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Thread: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

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    Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses

    PWZ World Championship:
    Darby Allin vs. Kota Ibushi - Falls Count Anywhere

    What Rush & Jericho will bring in pure violence, these two will bring in violent creativity. These two madmen with little regard for their own health, letalone the health of others now get the chance to fight anywhere they want in any way they want. This battle for the title can't be contained between four ropes. These two could go from the Arena, to the streets, to the woods, and it wouldn't be a surprise. No matter what though, this will be the pinnacle of creativity, athletic ability, and heart, with the winner becoming the face of the entire company.

    PWZ World Tag Team Titles: LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

    Two of the world's top tag teams from vastly different backgrounds both in life and stylistically square off for the prestige of the World Tag Team Titles. Two great pure wrestling teams look to take the gold together in world class tag team action.

    PWZ Cruiserweight Title: Oney Lorcan vs. Chad Gable

    The first time these two have ever shared a ring will come with the opportunity to prove who the top Cruiserweight in the company is and represent the Cruiserweight division accordingly. Both stylistically similar bringing heavy technical prowess mixed in with explosive ability to turn a match on it's head at the drop of a hat, this matchup promises to be the most complete and free flowing match on the entire show!

    Magical Sugar Venus (Hikaru Shida, Yuka Sakazaki, & Riho) vs. Triple Tails (Asuka, Kairi Sane, & Io Shirai)

    Arguably 6 of the top women in America and almost certainly the top Japanese women's wrestlers on US shores collide with the battle lines drawn based on their retrospective former companies, AEW & WWE. A true dream match scenario for any Joshi Puroresu fan takes place as the ultimate mix of styles face off of each team with all 6 women providing potentially interesting combinations. Particularly spotlight has to be shone on the matchups of Asuka & Shida who have history in their home country, as well as Sakazaki & Io who have both shown tendencies to engage in death defying moves in the past. Regardless of who is in the ring, it's sure to be a match talked about worldwide as instantly special and a true breakthrough for women's wrestling in America.

    Shingo Takagi vs. Munenori Sawa

    Two men who have never met in singles competition get the chance to tangle in Shingo's stylistically perfect kind of match, in which he can steamroll and beat the crap out of someone smaller than him. Sawa is not to be underestimated though, despite being officially retired he's wrestled in each of the past 4 years including technical and hard hitting matchups with stalwarts Timothy Thatcher and Zack Sabre Jr. How will he be able to get out of this situation, facing the devastating Shingo Takagi in one on one action?

    Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak - 2/3 Falls Pure Rules

    The first official match in PWZ history proves to be much more of what PWZ prefers to be about, and traditional wrestling style will be on display between these two, with the 2/3 falls stipulation presenting a familiar sight for any Luchador as well as the pure wrestling acumen of the mat expert Drew Gulak. Garza will look to dazzle with his mix of high flying and charisma while Gulak hopes to grind out the Ladies Man's million peso smile into the ground. These two men have never faced each other in a match before and look to prove both stylistic dominance and get the win over the other for the first time ever.

    Unsanctioned Match: Rush vs. Chris Jericho

    These two men have threatened to kill each other. The violence level has proven to be expected to be so off the charts that PWZ refuses to sanction this match! There are absolutely no rules in this and all these two will have at their disposal to hold them back is the limit of their own hatred for each other. At the PWZ introductory press conference Rush warned both of LAX in the buildup to this match if they get involved in any way, shape or form in this match that he will beat them both and everyone they know and love within an inch of their lives like the dogs that they are. Jericho has promised this goes well beyond the Inner Circle and that beating this Méxican "pendejo" would be as easy as when he fucks his little sister, which set off a huge brawl already, with Rush getting taken out in handcuffs after beating Jericho bloody and then attacking 3 police offers while trying to fight his way back to Jericho. PWZ has been in the headlines for letting someone with his rap sheet wrestle in their company, but Rush promises he will be on his best behavior...until the lights go out and the Bell rings. Both men have demanded this match be the first match on the card and it will be, though it will not be sanctioned. The question may not be who wins this match, but who will survive?

