Kurt Harrington: “Ladies and gentlemen, your next contest is a singles match scheduled for one-fall… introducing first, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds… ‘The Artist of Chaos’... ELI BLACK!”

    Rod Sterling: “Well, as Eli Black makes his way down to the ring for his singles match, it seems that we are going to have another guest at the commentary booth this evening…”

    Christian Quinn: “Thank you for joining us tonight, Alexandra… it’s nice to have some elegance and youth at the desk for once!”

    Alexandra Maria: “Thank you, Christian. Much like Gerald over there, I think it’s about time Orion took a glance at some of his top rivals for the X Division Championship. Myself too, of course…”

    Black has climbed into the ring and stands in a corner of the ring. At first, he looks only at the entrance ramp, awaiting his opponent, but occasionally he does glance at the three new additions to the commentary box. Orion seethes silently at Black when their eyes meet. And then…

    There’s another mixed reception as Kayden Knox steps out into the arena, eyes fixated on the ring and the man that wakes for him there.

    Kurt Harrington: “And his opponent… KAYDEN KNOX!”

    Gerald Grayson: “This is the man that I have mostly come to watch here tonight, after he put his nose where it didn’t belong last week and interfered in MY match-up…”

    Rod Sterling: “This seems to be a recurring theme in the X Division: chaos.”

    Christian Quinn: “What do you expect with a man like Lord Vincent at the helm?!”

    Knox climbs through the ropes and stares out at Grayson, Alexandra, and Orion, before re-centring his attending on the man he shares the ring with. The referee conducts his final checks, before calling for the ring bell.

    Kayden Knox vs. "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black

    The bell rings and the two men begin to circle the ring. Knox offers a test of strength, and it looks like Eli is going to reciprocate, but at the last moment the Artist of Chaos instead doubles him over with a boot to the midsection. Black follows up with a European Uppercut, which backs Knox up towards a set of ropes. Eli tries to whip him into the opposite set, but when he gets there Knox hooks his arms over the top rope in order to check his momentum. Black charges at him, maybe looking to clothesline him over the top, but instead Knox ducks the strike and back body drops Eli over instead. Black manages to land on his feet upon the apron as Knox stumbles forward into the middle of the ring. The Artist balances himself, before springboarding into the ring and attempting a high angle clothesline. Knox ducks it and both of them roll through, turning around to face and enter a stand-off…

    Rod Sterling: “Neither man able to really take the advantage in the opening exchanges of this one, resulting in an early stalemate... “

    Gerald Grayson: ”This is the usual cagey encounter that you would expect from two top X Division competitors..”

    Alexandra Marie: ”I wouldn’t ‘expect’ this when Orion is in the ring. Pathetic, if you ask me…”

    The match continues like this for the opening few minutes, the two competitors exchanging holds and evading each other’s attacks, with both men getting a handful of strikes in at various stages but no openings that they can really capitalise on. Eventually, showing a little frustration, Kayden Knox climbs out of the ring and circles it. The referee begins his count, but Knox just waits with his hands on his hips, the audience jeering him. Eventually, when the official gets to eight, he hops back up onto the apron and climbs through the ropes. The two begin to circle the ring again, and it looks as if they’re about to hook it up with a collar and elbow tie up… but instead Knox rolls under the bottom rope again! The referee starts a second count as Knox again slowly circles the ring…

    Christian Quinn:Kayden Knox is taking his time here, thinking his tactics through once again after neither man was able to find an opening…”

    Daniella Kennedy: “But hold up, Christian… Eli Black slides under the bottom rope… he’s going to take the fight to Kayden Knox!”

    Indeed, the Artist of Chaos chases Knox, who promptly slides back into the ring. Black follows him in, but Knox quickly nails a pair of boots to his back before he’s able to get up, and then proceeds to drop a double axe handle. From there, Knox is able to ground and pound the Artist, settling into a rhythm for the next few minutes, mainly utilizing strikes but also getting a couple of two counts with power moves: first for a stalling vertical suplex and then later on for a rolling cutter. When Black kicks out for a second time, Knox hoists him up, whips him off the ropes, before charging at him with a jumping high knee. When the Artist hits the mat again, Knox takes a few steps towards the side of the ring, beating his chest and demanding that the assembled audience show him some respect. There’s a mixed reaction to this, but Kayden’s biggest supporter is undoubtedly his manager AJ Drake, who claps him proudly from the outside of the ring…

    Rod Sterling: “Kayden Knox is firmly in control of this match-up, but one would think he should be focusing on his opponent rather than trying to elicit some sort of reaction from this crowd…”

    Alexandra Marie: "Yea, if Orion was in the ring, he'd take advantage and get the pin not pandering to these morons."

    Knox finally re-focuses on Black, walking slowly over to him, and then reaching down as if he’s going to hoist him up by his hair… but Black instead quickly rolls him up with a small package!




    Knox kicks out, and both men are quickly back to their feet. Kayden charges at his opponent, and the Artist of Chaos ducks his attempted clothesline, smoothly transitioning into a rear waist lock. Black hoists him over with a German Suplex, bridging for the pin attempt…




    Again, Knox is able to kick out, and Eli quickly slaps him in a rear chin lock, wrenching at the hold as the referee asks Knox if he wants to give it up.

    Daniella Kennedy: “And now Eli Black is able to take over the offense in this match-up, and this is a man that you will know very well, Gerald, from your participation in the six-person X Rules match at Back in Business. In fact, you and Black were both involved in one of that match’s most dangerous moments, pushed off a fifteen foot ladder in the ring and crashing through two tables on the outside. What are your memories of Eli Black from that match?”

    Gerald Grayson: ”Of course, I haven’t forgotten that match. Even if I wanted to forget it, I wouldn’t be able to: I still have the scars. Falling through the air with Eli Black and crashing through those tables was indeed the highlight of that match for some fans, but it was the end of the match for me. Next time I take a risk that big, you better believe I’ll land it.”

    Back inside the ring, Knox has managed to climb back to his feet, but Eli Black has transitioned from his rear chin lock into a headlock. Black attempts wrench on the hold, but Knox instead lifts him up and hits a belly-to-back suplex. This causes separation, but rather than go for a pin attempt, he again picks Black up and Irish whips him into a corner. He follows up with a few kicks to the midsection, before backing up to the other side of the ring and charging at his opponent, attempting a clothesline in the corner… Black manages to evade, sending Knox chest-first into the turnbuckles, and the Artist of Chaos charges to another set of ropes. He comes back with a huge clothesline on Knox, taking him down in the middle of the ring. Black is instantly on the offensive, picking up his opponent and doubling him over with a boot to the midsection. He hits the ropes, and then takes Knox down with a swinging neckbreaker! Black goes for a cover…




    Again, Knox gets a shoulder up. Black lifts his opponent back to his feet, before unceremoniously throwing him over the top rope and onto the outside. The Artist follows him up, taking Knox by the scruff of the neck, and then throwing him face first onto the announce table. The commentators clear the area, but Gerald Grayson stands his ground, entering into a stand-off with Eli Black. Black shakes his head in derision before turning to face Alexandra, and Orion, who is lurking behind her…

    Rod Sterling: “The Artist of Chaos seems to be losing his focus on his opponent, instead entering into a stand-off with Orion and his representative…”

    Eventually, Black turns away from Alexandra. He places his hands on Knox again, but Kaiden nails a couple of elbows into the Artist’s sternum. It causes some separation, and then Knox takes him over on the outside with an STO!

    Alexandra Marie: "Yeah, there you go, he got distracted by moi and paid for it. What a loser."

    Knox is back to his feet, and it is his turn to enter a stand off with one of the guest commentators. He gets in the face of Grayson, murmuring a few words at him that the camera fails to pick up, before turning to throw Black back into the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: “That breaks up the referee’s countout at eight, and as Knox looks to follow up, I want to ask you - Gerald - what is the source of the tension between yourself and Kayden Knox?”

    Gerald Grayson: ”I would love to know, to be honest. I have no idea why this man involved himself in my business last week. The only thing I can assume is that he’s seen my current unfortunate streak and wants to cash in himself. I’m more than happy to face Kayden Knox: anytime, any place. He won’t find it so easy to mess with me when I’m fresh…”

    Back in the ring, Knox seems to be sizing up Eli Black from a crouched position in the corner. He seems to think that the end is near, and when Eli turns onto his front, Knox charges towards him…

    Rod Sterling: “Looks as if Kayden Knox is going in for the kill, looking for his ‘Malice Intent’ double-footed curb stomp…”

    As soon as Knox puts his boots on Black’s head, though, the Artist stands upright, sending Knox up into the air… when Kayden comes back to earth, Eli Black is waiting there for him with a huge European Uppercut! Knox hits the mat, and Black is straight back on him, listing him up and Irish whipping him off a set of ropes, before slamming him hard onto the mat with a vicious spinebuster! Eli goes for the cover, hooking the leg…



    T - - NO!

    Christian Quinn: “There’s still some fight left in Kayden Knox, both of these men showing what they’re willing to do to prove they’re deserving of an X Championship shot…”

    Alexandra Marie: "Yeah, but trust me, Orion could beat them all, I got a plan that will ensure he and I will get the Championship, you best be assured."

