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Thread: TWW: Total War Wrestling (Fictional)

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    TWW: Total War Wrestling (Fictional)

    Hello everyone! This is an experiment, I'll try to run a federation who's gonna build itself from the start. Wrestlers are gonna be real (and famous) wrestlers. At the beginning there will be no champions, just two rosters and people fighting for the titles. This is the first time I'm doing this type of thing and English is not my mother language. I hope it'll be okay :D
    Oh, also I'm not very good with graphic stuff (logos, titles etc...) so I won't put them, 'cause they will probably look ugly and I don't want to "steal" random things from the internet.

    Owner: Ric Flair

    Tuesday Night Overkill

    General Manager: The Miz


    Chris Jericho
    Tommaso Ciampa
    Cody Rhodes
    Daniel Bryan
    Seth Rollins
    Sammy Guevara
    Finn Balor
    Sami Zayn
    Samoa Joe
    Buddy Murphy
    Darby Allin
    Baron Corbin
    Tye Dillinger
    Cedric Alexander
    Erick Rowan
    Chad Gable
    Jinder Mahal

    Heavy Machinery: Otis & Tucker
    The Revival: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder
    The Young Bucks: Matt & Nick Jackson

    Interviewer: Tony Schiavone

    TWW Overkill Championship:
    TWW Overkill Tag Team Championship:
    TWW International Championship:

    Saturday Night Turmoil

    General Manager: Paul Heyman


    AJ Styles
    Bray Wyatt / The Fiend
    Jon Moxley
    Luke Harper
    Drew Mcintyre
    Bobby Roode
    Kevin Owens
    Keith Lee
    Pete Dunne
    Dolph Ziggler
    Hangman Adam Page
    Braun Strowman
    Aleister Black
    Wade Barrett
    Humberto Carrillo
    R Truth
    Bo Dallas
    Eric Young
    Jinder Mahal
    Apollo Crews
    Mojo Rawley

    Street Profits: Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford
    Santana & Ortiz
    The Usos: Jimmy & Jey Uso

    Interviewer: Kayla Braxton

    TWW Turmoil Championship
    TWW Turmoil Tag Team Championship
    TWW USA Championship

    Sole Survivor (January) *
    Revenge (February)
    March Madness (March)
    Last Stand (April) *
    Fight The Future (May)
    One Shot at Glory (June)
    Red Alert (July)
    Come out and Play (August) *
    Ground Zero (September)
    Fully Loaded (October)
    Uncensored (November)
    Brand Supremacy (December)*

    * Consider those PPVs as the "Big 4"

    Current and past Champions:


    TWW Overkill Championship: TBA
    TWW Overkill Tag Team Championship: TBA
    TWW International Championship: TBA
    TWW Turmoil Championship: TBA
    TWW Turmoil Tag Team Championship: TBA
    TWW USA Championship: TBA

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    Re: TWW: Total War Wrestling (Fictional)



    The Miz announces that he got to know the entire roster, he was really suprised about a couple of superstars and he is going to hand pick one of the two wrestlers who will be competing at Come out and Play for the TWW Overkill Championship, while the other spot will be assigned through a 10-man battle royale, all wrestlers handpicked by Miz.


    Paul Heyman announces a HUGE tournament that will end at Come out and Play and will crown the TWW Turmoil championship.
    3rd and 4th place will face off for the TWW USA Championship.

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    Re: TWW: Total War Wrestling (Fictional)

    Interesting name for the titles as well as interesting selections to who will be running the brands. Nice to see more of this fictional companies projects pop up. I’ll be checking in to see how this progress.

    Good luck.


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    Re: TWW: Total War Wrestling (Fictional)



    And, as the fans start chanting for the first episode of Tuesday Night Overkill, The Miz’s theme song starts playing! Miz announced he’s going to handpick one of the two wrestler who will compete for the title, as well as the ten wrestlers who are gonna be in a battle royal to determine the second athlete to have a shot at the title.
    Miz, in a red suit and with his typical sun glasses,approaches the ring while observing the fans, excited to know his choices.
    The Awesome One enters the ring, asks for a mic…

    TM:“Welcome to the most must see wrestling show in TV… Welcome, to O-ver-kill”

    “O-ver-kill… O-ver-kill… O-ver-kill” chants coming from the fans, Miz seems to be satisfied.

