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Thread: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    I LOVED the JFF promo, man. No issues at all with my guy getting squashed as PAPA is a monster.

    Great show, mate.

    Vote for WC’s Favourite Video Game of the 2010’s!

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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    Hey buddy, I checked out the show. Here's some of my thoughts and feelings.

    - On a personal level, it brought back SO many memories for me. Man, those were the days!

    - Good job with the commentary. Carried the show well and presented what was to come.

    - Nice promo from Nikola Orlov, good job.

    - Some comedic relief in the form of Up in Smoke and I was totally fine with the promo. Bro, it worked for me.

    - Man, really dug the PAPA promo, that was sick! Great description. Excited to see more of him and his story. Squash made sense and makes him look like a dominant monster.

    - Really liked the promo from Darius Riggs & Nathan Reid. It came of Hardy, or Edge & Christian like to me, really good. The Main Event followed this on nicely and the ending with the show of respect and them embracing was really well done. Good match and a good way to end a good show!

    Well done! Delighted to see how well this has started.

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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    Thank you guys. I had fun putting this together, and it was really what I needed to feel motivated about this again. I have a rough draft made up for the first 10 episodes of Anarchy and feel good about it, so hopefully I can keep things going well.

    On a personal note, I informed my work today that I'm no longer coming in until it is safe to be there, so I should have plenty of time to do this sort of stuff.

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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    Note: As you all will see here, I changed the format of the show a little bit to show mostly quicker recaps of matches instead of going into a lot of detail in them. As you also will see though, the main event does have a lot of detail, and what I'll try to do is every week have one or two matches that get more detail as "featured" matches. I made this change for two reasons; it will make things easier for me, easier to write this up and not feel like a drag do it, and I feel like it'll make it an easier read for everyone, and focuses more on the promo and character work than having to read full matches. With the featured match, it still gives the chance to focus on one big match for each show, and being that there's only one per show like that, I think it will make it more likely that as a reader I would be interested in reading that one match, whereas if every match is like that, I might start to skim. Let me know what you guys think, my main thing is I don't want to short change anyone's characters and not put enough time into them, but I also want to balance that with making sure I'm still enjoying this and making sure it's enjoyable for you guys to read. Any thoughts on it, or the show overall, are appreciated. Thank you.


    HWA Anarchy Episode 2, March 12, 2020, from East Rutherford, New Jersey

    JR: Good evening folks, good ol' JR Jim Ross here joined by Paul Heyman here tonight live from East Rutherford, New Jersey for our second episode of HWA Anarchy! Thank you all for joining us, and we have a great show on tap tonight, Paul.

    PH: Well tonight we have a big main event in the North side of the Quest For Gold tournament, Trevor Walker is going to take on Broc Lobster, in what is sure to be a great match

    JR: And that one is sure to be a slobber knocker of a fight, but I'm told we're about to get started right away with our first match of the evening.

    Match 1: Twister Excel vs. Dacey James w/ Orson Miles & Poppy Burke Quest For Gold: East

    Early Recap: Dacey James has both Orson Miles and Poppy Burke with him at ringside, Orson has sunglasses on and is walking with a cane, over selling his injuries from being sprayed with the green mist by Takada. As they made their way to the ring, Poppy had to help direct Orson on where he is going. During the match any point Twister is about to gain control, there has been some sort of distraction by Burke on the outside allow Dacey to regain control

    Finish Recap: Dacey is still firmly in control of the match, has Twister in a headlock on the mat, but Twister makes his way back up and tries to back Dacey to the ropes. As he does this, Dacey transitions and puts Twister's head on the second rope and begins to push down on him, choking him on the rope. The ref counts to 4, before backing Dacey up. With the ref's back turned, in comes Orson Miles who hits Twister with his cane right to the dome. The fans boo as Orson takes off his glasses yelling "I can see! It's a miracle!" Dacey follows up in the ring with a brain buster to Twister, rolling into a cover

    Thr- But Twister kicks out! Dacey can't believe his eyes that Twister kicked out of that after the damage done. Dacey throws a few punches on the downed Twister, before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Dacey comes off looking for a big splash, but nobody home as Twister rolls out of the way. Dacey slowly gets back to his feet and in comes Twister, hitting multiple european uppercuts to James, then hitting pele kick which knocks James down, and then all in one fluid motion finishes it off with a running senton, crushing Dacey and taking the air out of him. James gets back to his feet, gets hit with a boot to the mid section followed by a curb stomp, crushing James' face to the mat as Twister goes for the cover



    Winner: Twister Excel
    JR: Well folks, Twister Excel just put on display for us, if you want to take him out of this tournament, it might take more than 3 people to do it.

    PH: Well Jim, I'm not sure that you realize this, but now Twister is going to have to take on PAPA in the next round! We've seen PAPA dominate both of his previous opponents, and while Twister has looked great in his first two matches, I'm not sure if he's ready to stand up to PAPA.

    JR: Well you're certainly right Paul, I'm not sure if anyone in this tournament is ready to take on that task, but I'll tell you what; I believe that Twister is a hell of a lot more ready than PAPA's first two opponents, so he better not take Excel lightly, because I think he's got as good a chance as anyone to knock PAPA off. Well folks, we'll be right back here on Anarchy, as up next we have Connor Owens taking on Alan Dale in the West bracket, don't go anywhere!