    This time it’s Black’s turn to wait for his opponent to rise, signalling that he’s going to put an end to this one…

    He’s sizing Knox up, and when he’s finally back on his feet, Black goes for his Chaos Theory finishing move…

    Rod Sterling: “Looks like he’s going for that cutter! But NO... Knox is able to catch him, and put him into a dragon sleeper! He’s got it locked in!”

    Christian Quinn: “He calls this one the Cyanide Injection, Sterling! This could be over!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “The referee is checking on Eli Black, asking if he wants to submit… You can hear Eli Black telling him that he’s not ready to give this one up!”

    Indeed, Black shakes his head and attempts to worm his way free… but Knox simply sinches the move in deeper, applying a body scissors alongside the Dragon Sleeper! As Knox wrenches on the hold even harder, Eli Black has no choice but to tap out! The referee calls for the bell and Kayden Knox releases the hold, rolling away from the Artist and sucking in a few deep lung--fulls of hard-earned oxygen…

    Winner: Kayden Knox at 13:16 by submission

    As Knox slowly and steadily gets to his feet, his music playing around the arena, the referee checks on the vanquished to see if Black requires any additional attention.

    Kurt Harrington: “Here is your winner… KAYDEN KNOX!”

    Knox lifts his arms into the air and stares outside of the ring at both Orion and Grayson, beating his chest and shouting about his X Championship credentials...

    Rod Sterling: "It looks like Knox came here tonight with a point to prove, and he has certainly proven it!"

    Christian Quinn: "That's right, Sterling! And surely Kayden Knox has elevated his own name when it comes to the X Division Championship picture…"

    Alexandra Marie: "Knox isn't the only one who is here with a point to prove. Gentlemen, Daniella, it's been a pleasure."

    With that, she puts down her headset and gets up from the announcer's booth. When we cut to a wide shot, we notice that Orion has already climbed up onto the apron, and has entered a stand-off with Kayden Knox. Knox is willing the big man to get into the ring, and Orion obliges by climbing between the ropes, his manager cheering him on from outside of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: "Looks like these two are about to get it on here! Orion clearly has his own case to make for a championship shot…"

    Gerald Grayson: "That reminds me…"

    We hear another thunk as a headset is placed down, but we are watching inside the ring. Knox winds up, and smashes Orion in the face with a HUGE right hand… But the big man barely registers it! He shakes his head and smiles, before unleashing a wicked headbutt, sending Knox crashing down to the mat!

    To his credit, Kayden is up almost instantly, and he charges back at Orion, going for a clothesline… but Orion reverses with a power slam! As Alexandra claps him, Orion gets to his feet and lets out a roar… But he's taken out with a chop block to the back of the knee by Eli Black! Orion goes to his knees, and Black charges off a nearby set of ropes, nailing him with a Disaster Kick. Black gets up to a pop from the crowd…

    But then he's taken back down to the mat by a sprinboarding Gerald Grayson, who enters the ring with a flying forearm! Grayson is back up and doesn't notice that Knox has staggered to his feet… Kayden Knox takes himself AND Grayson over the top rope with a clothesline!!

    Rod Sterling: "This one has broken out big time here tonight between these four men! We need to get somebody out here to break these men up!"

    Christian Quinn: "Are you kidding me, Rod?! This is about supremacy… About asserting your dominance… Let them fight!"

    Outside of the ring, Knox has Grayson up on his shoulder, and he charges him shoulder first into the steel ring post! Gerald goes down clutching his arm whilst Knox gets in the face of some fans and receives a chorus of boos in response. Back in the ring, Eli Black is attempting to whip Orion into a corner, but Orion reverses and sends Black in hard. Black bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles back to the centre of the ring, where Orion is waiting to take him over with a big back body drop!

    Orion looks out towards the ramp, and sees Grayson and Knox. He decides to leave the ring to get involved, but collects a steel chair on the way. Knox has Grayson backed up on a barricade, reeling off a serious of knife edge chops and straight right hands. He barely registers Orion approaching, and when he swings his chair Knox is able to evade it at the last possible second, and then nail a drop kick! He kicks the chair into Orion's face and the big man stumbles back towards the ring. Knox tries to center his attention back on Grayson… But Gerald flies out of nowhere and takes him down with an STO! He lifts Knox up and begins to drag him towards the ring… When OUT OF NOWHERE…


    Daniella Kennedy: "He crashes into all three men and they sprawl to the floor!"

    Black is straight back up, lifting up Orion and throwing him into the barricade. A groggy Grayson and Knox struggle to their feet before continuing to trade blows. And then…

    There's a mixed reaction in the crowd as Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird enters the arena. He stands on the stage with a microphone in his hand, a look of satisfaction on his face.

    Lord Vincent: "Now, gentlemen, THIS is what I wanted to see from all of you. Such fight and such desire! There's a saying, no good deed left unpunished, and it's one that I try to live my life by. There must, of course, be some sort of reward for your bloodthirsty efforts here tonight."

    Rod Sterling: “I thought he was out here to put a stop to this…”

    Christian Quinn: “You can’t expect a man like Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird to act responsibly now, can you?!”

    The four men have paused in their brawl, and are each looking at the General Manager of Fight Night. The Blackbird is relishing the moment, pausing for a second as if he’s weighing his thoughts.

    Lord Vincent: “I have also not failed to notice that none of you gentlemen currently have a match at Payback. This is an oversight that simply must be corrected! And so, I am announcing TWO additional matches for this pay-per-view. First, Eli Black will go one on one with Orion. And then, Gerald Grayson, always the bridesmaid, will face off against Kayden Knox. And the winners? They will receive an X Division Championship shot against whoever the champion might be, on the very next episode of Fight Night... in a THREE-WAY DANCE MATCH!”

    Daniella Kennedy: “What an opportunity for these four men - they are just one match away from a shot at championship gold!”

    Rod Sterling: “And spare a thought for Michelle von Horrowitz… even if she triumphs in her triple threat match with Randall and Cromwell at Payback, she will have two more challengers waiting on the very next show!”

    Christian Quinn: “Well, she asked for competition…”

    The crowd are showing their support for the announcement, and Black laps it in for a moment. Grayson, Orion, Knox, and Black all stare up at the General Manager, contemplating the opportunity in front of each of them…

    Lord Vincent: “Gentlemen, as you were…”

    The Blackbird turns to leave, and the four men observing him from the other end of the ramp immediately begin brawling again!


    The smooth jazzy beat of Matt Dusk's 'Back In Town' hits the soundsystem, instantly causing fans in attendance to rise to their feet at the arrival of FWA North American Co-Champion, none other than The Heartbeat,
    Krash. Dressed in a snazzy purple waistcoat above a white shirt and black trousers, Krash waved politely to the fans in attendance, gesturing fondly at the adoring crowd. But there's an air of dissatisfaction, the feeling that there's something gnawing at the back of his mind, causing his usual affable attitude to seem somewhat... Forced.

    Rod Sterling: It was mentioned earlier that we'd likely be hearing from the current FWA North American Champions in some way, shape, and form, and with Krash here, one gets the feeling that Mike Parr isn't far away.

    Christian Quinn: Rightful North American Champion, Mike Parr. Get it right, Rod.

    Daniella Kennedy: There's been enough controversy surrounding the North American title and who is it's proper holder, so maybe tonight we'll get some insight into how we'll sort this mess out.

    Krash rolls into the ring, accepting a microphone from Kurt Harrington with a bow. He twirls the stick in his hand, patiently awaiting for the crowd to settle...

    "Goodness, you're a rowdy bunch, aren't you?"

    Well, maybe he's milking it, just a bit. He smiles, listening to the Alabamian crowd make some more noise, before raising the microphone back to his lips.

    "Now, I won't waste any of your time, or mince words when I needn't. I'm here to address one thing, and one thing only - namely, what on earth is happening with the FWA North American Championship."

    A buzz echoes throughout the arena. Several fans hold up signs displaying their allegiance for who should be the North American Champion. It's surprisingly even between Krash & Mike Parr, though there's one very determined fellow who really wants them to be co-champions forever. Kudos to him.

    "Yes, that title," Krash echoes, nodding. "After our Lord of Chaotic Order Mr. Blackbird and his rather eccentric attempt to solve this dispute last week failed to solve anything in the slightest, I felt that rather than wait for the next off-the-wall idea to keep this controversy going, I'd rather jump the gun, so to say, and offer a solution of my own."

    Krash paces across the ring slowly, purposefully.

    "Clearly, myself & Mr. Parr must face off one final time, to settle between ourselves who deserves to be the North American Champion. No 'Odd Bedfellows', no attempt to hamstring the tag team division. Just myself, and Mr. Parr, one on one."

    A pause for dramatic effect.

    "But we can't just do battle in a regular no-frills bout, can we? No, I'm not sure even Mr. Parr believes we can deviate back to normalcy to settle this. We require a very specific match to solve this, one that can prove who has the heart, the blood, the survival instinct, of being a champion."

    Krash pauses, running a hand over his smooth slick hair, and leans on the ropes, facing the away from the big screen.

    "Mr. Parr, I know you're likely listening to this closely, from somewhere out there. Allow me to formally lay down the challenge, the match to end this war between us. Mr. Parr, I challenge you, to ..."

    “I think we’ve heard just enough from you for now.”

    Krash is stopped in his tracks as he tilts his head towards the big screen in the arena, coming face to face (of sorts) with this co-champion Mike Parr. There is a flicker of a smirk across Mike’s face but he certainly seems more reserved than usual.