    TM:“Now… let’s not waste time here. I know you, ladies andgentlemen, can’t wait to see who’s gonna be in the battle royaland who’s my chosen one for the title match. But first, I need tomake things clear. People who are not handpicked are not out of thetitle scene. They can EARN their shot at the championship. All theyhave to do.. is prove me wrong by DOMINATING every other superstar inthis show. Wins and losses DO matter… so… if you’re goodenough, you WILL have your chance to compete for the OverkillChampionship.”

    Miz turns towards the titantron, pointing it

    TM: “In a few moments, the ten superstars handpickedby me will appear on the titantron… and THAT is gonna be our mainevent of the night...”

    The titantron shows the ten superstars…

    TM: “There they are! Chris Jericho,Tommaso Ciampa, Buddy Murphy, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe,Sheamus, Erick Rowan, Cedric Alexander and Tye Dillinger! Aren’tyou hyped?”

    “Yes we are… Yes we are… Yes we are...”

    But wait a minute…

    It’s Daniel Bryan! The American Dragonapparently wasn’t included in the 10 man battle royal. Bryanappears on the stage, visibly frustrated, with a microphone in hishands…

    DB: “Well well well…look who’s here… it’s The Awesome… LIAR.”

    The TWW universe seems to be confused on why Daniel Bryan called Miz a liar

    DB:“Remember what you told me when convincing me to join your brand?You told me I was gonna get a chance at the title ifI joined it… and you know why I accepted your offer? It wasn’tbecause of the gold or thefame… it was to prove I was the best your brand had to offer, itwas to prove I was the best THIS COMPANY had to offer… know, people won’t recognize you’re the best until you have something around your waist to prove it.”

    TM: “Alright,alright… you’re gonna get your chance”

    The crowd starts roaring, is Daniel Bryan gonna be added to the battle royal that is gonna happen later tonight?

    TM: “At one condition...”


    TM: “You have to beat one of the participant of that match to take HIS spot…”

    A cocky smile appears on The Miz’s face

    TM: “Samooooooa….Joe! Play his music!”

    Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe

    The first part of the match is dominated by Joe, who kept using his superior strenght to keep Bryan grounded, using some holds to weaken Daniel Bryan’s upperpart of the body. After a failed Coquina Clutch by Joe, Bryan managed to get some momentum, managing to apply the Lebell Lock, but Joe saved himself by grabbing the bottom rope.
    The last part of the match was balanced, a couple of nearfalls but, after some raw brawling, Bryan used his quickness to bounce off the ropes and hit a devastating Knee Plus, winning the match.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan by pinfall in 12.37minutes


    Let’s now go backstage, where our interviewer, Tony Schiavone is with the general manager.

    TS: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest.. The Miz… Miz, Daniel Bryan just won his match against Samoa Joe and earned a spot in the 10-Man Battle Royal that is gonna take place later tonight… but I have one question in mind: Is it true that you offered Daniel a chance at the title to convince him to join your brand?”

    TM: “Yes, it’s true. See, Daniel says it’s not about the gold or the fame, he says it’s to prove that he’s the best… but you know what? Deep down inside, he knows he accepted because he wanted the gold. He doesn’t need a gifted title shot to prove he’s the best. If he’s really the best he can prove that in every brand of this company and even in other companies. But I’m glad he chose MY brand, I know he’s a great athlete and can help me prove MY brand is the best in this company. That’s why I lied to him… Now sorry but I have an important meeting in my office.”

    Miz walks away,frustrated for being exposed.

    Commercial Break


    We’re back from the commercial and we’re just outside Miz’s office, we can hear some people talking, but we can’t really understand what they’re saying… but wait a second… the door is opening… Sammy Guevara and MJF… what the hell? They have the Overkill Tag Team Titles on their shoulders! Miz appears behind them smiling… he gives a pat on the titles… “YOUR titles!” says Miz.

    MJF and Sammy Guevara start walking away, proud of themselves, but someone seems to be calling them!

    ???: “Sammy, Maxwell… over here!”

