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Thread: Carnal Contendership ideas.

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    Carnal Contendership ideas.

    I'm looking to make this CC match the best one ever. I want to hear from you if you have an idea of something you'd love for your character to do to give them a fun/memorable CC moment that fits your character...please PM Sayer.

    I want to hear your ideas! If they involve other people, I will do my best to make them happen!

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    Re: Carnal Contendership ideas.

    Nothing too specific but I feel like a good back and forth between Gabrielle and someone like Jason Randall could be fun. One of the quality midcarders taking it to her.

    And if Cyrus and Gabrielle are in there together at any point all hell breaks lose with how much they hate each other.

    Cyrus and Krash continually teasing that they'll have their "match" in the middle of the CC match only to be continually interrupted by Garcia or Gabrielle could be fun.

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