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Thread: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

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    FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    February 9, 2020


    It's another sold-out Fight Night in Nashville, Tennessee, as the camera zooms in on several signs in the audience supporting various superstars, before we hone in on the commentary trio at ringside, good ol' Rod Sterling, Christian Quinn, and Daniella Kennedy.

    Rod Sterling: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to another packed card for this week's Fight Night! I'm Rod Sterling, beside me is Christian Quinn and Daniella Kennedy, and we're pleased to bring you another exciting night of professional wrestling from the most talented and most popular wrestler today!

    Christian Quinn: And one such wrestler that I believe is number one in both skill and popularity, is none other than our reigning FWA North American Champion, Mike Parr! Who, I'm happy to say, has requested this opening segment to declare and announce his intentions for the FWA North American Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: I don't mean to put a damper on the issue, but didn't Mike Parr organize this segment for last week's Fight Night, only to cancel it on short notice?

    Christian Quinn: Listen, things happen, alright? It wouldn't be right to have a segment like this after being cheated out of a victory that same week. It ruins the atmosphere, and thankfully, Mike Parr is gracious enough to give the fans and those in the back a second chance to see what he's planning.

    "Sick" by Adelitas Way begins and the crowd turns to the entrance with a chorus of boos and heat.

    Right on time, the North American Champion, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, pops out of the curtain on stage, overlooking the booing and jeering FWA faithful with a sneer, before he makes his way towards the ring. Flanked by the New Breed, Mike Parr is wearing one of his customer made suits, this one a particularly dashing light grey one and he looks damn good wearing it. His dark sunglasses are covering his eyes and his North American Championship is securely fastened around his waist. Mike turns to the New Breed and signals to him that he’s got this, and they retreat to the back as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the FWA North American Champion... 'The Prodigy', Mike P...

    The announcement is cut off as Mike Parr snatches the microphone out of Kurt Harrington's hands, shooing him out of his ring.

    Christian Quinn: Finally! Enlighten us, Mike.

    Rod Sterling: It took two weeks, but it seems like Mike Parr has finally decided to reveal his plans and goals for the North American Championship.

    Daniella Kennedy: Two weeks too many. Look, I get waiting for the right time, but this is a speech that should've been said the Fight Night immediately after winning the North American Championship, not several weeks down the line. He's wasted our time waiting to make this speech, so pardon me for not being so enthused about him finally getting to the point.

    Mike Parr: Is this it?

    The crowd are unsure how to react, as Mike lifts his sunglasses onto his head and stares out at them, shaking his head.

    Mike Parr: I’m looking up in the air and I cannot see any confetti. I’m looking at the big screen and there doesn’t appear to be any expense made for any graphics. I really just have to come out here and do everything myself?

    Parr again shakes his head ruefully.

    Mike Parr: Do what I hear you ask? Get rid of this apathy and announce the rebirth of the prestigious North American Championship. For too long, just over two years, this championship slowly depreciated in value. It became a prop as the memory of someone with any sort of substance or clout holding the championship continued to become more distant. But…I’m back baby.

    Parr takes his baby off of his waist and plants a gentle kiss on the face of the championship, taking extra time so the camera has time to zoom and get the perfect shot. Such actions are obviously not going down well with the fans, who begin to boo the cocky champion.

    Mike Parr: Just because I have more affection in my life with this belt than you do with another human, there’s no need to boo me because you are jealous.

    This receives the response you would anticipate.

    Mike Parr: OK…..OK…I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’ve misled you all. You are all probably thinking when I’m discussing my plans for the North American Championship that I’m going to announce what I’m going to do at Back In Business...but no. This championship will not be defended at Back in Business because, frankly, there is nobody that would be worthy or capable of restoring the value of it. And whilst I’m on the subject, there is nobody really worthy of sharing my ring with me. Whilst Dave Sullivan hides and takes on novices, the man he couldn’t beat twice is waiting for his opportunity to punch him in the face and take the last of his championship belts.

    The World Champion isn’t particularly popular at this point so the crowd again are unsure how to react so default to the safe option, more boos.

    Mike Parr: Starting in the main event tonight, my plan for the North American Championship is – through association with me – to make you care about his existence again because if somebody as supremely talented as Mike Parr cares then it makes you think that you should too.

    Parr raises his arms and championship belt in the air, drawing more negative reactions from the crowd, until, suddenly-

    "Back In Town" by Matt Dusk hits and the crowd EXPLODES. Everyone turns to the stage, where "The Prodigy" even stops on a dime and looks with his eyes wide open and mouth dropping. He's FUMING as he stares at the entrance way.

    The change on mood is almost instant. The booing and jeering flips on a dime, instantly turning into welcoming cheers at the arrival of 'The Heartbeat' Krash! Dressed in a dapper brown waistcoat above black trousers and a white dress shirt, the Moustache Maverick looks like he just stepped out of a 1920's period piece, but damnit, he pulls it off. He saunters down the aisle, casually interacting with the ringside audience - a high-five here, a handshake there - before meeting eyes with Mike Parr, as he climbs into the ring. The expression on the North American Champion's face is unreadable, but the frown on his face is unmistakable.

    Krash pulls out a microphone from his pocket, lackadaisically waving it around in a hand, before turning to the Mike Parr in mock surprise.

    Krash: Mr. Parr! Fancy seeing you here. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

    Christian Quinn: He knows damn well he is interrupting something very important! The nerve of this guy...

    Daniella Kennedy: Now, hold on, let's hear him out.

    Krash: Oh. I know that face. I AM interrupting something. You'll have to pardon my poor social etiquette I'm afraid, I took quite a beating last week and am perhaps a bit foggy in that regard. Why, I dare say you'd know all about that, wouldn't you, Mr. Parr?

    A tap on the forehead, where a trio of stitches has closed a wound Mike Parr, along with the New Breed, helped create. The barest hint of a smirk spreads on Mike Parr's face at the mention of his... incident last week with Krash, whilst the Heartbeat paces to and fro, not taking his eyes off of the Prodigy.

    Krash: Mr. Parr, the time for you to have your grand ceremony about your latest triumph, has expired. The ship has sailed, so to say. You had three weeks, Mike, three weeks after winning that championship gold you claim to treasure so dearly. Three weeks, and what have you done? Absolutely nothing with it. You're not treating it as the prestigious title it is, you're treating it like a set-piece. An accessory. A decorative belt buckle you can hold on to after a disappointing loss. But, sure, staring tonight, the next step in your grand plan of restoring honour to the North American Championship starts. Sure, tonight, after the hype and luster of dethroning Dave Sullivan for it has all but worn off. And sure, you'll absolutely be making people care about it's existence in the main event of tonight... but only because it'll be since I personally pinned you, the North American Champion... Again.

    Rod Sterling: For those keeping score at him, Mike Parr pinned Krash to win the title, whilst Krash pinned Parr in a tag match earlier this month. One pinfall apiece, but neither have faced off one-on-one.

    Krash: So, whilst I do apologize for interrupting your rather pitiful excuse of a celebration, I do believe you and I have unfinished business.

    Mike Parr: No, we don't.

    The response is instant. The smirk doesn't vanish, if anything it grows, as Mike Parr dismisses Krash with a wave. Krash arches an eyebrow.

    Krash: I beg your pardon?

    Mike Parr: Beg all you want. Get on your knees if you have to. We still have no business with each other, nor will we ever. Beat it.

    Krash: Far be it from me to call someone a liar, but you and your New Breed allies did cost me the decisive victory against Michael Garcia last week. I didn't get these stitches for a fashion statement, you know.

    The faintest sound of a chuckle escapes from Mike Parr's lips.

    Mike Parr: That? That was me, putting you in your place. I don't want you getting any ridiculous ideas or fantasies about being anywhere near my level. Or the North American Championship level, for that matter! You don't belong in the same ring as me. Hell, in an ideal world, you don't even belong in the same company as me. Look, 'Krash', allow me to jog your memory. You know who I beat to win this championship? More specifically, who I PINNED to win it? You.

    Krash raises his hands, as if to say 'you got me there.'

    Krash: And yet, I pinned you in return not long afterwards, did I not? Makes us about even, I'd say.

    Mike Parr: That's different. The only reason you got one up on me is because I was saddled with Michael Garcia, that lumbering oaf. You and I both know if it was just the two of us, no Garcia or Golden to drag you to a victory, I'd have you unconscious on the mat in no time, just like how I did last week, and just like how I'll do tonight.

    Mike Parr punctuates that by raising the FWA North American Championship high in the air, almost mocking Krash with it. Krash's eyes follow the glistening gold, before he runs a hand over his smooth, luxurious moustache, locks eyes with Mike Parr once more, and raises the microphone.

    Krash: Would you like a bet on that?

    Just as Krash lowers his microphone, he is hit by a clubbing blow from behind!

    Rod Sterling: It’s the New Breed again! They’re laying waste to Krash!

    The Prototype and The Protégé, using the attack from behind to their advantage, continue to stomp and punch at Krash who is grounded. Parr rolls out of the ring and returns with the steel chair, leaning against the turnbuckle laughing. The crowd are more negatively animated that they have been at any other point tonight. Hughes goes to pick up Krash to deliver a double powerbomb, but this proves to be a mistake as Krash drives his shoulder in to Hughes’ gut and pushes him into the corner. He then catches Prototype with a stiff elbow to the face as he approaches him from behind his left shoulder!!

    The momentum for Krash is short-lived, though.

    At this point, Parr swings the chair from Krash’s blindside and hits him squarely in the back of the head/neck with it. Krash drops lifeless, potentially knocked out, as Parr brings the chair slamming down once more against his torso for good measure. He then barks instructions to Prototype and Protégé, who drag him into the middle of the ring. Parr crouches down to get within touching distance of Krash, who has yet to stir following that vicious chair shot, raising the microphone to his lips.

    Mike Parr: You know what they say about the best laid plans? Always going to waste. Guess it’s your lucky day because I’m not standing by while you disrespect this championship and disrespect me. So maybe the best thing to do is to remind everyone just exactly who the hell I am and remind everyone exactly what I can do. So if you really want to try and make a name for yourself that is something more than ‘that guy from CWA’, turn up at Back In Business and try and take this North American Championship and make yourself famous.

    Parr raises his belt in the air once more above the fallen Krash as "Sick" by Adelitas Way once more blares through the arena.


    The Cheshire Cat Clan trio, which includes Alice as the manager, is already waiting in the ring as we return from commercial break. "Prodigal Son" by Kid Rock hits and the crowd turns to the entrance way, where The Valanders emerge from the backstage area and through the curtain.

    Mike Valander is walking in a straight line to the ring, but Louis Valander seems more of a fan-pleaser. He energetically does a standing backflip on the entrance stage and then runs up from behind Mike and grabs him around the neck for a side head lock. Mike shoves Louis to the side and lightly berates him, which causes the fans to cheer even further for the brotherly pairing.

    Rod Sterling: These two ... they just don't seem like the perfect fit personality-wise sometimes.

    Daniella Kennedy: They're amazing!

    Christian Quinn: They are fun to watch, for sure. Mike is all serious and Louis is the rowdy, fun-loving brother.

    The Valanders make it to the ring, with Louis hopping onto the apron and Mike stepping up the ring steps. Louis poses for the crowd, only for Mike to smack him over the head and tell him to "cut it out!"

    Rod Sterling: Mike is 26 years old and the older brother to Louis, who's 22. You can see that relationship in how they interact with one another.

    Christian Quinn: Be a Louis in life, everyone. Don't be a Mike.

    The Valanders vs. The Cheshire Cat Clan

    Louis Valander takes the lead for the brother pairing. He goes up against Nova, who is around the same size and height. Louis dances and hops around the ring, much to brother Mike's annoyance. Louis finally locks in a back arm twist before a side head lock. Nova shoves him into the ropes and Louis bounces back with a running front-flip kick to the chest. The athleticism is on display as Louis quickly springs up and lands a spinning wheel kick through Nova's chest.