    We come back from commercial and the tron shows a video from earlier in the day, as Paul Heyman is in his office. In walks Aaron Harrows.

    Harrows: Paul, we need to talk.

    Heyman: Why sure, just let yourself in. How can I help you, Mr. Harrows?

    Harrows: Somethings gotta be done about Mikey James

    Heyman: Well something was already done. He beat you, he moved on to the next round. What more do you want?

    Harrows: Paul you know that match was bogus. Mikey James has an unfair competitive advantage, and you know it! You even said so yourself on commentary. It is unfair and he should be removed from the tournament, and HWA all together, and I will take his place in the tournament.

    Heyman: Well, that's very noble of you, but I think I'll let Mikey stay, but thank you for your input, sir.

    Harrows: No! No! You know that this isn't right! I'm gonna... I'm gonna start a petition! Yeah, and I'm gonna get everyone in the locker room to sign it, and then you'll have no choice but to fire him!

    Harrows storms out of Heyman's office and slams the door as the tron fades away

    JR: Well Paul, how many signatures do you think Harrows needs to get for you to change your mind?

    PH: I find it very unlikely that any amount of signatures would encourage me to fire a talent like Mikey James, but bless Harrows for trying.

    We cut away from commentary, where we're greeted by a somewhat unusual scene; Namely some kind of small stage, and a very minimalist one at that; All that's on said stage is a small wooden stool, where a clear plastic cup of beer sat next to a mic stand all with the looming backdrop of a brick wall overlooking the entire scene the more eagle-eyed members of the HWA audience would recognize this, as the traditional setting for stand up comedy, A scene like this puts one in mind of George Carlin, or Richard Pryor; but the man who just walked onto the stage, is a stand up of a very different kind; With a cigarette smothering in his mouth The Comedian calmly walks onto the stage clad in a leather jacket, and his traditional scowl, he takes a moment to adjust the mic stand looking out at the non-existing crowd and begins to speak

    The Comedian: You wanna hear a joke? Yeah, I'll tell you a fucking joke.

    With the very first sentence he makes already testing the network censors, he takes a sip of beer before he continues on.

    The Comedian: So I finally have enough money to pay my cable bill and my electric bill. So there I am; drinking a little bit, I decided that it would be a good night to watch what passes for wrestling these days. I don't know; maybe I can venture. As all these sophisticated stooges around here like to say and learn more about it..l SoI finally get to start channel flicking, and I turn it on to the USA network or FOX or wherever, and as I'm watching through it all with a bit of a buzz, I notice something... I see all these snot-nosed punks bragging about their good looks. I see grown ass men playing video games and bragging about their "Twitter game" I see man-children flying and flipping around the ring, looking like they rather figure skate then get in an actual fight. I see wrestlers from twenty years ago barely break a sweat, there to collect a paycheck. I s-see some MMA jokers who got their balls cut off ten years ago, step into a wrestling ring because they have nowhere else to go.

    A snarl would now appear on The Comedian's face, his eyes now fixated into a death stare.

    The Comedian:...I just laugh, and laugh and laugh; And I think to myself, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE?!?!

    The Comedian sudden outburst would then be stopped as soon as it was ignited. Covering his mouth with his hands, Comedian would drag his hands down off of his face and take a deep breath,

    The Comedian:Nah nah, I'm not gonna yell. I'm not gonna get angry because I like every other wrestling fan had to sit through Three. Fucking. Hours of GARBAGE "Sports entertainers" doing their best to mock a business and sport that I LOVE! The same business that has kept me ALIVE AND KICKING for the past TWENTY YEARS! For the past twenty years, throughout all of the controversy and wrong that has entered my life? Wrestling saved me. It picked me back up when I thought I had nothing else to live for, and IT MADE ME THE MAN THAT I AM TODAY!

    The intensity in The Comedian's eyes grows at the same pace as the volume of his voice

    The Comedian: "Because without this shit; I'd just be some punk from the mile who was jacking everybody that looked at him funny. I'd be some thug that'd spend the rest of my life in and out of jail, in and out of courtrooms! But the thing is? I'd do all of that... Because I love it. I love, fighting. Not wrestling, I'm not another face in the crowd, I'm not an entertainer, I don't put on shows, I'm not here to have fun. I'm not here to make you smile. I'm not a hero. I'm not a machine, I'm not even a wrestler. I'm different. Because I don't just beat people, I don't just hurt them, I don't just humiliate them, but in the process I kill em'. I drive my fist into their face and when I get a tool in my hands I crack more ribs than you thought humanly possible. With each punch, with each table broken, with each chair shot? There's another one in a body bag. It's another bouquet of flowers that Paul E is gonna have to send to the hospital with a 'get well' card and a little bonus in their check, so they don't sue this company. Like it's Mass Transit all over again. But more importantly? It's one step closer to that title belt.

    Nodding almost to himself, he starts pacing the stage back and forward as he speaks, taking another drag of his cigarette before continuing.

    The Comedian: You want hardcore? I get off on that shit. You want blood? I'll paint this building with Axel Riley's blood like we're in the Sistine chapel. You want gore? I'll turn this place into a scene from a Serbian film. I don't give a shit how tall Rostova is; everyone is the same size when they're lying in a pool of their own blood. I don't give a shit that Nicky Orlov walks around with Karl Marx's cock wedged firmly down his throat, and I don't give a shit how many bullshit "RAH-RAH" America circle jerk rallies Axel Riley's been to. PAPA. Trevor Walker. Harrison Wake.. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck. you. The cold hard fact; the punchline for everyone in this whole tournament? You're my prison bitch, and each and every one of you just dropped the soap.

