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Thread: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

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    FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    March 20, 2020


    Pyrotechnics explode throughout the Cleveland, Ohio Quicken Loans Arena. The screaming voices of 30,000 people fill the audio circuits and nearly drown out the attempts of the announcing team to introduce the show. Fans hold up signs supporting "The King of the FWA" Dave Sullivan, Nova Diamond, "The Golden One" Devin Golden, "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia, Gabrielle Montgomery, Cyrus Truth, Krash, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, and more.

    A few of them: "The Golden One" IS Back in Business, Krash Represents North America, Cyrus Truth is burned 4 life, Nova Diamond-Dave Sullivan II, Please come back Bell, The Elite Era, and "Coronavirus? What coronavirus?"

    Rod Sterling: Folks ... we are just TWO WEEKS OUT from Back in Business FOURTEEN. It's two weeks since Dave Sullivan outlasted Nova Diamond to keep the FWA World Championship. Two weeks since Gabrielle Montgomery burned Cyrus Truth is a BRUTAL Trial By Fire match. Two weeks since three new champions were crowned. And two weeks since a stunning announcement about what's next in the World Championship scene.

    Christian Quinn: An announcement that WILL play out tonight, in Tampa, Florida. Tonight is when we'll have THAT Elimination Chamber cell come down and surround this ring. And seven wrestlers will compete for a future World Championship match.

    Daniella Kennedy: Those seven are ... Krash, Mike Parr...

    Rod Sterling: The rivalry continues.

    Daniella Kennedy: Cyrus Truth, Gabrielle Montgomery...

    Christian Quinn: Oh my God. Those two ... in Elimination Chamber?!

    Daniella Kennedy: Kayden Knox, "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell, ... and ... Michael Garrciaaaa.

    Christian Quinn: This is going to be ... a war zone.

    The crowd continues cheering, and "Sonne" by Rammstein begins. The crowd turns to the entrance still hot, and they welcome Alyster Black with a chorus of cheers. The newcomer, who is 1-0 in the FWA, appears with a green-striped silk robe and a green demon-like mask covering his face. The crowd LOVES Alyster, who comes out to the ring.

    Rod Sterling: Alyster Black defeated Captain El Franko at Back in Business XIV in his debut match. Now he's going against another who debuted in 2020. Alyster Black could be a BIG deal in the FWA.

    Christian Quinn: Is Krash watching?

    "Colors" by Crossfade begins and "The Artist of Chaos" comes out next. Eli Black wears black sunglasses with crosses on each lens. He also has a mask covering his nose and mouth with a pointed goatee and do-rag around his head. The black coat finishes the ensemble.

    Rod Sterling: Talk about someone who could be a big deal. "The Artist of Chaos" has quite the nickname, and he could be a future star in the X Championship division, and even higher than that.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is a big test for both Alyster Black and Eli Black. Maybe they can form a tag team around their last names when this is finished.

    Christian Quinn: That's a low-hanging-fruit joke if I've ever heard one.

    Eli Black steps into the ring and takes off his black coat. Alyster Black does the same with his green-striped one. Now both men eye one another, with Alyster still with his green mask covering his whole face luchador-style. Eli Black keeps the black mask across his nose and mouth, but he removes the sunglasses to expose his leering eyes.

    Alyster Black vs. "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black

    Alyster Black and Eli Black lock arms in the middle of the ring, with Alyster applying a back arm twisting lock. Eli Black is able to spin around and put forth a rear waist lock. Alyster lands a snapmare as he falls to his knees and applies a rear head lock. Eli slides to the back and applies his own version of a back arm twisting hold. Alyster throws a back elbow, but Eli ducks and pulls Alyster up and back. He mask-wearing rookie back flips and lands on his feet. He whips Eli quickly to the ropes and hits a Japanese arm drag where he falls backwards and has Eli front-flip. Both men quickly spring up, with Alyster missing a clothesline and Eli landing a drop toe hold. Both rise quickly a second time, this one with Alyster getting a double leg takedown and a side head lock. Eli quickly shoves Alyster to the ropes and hits his own Japanese arm drag. Both men quickly spring up and each tries a dropkick at the same time, kicking one another in the soles of their feet and landing on the canvas.

    Rod Sterling: A stalemate to start. What athleticism and quickness.

    Daniella Kennedy: These two share the same last name AND the same ideas for moves. Wow!

    The crowd cheers as Alyster and Eli take a few seconds in a stalemate to back off. They circle the ring once as the fans approve their introduction song and dance. They lock arms a second time, this version going in favor of Eli Black. He applies a side wrist twisting hold. Then backs Alyster into the nearest turnbuckle. He keeps the hold applied until the referee asks for a break. Eli lands a swift kick to the ribs. Then a forearm shot to the mask-covered face.

    Eli whips Alyster across the ring and charges after for a clothesline into the corner turnbuckle. Alyster front-rolls out of the way and springs up for a beautiful standing dropkick to the chest, which stuns Eli Black. "The Artist of Chaos" stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle, and Alyster runs and quickly steps up to the second turnbuckle and delivers rising knees up into his chin!

    Alyster lands a series of knife-edge chops to keep Eli in the corner. Then he walks him out to the middle portion of the ring and hits a snap belly-to-back suplex. Alyster goes for the first pinfall, but it's a quick one-count kickout. Alyster then hits a snap butterfly suplex. Another pinfall try, but another quick kickout.

    Then a snap vertical suplex. A third pinfall try, and a third kickout, this one coming after a two count.

    Alyster whips Eli into the ropes but misses with a roaring elbow. Eli runs off the original ropes and dodges a second roaring elbow try. Then he dodges a third one. Then a fourth one. And on the fifth rebound off the ropes, Eli leaps into the air and lands a jumping, running headbutt! Alyster is stunned as he falls to the canvas, and Eli goes to work!

    Christian Quinn: Eli Black with the VICIOUS headbutt there. Absolutely menacing.

    Eli hits a swinging neckbreaker. Then a snap German suplex. He hooks the near leg.
    ..............1.................2.....Kick out!

    "The Artist of Chaos" lands a few forearm strikes to the jaw. He whips Alyster into the ropes and lifts Alyster onto his shoulders fireman's carry style, and then flips him face-up and delivers a backbreaker. Eli Black goes to the top turnbuckle and tries a frog splash, but it misses the mark. Now Alyster has a second wind!

    Alyster hits a snapmare, followed by a dropkick to Eli's head and upper back/neck. Then a standing moonsault! He hooks the leg after the move!

    ...........Not quite!

    Alyster grabs Eli around the neck and applies a ground side head lock. He keeps it applies, wit Eli's shoulders on the mat every five seconds. He kicks out and gets a shoulder up after a two count. But Alyster is wearing him down. Eli finally gets to one knee. Then hunched down but standing. He lands three elbows to the gut. Then he runs off the ropes. Alyster scoops Eli up and hits a pendulum backbreaker! He lays next to him for about four seconds as the crowd gets louder and louder sensing the match hanging in the balance.

    Rod Sterling: This is the FIRST match of the night, and we're getting an absolute treat here.

    Alyster Black grabs Eli around the neck and points to the crowd. The announcers shout "Satan's Kill" to tease the brainbuster DDT! But Eli finds energy to lift and flip Alyster over the ropes and crashing onto the apron. Eli then lands a forearm strike to the face. Alyster grabs hold of the top rope, but Eli finally gets him falling to the outside with a rolling thunder dropkick!

    Alyster rises and Eli Black is sprinting forward for a SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd is LIT as Alyster is sent backwards into the fan railing. Eli Black takes a second to recuperate. Then he rolls Alyster back into the ring. "The Artist of Chaos" lives up to his namesake next with a springboard jumping DDT! He goes for the pinfall!

    ...................KICK OUT! BARELY IN TIME!

    Eli Black grabs Alyster around the neck but the masked wrestler stuns him with a kick and the Brainbuster DDT finisher! "Satan's Spike" hits on the money and Alyster pins Eli right then and there!


    Winner: Alyster Black

    The camera zooms in as the hooded Alyster Black rises up slowly and creepily. He looks directly into the camera and then away, with his arm being raised in the air. Alyster exits the ring and walks by a sign that supports Krash.

    Rod Sterling: Uh oh ... we know he sees this sign. We know ... I hope he doesn't do anything to the fan.

    Alyster Black pauses for about 5 seconds while looking at the sign and the fan holding it. Alyster then continues walking to the back after a tense moment there. "The Artist of Chaos" Eli Black recovers in the ring after a hard-fought loss against a worthy opponent. Daniella Kennedy hypes up how Eli WILL rebound from this next time out.


    The crowd comes to its feet with the opening guitar chords of "Zombie" by The Cranberries. Then the bass guitar and drums hit and everyone is standing. "The Golden One" Devin Golden comes out with a hooded sweatshirt, eyeliner, jeans and long black hair hanging over his eyes. The darker persona than usual fits in the strobe-light arena that otherwise is black.

    Once Golden gets to the edge of the stage, the lighting changes to a gold hue. The three-time World Heavyweight Champion comes to the ring with the crowd in full support.

    Rod Sterling: Word is ... we're going to find out exactly who answered Golden's Open Challenge!

    Daniella Kennedy: It was answered right away, too!

    Golden reaches the ring and gets a microphone. He paces for a few seconds before the crowd begins a supportive chant. The former X Champion lets the moment continue before finally bringing the mic to his mouth.

    "At Back in Business ... I was taken to my absolute ... limits."

    Golden slowly lets the words exit his mouth. He uses deliberate pauses between words and phrases, and then he pauses even longer after finishing the sentence.

    "Michael Garcia ... who may very well win the Elimination Chamber match later tonight ... he absolutely spent me. Absolutely worked me. ... He made me tap into that final few percent. Even the percent above 100 percent. I had to dig down deep ... to beat him.

    But ... I did."

    Golden paces the ring as he looks around and receives cheers from the fans.

    "There's a reason Garcia took the loss so hard. ... There's a reason ... Garcia wanted the win so badly. ... It's because ... of who he was facing.

    It's because of who I am.

    I am 'The Golden One'. I AM a Hall of Famer. ... I am the past and present of the FWA. And hell ... I'm the future, too. I'm not going ... ANY---WHERE."

    The crowd cheers loudly for the last part, and Golden says it again. "NOT GOING ANYWHERE." He sounds like Leonardo speaking to his workers in that stock fraud movie.

    "I am a championship in and of myself. Beating me ... is worth ... gold ... for a career. That's why Garcia wanted it so badly.

    That's why he sat around and stared blankly for so long.

    So ... I am giving other people the same chance. I said ... after the match ... that I was opening up the challenge door. Anyone ... past or present ... on the roster or not."

    Golden lets the words sit with another deliberate pause, of about 10 seconds. The crowd's energy is irresistable.

    "And within ... seconds ... it was answered. WITHIN ... SECONDS.


    Golden pumps his fist with each of the last three words. The crowd cheers again. But then Golden gets more somber.

    "However ... this person may as well not be real. I don't know who he is. The challenge was answered within seconds. The opportunity closed. The door shut ... for this week at least ... to anyone else.

    I don't know by who. I don't know anything about this person. All I know ... is this person is ... here tonight.

    So ..."

    Golden opens his arms out wide, as if to say, "Where are you?" He drops the microphone on the canvas and then hunches down, putting his hands on his knees and looking toward the rampway.

    Rod Sterling: Welp ... that was about as cut and dry as you can get.

    The eerie and aggravating sound blasting through the P.A. system isn't anything FWA fans could recognize. Silence accompanies their patience amid the horror-themed strings echoing at the Fieldhouse. Devin Golden's uncertainty must surely mirror that of the rest of the arena but experience and composure carry him through. The Golden One never hesitates to cast a weary glance behind him or to the nearby barricades having dealt with and seen his fair share of blindside attacks. All that weariness vanishes when his challenger finally steps through the curtains.

