A lavish and expensive Hotel Suite greets us on Valentines Day. It looks like the perfect place to spend this day of romance and love. And that is exactly what Gabrielle Montgomery has in mind. She’s tantalisingly dressed just in a skin baring set of lingerie. A bright red, low cut bra, a matching little thong, and a pair of stockings. She looks utterly irresistible, and she knows it as she tussles her long brunette hair over her shoulder and then takes a moment to admire the card in her hand.

You are vision of Perfection, a delight for the senses. I’ve longed for you for so long, but cant wait anymore. We need to be together on Valentines Day.

Signed you’re secret admirer.

Gabrielle places the card down on the bed and then there’s a knock at the door which brings a smile to her face. No this isn’t Gabrielle’s Porno debut, this is just Pro Wrestling where all manner of things are filmed at times. She gets to her feet, adjusting the thin straps of her overworked bra as she saunters over to the doorway and opens it. Her eyes lighting up as her mystery man stands there in a suit with a dozen red roses concealing his face. Is it Chris Kennedy? Or even Dave Sullivan? It could even be Cameron Cross or Jack Severino. He’s definitely not tall enough to be Michael Garcia that’s for sure, but maybe Devin Golden has held a secret candle for her all these years?

Her mystery admirer lowers the flowers and reveals himself to be…




…Cyrus Truth.

Gabrielle’s soft features twist into a look of shock, then anger, followed by a realisation, though just a moment too late. Cyrus tosses the roses at her and then floors her with a simple headbutt. Its not pretty or technical but it drops her. ‘The Wayward Warrior’ then drags her up to her feet by the hair and then simply slings her across the room. Gabrielle though uses her momentum to roll and springs back up to her feet so she can just launch herself at Cyrus and slam her forearm into the side of his head repeatedly.

Cyrus pushes her aside though only to receive a headbutt from Gabrielle that staggers him backwards. But as she comes forward he slams his knee into her midsection and then tosses her over the back of the couch. He goes after her but Gabrielle gets back to her feet and then thrusts her foot into his throat which makes Cyrus stagger backwards. In a fit of rage she charges at him but Cyrus sidesteps and then throws her into the bedroom door, busting it off the hinges. Gabrielle hits the floor with a loud thud but rises to her feet as Cyrus follows her and the two of them simply stand face to face and trade forearm shots. Neither one of them wanting to drop as they just bludgeon each other until Cyrus grabs her by the throat and the hair and then slings her THROUGH A WALL.

He wipes the blood from under his nose as Gabrielle emerges in the doorway with drywall dust in her hair and hate in her eyes. Then she runs at him and tackles him onto the bed, mounting him as she rains down forearm shots. Cyrus for his part just fires his elbow back up into her head repeatedly until Hotel security suddenly swarm the Suite and drag the two of them apart.

As the scene fades to black the message Have A Romance Filled Valentines Day pops up on screen.