Back In Business XIV is now so close, the biggest event of the year is almost upon us. Every FWA Championship will be on the line, we're guaranteed to see a new X Championship, and will even see someone burn in the first Trial By Fire match in many years.

This is going to be a spectacular event. But before we get there we've reached out to several FWA Stars and got their opinion on who they think will win at the big event.

Dave Sullivan: The Wave beats the Calendars...only because I've never seen a calendar swim in the ocean.

Eli Black: The Valanders have all the momentum in the world

Noah Stocke: Does it matter? The winner of this match truly doesn't matter because the tag-team division, in it's current state, doesn't matter. This will be a match of gimmicks and in matches like that, everyone loses.

Trevor Ocean: The Wave and The Valanders are exactly what we're speaking on when we state that the FWA tag-team division is at it's weakest. These aren't tag-teams, these are gimmicks like Noah said. Winner? No one. Loser? The fans.

Krash: Both of these two rookie teams have tremendous upsides, a fantastic future ahead of them if they can figure the kinks out. Both of them are hungry for the next step, eager to prove they belong in the talk with Elite & Undisputed Alliance. The Wave have slightly more victories under their belt, slightly more momentum, but I that's going to act as a motivational boost for The Valanders to double their efforts and pick up the win. I think the Valanders take this one, but mark my words - give it a year's time, and both these teams will be regular talk within the tag title scene.

Dave Sullivan:
Black beats El Frank, because honestly I don't even know who El Franko is. I've never seen him in the locker room?

Eli Black: El Franko fortunes have not been great. Don't think this will be what turns it.

Trevor Ocean: No question, Alyster Black.

Krash: Look, I like Captain El Franko. He's a character, a fun guy. But Alyster Black is going to kill him until he's dead. Alyster, I've known this guy, walked, talked, and fought with the guy for close to a decade. He's the greatest friend I've ever had. And there is no-one more capable of feats of cruelty and malice, than Mr. Black. You know the term 'joint manipulation'? Alyster does molecular manipulation. He'll bend and break you until your very own atoms, cells, and DNA structure re-write themselves to recognise him as an instinctive threat to be feared. Expect a short, but brutal debut and victory, for Alyster Black.

Dave Sullivan:
Kayden Knox crushes Orion. I actually like Knox, I think he's a solid prospect down at the bottom of the card.

Eli Black: Kayden Knox is just a superior competitor

Trevor Ocean: I'm going to give the "w" to Kayden Knox. But, I'll be honest, both of them really aren't doing anything to stand out against the rest of the roster. Their just generic wrestlers competing in yet another forgettable match.

Krash: Orion has a lot of buzz about him, a strong specimen with a lot of intrigue around him. We know pretty much nothing about him, making it difficult for anyone to properly prepare for. But Kayden Knox is not just anyone. Kayden Knox has a fire that's been burning for months, a fire that fuels him to go the extra limit and prove to not just his doubters, but those who he believes are looking over him, that he's a dangerous competitor who just needs that one moment to change history forever. While Orion will continue to gain buzz, tonight the match belongs to Kayden Knox.

Trevor Ocean:
These five men should be ashamed of themselves that they are going to get annihilated by a women that is literally half their size. The business took several steps back when they started allowing women to compete in matches against men. It's sideshow stuff. We're better than that.

Krash: This is going to be chaos personified. Blood will be spilled, weapons will be swung, and it's going to be difficult to keep track of everything that's going on. We'll be watching careers shorten before our eyes. But you won't be able to take your eyes off it. This is less of a 'who's going to win' and more of a 'who's going to walk away, under their own power, after a painful match they'll never forget?' I think it'll come down to Michelle Von Horowitz or Donovan Moore, with the winner being the one who is willing to go that extra step in brutality. But no matter who wins, no-one is walking out the same way they walked in.

Dave Sullivan:
Undisputed Alliance drops their tag titles to The Elite, because they're super overrated.

Eli Black: Elite seem too sure of themselves. I feel like that will be what leads to their failure

Trevor Ocean: There's no doubt in my mind that we walk out as the winner of this match. The tag-team division depends on it. Hell, the entire North American tag-team wrestling scene depends on us winning this match. Having us at the head of the division will help steer things back to prominence and make tag-team wrestling matches the matches to see each and every week.

Noah Stocke: The Elite win via sacrifice. That's the match. That's the outcome. That's narrative that will be told when we walk into Back in Business a year from now in the main-event as the Tag-Team Champions.

Krash: I've been in the ring with all of these guys, watched them burn houses down in CWA. The Undisputed Era and two dangerous, dangerous guys. Do you know how many times Nate Savage kicked my ass? The man's a brutaliser. And Jackson Fenix, he talks a big game, but he always backs it up. That's why they're the FWA tag team champions. The Elite, Trevor Ocean and Noah Stocke, have tag team chemistry almost unparalleled in today's world, and at their core, they want to elevate this business, methods be damned. Which, honestly, a fairly respectable goal. I love tag team wrestling, always have and always will, so I'm expecting these two to go all-out, put on a clinic, and show the world what tag team wrestling can be. As for who wins, it's going to be a tough one, but I think The Elite will narrowly pull out the victory.