    MJF and Sammy turn around, a look of disdain forms on their faces… it’s the Young Bucks! Matt and Nick Jackson are approaching the “champions”…

    NJ: “Shiny titles right there, uh? I’m glad you rightfully earned them”

    Says Nick with a huge dose of sarcasm.

    NJ: “What favour did you guys do to Miz? Uh? You cleaned his new shoes? You washed his car? Uh? Tell me, I’d like to know what did you do to RIGHTFULLY EARN those titles...”

    MJF: “You’re just jealous for the fact that Miz recognized the TALENT in us… and gave us the titles ‘cause he knows we would be the best tag team in this company...”

    SG:“You know what? Why doesn’t one of you two face me in the ring, uh? And if you win, you’ll get a shot at those titles”

    The four athletes stare at each other while the camera cuts to the ring.



    The architect’s music explodes throughout the entire arena!!! Remember that Rollins hasn’t been included in the 10-Man battle royal. He doesn’t look very upset about that… he already has a microphone in his hands…

    SR: “What a Tuesday night, uh?”

    Smallpop from the crowd

    Seth starts walking towards the ring

    SR:“Honestly… I’m not upset about not getting put into the battle royal… and I’m not upset if I’m not Miz’s chosen one. I will get there eventually...”

    Rollins is now on the apron, enters the ring over the second rope

    SR: “But what I know, is that there is ANOTHER title Miz hasn’t talked about… and it’s the TWW International Championship. But why would he? The title that carries the name of the show feels more important, he WANTS it to feel more important, and I get it… because THAT represents the brand you’re running. If the title that’s named after your show is on a great athlete’s shoulders, then you can say your show is great, everybody recognizes that immediately…meanwhile… the TWW International Championship doesn’t really feel part of the show if you look at the name. Yeah, it’s a Total War Wrestling title, but what brand does it belong to?
    I get it Miz, it makes sense… but I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not the name of a title or the exposure it gets to determine its fame. Who has that title around his waist determines its fame!
    See… Heyman knows that, that’s why he gives a shot at the TWW Usa Championship to the 3rd and 4thplace in the Saturday Night Turmoil tournament”

    The architect is now starting to scream and is really fired up

    SR:“So, if Miz doesn’t want to address the direction of this title,I guess I’ll have to do it. MIZ, come out here and tell me, tellus, tell the TWW universe what do you want to do with that damn title!”

    A music starts playing while the fans startchanting Seth Rollins’ name

    That’s not The Miz! It’s… It’s Darby Allin! What’s the Daredevil doing out here?

    DA: “Seth… Seth… Seth… you need to be humble.”

    Seth seems do be confused on why Darby Allin interrupted him, while the Daredevil walks down the stage

    DA: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, is that there are guys who receive opportunities and there’s guys who have to fight for them, guys like me...”

    Allin enters the ring and gets face to face with Seth Rollins

    DA: “You being out here talking about that title only shows one thing: you’re desperate for that title. You want to attract Miz’s attention and ask him to HAND you the title, since you were the only one who wanted to make it relevant. Well, guess what? You think you’re good enough to be a champion?Let’s see first if you’re good enough to defeat Darby Allin!”

    Darby throws away the microphone and opens hisarms, staring Rollins right in the eyes…

    SR: “Alright let’s do this!”

    Seth Rollins Vs Darby Allin

    This match is very fast paced, a lot of dives, a lot of counters, a lot of raw shots, high flying maneuvers. Seth Rollins dominated most of the second part of this match, but Darby refused to give up and kept kicking out showing an insane amount of resistance. In the last part of the match, Rollins had Darby Allin on the top rope, ready for some crazy maneuver, but Darby managed to send Rollins away, hitting him with the Coffin Drop and ultimately winning the match.

    Winner: Darby Allin by pinfall in 16:48 minutes


    Commercial Break

    Sammy Guevara (With MJF) Vs Matt Jackson (With Nick Jackson)

    A very balanced match, nothing too crazy, a decent match overall, MJF saved his partner Sammy Guevara a couple times before being taken out by Nick Jackson, but while Matt was distracted by the brawling outside the ring, Sammy Guevara hit a Low blow and ended the match after a Shooting Star Press from the top rope.