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    Kota Ibushi vs Darby Allin - I was certain you were going to go with Shingo vs Ibushi as they're probably the two best workers on your roster. But then this match popped up when I opened the thread and I fell in love. Ibushi is probably my favourite wrestler in the world these days and Allin is a guy I've really grown to love. This would be an amazing main event to cap off the show and for me is the match that jumps right out at you on the card - which is always what you want from the main. I don't think it necessarily needs to be Falls Count Anywhere, but considering how crazy these two are in their disregard for their health I can see why you've gone for it.

    LAX vs Imperium - I love LAX, and they're one of the teams I really wish I'd picked up in my own draft. I think Imperium are pretty good, so I'd be excited for this and would be a good clash of styles between two very good teams. It's not a match that immediately jumps out to me as "must-see", but it is one that I certainly can't see being a negative on the show and I think there's always a place for a solid match on the card.

    Oney Lorcan vs. Chad Gable - two guys that deserve a spotlight and deserve a chance to show it. I think this is great as your Cruiserweight Championship match as they're not balls-to-the-wall crazy high spot wrestlers, instead they're two great accomplished mat wrestlers. I think they'd mesh very well together and with enough time would be a sleeper match for the card.

    Magical Sugar Venus (Hikaru Shida, Yuka Sakazaki, & Riho) vs. Triple Tails (Asuka, Kairi Sane, & Io Shirai) - Again, I think this one writes itself and the concept is great. I was wondering where you were going when you were drafting these ladies but I think it's terrific. There's enough there to be accessible to the average viewer, but also a lot of scope to highlight Joshi wrestling and bring it to a wider audience. I'm not going to pretend to know too much about the three AEW ladies as all I've seen them in is AEW, but even that alone is enough to give it a unique selling point and make it interesting.

    Shingo Takagi vs. Munenori Sawa - this isn't your fault, it's mine, but I'm not super familiar with Munenori Sawa. Shingo is a phenomenal wrestler so definitely someone I'd enjoy watching regardless of who he was put in with, but this one doesn't grip me straight away for that reason.

    Garza vs Gulak - Two terrific wrestlers and what should be an awesome clash of styles. I think the stipulation is really creative too because it's almost like both of them have their own little advantages - Garza being more adept in the 2/3 falls stip, while Gulak being more suited to the pure wrestling side of things. For your undercard, this is the match I'd be most looking forward to because I think the in-ring psychology could be unique and lead to some very interesting tactics from both men. They're both brimming with personality too, and great wrestlers to boot. Aside from your main event, this is the one I'd really like to see.

    Jericho vs Rush - I think the stip works because it's pretty much the only type of match where Jericho can flourish these days. Pairing him up against a good brawler in Rush is a good idea too. I think the Jericho matches against Tanahashi, Omega and Naito over the last 12 months imply that this could be a very fun match even with an ageing Chris Jericho, and even if his body lets him down he's got the charisma to carry him through. It's 2020, so there's only so excited I can get for a Jericho match, but I think this is a good use of him.

    Overall I think it's a terrific card top to bottom. The only ones I'm not super hyped for would be the Jericho one, which I think I'd still enjoy. The Shingo match would be worth watching because Shingo rules, but I'm not sold on that just for my own gaps in my wrestling knowledge. There's enough undercard stuff that could easily see you ending the night with three or four 4*+ matches. I've always maintained that a wrestling show lives and dies by it's main event, it can make great shows good, good shows bad, or good shows great. In your case, Ibushi and Allin is a match that can make a great show really top tier.
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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    Shadow Moses? I'd say that's a solid show name

    Ibushi/Darby - I don't know why, but I also thought you were just going to do Ibushi Vs Shingo as it's a match that hasn't happened yet in NJPW, but it was foolish of me to think you wouldn't be more creative. Two crazy bastards up against each other would make for a firecracker of a main event.

    LAX/Imperium - Two teams that couldn't be more different personality wise. Loud mouth, brash, LAX against professional, serious, don't crack a smile Imperium. Match would rule.

    Gable/Oney - Again you've swerved me as I thought Sawa would be the choice for Gable's opponent to go off the technical matchup. I think it's a first time match as I'd of made sure to track down this match if it happened on 205 Live before. Should produce magic.

    Joshi 6 woman tag - This is a great booking choice because it overcomes the issue of people not being so hot on the three AEW joshi girls yet because everyone else knows and respects Asuka, Kairi and Io so they'll give it a chance. If you ran a bunch of singles matches like Asuka Vs Riho, I don't think it would hold as much interest.