    Louis is now in control, with backhand chops to the chest. He whips Nova but it's reversed, and this time Nova lands a back body drop meeting Louis in the middle of the ring. Louis actually front-flips over Nova and rolls to the other side, popping up and hitting a dropkick. Louis tries a snap suplex but Nova counters with his own suplex and tags in Hannibal Crowe, a 6-foot-4 behemoth with strength to outmuscle Louis.

    Louis wisely tags in Mike, his brother, who meets Crowe with a shoulder bump that actually sends Mike back more steps than Crowe. The large Cat Clan member hits a big boot to the chest. Then he whips Mike across the ring to the ropes, but Mike ducks under a clothesline and gets a tag from Louis. Mike gets a forearm from Crowe, who is stunned by a flying diving moonsault from Louis from the top rope!!!

    Crowe is down and makes the tag to Nova again. Louis quickly meets him with another wheel kick to the chest. Then he tags in his brother Mike Valander.

    The larger Mike Valander hits multiple knee strikes to the ribs and whips Nova across the ring to the opposite corner. He lands a corner clothesline and tags in Louis, who goes to the top turnbuckle. Mike whips Nova across the ring and hits a Claymore kick. Louis then leaps off for a corkscrew moonsault! Louis makes the cover while Mike orders him to "HOOK THE LEG AND DO IT RIGHT!"


    Winners: The Valanders

    Mike Valander and Louis Valander raise their arms, with Louis more celebratory. Mike seems annoyed by him and begins barking. Then the two leave the ring with Louis still smiling and slapping hands with fans, while Mike shouts for him to "TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!"



    “Defying Gravity” by The Veer Union hits and ‘The Afflicted’ appears through the audience. There’s a mixed reaction as he casually strides down the steps and towards the ring, looking as if he’s ready for a fight.

    Kurt Harrington: ”Ladies and gentlemen, the next match will be contested under X Rules, where there is no disqualifications, no countouts, and falls coun anywhere! Introducting first, from Sin City, Las Vegas… he is ‘The Afflicted’... Kayden Knox!”

    Knox climbs over the barricade and then through the ropes and strides around the ring, not caring for the audience as he prepares for the appearance of his opponent. His music fades out, and is replaced by “Mindless Self Indulgence” by Be Like Superman. Captain El Franko appears, a slightly confused look on his face as the crowd erupts in applause.

    Kurt Harrington: ”And his opponent… weighing in tonight and one hundred and ninety five pounds… he is Captain El Franko!”

    Franko wanders down the ramp, the crowd’s encouragement giving him immense satisfaction. He looks pleased with himself as he climbs up the steps and through the ropes.

    Rod Sterling: ”The X Division Championship picture is beginning to take shape, and these are two of the names that have been floating around that title…”

    Christian Quinn: ”We saw both of these men in losing efforts last week in X Rules matches, Knox going down the ‘The Wildcard’ Jason Randall and El Franko coming up short against a debuting Donovan Moore.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”But Knox has already been announced as one of the competitors in the multi-person match for the vacant X-Championship. You’d have to think that El Franko would have to win tonight if he wanted any chance of competing for the gold at Back in Business.”

    Rod Sterling: ”But Knox has a point to prove, too. He’ll no doubt be looking to get back to winning ways and gather some momentum as we head towards the biggest show of the year…”

    El Franko is in the ring and is eyeing up his opponent with a deranged look on his face, Knox calmly surveying the scene in his corner. The referee makes his final checks, and calls for the bell.

    X Rules Match
    "The Afflicted" Kayden Knox vs Captain El Franko

    The match starts and the two competitors seemingly have no intention of putting on a catch wrestling masterpiece. The unload a series of strikes on one another, El Franko hitting a series of straight right hands, Knox returning with forearm strikes and a spinning elbow. He hits a headbutt and then a trio of European uppercuts, backing Franko up into the ropes. Knox whips him towards the opposite set, going for a shoulder block… but Franko remains on his feet. He slaps his chest and shouts at Knox to try it again. The Afflicted bounces off the ring ropes and goes for a second charging shoulder block… and Franko stays on his feet and roars again. The Captain bounces off the ropes, looking to test his strength against Knox… but Kayden takes him down with a big boot! Finally Franko hits the mat and Knox shakes his head as if to say, ‘that shouldn’t have been so difficulty’.

    Kayden settles into a rhythm, mostly chasing Franko around the ring with strikes and the occasional neckbreaker or DDT. He takes every opportunity to pose for the crowd, which often gives Franko the chance to stage something resembling a comeback… but each time Knox overcomes it thanks to an eye rake or a hair pull. After a couple of minutes he starts to undo the middle turnbuckle cover, exposing the steel ring before returning his attention to Franko and placing him in an arm bar. Franko struggles in the hold, but gradually manages to move across the ring and towards the ropes. He realises that there’s no break to be had, so he pulls himself under the bottom rope so that he’s standing on the floor. Knox refuses to let go, so Franko pulls him under the bottom rope too and throws him to the floor with a single-arm powerbomb!

    Franko shakes off the pain in his arm and returns to Knox. In the next minute or so he Irish whips Knox into the barricade, the steel steps, and the announce tables, before hoisting him up and powerbombing him hard onto the apron! Franko goes under the ring for a kendo stick, and follows Knox around the ring with it, whipping him like a government mule as he goes. Knox slides under the bottom rope to gain some respite, and Franko throws the stick and a chair into the ring, before going under the ring ropes to find a table. He sets the table up outside of the ring by the entrance ramp and slides back in to face Knox.

    Franko dominates the next minute or so, confusing a rising Knox with a Bell Clap, followed up with the Eat Da Feet kick to the face! He seems to be gearing up for the BOOM Goes Da Dynamite running headbutt, but Knox manages to leapfrog over him… Kayden turns around… and into a Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chin Music! Franko goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Knox kicks up, but Franko goes straight back to work, applying a sleeper hold. Kayden fades for a while, but he eventually manages to fight his way back to his feet. He hits a series of elbows to Franko’s midsection and, sensing that the hold is slipping, the Captain moves into a front face lock and takes him over with a suplex. He then nails the COWABUNGA! top rope lionsault, hooking the leg afterwards…

    ONE… TWO… NO!

    Again the Afflicted kicks up. Franko remonstrates with the referee momentarily, before lifting Kayden up to his feet. He double him over with a boot to the midsection, and hoists him up into a powerbomb position. He begins to wander over to the side of the ring, maybe looking to throw Knox over the top and through the table he set up earlier… but Knox senses danger, and begins to fight out of it with a series of right hands to the head. Franko drops him… and Knox nails him with the DOA kick! Franko falls backwards and through the ropes, landing on his feet outside of the ring… Knox charges to the opposite set of ropes, bounces off… he baseball slides under the bottom rope and grabs Franko in a front face lock… Blacklist DDT! The Captain is dropped headfirst onto the mat!

    It takes Knox a few moments to compose himself, but when he does, he begins to position Franko on the table. Kayden slides back into the ring, and takes a deep breath… he goes for the springboard 450 to the outside, picture perfect as he rotates in the air… but NO! Franko moves out of the way! Knox crashes through the table!

    The crowd erupts into applause, a ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant heard at a back corner of the arena. Both men lie on the floor, and it takes Franko what seems like an eternity to roll towards Knox and go for a cover…

    ONE… TWO… TH - NO!

    Knox gets the shoulder up! Franko can’t believe it! He rolls Kayden into the ring, sliding in after him, moving away from The Afflicted and into a corner. He wills Knox to get to his feet, signalling for his finisher… He charges across the ring, aiming for Knox’s chest with the BOOM Goes Da Dynamite headbutt…

    NO! Knox hits him with a Jumping High Knee! Franko falls down onto his knees, and Knox takes him down with the shining wizard! Kayden is the first back to his feet, but he needs to hold the ropes to keep himself up… He looks over at Franko, who has rolled onto his front and begins to crawl towards a corner… Knox kicks the steel chair from where he is to beneath the crawling Franko, charges over to him, and nails the Malice Intent! The double foot curbstomp to the back of the Captain’s head! Franko’s skull is driven down onto the steel chair! Knox hooks BOTH legs…


    Winner: Kayden Knox by pinfall at 10:42

    Knox gets to his feet, his arm raised in victory. He takes a few deep breaths before climbing to the second rope, proceeding to point to the Back in Business sign and tracing his hands over an invisible belt around his waist…

    Rod Sterling: ”Knox has one thing on his mind as we move towards our biggest show of the year, and that’s the X Division Championship.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”It seems a lot of people have their eyes on that particular prize…”


    "The Wayward Warrior" with a grim determination to his stride and his hoodie pulled up over his head receives a loud cheer from the FWA audience as he walks through the arena parking lot. Cyrus Truth pays little attention to the World around him with his duffel bag slung over his shoulder as he passes by the last few cars and approaches the Talents entrance to the building. The CWA and FWA Legend’s focus is firmly on the night before him; the chaotic Main Event, and once again slamming his forearm into the side of Gabrielle Montgomery's head. There’s a hint of a smile upon his face before the screech of tires finally pulls his attention to the here and now.

    In an instant, in a blur of caramel and denim the aforementioned Gabrielle has arrived on the scene, leaping out of her 2020 Hellcat Redeye and tackling Cyrus Truth to the ground!

    There’s a roar of approval from the FWA fans, both for her appearance and the sheer physicality between the two as Gabrielle clubs away at her fiercest rival.

    Rod Sterling:
    Do these two never get tired of brawling with each other?!

    Daniella Kennedy: The rivalry between these two has come to be so much more than just a wrestling feud! These two CANNOT stand each other!

    Christian Quinn: Blackbird needs to get an army out here to break this up.

    Cyrus though manages to push her aside and get to his feet, as does Gabrielle. The two of them take a moment to just glare daggers at each other, each still sporting a few cuts and bruises from their Valentines Day brawl. The fans cheer loudly in anticipation before they start trading stiff forearm strikes face to face until Gabrielle throws a headbutt that staggers Cyrus backwards. But as Gabrielle comes forwards he simply tackles her to the ground and clubs away before pulling her to her feet and tossing her over the hood of a car.

    Christian Quinn:
    Hey! That’s MY car! GET OFF MY CAR

    Gabrielle gets back to her feet as Cyrus slides over the hood of Christian Quinn’s car and the two of them once again trade elbows, and knee’s and whatever they can slam into one another. Gabrielle digs her finger into Cyrus’s eye to break the deadlock and then slams his head into the side vision mirror of Quinn’s car, shattering it, and snapping it off the door.

    Christian Quinn:
    Why is this happening?!?

    Gabrielle then goes to slam her knee into Cyrus’s head but he moves and her knee strikes the car making her hobble backwards as Cyrus grabs her and slings her onto the hood of the car so he can rain down blows into her midsection and forearms as she desperately covers up.

    Rod Sterling:
    C’mon, we need to get people out there to break this up!

    Gabrielle manages to kick Cyrus away and then clambers to her feet only for Cyrus to pick up his duffel bag and launch it at her head, it takes her off her feet with a loud thud which brings a smile to Cyrus’s face as he takes a moment to catch his breath and his bearings. Just long enough for a bloody nosed Gabrielle to get back to her feet and launch herself off the hood of Christian’s car.

    Christian Quinn:
    Does our time in Executive Excellence mean nothing to you Gabby? My car!

    Rod and Daniella can’t help but chuckle before the seriousness of this brawl takes back over. Gabrielle has taken Cyrus off his feet and rains down blows, though he manages to cover up and block most of it before he rolls her over and now its his turn to bring the pain as he clubs away until Gabrielle simply wraps her hands around his throat and chokes him.

