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Thread: Captain El Franko!

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    Captain El Franko!

    Character name:

    Captain El Franko!


    195 lbs



    Current feuds:

    Non-FWA accomplishments:

    FWA accomplishments:

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):
    Brawler, High Flyer

    Five Common Moves:

    - P-I-M-P Slap (A slap to the face that'll make you wish you paid up sooner!)

    - Bell Clap (Clap behind the head to ring someone's ears)

    - Sweet 'n' Sour Chin Music (Superkick to the Face)

    - Eat Da Feet (Arm Pulled Kick to The Face)

    - COWABUNGA! (Lionsault using the top rope)

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:

    - BOOM Goes Da Dynamite! (Running Headbutt to a Standing Oppenent's Chest)

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):
    Jason "Mayhem" Miller

    Theme music:

    Mindless Self Indulgence - Be Like Superman (from Pink)

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    Comin' straight outta yo' Momma's house, it's Captain El Franko! The wannabe Slim Shady of the 21st Century's come to smack some fools silly for some sweet dough! Originally an aspiring comic book artist, El Franko's frantic ADHD and lack of self control failed him when it came to drawing up superheroes. Instead, he decided to be one himself and set a "good example" for the kids, by fighting crime in the ring! With a background of street thuggin' and wrestling in high school, Franko has the capability to be a legitimate fighter. His zany offense is accustomed to his uncaring attitude, seemingly eager to cause a stir wherever he goes.

    Although partially a mad man, Franko on the inside cares about his fans and members of the FWA staff. He's more then happy to help out a fellow wrestler in need, even if that "help" isn't helpful at all. He prefers to break dance and have a party in his pants over any drama that comes his way. As far as his goals go in the company, gold! Lots of it! All of it! Tom Brady is gonna soil himself at the end of Franko's career when he sees how much gold's around that man's waist! He's like Golemn when it comes to titles. He's very hesitant to cheat, but a hero's gotta do what he must to protect his city. Screw Batman, guns are totally on the table (A joke... maybe...). Be on the look out for Franko's dope new album, "Goo-Gah-Lah-Bah-Bah", heading to a Soundcloud account in 2022. Definitive edition due 2023!

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    Re: Captain El Franko!

    LOL. We need a more comedic character in FWA. I love this. Hope you stick around because you've got a grasp on the toughest part of e-fed promo'ing: humor.

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