    Shingo/Sawa - I think it would work, and it does get around the problem of Shingo matches becoming a 1 dimensional slog.

    Garza/Gulak - sounds like a match that could of easily happened on NXT in the last 6 months and been given 8 minutes. Garza has just knocked it out the park since being regular featured on NXT, so there's no way this wouldn't be good.

    Jericho/Rush - This is like doing LA Park Vs Rush, only this time the fat guy is talented. There's a perverse interest in seeing Jericho try his hand at a lucha brawling match even though I'm very confident this would be the weakest match on the show. It would however give the show variety and some name value draws.

    Only got one match on the show that I don't think would be good, and I still get why you've booked it. This is strong stuff.

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    Darby vs Ibushi - sounds appropriately mental, both guys can be loons and there's a clear underdog between them. FCA stip feels un-needed though.

    LAX vs Imperium - sounds like a fine match between 2 good teams but doesn't scream 'barnburner'

    Lorcan vs Gable - maybe my favourite on paper. Two short heavyweight with a tonne of legit ability and can throw bombs, on paper sounds like a strong pairing.

    Womens 6-man - ordinarily this wouldn't excite me but the AEW vs WWE twist gives it an inter-promotional spice. Thumbs up

    Shingo vs Sawa - feels like a random pairing. Outside of the size difference nothing about this is exciting to me

    Gulak vs Garza - interesting pairing. Wrestler vs Flyer and a clash of personalities. Sounds good. But who's the RUDO???

    Rush vs Jericho - hard to get excited about any Jericho match in 2020 but putting him against one of the most charismatic guys in the business who can work a more brawling style is about as good as can be done.

    Overall, good stuff. Nothing super creative but good use of the talent on the roster. Only 1 match feels like a dud to me.

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    LAX vs. Imperium gets me the most jazzed on this card. Like Ed said, the contrast between the teams makes it really intriguing and I just love a good tag match.

    Not surprising considering the differences in our taste but a lot of this card skews away from stuff I know. The Lorcan/Gable match, tag match, Garza/Gulak and the mere presence of Darby Allin would probably get me to tune in though.

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    Hey bestie. I think we faced in this before, I feel like I beat you but who knows. I think you've got it on lock this time since my card was built for personal appeal without much regard for mass appeal (and you're better than me <3 )

    Rush / Jericho - Really dig this match. Im not sure how Rush is faring in ROH, but I know this is a match booked to be right up Jericho's alley and their respective charismas and wordsmithing would make the build up to this very fun.

    Garza / Gulak - Havent watched a ton of Garza but I hear the hype. Big Gulak fan. I love the Best 2 out of 3 Falls stipulation and I envisoned that being the default for my company as opposed to a special occasion. Would want to see how this turns out.

    Takagi / Sawa - Not super familiar with Sawa but Takagi's the sort of guy I'm happy to see match-up against anyone so +1 here.

    MSV / Triple Tails - Disappointed to see you draft 6 woman and relegated them to a 3 v 3. I know some are pro-this because of the underdevelopped AEW womens division but as a pro-Joshi guy on here, I'd have loved to see you give these girls a bigger spotlight or drafted women that might have allowed you to put up more individualized match-ups.

    Lorcan / Gable - A match that on a WWE card would get 5 - 10 minutes I imagine but given free reign, I think these two would provide an indy MOTY sleeper hit.

    LAX / Imperium - Cool tag team match that Im sure would do well. Im not sure if LAX / Imperium have hit another tier of skill since reaching AEW / WWE but they were always good but not really great guys to me (minus Barthel). So not totally sold.

    Allin / Ibushi - This would be batshit insane to watch. One of the best matches booked yet. I dont know if Id buy Allin getting that shot so soon but I think the match itself would bring people around so it doesnt really matter.

    Really dig the main event. Only thing I dislike is the womens match. Everything else on the card looks solid with a lot of them easily having the potential to be great if people hit it off.

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    Re: Pro Wrestling Zero Presents: Shadow Moses [A Ticket Wars Card]

    I like the booking of Rush/Jericho, it's the best use of modern Y2J & Rush is an ideal dance partner in this scenario.

    Oney/Gable would be good, but lacks a little in imagination for my liking as I can easily envision it happening on 205 Live in the next 6 months.

    Ibushi/Allin would be fucking insane, and Imperium/P&P is a great clash of personalities.

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