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Thread: Taiji Ishimori

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    Taiji Ishimori

    Thought for sure we'd have a thread for Ishimori already.

    My case for the guy simply comes down to my belief that he's one of the most entertaining Juniors of this half decade. You certainly can't put him in the same bracket as guys like Kota Ibushi or Will Ospreay because they have a bigger catalogue of important matches, but Ishimori is a hell of a high flyer who has grown to have improved in ring charisma since becoming The Bone Soldier. Some of his top matches from this cycle include:

    vs. Taichi - NOAH Destiny 2015

    vs. KUSHIDA
    • Super J-Cup 2016
    • WrestleKingdom 13

    vs. Brian Cage, El Hijo Del Fantasma, Trevor Lee, DJ Z and Dezmond Xavier - Impact Wrestling Revolution 2018

    vs. Johnny Impact, Petey Williams and Fenix - Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVI

    vs. Bandido - PWG All-Star Weekend 2018

    A great BOSJ tournament in 2018, with standout matches against
    • Will Ospreay - Day 1
    • YOH - Day 13
    • Hiromu Takahashi - Day 14

    vs. Ryusuke Taguchi - NJPW New Beginning in Osaka

    vs. Jushin Thunder Liger - NJPW 47th Anniversary Show

    vs. Dragon Lee and Bandido - ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard

    vs. Dragon Lee - NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019

    vs. Shingo Takagi - BOSJ 2019 Day 13

    And then a slew of great Junior tag matches with El Phantasmo, including the match against Eagles and Ospreay at Destruction this year, which I would consider one of the best tag matches of the year.

    Unfortunately I haven't seen much of his NOAH so the the first couple of years that we're supposed to be considering for this are kind of a blind spot. Still, he's been so entertaining for me over the last few years that I'm definitely inspired to include him in my top 50.
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    Re: Taiji Ishimori

    It says a lot about NJPW, Bullet Club and the obsession with Will Ospreay still in that division that Taiji Ishimori was A) more interesting and having better matches in NOAH and B) a missed opportunity to have him be a centrepiece star of the NJPW Jr's division. For him to only have held that title for 3 months when Kushida left and Hiromu was out injured is such a waste imo.

    I can't see him making my list despite how much I loved him a few years ago.

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