    “Mr. Parr, nice of you to decide to join us this evening, always nice to see and hear from my ‘co-champion,’”
    Krash remarks, his comments laced with an underlying sense of dis-satisfaction at the very mention of the word co-champion. Sure, it wasn’t music to Mike’s ears either. Whilst he does try to maintain a poker face there is certainly no denying that the co-championship situation grates him also.

    Yeah, sorry I couldn’t join you in person this evening Krash. Sorry everyone,” Mike responds, with the level of sincerity that you would anticipate.

    But I couldn’t join you in person for a reason that would soon become evident. I’ve always prided myself on being the best wrestler. So you put me into a ring against somebody, one on one, I would always back myself to walk out with the win or at the VERY least, walk out having come close to the win. And since I’ve come to this company, since I’ve walked through that door, it’s something that I’ve prided myself on. Some might call it arrogant and some might call it deluded but I call it normal. I call it being The Prodigy. And yes, sure there were times whenever I would’ve questioned it privately but never really truly doubted it.

    In spite of all the gimmick matches thrown in my way, all the obstacles placed in my path to prevent me from doing what I do best and wrestling better than somebody, I’ve always been able to fall back on the knowledge that my wrestling will eventual win out at the end. Until now.”

    Mike ruefully shakes his head and for the first time, momentarily, breaks his glance with the camera and as thus the arena in front of him. This time, he has spoken with a level of sincerity that you could not doubt.

    “I hate failure. It’s what makes me so good but it’s also what drives me crazy. To strive to be the best that I can be is a blessing, one that helped this guy from humble beginnings become of the best wrestlers of his generation. But it also haunts you when you can’t quite get to achieve what you want, when you cannot arrive at your desired outcome. And for as far back as I remember, I’ve managed to pacify the part of my brain that is questioning myself with excuse after excuse. It was a cage match. It was an Elimination Chamber. It was a battle royal where you throw someone over the top rope. It was a ladder match. All reasons, all impediments, to wrestling to the best of my ability and being crowned THE best. So that’s why it was OK to beat Cyrus Truth at his peak or beat Dave Sullivan when nobody else could whilst also consequently never reaching the summit of the FWA mountain. Because I never had the opportunity to purely wrestle my way there. It was always a ladder climb. It was always a battle royal. It was always something.

    But now….maybe it’s time to take a long hard look at myself and change. Maybe it is time to realize being the best wrestler doesn’t make you the World Champion, hell at this point it doesn’t even make you the North American Champion. Maybe it’s time that you need to be the best superstar, not wrestler, that you can be. And a superstar is one that can climb a ladder and grab a belt. A superstar is one that can step into an Elimination Chamber, put his body on the line and outlast 6 other men. A superstar can throw people over the top rope and win a main event shot at Back in Business. A superstar does not need the perfect conditions in a straight forward wrestling contest to get the victory – a superstar gets that victory irrespective of the circumstances.

    So it’s time to change. Time to keep being the best wrestler in the world but it’s time to step outside of that comfort zone and embrace the challenge, to make myself the best superstar in this world. It’s time not to be wary of the unknown of the ladders/chair/tables but to embrace them. It’s time to stand up, stare my opponent straight in the eye, and if outwrestling isn’t an option, to punch him in the face until his bones break and I’m bathing in his blood. If I can do that, then I won’t be sharing this championship belt with you any longer. There won’t be any controversy or any chance to manipulate an outcome. There won’t be enough left of you to make you a co-champion.”

    The icy glare from Mike down the lens has remained unbroken throughout as he spoke, and the crowd has fallen eerily silent, drawn in by Parr’s words. Krash, however, seems unmoved on the surface of it. It certainly is a different side to Mike Parr than he has encountered before.

    “Well Mr. Parr, it sounds to me like you might have a proposal, one that may rid us of this unfortunate co-championship charade that neither of us signed up to.” Simply said, but Krash too doesn’t break eye contact with the screen as if Mike and he are face to face. Mike lets out a short laugh.

    “If I stood here and said that I think that Payback might be the place to resolve this, the earth isn’t exactly going to shake with that revelation. But it’s become increasingly clear that we both agree on the fact that this co-championship thing isn’t working for either of us, as also we can both agree that Blackbird cannot be trusted to resolve this otherwise we might find ourselves in a string of tag team matches that benefit nobody. So what I’m proposing is simple enough….”

    Parr finally grins, as he moves his body to the left exposing one particular sign:

    Kōrakuen hōru e yōkoso

    “I think our issue has gone past the point of Payback. It’s too big for just Payback now. So what I’m proposing to you is this. We bring all the ladders, chairs, tables, glass, thumbtacks, C4 or even piranhas that you can find and we take them to Korakuen Hall, just in the shadow of the Tokyo Dome. We pack a couple thousand people in here and we fight as close to the death as we can and we finish this. Prodigy vs Krash in a Japanese Death Match.”

    The arena roars! Cheering in anticipation! A Japanese Death Match?!? Who could've seen this coming?!? There have been so few in the history of the FWA. Memories of "The Golden One" Devin Golden against Draven St. Germain ring through the historians and old-heads in the crowd. Krash's expression is unreadable, but he seems... Uneasy.

    "So it's come to this, then," Krash finally utters, running a hand over his smooth, luxurious moustache. "A Japanese Death Match... We're going to borderline kill each other over the North American championship, aren't we?"

    Mike Parr shrugs before rhetorically asking, "Did you expect anything less at this point?"

    Krash can only shake his head in acceptance. "No, I suppose not. Well, Mr. Parr, there's only one thing I can say to your proposal..."

    A beat of silence. Krash glances around the arena, the casual expression lone gone, now stone-faced, unreadable, a flicker of discomfort behind his eyes, before he rights himself. On the big screen, Mike Parr leans closer, eyes boring into the soul of his rival.

    "What kind of man would I be if I said no?" Krash finally asks, his next words seemingly tearing his soul from his body. "Proposal accepted, Mr. Parr."

    Rod Sterling:
    Listen to that reaction from the crowd again!! Are you kidding me? A Death Match?!?

    On screen, Mike barely flickers with emotion although one could almost think that this steely look may hint at Parr himself trying to register what he has just done. Mike Parr has just nominated himself for a gimmick match, and the most brutal type at that.

    "Guess I'll see you in Tokyo, champ."

    With that, the live feed cuts to black. Krash bits his lip, leaning on the ropes, before shaking his head and exiting the ring, heading up the ramp.

    Rod Sterling: Looks like The Prodigy got what he was after, a way to finally bring this rivalry to a close!

    Daniella Kennedy: If he really got what he had wanted, he would be holding that North American Championship that is rightfully his, Rod. Instead of having to put his body on the line because those in charge couldn't make the right choice.

    Christian Quinn: What kind of hell did these two men just agree to?


    Backstage we find 'The King' Dave Sullivan relaxing in his private Locker room. The FWA World Championship isn't far from his grasp as he plops down on an expensive looking couch and admires his expensive looking watch. All is well, all is perfect in the World of the man at the top of the FWA, and indeed the World.

    Sullivan has just defeated Michael Garcia, ensuring him a 1-on-1 match at Payback instead of a triple threat. There's still sweat beads on his forehead as he unties his laces on his boots, resting from the match.

    *Knock, knock.*

    Before he can get to his feet, or before he can utter a single word his door swings open and in steps Gabrielle, the woman with a Golden Opportunity up her sleeve...not that her little black dress has any sleeves. There's an obnoxiously broad grin upon her face as she struts into King Sully's locker room and heads straight towards him.

    Hey Davey!

    Sullivan just stares at her as she then squeezes into a spot on the couch beside him, it doesn't look comfortable and Sullivan refuses to move or give her an inch but Gabrielle just sits there with that grin on her face.

    Gabrielle: Hey, wheres the watch I bought you? You didn't lose it did you? That was custom made.

    Sullivan goes to speak up, but is quickly cut off.

    Gabrielle: I'll have to get you another one made up. I'll make it even more extravagant this time.

    King Sullivan: What are you doing here? What do you want this time?

    Gabrielle: Me? I just want to hang out. We're civil aren't we? We get along dont we?

    King Sullivan: No! Why dont you go flash those Calander boys instead.

    Gabrielle: See, such playful banter...ya big ass!

    Sullivan looks incredibly annoyed while Gabrielle just keeps grinning from ear to ear.

    King Sullivan:
    Listen Number FOUR...take your little briefcase, your frustrating smile and go hang out in your own Locker room. Your King has important matters to deal with, matters that pertain to the World Championship. I have potential challengers that don't need to pick their spot and are challenging me head on.

    Gabrielle: But where's the fun in that, don't you get a bit of a rush knowing that any moment I could cash in my Golden Opportunity and you would no longer be the FWA World Champion.

    Things have got a little more tense now as Gabrielle and Dave Sullivan sit awkwardly close to one another.


    Hannibal Crowe and Nova are in the ring with Alice on the outside. The Cheshire Cat Clan's dramatic, slow theme music is fading out. "Riot" by Three Days Grace begins and Andre Mack and Johnny Devlin walk through the entrance way. Ashley Bell is two steps behind as The Wave trio targets the Cheshire Cat Clan.

    Rod Sterling: The Wave is part of the fatal four way title match at Payback. But this match is what they need to prove they belong.

    Christian Quinn: The Cheshire Cat Clan is trying to get into that discussion, too.

