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Thread: Gabrielle Issues A Statement On Trial By Fire

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    Gabrielle Issues A Statement On Trial By Fire

    I’ve had a few days now to decompress and to think over the events of Back In Business XIV.

    There’s two things I feel I need to put out there into the World; why I wanted a Trial By Fire match, and an apology.

    The former is hard to remember in hindsight. You think the smell of burning hair, or the sensation of burning flesh will be something that stays with you forever. And while it does, you tend to forget just how bad those things are. You forget about the overbearing heat, and the fear it instils within you. Four times now I have competed in a Trial By Fire match, and each time I stepped in that fire surrounded ring I was terrified of being burnt, I can admit that.

    But those fears and sensations diminish year after year until I’d forgotten just what it is to be in a Trial By Fire match, nothing prepares you for it. Sit around your fireplace, or a campfire, or a BBQ all you want. Nothing prepares you for the reality that you will either be set on fire, or you have to set someone else on fire.

    That last bit is the crux of why I wanted a Trial By Fire match. MC Fromage, Ashley O’Ryan, Stu St. Clair, Ryan Hall, Shannon O'Neal. The five people I’d competed against in three previous Trial By Fire matches. I lost all of them, Fromage set my hair on fire, Hall burned Stu, and Shannon infamously burned my shoulder…the same shoulder I suffered some burns too just days ago.

    Each time I stepped foot in the ring for one of these matches, each time I thought about these matches, each time they were ever mentioned I wondered if I had it within myself to set someone else on fire to win. I wanted to know if I could dig deep enough to do that. Because you can think to yourself “oh I can win any match, I will do what it takes, I am going to win” all you want but when to win you have to do that…are we all capable of that?

    Well I found out at Back In Business. Maybe it’s a weird thing to be proud of, but after all these years, after competing in my first Trial By Fire match in 2012 I found out that yes I can set someone else on fire.

    If I wasn’t a Professional Wrestler a statement like that would have me locked up.

    I always wanted to get that ‘monkey’ off my back. No one else had competed in three of these matches, let alone lost three Trial By Fire matches. After everything I’ve achieved and everything I’ve done the fact I hadn’t won one of these matches burned at me, pun intended. And honestly I don’t think there’s ever been anyone I wanted to set on fire more than Cyrus Truth. If I had of set Ashley on fire I would have regretted that for the rest of my life, even Stu I don’t think I’d be able to sit here now and not feel terrible about it.

    And that brings me to an apology I need to make. Cyrus you and I we don’t get along, and I don’t think we ever will. I’ve buried the hatchet in the past with people like Drew Stevenson, Chris Kennedy, Jenny Ignito…I even went on to marry those last two (odd man out then Drew). But I cant see you and I, Cyrus ever being on good terms, and I think you’d agree with that as well.

    Simply put I don’t like you, and I don’t respect you as a person. I do respect you as a competitor, I’d have to be everything you say I am and worse not to. You are one of the toughest people I’ve ever faced, you made me doubt myself at times in that ring as to whether I could beat you. To finally do so I had to put myself through hell, put myself through the very flames I used to finally defeat you.

    It means so much to me to finally get that win over you. But Cyrus…I do apologise for setting you on fire. I know what it is like to feel the lick of those flames. It’s not just another loss, it is something so much worse. Things between us got so heated, so personal, so intense. That a match like Trial By Fire was the only way it could possibly end. We pushed each other’s buttons, we pushed each other to our limits, and to such extremes. That sort of hatred is not healthy to hang onto.

    Now that we have hopefully concluded this ‘thing’ between us, I apologise for letting it get so bad, and for the lengths I went to, to prove I could best you.
    Dictated and read by Gabrielle Montgomery
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