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    This is where you post your promos for the 11/15/19 show. Any mentions of Michael Garcia in a positive manner may increase your score from one of us. Jimmy King, really. He loves him some Garcia. It's true. but seriously, post your promos here. Preferably by Monday November 11th at 3AM EST...8AM for the Brits, if you'd like it to count. If you post it later than that, you will suffer serious consequences. Largely in the form of point deductions.24 hour extension available upon request up until 24 hours before the deadline.

    Long story short: Have your shit posted by Monday the 11th at 3AM for the East Coast/8AM for the Brits. 24 hr extension available up until Sunday the 10th at 3AM EST/8AM Britain. Get it? Got it? Good.

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    Chapter One: The Debut
    We open into a narrow room, filled with luxurious furniture and an extravagant bar. As the camera pans backward, and were able to see out the window and trees flying past it becomes obvious we're in a train. Three figures emerge as the camera comes to a halt. It's the newest members of the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance! The newest tag team on the block, The Wave! Johnny Devlin and Andre Mack, as well as their manager and business partner, Ashley Bell.

    The trio is dressed comfortably for their day of travel, as Devlin and Mack are wearing joggers and a tight t shirt, while Bell is wearing yoga pants and a hoodie that exposes her toned stomach. The tag team are watching highlights on a MacBook, while Bell is stretching. We catch a glimpse of the laptop screen to see they are watching themselves in a warm up match in Devlin's performance center.

    Johnny Devlin: So if you have them up for a powerbomb or spinebuster, hold them up for there for me to hit that Blockbuster out of the corner. That's sure to keep anyone down. You see Dre, we're going to be at our best when we're working together. We have two completely different styles that mesh well together. Like this move right here, he tried to wheelbarrow and roll you up, but you had the strength to hold him up… and here I come with a springboard Chuck kick.

    Johnny fast forwards the video a little bit, as Dre soaks up all the information

    Johnny Devlin: Now these two moves were some other favorites of mine, these could swing matches in our favor so we should keep these in our back pocket. Like this one, where you had him in a bearhug and I slammed him down with the throwback. Or this one, where I tossed him like a lawn Dart into the turnbuckle and as he bounces out you run through him like a damn bulldozer. THIS. This is what will take us far. THIS is what will put FWA on notice.

    Andre Mack nods in agreement, as he starts to pour himself a drink. Ashley changes poses and Devlin closes the MacBook.

    Johnny Devlin: But it's much more than that Andre. I know if we get into a bar fight nobody will be able to take you down. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't want anybody else by my side. However the squared circle is a different story. These men are dangerous, and meticulous. They will focus on your hurt knee, they'll play mind games to try to split us up. Anything goes when you step through those ropes in front of thousands of people.

    With that, Bell finishes her stretching and takes a sip from her water bottle. She walks over and stands in front of both men.

    Ashley Bell:
    That's right, it's not all strength or what moves you guys can pull off. It's about working together, knowing where each other is at all times. Knowing your opponents weaknesses, keeping your opponents apart from each other while you wear them down. Tag Team wrestling is as much psychological as it is physical. The more reps you guys get together, the better off you'll be. That's why we had everybody at the gym try to take you guys on. We're going to practice that A LOT when we're not traveling for Fight Night. And luckily for us, your guys first match this week is against.. *checks paper* a couple nobodies.. Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jessie? Now I've been scouting the FWA for a while now so we'd have a leg up on the competition, but I've never heard of these guys. This is probably their try-out match too, so you guys need to focus and stick to our strategy. These guys aren't going to take your spot! We've worked too damn hard for this!!

    The passion from Bell seems to have really lit a fire under Andre Mack, as he stands up pumping his fist.

    Andre Mack: Hell yeah! These dudes don't know who they're dealing with. Joey Gladstone is gonna be leaving Joey Sadstone, and I'm going to make Jessie scream "Uncle"!

    The trio laugh at the big man's joke, as Devlin pours drinks for himself and his girlfriend, before all 3 raise their glasses for a toast.

    Johnny Devlin: To FWA, and to it's newest tag team, The Wave!!

    The three stars clink their glasses together before taking a drink and sitting back down as the camera fades to black.

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    *A cameraman is out in the woods, where he meets up with Mike Valander who hasn't been seen in a while ever since attacked, Alex notices the cameraman*

    Mike: Hey Cameraman, its okay get up on my boat, its good.
    *Cameraman walks up and onto his boat*

    Mike: Welcome to Moose Lake, ain't it beautiful? This lake out here in the north is so beautiful.