    Rod Sterling: I think that's - that must be the former X Champion Zachary Kazadi!

    Christian Quinn: Who?

    Daniella Kennedy: It's been two years since this man has stepped into an FWA arena, and honestly, I never thought he'd be back.

    There are no cheers and there are no applauses for Zachary Kazadi. It's largely a middling negative reaction for the outspoken competitor. Even Golden seems more thoughtful than reactive to his challenger.

    Rod Sterling: Zachary Kazadi has had an asterisk next to his name for a long time. One of countless wrestlers on that famous list of "what could've been."

    Daniella Kennedy: The only wrestling that Kazadi has done since leaving the FWA has been with current and former talent on Twitter.

    Christian Quinn: Quite frankly, I still have no idea who that man is.

    Zachary Kazadi is dressed in all black with a brown leather jacket. There isn't much flair to the man. He walks down the ring never looking at anything or anyone but Devin Golden. It wouldn't make a difference to the self-proclaimed King if the arena was empty or packed to the brim.

    Daniella Kennedy: Kazadi has slandered and belittled the FWA and the culture of the FWA from the moment he signed his first contract almost five years ago. He's criticized legends. He's criticized management. He's criticized champions.

    Christian Quinn: If he hates the FWA so much, why is he even here?

    Rod Sterling: The same reason the FWA has given him chance after chance, Christan. Underneath all of the talk, Kazadi is talented.

    Christian Quinn: I think I would've heard of him if he was talented, thank you very much, Rod.

    Kazadi unceremoniously steps into the ring to step up to The Golden One. They are of almost identitcal builds, though clearly very different individuals. "LET'S GO GOLDEN!" chants erupt the instant the music fades and the slightest crack of a grin shows up on Devin's face. He doesn't have to say anything. For Kazadi the chants don't even register, not a modicum of a reaction. Instead, Kazadi grabs the mic which Golden willingly releases.


    He's not asking the fans but they certainly react for Golden. Jeers shower down and still Kazadi behaves like the only man in the world is Golden.

    "I'm not here for a dialogue, Devin. You've got everyone's ears so if you've got something to say, save it. Quite frankly, I've already heard the part I needed to hear, so do me a favor, stand there, stay quiet, and let me tell you something you need to hear.

    Devin Golden, if Ashley O'Ryan failed to live up to his responsibilities as a friend of yours, then allow me to introduce myself: I'm Zachary Kazadi. I'm a wrestler. I make people tap out. I knock people out. I make people bleed. I shorten careers. I do that in the ring. I don't need to cheat to do it. I don't need to be seven foot tall to do it. I don't need fire to do it. I certainly don't need however many tons of steel are in that Elimination Chamber to do it. And in your case, considering what I saw at Back in Business, I don't need 30 minutes to do it. I had Big Mike out cold in under 10, and I'm willing to bet it won't take me more than a dozen with you."

    The Clevelanders aren't keen on Golden One slander, and Kazadi may not want to acknowledge it, but he does wait a moment before talking. A moment is all he allows and his initial sentence is almost inaudible until the crowd eventually concedes.

    "I'm not saying what I'm saying to boast, Devin. I don't want you to fall in the same trap everyone else does. They all think I'm talking out of my ass. I'm not, Devin. Don't make that mistake. You'll regret it. I don't have any ulterior motives here. I'm not 'back' because I think you're my... ticket straight to Sullivan, or Krash, or MVH. I'm 'back' to beat you. I'm a wrestler, Devin. And everyone says you're one of the best wrestlers yourself. You've certainly got the accolades to prove it. Hell, you said it yourself, beating you is just as good as winning a championship. And you know what, when everyone else on the roster is filled top to bottom with cowards, hearing that challenge from a legend was refreshing.

    Don't get me wrong though, that doesn't mean I respect you, or even admire you. See, considering the FWA standard, winning a championship doesn't mean much to begin with. The real reason I want to beat you isn't because I'm interested in winning an FWA championship, I want to beat you because you're synonymous with FWA. Beating you is validation. It's validation that I'm right. The FWA's compromised. It has no value. It's betrayed itself. It's betrayed this sport. It needs to be better. And maybe Devin, just maybe, those suits who pay for your make up, who pay you to keep up your act, who opened their bank accounts to bring you back so you could help them sell those extra Back in Business tickets, maybe they'll finally open their eyes when I beat you.

    Or maybe they won't."

    He shrugs. The first real gesture in his pointed tirade.

    "I don't want you to get the wrong impression, Devin. Let me repeat myself, I'm not here to boast. I'm out here because I want you to be ready. I want neither of us to have any excuses. I want you to ask those suits to find you the best physician money can buy and make sure you're over any lingering effects from your match with Big Mike. I want you as best as you can possibly get yourself. I want you to make sure you're not underestimating me, Devin. I'm not saying that out of pride, I'm saying that for your own sake. Whatever you think of me, whatever your impressions are of me, whatever your instincts are telling you, I suggest you give me the benefit of the doubt. I suggest you go into this like it'll be the last match you ever have, because you never know Devin, it might be."

    Kazadi takes a step back.


    He takes a deep laboured breath.

    "What I'm trying to say is, I just don't want you to regret the thoughts you're having right now. I just don't want you to open your eyes next Fight Night and to wonder what happened. I JUST... don't want you asking yourself how could it have gone so wrong. Leave those questions for everyone else, Devin. Just... please... be ready."

    Zachary lowers the mic and frowns, trying to read Devin. After another deep breath, he deliberately places the microphone on the mat. The violent strings that heralded his arrival play across the arena again, announcing his departure. He backs out of the ring and doesn't take his eyes off Golden till he's back on the ramp, fixated on leaving the arena.

    Rod Sterling: Well folks, we now know who will answer Devin Golden's challenge on Fight Night. It's going to be Zachary Kazadi one on one with The Golden One.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is more of the same, Rod. He has no respect for the FWA or FWA talent. There are countless people who would love to face someone like Devin Golden, who would love to even be on a Fight Night card. We shouldn't have even entertained giving him a match. Win or lose, Kazadi's going to tuck tail and run on a random whim. Give this opportunity to someone who will make it count.

    Christian Quinn: Win or lose? This is Devin Golden we're talking about!

    Rod Sterling: There's a very short list of people with Devin Golden's list of accolades. But Kazadi has beaten some of the best FWA has to offer: Bell, Parr, legends like PAJ, and even our World Champion Sullivan. But even so, Kazadi has NEVER EVER faced someone like Devin Golden. Kazadi asked Golden not to underestimate him, but you have to wonder if it's not the challenger somehow underestimating The Golden One. ... Wait a second...

    As Kazadi is walking backwards with his eyes fixated on the ring, Golden bends over and slowly picks up the microphone that his challenge-acceptor left at his feet. Golden slowly rises back upright and looks out the 50 yards or so towards Kazadi, who is standing atop the ramp.

    "Okay. ... Okay. ... Okay, Kazadi. ... I see you. ... I hear you."

    Golden drops the microphone and keeps his eyes LOCKED on the former X Champion. The two tensely stare daggers at one another as the feed slowly fades away to commercial break.


    "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC begins right when we return from break, and the crowd turns to the rampway. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall emerges with fists taped around his fists and wrists. He is wearing blue jeans and has wet stringy hair. Penny is on his side supporting him.

    Rod Sterling: Jason Randall took the tough-luck loss in the X Championship match at Back in Business XIV. But he performed admirably. And he's the long-standing statesman of the X Championship division.

    Christian Quinn: He's truly one of the great wrestlers of this division.

    Randall enters the ring and raises his fists into the air. He then takes his spot next to the turnbuckle and leans against it, with a toothpick out of his mouth and his right leg perched over the middle rope.

    Lex Luger's Narcissist theme hits and Orion comes out looking his usual powerful and destructive self. Alexandra Marie walks next to him with a smirk. He is 6'5 and more than 225 pounds in weight. He has "The Wildcard" on both measurements and enters the ring by stepping up the ring steps and reaching the apron.

    Rod Sterling: Orion was also on the wrong end at Back in Business and he looks to bounce back tonight. Orion has all the potential in the world.

    Daniella Kennedy: Can Orion overpower Jason Randall? This is about raw power and ability versus experience and wisdom.

    Alexandra Marie takes her spot outside the ring. She passes Penny along the way, and the two lock eyes. They have a few feet between them but separate just before anything physical occurs.

    Orion (w/ Alexandra Marie) vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall (w/ Penny)

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall slowly steps out of the corner and toward the middle of the ring. Orion stands tall on his side and the two come together for a strong grapple. Orion overpowers Randall into the turnbuckle and presses his forearm against Randall's chest. Orion then lands a big forearm across the chest. He follows with another forearm and then presses the elbow into the chest a second time.

    Orion grabs Randall and pulls him into the middle of the ring. He tries a whip to the turnbuckle. But Randall explodes out of the corner and lands a lunging right hand punch to the jaw of Orion. Then a second one. Then a third one. Orion stumbles backwards with each blow, and Randall finally levels him to the ground with a clothesline.

    Randall runs off the ropes and tries another running forearm, but Orion hits a back body drop in response. Orion then lifts "The Wildcard" up into the air over his head and drops, a military press drop. He kneels next to Randall and covers. But it's just a quick two count. Orion then locks in a side head lock. He keeps Randall grounded for about 30 seconds while Orion slowly rises up with the head lock still applied. Randall is shoved into the ropes and gets powerslammed with a bounce off the ropes. Orion goes for a second pin try.

    ....................1.......................2........Kick out

    Orion tries another big offensive move, this time a stalling suplex. He drops Randall after holding him in the air for about 15 seconds, with the crowd "ooooooo"ing throughout. Orion goes for a third cover.
    .....................1...........................2..............Shoulder up!

    Rod Sterling: Orion is showing why he's such a powerful force with A LOT of potential.

    Orion grabs Randall and flings him into the turnbuckle. He tries a running elbow strike, but Randall dodges it. Randall then lays into him with repeated strikes and punches. He steps up to the second turnbuckle and begins a 10-count punch! Orion takes about six of them before grabbing Randall and lifting him into the air. He then leans back and drops Randall face first onto the turnbuckle behind him! The crowd was getting behind "The Wildcard" momentarily, but now Orion has the edge back. He whips Randall into the ropes and hits the running elbow strike. Randall is down for about 20 seconds as Orion circles him with stomps into the ribs every so often.

    Orion then grabs Randall, who surges with a few big punches to the face. "The Wildcard" hits open-palm strikes. Then he runs off the ropes and hits a thez press with numerous punches across the face. Orion is down as Randall goes for a pinfall with his elbow across the jaw. But Orion kicks out at two.

    Randall applies an inverted head lock. Then he hits a backbreaker. Orion goes down and "The Wildcard" paces the ring. He has made a startling comeback and leans against the ropes.

    Orion rises to his feet and gets hoisted onto Randall's shoulders. Randall tries the "Wildcard Special" over-the-shoulder belly-to-back piledriver but Orion is able to pull Randall backwards for a roll-up with the tights in hand. Randall kicks out at two!!!

    Both rise and Randall quickly kicks the gut and BOOM "Snake Eyes" stunner! Orion falls backwards and Randall hooks the leg!


    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    Randall sits in the ring after the ref raises his hand. Orion recovers off in the corner. The announcers hype Randall as a potential challenger to Michelle von Horowitz's championship. Randall has sweat beating down his stringy hair and his big bulging pupils staring off into the distance. Finally, he springs up and exits the ring quickly, with pride knowing he got the W.


    The Wave is standing inside the ring with Ashley Bell. The FWA fans at a feverish pitch when "Kick in the Door" by Notorious B.I.G. hits. The crowd lets out an explosive mixture of boos and jeers. Noah Stocke and Trevor Ocean, the duo forming The Elite, come come out sporting the FWA Tag Tea Championships around their waists.

