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The video opens to a shot of a horizontal left-to-right table with the same three people as before situated behind it. Far left is Daniella Kennedy, a color commentator on Fight Night. Sitting middle is Cameron Cross, a former FWA Television Champion, and the host. On the right hand side is another former FWA competitor, former FWA World Heavyweight Champion, FWA Tag Team Champion and North American Champion Thomas Princeton.

Cameron Cross: Welcome, folks, to the SECOND edition of "State of the FWA". Our periodic online television show blew up with people raving and amassing more than two million views in two weeks between our Fight Night shows. I am Cameron Cross, the host of the show and former FWA Television Champion. On my left and your right is Thomas Princeton, who was in the last Carnal Contendership match and is a triple crown champion in his own right. And then Daniella Kennedy, on my right, who sits ringside and commentates on the shows. She's also a former Tag Team Champion and Women's Champion.

Daniella Kennedy: We can talk about how our show has TAKEN OFF ... but what a Fight Night we just saw a few days ago, right?

Thomas Princeton: Alyster Black? WHO THE HELL IS THAT?! It's fresh, that's for sure, but I'm really interested in the reaction to this.

Cameron Cross: It's time to run through some of the main storylines going on in the FWA ... and we will start in a similar fashion to last show, talking about the same person and asking a VERY similar question.

Where ... IS ... Cyrus Truth?

Cameron Cross: Cyrus Truth hit a recent losing streak and then was given ... a week off from Fight Night? He's a three-time FWA World Champion who had a meteoric rise in the FWA and ... he didn't even appear on Fight Night.

Thomas Princeton: I think ... Lord Vincent ... just wanted to give him some time. Maybe a day off. I thin our general manager understands that Cyrus Truth is a commodity and a money-maker.

Daniella Kennedy: I'm just intrigued by what Vincent said on Fight Night. He implied that here are three people in the running for a title opportunity, and he said Cyrus is one of those three. We have one Fight Night left before Payback. I'm looking forward to this upcoming show. Because we WILL see Cyrus on it.

Cameron Cross: Cyrus Truth in a match with Nova Diamond against Michelle von Horrowitz and Kevin Cromwell!

Thomas Princeton: Could Nova be the answer to getting him out of this losing run? What if it's another loss?

Cameron Cross: I think Cyrus can't go into the match thinking about it, and I think the "week off" could backfire. Is that just getting into Cyrus' head and making it a bigger deal than this all is? Cyrus has lost to Gabrielle, Devin Golden, and a few others in one-on-one matches.

Zachary Kazadi vs. Devin Golden: What's Next?

Cameron Cross: Zachary Kazadi got a win two Fight Night shows ago against "The Golden One" Devin Golden, who got revenge in a SUBMISSION MATCH. Now it's 1-1 and ... will we see a third match?

Daniella Kennedy: We have to, right? "The Golden One" and Zachary Kazadi are tied at one in this back and forth.

Thomas Princeton: Golden showed a side of him in that submission match that he hasn't used in quite some time. He had this anger, this resentment. Now he's got a fire. It's like he NEEDED to take a loss. A submission match is Kazadi's ... specialty ... so now I think Kazadi has that same fire. He has to have some regret an anger for losing this match.

Cameron Cross: I thought Kazadi was game and Golden was in trouble. Now I don't know what to think, but Fight Night should give some answers.

North American Championship Controversy

Cameron Cross: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr and Krash were announced at the very start of Fight Night as ... co-champions? Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird made this announcement at the very start of Fight Night and said that ... both were deserving of being the champion. So ... where do we stand now? We even tried to settle it on Fight Night but ... yeah. That didn't work as well.

Thomas Princeton: A tag team match against The Elite ended in a double spinebuster and a double pinfall! So now it's Mike Parr and Krash continuing as co-champions of the North American Championship belt.

Daniella Kennedy: Who keeps it?

Cameron Cross: I don't think that matters at all. We'll settle it soon enough.

Thomas Princeton: It very much matters! Mike Parr and Krash want that belt. They want the recognition. They've both had it. So this does matter a lot.