    *Cameraman nods*

    Mike: Good, because we're going fishing. Lets go.

    *Mike starts up the boat*

    Man the sweet smell of boats, bait, and booze. Care for some crafted beer?

    *Cameraman grabs a bottle of fine beer*

    Mike: Look at them fishes out there, ain't they beautiful?

    *Cameraman asks him where's he been*

    Mike: You know I've been asked that question and my answer is well I needed a break. Being that arrogant punk, I needed to find my realself. And I realized, I grew up in the Midwest and I loved fishing.
    So now, I left a few other companies and then I took a break.

    *Mike notices a fish*

    Mike: There is a fish, lets get it.

    *Mike drives up and reels in his book and catches the fish*

    Mike: Yes sir, that's good fishing, got some good fish to cook later.

    *After a few more hours, they head back to the bar where Mike goes for an interview*

    Mike: So, you're asking when I'm coming? That's a good question, you know after that attack, I been out of it. Like leaving because I needed a fresh restart. Well now, I'm coming and their championships are like the fishes today, they're hook line and sinker.

    Mike: My opponents if you see this, I'm back and just like hunting deer, you're dead meat.

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    Exile Chronicles: Volume 2
    Chapter 13: The Path of the Broken




    Pain. Darkness. The blood pounding in his ears. For Cyrus Truth, his whole world seems to have been reduced to a small pocket in time and space.

    He knows where he is. It’s the Desert Storm pay-per-view event in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the main event, where his FWA World Heavyweight Championship is on the line against Gabrielle Montgomery and Dave Sullivan.

    He can also remember exactly what happened. Cyrus had just survived Gabrielle’s DDT and saw Dave Sullivan out of the corner of his eye preparing for his dangerous jumping cutter. But Cyrus countered that into Journey’s End…

    ...but did he connect? He should have. He had to. Journey’s End would’ve ended the match and secured his continued reign. But he couldn’t recall. Why can’t he remember?

    Eventually, the pounding in his ears gives way long enough to hear a cacophony of cheers and boos. As his senses returned to him, Cyrus looks up and sees several pieces of trash being tossed at a figure on the entrance ramp.

    Cyrus’s gaze focuses. And all at once, his confusion is dispelled, replaced by a somber realization.

    Cyrus Truth was still alive.
    Cyrus Truth was no longer champion.

    As Cyrus watches while Dave Sullivan, the crass, arrogant dual champion celebrates and taunts with his newly acquired third title...HIS title, the one he had fought for and defended constantly ever since he came to FWA...a feeling of disgust, loathing, and sorrow sits in The Exile’s gut like a stone. Face down on the mat, he can hear the shuffling of who he imagines is Gabrielle moving around in a corner of the ring dies down. The crowd’s chanting continues, some bellowing “Triple Champ!” and others “Fuck you, Davey!” as it’s clear that the new World Champion has already left to celebrate and preen about his titanic accomplishment.

    There’s a moment...brief, but poignant, where doubt and despair seem to want to fester in the mind of the now former World Champion. For but a second, it almost looks like The Exile will fall into that same abyss of self-pity and indignance that so many others before him had fallen into.

    But just as Cyrus’s body goes slack, something inside of him snaps back into place. The muscles in his body, battered and bruised, tense up.


    As Cyrus continues laying flat in the center of the ring, he clenches his hands into fists.


    The blood’s pounding in his ears again, but this time? It’s as if they were war drums. And though he never says a word, Cyrus’s thoughts are as clear as day as he looks back up to the entrance ramp and slams his fist into the mat...and those thoughts echo like thunder as the video goes black:

    “This isn’t over…”


    Our scene opens in...well, nothing.

    Absolutely nothing. You can’t even call this a room as the darkness seems to have no end, nor any beginning. It’s also silent, like a crypt. There appears to be absolutely nothing in this vast expanse, this sprawling void.

    And then, we hear the thud of footsteps on hard stone.

    Out of the darkness, illuminated by a hand-held lantern, emerges a figure clad in black leathers and red wool, face obscured by a drawn hood to where the only thing you see is this figure’s chin. Tied to this figure’s back is a bundle wrapped in cloth and rope, obscured to the darkness being strong enough to drown out most of the light from the lantern. And once again, all we hear are the sound of footsteps on the stone floor...very rarely broken up by the sound of cracking ceramic, thought we don’t see what exactly this figure is crushing underfoot.

