Kayden Knox: I am looking over to my clock and it reads 6:30 AM now to some people you are starting to wake up and go by on your day routine. You are going up you are getting the kids ready for school, you are making breakfast, getting ready for your jobs. I am sitting in a dark room with no one around and the sounds of screams going through my head. The sounds of that self doubt I once had and the sound of the ever so consist laughter of you Dave Sullivan. Dave make no mistake about it you are the biggest star FWA has ever seen. You have held every singles championship and you are the man upon the throne with the FWA Championship on your shoulder. Do I envy you for that championship?

No... this isn't envy running through my veins this is something more toxic like pumping venom in your veins and watching as it eats away at your skin. I am obsessed with defeating you not winning the championship not defeating any other man I want you. You see Back In Business you shouldn't have faced Nova Diamond it's not because he isn't worthy champion but, I did tell you he was going to lose you should of faced me. The match should of been Dave Sullivan vs. Kayden Knox because that is a match that should of opened the eyes of FWA to Kayden Knox.

You see whether you want to admit it or not even now I don't get any respect. I can see it when I walk in the arena. I can see it when I walk through the backstage. I can hear the whispers through doors. You and the rest of FWA still look at me as if I was still Sterling Jagger and that you brush away anything I do or anything I say like I am so second class citizen. I am not, and I refuse to stand here and listen to you two face little assholes hold me down anymore.

Dave you may have beaten me once. You may beat me twice hell you may defeat everyone in this match but, the war is far from over and it is a war you may not know you have been in but, it is a war that will change your life forever and if you want to think you got other focuses I hate to tell you but you are going to be mistaken and if you don't want to acknowledge it.

I will make you notice whether it be by a faint whisper in the dark or a scream or possession of something you hold dear by taking it away from you. I am going to be watching you Dave and I am going to be like a favor you cant seem to sweat out and I am gonna take pleasure as I watch you swarm like the insect you are under the sun.

Obsession is a powerful motivator one that is more deadly and lethal then grit or heart or self loathing obsession leaves a man with nothing to lose in a dangerous spot because he does not care what happens to him or his obsession. So while your mind is locked in with defending the title against Gabi and doing this gauntlet I may not win but, I certainly will not lose where it counts most. See you very soon.