EXT. Valley- Day

Super: Cenozoic Era

Dinosaurs frantically flee as explosions go off around them. Among the prehistoric animals stampede and dodging explosions is a figure with blue skin dressed in a white rope, holding a large staff. This is ZORDON. A ball of blue energy emits from the end of Zordon’s staff, flinging the staff forward the energy flies through the air hitting

A DOZEN PUTTY PATROLLERS, clay like figures disintegrating when hit with the blast.

Behind them is a lion/monkey looking creature in gold armor known as GOLDAR, and standing beside him in similar looking armor is a humanoid lady by the name of SCORPINA. Goldar is annoyed that his soldiers are being taken out. The pair look to one another, nodding, before charging at Zordon.

Zordon grips his staff tightly, readying himself for battle. Goldar, closing the distance, raises his sword high in the air before swinging at Zordon, who blocks the attack before kicking Goldar back. Scorpina aims for Zordon’s belly, but her attack is parried. The pair try attacking two at a time and Zordon thwarts their efforts.

More Putties swarm in as well. Each one disintegrates as they are hit in between Zordon defending against Scorpina and Goldar’s attack.


RITA REPULSA, a elegant yet sinister looking witch holding a large scepter like wand, along with three of her minions SQUATT, BABOO, and FINSTER.

Squatt: He’s crossing swords with Goldar and Scorpina?! No way!

Baboo: He’s finished. That’s for sure.

Rita Repulsa clutches her scepter intently watching.


Zordon side steps and blocks attacks by Goldar and Scorpina, who are relentlessly attacking in between Putty attacks.

Zordon of Eltar leaps over the circle of attacks, landing behind them. His staff lights green as he points it towards them, forcing them all flying backwards. The blast disintegrates the Putties while Scorpina and Goldar hit the ground hard.

Goldar sits up, releasing a deep monstrous growl.

Zordon smiles.

Zordon: It’s just the three of us now.


A concerned Finster looks to Rita Repulsa.

Finster: Should I return to my workshop to create a monster, my queen?

Rita Repulsa: No. Goldar and Scorpina are more than capable of defeating this old sage.

Finster: Yes, Your Majesty.

Baboo: (whispering to Squatt)I sure hope they don’t screw this up.

Rita Repulsa: Silence, you fool. Before I take your tongue!

Baboo: Yes, your majesty.


Goldar and Scorpina are back on their feet. They share a look. Scorpina has a sinister smirk on her face. Goldar nods. The duo charge their foe again.

Zordon performs an incantation as his staff glows once again. The glow is far more massive than his pervious spells. Zordon of Eltar points the staff at Scorpina as the glow is blasted her way.
Suddenly, Scorpina is transformed into a giant boulder- much to the shock of Goldar and the rest of Rita’s minions. While Rita becomes frustrated. Goldar drops his sword, stunned.

Zordon forms a gust of wind, causing the boulder to be launched into the air and fading into the distance.

Goldar slams his fist into the ground, cracking it around him. He’s seething with rage.

Zordon makes another incantation. When the spell is done, a giant golden canister of sorts appears besides him.

Goldar screams- and it echoes throughout the area. He picks up his sword as he stands back up.

Goldar: You shall die, wizard!!

Goldar runs at Zordon, who creates twirls the staff before pointing the end at his attacker. In a flash, Goldar becomes a small black flickering light as it zips towards the canister, thus imprisoning him.


Squatt and Baboo embrace in horror. Finster covers his face. Rita Repulsa becomes enraged.

Rita Repulsa: Impossible!!

Baboo: Oh, no!!

Squatt: We’re doomed.

Finster: Your Majesty, we must leave at onc-

Like Goldar, Finster transformed into a tiny blinking black light that travels towards the canister as well. Squatt and Baboo are soon to follow. Now, it’s Zordon and Rita staring back at one another.

Zordon: It’s over, Rita. Surrender.

Rita Repulsa: Don’t be so naive, Zordon. You may have trapped by followers, but I’ve killed your Rangers.