    The Wave and the Cheshire Cat Clan are in the ring, with Ashley Bell and Alice on the outside in their respective corners.

    The Wave vs. The Cheshire Cat Clan

    Johnny Devlin and Nova start the match. They circle the ring once before coming into contact. Then a wrist lock. Johnny Devlin wins it and kicks the legs out from Nova's stature. Devlin keeps the wrist lock applied while Nova is back-first on the canvas. Devlin gets rolled up by Nova for a school boy but kicks out quickly. Nova springs up but gets caught with a leaping DDT from Devlin. The member of The Wave tags in Andre Mack, who lifts up Nova by the throat and flings him against the turnbuckle. Andre Mack lands repeated forearm strikes to the jaw while Nova is in the corner. Then a tag to Devlin, and The Wave does a bearhug and dropkick-to-the-spine combination. Andre Mack then powerslams Nova to finish it, and Devlin covers.

    ..................1.....................2....kick out

    Devlin grabs Nova by the neck and whips him to the ropes. Devlin, though, tries a superkick and misses. Nova hits the superkick in response and then a head scissors takedown. Tag made to Hannibal Crowe, who overpowers Devlin with a side head lock. He tags in Nova and then does the "Go Ask Alice" pop-up into a cutter. Nova goes for the cover!


    Nova whips Devlin into the ropes but Andre Mack makes the blind tag. Nova hits a beautiful hip toss. Then a shoulder lock, but Andre Mack hits a huge arm lariat to the back of Nova's neck. Then a biel toss. Andre Mack seizes control of the match with a big spinebuster after whipping Nova into the turnbuckle. Mack doesn't realize that Hannibal Crowe made a blind tag in the corner. He lands a big forearm to Mack's nose. Now the two big men stand toe to toe in the ring with forearms and punches back and forth.

    Crowe and Mack trade punches until Crowe finally clotheslines both himself and Mack over the ropes and out of the ring. The two men continue fighting as Ashley Bell and Alice get close to the action. Ashley Bell tackles Alice to the ground and now it's basically a six-person melee. Devlin and Nova begin brawling until finally the referee calls the match a no contest due to the wild fracas.

    Match Result: No Contest

    We go to commercial with both The Wave and the Cheshire Cat Clan throwing wild punches at one another. Ashley Bell and Alice are brawling near the fan barricade. Finally, we get some personnel to separate the six into their respective camps.


    "Zombies" by The Cranberries hits and the crowd rises to attention, turning to the entrance and stage. "The Golden One" Devin Golden slowly emerges from the backstage with a black My Chemical Romance t-shirt, black jeans, and long over-grown hair with bang covering the eyes. His black eyeliner and makeup gives him a more pale face than usual. Golden slowly and methodically moves to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: We saw Devin Golden, the legend, get one back on Zachary Kazadi at the last Fight Night. No clue if he's going to be at Payback, or what he has planned for tonight.

    Daniella Kennedy: No word, either, if Kazadi is in the building.

    Rod Sterling: Actually, Kazadi might be done with the FWA!

    Christian Quinn: He comes back, wins a match, looks like the prince of the world, then loses, and now he's nowhere to be seen. Sounds about right.

    Daniella Kennedy: Oh please. Zachary Kazadi isn't gone for good.

    Golden enters the ring with a wry smile on his face. He grabs the microphone as the music stops and the lights brighten.

    Rod Sterling: I would lay off of Kazadi. We don't know where he is. We do know he isn't in the ring right now, and Golden is. So let's hear what he has to say.

    Golden hears a give-and-take between Kazadi supporters and those of him. Fans chanting "KA-ZA-DI" and "GOLD-EN-ONE" back and forth.

    "I'll admit, the kid deserves that chant. I know he's probably somewhere back at his home, maybe watching Fight Night, or maybe not, and he's sneering and frowning at me playing him up to you all. He probably despises me for showing him public respect and adoration. He probably thinks it's insincere and bloated, all the opposite of his values.

    But I'll say it again because I don't think he's coming through that entrance way. He deserves the chant. The kid made me tap into something extra ... something that Mike Garcia incorrectly says he got out of me ... but in truth didn't. Kazadi got something that not even Cyrus Truth got out of me.

    Kazadi got me ... to doubt myself a little. Momentarily. Fleeting. But it definitely happened.

    He got me ... angry at myself. He got me ... a little angry at all of you.

    Lastly ... he got me ... to care SO MUCH ... about beating one particular, specific person. Him. He got me to care about beating HIM."

    Golden offers admiration for Kazadi, which elicits some cheers from the crowd.

    "Kazadi did all of that. But ... it also kind of worked against him ... because that just pissed me off ... and made me ruthlessly CRAVE a rematch ... under any circumstances ... and I'm too damn good to lose when I'm in that headspace."

    And then back to the split in the crowd. More "Ka-za-di" chants, traded with ones for Golden.

    "I said before Kazadi and I faced the first time ... that facing me was like wrestling for a championship. I meant it. And when Kazadi won, I had to reassert that fact. And I did it. But I had to do it ... to him. No one else. No other person on the roster mattered. Only Kazadi. Only beating him. By any means necessary, even if it meant the odds being against me.

    Zachary Kazadi is a submission specialist, and I beat him. I made him tap. It took everything in my arsenal, but I did it
    . I've never won a submission match before in my career. It's a first, and it inspired another level of desire ... that I haven't tapped into in years.

    So I thank Kazadi for that. For beating me ... with a roll-up. A sneaky, slimy move that caught me off guard. In a match that I overlooked. Against an opponent whom I didn't give enough respect.

    I got what I deserved. I lost. And that lit a fire. It made me realize that everyone is gunning for me, wants to knock me down. I'm me, and beating me ... means something. I said it before. So I need to be ready. I wasn't.

    I wasn't ... partly because I didn't feel I had anything ... to gain ... I wasn't the one looking up."

    Golden pauses, letting the words sit for a minute. The announcers fill the gap with their belief in his interpretation. Daniella Kennedy says Golden "got cocky" bluntly.

    "But when I became the hunter ... when I was the one SEEKING the person out ... I was hungry.

    I was angry.

    I was inspired.

    I was out to prove something.

    To someone. Against someone.

    I felt ... my reputation ... my legacy ... diminished. Like I lost something and I was trying to get it back.

    I felt like I was back in 2015 ... 2014 ... 2012 ... 2009 ... 2008 ... trying to prove myself, as if no one believed in me or even cared.

    Which leads me to what's next ..."

    Some cheers from the crowd as Golden pauses. But he's interrupted ... and the music playing causes an ERUPTION of cheers from the audience. Daniella Kennedy lets escape a high-pitched "I KNEW IT!" while Christian Quinn groans. "The Golden One" looks to the entrance way with his eyes wide-eyed, surprised, startled, and then sort of an exhausted expression.

    Zachary Kazadi steps through the curtains with what can only be described as a mean mug on his face. Dressed in black suit pants and a flower-patterned dress shirt, it's clear Kazadi doesn't have any plans to wrestle today. The "KA-ZA-DI" chant is amplified now that the man himself has made his arrival but you wouldn't thousands of fans were screaming his name by the look on his face. His eyes are fixated on only a single man in the arena: Devin Golden.

    Rod Serling: Zachary Kazadi, a submission specialist, found himself tapping to Devin Golden on Fight Night, and I think you can tell how he felt about that by the look on his face.

    Daniella Kennedy: You heard Devin Golden, it was his first ever submission match in a long and storied career, this was on Kazadi's terms, and Kazadi still lost.

    Christian Quinn: You're pointing out the look on his face Rod, but I'm a bit surprised he's actually showing his face.

    Ignoring all outreaching hands, Kazadi makes a beeline for the ring, walking purposefully and never taking his attention away from the man who made him tap out. Unlike the last time these two stepped in a ring for an exchange of words, Kazadi grabs a microphone at ringside before he enters the squared circle.

    "Devin, since you're being forthright with me, I'm going to give you the same courtesy. Here it goes: I don't care if I made you doubt yourself. I don't care if beating you made you hungry. I don't care if it made you angry. I don't care if you needed a Kit Kat after the fact. I don't care if you were inspired. I don't care about your reputation. And to be quite frank with you, my name's not Mike Garcia, I'm not going to use" he raises his hands in quotation marks, "'made Devin Golden tap into something extra'" end quote, "on my resume and try to bargain Blackbird for a title shot with it.

    Honestly, Devin, I could stretch things out. I could talk about what beating you meant. I could talk about what losing to you meant. I could come up with excuses about being a submission specialist and tapping out to a man who doesn't know an armbar from an armlock. But Devin, as you can tell, I didn't go marching into Blackbird's office for another shot at you. So much like I'm not Mike Garcia, I'm certainly not half the man you are, talking my feelings out and begging a person of higher authority for help isn't really my thing.

    Instead, I'm in this ring looking you dead in the eye with one demand: Payback, you and I, let's break this tie, Devin. And since you suffer from a lack of inspiration, and the FWA delights at the thought of adding any sort of stake to a match, let's really make this the last dance. See, I can only see this ending one of two ways for us. The first is, I can't beat you, Devin. I rolled you up, and it was a fluke. I got lucky. I caught you on a bad day. And if that's a fact, and I can't beat Devin Golden, then the simple truth is, I don't want to step in another wrestling ring ever again."

    He pauses. Anyone saying this, it might be hyperbole, but Kazadi is deadly serious.