    Ocean and Stocke pose at the stage, pointing their fingers down to the championship belts. Also boasted are the CWA Tag Team Championships, the defunct titles from the defunct federation. They are over the shoulders of the new FWA Tag Team Champions.

    Rod Sterling: This is a massive opportunity for The Wave. We know that The Elite are out to overthrow the mindset within the tag team division. They want to bring some old-school mentality. Some earn-it style. And they are STILL showing off their CWA Tag Team Championships.

    Daniella Kennedy: Some things never change.

    Christian Quinn: I think it's stunning that Noah Stocke is even able to walk out today, much less compete in a match. He took an absolute BEATING at Back in Business against the Undisputed Alliance.

    Daniella Kennedy: If you know anything about their history, then that beating was deservedly so. But The Elite still prevailed and are STILL the new FWA Tag Team Champions.

    The Elite reach the ring and carefully hand off the four title belts to the ring attendant/announcer, Kurt Harrington. The Wave, along with their manager Ashley Bell, watch intently and begin organizing a plan/strategy.

    Andre Mack, who is much larger, wants to start it out. Johnny Devlin, the speedster and high-flyer in the pair, takes a back seat to begin. Mack meets up with Trevor Ocean.

    Non-title match
    The Elite (Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke) vs. The Wave (Andre Mack and Johnny Devlin)

    Mack shoves Ocean into the turnbuckle and holds his stance in the middle of the ring. He points to Mack and says, "Come at me, little boy!" Ocean, who is 5-foot-10 and 222 pounds, is not a "little boy" in any way. Mack is just a giant boulder of a human, 6-foot-4 and 330 pounds. Mack runs at Ocean, who sidesteps and meets him on the rebound. Mack runs through him like a freight train. Then he runs off the ropes and hits a second shoulder tackle. Then he runs off the ropes for a third one. Mack scoops Ocean for a scoop slam. Then he runs off the ropes for a running leg drop, which Ocean dodges. The tag team champion lands repeated kicks to the chest. Mack catches the fifth one but Ocean uses his free leg to kick Mack in the face.

    Ocean runs off the ropes. Mack rises and tries a clothesline but Ocean dodges and tries a double leg takedown. He can't move Mack, who lands a clubbing forearm to the upper back. Mack then tags in Johnny Devlin, who lands a springboard crossbody and goes for the first pinfall of the match!

    .................1.......................2..Kick out!

    Devlin tags Mack back in. The behemoth grabs Ocean and scoops him onto his shoulders for a powerbomb. But Ocean is able to reach down and make a much-needed tag to Noah Stocke. Ocean is slammed into the canvas by Mack, but Stocke lands a soccer kick to the shins. Then he hits a Pele kick. Mack is still on his feet, and Stocke and Ocean team up for a European uppercut followed by both of them teaming up for a German suplex!

    Stocke then goes for the pinfall.

    ................1.....................2.......Kick out

    Stocke tries a double-knee backbreaker, but Mack is too large. He clubs Stocke down and then applies a bearhug. Shoulder slap tag from Devlin, who hits a springboard dropkick to the back of Stocke while Mack keeps the bearhug applied!

    Rod Sterling: Andre Mack is just a physical specimen! He's unmovable and so strong.

    Devlin goes for another pinfall, but it's a two-count kickout. Devlin whips Stocke into the ropes but the tag champion catches Devlin with a front waist lock and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Devlin stumbles over to the ropes, and Stocke tags in Ocean. Trevor Ocean scoops Devlin onto his shoulders and tries a cutter on the fall-down. But Devlin transitions it into a nice spike DDT!

    Devlin goes to the top turnbuckle but is distracted by Noah Stocke. Ocean is able to take out his feet from under him and perch him atop the turnbuckle. Ocean then tags in Stocke.

    Christian Quinn: Johnny Devlin is in an unfortunate spot! The Elite have done this before!

    Ocean steps up to the second turnbuckle and flips Devlin backwards for a suplerplex! As he was about to lift off, Stocke climbed up to the top rope from the apron. Stocke then leaps off and hits a gorgeous frogsplash right after the superplex ends.

    Ocean then lifts Devlin into a brainbuster position and Stocke lands a roundhouse kick right before the drop! "Young Boy Killer" does the trick as Stocke kneels down and covers for the 1-2-3!

    Winners: The Elite

    The champs hold their belts high after the win and celebrate arrogantly by cackling at The Wave, who regroup inside the ring after a tough loss in a big moment.



    The opening to “Bow Down” by I Prevail fills the arena to a mixed reaction from the fans, and the former tag team champions Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage make their way out along w/ Britney Adams at their side.

    Kurt Harrington: Making their way to the ring being accompanied by Britney Adams, and weighing in at a combined weight of 476 lbs, the team of Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage..The Undisputed Alliance!

    “Prodigal Son” by Kid Rock now plays and the fans react positively for Mike and Louis Valander, the ever energetic younger of the two, Louis interacts with the fans on the way to the ring while Mike remains serious and walks to the ring with a stern look.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 435 lbs, the team of Mike and Louis Valander!

    Rod Sterling: A big opportunity for The Valanders as they take on the former tag team champions The Undisputed Alliance.

    Christian Quinn: Fenix and Savage can’t be happy about being former champs, and will probably look to take out some frustrations out on The Valander brothers.

    The Undisputed Alliance vs. The Valanders


    Nate Savage kicking things off with Louis Valander and the two square off, and Savage goes in for a lock up and gets in a side headlock on Louis but the younger Valander slips out of it and gets behind Nate and has him in a rear waistlock but instead of taking Nate down, Louis smacks Nate on the back of the head. This further frustrates Savage, who then goes in for an attack on Louis but Louis slips underneath Nate and is behind him again and hits a jumping neckbreaker! Nate rolls over to his side holding the back of his head while Louis showboats and plays up to the crowd a little after outsmarting Savage while Mike yells at him to focus. Louis goes in for a stomp to the head but Savage catches him by the boot, and slowly rises up while Louis is in a predicament now hobbling on one leg. Nate looks to drive an elbow to the knee of Louis, but Louis manages to slip away and as Nate goes for a clothesline Louis ducks underneath and then points to his head thinking he outsmarted Savage again, but as he turns around he’s leveled by a discus lariat from Savage!

    Daniella Kennedy: Savage and Fenix are in no mood for games right now, and Louis found that out the hard way unfortunately.

    Savage drags Louis over to his corner and tags in Fenix, and Savage then takes Louis over and holds him in place for Fenix to strike with a running bicycle knee flush to the jaw! Louis is stunned and Fenix finishes him off with a shining wizard kick to the back of head and covers him for a pin…!

    Fenix tags Savage back in and holds him for Savage, who in turns drills Louis with a superkick to the jaw!

    Daniella Kennedy: Louis is in a bad spot now and is in dire need of a tag to his brother.

    Savage has Louis in a rear waistlock now and looks for a german suplex, but as he goes for it Louis somehow manages to flip out of it. Nate turns around at the behest of Fenix but Louis is quicker and kicks Nate’s legs out from underneath him, and with Nate on his knees Louis nails him with a superkick of his own! Louis then quickly jumps over to his corner and makes the tag to his older brother Mike! Mike comes in hot and knocks Fenix off the apron, and then turns his attention to Savage, who is still feeling the effects of the superkick and Mike drags Nate up by the head and hits him with a reverse DDT and quickly makes the cover…!

    Savage with a shoulder up and he rolls over underneath the nearest bottom rope looking for a reprieve. Fenix checks in on his partner while the referee tries to admonish them, but Fenix ignores the referee. Mike has had enough however and strikes with a running baseball slide that knocks Savage off of the apron taking Fenix with him. Mike isn’t through yet as he gets a running start and launches himself through the middle rope with a suicide dive taking out both Fenix and Savage! The crowd comes alive for this and Mike tosses Nate back inside, and stands on the apron while Nate is in the ring and looks for a slingshot lariat but Nate ducks underneath it just in time. Before Mike can react accordingly, Nate clubs him from behind and quickly takes him down with a bridging german suplex!!

    Kick out from Mike! Nate makes the tag to Jackson and then Savage holds Mike in place for Fenix, who then hits a superkick on Mike followed by a pumphandle neckbreaker from Savage! Mike crumples to the mat in a heap holding his head. Jackson stalks his prey a bit before deciding on locking in a figure four leg lock submission in the middle of the ring, and Mike is in obvious pain while slapping the mat and Louis is cheering him on. Mike somehow manages to inch his way to a nearby rope and breaks the hold, much to the dismay of Fenix. Jackson walks over to Mike and slaps him around and begins to talk trash. Jackson drags Mike up by the head and hoists him up on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position but Mike slips out of it and from behind he connects with a jumping bulldog on Fenix! Both of them lay on the canvas now and Mike begins crawling to his corner and reaches Louis first, but shortly after Fenix comes to and reaches Savage…

    Louis has the running start on Nate and has him in the corner, and is striking with several lefts and rights that have Savage in the corner reeling. Louis comes charging in and hits a running corner splash on Savage! Then drags Nate out of the corner and hits a running bulldog! Louis is feeling it now and the crowd is behind him as he hits a standing 450 splash on Nate and makes the cover…


    Nate gets a shoulder up in time and Louis looks a bit crestfallen, but shakes it off and is about to go for his corkscrew moonsault but suddenly he’s distracted as Britney Adams has hopped up on the apron…

    Daniella Kennedy: Uh oh! Louis can’t help but take his eyes off the ball when someone like Britney Adams is up on the apron…

    Louis slyly smiles at Britney and winks at her and tells her to check him out, and he goes for a corkscrew moonsault but Nate rolls out of the way just in time and Britney hops off the apron. Nate gets up now and stumbles to a corner to catch his breath, then from out of nowhere Mike appears and goes a Savage Kick to Nate but Nate catches him and hits a uranage from out of the corner! Nate then tags in Fenix and Fenix comes in and brings Louis up...Sin City Hangover! He hooks the leg…


    Winners: The Undisputed Alliance

    Rod Sterling: Thats a big rebound win for The Undisputed Alliance there! They lose the tag titles but come back with a win here against The Valanders, who were rising up the ranks a bit.

    Christian Quinn: Does this mean The UA will get a rematch?

    Daniella Kennedy: I'm thinking Payback might live up to its name for The Elite and The Undisputed Alliance.

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix leave the ring with smiles and pride on their faces. The Valanders recover after a tough loss against the former Tag Team Champions.


    We return to the arena as “Man of the Hour” by Pearl Jam hits to a mostly negative reaction. Donovan Moore steps out onto the stage, clearly a little bruised from his exploits at Back in Business. He surveys the assembled audience before making his way down the ramp towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Your next contest is scheduled for ONE-FALL, with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, weighing in tonight at two hundred and ten pounds… ‘The Man of the Hour’... DONOVAN MOORE!

    Rod Sterling: And Moore certainly had a hard night at Back in Business, going up against five other competitors in what was a brutal X Rules match…

    Daniella Kennedy: That’s right, Rod, and although Donovan Moore was unable to come away with the gold, he certainly earned a lot of people’s respect last Sunday…

    Christian Quinn: That may be true, but a man like Moore isn’t interested in respect, Daniella! It’ll be more than his body that’s bruised tonight, mark my words. His ego will have taken a dent after picking up his first FWA loss…

    Moore has climbed into the ring and, after scowling at the crowd and beating his chest from the second turnbuckle, his music fades out. It is quickly replaced by “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, to a much bigger pop from the audience (although there’s doubtlessly a little bit of negativity in patches around the stadium). Nova Diamond walks out onto the stage and quickly begins stalking towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent… he comes to you tonight from Manchester, England… he weighs in at eighty two kilograms… NOVA DIAMOND!