    The Comedian takes a moment to lapse into silence making sure each and every person watching gets that message before abruptly flicking the cigarette over his shoulder, adjusting his jacket as he leans into the mic one more time.

    The Comedian: ...and that's my set, I'm here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.

    JR: The Comedian will be in action later tonight taking on Axel Riley in the North bracket, can't wait to see that one

    PH: But as we know, The Comedian is still hurt with an ankle injury, which surely is not 100% after that match with Orlov a few weeks ago

    Match 2: Connor Owens w/ Marco Carter vs. Alan Dale Quest For Gold: West

    Early Recap: Owens and Dale have a back and forth match, but every time Owens starts to get any string of offense going, Dale is able to find a counter to stop the onslaught.

    Finish Recap: Dale is in control, with Owens grounded. Dale climbs the top rope, but up on the apron jumps Marco Carter. Dale doesn't hesitiate and jumps off the turnbuckle to the apron nailing Carter with a double axe handle, knocking him off the apron and to the floor. It allows enough time for Owens to recover though, who runs in and hits a shoulder block to the stomach of Dale, followed by a suplex bringing Dale back into the ring. Owens stocks Dale, waiting for him to get up and goes for a Gravity Smash (Code Breaker) but Dale catches him and is able to maneuver Owens legs into position for a power bomb, which Dale hits and lands in a cover

    But Owens kicks out at two. Dale now lifts Owens to his feet, attempting a spinning back fist but Owens gets out of the way and gets a school boy on Dale. Before there's even a count, Dale rolls through the school boy and gets back to his feet and DRILLS Owens with the spinning back fist! Owens is still standing but he's more or less out on his feet. Dale runs off the ropes behind Owens and nails him with the Locomotive Driver (running snap German suplex). Off of that, with Owens grounded, Dale goes right into the West Virginia Cloverleaf (Ya know, like a Texas Cloverleaf, except now it's West Virginia.) Dale sinks in and wrenches back, Owens in a lot of agony. After a few seconds in the hold, Carter gets back to his feet and starts pounding on the apron, begging Owens to get to the ropes. Unfortunately for them though, Owens isn't able to make it, and after a good minute in the hold, taps out.


    Winner: Alan Dale
    JR: Well that'll do it for the Catalyst in this tournaent, as now both Connor and Marco have been eliminated.

    PH: Yes, but for Alan Dale a big win, someone who has been an outcast of the wrestling industry for so long, due to no fault of his own. I believe Alan Dale has one of the brightest future of any wrestler here, and he's proven it, advancing to the round of 16.

    JR: Well don't go anywhere folks, because up next we have another fan favorite in action, as The Comedian takes on Axel Riley in the North Bracket, we'll be right back!

    We come back from commercial and the following disclaimer pops up across the screen

    *The views and opinions of Trevor Walker are not shared by HWA*

    "Video contains strong language"

    (Audio only) Trevor Walker: Why can't I get this fucking thing to work? .. Oi.. You!

    ?: Who me?

    Trevor: Yes you! Come here now.

    ?: What can I do for you sir?

    Trevor: Why isn't this thing fucking working? What kind of bollocks is this?

    ?: It's a smart phone sir.

    Trevor: Well it's clearly not that smart is it if it can't follow a simple command. Reminds me of my Ex Wife in that regard... Stupid bitch.

    ?: You've never used a smart phone before?

    Trevor: No I haven't. I have this thing called a life.

    (Clearly not impressed) ?: OK I see what the problem is already.

    Trevor: What is it?

    ?: You've got your hand over the camera!

    Trevor: (sounding embarrassed) Oh... Well I already knew that. Beat it!

    This is how Trevor Walker's promo begins as we see him sitting in a very dingy establishment. To give a feel of this strip club it's dimly lit with very much a seedy atmosphere. As he sits there with his hands stained from the bottomless bucket of chicken wings he has been tucking into, in between bites Trevor makes sure to eye up the talent in the room as we see dare we say an eclectic taste of women in what is very much a low rent strip club. With a snap of his fingers Trevor is soon joined by a waitress who is doubling as a dancer. The waitress who looks to be in her mid fifties with greying hair sighs as Trevor inspects a dirty menu.

    Waitress: More Chicken Wings?

    Trevor: Actually.. I'm curious about the special.. What kind of fish?

    Waitress: It's not fish exactly. It's imitation Crab.

    Walker smirks.

    Walker: Not the worst Crab I've had then in my life. I'll take it.

    Having now made his order it appears that Trevor Walker finally remembers this is all on film as he looks back to the camera.

    Walker: Right.. I'm taping this promo right here for the HWA. Now why a veteran of my calibre and status has to do this himself I don't know. But let it be known unlike the kids of today, I'm not afraid to roll up my sleeves as opposed to having everything handed to me! In fact in my day that attitude didn't get you anywhere but the fucking hospital! Yet now according to all these soy boys and marks instead of being in the stands where they belong have the nerve to call themselves wrestlers! It makes me fucking sick! It took me years to make my name in this business and I didn't quit when things got difficult that's for damn sure.