    "If I can't beat you Devin, then this is the end of the line for Zachary Kazadi in professional wrestling, I will yell to the top of my lungs that I quit."

    Kazadi takes a step closer.

    "Now Devin, I'm not asking you to put your career on the line. I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to do all of that, you'd come back next week anyways. But I am asking you put your pride on the line, Devin. The only way you're losing at Payback is the only way I am, by telling all of these people who came to see you-" he still refuses to acknowledge his own support in stubborn defiance, "that you quit. It's by telling these people, Zachary Kazadi is better than me, I can't beat him, I quit, he wins. There won't be vengeance. There won't be a chance to assuage your doubts after that defeat. That will be it Devin Golden. For you, it'll be 2015 or 2008 or whatever forever because mark my words, Devin, win or lose, I will never step into the ring with you ever again."

    He takes a step back again, giving Golden some space.

    "Let me reiterate that for you one final time: Devin Golden versus Zachary Kazadi at Payback, an I Quit match."

    Golden is never one to turn down a challenge, even one that makes him uncomfortable. And you can see through the cracks that this took him by surprise.

    The match is on, as Golden nods from the ring in approval. Kazadi and Golden keep a staredown going for about two additional seconds, before Kazadi turns and heads out to the exit. Golden remains in the ring looking down towards Kazadi, feeling again like the hunted instead of the one seeking the fight.


    We return to the ring arena, where Mike Valander is standing in the ring with Louis Valander by his side. Mike Valander is super serious while Louis is making a fart noise with his hands over his mouth. The crowd is IN LOVE with Louis Valander, who is being a jokester off to the side.

    Mike Valander slaps Louis in the back of the head, like an older brother telling the younger brother to stop acting foolish and be quiet. Mike is the serious one of the two, and Louis has a frown and quivering lip.

    Rod Sterling: These two are just too much. But as a pair, they are absolutely contenders for the tag titles. Louis and Mike have this odd-couple thing going on. The brotherly dynamic is fun for all the fans, and for us.

    "Bod Down" by I Prevail hits and Jackson Fenix emerges with Nate Savage behind him. The former FWA Tag Team Champions, the Undisputed Alliance, come to the ring with a mixed reaction. Fenix takes his spot while Savage gets into a war of childish words with Louis Valander. Eventually, Savage just gives up.

    Christian Quinn: The Undisputed Alliance know The Elite better than any team. If a team could win, I think the Undisputed Alliance has the chance.

    Daniella Kennedy: I just don't know if anyone is beating The Elite. Tonight will be an example of just how dominant they are.

    "Kick the Door In" by Notorious B.I.G. hits and the crowd erupts with mostly cheers. Noah Stocke comes out with the FWA Tag Team Championship belt around his waist. Trevor Ocean wears the other and is two paces behind.

    Rod Sterling: The Payback title match gets a little less cluttered for The Elite. The Wave are out, as of earlier tonight, after they went to a no contest with the Cheshire Cat Clan. So it'll be The Elite defending against The Valanders and the Undisputed Alliance at Payback.

    Jackson Fenix shouts at Stocke from the ring, and Stocke hands the belt to Ocean and sprints into the ring. The two rivals begin brawling, rolling on the canvas, while Mike Valander watches. The bell rings to start the match with The Elite and the Undisputed Alliance honed in on one another.

    Jackson Fenix w/ Nate Savage vs. Mike Valander w/ Louis Valander vs. Noah Stocke w/ Trevor Ocean

    Jackson Fenix and Noah Stocke continue to brawl, throwing wild punches at one another. Mike Valander steps forward every few seconds to try and get involved, but he thinks better of it each time. Finally, Fenix and Stocke roll under the ropes and out of the ring. They begin fighting on the outside padded floor while Mike Valander remains in the ring, watching them. The other two members of The Elite and the UA begin arguing from either side of the ring.

    Finally, The Valanders take flight.

    Louis Valander lands a jumping-from-the-apron clothesline to the back of the head of Nate Savage. Then he chases Trevor Ocean around the ring and into the crowd!

    Mike Valander does a suicide dive through the middle and top ropes, taking out BOTH Jackson Fenix and Noah Stocke! Mike Valander gets the crowd's praise as he rolls both men back into the ring. Mike Valander runs off the ropes and hits a running forearm to Stocke. Then he does the same to Fenix. He walks up to both and hits a double DDT, with an arm for each opponent.


    Mike Valander tries a quick pin on Noah Stocke, who kicks out at one. Jackson Fenix rolls away from the action. Mike Valander walks after him and begins pummeling and stomping away close to the turnbuckle. Finally, Stocke is able to land a forearm to the upper back!

    Stocke whips Mike Valander to the opposite turnbuckle. Then he motions for Fenix to do a step-up jumping clothesline, with Stocke kneeling for him. Stocke whips Mike Valander to the opposite turnbuckle. He motions for the same double-team move with Jackson Fenix.

    Only this time springs up and clotheslines Fenix before he can jump off!


    Noah Stocke grabs Jackson Fenix and hits a triple rolling double-underhook suplex. Then a overhead suplex. Then a double-underhook facebuster! He goes for the pinfall on Fenix, but it's a two-count kickout.

    Mike Valander stomps into the spine of Noah Stocke. He whips him to the ropes and hits a back elbow to the face on the rebound. Mike Valander lands multiple knee strikes to Stocke before trying a reverse DDT. But Jackson Fenix grabs Valander by the neck from behind and hits his own reverse DDT, bringing both Mike Valander and Noah Stocke down to the canvas!


    Jackson Fenix hits a diving high knee to Mike Valander as Noah Stocke rises to his feet. Stocke and Fenix eye one another for a second double-team sprint. Fenix runs point this time, telling Stocke to hold him for a spinning heel kick. Stocke does so, and Fenix WINKS at Mike Valander, who ducks in time for Fenix to hit the spinning heel kick on Stocke, right across the face!

    Trevor Ocean has snuck back to ringside, from his sojourn in the crowd. Louis Valander is cheering on Mike, who is down on the canvas catching a break. Nate Savage is eyeing Ocean from about 10 feet away, daring him to get involved again.

    Fenix avoids a forearm from Mike Valander and hits the kick to the gut. Then a fireman's carry neckbreaker. He is about to cover, but Noah Stocke stuns him with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Stocke goes for the pinfall on Valander!

    ....................1......................2............Fenix breaks it up!

    Fenix grabs Stocke and begins throwing wild punches his way. The two continue brawling until Mike Valander sneaks up and hits a Saito suplex on Jackson Fenix! The crowd roars as he covers Fenix!

    ....................1.....................2.........Noah Stocke breaks it up!


    Stocke grabs Valander and tries sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckle and ring post. Instead, it's Valander who counters and uses Stocke's momentum to fling him into the turnbuckle, causing the tag champion to fly over the turnbuckle and crashing to the apron!

    Louis Valander approves of the move from the outside, cheering and hooting, trying to get the crowd going. But he could be a better watchful eye for his brother!

    Mike Valander turns but gets kicked in the ribs by Jackson Fenix, who then hits the "Sin City Hangover" scoop brainbuster!!!


    Rod Sterling: A cover from Jackson Fenix! One ... TWO ... THREEE!

    Winner: Jackson Fenix

    Jackson Fenix celebrates the win while Noah Stocke is out of the ring, with Trevor Ocean's support. Ocean has returned to the ring area from before. Mike Valander is giving Louis Valander a scolding for not warning him that Fenix was behind him.

    Rod Sterling: Jackson Fenix gets the win! This could be a big leg up for the Undisputed Alliance.

    Christian Quinn: Noah Stocke is fuming. The Elite have been running through the division until tonight!


    Once again camera's cut to the Locker room of Dave Sullivan, the reigning FWA World Champion. He's still joined by Gabrielle though at this point she's moved over to a chair by herself.

    Bit nervous were we might have had a triple threat at Payback if tonight didn't go your way.

    Gabrielle playfully grimaces as Sullivan just rolls his eyes. Any further banter between them is cut short though as Katie-Lynn Goldsmith then enters the Locker room as well. Dave looks frustrated for a moment at the sight of another 'visitor' but then smirks as he prepares to talk about his favourite topic; himself. But Katie doesn't approach him, rather she makes a beeline for Gabrielle with microphone in hand.

    Gabrielle you requested some time to speak to the fans tonight.

    Dave tosses his head back and groans in annoyance as Gabrielle smiles warmly.

    I did, I wanted to address a rumor I have heard recently. See I've heard some estimations, some guesses as to why I of all people would back someone like Mike Garcia for a World Championship match. I've heard the rumor that I'm using the physicality and brutality that is Michael Garcia to my advantage. It makes sense though doesn't it?

    I mean win, lose or draw no one is going to put a beating on someone quite like that Giant will. It's never an easy or simple night at the office to get the best of Garcia, it's a bruising encounter. So Sullivan having to deal with him, having to face off against him would surely leave him in a fragile state...ripe for the pickings...ripe for a cash in...

    Gabrielle isn't looking into the camera anymore, rather she's locked eyes with Dave Sullivan. The Banter, the annoyance, and everything else is gone, replaced by intensity as the FWA World Champion and the Golden Opportunity winner stare each other down from across the room.