    Daniella Kennedy: Here comes another man who lost a championship match at Back in Business, with Diamond coming up short in his attempts to take the FWA Championship away from ‘The King’ Dave Sullivan…

    Christian Quinn: Long Live the King!

    Rod Sterling: But what a match that main event was. Diamond has cemented himself as one of the top tier competitors here in FWA, even in defeat to Sullivan.

    Diamond climbs into the ring and stares off at Sullivan from across the ring. The referee conducts his final checks, before eventually calling for the bell...

    "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore vs. Nova Diamond

    The two circle the ring, eyeing each other up from across the squared circle. The crowd have made their allegiances well known early on, and have now launched into a ’NO-VA’ chant, showing their support for the defeated main eventer. This seems to have no effect on Diamond, who still stares down his opponent, a look of focus on his face. Moore allows himself a smirk. The two come together, Diamond clearly looking for a collar and elbow tie-up… but Donovan wants none of it! He stamps on Nova’s foot, and then pokes him in the eye! Diamond staggers backwards, and Moore rocks him with a head-butt, backing him up into the ropes. He whips him off the opposite set, and goes for a clothesline… but no! Diamond ducks it… and Moore turns round into a superkick! He goes for a cover…

    Rod Sterling: It looks like Diamond wants to end this early… he hooks the leg…




    Christian Quinn: It’ll take more than that to defeat Donovan Moore, but that superkick was a clear statement of intent from Nova Diamond!

    From there, Diamond settles into something of a rhythm. He is quick around the ring, taking Moore off his feet with a series of kicks, including a spinning heel kick for which he gains a two count. A few minutes into the match, after hitting a reverse DDT, Diamond goes to the top rope and flies through the air with a picture perfect elbow drop, for which he gets another nearfall. He slaps Moore in a reverse chin lock, catching his breath after his flurry of offense and attempting to grind Moore down even more. For a while, it appears to be working, with Moore seemingly fading and close to losing consciousness... but there’s enough fight in Moore left for him to make his way back to his feet. He backs Diamond up to the ropes, and attempts to throw him off him into the opposite set…

    … but Diamond remains firm with the hold! Moore is unable to throw him off, and soon enough he’s back down to one knee again. With what seems like it might be his last burst of energy, he grabs at Diamond’s face and rakes his eyes! Diamond is forced to relinquish the hold! Moore takes a moment to compose himself, before charging at Diamond with an attempted lariat. Nova ducks it, goes into a rear waist lock, and then takes Donovan Moore overhead with a German suplex! He doesn’t bridge for the cover, instead beginning to climb up to the top rope for a second time…

    Daniella Kennedy: Is he going for another flying elbow drop?

    Moore is back to his feet, though, and he’s wisened up to this line of attack. He moves over to Nova’s corner and reels off a few straight right hands to Diamond’s head. He then begins to climb up to the second turnbuckle, applying a front face lock… and taking Diamond over with a superplex! For the first time in the match, Moore is able to go for a cover of his own.




    Diamond gets a shoulder up, but now it’s Moore’s turn to settle into a rhythm of his own. Along with an endless series of strikes consisting mostly of European uppercuts and headbutts, he gets near-falls with a snap suplex and then a DDT, and seems to be successful in his attempts to sap the life away from both Nova and the crowd. After a third two count after a gut-wrench suplex, Moore throws Diamond over the top rope and onto the floor. He follows him, lifting Diamond up and throwing him into the steel steps! Diamond flies over them and lands in a heap on the floor!

    Rod Sterling: It’s clear that Donovan Moore has the upper hand here, but he should be focussing on his opponent instead of taunting like that…

    Indeed, Moore has climbed the steps that he just threw Diamond over, and is now standing on the top of them with his arms stretched out at either side.

    Christian Quinn: Oh, come on, Rod! Let him have his fun! He has Diamond right where he wants him…

    He has a shit-eating grin on his face as he hops off the steps, and then strides over to Diamond. He picks Nova up by the hair and flings him face-first into the apron, before proceding to roll him under the bottom rope and into the ring. Moore rolls in after him and hooks the far leg…




    Diamond gets a shoulder up, and Moore spends a moment remonstrating with the referee about a perceived slow count. Eventually, he re-focuses his attention onto Diamond, and picks up both of his legs…

    Rod Sterling:
    We’ve seen him use this before! Moore is perhaps looking for the Boston Crab…

    Daniella Kennedy: ]But Diamond is fighting it with all his remaining energy! He does not want to end up in this submission…

    Indeed, Diamond is unleashing a series of straight right hands to Moore from a grounded position. Eventually, Nova is able to bungle Moore over, and into a small package....



    T - - NO!

    Moore gets the shoulder up, and both men are quick to their feet. Diamond charges in with a lariat attempt, which Moore ducks. Nova turns round into a boot to the midsection… Moore pulls Diamond’s head towards him, perhaps looking for a piledriver or a powerbomb… Diamond fights out of it, lifting Moore up over him with a big back body drop… but Moore lands on his feet! Diamond turns around, and Moore turns him inside out with a clothesline!! He instantly falls down into a cover…



    TH - - NO!

    Rod Sterling: How did Diamond kick out?!

    Daniella Kennedy: If Moore had had wrist control for his End of the Hour clothesline, that would have been enough…

    Christian Quinn: It looks like that’s what he’s going for now… He has the wrist! And he’s pulling Diamond up to his feet…

    Nova is just about back up to a vertical base when Moore yanks him towards him, going for his Rainmaker clothesline… but no! Diamond ducks it, and swiftly moves behind into a full nelson hold… he takes him over with his dragon suplex!

    Nova isn’t quite done there. He grabs Moore up by the hair and yanks him to his feet, before slapping on a front facelock…

    Rod Sterling: COMFORTABLY NUMB! Diamond with his version of the Emerald Flowsion Kai...

    Christian Quinn: This one’s done…

    Diamond hooks BOTH legs, and counts along with the referee…




    Winner: Nova Diamond via pinfall @10:12

    Diamond takes a moment to compose himself in the middle of the ring, sucking in a few lungfuls of energy after the exertions of the match. The referee takes his hand as Moore rolls out beneath the bottom rope.

    Kurt Harrington: Here is your winner… Nova Diamond!

    The referee raises Diamond’s hand high in the air, the crowd giving him a good ovation.

    Rod Sterling: Nova Diamond gets back to winning ways here on Fight Night, and it will be interesting to see where the 2019 Carnal Contendership winner goes from here…

    The feed cuts to black as Diamond stands on the top rope, beating his chest and wording inaudible words.


    The lights go out. On the big screen, the right hand of Roy Orbison strums a chord on a guitar. The man himself is then shown, in silhouette, singing the first lines of 'In Dreams'. As the band joins him, backing up his haunting, almost otherworldly classic, all images of Roy himself are replaced by three large gold letters: MVH. Before long, the woman herself walks out onto the stage, soaking up the boos that are being flung at her by the assembled FWA faithful. She smirks, adjusts her newly won X Division Championship on her shoulder, and begins to walk down the ramp.

    Rod Sterling:
    Here comes one of our new champions, Michelle von Horrowitz, who beat five other competitors to become the queen of the X Division at Back in Business…

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Eli Black, Jason Randall, Kevin Cromwell, Donovan Moore, and her opponent tonight Gerald Grayson, all five of them came up short in that hellacious match last Sunday…

    Christian Quinn:
    You say that she beat her opponents in Orlando, Rod, I say she purely outlasted them… Nobody can really claim to have won that one!

    We cut away from Michelle shouting at a pair of young male fans to footage from the six-person match at Back in Business. We see Michelle being chokeslammed through a table by Eli Blake, and then miss a huge Swanton dive off the staging area. Glimpses of the other competitors are seen, with Randall's four-stunner rush of adrenaline and Grayson and Black toppling from a ladder through two tables featuring prominently. We see Michelle hit her Tiger Driver '98 on Cromwell through the announce table, and then Amadeus nailing her with a big back body drop onto thousands of tacks. Our final clips are of von Horrowitz crawling through broken tables and thumb tacks, laying an arm over Jason Randall, and picking up the victory. All the while, our commentators are giving their own analysis of the match's barbaric events.

    Rod Sterling:
    Say what you like about her character or her history, Christian, but you only have to look at this footage to note that von Horrowitz went through hell on her way to becoming the X Division Champion. If nothing else, she's proved that she's a survivor…

    Christian Quinn:
    You can see it for yourself right here, Rod: right place at the right time. After the others had taken each other out, she was able to reap the rewards of other people's hard work.

    Von Horrowitz has entered the ring. She is wearing her ring gear, ready for her upcoming match with Gerald Grayson. A large, plain black hoodie swamps her, the championship belt sitting proudly on her shoulder. She collects a microphone from Kurt Harrington, standing in the centre of the ring and addressing the audience in the building.

    My beloved tulips, tonight is a wonderful night for many reasons. Not least of which is it won't be long before this new virus means we'll be wrestling in front of empty seats. Not having to look at your fat, stupid, American faces will be a welcome change. Save your jeers for someone who cares what you think.

    The audience only doubles down on their disapproval. Michelle only shakes her head and chuckles.

    MvH:But mostly, my dear, adoring fans, tonight is a wonderful night because of this…

    She lifts the championship belt above her head, nodding as the audience lets her know what they think. One particularly disgruntled fan can be heard yelling 'F*** YOU'...

    I told you it would happen, ladies and gentlemen! The very first time I stepped foot in one of your rings, I told you what I was about to do. You dismissed me. You doubted me. And yet here I stand, three matches into my FWA career and already a champion. Lord Vincent’s wild idea of an even playing field, where nobody can bend the rules because, frankly, there aren’t any, has proved to be only a vehicle for setting me loose. They came on Sunday. Each of them beat their chest and stomped their feet and proclaimed that they were the strongest little warriors. Each prospective hero of the FWA. But each of them fell. To each other as much as anything, you may argue. But one thing is undeniable. They all fell to me. They left Orlando with bruises, and cuts, and stitches. I left with this...

    This whole time, she has been holding the belt aloft, pacing from side to side in the ring. Finally, she allows herself to lower it onto her shoulder.

    But you should not be scared, ladies and gentlemen. I bring only happy tidings to my new division. I bring opportunity, and some semblance of equality. Because that's what the FWA needs right now. A little bit of blood. A little bit of passion. A little bit of pride. I know what it is going to take to pry this belt out of my hands, and I know how little to expect from my opponents. But I’m more than happy to give any luckless souls their chance to bathe in the light I have thrown onto this division. I will defend this championship freely, to anyone who asks for their shot. And this will start with the MVH X Division Championship OPEN CHALLENGE! That’s right, my tulips. I will put this championship belt on the line against anyone in that locker room that thinks they have the huevos to step through MY ropes, and into MY ring--

    “Go to Sleep” by Eminem, Obie Trice, and DMX hits around the arena, and gets a huge pop from the assembled crowd.

    Rod Sterling:
    What?! We’ve already seen Jason Randall in action earlier tonight, and we were expecting to see Gerald Grayson compete against Michelle von Horrowitz…

    Christian Quinn:
    Perhaps our resident Wildcard is lost…

    He doesn’t look lost, and before long Randal walks out onto the stage with purpose. He has a microphone in his hand, and surveys the fans who are cheering his name. Eventually, his music fades out, and he lifts the microphone to address the champion...

    Jason Randall:
    You really enjoy hearing the sound of your own voice, don't you? I mean you just go on and on and on...

    MvH rolls her eyes in annoyance. She is leaning over the top rope and facing Randall directly. He meets her eyeliner with zero fear and very little respect.