    Rod Sterling:
    Seriously where’s security, this is descending into sheer madness!

    Cyrus then wraps his hands around her throat and starts to choke her as well, and just then a swarm of security hits the scene finally and manages to pry the two of them apart. Though they still throw wild kicks at one another as they’re dragged apart.

    Daniella Kennedy:
    Finally. Ge these two as far apart as possible!

    Cyrus and Gabrielle shout obscene obscenities at each other as the arena buzzes with excitement. The brawl was so intense and wild that for once there’s no chants of “Let them fight.” Everyone’s just waiting to see the Main Event where these two will be on opposite sides of the ring once again.


    Singles Match

    "The Artist" Eli Black vs "Executive Excellence" Thomas Princeton

    The bell rings and the match begins in earnest, Princeton and Black locking up quickly in the center of the ring. It's obvious who's winning this duel though, as Princeton exerts his strength and traps Black in a side headlock! Eli tries to wriggle his head free from the vice-like grip of his larger opponent, but the hold is just too tight for even an artist to break free from! Princeton drags him roughly to the canvas with the headlock takedown, but from here Black can pop his hips off the canvas and spring to his feet, forcing Princeton to relinquish his grip! Both men are to their feet, and the Black is the one to act first with a dropkick to the chest-- Princeton stumbles in to the ropes, allowing Black to race across the ring and catch him with a crossbody that takes both men up and over the top rope! The champions land hard on the pads outside, but Eli is to his feet quic-- well... quicker than Princeton at least!

    Princeton clutches the small of his back, having possibly caught it against the edge of the ring, as Black grabs him by the hair and drags him to his feet. Pressing him up against the apron, he unleashes a chop across the chest, exclamated by the WOO!'s that echo across the building. Princeton has the fore-thought to get away from the reach, stepping over toward the ring post. Black gives chase, not allowing Princeton a chance to breath... BUT Princeton SUCKERED HIM IN! HEAD AGAINST THE RING POST! Black gets caught flat by the sneaky drag by the vet, and he's fortunate to not be split like a grapefruit from that impact. It was a nasty, nasty thump, but Princeton doesn't care! Examining his prey, he steps forward, pushing him back in to the ring and slipping in sinisterly behind him. He hooks the leg...




    Kick out by Black! Princeton smirks and begins to play with his enemy, grabbing him by the forehead and chin and shaking it from side to side. Pulling him to his feet, he leans him back against the ropes, taking a heavy step backwards as he whips him across the ring. Doubling over, he awaits Black's return, seeking the back body drop, but the knock out artist rolls over with the sunset flip, rolling to his feet! Princeton looks back in shock, not expecting such an athletic reversal, only to get caught out by a standing Hurricanrana! It sends Princeton flying in to the ropes, springing back, and comically tumbles over Black, who placed himself on his hands and knees! With Princeton's legs in the air, Black floats over with a jack-knife cover!





    Well... Princeton breaks his legs free from the grip of Black, wraps his arms around the waist, and has lifted himself straight up and off the cover! The fans even have to cheer that impressive showing of strength, as Princeton and Black twist in to a standing waist lock, where Princeton roughly pushes his opponent forward and in to the ropes. Black manages to turn his back to the ropes in time to avoid taking one to the neck, but on the return Princeton places his hands against his chest, tossing him high in to the watching as Black falls flat against the canvas. Black raises up to his knees, clutching his mid-section, now winded by the impact. Princeton, almost on instinct alone, steps forward and plants him straight down with a knelt DDT! The impact might just have Black in LaLa land! Here's the cover!





    Kick out! Black manages to throw a shoulder up, but Princeton again just smirks and guides Black to his feet! This man does not see a kick out as anything more than admission they've not been beaten enough. Dragging Black to his feet, he seems to have struck a ball-room dancing pose, stepping around the ring with a smile, before dragging him in to position for the end.But Black rolls through the grip! Spinning straight, he kickis Princeton straight in the front of the knee, dropping him down to one leg... OHH! BLITZKRIEG Princeton's head gets thrown down There's a moment's pause as fans stop, waiting, wondering what's coming next... Black knows.


    The shot may have knocked him silly! He falls flat against the canvas, seemingly unconscious, as Black rolls him in to a lateral press!






    Here is your winner - "The Artist" Eli Black


    “Bow Down” by I Prevail hits to a mixed reaction as the FWA Tag Team Champions, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage make their way out. Both of them holding their championships, Jackson with his around his waist while Nate has his draped over his shoulder. Both of them also dressed casually, each wearing sleeveless versions of their own official FWA shirt while Jackson has on black slacks and Nate is on black track pants. As usual they are accompanied by the lovely Britney Adams, who remains at Jackson’s side as he grabs a microphone once they’re in the ring and their music fades out.

    Jackson Fenix: I’m going to try to make this as quick as possible because I want to get this over with. Last week The Elite called us out after their match and issued a challenge to a match at Back in Business, and not just any type of challenge oh no they want to put their CWA tag team titles up for grabs while we put our FWA tag team titles up for grabs in a unification match. A match to finally put this rivalry to bed because quite frankly it’s long past it’s bedtime, in other words if you don’t get what I’m saying with that last part...we accept!

    The crowd cheers for this while Jackson looks focused as he stares at the camera in front of him for the audience at home.

    Jackson Fenix: It’s time to prove once and for all who the best damn tag team is in this company, and show you why it always has been and always will be The Undisputed Alliance!

    He turns his attention to the stage now.

    Jackson Fenix: You two think you’re really cute calling us out the way that you did, you think that you’re slick, you think that you’re clever calling us by our old name. Clinging on to the past like it means something now, but here’s the thing boys it doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore. Those CWA championships that you hold on to are meaningless, they are meaningless because CWA is a dead promotion. The difference between us is that we were smart enough to hop off that sinking ship when we had the chance, you two on the other hand stuck around like good little soldiers until the very end but it’s too bad you didn’t drown with the rest of the ship!

    Christian Quinn: Jackson Fenix is holding nothing back!

    Jackson Fenix: You two want this so bad you got it, and honestly there was no reluctance on our part because Nate and I are sick of you and we want to end this!

    As if on cue the sound of “Kick in the Door” by Notorious BIG hits indicating the arrival of The Elite, who remain on stage as they stand by with a microphone in hand as their music fades out. The CWA World Tag-Team Championship belts are wrapped snuggly around the waists of The Elite as they stare down at the FWA Tag-Team Champions standing in the ring waiting for their rebuttal. Noah leans towards and whispers to Trevor Ocean for a while as the fans start to get restless. Trevor nods his heads and can be seen mouthing alright, I've got this as Noah passes him the microphone.

    Trevor Ocean: You two...want to "end" this? What is it that you two are exactly wanting to end? The only thing that I can think of you wanting to end is the FWA Tag-Team division. Because, you two can't be talking about wanting to "end" this "feud" between The Elite and the "Undisputed Alliance". No, you can't be talking about that because that would have to mean that there was some sort of conflict or dispute between our two teams - and there isn't. There's no disputing the fact that you two cannot and will not ever be able to beat us. There's no disputing the fact that when the topic of great tag-teams are brought up, your names never get mentioned. And, there's no disputing the fact that our match is the least relevant match on the Back in Business Card.

    But, I can promise you this, after Back in Business, the tag-team division will be spoken of in the same regard as the World Championship. At Back in Business, we're going to officially unify the FWA Tag-Team Championships with the CWA Tag-Team Championships and bring about the necessary change that the division has needed for some time. At Back in Business, we're going to make an example out of you two. We're going to hurt you...badly. And we're going to win the match. Then, we're going to do the same thing to the rest of the tag-teams here. We're going to break all of you and your spirits and then we're going to build you all back up and bring the relevance, competition, and pride back to tag-team wrestling.

    Trevor drops the microphone and Noah Stocke makes a gun with his hand and pretends to fire a single shoot at all three members of the Undisputed Alliance before heading for the backstage area.


    After the commercial break ends and the announcers welcome us back to Fight Night, the first notes of a familiar music start to echo in the arena.

    The somber tone of Roger Waters can only mean one thing in FWA, and it is the arrival of Nova Diamond! Nova appears on the stage, looking very prepared to open the show, wearing an unusual red shirt and a black blazer. Instead of quasi-dancing his way through the ring like he usually does, he just plainly walks, enters the ring and waits for the music to die down. And after it does, Nova just listens to the positive fan reaction for a while before finally grabbing a microphone and moving it closer to his lips.

    Nova Diamond: I should do this more often.

    The first words of the show get another dose of positive reaction.

    Nova Diamond: And by this, I mean being the first impression, when you tune in to watch some wrestling. I say that because, first impressions are always important, people. It sets up certain expectations for future impressions. For example, not a long time ago, when you saw me in that boat in that vignette, you knew I had made the perfect first impression, you knew the future ones were going to be special, just from the fact that I was in that boat, feeling the winds of change in my skin, looking like…..well, me. From that boat, came a revolutionary with his own revolution. From that boat, came a promise to change the landscape of wrestling industry. From that boat, came progress. And look how we’ve progressed since then. I’ve taken the steps necessary, and secured myself to not just be in the main event of Back In Business, but to be the Main Event of Back In Business.

    Another round of cheers. With how Nova is looking at the crowd who is cheering him, it is safe to say he isn’t used to this kind of reaction either.

    Nova Diamond: You are used to hear the more humble stories, where people would always tell you that they could not believe they are in this position, that they never thought they would get this far when they started. Well, you have to forgive me when I tell you it is not the case with yours truly. If you are a smart man, you don’t start doing this without aiming for the top. You can’t be great without reaching for the stars. Missing the stars and landing on the moon can make you somehow great, but actually reaching that stars, that’s what makes you the best. That was my mentality when I started, this is still my mentality that still helps me reaching here. I don’t settle. I don’t negotiate. I go there and take what I want. And now, I am here, just days away from being the FWA World Champion.

    Nova smirks before his expression turns serious again.

    Nova Diamond: Despite what some certain others want you to believe, my career doesn’t consist only seven matches. It was a long……

    Nova could not help but let out a chuckle.

    Nova Diamond: ….and winding road, if you can put it that way. And it was definitely filled with far more stuff than Dave Sullivan wants to believe. Because in his own little fantasy medieval world, the only struggles that are valid are his. His brain simply can’t comprehend the fact that all of his so-called struggles was his own doing. Should I talk about how our ‘king’ used to be a mere squire to a woman that I beat just last week in that middle of that ring fair and square? Should I talk about how he chose to bury his face in that white powder instead of gold he would weasel his way into years later and then blame me for losing some? That was how he decided to spend his first times in the company, and this is how I decide to spend it, in the goddamn top. I'm going to be honest about what I think, I won’t sugarcoat it at all: Dave Sullivan is a whiny, delusional, cowardly son of a bitch that deserves everything that awaits him in Back In Business.

    Nova has to take a deep breath before to continue.

    Nova Diamond: They say that you learn from your opponents. And trust me, I’ve already learned from Dave, even though I have never stepped foot in the same ring as him in a proper match. What I've learned was a crucial lesson, actually: Being that man, the man that does all that dastardly things… I’ve learned that being that man is far too easy. I know I was like that before and I will never deny what I had to do in my career to get here. But now being here, in this position, a man that is going to headline Back In Business and win the World Championship, I can clearly see that man is not what I want to be. I have come to this place with winds of change behind me, and I guess those winds of change even changed me a little too. I want to be the best champion that everyone has ever seen. And I know that I am going to be that champion. After that disgrace we call Sullivan’s reign ends, I know I have to do more. I know I have to go beyond anyone's limits to make everyone forgets that such abomination ever existed. And I promise you: I will. Believe me, my word is as good as....