    In the middle of his rant, Walker's food arrives and it looks awful. Just some pale mush which is supposed to be crab.

    Walker: Take my opponent in this tournament. A man who inspired this dish here of mine Broc Lobster.

    Waitress: I said this is crab.

    Walker shoots her a look of disgust.

    Walker: I know what it is.. That's why I ordered it. Now why don't you go scoot your little ass up on that stage and do what you do and leave me to what I do... There's a good girl.

    As the pissed off waitress walks away, Trevor pauses a moment to check out her ass before he looks back in the camera of his phone.

    Trevor: Broc Lobster.. I know who you are boy. I had someone goggle your ass and I know all about you puss cake. You're a clear case of everything I've been talking about. A dickless pussy who quit when things got too much for him and now you think you can return to this as the conquering hero. Well let me tell you something Broc and this is the cold hard dose of reality the world needs. This isn't a fairytale. You don't get to go to the ball. You get to have your ass kicked by me.

    In between sentences Trevor begins to eat the crab.

    Trevor: You are foreign vermin in my world boy. Nothing more than an introduced species that needs to be shot before it infests things further and it's up to me to chew you up and shit you out! It's just a shame your little pet isn't coming with you, because that is a meal I'd be quite happy to take my time with.

    After taking another bite Walker snatches the phone from the table and begins fumbling about with it. Again his hand goes over the camera before he can be heard yelling out..

    Trevor: Anyone know how to turn this fucking thing off?
    Cut back to commentary

    PH: Jim, weren't you at that same place yesterday?

    JR: No, not that one, I don't think. Well one thing I can tell you about Trevor Walker is that surely no one will be complementing him for his great taste in, well, anything.

    PH: Well one thing I can tell you is that Walker is not to be taken lightly in this tournament, you may not like his methods or anything about him personally, but he's been in this business long enough that he knows every trick there is, and he'll use every single one of them to try beat Broc Lobster tonight.

    We see a shot of Trevor Walker tying his boots, preparing for his main event match tonight against Broc Lobster, when he is approached by Aaron Harrows, holding a clipboard and a pen.

    Harrows: Hello Mr. Walker, first of all I wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight, I know you're no stranger to main eventing a show and I'm sure you'll come out on top. But I wanted to ask you if you would possibly sign my petition to remove Mikey James from HWA?

    Walker: A petition? You want me to sign a petition?

    Harrows: Well uh, yeah I would like that, yes.

    Walker: Lemme see that

    Walker rips the clipboard out of Harrows' hand and begins to read it

    Walker: "Last week the Hardcore Wrestling Alliance was beholden to an injustice of epic proportions when Mikey James, aka The Machine, defeated Aaron Harrows using underhanded tactics and an unfair competitive advantage of having cyborg-like metal legs from the knee down. It is my duty to start this petition to attempt to remove the competitive unbalance before anyone else falls to the same fate as I did"

    Harrows: So, what do you think?

    Walker: I think that you're one of these millennial attitudes that don't want to work hard, so you start a petition, you ask for a hand out, you bitch and moan until you get your way. But, on the other hand, I'm all for taking someone out of this tournament and ruining their day.

    Walker signs the petition and hands it back to Harrows

    Walker: Now get the hell out of my dressing room.

    JR: Well look at that Paul, Harrows has a signature. This thing could work after all

    PH: Somehow I doubt that he'll get many more

    Match 3: The Comedian vs. Axel Riley Quest For Gold: North

    Early Recap: The Comedian is clearly in no condition to be in a ring right now. The Comedian has his ankle wrapped, and is very clearly favoring it. The Comedian goes on an early tear, running through Riley and hitting a flurry of moves, all while favoring his ankle. This comes to an end though when The Comedian bounces off the ropes looking for a running move on Riley, who is able to hit a basement dropkick on The Comedian, taking out the ankle. From there, Riley stomps away at the injured ankle, before tearing off the wrap covering the injury. From there, it's all Riley, dominating the ankle of The Comedian

    Finish Recap: As Riley has been destroying the ankle all match, he finally goes for the kill locking in an ankle lock. Riley rips away at the ankle of The Comedian, but he refuses to tap out. After a good minute in the hold, The Comedian manages to grab hold of the ropes to break the hold. Riley drags The Comedian to the center of the ring by his ankle, but the Comedian is able to gain a more vertical base, and nails Riley with an enzuigiri, nailing Riley on the side of the head, and Riley rolls outside the ring. With Riley down, we see The Comedian go to his boot on the injured ankle side. He unties his boot, loosens it up, and then lays back down. Riley gets back in the ring and sure enough, looks for another ankle lock. Just to The Comedian's plan, as Riley pulls at the ankle, the boot flies off of the foot of The Comedian. Riley stumbles off, still holding the boot, and runs back at The Comedain but runs right into a small package roll up



    Winner: The Comedian
    JR: Hey, I've seen that move before!

    PH: Well Jim, someone who may not have seen that before was Axel Riley, as he bought it hook, line, and sinker! What a move by The Comedian!

    JR: One of our early fan favorites here in HWA, but he's gonna have his work cut out for him going forward.

    PH: Especially when you look at who he will be facing next round, as he will take on the winner of our main event tonight, when Broc Lobster takes on Trevor Walker, The Comedian is in trouble, no matter who wins that one


    We see Aaron Harrows again backstage, with clipboard and pen in hand. He approaches a man in the backstage area. When the man turns around we see it to be none other than Andre Lamar

    Harrows: Hey Mr. Lamar, I was wondering if you had a moment to look at this Petition.

