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Thread: Interviews In Caramel 5: The Valanders

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    Interviews In Caramel 5: The Valanders

    We’re inside the sprawling Estate of Gabrielle Montgomery once again. Inside her Living Room where she sits on that plush couch once more. She sits there with that warm, inviting smile as a knee length white dress adorns her caramel curves. After a few moments she clasps her hands together excitedly and welcomes us all in.

    Gabrielle: Well here we are once again, I’ve got my journalist hat on...figuratively of course, wouldn’t want to mess up my hair. And am sitting here with not one...but two of the FWA’s brightest young Stars. A promising young Brother tag team; Mike and Louis Valander. Boys...welcome.

    The camera pans out to reveal Mike Valander sitting alongside her and a nervous looking Louis Valander pacing around in the background.

    Its great to be here, from both of us.

    Gabrielle: Fantastic. Lets start right at the beginning with a few basics; What inspired you two to become Professional Wrestlers?

    Mike: Me and my brother wanted to become wrestlers after seeing the larger than life wrestlers in yesteryear, after we graduated respectively, we trained out of Milwaukee with this dude who was also a promoter.

    Gabrielle: And is this a lifelong ambition?

    Mike: Yes it is, we love doing this, myself have been doing for almost 8 years. He himself has done it for only a few years but this is a huge ambition for the both of us.

    Louis: What? No. Its not a huge ambition of mine to be in Bikini Lady's house.

    At this point the increasingly nervous looking Louis quietly steps away from the camera and the couch.

    Well then. You Mike, you signed with the FWA first, your brother Louis joined not long afterwards; did you have to convince him to come along?

    Mike: No, he was already convinced, after I joined, he asked the management if he could join and they accepted him. I had no plans of being a team, going on my own, but I took him along because I didn't want him getting lost.

    Gabrielle: That is so sweet of you. So a Brother tag team with Louis wasn’t always something you had in mind?

    Mike: Like I said, it was for him not to get lost in the shuffle. I'm going to get him to be fine.

    Gabrielle: So is it an advantage to work with someone you have known basically all your life?

    Mike: Absolutely, we know each other inside and out. Most other tag teams here are acquaintances, we're brothers, we know each other so well.

    Gabrielle: Which Brother is more serious?

    Mike: I am, Louis can get a little lost.

    Gabrielle: Which Brother is more athletic?

    Mike: I am, did amateur wrestling, as well as football. He did football and basketball but I'm more athletic than he is.
    Gabrielle: Which Brother is in charge?

    Mike: I am, I'm the oldest, he needs my help.

    Gabrielle: And what a very kind older Brother you are. Why did you choose to sign with the FWA?

    Mike: I saw my resume, and looked at the FWA as something that I can accomplish eventually.

    Gabrielle: If not Louis, then who is one person you would love to form a Tag Team with in the FWA?

    Mike: There's this guy who was my partner when I debuted here, you had him on before, his name is Eli Black, would like to team up with him again.

    Gabrielle: That's a potentially exciting team. Other side of things now; who is the last person in the FWA you would ever form a Tag Team with?

    Mike: The guy that caused you Hell until you burned him and shut him up, I'm talking about Cyrus himself.

    Gabrielle: Anyone who wants to go put their hands on Cyrus has my blessing. Great Tag Teams have a history of having great Managers, who should manage the Valanders?

    Mike: You know I feel bad for Alexandra Marie, that lady has to deal with a loser like Orion everyday. Hey Ms Marie, you could manage us. Or Hell maybe you can manage us and help or maybe not for my sake.

    Gabrielle: Gabrielle and the Valanders. Could I be a manager...more importantly should I be worried that Louis is alone in my house somewhere?

    Mike: Ah shit, yeah. Speaking of which, where is he?

    Gabrielle: Nowhere I’d want him to be I am sure. But lets focus again. What is the end goal? If you and Louis, or just yourself can achieve anything, be remembered for anything, what is it?

    Mike: Be the very best this fed or any other fed has seen, I dominated other feds, FWA is next on that list.

    Gabrielle: I don’t know what I else I expect from that question, who would ever say anything else. Do you have a secret talent or skill we don’t know about?

    Mike: I can burp the alphabet backwards.

    Gabrielle: I’ll take your word on that.

    At this point Louis re-enters the scene and be seen stuffing something lacy and red into his pocket.

    What about you Louis do you have a secret talent or skill we don’t know about?

    Louis: No I don't have it, why would I have it? No its not in my pocket. Wait...I mean yes I have a talent, backflip over moving jump rope.

    Gabrielle: That sounds impressive, but I dont have a jump rope. What motivates the Valanders onto Greatness?

    Mike: The fact that we're a brother duo and that those tag titles are ours in the near future.

    Gabrielle: A simple, achievable goal within your grasp can be the greatest motivation of all. And that little nugget of information is the perfect way to send us out today. Mike, Louis it has been a pleasure getting to know more about you both.

    Mike: Yeah this has been fun.

    Louis: Yes, yes...yes, yes. Yes!

    Gabrielle: And on that note, until next time.

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    Re: Interviews In Caramel 5: The Valanders

    Another dope interview. Really showed the brothers personality and the comedic aspect. Hope for more of that from them in the future.

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