    Jason Randall:
    I'm surprised that you're able to even stand after what happened at BiB. The stuff all of us did to each other in that match, it's a miracle that any of us can even walk to be honest...

    MvH looks at her wrist for her nonexistent watch, waiting for Randall to wrap it up and get to the point

    Jason Randall:
    Oh, am I boring you? I'm sorry, Michelle, truly I am. It's not like you were boring the fans with your babbling before I came out here. Look, you won at Back in Business. That's a bitter pill to swallow for me, but you won and you pinned... me.

    MvH nods and a small hint of a smile forms on her facial features.

    Jason Randall:
    That's even more a bitter pill to swallow but there's no need for me to dwell on that any longer than I have. You talk about bringing opportunity and a semblance of equality, well I'm here to jump on that opportunity that you're bringing and I'm here to accept your open challenge for that X-Division championship you hold!

    A pop from the crowd at Randall's announcement.

    Jason Randall:
    It's better than me fighting that jackass Kevin Cromwell again, although I honestly wouldn't mind getting my hands on him again but first I'd like to take that title off your hands Michelle, what do you say? Do you have the huevos?

    MvH rolls her eyes again but a sly smirk forms...

    Christian Quinn:
    Will Michelle accept?

    Oh, Jason! You interrupted me as I was really starting to hit my flow! If you would have let me finish, my dear old Wildcard, you would know that my first X Division Championship Open Challenge will take place next week. I already have a match tonight, and it sure as shit isn't for the belt. You didn't think I would defend MY championship in a city like this, did you?! It would be adorable if it wasn't quite so sad...

    The crowd are on her back again, but she just laps up the animosity. Jason Randall nods his head on the stage knowingly, as if he'd known she wouldn't be ready to face him tonight.

    And next week, Jason, I've decided that I will defend MY championship belt against anyone in the world... except Jason Randall. You have no place in the ring with me anymore. I beat you at Back in Business, remember? I pinned your shoulders to the mat, and a man in black and white counted one, two, three. It was glorious. The crowd went wild. But I imagine you had already clocked off for the night. I have no interest in re-hashing old news or returning to a recurring theme. My championship reign is to be different, and not dogged by the same old tropes. Nobody will be able to lose one week and then walk into a championship shot the next, if I have anything to do with it. So you can go to the back - the back stage and the back of the line - and do whatever it is you do with your time when you're not regaining us all with fine examples of your mediocrity. I have a non-championship match to win.

    She throws the microphone down onto the mat and smiles to herself, wandering over to a corner and sitting with her head propped up against the second turnbuckle.

    "Battle Cry" by Little V hits to a moderate pop from the audience, and before long Gerald Grayson walks out onto the ramp. There's an uneasy stand-off between the two as Gerald passes by, the memory of Back in Business still raw for both of them. Eventually, Randall wordlessly backs away from Grayson, walking back through the entrance and into the back. Grayson turns towards the ring and beginning to stalk down towards Von Horrowitz.

    Non-title match
    Michelle von Horowitz (X Champion) vs. Gerald Grayson

    Michelle Von Horowitz and Gerald Grayson circle the ring once before locking arms in the center. Grayson applies a rear waist lock and maneuvers Von Horowitz toward the turnbuckle. The reigning X Champion presses her feet against the bottom turnbuckle to press back against Grayson. Then she steps to the second turnbuckle and eventually pushes off, which causes Grayson to fall backwards. Von Horowitz back-rolls when they hit the canvas. Von Horowitz springs up and lands a swift right forearm to Grayson's jaw. Then she lands a standing dropkick to his chest. Grayson falls back a bit and leans against the turnbuckle. He steps out and Von Horowitz quickly applies a side arm twist.

    Von Horowitz whips Grayson into the ropes but misses with another forearm. Grayson hits the original ropes and lands a high knee on the rebound. Grayson hits a chop to the chest. Then a second. He has Von Horowitz against the ropes and whips across. He tries another chop but it misses. Von Horowitz turns but gets a back body drop.

    Grayson has Von Horowitz backed against the turnbuckle and lands 10 forearm punches with her trapped in the corner. He whips across but Von Horowitz explodes out with a kick to the gut and neckbreaker. Von Horowitz hits a Russian leg sweep and goes for the cover, but it's a two count. She tries a belly-to-belly suplex next and crawls over for the cover. Again a two count.

    Von Horowitz tries a Tiger Driver '98 but Grayson powers out by flipping his opponent. Grayson then hits the ropes and lands a springboard clothesline. Now he goes for a cover!

    ..............1..................2......Kick out

    Grayson goes airborne next with a second turnbuckle flying forearm. He rolls away and springs up quickly. When Von Horowitz rises up, Grayson hits a sling blade after ducking under one of Von Horowitz's arms. Grayson covers again!

    ..............1..................2.............Shoulder up

    Grayson grabs Von Horowitz and whips across the ring. He tries a running forearm but misses. Von Horowitz hits a springboard crossbody on the rebound. Then she lands the Busaiku Knee Kick!!! Von Horowitz stalks her foe before hitting the 450 splash and covering with a leg hook!


    Winner: Michelle von Horowitz

    Grayson lays in the ring as Michelle von Horowitz admires her work and receives back her X Championship belt. She then says, "I hope everyone was watching. KEEP WATCHING." Von Horowitz leaves the ring with sweat all over her face, after a hard-fought match against a promising rookie in the FWA.

    Rod Sterling:
    The Von Horowitz Era of the X Championship division started strong. But I think Gerald Grayson proved tonight that he can hang.

    Christian Quinn:
    I agree. We need to keep an eye on this kid.


    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Elimination Chamber match! In just a moment, the first four competitors will come out and each man or woman will enter a pod. The following three competitors will start the match! Every 5 minutes thereafter, a pod will open at random and the next competitor will enter the match! Elimination occurs when a superstar has been pinned or made to submit! In this match, there are no disqualifications and pinfalls and submissions must occur inside the ring! The last superstar remaining after all competitors have entered the match will be your winner and earn a FWA Heavyweight Championship match!

    Rod Sterling: FOLKS ... it's time. The Elimination Chamber MAIN EVENT. And we are joined here by a special guest ... Dave Sullivan, the REIGNING FWA World Champion.

    The camera shows Dave Sullivan wearing a sports jacket over a white T-shirt, with sunglasses on and the World Championship belt over his shoulder. He has on jeans and is wearing a king's crown on his head. The headset fits perfectly around, and Sullivan begins talking.

    Dave Sullivan: Good, good. Thank you. Let's watch this ... uh ... glorified mid-card battle.

    Christian Quinn: Not sure I'd call it that... these are some legends in this match.

    Dave Sullivan: Listen ... let's get something clear, because I wasn't given any ring time to discuss my big win at Back in Business.

    I'm the World Champion. The FWA World Champion. I'm the first TRIPLE CHAMP. I'm the longest-reigning X Champion ever. I'm the person who at one point held every singles championship at once. I had a monopoly. Literally, if it was monopoly, then I would've had every space. Apartments on everything. Nowhere for anyone to go.

    But most importantly, I'm the FWA World Champion today. None of these seven are. None of them. Nova Diamond isn't, either. He's somewhere else, licking his wounds. Devin Golden is off pretending like he still matters. Michelle von Horowitz is propping up some feign importance of the X Championship as if I wasn't already doing that a year ago. Alyster Black has a mask and a creepy act. And Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo wouldn't dare return right now.

    I'm the FWA World Champion today. None of these seven can hang with me. They can't beat me for this title. So yes, this is a glorified midcard match to me because the WHOLE roster is full of midcarders and low-carders. I'm the only person in the main event. I am the main event. That's what being The King means.

    “In Between” by In this Moment begins to blare through the arena speakers as “The Best of the Best” Gabrielle Montgomery steps out onto the stage. Gabrielle does her signature sultry pose before slowly walking down the ramp, trying to hide the slightly noticeable limp she suffered from her war with Cyrus Truth in Trial By Fire. Gabby examines the door before getting checked by a referee as she enters the first pod.

    Christian Quinn: Coming off a big win at Back in Business and now ... now a chance to get a future World Championship shot.

    Dave Sullivan: She's a tired, old hag.

    “Sick” by Adelitas Way was next on the list of songs to play that brought out the former multi-time North American Champion Mike Parr. “The Prodigy” seemed to look a bit in awe of the mammoth structure in front of him as he walked down the ramp wide eyed and staring almost straight up in the air. Parr walked through the door and into the second pod, completely ignoring Gabrielle.

    Rod Sterling: Mike Parr lost the North American title to Krash at Back in Business ... BUT he has a history of showing big in moments like this. And he has TWO wins over you, Dave.

    Dave Sullivan: ... (silence)

    Daniella Kennedy: Let us remind everyone that "The Prodigy" Mike Parr has beaten Dave Sullivan, the reigning FWA World Champion, twice. TWO wins. And one was to take the North American Championship.

    So if he wins tonight...

    Dave Sullivan: ... (silence)

    Rod Sterling: The silence is telling, Dave.

    The camera catches Dave Sullivan looking to his side, sending daggers across the table toward Rod Sterling. The announcers go tense and quiet as Mike Parr's theme music stops. Then we see "The Prodigy" and "The King" lock eyes and have a staredown that causes Sullivan to stand at the table.


    The crowd perked up as “Rock me, Amadeus” played throughout the arena and Kevin Cromwell excitedly made his way out onto the stage! As the song reached a crescendo, Cromwell raised both arms in the air, showing off his Red and White Union Jack jacket. Cromwell spun around, as the crowd sang along to the “Amadeus” part on his way down the ramp. Cromwell excitedly scampered up the steps and again spun around the ring, almost Kurt Angle like, before handing his jacket to a referee and entering the third pod.

    Daniella Kennedy: This is my darkhorse pick to win the match. I think Cromwell is ...

    Dave Sullivan: He's another version of Nova Diamond, and we saw what happened to Nova at Back in Business. Now he's down in the low card facing people in the X Championship division.

    Rod Sterling: You don't think you'll ever have to answer to these words? That you may eat them?

    Dave Sullivan: I'm The King, Rod.

    “Back in Town” by Matt Dusk signaled that the final pod entrant was the new FWA North American Champion Krash! Krash wasted no time in making his way down the ramp and slapping hands with the fans at ringside! Krash quickly entered the ring and walked right up to Kevin Cromwell, simply smiled and gave a thumbs up to Amadeus! Krash turned around and walked towards Gabrielle, his demeanor becoming much more serious as he gives her a simple nod, possibly of respect. Gabrielle nods in return and hen rolls her eyes and flips her hair as Krash turns around to walk towards Parr. Parr is seething with anger as he helplessly looks out at the man that bested him at Back in Business. Krash smiles like a Cheshire Cat as he holds the North American Championship up high, and then almost with a snap of his fingers turns to a dead stone stare before handing the belt over to the referee and entering the ring.

    “Truth to the Weak by Fire” From The Gods tells us that the next man in and the first man to start is none other than Kayden Knox. “The Afflicted” walks down the ramp, AJ Drake by his side, talking trash all the way. Before they enter the ring, Drake pumps up his client and Kayden climbs into the ring, awaiting his opponents.

    Rod Sterling: Kayden Knox is a wildcard here. Who knows what he brings to this match.

    Dave Sullivan: Of everyone, he's the one I like the most. And I don't like him. At all. I just have the least amount of dislike for him.

    “Subconscious Entry Version” by Julia Claris played next as Cyrus Truth began his walk down the ramp. Cyrus was notably not 100% as he gingerly walked down to the ring and up he stairs into the chamber. Cyrus stood in the doorway and took a big sigh as he lowered his head and mentally prepared himself for what was to come. The camera caught a really cool shot of Cyrus wincing in pain as Gabrielle stood tall and confident in the pod. Cyrus gave Knox a nod and then took his corner as the awaited the last man.