    Lamar takes the clipboard out of Harrows hands and looks at it for a moment, with confusion on his face

    Lamar: Boy, if you don't get this out my damn face

    Lamar chucks the clipboard across the hallway. Harrows looks at Lamar annoyingly, before turning and running after his clipboard

    Match 4: Andre Lamar vs. OsCaR Quest For Gold: East

    As Lamar is making his entrance, a split screen comes in showing a promo from Lamar recorded earlier in the day

    Lamar: Yo! Yo! Yo! Check it, it’s ya’ boy comin’ at ya’ from the C! P! T! It’s Andre Lamar! So, I guess I’m back in this wrestling ting’ and I’m about to wreck a fool because boy, I gotta’ make da’ money and I ain’t getting nada with a first-round loss pay check, ya’ feel me? So, tell ya’ boy, who am I about to throw down with?

    ‘Dre’ looks away from the camera at someone helping with the production and they whisper the name of his opponent.

    Lamar: Who? Who da’ fuck is that?!

    Dialogue continues between ‘Dre’ and the production assistant, but it’s not picked up on the live camera. Andre nods his head, finally appearing to know who he’s facing.

    Lamar: OsCar? Yo, isn’t that the big motherfucker walking around here playing wit’ his Rubix Cube? Naw’ come on, what da’ fuck a freak like him doing here? Well shit, I guess I’m about to hurt a grown ass baby because aint no way I’m letting a rain man looking motherfucker get a W on me! So, listen up OsCar!

    ‘Dre’ is now pointing down the camera, clearly trying to send a message.

    Lamar: Play time is over BITCH! This ain’t even personal, man. But where I’m from, its dog eat dog, you bring a Rubix Cube to a gun fight and ya’ ass ain’t gon’ see the second round, ya’ feel me? So, this your warning man! Better take yo’ fat ass to Wendy’s and forget about this wrestling thing because this ain’t for you, trust me, I got this! Ain’t nobody stopping ya’ boy Dre, not even on his worst day! And yeah, I got bars, but I got fist’s too, and they gon’ be all up in your face if I see you in that ring bitch! So, take this as a warning... and the rest of ya’ll do the same, because ya’ll best believe I’m stomping... and when I come back, I’m comin’ straight outta’ Compton!

    Recap: Lamar beats the fuck out of OsCaR for three minutes and hits "Straight Outta Compton" (clothesline from hell), pins OsCaR, 123.


    Winner: Andre Lamar
    JR: Not a very competitive match there, but Lamar is able to keep his momentum rolling, as he advances to the round of 16

    PH: And to me the round of 16 is where we'll truly start to see the best of the best go at it here. No one will be in that round that doesn't belong, as Lamar will take on the winner of next week's match between Carlos Alberto Ramon and Jason Valence

    * commercial

    Aaron Harrows approaches Takada backstage. Harrows, a bit dejected from the last time, holds the clipboard out to Takada

    Harrows: Could you please look at this?

    Takada grabs the clipboard, grabs the pen as if he is going to sign it but then... GREEN MIST to the face of Aaron Harrows. Harrows stumbles around and falls to the floor, as Takada drops the clipboard on top of him.

    JR: Well Paul, I guess this petition is going about as well as you expected it to.

    Match 5 Alex Mercury vs. Takada Quest For Gold: South

    Recap: Mercury and Takada have a back and forth, albeit short, match. It goes about 6 minutes, both men get an equal amount of offense in but Mercury is able to hit a spear followed by locking in Darkness Clutch (Cobra Clutch with Bodyscissors) which Takada taps out to


    Winner: Alex Mercury
    JR: Take nothing away from Takada, I'm sure him and Atua will be a fun team to watch going forward, but just not quite there as a solo star, Alex Mercury was too much for him tonight


    Aaron Harrows approaches Alex Mercury backstage. Mercury has just gotten backstage from his match, having a towel over his shoulders and drinking a bottle of water. Harrows has cleaned himself up, and most of the green mist is off of his face, but a lot of the mist is still in his hair and in parts of his face and chest. Before Harrows can even say anything, Mercury interjects

    Mercury: Damn son, what the hell happened to you? Were you just on one of them Nickelodeon shows?

    Harrows: Can you please just look at this and sign it

    Mercury looks at the paper for a moment, and a smile crosses his face

    Mercury: Hell yeah, I'll sign this

    Harrows who has been dejected for most of today is finally feeling a bit better. Mercury signs the paper and hands the clipboard back to Harrows. Harrows cracks a smile, before looking down at the petition and his expression changes. Mercury punches Harrows in the head, takes the clipboard, and bashes it over the head of Harrows. Mercury shows the petition to the camera, which zooms in on Mercury's signature, which simply says "go fuck yourself". Mercury breaks the clipboard over his knee and tears the paper into a million pieces, then drops all of it on top of the grounded body of Aaron Harrows before pouring the water he had been drinking onto Harrows saying "Just trying to get that slime off of ya' " before the camera cuts back to the ring

    PH: A fitting end to this for Mr. Harrows.

    The camera cuts backstage where we see Broc Lobster, about to hit the ring for this main event match, standing at the curtain, but before he does he has something to say.

