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Thread: An Interlude From The Man Who Won More Than You Realize

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    An Interlude From The Man Who Won More Than You Realize

    It'd been mere moments since the end of Back In Business XIV, an event which will be remembered for years. And finally, the last wrestler passed through the curtains and got backstage. That man being, the loser of the main-event, the man who is not undefeated anymore: Nova Diamond. He is surrounded by two referees who doesn't help him walk, but just stands there in case of some emergency. Nova's face bears no expression, but one can guess the storms that are contained inside by just looking at his eyes. Everyone who is present at where he is, however, stop what they are doing and just watch the man walk. Nova's presence is enough to make the tension at the room raise to dangerously high levels, as no one knows how Nova will react upon losing the biggest match of his career.

    "...son of a..."

    The first words coming out of his mouth after his loss are very quiet. He stops walking, raises his head...


    Nova, seeing nothing but red at this point, runs to a nearby wooden stool and just punts it into oblivion. The stool hits a wall rather loud and some of the people there just run away, fearing for their safety. The two refeeres try to contain Nova but one of them gets a stiff elbow to his forehead for his troubles, while the other gets kicked in the chest. Nova, now gritting his teeth, turns his head to the cameraman who is recording this and walks to him. The cameraman tries to slowly back down but the camera suddenly gets pulled from his hands and now the camera shows the cameraman running away fast. Then the feed cuts off.

    When it comes back, Nova is in somewhere undisclosed in the arena, still holding the camera, looking at it, his face a little bit calmer than from we had last seen him.

    "Dave, I want you to listen to me. Congratulations, now go and heal your injuries, celebrate your victory and prepare yourself for more. Because I know that this is far from over, and if you don't know, then you will find out that I leave no job unfinished.

    I....I took the king to his limits, I made him bleed, I made him a crying, BEGGING...mess...

    ...only to lose to a one fucking lucky shot.

    I am man enough to admit that it was my mistake. I...had been too merciful. Next time, I'm going to make sure he won't get away from my clutches even if he breaks both of his arms and legs.

    Dave, I took you to your limits more than everyone else ever has in this company, and that includes Gabrielle too, who beat you, but didn't make you a begging little bitch.

    But I know that isn't an accomplishment. Because I lost. No, this isn't an accomplishment for me. But it is this: a warning for you Dave.

    You are vulnerable. You are exposed. You can bleed. And that means you can be killed too. Everyone has watched you BARELY survive me. And everyone knows how lucky you are to survive that...but not without your scars.

    Your ribs, your nose, your sacrificed your limbs to beat me, while I am barely scratched, still standing here as one unbroken man. You beat me, but you didn't break me. Go on, enjoy your fluke victory. And do your best to avoid me. Run when you see me. Because if it is me who sees you first, you will be a dead fucking man before you know it.

    I couldn't win the FWA World Championship, I was just inches away from doing so and just mere months after my debut. Yes, Dave, it won't take me 8 years to eventually win it unlike some others that I know. I am not finished, and this is definitely not over.

    Enjoy it. Throw your feasts. Eat, drink and celebrate like a king. And finally: open your ears.

    The bells are still ringing."

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    Re: An Interlude From The Man Who Won More Than You Realize

    @KingSullinator: New number who dis?

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