    Maybe just maybe that's why I suggested Michael Garcia for a World Championship match...maybe it's something else. Mike Garcia didn't win tonight, but he isn't done, either. I know he's still here, still around, and he has his sights set eventually on that title. And who knows ... Alyster Black ... might give ole' Davey everything he can handle.

    So, either way, Payback is going to be must see!

    With that said the intense stare down between Gabrielle and Sullivan ends as she finally, finally leaves his Locker room.


    The scene shifts and we’re now standing by in the back with Katie Lynn Goldsmith. She is standing in front of a television screen that has a digitalized animation of the FWA Fight Night logo playing in a loop. The muffled sounds of the audience within the arena can still be heard.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time: the FWA X Division Champion, Michelle von Horrowitz.”

    Von Horrowitz walks into shot, her championship belt proudly sitting on her shoulder. Her face is pale, but two darkened circles - the product of a lack of sleep - adorn her cheekbones beneath the eyes. Her hair is a usual short tangle and there’s a tiredness in her eyes, but nonetheless there’s a smile on her face.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    “Ms von Horrowitz, first thing’s first: I wanted to get your reaction to Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird’s announcement earlier tonight. At Payback, the one-on-one matches between Gerald Grayson and Kayden Knox as well as Orion and Eli Black will carry with them an extra incentive for those competitors: a shot at your X Division Championship, the very next week on Fight Night.”

    Michelle shuffles the belt on her shoulder. She is wearing her ring gear: black thigh length trunks and a baggy black t-shirt over the top. The elbow pads she reserved only for X Rules matches had been disposed of, but she still kept her knee pads as well as a support on the left leg. Despite last week’s night off, the effects of several consecutive hard-fought matches were still on display.

    MvH: “My reactions? Well, this is what I’ve been asking for, Katie, so I’m not going to stand here and angrily lament consecutive title defenses, or indeed consecutive three-person title defenses. Although, it does make me ponder whether the Blackbird is attempting to create a pro-wrestling Noah’s Ark allegory. This week: Nova and Truth. Next week: Cromwell and Randall. And the week after that: two more as-of-yet unconfirmed foes. The animals went in two by two, indeed. I wish all four of them the best of luck, of course, even if part of me does wonder why their matches on Payback have not been made into X Rules Matches, whilst mine most definitely is. But Katie, that is not what I am here to speak to you about…”

    Katie takes the microphone back to her own lips, and quickly stifles a look of anxiety. She proceeds onwards, hoping to find a more agreeable topic.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    “Tonight, in our very next match-up, in fact, you are about to team up with rival Kevin Cromwell in order to face off against Cyrus Truth and Nova Diamond, as you alluded to. Have you got any thoughts on the comments of either of your opponents in the lead up to this match, if you even heard them?”

    “Of course I heard them, Katie. My ear is to the ground. I read Nova’s blog. He has a blog! How adorable! Nova poured his heart out into his keyboard, serenading the pre-teen emo girls that are so clearly his target demographic with his thoughts on Truth, on Cromwell, and on myself. ’A troll like MVH, who will exploit that weakness not because she wants to win the match but because she wants to specifically hurt me and people in general.’ How blunt. The troll part I do not understand. I can only assume it’s an attempt at a xenophobic slur aimed at the Danes and my Nordic cousins. I’m Dutch, you fuckwit. As for the rest of it, this is entirely without merit. This is a surface reading that one should expect from a basic bitch like Nova Diamond. When have I ever said that I am going to specifically hurt you, or anyone else for that matter? Listen to my words, Nova: I have said that I am going to beat you. My barbarism is only matched by my pragmatism. In my many years in this industry, I have never put my hands on any one individual just for the fun of it. That I do find satisfaction in emasculating brave little warriors like yourself is only a bonus. It is not for this satisfaction that I do what I do.”

    From inside the arena, we can hear a stunted ‘NO-VA DIA-MOND’ chant that doesn’t get a huge amount of traction. Clearly, this Huntsville audience is divided in their opinion on the man from Manchester.

    MvH: “As for Truth? It does not surprise me that he knows very little about who I am. I’m sure he’s made little effort to find out. He refers to me using vague adjectives that I’ve heard a million times before: sadistic, hungry, dangerous... He speaks like a man who has only ever seen a picture of me, or heard vague rumors, and so keeps his description as overly simplistic as he can. But what else should I expect from a man as self-centered and sanctimonious as Cyrus Truth? Every moment he spends talking about me is a moment less he can talk about himself, and so he keeps that portion of his endless commentary as brief as possible. I could stand here and talk for hours about this veritable odd couple. But, my tulips, that is not really what I would like to talk about either…"

    Michelle looks away flippantly, as if she’s waiting for the ordeal of this interview to be over. Goldsmith regroups, composes herself, and then marches on with her questions...

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    “Okay, Michelle… then what about your partner tonight? And, of course, ‘the Wildcard’ Jason Randall, who we have heard is scheduled to do special guest commentary on your tag team match tonight? The two of them wait for you at Payback, with designs on your X Division Championship."

    Michelle pulls a face that implies mock-fear, before addressing the interviewer directly.

    MvH: “You make it sound so ominous, Katie. Excellent job! Of course, all we have to do to dispel the sense of dread you are trying to evoke is look at our records since Back in Business. I have pinned both of these men whilst asserting my dominance over this division. They should not be rewarded in failure with another shot at success. This will breed only further failure. But this is how the Blackbird wants things to be, and so it shall be. You may have noticed that I am just about sick of speaking about Kevin Cromwell. It seems that I have been doing it for weeks, and the topic of our Wrestling Savant is such a dull one that even I will struggle to make it interesting for so long. And the other one? I think it's great that he's trying out for a spot at the commentary desk. Lord knows he doesn't have too long left in the ring, especially if he insists on continuously climbing into it with me. But if he wants to audition, he shouldn't have put his name down so soon after my magnificent exploits at that desk last week. Whether it's on commentary, on this microphone, or in that ring, Michelle von Horrowitz is an impossible act to follow.“

    Goldsmith starts to move the microphone back to herself, ready to ask her next question, but Michelle raises a hand to check the momentum. Gently, with force only implied, she pulls the mic back to her lips.

    MvH: “Seeing as the topic that I actually want to discuss is seemingly buried at the bottom of your list of questions, how about I just take over from here? You will remember my words from last week. The reason that I have deigned to give you an interview tonight is because I am waiting for someone to answer my call. Last week, I told you that I will present Bell Connelly with the opportunity to speak with me, each and every week, for as long as it takes for her to show her face. And Goldsmith, is she here tonight?”

    Katie attempts to answer, but she is quickly cut off.

    MvH: “It’s a rhetorical question, Goldsmith. I already told you that your job here is done. All that remains for you is to hold this microphone in front of me. She is not here tonight. You may have seen the little tirade she posted online last night. Such vitriol. Such spite. She contests that she is ready to move on with her life, and she does so with a healthy dollop of venom so as to ward off anybody that might disagree with her. Life may be done with you, Connelly, but I most certainly am not. And so, I believe it is about time that I raised the ante. At Payback, I will not only be successfully defending this X Division Championship against Kevin Cromwell and Jason Randall…”

    Here, she taps the championship belt with her free hand, and allows herself a devious smile.

    MvH: “I will also bring to you an exclusive interview with the one, the only… Dr Stanley Strangelove Psy.D. And if you don’t know who that is? You will soon. I know that you already do, Bell. Now, Katie, if you’ll excuse me…”

    Those are her last words, and the champion turns on her heel and walks out of shot. The lens re-focuses on Katie Lynn Goldsmith, who does her best to put on a brave, professional smile.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    “You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen! Back to you, Rod…”


    “Go To Sleep” hits to a big pop from the fans in the Von Braun Center and “The Wildcard” Jason Randall steps out on stage, he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt that has Johnny Cash on it giving the middle finger, and jeans and boots to go along with it. He walks over to the commentary table and sits at the end of the table and puts on a headset.

    Rod Sterling: It looks like we’re being joined by “The Wildcard” for our main event tag team match.

    Jason Randall: That’s right Rod, you could say that I have a bit of a keen interest in two competitors in this match.

    Randall’s music fades out and is replaced by the dulcet tones of Roy Orbison's “In Dreams” plays to a mixed reception as Michelle von Horrowitz walks out in her usual in-ring attire and her X-Championship over her shoulder. She ignores Randall flipping her the bird, much like Johnny Cash on his shirt so in a way she’s getting the double bird.

    Jason Randall: I hate this song.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way down to the ring, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and weighing in at 67 kg, she is the current reigning FWA X-Division Champion…”Dreamer” Michelle von Horrowitz!

    Christian Quinn: I think it’s a lovely song.

    Jason Randall: No one asked you.

    Michelle nonchalantly sits atop the turnbuckle as she waits for Kevin Cromwell, “Rock Me Amadeus” hits to another loud pop from the fans as Cromwell makes his way out and does his signature pose on stage. He looks over at Randall, the two glare at each other before Cromwell makes his way down to the ring while Michelle feigns a yawn.

    Kurt Harrington: ... and her tag team partner, from Manchester, England and weighing in at 187 pounds…”Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell!

    Rod Sterling: Tensions are at an all time high in this match, on both teams.

    Jason Randall: I hope Michelle falls off that turnbuckle to the outside.

    Christian Quinn: That escalated fast.

    “Comfortably Numb” now hits to a big pop and Nova Diamond steps out on stage, he wastes no time though and continues walking down to the ring without any fanfare.