    Winner: Sammy Guevara in 08.17 minutes


    Here we are once again with our interviewer, Tony Schiavone

    TS: “Welcomeback ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting close to our main event of the evening, which is gonna be next, but first, let me introduce to you my guest, he defeated Seth Rollins in the second match of the night… Darby Allin!”

    The camera shot widens including Darby Allin in the footage…

    TS: “So, Darby, you managed to beat Seth Rollins in a match that lasted almost 17 minutes, showing an awesome amount of resistance… congratulations for that, but why did you decide to interrupt him?”

    DA:“See, Tony, this is just the first episode of Tuesday Night Overkill and Seth is already saying he deserves to be a champion? It doesn’t work like that… honestly I don’t care about the wrestlers who were chosen by Miz to compete for the title, I’m not here to judge the others. I’m here to prove that nothing is over until you’re underground, I’m here to prove that, even without a little “push” from the management, everyone can do it, if they fight hard enough...”

    : “Yada yada yada”

    Who’s this? Someone seems to be making fun of Darby Allin

    BC:“Did you finish?”

    It’s Baron Corbin! What does The Lone Wolf want from Allin?

    BC: “Wow, you won ONE match! You’re so good! You’re such an extreme … pathetic loser.”

    Darby is annoyed by Corbin’s interruption

    BC: “You win one match and you start telling people that everyone can do everything if they fight hard enough? Really? That’s just bullshit! You can fight as hard as you can, but if you’re not talented enough, like I am, you’re just gonna go down in history as "The guy who wasn’t good enough"… and you are NOT good enough to beat me…”

    The two athletes start staring each other in the eyes…

    DA: “Why don’t we face each other in the ring next week, uh? Less talking, more fighting!”

    BC: “You’re on!”

    Says Corbin smiling… OH! AND A CHEAPSHOT BY THE LONE WOLF! Corbing laughs it off, mocking Allin while walking away...

    Aaaaand ladies and gentlemen… it’s time for our maaaaaaaain eveeeeeeent!We can see the Overkill Championship being showcased outside of the ring
    Everyone is already in, except one…

    There he is! It’s the American Dragon, Daniel Bryan! You gotta ask yourself if Bryan is at 100% after fighting Samoa Joe early in the evening…

    10 Man Battle Royale to determine one of the two participants in the TWW Overkill Championship Match at Come out and Play

    This match goes on as you would expect from a Battle royal, lots of brawling early on, some eliminations, some temporary alliances, especially the one between Finn Balor and Sami Zayn, who worked together to eliminate the big man, Erick Rowan…
    The last 4 wrestlers are: Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Tommaso Ciampa, an intense brawl explodes between the four, with two 1v1s forming, Bryan vs Sheamus and Jericho vs Ciampa.

    Sheamus is trying to lift Bryan over the top rope… WHAT THE HELL? Sammy Guevara and MJF are running towards the ring! They grab Bryan’s arms! Daniel Bryan is eliminated! MJF and Guevara start beating the hell out of Daniel Bryan! Sheamus is happy and confused at the same time! But Jericho from behind! Sheamus is out! It is down to two men: Chris Jericho and Tommaso Ciampa, the two start brawling, Ciampa sends Jericho bouncing on the ropes with an Irish Whip, tries a clothesline, Jericho avoids it… BOOM! OH MY! JUDASEFFECT! Ciampa is staggering, dangerously near the ropes, Jericho has him in his sight… and he sends him out with a clothesline! DING DING DING! Chris Jericho wins the 10 Man battle royal!

    Winner: Chris Jericho in 15.37 minutes

    ???: “Hey, hey, hey! Cut the music!”
    The Miz appears on the stage, with MJF and SammyGuevara on his sides, is it time for his big reveal?

    : “Congratulations, Chris… nice job! You will be fighting for the title at Come out and Play! But let me introduce to you your opponent, or the one who will defeat you, I should say… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, GIVE IT UP, FOR THE BEST THIS COMPANY HAS TO OFFER…COOOOOOODYYYYYYY RHOOOOODEEEES!!!!!”

    Cody Rhodes comes out on the stage smiling, shakes his hand with Miz, MJF and Guevara, then points at the title, shouting “That’s gonna be mine”

    The show ends with a shot of Daniel Bryan, disappointed and licking his wounds...

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