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Thread: WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 8

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    WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 8

    SuperSaiyan springboards, catching Ed with a missile dropkick! He ducks a lariat from Postman Dave, and nails a spinning neckbreaker! He shoots Shawn with a stern glare, and Shawn quietly retreats. Yes, things sure are looking up for our resident King of Dragon Ballz. Surely, nothing can make his Rumble debut go poorly, right?

    Smooth Jazz Wolf: Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it...

    The Gipper: Hey, SuperSaiyan, ain't this your first Rumble?

    SuperSaiyan: Hell yeah it is!

    Smooth Jazz Wolf: Oh dear.

    With SuperSaiyan's rumble rookieness exposed, he is quickly surrounded! Not to be deterred, he lets out a shriek, and is suddenly surrounded by flames! His hair grows to be blonde and ridiculously spikey! His shirt rips away, exposing rock-hard abs! He has become, SUPER DUPER SAIYAN!

    Markstrom: Zero! What does the scouter say about his power level!

    Zero: It's... Six.

    SuperSaiyan: Are you sure? Are you reading it upside down?

    Zero: No, it's just six.

    SuperSaiyan: ... Darn.

    With a power level of six, SuperSaiyan's abs of steel prove to be unhelpful against ten+ people joining forces to throw him out. Sorry bud. It's the Rumble Rookie Curse, stroking again.

    Here to cheer us up from this recent travesty, it's Mr. Peanutbutter! Huzzah!


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    Re: WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 8's Markstrom today, right?

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    Re: WC Royal Rumble 11: Day 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Sayer View Post's Markstrom today, right?
    Nah I'm aiming for TGO this time around. I'm going for a new angle where I take out people I like. Avoiding the popularity contest gimmick personally. The Gipper is gonna win this thing.

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