Jimmy King
No. 3 Seed

2018 KOWC Seeding: No. 10 (+7)
2018 KOWC Result: Lost to RainShaker in the Cyrus T Bracket Finals, 8-6-3 (Loocha Bear was also there)
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Reputation Power: 1,081,536
Name is an anagram for:Jim Ink Gym - A gym exclusive to those who have tattoos of everyone's favourite Jim somewhere on their body, which at this point should be at least 75% of you lot.


No. 14 Seed

2018 KOWC Seeding: N/A (+Love!)
2018 KOWC Result: Gave up his spot for Best Friend Sayer.
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Reputation Power: 1,342,720
Name is an anagram for: I'm J - A phrase commonly uttered by those blessed the name Jay.


The Cyrus Backet continues!