The large red circular jewel at the top of Rita’s scepter glows. Zordon readies himself for an upcoming attack. Rita swings her wand towards Zordon’s direction and the ground explodes arounds him, sending him flying through the air.

Rita Repulsa: And I shall end you, too.


Zordon kip ups back to his feet as Rita floats down in front of him. The do trade energy blast back and forth. Rita dodges the attacks by disappearing and reappearing behind Zordon, hitting him with her scepter. Zordon falls to the ground. She goes for another energy blast, but Zordon repels her back.

Zordon: Earth will never be yours, Rita.

Rita Repulsa: You can’t stop me!

Rita fires another blast that Zordon evades. Zordon and Rita fire an energy stream at the same time. The beams of light moving back and forth as they struggle for dominance.

Zordon: The protects me. Something that used to protect you. Your mother-

Rita Repulsa: Was a fool! Just like you are, Zordon of Eltar.

Rita’s energy stream begins to engulf Zordon’s stream. Zordon is forced back, desperately trying to keep his position.

Rita Repulsa: Perhaps I’ll visit there next. And end that miserable planet!!

Zordon presses forward. His energy forcing Rita back now. He makes one large thrust that disrupts her concentration and her light disappears. She mutter an incantation before she creates another energy blast that hits Zordon as he too cast a spell. Rita Repulsa is about to be engulfed in the black light, but she fights back keeping it at bay.

Zordon: I’m sorry, Rita. I failed your mother. I failed you…

Rita Repulsa’s whole body is submerged in the flight except for her head. She laughs manically.

Rita Repulsa: You couldn’t save yourself.

Finally, the light swallows up Rita as she’s thrust into the canister. Zordon raises his right hand, making the canister float.

Zordon: Alpha, send this prison into space.

Alpha 5: (0S) Right away, Zordon.

The canister disappears.


The canister exits Earth’s orbit, floating through space. A meteor bumps it, causing it to redirect its path towards The Moon.

It lands.


Zordon breathes a sigh of relief and closes his eyes. However, he begins to shake, groaning in pain. He drops his staff as he collapses to the ground.

Zordon: Alpha. Help me. Please.

Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi. Hold on, Zordon.

Little by little, Zordon’s body crumbles and floats away into the air. UNTIL—


A flicker of light.

POV- Everything is a blur, but a tiny cylinder head shaped figure stands before them. It’s Zordon’s robot assistant ALPHA FIVE.

Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi-yi! Zordon, thank goodness, I found you!

Zordon: (groans) Alpha..
Alpha 5: I was worried I lost you. Before you imprisoned Rita, she must have cast a spell on you. I guess she figured if she were to fall, you would go down with her, too.

Zordon: I feel… different.

Alpha 5: Well, um, sir… I don’t know how to say this, but… She has placed you into a time warp. Your body is gone. I had no way to bring you back physically…

Zordon: What?!

Alpha 5: But your mind I was able to connect to this world through the morphing grid… your essence is being projected-


Zordon is now a giant floating head in large tube.

Alpha 5: In an energy tube in the command center…

Zordon is stunned. He begins to panic.

Zordon: This can’t- this can’t be. I can not be like this. I-

Alpha 5: Be patient, Zordon. I’m trying to find a way to restore your body, but it could take some time.

Zordon closes his eyes, disappointed and somber.

Zordon: Thank you, my friend. Thank you for keeping me alive… even in this state. I can still protect this planet from foreign invaders. We have the Power Coins. Should Rita return.

Alpha 5: You don’t think she’ll come back do you? You’ve sent her and her army into space. They’re floating out there somewhere.

Zordon: I can not say, Alpha. Regardless, we must be ready for anything. In the mean time, we shall prepare and be vigilant. The Power will protect us.

Booker's note: I was a die hard Power Rangers fan growing up. I watched every season until the end of In Space. Now, in a universe entitled "G-Verse" I was craft my own take on the Power Rangers and more importantly the Mighty Morphin' Era. This series will be written in a screenplay style. I hope you all enjoy