    Broc: Trevor, you think you have me all figured out. You couldn't be further from the truth. You think I'm not committed to this business, let me explain something to you; I have so much love for this business of Pro Wrestling, that I had to leave it. When I was in FWA, I was an embarrassment. I was nothing but a gimmick, and I couldn't take it because I felt like I didn't deserve to be there. And that's why I left, and took years away to get in the best shape of my life, and work on perfecting my craft before I ever even thought about returning to another promotion, because this industry deserves better. And I wish that you would realize that Trevor, but the fact of the matter is, you're still here because it's all you have. It's what you need to pay your bills, to be able to go to those run down clubs you go to, to pay your child support, and continue to live the sad life you do.
    You don't respect this business Trevor, you need this business, much more than it needs you. And I know you don't respect me either, but don't worry, because that will all change by the end of tonight.


    JR: And Paul, here comes a man you are very familiar with, Broc Lobster. Some wrestling fans may know him for his brief tenure in the FWA, but I'll tell you something right now, this is a very different man from those days. As you can see in a lot better shape, and dare I say seeming a lot more hungry than he was in those days

    PH: Well, I can tell you this; Broc Lobster years ago ran a promotion called HWA that would later go under. When I was looking to start my promotion, I wanted to use those initials. When I talked to Broc about purchasing the trademark, he told me I could have it for free, and all he wanted in return was a tryout for the HWA roster. Not a guaranteed spot, mind you, all he wanted was a chance to prove himself. That goes a long way with me, as you said JR, Broc is hungrier than ever, and he would love nothing more than to become the first ever HWA World Champion

    Broc Lobster's music is put to a stop, and Trevor Walker walks out to no music, but just the sound of boos chorusing throughout the arena.

    JR: Well, for Broc to get to that spot he will have to go through Trevor Walker, a man who is long tenured in this industry, and isn't afraid to pull out any trick in the book to pull off a victory.

    PH: Well JR, you win more, you get paid more, and Trevor Walker isn't interested in earning style points, or admiration from the crowd, he is only interested in getting the job done, by any means necessary.

    JR: And Broc will certainly have to have his head on proverbial swivel tonight, as Trevor Walker, I'm sure, has an ace up his sleeve, and probably several of them.

    MAIN EVENT: Trevor Walker vs. Broc Lobster HWA Quest For Gold: North

    Walker enters the ring, showing a smug confidence on his face, while Broc looks locked in and ready to go. The referee calls for the bell and we are underway. The two circle the ring for moment before Trevor Walker extends his hand out for a hand shake to Broc. Broc is suspicious of this move, but Walker yells out to him "Let me teach you something about respect boy, shake my hand, and then I'll kick your ass after" Broc goes in for the handshake but out of nowhere swings back and slaps Trevor Walker across the face! Broc yells back at Walker "How's that for respect motherf**ker!" Walker, enraged, charges Broc and runs him into the turnbuckle, burying shoulders into the abdomen of Broc. Walker sizes Broc up in the corner before delivering a hard knife-edge chop to the chest of Broc, the sound echoing throughout the arena. Walker follows up with a hard closed fist shot to the head as the ref backs him out of the corner.

    Walker backs off but then runs right back at Broc with a clothesline, crushing him against the corner. Broc falls into a seated position with his head against the bottom turnbuckle. Walker takes advantage of this, shoving his knee into Broc's face and pressing him against the bottom turnbuckle. The ref tries to pull Walker off but begins a count "1! 2! 3! 4! and Walker finally lets off and puts his hands up in the air like he didn't do anything. Walker backs off into the adjacent turnbuckle as the ref is trying to check on Broc, but as soon as he takes a step back Walker comes soaring in and hits a big boot right across the jaw of Broc, with his head bouncing against the turnbuckle. Walker quickly pulls Broc away from the ropes and goes for a cover

    But Broc stays alive and rolls a shoulder up at 2. Walker positions Broc down on his back and puts a boot to the face of Broc. While he's still down, Walker sizes him up and drops a big knee drop right to the face of Broc. Broc tries to roll to the outside of the ring but Walker stops him at the apron. Walker steps out of the ring and to the floor and gives clubbing blows to the chest of Broc laying on the apron. Immediately after Walker pulls Broc by his legs and traps his lower body in the ring skirt. Now, Broc being defenseless tied up in the ring skirt, Walker delivers multiple fists to the head as well as chops and clubbing blows to the chest, as Broc falls to the ground underneath the ring. Walker, now looks out to the crowd and gloats as the crowd boos him. Walker turns to the official as he's still outside the ring and yells at him to count.

    JR: Well if Broc is unconscious down there, Walker can easily come back into the ring before the 10 count and move on in this tournament.

