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After a month of turbulence surrounding Rusev's shattered marriage to Lana, The Bulgarian Brute is coming after The Ravishing Russian's beau Bobby Lashley at WWE TLC.

Back in September, Rusev returned to WWE, only to discover that his wife Lana was having an affair Lashley. From there, the fuse was lit on weeks of psychological warfare, marital strife, fake pregnancies, extraneous make-out sessions, restraining orders and arrests.

Finally, Rusev and Lana emerged on the Dec. 9 edition of Raw to make their divorce legal and done, leaving Lana free to cavort with Lashley as much as she likes, while Rusev can start his own life anew and free from his less-than-blessed union.

Although the divorce occurred as planned, it was not completely without incident. After one final war of words between estranged husband and wife, Rusev added a small condition to the proceedings: a post-divorce match against Lashley. Seconds after Rusev signed the papers, Lana's new man attacked him, and a brawl ensued that only ended with Rusev slamming Lashley through a table.

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