    Christian Quinn: The man who was BURNED at Back in Business. The man who has been around the World Championship ever since he came to the FWA. He cannot be counted out of this.

    Dave Sullivan: When the decade changed, Cyrus Truth became the FWA's past.

    Oh ... God ... this guy. He was HANDED a spot. He didn't even finish in the top 7 of Carnal Contendership!

    The man he's speaking of is ... "The Carnegie Carnivore."

    “Judas” by Fozzy blared over the speakers as the final competitor made his walk down the ramp. Michael Garcia, with an aura of confidence emanating from him like we’ve never seen before, showed little intimidation of the chamber. He bullishly pushed his way past a referee as he opened the chamber door himself and walked right to the center of the ring, and walking right up to Cyrus Truth, who in as much pain as he was in, didn’t back down. Cyrus went right up to Garcia, showing no fear himself! Kayden Knox walked right in between the two of them and reminded them both that he was here too! The referee backed the three of them up and ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell!


    For a Future World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Elimination Chamber Match
    “The Prodigy” Mike Parr vs “The Exile” Cyrus Truth vs “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell vs “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs “The White Wolf” Krash vs “The Best of the Best” Gabrielle vs “The Afflcited” Kayden Knox

    Garcia and Cyrus seem locked on each other as Kayden Knox stands between the two. Knox looks from side to side, as if he’s wanting to pick a side! Garcia shouts out something across the ring, which causes Knox to turn towards Cyrus and against Garcia! Cyrus and Knox inch towards Garcia, but Knox turns and cheap shots Cyrus with a forearm! Cyrus stumbles to his side and falls to the mat, which all Garcia and Knox need to strike! The duo start ganging up on the Exile, stomping away with kicks and delivering forearms to the skull of the former champion! Cyrus tries to cover up as Knox and Garcia continue the attack, picking Cyrus up and sending him shoulder first into the ringpost! Cyrus falls between the ropes, landing on the cold hard steel on the outside.Garcia motions to Knox to work together and take out Cyrus to which Knox nods his head in agreement. The duo of Knox and Garcia duck underneath the top rope and head to the steel, each grabbing one of Cyrus’ arms as he pulls himself up and double whipping him into one of the metal posts holding the structure! Cyrus’staggers backwards with a dazed look on his face, but the Knox/Garcia combination sends him right back into the post! Garcia flips Cyrus around, and this time,the dup send him back first into the post! Cyrus screams out in agony, before falling to his knees which allows Knox to drop down to his knees and slams Cyrus head into the steel floor, before pressing his head down with all of his might against that cold hard steel. Garcia steps on Cyrus’ lower back, pressing down all of his weight onto The Exile’s spine before tossing Cyrus back into the ring and following him in. Knox follows them in. Knox helps Cyrus to his feet, throws a right hand at him, but Cyrus blocks it and starts unloading with a series of strikes on Knox, only to eat a devastating clothesline from Garcia! Garcia quickly tosses Cyrus back over the top rope to the steel floor, but Kayden Knox seizes an opportunity and rolls Garcia up from behind!



    Garcia kicked out with authority and quickly rolled to his feet! Knox smirked and shrugged his shoulders, which infuriated Garcia who charged forward with another clothesline, that Knox ducked! Garcia on the rebound, went for a running boot but Knox evaded…but Garcia accidentally connected with Cyrus, who was using the ropes to pull himself up! Garcia stood there for a second, looking out over Cyrus, which allowed Knox to connect with a Backstabber! Garcia fell down to the mat as Cyrus once again, used the ropes to pull himself up. Knox ran the ropes and charged toward Cyrus, who ducked down between the ropes and buried his shoulder into Knox’s ribcage. Knox ducked down from the reaction of the shot to the ribs, as Cyrus leapt over the ropes with a Sunset Flip back into the ring but Knox rolled through and connected with a Shining Wizard! Knox covered with Cyrus kicking out between 1 and 2. Knox walked over to Garcia in the far corner and delivered a hard knife edge chop before walking back over to Cyrus, sending him to the far corner where he unleashed a series of knife edge chops. Knox attempted to whip Cyrus into the corner with Garcia, but Cyrus reversed it 360 and sent Knox back into the far corner. Knox, however, pushed himself up so that when Cyrus followed in, he connected with the turnbuckle! Knox stumbled backwards right into a backbreaker from Garcia! Garcia took a second to admire his handiwork, but that was all Cyrus needed to connect with the Broken Path (running stomp to a standing opponent’s knee, followed by a running boot to the face) and then a kneeling DDT to Garcia! Knox started to stir, so Cyrus pulled him up to his feet and then connected with a Leaping Crescent kick followed by a Spinning Reverse Elbow that knocked Knox loopy! Kayden hit the mat with a thud as the timer began to count down to zero! Cyrus buried a boot deep into the back of the seven footer on the mat in front of him as the lights went out and the lights above the chamber randomly and sporadically lit up the chambers until it settled on….

    Entrant #4 – “The White Wolf” Krash

    Dave Sullivan: Finally we get this thing moving.

    Krash immediately walked out into the chamber and smiled, as he took in everything around him. Cyrus Truth gave Krash a nod of respect as Krash entered the ring, and the two engaged in a little talk that the audio couldn’t pick up. Eventually, Cyrus looked out to the fans before mouthing “Not tonight. Any other night, sure, but tonight, you’re jus a roadblock.” The Exile then threw a right hand that Krash ducked, and Krash came back with a clothesline! Both men up to their feet and Krash connected with a second clothesline! German Suplex attempt by Krash countered into a Ripcord Knee by Cyrus, only to be countered into a German Suplex by Krash! Kayden Knox attempted a clothesline that Krash ducked and connected with a German Suplex as well on Knox! Knox landed right next to Cyrus, as Garcia was next to try his fair, but ate a dropkick from Krash, who landed on Cyrus and Knox with a Moonsault, completing his patented Dropsault! But the dropkick didn’t do too much damage to Garcia as he came right back with a staggering headbutt to Krash! Cyrus back up to his feet, hooking Garcia up for a Dragon Suplex, but he couldn’t pull Garcia back! Kayden Knox came in with the assist, with a leaping high knee to Garcia, that caused him to fall back into Cyrus’ Dragon Suplex!


    Dave Sullivan: What a worthless pin attempt.

    Way too early yet to put away Garcia! Krash with a running front dropkick that sends Knox to the corner! Krash charges towards Cyrus with the same move but Cyrus stops him dead in his tracks with a running Pump Kick! Cyrus with a corner splash to Knox! Corner splash to Krash! Garcia follows in with a splash of his own and sandwiches Krash and Cyrus in the corner! Garcia piles BOTH Cyrus and Krash on his shoulders and carries them to the center of the ring! Krash manages to slide off and lands on his feet! Garcia spins around to see what happened, causing Cyrus’ leg to wipe out Krash! Garcia goes for the Homewood Heart Attack, but Cyrus lands on his feet! Truth with a Spinning Wheel Kick that wipes out Garcia! Meanwhile, Kayden Knox sneaks in from behind and delivers a Dudley Dog to Cyrus! Both Garcia and Cyrus roll to the the outside of the ring as Knox rubs his neck inside the ring. Knox heads to the outside with Krash and slams him head first into the steel chain. Krash falls to the steel, screaming in pain, before Knox takes a few steps up the chain wall and leaping down onto Krash’s chest with his boots to the ribs. Knox rolls Krash back into the ring, whips him into the ropes and then follows in with a corner splash. Meanwhile, back on the other side of the ring, Garcia and Cyrus have climbed to the top turnbuckle and Garcia is attempting a SuperPlex on The Exile! Cyrus is fighting it though, and holding on for a dear life! On the other side of the ring, Knox looks across the ring, and decides to go for the same thing so he hoists Krash up to the top turnbuckle and attempts to SuperPlex him as well!Eventually the battles are lost as Garcia is able to execute the SuperPlex, and just a split second later, Knox is as well! All four men are down and out s the countdown begins! And when it hits zero, the lights go out, the spotlights shine and….

    Entrant #5 – Gabrielle

    The four men struggle to pull them selves up to their feet at the sight of Gabrielle entering the ring! Savate Kick to Krash! Uppercut to Cyrus! Leaping Crescent Kick to Knox! Superkick to Garcia! Uppercut to Knox! Forearm to Krash! Cyrus begins to rise and the two of them have a staredown in the center of the ring! The two are about to come to blows when Kayden Knox hits Gabby from behind, who cracks head with Cyrus! Leg Hook Reverse STO to Gabby! Knox with a Shining Wizard to Cyrus! Knox goes for the cover!



    Dave Sullivan: Oooo. Damn. Close.

    Cyrus kicks out! Garcia pulls himself up and goes for Knox, who kicks Garcia in the knee, and then delivers a running high knee! As all four competitors are reeling, Knox double finger points at Cyrus, then Krash, then Garcia, then Gabby! Knox unleashes a kick to the chest of each man in rapid succession before settling in on Gabby with a series of kicks to her gorgeous chest! Gabby’s eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head as each kick caused her head to snap back with much vigor! Knox took a few steps back before going with Shining Wizard but Gabby ducked, shoved Knox away, got to her feet and clotheslined Knox! Second clothesline to Knox! Irish whip to the ropes, reversed by Knox but Gabby flies back with a leaping clothesline! Gabby looks to finish Knox, but she’s blindsided by Krash! Krash attacks her in the corner with a series of strikes with Cyrus looking to join in! Cyrus pulls Krash aside and strikes away at Gabby, but Krash isn’t having any of it and dumps Cyrus to the outside! Krash turns his attention back to the Goddess, but he eats a Slingblade from Gabby! Gabby gets back to her feet but gets nearly decapitated by a running Boot to the skull from Garcia! Kayden Knox runs in and eats a Spinebuster for his troubles! Hard uppercut to Krash sends him back down! Suddenly, Cyrus Truth leaps off the ropes and connects with a hard knee to the face! Garcia is staggered! Krash gets back to his feet and hits a Disaster Kick! Garcia staggers towards the center of the ring where he eats a Stunner from Knox! Garcia stumbles backwards but the ropes keep him propped up! Gabby delivers a SuperKick that sends him over the top rope to the steel! The foursome all look at one another, and in unison, nod in agreement before following him to the outside! Gabby, Cyrus and Krash all grab Garcia by his limbs and on the count of three, they whip him full force into a closed empty pod, but the “glass” doesn’t break! They pull him back and try again, but again the glass won’t break! They attempt to pull him back again, but this time, Garcia fights back and pushes them all off! After he sends Krash into the steel, he turns around…and Kayden Knox spears Garcia through the glass pod! A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out in the arena as both Garcia and Knox disappear in a pile of rubbish! Krash, Cyrus, and Gabby all look on in shock as a closeup shows that Garcia is now a bloody mess, and Kayden Knox is only starting to stir!

    Back in the ring, Krash has rolled into the ring with Gabby following in. The White Wolf crawled to the corner, looking for reprieve but Gabby gave him none as she followed in with a series of clubbing forearms! Krash stumbled out of the corner, but he ate a Split Legged Neckbreaker from the Goddess! Cyrus ran in and met the same fate! Kayden Knox ran in and got caught with a Michinoku Driver from Gabby! Gabby sat out into a pinfall that got a 2 count! Gabby was stunned as she looked around at the carnage around her! The Goddess looked to her left, and then to her right, as if she was asking the crowd for approval before pointing to the top rope! Gabby grabs Knox by the arm and drags him over to where Krash is laying before standing in front of the top turnbuckle and steadying herself for her Split-Legged Moonsault but in the middle of the move, Cyrus clubs her in the back Gabby gets caught up on the top rope! Cyrus plants her in the back with several more forearms before placing Gabby on his shoulders and connecting with the Exile’s Edge (Argentine Rack into a Neckbreaker)! Cyrus drops to his knees in exhaustion! After taking a few deep breaths, he begins to pull himself up to his feet, but Krash comes in out of nowhere with a Famouser! Cyrus’ head hits the mat with a thud as Krash covers Cyrus!