    Kurt Harrington: Their opponent, first from Manchester, England and weighing in at 82 kg...Nova Diamond!

    Daniella Kennedy: Not only do you have history with Michelle and Cromwell, but Nova as well Jason.

    Jason Randall: It’s exactly that, history. I don’t like the guy at all but even I can admit that he has talent, one day I’ll beat him but I’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment.

    “Subconscious” hits to yet another loud pop for The Exile as he makes his way out, not paying any mind to whatever is around him and simply walks down to the ring without taking his eyes off of it.

    Kurt Harrington: ... and his tag team partner, from The Long and Winding Road and weighing in at 232 lbs…”The Exile” Cyrus Truth!

    Jason Randall: Here’s a man that one day I wouldn’t mind sharing the ring with, but again I have bigger fish to fry right now.

    Rod Sterling: Cyrus Truth has hit a bit of a rough patch as of late and there is no love lost between him and his tag team partner, who holds a victory over him I might add.

    Daniella Kennedy: I’m sure that’s on the back of his mind but his main focus is this match tonight.

    "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell and Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Cyrus Truth and Nova Diamond

    It’s Michelle starting off with Nova Diamond and she teases a test of strength, but then throws her hand back and feigns another yawn. Nova then slaps her across the cheek, she holds her cheek where he slapped her but he grabs her by her free hand and takes her down with an arm drag. She kips back up and tries to follow up with her own arm drag, but Nova counters it with an arm wrench followed by another arm drag takedown and begins to wrench back on her arm until she manages to grab a nearby bottom rope. Nova relinquishes the hold and Michelle is back on her feet and they circle each other before locking up, this time Michelle gets the advantage and transitions behind Nova in a rear waistlock and she attempts a german suplex but as she goes for it Nova flips out of it and lands on his feet. Michelle spins around and is stunned as Nova nails her with a pele kick, Nova irish whips her to the corner and it’s there he connects with a step-up enzugiri stunning Michelle even more which allows Cromwell to tag himself into the match…

    Michelle comes to and she looks slightly annoyed as Kevin enters the ring and stands off with his lifelong friend…

    Daniella Kennedy: This has been a long time coming for these two to square off.

    There’s a hush that falls over the crowd and the two lock up and Nova transitions into a rear waistlock, but Kevin counters and spins around with his own rear waistlock into a takedown and Kevin switches over into a rear headlock keeping his friend grounded. He lays down while keeping the hold intact as Nova tries to break away and he does manage to snag the bottom rope, but Kevin keeps it locked in before the referee reaches five and breaks the hold. Nova holds his neck and is gasping for air as Kevin playfully kicks him on the head, toying with Nova knowing that it’ll get under Nova’s skin and it does but unfortunately for Kevin it backfires as Nova sweeps the legs taking Kevin down and quickly covers Kevin for a pin…but not even a one is produced as Kevin immediately kicks out and looks at Nova with a rather annoyed expression.

    The two of them square off once more and get into a grapple with Nova pushing Kevin into the corner and breaks the count from the referee, and then smacks Kevin upside the head which sends Kevin into a tizzy who then charges at Nova but Nova catches Kevin with a drop toe hold! Kevin pops back up however and eats a roundhouse kick from Nova for his troubles! Nova then drags him over to his corner and tags in Cyrus, and Truth comes in and lights up Kevin’s chest with several knife edge chops as Kevin slumps down prone in the corner allowing Cyrus to unload on Kevin with the First Five Steps!

    Rod Sterling: Cromwell is in a bad way now and in dire need of a tag

    Jason Randall: He was the dope that tagged himself in

    Christian Quinn: He makes a good point there Rod

    Jason Randall: No one asked you still

    Cyrus is about to drag Kevin up from the corner when Nova tags himself in, much to the dismay of Cyrus Truth, who glares daggers at Nova. Nova then drags Kevin out from the corner and brings him up for a suplex, but Kevin slips out of it behind Nova and then hits Nova with a dragon suplex! Kevin lays on the mat, attempting to catch his breath before making the tag to Michelle. Nova is attempting to get back up while Michelle watches him before striking with a russian leg sweep! Michelle then applies a stretch muffler submission along with some stomps for extra added salt in the wound, and Nova grabs hold of a bottom rope for a break but Michelle hangs on for a few more extra seconds before getting disqualified. Michelle brings Nova up and hits him with a regal-plex into a pin!


    Nova kicks out while Cyrus wants in the match and is trying to urge Nova to just make the tag, but Nova even in his semi-dazed state refuses to tag in his partner. Michelle has Nova in a sleeper now with nowhere for him to go, Nova is swinging his arms around madly until he has no energy left to give. The referee checks on Nova and after it seems like he may be out, he shows a second wind after his arm raises up, and he begins to rise up while Michelle tries to keep the hold applied but to no avail as Nova fends her off with several elbows to the midsection! Nova then connects with a spinning back elbow that stuns Michelle and Nova hits her with an exploder suplex! He then reluctantly makes the tag to Cyrus as Michelle is slowly getting up to her feet only to be met with a standing dropkick! Michelle rolls away to her corner and tags Kevin in, who comes in off the tag and attempts a clothesline but Cyrus ducks underneath and catches Kevin with a jumping neckbreaker! Kevin clutches his neck while kneeling on one knee leaving him open for Cyrus to hit Wanderer’s Wrath! Cyrus makes the pin…


    Kevin with a shoulder up and Cyrus brings him up and looks to irish whip him to the corner, but Kevin attempts to counter and irish whips Cyrus to the ropes only for Cyrus to counter back with a discus punch! Kevin is on wobbly legs as Cyrus irish whips him to the corner now and begins to drive his boot into Kevin’s throat until Nova tags himself back in and Cyrus is irritated by this and yells at Nova, to which Nova ignores and lets himself in the match. He’s attempting another step-up enzugiri in the corner when Kevin counters by getting his boot up! Nova stumbles back and Kevin sets himself up...springboard european uppercut!

    Nova is up on a knee however but this allows Kevin to strike...SUPERSONIC! He makes the cover…


    He tosses Nova to the corner and begins to set him up top until Michelle tags herself in, much to Kevin’s annoyance…

    Jason Randall: It’s about time there’s some friction between these two clowns…

    Nova has had time to recover however and kicks Michelle away and hops off the turnbuckle, and Michelle runs at him but he counters with a uranage! She rolls away near the corner where Cyrus is at and Nova begins to stalk her while she begins to come to and Nova goes for the 24K Kick...BUT MICHELLE DUCKS AND HE HITS CYRUS OFF THE APRON WITH IT! Cyrus drops to the outside floor as Nova looks on, obviously annoyed with himself while Michelle slips behind him and catches him with a roll-up while holding the tights!


    Winners: Michelle von Horrowitz and Kevin Cromwell

    Nova is pissed off and tries to tell the referee that she held his tights, but the referee never saw it and Nova rolls outside of the ring and stews in anger, walking over to his partner who is just coming to…

    Rod Sterling: Some miscommunication from Nova and Cyrus leads to Michelle and Kevin sneaking away with the win, and I’ve gotta ask, Jason…

    Before Rod can finish though, the sound of a headset can be heard as Randall leaves the table and heads down to the ring. He grabs the X-title and slides in the ring with it, he stares down at it before acting as if he’s going to hand it to Michelle but Cromwell instead tries to take it away from him but instead it falls to the mat. Jason and Kevin have a shoving match which results into a brawl and they begin to fight to the outside and it spills out into the crowd!

    Michelle has slipped away with her title and a devious grin on her face, which is what we see upon commercial break!


    Returning from commercial break, we have Cyrus Truth and Nova Diamond still in the ring. Michelle von Horrowitz has slipped away from the X Championship fracas while Jason Randall and Kevin Cromwell have fought through the crowd, finally separated.

    Fans are now fixated on the two men in the ring: a former three-time FWA World Champion and one-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion, and the man who won Carnal Contendership.

    Rod Sterling: This is ANOTHER loss for Cyrus Truth, but certainly not one he can put on himself.

    Christian Quinn: This loss is on Nova Diamond, absolutely. The 24K kick missed the mark. He and Cyrus were dominant and dominating. It all turned, and Nova took the pin. Cyrus was on top of his game.

    Daniella Kennedy: It's still a loss in the books for him! You can tell Cyrus wanted it, and he's not letting Nova off the hook.

    Sure enough, Cyrus Truth has some "choice" words and expressions darted toward Nova Diamond, who shall we say isn't taking it in stride or letting it roll off his back. Cyrus and Nova get into a heated exchange further, with Nova making a hand motion as if he doesn't care.

    Cyrus, who isn't letting this go due to his frustrations of late, grabs Nova by the shoulder. The crowd lets out an "ooooh" as Nova turns and the two are face to face.

    Rod Sterling: Oh man, Cyrus Truth. Look at his eyes! There's something MENACING in there. No one has that look about them.

    Nova then says, "You aren't worth it." Cyrus has had enough and levels him with a big stiff punch to the face. Nova fires back, and Cyrus grabs him and throws him to the canvas. Nova charges and tackles Cyrus into the turnbuckle, and finally the two hit the canvas and throw wild punches until they roll off separate ways.

    Before they can re-engage one another, Lord Vincent comes out to the stage. Microphone in hand. Boo birds flying around the arena.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: I said earlier in the night that I'd be watching this match. I wasn't disappointed with you two. Not. In. The. Slightest. There's a fire here, and I love fire. I want to throw a flame on this burning pit, so I will.

