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Thread: Report: Backstage Invader Causes Chaos at Back In Business.

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    Report: Backstage Invader Causes Chaos at Back In Business.

    Ever since the closure of Clique Wrestling Alliance, FWA fans have been salivating at the idea if some of the biggest and brightest stars from the history of CWA turning up in FWA and creating some of the biggest dream matches in wrestling history, FWA -Always a company with an eye for talent- has spared no expense in making sure that wrestlers like Krash, Cyrus Truth, and MVH has found a new home in FWA, but rumours abound regarding contract negotiations with Brayden Bridges and there’s always a remote chance that Jon Snowmantashi can be tempted back to America (...Very Remote)

    We can assure that the shortlist of talent FWA is looking to bring in from, CWA to undiscovered talent in the indies is long and varied.

    However there’s one former CWA that’s been seen skulking around FWA Headquarters, that would almost certainly come as a surprise to the wrestling world at large.

    Dicky Zuko, a name that means nothing who doesn’t know and unforgettable for anyone whose seen “The Dick” in the flesh, One of the most bizarre wrestlers ever to show up in a CWA ring...and almost certainly the worst, known for dressing and acting like a psychedelic 1950’s greaser, a personality that can best be equated to “Man trying to smell women’s hair on the subway” and of course….Is it a man? Is it a woman? Who can tell?

    It’s enough to make someone miss Passion.

    Once CWA closed its doors, it was naturally assumed by the wrestling community at large that Dicky would vanish back to whatever circle of hell bad wrestling gimmicks go. But like the human STD, He/She is, Dicky seemed to have to show up, on the eve of FWA’s biggest show.

    According to eyewitnesses during a last-minute production meeting in the FWA, Dicky apparently tried to break into the building before security caught up to him, claiming to be invited by his close personal friend “Krash” and that he needs to be put on the card right now with a big juicy FWA contract that included an insane amount of demands which included "The key to Gabby's underwear draw" and "Krash needs to get a last name"

    Once Dicky was told no, he/she then spent half an hour trying to break down the front door to the building with his/her car and repeatedly told officers about how Dicky screwed all their mothers…

    Pepper spray was quickly employed.
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    Re: Report: Backstage Invader Causes Chaos at Back In Business.

    This is brilliant, more of this please.

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    Re: Report: Backstage Invader Causes Chaos at Back In Business.

    Yeah this is awesome. Krash needs a last name.

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    Re: Report: Backstage Invader Causes Chaos at Back In Business.

    When reached out for any comments, FWA star and accused 'friend' of the would-be invader, Krash, had this to say:

    "Oh no."


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