    Walker continues to gloat as the ref counts. The ref's count gets to a count of 6, when from across the ring, we see Broc crawl out from underneath the ring. Walker has his back turned gloating to the crowd as Broc is on the other side of the ring, ducked down below the apron telling the crowd to "shh" so Walker doesn't notice. Walker lifts up the ring skirt to check on Broc, and is surprised to see no one down there. Just as Walker lifts his head up, Broc, who had made his way back into the ring while Walker's head was down, runs at Walker and nails him boots to face with a running baseball slide. Broc exits the ring and pursues Walker, grabbing him by the head and delivering a straight right hand to the head. Walker is trying to retreat hopping over the barricade, but Broc is able to grab hold of him from behind and pull him back, before tossing Walker back first right into the barricade. Broc lifts up Walker and rolls him back into the ring, as Walker gets back up to his feet, out comes Broc from the apron springboarding back into the ring with a cross body, landing in a cover on Walker

    But it's Walker who stays alive and kicks out at 2 and a half. Broc lifts Walker up, but Walker smartly notices the referee standing right behind Broc and shoved Broc straight into the referee. The ref tumbles through the ropes and falls out of the ring, as Broc looks over for a second to try to check on him, from behind comes Walker with a low blow on Broc. As Broc and the referee are both down, Walker goes to ringside and grabs the ring bell from the time keepers area. Walker sizes up Broc, waiting for him to get to his feet as we see the ref starting to get to his feet on the outside. Broc stands up, with his back turned to Walker, Walker runs in and absolutely nails Broc with the ring bell to the back of Broc's head. Walker quickly slides the ring bell out of the ring as just then the ref makes it to his feet. Walker pins Broc, who has blood pouring out of the back of his head, and shortly after the ref slides into the ring and makes the count.

    Thre- But Broc is able to just barely role the shoulder up at the last possible moment.

    JR: Good god how is Broc still in this? That was an absolutely brutal shot to the back of the head, he could be concussed! Stop the damn match!

    PH: Well JR in HWA for a match to be stopped, the referee needs a verbal submission from the injured athlete. The ref is checking on Broc right now, if he wants to give up he has a chance to do so right now

    JR: Well you know damn well that much like a lot of these athletes, Broc is going to be too proud to give up, but god dammit, I hope he's not seriously injured

    As the ref checks on Broc who is still fairly lifeless on the mat, Broc waves him off and the match continues, which means back on the attack comes Trevor Walker. Walker gets right on top of Broc and starts reigning down close hand right firsts to the head of Broc, as the referee has to pull Walker off of Broc. It is only momentarily though as Walker then turns Broc over and starts doing the same thing to the back of his head, blood still pouring out of the back of Broc's head. Walker gets up, showing off Broc's blood on his hands to the crowd who continue to boo Walker as they have been throughout this match. The ref continues to check on Broc but there has not been a stoppage in the match, as Walker goes back to Broc and lifts him up slowly by the hair. Walker turns Broc around and puts him in position and plants him with a reverse DDT, the back of Broc's head continuing to take a lot of abuse. Walker goes into a cover

    But Broc again continues to show resilience kicking out at two.

    JR: The longer this match continues the more it will favor Trevor Walker, as Broc is losing an unhealthy amount of blood right now!

    PH: If the blood loss continues for Broc it might not be long before he passes out. We know Broc won't give up, he's shown us that, but eventually it's possible that his body will have no choice but to give up.

    Walker gets up, a bit frustrated that he has yet to put Broc away, and lifts Broc to his feet and tosses him over the second rope and to the floor. Walker follows to the outside and goes over to the ring steps. Walker lifts the top ring step off and throws it to the side, leaving just the bottom ring step. Walker grabs Broc and pulls him over to the ring step, standing right behind it and then absolutely plants Broc head first with a DDT! Walker is also feeling the effects of it though, as his back bounced off the steel steps and he screams out in agony, getting up and showing markings on his back from the steps. Walker is slow to recoup, but gets Broc and rolls him back into the ring. Walker slides back into the ring with him and goes for a pin

    Thr- But again Broc manages to roll a shoulder off of the mat and the match continues! Walker is now clearly furious, yelling at the official "That was three god dammit, it was three!" All to no avail. Meanwhile as Walker has been busy yelling at the ref, Broc is pulling himself to his feet by the ropes. Walker quickly realizes this though and kicks the legs out from under Broc, planting him back to the floor. Walker grabs Broc by the legs and drags him to the center of the ring. Walker then gets in position and turns Broc over into a Boston Crab! Sinking in as deep as he possibly can as Broc is screaming out in agony

    JR: Broc has no choice here, he's losing to much blood and this submission is in deep, you gotta tap out Broc! Think about your future, kid!

    Broc is screaming out in agony as the blood is now trickling from the back of his head to his face, screaming out in agony with blood pouring almost Stone Cold esque vs. Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. And like Stone Cold, Broc's head falls and he stops fighting. The ref comes in and lifts Broc's hand up to see if he can still compete. He drops Broc's hand, but out of nowhere the fight is still there as Broc stops his arm from falling and goes back to trying to get out of the hold. After a moment of fighting, Broc is able to reach back and grab the heel of Walker, and trips him up to alleviate the pressure. Walker is still trying to lock the hold back in but Broc rolls over to his stomach and kicks Walker off of him! Broc quickly gets back to his feet and runs at Walker with a running clothesline! Walker gets back up and gets nailed by a drop kick from Broc. Walker gets up one more time and Broc runs at Walker and delivers a diving forearm strike to the chest of Walker, knocking both men down. A couple seconds elapse and then Broc kips up to his feet as the crowd is going nuts for this comeback. Broc climbs to the top rope and delivers an elbow drop right to the chest of Walker!

    JR: Good god the fight in this kid, what an elbow drop right to the cold, black heart of Trevor Walker! This is incredible!

    PH: This is a comeback unlike anything I've seen, I thought for sure this was over an- wait, where's he going?