"The Carnegie Carnivore" MICHAEL GARCIA vs. "The Golden One" DEVIN GOLDEN
Dave Sullivan:
Garcia destroys Devin Golden, because Garcia is a monster and Golden is a skinny washed up 2005 emo boy who should've stayed retired.

Eli Black: This one can go either way. Golden has been resilient but Garcia is a beast

Trevor Ocean: Sure, we'll give it to Devin Golden. Garcia is just so damn annoying I want to see him lose on the biggest stage of the year.

Krash: Devin Golden is going to mop the floor with Michael Garcia, and it'll be glorious. I'm sorry, I'm trying to be unbiased, I really am. And don't get me wrong, Garcia's a lethal man, with a well-earned reputation for violence. And he'll make it difficult for Devin, no doubt about it. But history has a habit of repeating itself, and Michael Garcia has a habit of letting the pressure get to him and making a mistake at the worst of times. With someone like Devin Golden, you can't make mistakes, period. Devin's taking this one home, much to the delight of yours truly.

Dave Sullivan:
Krash beats Mike Parr, because Mikey "The Crybaby" Parr is super overrated just like the UDA.

Eli Black: Mike Parr takes this, I think he hates Krash more then Krash wants the title

Trevor Ocean: It's a shame that Mike Parr is being used as a stepping stone for Krash. The kids got so much potential and is a future world champion. Krash will give him a good match but...he's not going to pick up the victory.

Dave Sullivan:
Gabby loses to Cyrus Truth cause she ALWAYS loses to Cyrus Truth, LOL.

Eli Black: Cyrus Truth seems to just always have the upper hand. I think that will continue.

Trevor Ocean: The winner of this match? The man.

Noah Stocke: It's time for Gabrielle to go home and take care of her child, instead of obsessing over this man that she's not in the same league as.

Krash: Christ.

This... This is going to be difficult to watch. Sure, you hear that, and you think 'well yeah Gabby & Cy hate each other with the passion of a thousand suns, it's going to be obviously brutal and don't expect anything else, dude.' But once those two step into the ring, and the flames start to flurry higher and hotter, you'll realise that this is a match that will scar both competitors for the rest of their careers. Not just the physical scars of third-degree burns, the mental and psychological scars of either being the one who pushed the other into the flames, or being the one burned as a crowd of thousands cheers for your agony. I don't think people are understanding exactly what's going to happen. Someone, someone you either love, hate, or at least have watched for years, is going to suffer horriffically, and endure a pain I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I don't envy either Cyrus or Gabrielle. But as for who wins... Well, there isn't necessarily a 'winner' in this match. The best thing you can hope for is to survive unscathed. This is the most difficult match to predict, but... I've backed Cyrus through thick and thin. I still consider him to be a friend, albeit a distant one. For that reason, and that reason alone, I'm hoping Cyrus gets through this in one piece, and that there's a quick fire/medical response for Gabrielle.

Mike Valander: So Louis, back in business is soon on the horizon, and there are many matches, including ours against the wave, but the big match I'm looking forward to and I'm pretty sure you are to.
Louis Valander: What match could you possibly look for?
Mike: How about Cyrus Truth against a certain person?
Louis: You mean......bikini lady?
Mike: Yes bikini lady, the girl that got you mentally and physically wet.
Louis: Shut up, she didn't, I was just thrilled.
Mike: Yeah yeah, anyways. My prediction is Gabrielle and its not because we just talked to her, she'll get her revenge.
Louis: Yeah me too, also for the same reasons.
Mike: BS, you know why you actually picked her? So if you win you might impress her.
Louis: That's crazy talk, I'm going.
Mike: Avoid me all you want but its true

Dave Sullivan:
Oh and my match? I put Diamond in The Steel Curtain within the first 15 seconds of the match, he taps out in the first 30 seconds of the match, but I snap his arm and he never fights again. #Bowdown

Eli Black: Dave Sullivan. He's on fire. He's has some bad fortune but now that he can focus on just being world champion he might be unstoppable.

Trevor Ocean: Dave Sullivan wins in probably the weakest Back in Business main event in the events history.

Noah Stock: I'm going with Nova Diamond. Davey boy has gotten ahead of himself and overlooked Nova. I think we see an upset and the very foundation of FWA rocked with this main event.

Krash: The King vs The Usurper. The man who has spent the better part of a year dominating FWA in the singles division, and the man who debuted less than two months ago and turned everything on it's head. Dave Sullivan has had the best year of his career, but Nova Diamond is running a momentum streak a mile long, and despite Dave Sullivan's unblemishable talent, I think Nova's going to score the upset, keep the ball rolling, and dethrone the King.