    The smirk appears again.

    Nova Diamond:

    Nova wink to the nearest camera before preparing to leave the ring, until another piece of music start to echo from the speakers, turning Nova’s expression serious once again. "Hail to the King" by Avenged Sevenfold starts blasting through the arena, as half the crowd groans while the heel smarks start to cheer.

    King Sullivan comes out in his usual three piece suit. His black and gold Kingly robes are on over top of the suit, and his three title crown is shining on top of his head. The FWA World title is around his waist. In his left hand, his golden scepter. In his right hand, a microphone. On his face, a shit eating grin.

    Sullivan wastes no time, and starts taunting Diamond right out of the gate.

    King Sullivan: Nova, Nova, are just so adorable. You remind me SO much of myself that it isn't even funny. I had some success too, ya know? Right out of the gate. Everybody does. They win their first four, five matches or so. Just like you. They're so bright eyed and bushy tailed, thinking that the have the whole world within their grasp. But let me tell you buddy, the reality hits. For some people it hits later than others, but it always hits.

    And you? You are just so funny to watch come out here, still in pullups, talking like you know how this business works.

    You have NO idea.

    You have no idea at all how this place works. You're just a damn rookie. So you coming out here acting like you think you know everything, acting like you're the good boy, it's getting pretty damn nauseating. For everyone.

    Let me tell you the truth. I was just like you. I agreed, that being the bad guy was too easy. It always is. That's how life works. It's easy to be a jackass...and just like you, I wanted to be the guy who won the right way...except, I never did. I won the X Championship three times or so sure, but that was my ceiling. That was always my ceiling...and it was always going to be my ceiling, unless I changed who I was.

    That was all around the time I started mentoring that Tyrone Johnson boy. He has the same point of view you did you know? Or well, at least he did. Until I threw him under the bus. I betrayed him, and I taught him that being good never gets you anywhere. That move skyrocketed me to where I am now.

    Absolute proof that being good doesn't get you success. The only way to win in this business, is to put yourself first. Always. I taught Ty that a year ago, and I'm going to teach you the same thing, greenthumb.

    But I didn't come out here to tell you all that. I didn't want to come out and respond to all that garbage you just said. The only reason I came out here, was to tell you to stay out of my way in that tag team match tonight. You and I both now that match is a clusterfuck waiting to happen, and I don't want ANY roadblocks popping up that get in the way of our match. I could care less about the outcome of this match, but don't go twisting any ankles...we all know how much you just love to fake injuries to get out of title matches, eh? But if you plan on trying to get in my way, a real injury just might happen.

    Unless...unless that's what you want?


    Want to come up here, and give our fans a little Back in Business teaser?

    King Sullivan starts swinging his scepter around, motioning for Diamond to come up and brawl with him at the top of the ramp. But Diamond doesn't react...instead, Diamond just stares Sullivan down.

    That's what I thought.

    See you tonight, Novie.

    The King's music cues again as the cocky champ fades to the back. The camera zooming in on Diamond's angry but determined glaze as things fade.



    The theme music for The New Breed hits and the former FWA Tag Team Champions emerge from the backstage. "The Protege" Sean Hughes and "The Prototype" walk side by side while the announcers recap their recent months of up-and-down performances.

    Rod Sterling: We saw these two DOMINATE the tag team division. It seems lately they've just been in a funk.

    Christian Quinn: That's how competitive it can be sometimes. One little mistake and you falter. That's all it is.

    "Riot" by Three Days Grace hits before The New Breed duo even enters the ring. The crowd ERUPTS for Andre Mack and Johnny Devlin, the pairing who has somewhat surged in the last few weeks.

    Daniella Kennedy: This team is one of them that has even beaten The New Breed, if I recall right!

    Christian Quinn: The Wave could be getting a tag team championships shot soon.

    The New Breed vs. The Wave

    Johnny Devlin takes the start, per usual, for The Wave. "The Protege" Sean Hughes does it for The New Breed. The immediate, starting action is quick and fun. Both wrestlers get arm drags and hip tosses. Johnny Devlin lands a dropkick after whipping Hughes into the ropes, and that sort of plants the momentum in The Wave's corner. Devlin whips Hughes into the ropes again and misses a clothesline but runs to the ropes and hits a springboard crossbody when Hughes bounces back from the original side of the ring.

    Devlin tags in Andre Mack, the big 6-foot-4 powerhouse. Mack quickly hits a belly-to-belly suplex as Hughes goes across the ring. The Prototype quickly tags in on the shoulder to save his partner. He charges at Mack and the two skyscrapers ricochet off one another on shoulder bumps. The Prototype stands at 6-foot-5, so he recovers quicker and hits a boot to the chest. Mack goes down, and The Prototype begins chipping away with a leg drop and a few elbow drops.

    The Prototype tries a tiger driver but he can't move Mack, who has 50 or so pounds on him. Mack is actually able to counter with a back body drop. Then a corner splash to The Prototype, who is not used to facing a larger opponent. Mack bear hugs The Prototype and carries him to the center of the ring, where he drops him and tries a spinebuster. The Protege tags in blind and as The Prototype fights back with clubbing blows to the spine, Hughes leaps off for a double knee drop to the lower spine of a bent-over Andre Mack!

    The Protege goes for a pinfall, but Mack kicks out with force!

    The Protege stalks around the ring as Mack tries to recover. A few soccer-style kicks and stomps keep him down. Hughes keeps at the ground attack until Mack catches him by the neck/throat and shoves him against the ropes. The Protege ducks a clothesline but Mack catches him with a HUGE spinebuster!

    Mack then tags in Johnny Devlin. Before he leaves, he hits Hughes with a powerbomb and Devlin hits his diving blockbuster form the top turnbuckle to turn it into a double team maneuver!!! Devlin covers and Mack quickly big boots The Prototype before he can intervene!


    Winners: The Wave

    Devlin jumps into Mack's arms and eventually onto his shoulders as the crowd cheers the team's victory.

    Rod Sterling: The fans are cheering these two, but they sort of seem like a-holes.

    Daniella Kennedy: Hey, it's fresh blood and new faces. Plus, look at them. They're having fun out here!

    Devlin keeps jumping around his larger and heavier tag partner, who just stands in the middle and raises his arms with glee. Devlin then makes a hand gesture toward The New Breed pair, and Andre Mack looks down at them with judgement.


    The following is shown on the TV and online feed and on the main arena screen of FIGHT NIGHT…


    ”A candy-coloured clown they call the Sandman…”

    A chorus of boos sounds around the arena, the lights blacking out and ‘MvH’ appearing on the screen in a narrow, green and gold font. Before long, she steps leisurely out onto the stage in full ring gear: baggy black basketball shorts, a green tank top, black elbow and knee pads. She wears an unzipped black hoodie, the sleeves rolled up around her biceps, and stares around at the audience with a blank look on her face. She is carrying the same, blood-splattered steel chair that she has used the last two weeks. The crowd double down on their antipathy to the point where Orbison’s dulcet tones having to fight for prominence over their scowls and jeers.

    Rod Sterling: ”Here comes Michelle von Horrowitz to a, well, less than positive reaction from this Nashville crowd.”

    Christian Quinn: ”Usually I find it hard to agree with anyone from Tennessee but this unwelcome guest is getting what’s coming to her. She’s attacked officials and wrestlers alike since she arrived two weeks ago, and Blackbird has rewarded her with the suggestion of an X Division Championship match at Back in Business!”

    Rod Sterling: ”Well, last week Lord Vincent told us that Michelle von Horrowitz would need to win this week to qualify for that X Division Championship match. A title that was announced as vacant when Dave Sullivan was stripped of it.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”A few names are floating around in that championship picture, though: Kayden Knox, Eli Black, Jason Randall. Whatever the final line up of that match is, it promises to be absolute carnage.”

    Christian Quinn: ”And just last week, we saw Dominick Dust piledrivered TWICE onto steel ring steps, Captain El Franko and Donovan Moore crashing through a table, van Doren and Black headbutting each other into early retirement, and Jason Randall nail the Wildcard Special on Eli Black from the apron, THROUGH A TABLE. Carnage is guaranteed, Kennedy, and so is a bump in the FWA’s insurance premiums. This is madness.”

    MvH has reached the ring area, and she spots a fan with an ‘MVH SUX’ sign. She takes it off her and sits on the apron, patiently folding the A3 sheet of paper into a large paper airplane. She delicately launches the plane into the air, watching as it is carried off into the distance and back into the audience. Afterwards, momentarily satisfied with herself, she stands up on the apron and takes a deep bow before springing over the top rope and into the ring.

    Rod Sterling: ”We’re back live on FIGHT NIGHT, as Michelle von Horrowitz comes down to the ring to apparently issue an open challenge to the FWA locker room, and she’s brought her favourite toy along with her in the form of a steel chair.”

    Michelle has collected a microphone, walking into the centre of the ring and addressing the camera.

    MvH: ”I guess you can’t believe everything you read. I had heard that Nashville was the city of music. And yet you serenade the majesty of Roy Orbison with such ugly noise. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

    The audience continues with its animosity, a slow, uneven chant of ’BORING! beginning to circulate.

    MvH: ”Oh, I remember the South. Such short attention spans. But I’m afraid you’ll have to control yourselves and manage your boredom for a little while longer, my tulips. I want to tell you a story. Many centuries ago, before this country even existed, my proud continent was already blossoming with society, with philosophy, with Science and with democracy. And some of these societies were as bloodthirsty and disgusting as you people. They sent men to fight and die in arenas and coliseums, with swords and spears instead of steel chairs.”

    She allows herself a break, pleased to see that the crowd has begun to relent. Some have begun to listen.

    MvH: ”Some fought lions or bulls, asserting man’s position as the dominant species in this race to the bottom. In an attempt to make light of their most savage of impulses, these shows were often accompanied by pitiful attempts at comedy, or light-hearted relief. In the bullfights of Barcelona and Seville they would send out children before the main event of the evening. We still do this today. They would strap horns onto tame dogs, encouraging the children to play out their own fights in gest and mockery of the bulls. But one evening, a bull was let loose in the ring, and the children’s red flags and wooden swords were no match for the beast’s hide. The weak and the young wouldn’t be sent out into the ring after that.”

    She pauses for effect, her expression still calm and composed, the reaction of the crowd wearing off and dying down. She walks to the ropes, leaning on the top one and looking out at the stage, addressing the boys in the back.

    MvH: ”I think we can all agree it’s time to stop sending the children out to face me. Dominick Dust was not fit for purpose, and will only be remembered as a vital piece of evidence in an argument that I have won. It has taken me two weeks, and less than two minutes of official competition, and already I am on the brink of stepping out at Back in Business. It would be only my fourth match in an FWA ring, and my second at your biggest event of the year, with the chance of walking out as the X-Division Champion. I told you last week: I don’t deserve a championship opportunity but I’m taking one. All of your boos, and all of Christian Quinn’s pathetic little barbs, and Rod Sterling’s sheer incompetence can’t do a damned thing about it.”

    She seems to directly address the commentators.

    MvH: ”Let’s take a look at your fine work from last week, shall we? Play the video.”

    A video begins on the big screen, Michelle staring up at it thoughtfully. Orbison is playing and MvH is slowly making her way to the ring, the commentators discussing her debut.

    Quote Originally Posted by Last Week on FIGHT NIGHT
    Dominick "Diamond" Dust is already waiting in the ring...

    Rod Sterling: ”We've heard Michelle von Horrowitz speak for months. Now we're going to watch her wrestle. A lot of talk about "hardcore" style and a desire to be in the X Championship hunt.”

    Christian Quinn: ”She's only ever wrestled ONE TIME in the FWA, albeit she did beat WOLF in the CWA/FWA crossover show. I think this is a HUGE debut, one of the biggest in the FWA going back to since Cyrus Truth started. Can you remember anyone else?”