Daniella Kennedy: Well ... we're hearing that Fight Night will result in an answer. I imagine there will be one more match at Payback. How is this going to end?

Cameron Cross: Undoubtedly in some brutal, violent confrontation that will leave their bones broken, noses bloodied, and legends made.

Alyster Black Wins the Gauntlet and Is Going to Payback

Cameron Cross: Alyster Black got into the Gauntlet Match at the VERY end and took advantage of an EXHAUSTED "King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan to win the match. Now he's got a future World Championship match and is going to Payback!

Thomas Princeton: Alyster Black is a rookie in the FWA and was not even thought of as a challenger to this title before the gauntlet match. But WHAT A MOMENT. It was riveting.

Daniella Kennedy: I thought ... Sullivan would survive this. He beat Orion. Then he won by countout against Eli Black, who I thought was the best challenger to Sullivan without seeing the entrant order.

Cameron Cross: Sullivan then got the win against Kayden Knox by disqualification after Knox refused to let up a choke hold! "The King of the FWA" then got a gift from Knox, who attacked Gerald Grayson before the next match! So Sullivan was able to BARELY outlast Grayson, who has yet to win a match in the FWA. But what a performance by him. And after Ashley Bell was unable to make it to the ring ... Alyster Black finished the job.

Daniella Kennedy: But let's talk about the other person involved: Michael Garcia. This upcoming Fight Night's main event will be ... ANOTHER handicap match. "The Carnegie Carnivore" against Alyster Black and Dave Sullivan. Vincent really loves handicap matches and people facing multiple competitors.

Cameron Cross: Garcia has been taking down people in handicap matches for weeks. If he does ONE MORE, he's in the Payback title match.

Tag Team Division Heating Up

Cameron Cross: Amid the chaos of the gauntlet match, we saw the final moments of The Valanders and The Wave battling all show, essentially. Ashley Bell was taken out in the melee. The plan is for a four-way title match at Payback. Now we're seeing a rivalry fester between these teams. And we know he Elite and the Undisputed Alliance are long-time rivals.

Thomas Princeton: On this upcoming show, a triple threat match between a member of The Elite, Undisputed Alliance, and Valanders. So we're getting more of this rivalry. I'm looking forward to it.

Daniella Kennedy: And ... I want to spread some news of some backstage gossip. I'm hearing that The Elite are not just grandstanding about being fighting champions. They are pushing HARD backstage for the tag team division to be a focal point of Fight Night and the Payback PPV. I want to see how this ends. The Elite are true champions, and I love it.

Cameron Cross: The Elite, The Valanders, the Undisputed Alliance, The Wave. That's the current landscape and I just can't wait to see if The Elite emerges still as champions. Who else is there to challenge them then?

Daniella Kennedy: They'll find someone. They will always find a challenge.

3 Stars ... From Fight Night

Cameron Cross: Now it's time to end ... and time to hand out our "3 Stars" from this past Fight Night. For starters, and this is obvious, Alyster Black. He won the gauntlet match and is going to Payback!

Number two ... Devin Golden ... a big win against Kazadi. He gets the revenge a bit and now it's tied 1-1.

And lastly ... Mike Garcia. A win against the Cheshire Cat Clan and now he's in the running for a title match!

Thomas Princeton: I like your list, and I agree with Alyster. That's a no-brainer and I think even Daniella agrees with me. I'm going with Gerald Grayson for No. 2. He nearly won and was so so so close. If not for Kayden attacking before the match, I think he's probably going to Payback! Lastly ... Michelle von Horrowitz. She's gold on the mic and might be one of the best X Champions since ... since ... maybe since EVER.

Daniella Kennedy: Dave Sullivan for my first choice! He nearly won the gauntlet match! I think he was a proven and honorable champion! Alyster Black is definitely in there. But for my last one ... the COMBINATION of Krash and Mike Parr. Co-champions of the North American title ... so co-selections for my star.

Cameron Cross: That's it for the second episode of "The State of the FWA". Check back with us after Fight Nights to see what we're thinking. We have one more Fight Night before Payback and will have a special show to preview the pay-per-view! I'm Cameron Cross. With Daniella Kennedy and Thomas Princeton. Thank you, everyone, again!