    The familiar voice of the former World Champion booms out...but the figure’s lips in the video don’t move. The voice of Cyrus Truth plays over this scene...stoic, measured, but laden with rage.

    “Failure is a bitter wine, one that I’ve not had to taste all that often in FWA. But absence hasn’t improved the taste, and I find myself drowning in it in light of what happened at Desert Storm. I am no longer the FWA World Heavyweight Champion. Gabrielle, for all her many faults, isn’t either. The man who now holds the World, all the titles in FWA is Dave Sullivan. A feat unmatched by any in FWA’s history. The most powerful champion in the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance is now Dave Sullivan, and all roads to singles gold now run through him. It’s a thought that should make every single wrestler in FWA who has even an iota of dignity cringe in disgust.

    “The man who holds a title sets the tone for how one should conduct themselves as wrestlers for the promotion. As World Champion, I tried my best to carry myself as a champion should. Was I perfect? Hell no. But I was a damn sight better than a lot of former World Champions in FWA, especially over the last six years. I sought to improve things in the company, to allow talents to flourish and grow and realize the things that were holding them back from greatness. I’ll admit; I’m no leader. I’m no role model, and certainly no saint. Just a traveler, nothing more or less. And yet, I TRIED to be something better than the champions FWA has had to suffer under for over half a decade.

    “Tell any of us expect that from Dave Sullivan?”

    The figure in the darkness stops, nearly tripping over something. The figure, angrily, stomps his foot down as we hear the shattering of ceramic, or porcelain...or is it something else? The darkness refuses to reveal it as the figure continues moving forward, undaunted.

    “Dave Sullivan is a problem that has been festering in FWA for far too we all should’ve dealt with long before now. And yes, I do mean “we.” As much as I could disparage men like Jason Randall, Starr, Mike Parr, and others for not getting the job done in their title matches against Dave, and as much as I could remind Gabrielle that her one victory over Dave ultimately met nothing when she couldn’t follow through and finish the job? Much of this falls squarely on my shoulders. At Revival, I told the world that I would take up the task of making sure that the vile and monstrous never held sway in FWA like they had in the past. And I had plenty of opportunities to put Dave down for good before Desert Storm, and even then I could’ve put a halt on his ravenous, reckless greed. But I didn’t. I should’ve. I should’ve crushed him and shattered his ego long before now...but in my own hubris, I allowed that which didn’t matter as much in the grand scheme of things distract me. And because of my neglect, a cancer now holds all the gold and power in FWA.

    “But Dave Sullivan is not invincible. In spite of everything, I KNOW that I can beat Dave Sullivan. As much as he’s going to want to crow about his unprecedented accomplishment and proclaim himself to be god or the like, Dave Sullivan is not without his flaws. And at Desert Storm, while he used every trick in the book and took every advantage he could find to score the win, ultimately he failed to do one thing. The one thing that could’ve secured his reign for many moons to come.

    “Dave Sullivan might have pinned me at Desert Storm...but he didn’t finish me off. And if he would take two seconds away from his time running his mouth and actually listen to those who came before him...the Ryan Rondos, the Bell Connellys, the Shannon O’Neals, and the Chris Kennedys? He’d realize just how grievous a mistake it was to allow me to live.”

    The figure in the dark continues walking forward, the sound of crunching beneath his feet getting louder and more frequent as he continues his slow, purposeful pace towards whatever his destination could be in this void.

    “By rights as the former champion, I am entitled to a rematch for the championship I lost. But instead, I must earn the opportunity to face Dave Sullivan at Back in Business for the World Title. Undoubtedly, if the roles were reversed, Dave Sullivan would be in front of a camera bitching and moaning. It’s not as if he hasn’t done it before in the lead up to Desert Storm or when it came time for him to defend his belts as he continued chasing after me. But I’m not Dave Sullivan. I don’t care that I have to earn yet another Back in Business main event. In fact, I relish the opportunity. Because I hear the whispers of the boys and girls in the locker room. Those who admire Dave Sullivan...those who’ve always despised me. They think that Dave’s record against me is a shifting of the tides. That now, I’m washed up. That now, I’m not as dangerous as the man who took this company by storm in his first ever match. I see this match as a lesson to impart amongst those who would be my peers...that in spite of everything that’s happened, in spite of the indignities I’ve suffered, I am still the man that those in FWA measure themselves against to see if they are truly great or just pretend to be.”

