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They just spotlighted Jungle Boy, after getting away from those great video segments. It was absolutely effective in helping him, just like it was with Sami Guevera in Week 1. But what about any of these other characters have AEW actually done to tell me as a viewer about their character? Please enlighten me, because here's what I've gathered from watching Dynamite:Darby Allin - Was homeless, rides a skateboard, paints his face like he wants to be Jack Pumpkinking. They haven't done much of anything to REALLY spotlight the homelessness and how it creates this Daredevil, no quit kid nearly like they should be.Luchasaurus - A really big guy who dresses like a dinosaur, maybe thinks he's a dinosaur, and hangs out with Jungle Boy and Marko. But again, what character display or development has he actually been given to his gimmick and why it is the way that it is?Private Party - a spotty tag team who look like a legit Street Profits knock off. Where have they been showcased as characters? Great match and upset over Young Bucks, but what else?Kris Statlander - We're told she's an alien gimmick. Cool. However, she's getting spotlighted by winning matches, but she's been given no spotlight of any importance to make me care about who Kris Statlander is, why she dresses and acts the way she does, and what her goals and ambitions are. Instead, I've been treated to really awful promos from Brandi Rhodes in an arc that makes no fucking sense because she's married to the face and VP of the company.Hell, even Kenny Omega has been given no fucking spotlight. The best wrestler in your company. Who is Kenny Omega? Why should I care about him outside of he's apparently in The Elite? I genuinely couldn't tell you.I watch AEW live most weeks. I have fun watching it, for the most part. There are things about it I think are foolish and don't work at all, like the wins and losses record in a fake sport, but their biggest flaw is absolutely their character work and showcasing who their characters are, outside of Cody, the Inner Circle, Mox, MJF, and to some degree, PAC. They're starting to make great progress with The Dark Order, and I'm hopeful Jungle Boy keeps getting spotlight and it follows to Luchasaurus as well. But as a whole? AEW has been even worse than main roster WWE at telling me about their characters, who they are, why they're that way, and why I should care about them.
This is a great post. I approach AEW as a fan and have knowledge of all the guys and gals on the roster already, so I've never really stopped to think about character development because in my mind they are already developed. I can see how this would be a big challenge/hurdle to bringing in a new fan. But as an existing fan of the talent, it's not stopped me from enjoying the product they put out. It's going to impact growth but not the loyal fan base. If they are only catering for the niche existing fanbase, and continue, then TNT could lose patience as surely TNT's desired result is increasing viewers on a Wednesday night.