    Vincent pauses, stalling, as the crowd buzzes with anticipation.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: At Payback ... it'll be about "Second ... Chances". Cyrus Truth is the most recent former FWA World Champion who never got his rematch, which some say he rightfully deserves. Although isn't legally entitled to. His first chance at it was the Elimination Chamber, and he hasn't gotten another shot since. And ... Nova Diamond ... the Carnal Contendership winner ... who hasn't gotten his second chance after Back in Business.

    Second chances. For both of you. No matter what has happened in recent weeks. No matter what has happened in recent matches. Cyrus Truth. Nova Diamond.


    In a number one contendership match for the FWA World Championship!

    The crowd erupts as Cyrus and Nova eye one another and shoot words back and forth.

    Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird: And as I said ... second chances ... joke all you want, but I call this a second chance after what happened earlier tonight.

    So this match ... will have a third ... competitor. Meet the other man getting another chance.

    Vincent steps back and the crowd begins buzzing. A man has emerged from the crowd from behind, and now stands in the ring.

    Rod Sterling: MICHAEL GARCIA!

    Garcia hits Cyrus Truth with a furious clothesline right when "The Exile" turns and sees the train coming at him. Garcia then turns to Nova Diamond, who stands about 6 feet away. Nova smiles at Garcia, whom he has long admired.

    Garcia smiles back, and he offers a handshake. Nova reaches out and accepts, much to the grievance of the crowd.

    But then Garcia pulls Nova in and hits "The Pittsburgh Pendulum" finisher!!!


    Christian Quinn: Mike Garcia, Cyrus Truth, and Nova Diamond. A triple threat match at Payback. The winner gets a title shot.

    Fight Night ends with an increasingly common sight. Michael Garcia stands in the ring, posing, with the crowd giving him a slightly favorable reaction muddling out the usual boos. Cyrus Truth has rolled out of the ring, and Nova Diamond is under the ropes on the opposite side.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    Very good show folks. Thank you for putting it together. I think the triple threat match is a great book for the pay per view because those three (excluding Gabrielle with the briefcase) are probably the top three on the roster and for sure deserved contenders.

    Relatedly, there are some other stars who are very close to making that push to joining them. Maidens Knox impressed me every week, and this was a HUGE win for MVH and Cromwell. MVH legit has the potentially right now to go on the run I just finished in the X Division/North American title picture. I'm excited to see that, and it's only a matter of time before we see MVH in the main event picture too.

    Kazadi vs Golden was something I thought was gonna be a short fling but it's really developing into a very quality feud, which I think is perfect for Kazadi right now. I'm excited to see what happens here.

    Lastly as usual the back and forth between Sullivan and Gabby plays so well. I didn't write for Sullivan here but he was captured just as I'd imagine. If Alyster Black ends up stealing the title from Sullivan, a Gabrielle vs Sullivan match MUST happen either way. The tension between these two is like one of those cheesy hallmark movies where they pretend to hate each other for most of the film.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    I'll try to review the show as a whole soon but 'Nova smiles at Garcia, whom he has long admired.' part stung more than the loss to MVH&Cromwell.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    Japanese death match? Garcia vs Truth vs Diamond? Black vs Orion? Gerald vs Knox? This ppv card is super stacked

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    To be fair, I just said that you always talked Mike up on Twitter and commentary and such, not intending that you grew up with Garcia's posters on your wall or anything.

    Great show.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    The following is live reactions as I read the show

    "You don't have to be there, babe
    You don't have to be scared, babe
    You don't need of plan of what you wanna do
    Won't you listen to the review that's loving you"

    -looks like it;s a cold open with my two mortal foes; Resident crazy man in charge and the man whose taken literal years off my life. If I had a tumor, thy name be Cyrus.

    -Oh dear god, if Resident crazy man in charge Lord V told he had plans for me, I'd go running, after the last few weeks I'm expecting Cyrus and Nova having to fight 35 guys in a vat of acid.

    -Ok, here we go, getting this out of the way early is a surprise; And yeah, Mike gave it a good shot, but...going against Dave and Rawr, the deck was always stacked, against him. I hope Sayer doesn't take it too hard, use this as motivation, honestly. I feel like this a good thing, because his main event push recently had felt oddly rushed. a few weeks down the road and he can work his way into a main event picture. He's a man not handed anything, when he does get to the main event he'll earn it, the hard way

    -And to be honest, because I'm glad, I'm way too hyped for black and Sullivan. that's going to be a killer match and this post match segment just confirms it.

    -YESSSSSSSSSS-! Now we're talking, Mic time for my fav wrestler. I dig it, all the mid card guys getting a story. I love it-!

    Urg. No Vincent, I'm having a good time go away.

    Alright-! I dig this decision. Rooting for ya Grayson

    "Always the bridesmaid"

    God I hate you V, you smug sociopath.

    Holy shit a Japanese death match?! We're really bringing out the hard shit, aren't we? between this and MVH regular bloody murder feast FWA has turned into ECW, VERY into what whacky hardcore hijinks is going to come from this.

    -And now it's time for everyone's favorite; Gabby fucking with Davy until his head explodes. We all know it's going to happen. It's just a matter of when.

    -Zack and Devin is my favorite feud at the moment, it's a simple story with no secondary themes. Just two wrestlers, looking to prove whose better, by rasstling. Lovely.

    - Things hotti' up in the tag division. Payback is gonna be close.

    -Before anyone asks; no I don't know, what MVH is planning. and as you can expect I am intrigued,and terrified on what the future could hold, from that evil mastermind. Still constantly the highlight of the night.


    Jesus Cyrus must be in a bad way if he's losing to me.

    Over all a good match, I love that Kev and Nova got their own little moment. Full discloser; when I saw the match card, I frowned. I had my heart set on tagging with Nova, considering their history, the tag team vaccum, and just because Hermes is a cool dude, so I thought the whole opposite partner thing was weird, but I take that back, I think it worked well, and I enjoyed working with SS, really smart dude.

    -Ok here we go. Hit me with your next cunning plan V.

    "I love fire"

    Why I'm I not a surprised you're a pyromaniac?

    Sorry please go on your lordship.


    Ok, no I'm actually into this. Cyrus and Nova is a very good match, and I get the logic, you got a fun one on one match with two main event talents. Sign me up. Well done V, you actually made a choice I agree with-

    Oh hold on, there's more...

    ...Oh for fuc-

    Ok, I'm convinced; Big Mike knows where Lord V is hiding the bodies, and is black mailing him with this info.

    Well, don't I look silly for what I said after the opening match about Mike not getting the easy road?

    Big Mike knows where the bodies are buried. You can't convince me other wise.

    "Nova smiles at Garcia, whom he has long admired."

    What the hey?! Since when? Did I miss something? Hermes, I'm offended, Nova hates everyone, he barely tolerates his best friend Kev but that smooth charm of MG, got him like woah-!

    Every one loves Big Mike.


    Lord V.


    The police he charmed to give him the location of where Lord V has hidden the bodies.

    ...I really hope Sayer wrote that line. that'll be really funny

    Hermes, you better have in your promo for the PPV, Nova gazing lovely at his poster of big Mike, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

    Forgive me Sempai

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    I wrote it. The way Sayer described it, Nova Diamond faps to Mike Garcia every night.

    Just kidding, but yeah, Sayer explained that "Nova has always talked Mike up in promos" and he wanted Nova and Garcia to exchange in a smile-off. I'm not going to have two dudes who are about to tussle randomly smiling at one another with no explanation, so I wrote a little extra context since Nova does talk positively of Garcia.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    Nah. He faps to Big Mike.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    ^ Still of Nova once Mike entered the scene
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    Fantastic show. Particularly enjoyed any interactions between Sullivan and Gabrielle, which has been the highlight for me the last two or three weeks. I quite like that it's just a straight singles match at the PPV between Black and Sully. That's not meant as an insult to Garcia at all - I just mean there's a load of gimmick matches for titles (and non-titles actually) and the X Title is a triple threat, so I think that strikes a good balance.

    The other triple threat between Garcia, Nova, and Garcia should be a cracker. I agree that these are three of the five top contenders (if you don't include NA Title co-owners) so it makes sense to put them together with that prize. Kazadi v Golden feud has been a stellar little mini-feud and an I Quit match should be an awesome conclusion to that. Really surprised by the stipulation for Parr and Krash. I had wondered, when this feud rolled on, how they were going to up the ante from the cage match, but they have succeeded. Looking forward to that one.

    Finally, I am actually very surprised that we won! I was pleased with our joint promo but I thought Nova's and Cyrus's were really great. Part of me is convinced that Nova and Cyrus requested a loss to set up their match at Payback! The match write-up was very good and did an excellent job of simultaneously building up two rivalries.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 05/15/2020

    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    Lastly as usual the back and forth between Sullivan and Gabby plays so well. I didn't write for Sullivan here but he was captured just as I'd imagine. If Alyster Black ends up stealing the title from Sullivan, a Gabrielle vs Sullivan match MUST happen either way. The tension between these two is like one of those cheesy hallmark movies where they pretend to hate each other for most of the film.
    Especially coming off the Cyrus-Gabby feud which was so intense, Sully-Gabby has been really fun so far. The banter between them comes so easily.

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