    Rod Sterling: ”Not I. Plus, she did beat WOLF. And she's beaten Bell Connelly.”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”She beat WOLF four years ago. She hasn't wrestled since 2016. I'd like to see her go against some of the women we've had come through here. Shannon O'Neal. Moira Crawford. Gabrielle. Jenny Ignito. Myself even.”

    Christian Quinn: ”Oh? Is that a challenge? Are you challenging a former CWA World Champion?”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”No. Just a commentary.”

    We cut back to Michelle, who stands in the ring, shaking her head.

    MvH: ”We’ve covered some ancient history, so I don’t see why we can’t educate our beloved little commentary team on some more recent history. Point one: I did not beat WOLF at the FWA/CWA Cross-over Show. This event was a bit of a sham, a payday for people who didn’t want to have to put in any work for. I did my best, but there’s only so much one woman can do, you know? That night, I made Bell Connelly tap like the little bitch that she is. I only mentioned this, um, last god damned week! I beat WOLF at the other place, remember?

    She pauses, glowering across the arena at the announcers. A small ‘CWA’ chant can be heard somewhere, but it’s quickly drowned out with people chanting the initials of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.

    MvH: ”Point two: it’s adorable that Daniella thinks I should confine myself to defeating the aging women of FWA’s past. Gabrielle, maybe, I can see. She is still here, barely clinging onto the edge. But O’Neal? Ignito? Moira Crawford? Even if I had a time machine and I could face these worthy opponents in their prime, I would not restrict myself in any out-dated and misogynistic women’s division. That would almost be as disrespectful to Michelle von Horrowitz as putting me in a tag team. I fight everyone, Daniella. Whilst you’re sitting behind that desk and awkwardly shuffling your papers, I’m out here breaking down the barriers that your generation left behind. When you’re done with your pathetic attempts at analysis and find yourself ready to face me, bring yourself down to the ring. Wheel yourself out if you have. I sound disrespectful because I’ve been disrespected, and I have no god damn time for hacks and revisionists.”

    Finally, she turns away from the commentary team and addresses the camera once more.

    MvH: "So, let us just recount the events that have led us to this place. A week ago, I defeat Dominick Dust in less than two minutes. Afterwards, I demonstrate why my proclivity towards violence make me suited for the Blackbird's horrorshow X-Division Championship reboot. Just to drive home my already exquisitely argued point, I find a couple of nameless nobodies in the back and cordially introduce myself. The Blackbird relents, and tells me that I have a qualifying match this week, and if I win I'm only a reach away from my first taste of FWA gold. Only… he neglects to tell me who my opponent is, or if he's been able to find anyone intellectually deficient enough to challenge me. I mean, what even is this, tulips? This man seems desperate to run this organization into the ground before I've even had the chance to determine whether it is worth saving."

    “But the Blackbird’s ineptitude is a story too long for this little show, my tulips, so I guess we should get to the task in hand. When match after match was announced for tonight’s episode, and I failed to see my name appear, I contacted the puppeteers to let them know that I would face anyone that thinks they have what it takes to take my championship shot away from me. And who will we get? There are a few names absent from the card, some potential white knights who could appear to defend the FWA and her honour. But no, self-preservation is the key word. Nobody even half-way relevant has either the inclination or the courage to walk out here tonight and risk having to fight me…. In fact --”

    “I Ain’t Weak” by Imagination sounds out in the arena, and for a moment there’s a stunned silence in the arena. Then comes the noise, waves of cheers and screams met by loud torrents of negativity.

    Rod Sterling: ”Can this be?! Just this week she told us she was done with the FWA?!”

    Michelle quickly drops the microphone, a face as if she’s seen a ghost. She moves towards the centre of the ring, raising her fists and willing Bell Connelly to walk out onto the stage…

    Christian Quinn: ”You’re right, Rod - but von Horrowitz mocked that particular announcement, goading Bell Connelly and promising her that they would one day meet. Has that day come sooner than MvH anticipated?!”

    The crowd are still staring at the stage in anticipation… and they continue to wait… and pretty soon, it has become clear that Connelly is not in attendance tonight. Her music begins to fade, going out with a whimper, and the camera returns to the now smiling face of Michelle von Horrowitz.

    MvH: ”Oh, too easy, Nashville! You don’t really think that anyone in their right mind would choose to make a comeback here, do you?! It would be adorable, if it wasn’t so embarrassing. But, I guess it is time. Let’s see if anyone wants this X-Division Championship shot more than I do.”

    This time, she returns the microphone to Kurt Harrington and sits in a corner, her head propped up against the bottom turnbuckle. Her steel chair is still in her hand.

    A few moments go past, and then…

    Rod Sterling: ”It’s Anzu Kurosawa! A woman we haven’t seen in several years, who spent a few months on our shores competing in FWA’s women’s division! We heard Michelle von Horrowitz talking about competing at Back in Business several years ago, and it looks like she’s about to face her tag team partner from that match!”

    Anzu has a microphone in her hand. She is wearing her ring gear, as well as a long robe.

    Daniella Kennedy: ”That’s right, Rod - and don’t forget that Anzu was also a regular tag team partner of Bell Connelly as one half of BANZU during her brief time with us.”

    Her music fades when she brings the microphone towards her mouth.

    Anzu Kurosawa: ”Michelle, you have always been the same. We have tagged together, and we have fought each other, and you are the same either way. Everyone is out to get you. Well, we’re not. This might be hard for you to take, Michelle, especially considering your words for poor old Bell this week, but it’s all in your head. Some of us actually sort of like you, as hard as that is to believe. You asked for competition, and it is here. That’s all. I have no interest in the X-Division Championship, or making a permanent return to the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. But if Michelle von Horrowitz needs someone to dance with? I’m always available.”

    The crowd are beginning to get behind Anzu, some even chanting her name as she walks down to the ring. She leaves the microphone on the apron and rolls under the bottom ring, stepping up towards von Horrowitz. It is clear that MvH has no idea what to make of her apparent opponent, a confused and slightly annoyed look beginning to take hold on her face. Anzu offers a handshake, seemingly good on her promise of sporting competition. Michelle considers her options for a moment, staring at her old friend (in the loosest sense of the word). Finally, she takes her hand in her own, a slow handshake and a nod taking place between the two. Anzu finally breaks it, turning away to remove her robe before the match…

    … and she’s creamed in the top of the cranium with Michelle’s steel chair! Anzu hits the mat hard!

    Rod Sterling: ”Oh, come on! A blatant cheap shot there!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”It looks like she wants to add Anzu Kurosawa’s blood to the collection of samples already on her favourite steal chair…”

    Michelle is getting in the referee’s face, telling him to ring the bell. He initially seems hesitant, owing to Michelle’s incapacitated opponent, but when MvH brandishes her chair at him he quickly calls for it…

    X-Division Rules Match (no DQ, no countout, falls count anywhere)
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs. Anzu Kurosawa

    MvH waits patiently for Kurosawa to get to her feet, busying herself with removing one of the turnbuckle covers. She folds out the chair and places that in the corner opposite. Anzu has made it to her feet in the center of the ring… and Michelle takes her down with a Busaiku Knee Kick! She gets up to her feet and takes a deep bow, a smile on her face, before lifting Anzu to her feet. She takes Kurosawa over to the exposed turnbuckle… and drives her head into it with a Russian Leg Sweep! Wasting no time, she lifts up Anzu, drags her across the ring, and slams her face into the chair with a drop toe hold.

    Von Horrowitz climbs out of the ring and searches underneath it, collecting a second steel chair and sliding it beneath the ropes. She unfolds that chair and puts it in the middle of the ring, before pushing Anzu’s lifeless body off the original chair and placing that next to the new one. She drags Anzu over to them, putting her into a pump-handle position…

    PSYCHO DRIVER #2! Onto two folded out chairs! Anzu lands with a sickening thud onto the steel, instantly slumping to the ground. Michelle hooks the leg…


    Winner: Michelle von Horrowitz by pinfall at 1:28

    Rod Sterling: ”Count to a thousand!”

    Daniella Kennedy: ”Another victory for Michelle von Horrowitz, albeit by somewhat nefarious means. But this is the kind of environment that Lord Vincent is encouraging with his plans for the X-Division Championship - a title that von Horrowitz is demanding a shot at next week, at Back in Business.”

    Christian Quinn: ”The gall!”

    We finish with Michelle von Horrowitz talking - sans microphone - into the camera, demanding that the Blackbird give her what she wants.


    “Man of the Hour” by Pearl Jam plays to booing from the fans as Donovan Moore arrogantly makes his way out. He poses some and taunts at the booing audience as he makes his way down to the ring…

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 210lbs, he is “The Man of the Hour”...Donovan Moore!

    Rod Sterling: Moore made his debut last week in impressive fashion pulling off a victory of another fellow newcomer in El Franko, can he do the same tonight against two more newcomers?

    “Battle Cry” by Little V hits now and a decent reaction for Gerald Grayson, who makes his way out hyping up the fans and slapping hands along the way.

    Kurt Harrington:
    and his opponent, from Raleigh, NC and weighing in at 220lbs, he is Gerald Grayson!

    Rod Sterling: Gerald Grayson is making his debut tonight and he looks to make it a successful one at that

    Daniella Kennedy: It’s no easy task though Rod as it’ll be an X-Rules match where anything goes

    Christian Quinn: Welcome to the company, here’s a steel chair to the face!

    “Narcissist” by Jim Johnston now plays and the fans are unsure of how to react as Orion makes his way out with his manager Alexandra Marie at his side.

    Kurt Harrington: and finally their opponent, being accompanied by his manager Alexandra Marie and weighing in at 265lbs, he is Orion!

    Daniella Kennedy: Not sure if it’s such a good idea for Orion to have his manager out here in this type of match

    Christian Quinn:I think it’s a smart strategy because it’s anything goes and she may be able to help him secure his first win if necessary

    Orion is down at the end of the ramp now but before he can do anything else Gerald Grayson launches himself over the ropes to the outside and takes out Orion with a plancha!

    Rod Sterling: That’s one way to make an impact on your debut kid!

    The fans go wild for that amazing display of agility by Grayson, Alexandra Marie is checking on her client while yelling at Grayson. Meanwhile, Grayson turns his attention back inside the ring where Donovan Moore is casually watching all of this go down and Grayson hops up on the apron while Moore begins to taunt him. Grayson has Moore in his sights and goes for a springboard hurricanrana but Donovan Moore manages to catch him and counters with a sitout powerbomb!

    X Rules match
    Orion vs. Gerald Grayson vs. "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The bell has now sounded as the referee hurriedly gets in position to make the count…

    One...NO! Broken up by a recovered Orion from the outside as he nails Moore is a boot to the face! Orion then turns his attention to Grayson and picks him up by his hair and then hoists him up high in a military press position and walks towards the ropes and looks like he’s about to toss Grayson to the outside but Grayson counters and sends Orion toppling over the ropes to the outside with a hurricanrana! Grayson catches himself on the apron, Orion has quickly recovered however and trips up Grayson on the apron sending him face first to the apron! Orion drags Grayson off the apron and swings straight into the barricade! Then he takes Grayson and sends him crashing to the outside mat with a running powerslam! Orion looks to have taken control but not for long as Moore comes flying through the middle rope knocking Orion straight back into the barricade with a suicide dive!