    The figure’s gait slows down as the lantern light reveals something else hidden in the shadows...a large, heavy oaken door. The figure sets down the lantern and fumbles in his coat pockets as Cyrus continues his voiceover.

    “And how fitting...that the Road to Back in Business...the Long and Winding Road to a reckoning with Dave Sullivan brings me back to where it all began…”

    Eventually, the figure produces a set of keys clasped together with a heavy iron ring and picks one, inserting it into the lock and turning it. The door lets out a loud “clink” as the figure pockets the keys and opens the door, scurrying inside…

    ...However, the camera pans down to the lantern sitting on the floor. With the light now illuminating it, we can now finally see what was strewn on the ground crunching underneath the figure’s feet…

    ...It’s terracotta.

    We transition into the room itself, this time illuminated by wall sconces and torch light. It looks to be an arena of sorts, fit for gladiatorial combat. Old stone, covered in moss and lichen makes up the walls of this arena, looking like something from an era long forgotten. The darkness that surrounded this arena appears to not have infiltrated this place, and the light from the torches is more than enough to illuminate the arena with a dim glow.

    And what we see in the middle of the arena are dozens of terracotta soldiers.

    We flash back to 2016, to a similar scene with a familiar Exile standing in the middle of a horde of terracotta soldiers. Then as now, they bear the faces of FWA competitors of the past and present. We see Cyrus standing defiantly in the middle of this horde with sword in hand asking the question:

    “Which one of you will stop me...which one of you CAN stop me?”

    Back in the arena, we see the figure approach the terracotta army in front of him and, for the first time, he speaks with his own voice:

    “Carnal Contendership.”

    The voice...Cyrus Truth’s voice, comes from this figure’s lips as he slowly walks towards the statues. The camera pans over them, and we definitely see the familiar faces among them. FWA Legends, up-and-comers, the steady standbys, superstars of the past...all of them are here, in one way or another.

    However, one stands alone behind the horde. Standing on a dais is a singular terracotta figure, but this one? Carved into him are three championship around his waist, the two others resting on his shoulders. The figure’s face is one of pride, disdain, and abject toxic superiority.

    This soldier bears the face of Dave Sullivan.

    Closer...closer...closer the figure gets to the horde of statues, and as he walks ever so slowly, he...the Exile...speaks.

    “Carnal Contendership is where I made my FWA debut. It is also where I shocked the FWA to its core by winning and securing my first of three Back in Business main events. If I was someone else, I’d boast that I’ve never lost Carnal Contendership, but that’d be pointless. For one, I’ve only ever competed in one Carnal Contendership. But more importantly, back then? I did have one advantage that I no longer possess.”

    We flashback to 2016 as Cyrus is pointing the sword at the stationary terracotta figures as he begins pontificating:

    “Do any of you fully realize just who the hell I am?”

    Back in the present, there’s cracking amongst the horde of terracotta men and women. However, they’re not breaking...they’re coming alive.

    “I am Cyrus Truth. The Reaper of the Long and Winding Road.”

    The stony eyes of the soldiers flicker and wink as their faces start to twist and conform, contorting from emotionless figures to expressions of hunger, greed, and anger.

    “When I speak, gods tremble.”

    The limbs of the terracotta army start to move, as if they were flesh and bone, and all of them raise their hands, fists clenched.

    “When I stand, kings kneel.”

    The Dave Sullivan figure on the dais in the back animates as well, as a wicked sneer crosses his lips, clearly amused by this spectacle.

    “And when I fight? Legends FALL.”

    That last flashback statement echoes for a bit as the army of terracotta FWA superstars starts to shake off the dust and move forward, like a legion in formation. They are a wall, standing between the “King” and the Exile. From under his hood, Cyrus’s lips are pursed as he clenches his jaw.

    “I can’t take you by surprise this time, can I? Now, you all know that I’m coming. You know to expect me. And just like before, you’ll all want to take this opportunity to finish me off once and for make Truth the rhetoric that you’ve all been spewing for the last four years.

    “Since day one, I’ve been told I don’t belong. Ever since I threw Chris Kennedy out of that ring back in 2016 and took control of this company’s upper card, I’ve had to listen to you all question my heart, my talent, my principles, and MY PASSION and I’ve successfully fought back every last one of your attempts to disprove the indisputable Truth that I am one of, if not the very best in FWA today! Ultimately, you’ll see this as the opportunity to prove your drivel right and “save” FWA from the monster that we all allowed to fester and thrive.

