I liked the change of pace in the Cyrus promo and thought it gave some good insight into his backstory, especially for those who weren't around for the CWA years when he was establishing himself. I enjoyed the conversation with the Observer and Cyrus' former outfit, and felt like I got to know the character and his history a lot better as a result of this promo. Golden accomplished a similar thing but in a very different way. Again the history lesson was interesting and his personal take on it made for good reading. His statement of intent was believable and the allusions to and musings on it only made me more disappointed that I wasn't around for Golden's return to the ring.

The Parr promo was a bit short for me and didn't develop the character on the same level as those first two. It struck the right arrogant tone and it was interesting to see how Parr saw himself, and I imagine there will be more in terms of character development next week. Garcia's promo was similar but did more to develop the character and I felt there was more of an attempt to set the scene and make it a more coherent story. I preferred the last couple of Gabrielle promos to this one but I still felt it got into the character's head as well as any that I've read this week. She feels like a fully developed character which I guess is in part down to the length of time you've been playing her and the quality of the descriptive writing. The relationship with Carmella was dwelled upon again and I'm still enjoying that relationship but I feel the photo album metaphor last week was stronger. Diamond's promo was fun - it felt the 'quickest' of the ones I've read so far but plenty of content. The late night show was a novel idea and Nova's external self-belief contrasted with his internal doubts was great. It's a well-trodden trope but it was written very believably and I'm looking forward to what you come up with in the main event.

Will read a few more tomorrow and hopefully give some more thoughts.