    Moore takes Orion by the head and throws him into the steel steps! He poses and taunts the fans as well as Alexandra Marie who looks disgusted by him. Moore tosses Orion back in the ring and waits as Orion is up and launches himself back in the ring with a slingshot lariat, but Orion ducks underneath and Moore goes off the opposite ropes and comes back but he’s leveled by Orion with a massive clothesline! The pin attempt by Orion…

    One...NO! Moore gets a shoulder up and meanwhile Grayson has recovered and has climbed up top and leaps off with a shooting star press landing right on target on Moore as Orion moves out of the way in time! Grayson clutches his gut having hurt himself a little bit on that one and this gives Orion an opening as he takes Grayson up for a stalling suplex but he stalls for too long allowing Grayson to counter out of it and counters with a sling blade! Grayson makes the cover now…

    One...TW-NO! It’s broken up by Moore this time who has a steel chair now as he smacks it across the back of Grayson to break up the pin! Grayson grimaces in pain from the chair as Moore brings him up and drives the end of the chair straight into the gut of Grayson! Moore has evil intentions in mind as he begins to place the end of the chair near Grayson’s throat and is about to drive it down to the mat but Grayson fights it off and dropkicks the chair right in Moore’s face! Moore stumbles back stunned into the corner as he drops the chair and Grayson climbs up and hits Moore with 10 forearm shots as the fans count along with each of them and Grayson plays up to the fans, which winds up costing him as he has Moore set up for a hurricanrana but Moore counters with a powerbomb into the knees! Grayson crumbles to the mat in agony while clutching his spine and now Orion is up and goes for a running clothesline on Moore, but Moore counters this and grabs Orion by the wrist and looks to end it with The End of the Hour wrist clutch lariat but Orion manages to counter with a swinging side slam! Orion with the pin…

    One...two...THR-NO! Broken up by Grayson with a leg drop across the back of the neck of Orion and now Grayson has Orion in his sights as he’s perched on the apron...EXTREME IMPACT! Slingshot lariat takes down the big man! Grayson celebrates a little too prematurely however allowing Moore to grab him by the wrist and send him out of the ring! Moore turns Grayson inside out and now he climbs up top...TIME’S ARROW! Flying elbow straight to the heart of Orion as Moore makes the cover…


    Winner: Donovan Moore

    Gerald Grayson hops back into the ring just a second too late. He slams his fists into the mat as Donovan Moore rises up in celebration.

    Moore begins mocking Grayson, who grows angrier by the second. Moore then slaps Grayson across the face and says, "YOU AREN'T GAME FOR THE X RULES!" Grayson isn't letting this stand. He quickly takes a forearm to the jaw as the crowd cheers the aggressive response. Grayson won't be bullied by "The Man of the Hour" any longer.

    The crowd watches and cheers as Grayson motions for the X Championship around his waist. He says, "I WANT IN THE TITLE MATCH! I CAN SHOW YOU X STYLE! I CAN SHOW YOU EXTREME!!"

    Grayson goes to the apron and when Donovan Moore rises, Grayson hits wim with the EXTREME IMPACT lariat. He then says, "X STANDS FOR EXTREME!" The crowd is LIT watching Grayson stand up to Donovan Moore.

    Rod Sterling: Gerald Grayson didn't win the match, but he sure looks like a winner right now!


    Backstage a camera crew follows the FWA World Champion Dave Sullivan, his presence is greeted with a chorus of boo's and a small smattering of cheers. 'The King' as he's called has a real swagger to his step as he barges his way through a doorway making a startled Gabrielle jump to her feet. The fans pop loudly for her appearance on screen, and the fact she seems to have only just put her revealing sports bra styled wrestling top on receives a chorus of catcalls as she struggles to quickly adjust her top.

    How many times do I have to tell these people I need a locker room with a locking door.

    Gabrielle scowls at the intrusion of Dave Sullivan into her private locker room, but he's either oblivious to her discomfort or just doesn't care.

    King Sullivan:
    I've already seen everything you've got to offer Gabs. I think that nipple piercing is new though. And that black eye isn't very appealing.

    Gabrielle gingerly touches a hand to her check, one of the scars from her earlier brawl with Cyrus Truth.

    Gabrielle: Do I even want to know what you want?

    King Sullivan: Me? Want anything? What could I want Gabby, I've got everything, I've got the World Championship you've been chasing ever since you returned.

    Gabrielle: For now Davey, for now.

    Dave just smirks and mockingly admires Gabrielle's reflection in his Championship belt.

    King Sullivan:
    This hostility is most uncalled for Gabs, we're on the same team tonight. Working together...again. I just had to make sure that you know your place in the Kings Court. We need to be a well oiled machine out there. I know you can be a team player, your King just wants to make sure you know that.

    Gabrielle noticeably winces, but any reply is cut short as Michael Garcia then enters her Lockeroom as well to a soundtrack of boo's from the Fight Night audience.

    This makes perfect sense, the FWA Champion in Gabrielle's Lockeroom. Some things never change...isn't it bad luck to have sex before a fight Dave?

    The towering figure of Michael Garcia playfully pats Sullivan on the back as he eyes Gabrielle up and down. Then he loudly speaks up before she can reply to his crude comments.

    I know, I know this banter between us, its so magical isn't it?

    Garcia smirks from ear to ear as Sullivan steps in between the two of them, not liking not being the center of attention even for a moment.

    King Sullivan:
    Considering how far I've come since, being with Ole Gabs here back in the day was indeed my bad luck charm.

    Gabrielle: You want to fault me for seeing something in you Dave...when no one else did? Where would you be right now if I didn't give you a taste of greatness?

    ?: this our pre-match hideout?

    The trio turn and find Mike Parr standing in the doorway. Dave's eyes instantly fill with rage, Michael looks none too impressed, and Gabrielle just looks defeated.

    King Sullivan: You!

    Before anything physical can happen the New Breed emerge to stand between Parr and Sullivan.

    Why is everyone in here?

    No one answers her, Dave looks ready to start swinging, Garcia would probably back him up, and Parr just stands there smirking smugly with the Prototype and the Protege flanking him. Gabrielle sighs and then just exits her own locker room.

    How did I get put on this team?

    Mike Parr: Nice to see you both again guys...probably the first time since I've been this close to you since I beat you?

    Parr laughs before turning to Protege and Prototype as if to give them the queue to ham it up and they then break out into over-exaggerated laughter. Garcia and Sullivan look far from impressed, clearly.

    Mike Parr: Anyways, I'm a fair man. I know..I know....not as exciting as a King or a Carnivore or anything like that....but I feel that I've already worked enough for the evening dealing with Krash earlier. So you can go an showcase yourself out there in the tag match but when you realize you cannot get the job done, just give me the tag and I'll bail you out. That way I'll get to Back in Business to run through Krash as you would expect, you can beat up a rookie, you can beat up an old man and Gabby can pick off the remains of Cyrus. Sounds good?

    The New Breed ham it up once again for Parr, laughing and generally acting like Mike just owned Garcia and the World Champion before the trio make their exit. 'The Monster of The Midway' plops down on the couch in Gabrielle's locker room as Sullivan raids her fridge.


    “Shoot to Thrill” by ACDC hits to a big pop from the fans as Jason Randall emerges from the back on stage. He soaks in the adulation and in order to hype himself up some more he smacks himself in the face with both before briskly walking down to the ring while interacting with some fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, from San Diego, CA and weighing in 225lbs, he is “The Wildcard”...Jason Randall!

    Rod Sterling: Randall has been on the road to rediscovery as of late and he’s successful this far, and now he hopes he can continue with this momentum leading into Back in Business.

    “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco hits to even more cheers as Kevin Cromwell steps out on stage, he poses on stage by pulling on the collar of his jacket before walking to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and his opponent, from Manchester, England and weighing in at 187lbs, he is “The Wrestling Artist”...Kevin Cromwell!

    Rod Sterling: Cromwell is also looking for momentum to continue on to Back in Business and a win here tonight will do just that.

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Cromwell and Randall waste zero time and immediately go in for that collar and elbow tie up, and Cromwell manages to smoothly transition behind Randall with an arm lock and he looks to take Randall down into a crossface chicken wing but Randall has it scouted and squirms out of it and begins to twist Cromwell’s arm with a side arm lock now. Randall twists and wrenches away as Cromwell tries to fight free and manages to do so with a low kick to the knee of Randall allowing him to counter by grabbing Randall’s fingers and begins to slowly bend them back much to the dismay of Randall as he grits his teeth at this. Cromwell then immediately takes the index and middle finger and rapidly snaps them apart as Randall lets out a howl of agony while clutching his fingers…

    Christian Quinn: That’s why he’s called “The Wrestling Artist”, he’s SO quick and methodical.

    Cromwell follows that up with a judo throw to Randall with a flash pin attempt…

    One...NO! Randall gets a shoulder up but Cromwell instinctively hooks on to the arm and locks in the fujiwara armbar submission and begins to crank back on the hold while Randall desperately struggles to break free. Cromwell has it cinched in tight but somehow Randall manages to slide his way over and grabs the nearest bottom rope to break the hold. Cromwell reluctantly releases the hold and watches as Randall is crawling on all fours trying to find his bearings and Randall is up on one knee Cromwell attempts a roundhouse kick but Randall ducks underneath and catches Cromwell with a surprise roll-up!

    One...NO! Cromwell kicks out and rolls through back to a vertical base and so has Randall and Randall goes in for his first offense of the match with an open palm strike to the chest of Cromwell! He goes for another one this time to the face basically slapping Cromwell and begins to say some words to Cromwell as he slaps him again and Cromwell is enraged now and goes for a european uppercut but Randall catches it and spins him around and catches him with an inverted headlock backbreaker! Randall then follows that up with an inverted modified falling DDT into a pin as he hooks the leg…

    One...TW-NO! Cromwell kicks out again and Randall grabs both of Cromwell’s arms and has him in position for a surfboard lock but Cromwell is facing up and Randall proceeds to rapidly stomp away at Cromwell’s head while shaking his own head and yelling inchorently! Somehow though Cromwell manages to catch Randall’s boot and takes him down single leg and transitions that into a single leg crab submission and he proceeds to stretch Randall’s leg all the way back near his head for extra added pressure and he follows up using Randall’s own boot to kick Randall in the head for good measure!

    “Quit kicking yourself! Quit kicking yourself!” Cromwell shouts out loud enough to be picked up

    Daniella Kennedy: Randall literally getting a taste of his own medicine!

    Randall is clutching the back of his head as lays on the mat after Cromwell has released the hold, but Cromwell isn’t through yet and traps Randall in a paradise lock submission! Randall is literally trapped and has nowhere to go as he’s tied up like a pretzel and Cromwell uses this opening to add insult to injury with a jumping double foot stomp to the spine! Randall lays on the mat now and Cromwell rolls him over for the cover…

    One...TW-NO! Randall gets a shoulder up and Cromwell grabs him again looking for another fujiwara armbar but one too many times going for it has cost him as Randall catches him in a small cradle package!

    One...two...THR-NO! Cromwell kicks out and rolls away quickly from Randall to the opposite end of the ring and remains on all fours. Randall has found his way up and points at Cromwell with a finger gun signalling for his Killshot knee trembler, but Cromwell catches him by the leg and rises up and Randall hops around on one leg while Cromwell taunts him. Randall however fights out of it with several forearm strikes while his back is near the ropes and Cromwell is forced to let go of the leg and Randall comes back with a headbutt! The force of that headbutt he delivered sends him stumbling back through the ropes but he catches himself on the rebound and levels Cromwell with a lariat!

    Christian Quinn: Randall is somehow still in this even after nearly taking himself out right there!

    Rod Sterling: I always say that you can’t count out The Wildcard, the man is full of fight and has a lot of heart!

    Christian Quinn: Obviously lacking in the brains department.

