Name: Devin Golden
Nickname: "The Golden One" or "The Rotten Gold" (also believed to be the superhero persona Whyte Lightning, although this is unconfirmed)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 194 pounds
Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date of birth: April 18, 1984
Age: 36
FWA accomplishments: FWA X Champion (x2), FWA Tag Team Champion (x4), FWA World Heavyweight Champion (x3)
Non-FWA accomplishments: None
Win/Loss record: 103-65-17
Style of wrestling: A balance between high-flying and suplex variations
Notable feuds: Stu "The Snake" St. Clair, WOLF, Ryan Rondo, Xander Xavier Xerxes, Draven St. Germain, Ryan Hall, Ryan Rondo, KAIZEN, Michael Garcia
Notable allies/partners: Ryan Rondo, Ashley 'O Ryan

Basepic: Jimmy Jacobs
Introduction music:
Original — "Lose Yourself" By Eminem
Previous — "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals
Current — "Zombie" by The Cranberries

General wrestling moves/attacks:
Snap suplex
Suicide dive through the top and middle ropes to the outside floor
Running, front-flip blockbuster
Springboard plancha
10-count punch
One-armed running bulldog
Single-leg Boston crab
Football/soccer-style kicks to the shins
Repeated knife-edge chops
Belly-to-belly suplex

Perfected wrestling moves/attacks:
Vertical suplex into a sitout faceplant (The Rotten Touch)
Split-legged moonsault
Bridging fisherman suplex
Rolling German suplex (x3)

Finishing move(s):
Top rope frogsplash (The Golden Touch)