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Thread: The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

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    The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

    Welcome everyone to the first of what will hopefully be many editions of the FWA Power 20! You, the readers, have cast your vote on where these characters placed on this list! The power is all yours! I intend on posting a Power 20 before every big event so hopefully this sticks as a periodic thing. So without further adieu, let's get going with the first ever FWA Power 20!

    #20. The Cheshire Cat Clan/ Orion (Tied) - 12 points

    #19- The Wave - 33 points

    #18 - Eli Black - 52 points

    #17 - Louis and Mike Valendar - 53 points

    #16 The Undisputed Alliance/Kayden Knox - 54 points

    #15 - Jason Randall - 74 points

    #14 - Zachari Kazadi - 75 points

    #13 - Gerald Greyson - 78 points

    #12 - The Elite - 89 points

    #11 - Kevin Cromwell - 90 points

    #10 - Nova Diamond - 125 points

    #9 - Cyrus Truth - 129 points

    #8 Devin Golden - 135 points

    #7 Alyster Black - 138 points

    #6 Michelle VOn Horowitz - 146 points

    And now, the Top 5....

    #5 - FWA North American CHampion
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr
    - 148 points

    "The Prodigy has certainly been on a roll as of late, but one can certainly understand why the Prodigy isn't smiling as much as you may think. I mean, the guy has to share his championship with a man that he despises with every fiber of his being. One has to think that this won't end well between the two and the NWA North American Championship may end up being collateral damage in their falling out.

    #4. "The New" Gabrielle - 160 points

    Whether she's "The New" Gabrielle or back to her old ways, Gabrielle Montgomery always remains a threat in the FWA CHampionship picture. And now, even more frightening, she has a guaranteed World Title Match any chance she wants! One has to know that it's just a matter of when, not if, Gabrielle is holding the FWA Championship once again.

    #3. "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia -161 points

    One might say that Mike Garcia is on the best run of his career right now, but even at that, he's coming up short of obtaining his goals! It does seem that a frustrated Garcia is even more dangerous than his usual havoc wreaking self and he's positioned himself as a true contender in the World Title picture. One thing is for certain...everyone is talking about Main Event Mike right now.

    #2. The FWA North American Champion - Krash - 162 points

    Krash is on a high right now, finally managing to secure singles gold in the FWA. Although much like his co-champion, he has to co-exist with someone he just can't go along with. The question is...just how long can Krash, and The Prodigy, keep up this partnership and maintain the championship?

    #1. Belle Connolly

    Just kidding.

    #1. The FWA CHampion - His Majesty, "The King" Dave Sullivan - 163 points

    It's good to be the King. You get the money. You get the gold. You get the respect. And you get everyone coming at your head. And Lord knows that everyone seems to be gunning for Dave Sullivan as of late. The King has literally had to have his head on a swivel, whether it's Kayden Knox or Kevin Cromwell, the X Division is coming for his throat. As if that wasn't enough, he's got an undefeated Alyster Black coming up as his next challenger at Payback Added to that, he may also have to deal with a pissed off powerhouse in Michael Garcia! And to put the cherry on the sundae, Gabrielle is making sure to swing that contract in his face every chance she gets. Yes, it may be good to be the King, but as they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown. It should be very interesting to see if Dave Sullivan still holds the FWA Championship or even the top spot on the Power 20, the next time we roll out a list!

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    Re: The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

    Damn two points off Parr. Knew I should've voted for my own character...

    Good work putting the list together Sayer. Interesting to see the differences between the group list and my own. Certainly a worthy top five.

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    Re: The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

    Good to know Nova made top 10. And given how tight the race is between 10-7, who knows what would've happen if I put him even higher?
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    Re: The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

    Golden and Diamond are severely underrated here. I had them both in the Top 5 on my list.

    But overall looks pretty solid. Good job putting everything together.

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    Re: The FWA Power 20 Edition #1

    Great to see something like this back.

    Very close points wise at the top.

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