    Randall slightly stumbles back to his feet and picks Cromwell up...Wildcard Special! While still laying flat on top of Cromwell, Randall manages to hook the far leg…


    Randall is ready to end this now and isn’t waiting any longer as he motions for Cromwell to get up, and once Cromwell is up he goes for the kick to the gut which is the set up to his Snake Eyes finish but Cromwell catches him by the boot and spins him around, then grabs him by the wrist...GALLAGHER’S REVENGE! Wrist clutch exploder suplex! Cromwell then quickly applies the AMADEUS REQUIEM! The seated bridging double chicken wing and refuses to give up and eventually he passes out and the referee calls for the bell!

    Winner via knockout: "Amadeus" Kevin Cromwell

    Cromwell's victory is elementary. He rises up and gets a quick celebration before the feed cuts to another teaser for Back in Business XVI.


    "Lose Yourself" by Eminem hits to an explosive pop from the crowd and Devin Golden makes his way out. A smile is on his face as he looks out at the sea of fans that cheer for him, and then he gets serious as he begins his walk to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: Making his way to the ring, he is "The Golden One"...Devin Golden!

    Rod Sterling: The fans are already on their feet and only Devin Golden is out here right now!

    Daniella Kennedy: Whether he's Rotten Gold or just Golden, the fans will always love this man!

    "Subconscious Entry Version" hits to even more cheers as "The Exile" makes his way out, but unlike Golden he wastes no time making his way down to the ring as he looks all business.

    Kurt Harrington: and his tag team partner, from the Long and Winding Road, and weighing in at 232lbs, he is "The Exile" Cyrus Truth!

    Christian Quinn: Here comes another man that the fans will always love, while I personally don't get it but to each their own.

    "Back in Town" by Matt Dusk hits and the cheers continue for Krash, the mustached maverick makes his way out and relishes in the love he's getting.

    Kurt Harrington: and their partner, from Melbourne, Australia, and weighing in 205lbs, he is "The White Wolf" Krash!

    Rod Sterling: These three men are an all star team in their own right but there's one more member of their team to go...

    "Comfortably Numb" plays and there's a mixed reaction now but the cheering outweighs the boos as Nova Diamond makes his way out.

    Kurt Harrington: and their tag team partner, from Manchester, UK and weighing in 82 kg, he is Nova Diamond!

    Rod Sterling: Here comes the number one contender for Dave Sullivan's championship and the two will square off in the main event of Back in Business!

    Daniella Kennedy: Tonight he'll have to contend not only with Sullivan and co, but his own team as well

    "Judas" hits and the mood changes drastically as the fans erupt into an absolute frenzy of boos for Michael Garcia, quite possibly one of the most hated men in all of the FWA relishes in all of the hate.

    Kurt Harrington: and their opponents, first from Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in 375 lbs, he is "The Carnegie Carnivore"...Michael Garcia!

    Christian Quinn: Listen to these fans, they do not like this man one bit!

    Rod Sterling: I sat next to this man for several months and believe me when I tell you that he believes in everything that he says, and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him.

    "Envy" hits and the fans show their love-hate relationship for The Caramel Goddess as she makes her way down to the ring with little fanfare.

    Kurt Harrington: and their partner, from Auckland, NZ and weighing in 57 kg, "The Dreamer" Gabrielle Montgomery!

    Daniella Kennedy: There's been a change in Gabrielle as of late but these fans still show their appreciation for her despite it all, and all she wants to do is end it once and for all with Cyrus Truth.

    Christian Quinn: The word "hate" would be an understatement in describing how those two feel about each other.

    As "Sick" plays out, the North American champion slowly makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He pays no mind to how the fans feel about him and he wastes no time walking to the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: their partner, weighing in at 240 lbs, he is the FWA North American Champion..."The Prodigy" Mike Parr!

    Rod Sterling: Another would be all star team in the making and there's still one more to go...

    Christian Quinn: Last but not least...

    "Hail to the King" hits and a negative reaction that's nearly identical to Garcia is given to Sullivan from the crowd, as the World Champion makes his way out with his scepter in hand, championship around his waist, as well as a robe and crown.

    Kurt Harrington: and their tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, PA and weighing in at 210 lbs, he is "The King" and the FWA World Heavyweight Champion...Dave Sullivan!

    Daniella Kennedy: There must be something in the water in Pittsburgh for two of the most hated men in the FWA to come from there!

    Rod Sterling: Much like Garcia, Sullivan doesn't give one iota of care of what anyone thinks of him!

    Eight-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

    FWA Champion “The King” Dave Sullivan/ FWA Noth American Champion “The Prodigy” Mike Parr/ “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia/ and “The New” Gabrielle Montgomery
    “24K” Nova Diamond/ “The White Wolf” Krash/ “The Golden One” Devin Golden/ “The Exile” Cyrus Truth

    Dave Sullivan decides to start things out for his team while Devin Golden stands opposite of him. Sullivan looks past Golden, straight into the eyes of Nova Diamond. Diamond leans over the ropes, screaming at The King, who simply cocks his head and smirks in a degrading fashion. Golden can’t help but notice all of this so he yells for Sullivan to keep his eyes on him! Diamond is still yelling and extending his hand for a tag, so Devin looks at him and mouths “He’s all yours, kid…”before tagging in Diamond! Nova immediately sets foot in the ring and storms right up to Sullivan, going nose to nose with the Champ! “The King” begins to smile like a Cheshire Cat and opens his arms wide, taking a step back. Sullivan quickly kicks Diamond in the kneecap, and then plants him with a DDT! The camera can hear Sullivan as he begins to trash talk Diamond. “I’ve been here for 8 years, you’ve had 8 matches! You are not worthy of even being in my presence! Let me make this perfectly clear to you…you cannot and will not EVER even muster up the strength to present a true challenge to me much less beat me! Do you hear me?”

    Sullivan begins to pull Diamond up bis hair, but he stops when he brings Diamond up to his knees and looks down on him, into his eyes.

    “You will never, EVER beat me! Not tonight, not at Back in Business, NEVER!”

    Sullivan reaches down to pull him up further, but Diamond pulls him down and catches Sullivan in a lightning fast Inside Cradle out of nowhere!




    “The King” Dave Sullivan has been eliminated

    Rod Sterling: WHAT?!?!?! The FWA Champion is the first man eliminated? I don’t believe it! That’s crazy!

    Christian Quinn: If this happens at Back in Business, folks, we will be crowning a new King of the FWA!

    Daniella Kennedy: Sullivan just shouted that Nova Diamond can never and will never beat him, but The King’s most obvious flaw…his arrogance just made a liar out of him!

    Sullivan was irate as he leapt to his feet and tried to claim that he kicked out at 2, but it was to no avail! It was almost as if The King was throwing a tantrum in the ring as he slammed his fist to the mat numerous times before looking straight ahead at Diamond and lunging towards him but the referee managed to keep them apart!

    Suddenly, a swam of officials ran down the ramp and eventually got Sullivan out of the ring, literally kicking and screaming all the way up the ramp. Back in the ring, Diamond was waving goodbye as Garcia’s jaw was still nearly touching the floor at what just happened. Gabby and Parr both seemed a bit amused at the situation. Garcia ducked down between the ropes, but Gabby lifted her hand to his chest, stopping him momentarily, before holding a finger up to his face and slowly ducking down, showing off her assets to the crowd, and stepping into the ring to face Diamond!

    Rod Sterling: Gabrielle and Nova Diamond faced off last Fight Night in the main event. Nova Diamond won, the biggest win of his FWA career!

    Gabrielle is sternly focused on Diamond despite the presence of Cyrus Truth. Gabrielle ducks a grapple lunge and locks in a rear waist lock. Gabrielle is pushed back into the turnbuckle by Diamond but is able to kick up her legs and kick Diamond in the back. Then she lands a forearm to the jaw and a big forearm uppercut.

    Gabrielle whips Diamond into the ropes and telegraphs a back body drop. Diamond front-flips over her, rolls and kicks up to try a leg lariat to the chest. Gabrielle ducks, though, and lands a jumping heel kick to the jaw. Gabrielle goes for a tag to "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, who stomps down on the lower spine of Nova Diamond. The reigning North American Champion whips Diamond into the ropes but meets a superkick to the chest! The crowd is stunned and erupts. Diamond goes for the cover but it's broken up by Gabrielle! She then shouts, "NOPE!" with a finger wag.

    The referee pushes Gabrielle back to her corner and Mike Garcia begins barking across the ring, making the referee even more preoccupied.


    This allows "The King" Dave Sullivan to enter the ring and when Nova turns, he gets a championship belt right to the face! Sullivan quickly rolls out of the ring before the referee sees. Cyrus Truth hops off the apron and chases after Sullivan, who runs up the rampway to safety. Cyrus Truth stops on the entrance way as Golden watches and shouts from the apron.

    In the ring, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr goes for the pinfall!

    .................1..................2.................NO! KICK OUT!

    The crowd EXPLODES as "The King" watches from the entrance way with smoke coming from his ears. He's breathing heavily and turning red knowing that his plan didn't cost Nova the match.

    In the ring, Mike Parr tries to hit a rolling cutter finisher but Nova sidesteps and hits a roundhouse kick to the head! Nova makes the much-needed tag to Krash, who flies in with a springboard clothesline. Then he lands a kick to the gut and a famouser! Krash goes for the pinfall but it's a two count!

    Christian Quinn: It looks like Nova Diamond isn't sticking around for the rest of the match!

    Nova Diamond exits the ring area after tagging out and points at Dave Sullivan. He SPRINTS up the rampway and charges after "The King"!


    Daniella Kennedy: Sullivan and Nova Diamond have disappeared backstage!

    Sullivan leaves the arena area as Nova Diamond follows after.

    Krash grabs Mike Parr and whips him to the ropes, but he misses the spear as Parr jumps and dodges. Parr then makes a much-needed tag to Garcia, who enters with a BRUISING body bump. Garcia then powers Krash into the heel corner and lands repeated shoulder thrusts and short-arm, quick clotheslines. Garcia walks Krash out for a sidewalk slam. Then he hits a big leg drop across the chest. Garcia tries for the pinfall but Golden breaks it up!!!

    Now the action is getting more heated. Garcia begins shouting at Golden and Krash tries to land a roll-up from behind but Garcia holds his feet and lands a stomp to the chest. Gabrielle tags in on the shoulder and enters the ring. Garcia pulls Krash up and lifts him for a big military press. Then he drops Krash face first onto the turnbuckle for a snake eyes. Gabrielle is waiting for her 34 Double D-DT finisher!

    Garcia gets a tag back in and picks up Krash for the Pittsburgh Penduluum! He lays atop Krash and puts his eyes on Golden, who watches from across the ring.

    Elimination: Krash

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr begins shouting at Krash and trash-talking. He tags in with Garcia's blessing and begins berating his new rival for the North American Championship. The celebration is short-lived, though. Cyrus Truth enters and IMMEDIATELY hits "Journey's End" finisher!

    He kneels down and covers


    Elimination: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Gabrielle enters the ring immediately and begins a barrage of right hands to Cyrus. Golden tags in blind behind him and quickly wraps his arms around Gabrielle's waist for a big German suplex! He keeps the hold and hits a second! Then a third, completing the triple German suplex combo!

    Golden runs himself off the ropes but misses a clothesline. Gabrielle hits a dropsault to the chest. Golden bounces off the ropes and Gabrielle tries a clothesline but Golden ducks and sends her to the apron.

    Golden turns but gets a forearm across the face. Gabrielle re-enters the ring and lands a kick to the groin. She tries another Double D-DT finisher but Golden counters with a northern lights suplex! Then he back flips and sits atop her chest and grabs her legs for a unique pin!!!


    Elimination: Gabrielle Montgomery

    Rod Sterling: It's now 2 on 1!!!

    Cyrus Truth is waiting in the wings as Golden stands upright and sees Michael Garcia enter the ring. Golden stands his ground as Cyrus watches from his corner, with his eyes focused on Gabrielle. Garcia charges at Golden, who tries to charge at him and go body to body!