    Cyrus gets his shoulder up! Kayden Knox immediately pounces on Krash before he can get up and rolls him out of the ring before continuing an assault on the Exile. Cyrus screams out in excruciating pain as Knox locates a burn on Cyrus’ body and rubs it against the mat. He picks Cyrus up by his hair and whips him into the ropes, but Cyrus attempts to counter with his Discus Punch! Kayden sees it coming and ducks the punch, hoists Cyrus on his shoulders, and connects with the DOA (Detonation Kick)! Cyrus falls to the mat, but Knox doesn’t have a chance to cover as he notices Krash springboarding off the top rope with a clothesline! Knox ducks, Krash lands on his feet, but Kayden Knox drills him with a PoisonRana! Krash’s head spikes off the mat as Knox notices Gabby getting to her knees, so he drills her with a Running High Knee! Knox heads to the corner and stomps his foot to the mat, calling for Malice Intent on Gabby as the clock reaches zero!

    Entrant #6 – "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Mike Parr immediately exits the pod, as Knox stops in his track to prepare for the incoming entrant, but Parr ignores what’s going on over there and makes a bee line straight for Krash! Parr grabs the new champions head and slams it into the mat, repeatedly, screaming as Krash’s eyes seem to roll in the back of his head. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the ring, Knox puts his attention back to Gabby, stomps his foot a few more times, before going for the Malice Intent! But Gabby dodges out of the way, Knox’s feet both hit the ground hard, Knox turns around and right into a 34 Double DDT, but Knox fights out and spins it into a Rolling Cutter! Kayden Knox with the cover but he only gets a 2 count! Knox stumbles backwards into the ropes, but is unable to avoid a Cactus Clothesline from Cyrus that sends both men to the steel! Meanwhile back in the ring, Mike Parr pulls Krash to his feet and whips him into the far corner! Gabby gets back to her feet as well, and also gets whipped to the same corner! Parr follows in with a corner splash to both of them! Gabby staggers out of the corner and falls to a knee as Parr runs in for a second splash on Krash! This time, Krash stumbles out and right into a Belly to Back Suplex from Parr! Gabby gets back to her feet, but gets clotheslined back over the top rope to the steel on the outside! Parr pulls Gabby to her feet but the Goddess begins fighting back with hard right hands! Eventually, Parr blocks a shot and delivers one of his own and the two begin trading blows! The crowd pops as Krash reaches his feet inside the ring and springs off the top rope towards Gabby and Parr! Both Gabby and Parr duck the move however, Krash latches onto the chain wall of the chamber in true Spiderman like fashion! Gabby grabs onto his left foot and pulls him, but Krash kicks her away! Parr grabs the right foot, and Krash kicks him away as well before climbing higher up the cage! Gabby tries to climb up and pull him down again, but again Krash kicks her down and she bumps into Parr on the way down, accidentally catching him in the face with an elbow! Krash continues to climb, up to the top of the pod that Cromwell is still in! Cromwell tries leaping up in the air, to grab onto Krash’s shoelaces but they are just out of reach! Once steadied, Krash leaps off the top with a crossbody onto Gabby and Parr down below, but Gabby grab Parr’s arm and pulls him in while dropping out of the way! Krash crashes onto Parr below as Gabby rolls back into the ring narrowly escaping danger! Krash and Parr are down on the steel floor, Knox is grating Cyrus’ now bloodied face against the chain wall on the opposite side and Gabby is down in the center of the ring, finally appreciating a moment of reprieve! But the camera angle catches the piling of wreckage moving behind her, as the Monster of the Midway emerges, a bloody mess, from the mess of glass and steel! Garcia is pissed off and motivated, and Gabby is unaware of his presence behind her as he makes his way out from the pod!

    Dave Sullivan: The bell is tolling for the Evil Witch!

    Gabby turns around and locks eyes with Garcia as he steps back out onto the steel. He kicks Knox in the spine, forcing him to release the hold on Cyrus. Garcia picks Cyrus up with ease and launches him into the chain before launching him onto the pile of glass that he just emerged from! Garcia immediately reconnects eyes with Gabby in the center of the ring, who charged full speed at Garcia when he steps through the ropes only to get shut down by a single right hand! Hard right to Krash who attempts to stop Garcia next and then a deep knee to the midsection of Parr! Kayden Knox is left alone with Garcia in the ring! When Knox locks eyes with Garcia, he immediately puts his hands in the air and ducks to the outside of the ring and tries to lock himself back in a pod! Garcia starts to head back out after Knox but Parr grabs him by the arm and eats a hard right uppercut! Headbutt to Gabby! Headbutt to Krash! Uppercut to Cyrus! Parr clubs Garcia in the back of the head and gets in a few good shots, which gives Cyrus a chance to get back up and join in! Parr and Cyrus work together to wear down the big man and then hook him up for a Double Suplex…but they are the ones that wind up on the receiving end of it! Krash tries again with a Springboard Crossbody but Garcia catches him in mid-air and then uses Krash as a weapon to take out Gabby! Garcia turns and sees Knox trying to sneak back into the ring, and runs back after him, so Knox scurries up the chamber wall…and stands up at the top of the chamber…but Garcia begins climbing it as well! Knox tries to hurry and climb down the other side, but Garcia palms his head and pulls him back up! Garcia slams Knox’s head into the chamber wall several times, before turning Knox around and tossing him down onto Parr and Gabby below! Garcia stands at the top of the chamber, wiping the blood from his face,as the camera shows five other bodies all sprawled out on the mat below!

    Garcia climbs down to the mat below and walks straight over to Kevin Cromwell’s chamber and stares him down before walking back over to Kayden Knox, stomping his size 16 into the lower back, picking him up and then slamming him back down with a High Angle Scoop Slam. Gabby tries next and delivers a desperate forearm to the chest but Garcia takes her down with a vicious short arm clothesline! Garcia once again locks eyes with Cromwell which gives Cyru an opportunity to strike, but after two igrueling matches in the last two shows, Cyrus is running on empty and another headbutt shuts his offense down. He grabs Cyrus by the hair, pulls him up to his feet and Military Press Slams him into the cell wall! Garcia smiles before ducking down and following him to the outside as Kayden Knox struggles to pull himself back up to his feet! Knox finally does, when Mike Parr sneaks up from behind and gets him in the Rolling Cutter! Parr covers!




    Eliminated by “The Prodigy” Mike Parr: Kayden Knox!

    Dave Sullivan: Alright, time for me to turn off the TV. Oh, I have to stay and call the rest of this match?

    Garcia turns around, shocked to see what happened but his attention is turned once he hears the countdown begin! Garcia positions himself right at the exit of Kevin Cromwell’s pod as the countdown hits zero!

    Entrant #7 – “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell

    Dave Sullivan: He's rested and he's spry. He could steal a win here.

    The door opens but Cromwell immediately shuts it! Garcia screams at him to get his ass out here, but behind him Gabby, Parr, Cyrus and Krash all reached their feet! The four men all simultaneously began attacking Garcia with an endless amount of forearms to the back and they finally get him down to a knee! They all begin stomping at him until he’s down to both knees and covering up his head! The four of them all look at each other and come to an agreement that they need to get the big man out! They all pull Garcia up to his feet, and as Gabby and Krash help lift Garcia onto Parr and Cyrus’ shoulders, they all simultaneously powerbomb Garcia to the mat! All four of them cover Garcia!



    Garcia kicks out!

    Garcia rolls to his knees, only to eat a Shining Wizard from Parr! 1…2…Kickout!

    Split-Legged Moonsault by Gabby! 1…2…Kickout!

    Wanderer’s Wrath by Cyrus! 1…2…Garcia still kicked out!

    Garcia rolls to the outside, as Krash climbs up to the top rope…and delivers the Daybreaker to Garcia on the steel, but Garcia is on the outside!

    Back inside the ring, Parr thumbs Gabby in the eye and delivers a Rolling Cutter to Gabby! Parr crawls over to Gabby but eats a Wanderer’s Wrath of his own from Cyrus! Krash back in the ring, looking for a running bulldog on Cyrus, who shoves him off and into the ropes and then each man comes back with the same idea of a crossbody that wipes the other out! Suddenly, Cromwell runs out of the pod and dives on top of Cyrus, who kicks out! Then he tries Krash, Gabby, and Parr in succession and they all kick out! Cromwell looks around the ring and sees Krash getting up to his feet, so he takes him down with a running clothesline! Cromwell targets Gabby next, just wailing away at her with a blitzkrieg of rights and lefts as she desperately tries to cover herself in the corner! Running high knee wipes out Cyrus! Supersonic to Parr! Cromwell climbs up to the top rope and delivers a “What’s the story, Morning Glory?” to Cyrus! Gabby climbs up to the top rope and looks for her Diving Hurricanrana but Cromwell catches her and puts her down with a Sitout Powerbomb!



    Gabby gets her shoulder up!

    Cromwell shakes his head in disbelief as he starts to get up, but Garcia now stands behind him! Garcia grabs him by the hair and tosses him into the turnbuckle, before charging forward with a splash that Cromwell dodges! Garcia goes chest first into the turnbuckle and stumbles backwards into the Champagne Supernova (Bridging Dragon Suplex) but Garcia fights out with a series of elbows and chokeslams Cromwell nearly through the ring! Garcia grabs Gabby by the neck next and pulls her up to her feet, before getting stunned by a flying high knee to the skull by Cyrus! Garcia is stunned as he runs into a running Front Dropkick from Krash! Savate Kick by Gabby! Parr off the top rope as Garcia falls to his back X Marks the Spot by Parr! The impact causes Parr to bounce off his opponent! He crawls back to Garcia for the cover, but Cromwell comes rolling through with a La Mahistrol cradle pin! 1…2… Parr kicks out! Both men back to their feet, with Cromwell landing a well-placed Roundhouse Kick to the skull of the Prodigy! Krash comes charging in at Cromwell, but Cromwell catches him in a Wheelbarrow position, and then counters into the Champagne Supernova! But instead of going for the pin, he counters it into the Amadeus Requiem submission! Krash tries his best to hold on, but he just doesn’t have the fight left to counter, and though he doesn’t tap out, Krash does pass out from the hold! Referees immediately flood the chamber and roll Krash to the outside as the arena gives him a standing ovation on his way out!

    Elimination #2 by “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell – The FWA North American Champion Krash!

    Dave Sullivan: That's where the North American Champion belongs, nowhere near me and my title. Second elimination. HAH!

    Cromwell stands victorious for just a second before getting tossed over the top rope by Cyrus Truth! Cyrus heads to the outside with Cromwell andpairs off with him while Parr and Gabby are alone in the ring with Garcia rolling under neath the bottom rope. Parr and Gabby exchange right hands with Parr ducking a wild swing and trying to hook Gabby up with a Rolling Cutter! Gabby spins out and connects with a spinning neckbreaker! Handspring Split-Legged Leg Drop by Gabby! The crowd is at a fever pitch as Gabby slowly claps her hands together and calls for Parr to get up as she calls for the Caramel Coated DDT! Parr staggers to his feet and Gabby is about to strike when she’s caught with a Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb from Garcia! Gabby kicks out at 2 as Cyrus connects with a Reverse DDT on the steel outside the ring to Cromwell! Garcia gets up and runs towards Parr with a Running Boot to the face that Parr ducks! Garcia gets crotched over the top rope! Parr with a step up enziguiri rocks Garcia, who falls outside! Parr runs back, off the ropes, and runs…RIGHT INTO A CYRUS TRUTH, WHO SCOOPS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDER AND SENDS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A JOURNEY”S END!