    The terracotta soldiers start to move just a bit quicker...from a shambling walk to a quick march.

    “You all want to be the one. But none of you realize just what that’s going to take. And if you think you can stop me from running through you again, securing my fourth Back in Business main event, and slaying this cretin that has taken over FWA?”

    The terracotta FWA superstars break into a full run as Cyrus, stoically, stands still as his left hand reaches for his hood.

    “Come on...haven’t any of you been paying attention?”

    Cyrus lowers his hood, and he looks almost like a different man. He’s cut his shoulder length hair much shorter, and his eyes that burn with resolve seem...colder, more focused. There’s no rage in his voice, no indignation. This is not the Vagabond King...more, a soldier, a man who has an important task ahead of him...a task he believes he alone can complete.

    The first of the terracotta figures break out from the horde. It’s some of FWA’s newcomers, like Mike Valander and Kayden Knox, who take the first stab at Cyrus.

    “Your fresh new talent…”

    In a flash, Cyrus opens his overcoat and draws forth a lightning strike of steel, smashing several terracotta soldiers with a very familiar-looking sword. With the blade in his right hand, Cyrus then rushes forward, heading towards a group of past superstars like Zachary Kazadi, Hanz Gruber, and Deception.

    “Your ‘shocking' returns…”

    Cyrus bull rushes them, shoulder-checking one to the ground as he uses the pommel of his sword to smash in the face of another, opening a path for him.

    At this point, several of the soldiers start to push and shove one another, all anxious to be the last one standing as a full-blown free-for-all melee breaks out. All the while, the Dave Sullvian statue stands on his dais, seemingly enjoying the “peasants” fighting for his amusement.

    Cyrus dodges and weaves through the fracas, and comes face-to-face with statues of Jason Randall, Michael Garcia, James Hughes, and Mike Parr.

    “Your stalwart hands…”

    The Garcia terracotta soldier grabs Cyrus in a bearhug, but Cyrus defiantly headbutts and shatters his face as he grabs two more by the back of their heads and smashes them together. The Exile presses further, this time confronted by effigies of Stu St. Clair, Phillip Jackson, and KAIZEN.

    “Your former legends…”

    Cyrus swings with the sword as the Stu figure grabs it, giving the Phillip and KAIZEN figures an opening to try to swarm. However, Cyrus jerks the sword free, shattering the arm holding it and swinging quickly, reducing the three of them to rubble.

    Pressing forward through the chaos, getting closer and closer to the raised dais and his target, Cyrus is cold clocked by a stone hand, knocking him to a knee. As The Exile glares up, he sees the terracotta faces of Chris Kennedy and Gabrielle Montgomery, staring at him with contempt.

    “Your supposed elite…”

    As if on instinct, Cyrus sweeps the legs of the terracotta Gabrielle, knocking her flat onto the ground. Before the Chris Kennedy can respond, Cyrus jabs the sword into its shoulder and stand up to deliver a smashing forearm to the head, crumbling it. With a look of disdain, Cyrus then stomps the Gabrielle on the floor, shattering its face underneath his heel.

    The number of terracotta soldiers have now dwindled, devolving into a series of miniature skirmishes. However, the path to the dais is clear for Cyrus, as he walks with purpose towards the foot of the dais towards the Dave Sullivan…

    However, from behind, two pairs of terracotta arms grabs Cyrus, restraining him by the shoulders. As Cyrus looks behind him, he says…

    “...Even allies and friends, both old and new…”

    Turning his head, he sees the effigies of Devin Golden and Krash. There’s the briefest of hesitation...but with a burst of strength, Cyrus frees himself and swings twice, breaking them no different than the rest.

    The Dave Sullivan terracotta soldier looks disdainfully at Cyrus as he approached. There’s no fear in its eyes as it opens its mouth, letting loose a bloodcurdling scream of the damned…

    ...But just as it does, Cyrus plunges the sword into its throat, silencing it. As its mouth shudders as if gasping for air, Cyrus continues to drive the sword deeper and deeper until the hilt is flush with stone. Leaning in, the Exile whispers, growling into the ear of this effigy.