    It doesn't end well for "The Golden One" though, as he goes FLYING off Garcia's massively built chest and midsection.

    Garcia grabs Golden and tosses him around like a rag doll. First he lands a scoop slam. Then a walking powerslam. Then a military press slam! Gabrielle watches from outside the ring as Cyrus Truth is more focused on her than on the match or how Golden is doing.

    Garcia grabs Golden by the neck and flings him into the turnbuckle. He lands a big corner splash. Then he walks Golden to the middle of the ring for a backbreaker! Golden is REALLY in trouble. He's lifeless and unable to defend himself, taking blow after blow and bump after bump.

    Christian Quinn: I have a question for you two. It's two on one right now. Basically a handicap match. Do either of you think Garcia is the underdog right now?

    Rod Sterling: Nope.

    Daniella Kennedy: No way. He can DEFINITELY win. And I don't know how Cyrus or Golden beats him straight up.

    Sure enough, that's the ticket to winning. Golden is flung into the turnbuckle a second time and this time he dodges the corner splash. Garcia hits and Golden lands a dropkick to the chest. Then a second one. Then a third one. Then repeated backhand chops across the chest. Then he runs off the ropes, slaps hands with Cyrus at the perfect time, and eats a HUGE big boot from Garcia.

    But Cyrus is in now and he lands a low-angle dropkick to the knees. Then a kneeling DDT! Then he and Golden pair up for a pinfall!

    But Garcia POWERS out by shoving both of them into the air.

    Cyrus is up quickly and begins stomping into Garcia, who gets up and grabs Cyrus and flings him into the turnbuckle. Golden tags in quickly and jumps off the springboard for a crossbody. Garcia catches him. Cyrus goes to the second rope and his a jumping dropkick on Golden's back that sends Garcia down! Golden rolls away and goes to the top turnbuckle! He flies off for a "Golden Touch" frogsplash but Garcia puts up both knees and his hands AND CATCHES GOLDEN!!!

    Garcia shoves Golden off of him and rises up. Cyrus makes the blind tag and hits the "Broken Path" kick to the back of the knee and a big boot to the face!

    Cyrus then his Wanderer's Wrath knee strike and then a knee drop to the chest!!! Cyrus grabs Garcia around the neck and tries to lift Garcia up for the "Journey's End" fireman's carry into sit-out belly-to-belly piledriver! But Garcia is too strong and too heavy for Cyrus to lift him up for the fireman's carry.

    Golden tries reaching for a tag and Garcia lands a stiff punch to the jaw to neutralize the Hall of Famer! Golden falls off the apron and to the ground outside as everyone boos. Garcia looks down at him and scoffs seeing such a small man fall to the ground with one punch.

    Rod Sterling: Garcia just DECKED a three-time World Champion to the ground like it was NOTHING.

    Garcia then turns and drives Cyrus into the opposite turnbuckle with repeated shoulder drives into the ribs. Garcia walks Cyrus into the middle of the ring and lifts Cyrus into the air for a sitout chokebomb!!! He lands it!

    Cyrus is down and Garcia goes for the pinfall!

    ..............BROKEN UP BY GOLDEN!!!

    "The Golden One" flies in with a "Golden Touch" frogsplash that lands on Garcia's back! The referee has lost control as Golden rolls away. Cyrus and Garcia are both down as Golden is back in his corner reaching for a tag.

    Cyrus looks around in a daze as Garcia grabs the rope and pulls himself up. Golden reaches down and Cyrus finally makes the tag. Golden now has a bit of a shiner below his eye from the stiff punch. Garcia is up, turns, and Golden hits a kick to the groin and then the sitout facebuster finisher!!!


    Golden is out of breath as he rolls Garcia over and goes for the cover!


    .................1..................2..................KICK OUT!

    Rod Sterling: GARCIA KICKS OUT!

    Golden gets up, unknowing what to do. He tags in Cyrus Truth, who tries lifting Garcia's dead weight and struggles. Golden then helps and even helps Cyrus lift Garcia onto his shoulders and helps him perform "Journey's End" finisher! Golden stumbles back when the ring shakes and Cyrus pins Garcia after a SECOND finisher to him




    Elimination: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    Winners: Cyrus Truth, "24K" Nova Diamond, "The Golden One" Devin Golden" and "The White Wolf" Krash

    Survivors: Cyrus Truth and "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    Daniella Kennedy: How is Golden going to beat Garcia one on one at Back in Business? How?! Garcia MANHANDLED him aside from the moments when Cyrus helped out.

    The cameras keep displaying the ring after this chaotic match finally comes to a conclusion. The survivors from the winning team -- "The Golden One" Devin Golden and "The Exile" Cyrus Truth -- continue to celebrate their victory.


    The Fight Night feed switches backstage to catch King Sullivan and Nova Diamond scuffling. Sullivan catches Nova with a forearm to the back of the head, and Nova finds himself face first on the floor once again! King keeps him on the floor and starts to hit him with elbows but Nova gets himself out of the position and knocks Sullivan down with a hip toss onto the hard pavement.

    Sullivan rushes to get up and they start to forearm smash each other simultaneously while going further down a hallway backstage and passing two dressing rooms!

    Rod Sterling: The chaos in the match may have ended but clearly King Sullivan had more to inflict!

    Christian Quinn: The King can do whatever he wants, Rod, he didn’t earn that crown for nothing.

    Danielle Kennedy: Regardless of you like what King does or not, we had plenty of act-

    Sullivan still has the upper hand with punches but Diamond suddenly throws the World Champion into the wall! Sullivan is holding his back while Diamond nails him with a Roundhouse Kick! The King is now sitting on the floor when Nova grabs him by the head and drags him further into the backstage, now finding himself in the area that contained some of the locker rooms.

    That’s when two security guards arrive to separate the two. They successfully get in between of them but Nova plants one of them down with a Clothesline before hitting the other with a Superkick!

    Nova then tries to get his attention back on Sullivan but is instantly hit with a Low Blow! King Sullivan hits Nova Diamond in the testicles before seeing a particularly fancy door to a locker room that says "The Throne Room of King Sullivan, Peasants Beware!"

    Sullivan is too tired to taunt Nova at this point and he runs back to his locker room, trying to get the last word in this brawl before the last Fight Night before Back In Business. The locker room is rather more privileged than the other ones we are used to see from other wrestlers, even including a fancy fireplace that lightened up the room. The camera zooms on the King’s smirk as now he is in the comfort of his own room.

    Christian Quinn: This isn't good for Nova Diamond!

    The cameras follow Sullivan after he enters his locker room and tries to find some ways to hold the door from Nova. He tries to put some objects in front but the door to King’s ‘throne room’ is hit a few times before one last kick opens the door and Nova is now inside! He’s still limping but it looks like he has taken a handcuff from one of the security guards! Sullivan lets go of a nightstand and runs to Nova only to get kneed in the stomach, then eats another knee to the face which busts him open before Nova grabs him and smashes his face to a steel pole fixed to the nearest wall. Sullivan tries to gather up himself but before he can do that he finds himself cuffed to the pole! Nova has handcuffed the King!


    Nova now has a sadist smirk on his face as Sullivan tries to back him off, using his legs to try kicking him when Nova gets near. Nova doesn’t, instead his eyes are fixed on some stuff more valuable. Sullivan shakes his head ‘no’ as he realizes what is Nova looking at: His famous gold crown, his golden scepter and his kingly robes! Nova just walks through the objects and takes the robes first.

    "You need a better fashion designer, Davey!’’


    Nova shouts before turning his attention to the fireplace, which makes Sullivan kick the air even more intensely as he tries to get himself out of the cuffs and save his valuable prizes from getting thrown into the fire…but even the King can’t get himself out of the handcuffs as the famous kingly robes find themselves in the fire!

    "I’ll fucking kill you Diamond! You hear me! I’ll fucking kill you for this!’’

    King Sullivan shouts, which causes Nova to smile harder before he takes the scepter now. Sullivan at this point is just breathing from his nose from anger. Nova lightly smashes the scepter to his hand a few times, before turning it to Sullivan, before faking it out and throwing it into the fire as well! Sullivan can do nothing but to watch! Lastly, Nova takes the famous ‘triple crown’ crown with three jewels and shows it to King Sullivan last.

    Christian Quinn: OH MY GOD!


    "No! No! Not my crown! Not my crown you fucking peasant!’’

    Sullivan’s voice twitch with anger before Nova does what he did twice before and tosses the crown to the fire as well! Sullivan punches the floor in anger while Nova smirks to her.

    ‘’Go to hell, Nova Diamond.’’

    Sullivan finally says, his voice had grown tired, but the hatred and venom is twice as strong as before.

    ‘’I’ll see you there, Dave.’’


    Christian Quinn: WE'RE ALL HEADING THERE!

    Daniella Kennedy: Get your plane tickets ready, boys!

    Nova sarcastically says before leaving the locker room. Sullivan is still cuffed to the pole, watching his all kingly possessions but one burn. The cameras lastly focus on the melting gold crown in the fire, and that is the last imagery we see before the last Fight Night before Back In Business finally ends.
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    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

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    2x FWA X Champion
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    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    This was a fun show to put together. A lot of fun stuff with the main feuds and even the X Championship scene and Tag Team Championships scene heated up a bit. Also an awesome NA title segment.

    And whew, that last segment with Nova and Sullivan to close the show.

    The heat!


    if I missed something, please let me know.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    Really enjoyed this show. I agree that the final segment with Diamond and Sullivan is fire - perfect for the go-home and has me amped for the title match at BiB. Also loved the Gabrielle Cyrus stuff, and Quinn's car getting fucked up was a great little touch. I also thoroughly enjoyed the small segment with the heel team prepping for the main event. That was unexpected and built the four of them nicely. Would love to see more of these chance meet-ups later on.

    The main event write-up was cracking. Didn't realise this was an elimination match (must have overlooked that) but it added another dimension and builds a lot of future shit with the eliminations. The Krash Parr stuff was good and gave that match some much-needed build.

    Back in Business should be a cracker!

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    The opening segment did a fantastic job of really putting some heat on the Parr v Krash feud which is now going into BIB with a lot of intensity to it. Its a great clash of an ultra likeable babyface and a despicable heel.

    I love the idea and visual images of The Elite and The Undisputed Alliance going at it, The Elite still brandishing the CWA Tag Titles is a really nice touch.

    If I dont get a real Bell Connolly return then I suggest we ban MVH for teasing it!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Really enjoyed this show. I agree that the final segment with Diamond and Sullivan is fire - perfect for the go-home and has me amped for the title match at BiB. Also loved the Gabrielle Cyrus stuff, and Quinn's car getting fucked up was a great little touch. I also thoroughly enjoyed the small segment with the heel team prepping for the main event. That was unexpected and built the four of them nicely. Would love to see more of these chance meet-ups later on.

    The main event write-up was cracking. Didn't realise this was an elimination match (must have overlooked that) but it added another dimension and builds a lot of future shit with the eliminations. The Krash Parr stuff was good and gave that match some much-needed build.

    Back in Business should be a cracker!
    It was a fun segment to write. The three biggest heels in the FWA who dont all get along and one of the top babyfaces put together in a team. The bickering writes itself.

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    My tag match was supposed to be falls count anywhere so I'm a little disappointed it stayed in the ring the whole time. But glad to get another win. Hopefully for BIB my opponent promo's! We're coming for those tag team titles!

    Great show, the main event was great. I can't wait to see all the matches at Back In Business

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    Re: FIGHT NIGHT RESULTS 02/09/2020

    What a great show. It started of slow and steady and just rocketed after that Gabriele locker room segment which was hilarious. The main event was fun and that ending was intense. BIB should be fun

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