    Cyrus drops down for the cover!

    Elimination #3 by “The Exile” Cyrus Truth – “The Prodigy” Mike Parr

    Dave Sullivan: ... (silence)

    Rod Sterling: Nothing? You won't use this moment to take a shot at Parr? After all your history with him?

    Dave Sullivan: ... (silence)

    Cyrus is feeling a second rush of Adrenaline as he pops right back to his feet, and leaves the ring, pointing his fingers at Kevin Cromwell! Truth storms over to “Amadeus”, picks him up and then drops him down with a Journey’s End! Cyrus rolls Cromwell underneath the the bottom rope, into the ring, and covers him!




    Elimination # 4 by “The Exile” Cyrus Truth – “Amadeus” Kevin Cromwell

    Dave Sullivan: Cyrus Truth is clearing house. Like it's 2017 or something. Too bad 2020 is sitting at this table and doesn't give a crap who he beats in that chamber.

    Kevin Cromwell and Mike Parr both exit the ring as Cyrus gets back up to his feet, looking at Garcia who is now standing tall, and Gabby on the opposite side of him who is using the ropes to pull herself back up to her feet. Cyrus runs towards Garcia but gets drilled with a huge uppercut! Same happens to Gabby! Garcia stands tall with a smile on his face, as Cyrus rolls over to Gabby and taps her on the leg, signaling that they need to work together to eliminate the big man! Cyrus helps Gabby get to her feet, a sight I don’t think any of us ever thought we would see, and the two share a nod with each one getting on one side of Garcia! The two of them attack, peppering Garcia with forearms and kicks, before Garcia shoves Cyrus away! Mike runs towards Cyrus, who lowbridges Garcia causing him to tumble to the steel! Cyrus and Gabby both follow him out there and stomp away at the Carnegie Carnivore before pulling him up and cracking his skull off the metal post of the chamber! Garcia stumbles back to the ropes so the Gabby/Cyrus duo hit it again! Garcia falls to the steel, and Cyrus immediately grabs Gabby by the hair and tosses HER into the post! Gabby staggers backwards, into Cyrus, who throws her back INTO the ring! Cyrus with a Springboard Clothesline back into the ring! Roundhouse Kick by Cyrus! Gabrielle is stunned! Cyrus wastes no time in going for the Journey’s End, but Gabby slides out the back! Gabby kicks Cyrus in the gut for a 34 Double DDT but Cyrus counters out and then connects with a V-Trigger! Gabby bounces off the ropes but instinctively runs forward and connects with a desperation spear! Both competitors are down in the ring and Garcia is down outside the ring, but beginning to pull himself up! Garia uses the chain wall to get back to his feet and reaches OVER the top rope, grabbing a handful of Cyrus’ hair and yanking him over the top rope to the outside! Garcia lifts him up for a Homewood Heart Attack but Cyrus holds onto the chain! Cyrus manages to kick Garcia away but Garcia comes right back! Cyrus hangs on tight, and keeps kicking away but Mike won’t go! Eventually Gabby comes back in, and hooks Mike up and drops him with a Lifting Reverse DDT! Cyrus manages to make his way up to the top of the chamber as Mike rolls into the ring! Cyrus looks to the crowd, and does something he’s never done before, to eliminate the monster from the match! Cyrus steadies himself and as a number of camera flashes fill the arena…

    Cyrus Truth jumps off the top of the chamber with a Frog Splash!


    Cyrus was lifeless as he laid on the mat! Garcia wasn’t moving, either! Another Holy Shit chant broke out in the arena, even louder than the first! Cyrus started to will himself to roll to his side over to the ropes and then to a seated position! Gabby re-entered the ring and lifted Mike to his feet! Cyrus started to rise behind him! Garcia with a boot to Gabby’s chest sent her back to the ropes! Back elbow rocked Cyrus! Savate Kick by Garcia sent Gabby to the outside! Another Roundhouse Kick by Cyrus, caught Garcia on the jaw! Garcia was staggered! Cyrus scooped him and tried for the Journey’s End, but he couldn’t lift the big man at this stage in the match! Cyrus held his lower back but with a look of determination, ran full force toward Garcia…who caught Cyrus with the Penduluum out of nowhere!

    Garcia covered!




    Elimination #5 by “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia – “The Exile” Cyrus Truth

    Dave Sullivan: That sounds about right. Cyrus put up a good fight. But he's not the best anymore.

    Rod Sterling: That means ... it'll either be Gabrielle or Michael Garcia!

    Daniella Kennedy: Is this Garcia's night?! He's been in the match since the beginning!

    Garcia feeling the adrenaline gets right back to one knee, and stares a hole right through Gabrielle on the outside. Garcia pulls himself up, and continues his stare towards Gabby, who takes a deep breath before pulling herself up to her feet, amazed that Garcia had just eliminated Cyrus! Gabby had a look of realization that this wasn’t your usual Michael Garcia.

    This guy was different.

    Garcia yelled at Gabby to get in the ring! Gabby stepped through the ropes, and blocked a right hand by Mike, and delivered an uppercut to Big Mike, but Mike grabbed her by the throat and drove her back towards the ropes and out of the ring! Garcia followed her out of the ring, scooped her up and was looking to send her through a pod but Gabby grabbed a hold of the chains and slid over his shoulder! Gabby dropkicked Garcia’s back, causing him to stumble face first into the metal pole! Garcia stumbled against the chain wall, as Gabby ran the ropes, leapt over the ropes, and flew towards Garcia with a Suicide Dive into the chain wall! Gabby jumped on Garcia again, unloading a series of strikes but Garcia shoved her into the pod and then charged full throttle towards her! But Gabby moved out of the way, and Garcia went through a second pod! Gabby grabbed Garcia’s arm as he staggered against a large shard of broken plexiglass preventing him from falling, so she could drop him with a 34 Double DDT on the steel!

    An exhausted Gabby struggled to roll the near 400 lb man under the ropes and into the ring and when she did, she knew it had been far too long getting him back in the ring, so Gabby climbed up to the top rope and signaled for a moonsault…before shaking her head “No”…and climbing up to the top of the chamber pod! Gabby pulled herself up and steadied on top of the chamber pod for her moonsault, but the big man arose yet again! Garcia climbed up to the top rope, pulled Gabby’s feet out from under her and had her positioned for a Top Rope Electric Chair! But suddenly, Gabby dropped backwards and sent Garcia flying with a Top Rope Poisonrana that dropped Garcia on the back of his neck from the top rope! Gabby frantically, and instinctively, draped an arm over Garcia!




    Elimination #6 by “The Goddess” Gabrielle – “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Here is your winner @ 38:19 – “The Caramel Goddess” Gabrielle

    Gabrielle Montgomery rises from the ashes of the match with her face sweaty and exhausted. She lays against the ropes, breathing heavily and trying to pick up enough energy to leave the ring on her own two feet. Michael Garcia, who was so so so close to a win, depressingly rolls to the other side of the ring.

    Rod Sterling: THE QUEEN! THE GODDESS! She DOES ... IT ... AGAIN. She wins the Elimination Chamber and SHE gets a future World Championship match at any time she desires.

    Daniella Kennedy: We hyped Garcia. We hyped Mike Parr. We hyped Krash. We hyped Kevin Cromwell. But who it always comes back around, doesn't it?!

    Christian Quinn: What does this do for ... Garcia and Gabrielle as an alliance? Does this cause a rift? Are they even enough of an alliance for it to constitute a rift?

    Gabrielle wants NOTHING to do with Garcia in a post-match scuffle. She had enough of "The Carnegie Carnivore", who outsizes her easily. Gabrielle gets the customary hand-raise moment and then pulls herself up using the ropes. She slowly walks toward the door and steps through the ropes first, then exits the Elimination Chamber. Garcia is now sitting up, looking out to nothing in particular, and completely defeated mentally in this moment in time.

    Christian Quinn: Michael Garcia has SUCH great showings ... all the time ... but he just cannot get that last moment. Gabrielle is a legend. And she rose to the top AGAIN. It's another missed moment for Garcia.

    Rod Sterling: Dave? Do you have anything to say?

    Daniella Kennedy: How will Dave Sullivan react to knowing GABRIELLE---MONT-GOMERY ... of all people ... has a lotto ticket she can cash in WHENEVER she wants?!?!

    Gabrielle Montgomery exits the ring and looks toward the announcer's table. Dave Sullivan, the reigning FWA World Champion, stands up and stares back without saying a word. Sullivan holds the championship belt above his head, and Gabrielle smiles as she looks back.

    "You don't know when. You don't know how.


    You're ... a blind ... king."

    Those words from Gabrielle are about all the energy she had left. About all she could muster up to speak. She stumbles backwards, barely able to keep her balance, and leans against the fan barricade as Dave Sullivan stares at her through the Chamber's steel links. There's even a hint ... just a hint ... of nervousness on the face of "The King". He has no idea when Gabrielle may strike, and that reality now sets in.

    Although he does everything he can to hide it and show his usual arrogant and confident demeanor.

    The World Championship belt remains held high, and that's how we close the show.
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    I feel like this FWA roster is about as competitive as its ever been, and the EC match coming down to a 5 way tie at one point in the grading process further illustrates that. There's so many people right now who can write a World Title promo, so many people who can knock anyone else off, and adding Kazadi back into the mix just adds to that. From the X Division to the NA Division to the World Title division there's really not much of a step up or down in quality, everyone's that good.

    So there's a little bit of good fortune at play in Gabs getting the nod in that EC match when so many others could have won it as well. And to be honest, I was doubting my writing not that long ago, just wondering if I could still write a good enough promo after writing the Gabrielle character for so long. Now I've scored two huge wins back to back.

    Sully v Gabs will be great when it happens.

    The EC match itself was fantastic. Everyone got their moments, everyone looked good and put up a fight. And dare I say it there's a sympathetic element to Garcia at this point. Seeing him fall at the final hurdle so often, you want him to get that big win finally.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    Big congrats to ETE on a huge win. Sully vs Gaby should be a fantastic match and the uncertainty of the exact date is interesting. The elimination chamber match was mental and very well written. I genuinely had no idea who was going to come away with it but certainly a worthy winner.

    Kazadi! That was an unexpected and welcome return. That's gonna be a great program. Will be interesting to see if Jon sticks around after the Golden stuff. I'd love it if he did.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thanks to all who worked on it!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    This was a solid show up until the chamber match where it became an amazing show. Congrats on all the winners

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    It's an amazing show, congrats to everyone involved!

    Kazadi came back, you love to see it and I'm not being ironic about it, I'm extremely hyped about having him back. Now we have someone in the roster that can possibly stop MVH, after all. And I'm glad to have recovered from BIB with a win. I still don't know where to go from that though.

    Huge congrats to ETE and Sayer to some extent. ETE for the win, and Sayer for a great showing, both in match and in match writing.

    And if Gabrielle manages to take the title off Sullivan, I might be tempted to give her a shot to get her win back against me (provided she puts the belt on the line hehehehe)
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    Heck of a show, and that main event was killer. I’m excited to see Kazadi back as well, I really dug that promo from him.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 03/20/2020

    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    It's an amazing show, congrats to everyone involved!

    Kazadi came back, you love to see it and I'm not being ironic about it, I'm extremely hyped about having him back. Now we have someone in the roster that can possibly stop MVH, after all. And I'm glad to have recovered from BIB with a win. I still don't know where to go from that though.

    Huge congrats to ETE and Sayer to some extent. ETE for the win, and Sayer for a great showing, both in match and in match writing.

    And if Gabrielle manages to take the title off Sullivan, I might be tempted to give her a shot to get her win back against me (provided she puts the belt on the line hehehehe)
    Gabrielle will put the belt on the line as long as Nova promises to lay down for her.

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