    Just then Broc rolls to the outside of the ring and goes right to the medical personnel who were waiting for this match to be over to check on Broc. Broc walks right up to them and yells out "wrap my head! wrap my damn head!" a moment of confusion from the medical team but then they quickly get out some gauze and wrap Broc's head to try to slow down some of the bleeding. The medical team goes as fast as they can to get Broc's head wrapped and taped, but enough time has elapsed that Walker is starting to make his way to his feet, pulling himself up at the turnbuckle.

    JR: I'll tell you what in all of my years in wrestling I've never quite seen anything like this, Broc has essentially taken an injury time out and now with his wrapped that will slow his loss of blood and may give him a chance to put Walker away!

    PH: The loss of blood may be stopped, but Broc has already lost so much blood that it might be too little too late. He'll have to take out Walker quickly if he wants to have a chance at winning this match, and Walker is almost back to his feet!

    Just as Walker pulls himself up by the turnbuckle, in runs Broc who charges at Walker and delivers a running knee (a la Daniel Bryan) right to the face of Walker! Walker was still close enough to the turnbuckle that his head nearly hit the bottom turnbuckle as he falls to the mat. Broc is able to crawl into a cover, draping his arm over Walker!

    Thre- But wait, Walker got his foot on the bottom rope right before the three! The ref noticed it just in time. Broc looks over at Walker's foot in disbelief, as he rolls over putting his hands over his face wondering how the hell he's going to be able to win this match. Both men are slow to their feet but Broc makes it up first, and stalks Walker from across the ring, perhaps looking for another running knee to finish the job. Broc charges at Walker as he gets to his feet, but Walker dives out of the way at the last moment, and Broc's knee bounces off the turnbuckle! Broc is still on his feet but having trouble trying to walk when in comes Walker who bends Broc down, lifts him up, and plants him with a pile driver! Walker, also very out of breath, drapes his arm over Broc's chest for the cover!



    Winner: Trevor Walker

    JR: Hey! Wait just a damn minute! Broc got his foot on the ropes! His foot was on the ropes!

    Just as Walker is getting up and celebrating his victory, the ref is able to look over and see Broc's foot on the ropes. The ref looks at Walker and then points over to Broc's foot, saying "his foot was on the ropes!" Walker, in disbelief, yells back "No, it was after the three! I won!" Just then the tron shows a replay, and it's clear that Broc was able to get his foot on the rope at the last possible moment before the ref's hand hit the canvas for the three count. Just then is when the ref leans out of the ring and tells the ring announces that this match is not over, and will be restarted due to Broc's foot being on the ropes. Walker is in disbelief as the ring announcer informs everyone of the announcement

    The bell rings to restart the match and Walker still can't believe it, pacing back and forth, yelling at the official, but he finally realizes that if he wants to move on, he'll have to put Broc down one more time. Walker goes over and picks up a very lifeless Broc, and this time takes the time to drag him to the center of the ring, lifting up for a pile driver, but this time Broc fights out, gets a vertical base before getting out of the grasp of Walker, then hitting Walker with a boot to the mid section, and following up with a Code Red! (Sunset Flip Power Bomb) Broc lands with Walker in a pin!


    Winner: Broc Lobster

    JR: Broc wins! Broc wins! How the hell did he pull this off?

    PH: Well, it took some gauze and a lot of guts shown here tonight by Broc, but he'll need those guts for the next round as we now know in the round of 16 for the North side, it will be Broc Lobster vs. The Comedian, good god what a match that will be!

    Broc is still lifeless and is rolled out of the ring being attended to by medical personnel. Meanwhile, Walker rolls over, pounding his fist on the canvas. He gets up and kicks the bottom rope, then sees the referee standing on the outside of the ring. Walker walks out after the referee, as the ref takes off and runs up the ramp. Walker slowly jogs after the ref, but stops atop the ramp, looking over at the commentary table, he locks eyes with Paul Heyman. As Walker walks over, JR gets the hint and takes a hike to the back. Walker is screaming at Heyman "Fix this! Fix this!" Heyman, still has his headset on, saying "There's nothing I can do, the official's decision is final". Not the words Walker wanted to hear, as he tears apart the announcer's table, throwing monitors and everything he can to the ground. Heyman drops his headset and takes off to the back, as Walker flips over the announcer's table. Walker picks up the headset and can be heard saying "If Paul Heyman won't fix this, I will!" Walker throws down the headset and storms out of the arena.

    We get a look back at Broc, who is now being helped to the back by the medics who are assisting him to walk. Broc stops at the ramp though, and pushes off the medics as he turns back to the crowd. Broc salutes the crowd, who are cheering "Lobster!", as Broc then limps his way to the back unassisted as the show comes to an end.

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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    Hey Broc, sorry for not giving a proper review to your shows. I don't have much time but I do want to say keep up the good work, this is going great.
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    Re: HWA: Hardcore Wrestling Alliance (WC's Interactive BTB)

    Appreciate it Hermes. No one needs to feel obligated to do reviews, they're appreciated, but dont feel obligated to.

    Also do just wanna throw a plug in to anyone that stumbles on the thread that hasn't made a character; anyone can create a character at any time. Whether you already have one or not, everyone can still feel free. (... except OMB). There is still plenty of room for me to fill out the roster, especially if I add a mid card title which I'm considering. The link for the character bio thread is in my sig

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