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Thread: old wwf road/car story.

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    WWE old wwf road/car story.

    Hi, this might be a long shot but i heard this on a shoot interview but cannot think of the legend/old school wrestler who was talking, i have tried to go back through my history and you tube viewing history as well as looking and trying to search for the interview again but cannot seem to find it.

    anyway the wrestler was telling a story of i think it was the British bulldogs in the back of the car with the ultimate warrior in full ring gear/makeup driving about 90 mph through the streets in a rental trying to get to the venue they were supposed to be wrestling at because they were late and could not find it.

    i think this was in the Seattle or Oregon area, possibly Portland Oregon and either both the bulldogs or specifically the dynamite kid were playing prank on either someone in the car or with another group of wrestlers in an opposing car. at least that is how i think the end part of that story goes.

    anyway i thought it was kind of funny esp imagining warrior in full makeup and gear driving dangerously/frantically looking for the arena with the bulldogs hanging on for dear life in the back lol.

    if anyone knows the story or is familiar with it or who knows if there was another wrestler in the car it might help me being able to track down and find the wrestler who was telling this story in the first place.


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    Re: old wwf road/car story.

    Here you go. Welcome to the site.

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