    “I will run through this entire roster, man and woman alike, if it means I get to you. I do not care who thinks they can stop me...they’ll all crumble so that I can return to Back in Business and set right the mistakes I and others have made. I’ve done this before. I will do it again. And when the dust settles at Carnal Contendership, and you see me standing alone in that ring...will you be so confident in your ability to survive, Lord of Many Crowns?

    “Be ready to be haunted by the ghost you didn’t lay to rest. Be prepared to fall when the reckoning descends upon your head like a blade. I’ll see you at Back in Business…’Your Majesty.’”

    Cyrus releases his grip on the blade as the Dave Sullivan statue claws at it, feverishly trying to remove it, but failing to do so. Turning his back, having struck his blow, Cyrus turns his attention back to the remaining terracotta superstars, knowing full well that they, too, must fall in order to clear the path to Back in Business.

    Slowly, Cyrus descends from the dais and walks back into the fray, cracking his knuckles as the Dave Sullivan statue continues to fumble and choke on The Exile’s sword…

    Carnal Contendership is coming. So too is The Wayward Warrior. A wrestler with a goal and purpose in mind...and the resolution to tear through anyone who dares to stand in his way...
    Something Witty!

    4x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x CWA World Heavyweight Champion

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    "Knox Back To Redemption"

    We open up inside a room with people around chairs in a circle the floor is dirty the windows have bars on them as it is the early morning and the sun is shining through the bars on a man who back is turned staring at the outside. There is a voice can be heard at first it sounds mumbled but then you hear it more clear as it is a female who places her hand on the shoulder of the man. He doesn't turn around at first simply just waiting for a few seconds before she speaks again.

    ???: Sterling?

    The man turns around to see Sterling Jagger looking rough his face looks sick he looks tired he has hospital clothing on as he nods his head acknowledging he heard the women. The women herself is short height probably around 5"5- 5"8 and she is skinny. Her eyes are blue and her hair is red not natural but it looks good. She is wearing a pants suit light gray and black glasses. She leads Sterling Jagger to the seat and he sits. He seems to be distracted looking out the outside. His mind is broken his eyes full of pain as the group of other men and women around him listen to the women.

    ???: Hello everybody and I applaud you all for coming to group therapy today. I look around this place today and see that we got some new people here joining us today. I am Dr. Cara Spencer and I am here today to help you guys and girls and to understand and hopefully help ease your suffering. Each of you are here today because you tried to end your lives. You tried to kill yourselves and while no that doesn't make you bad people its something that you need to understand that you need to accept that your life has meaning that you are not left with just the choice that brought you to this place today.

    Dr. Cara smiles as she looks around the room her eyes meet with Sterling Jagger who quickly looks away as she looks at him and begins to speak. Her voice is calm is soothing.

    Dr. Cara: Sterling... you are one of the new ones here why did you do.

    There is a quietness that carries in the room. Sterling Jagger looks to the ground he is seen biting his lip and he is shaking his eyes begin to tear while his voice is shaky almost breaking.

    Sterling Jagger: Why am I here? The truth of the matter is I am here because like everyone else in this room I tried to kill myself. What led me to this point? It was because I loved something that was never going to love me back. I loved something so much even though I knew that it was never going to love me and it became an addiction like a needle to the vein, like the last drip of whiskey in your cup like that fix you need to just give you enough to get by your day. I wanted to be loved.

    Dr. Cara looks at Sterling as his eyes fall again to the floor he can't even look at anyone in the room. His face shows shame as bites his lip harder. Dr. Cara voice carries in a serious tone.

    Dr. Cara: Sterling I am sure you are loved each and every person in this room has someone that loves them.

    Sterling Jagger shakes his head back and forth to the side as his voice breaks.

    Sterling Jagger: No, mom and dad never gave a damn about me and they are in the grave now I never even want to the burial. I have no friends. I am alone. I don't want to be alone. I want to be loved. I don't wanna feel like no one understands me that no one gives a damn about me because that is the truth of the matter no one does. I was mocked. I was berated I was told that I was worth less then the air that your breath. Do you know how that feels? Do you know how it feels to be left with no friends? To be left with no family? I was left with nothing but the thoughts in my head and at first I thought that I would be ok.

    Sterling Jagger voice again starts to break as he stops for a few seconds there is a moment when Dr. Cara stands up and walks over to Jagger and puts her hand on his shoulder. She leans down while his eyes still staring at the ground. She tries to get him to look at her but he refuses his head still down in shame he seems to be a broken man with no will. Sterling Jagger speaks again his eyes closed as tears rush down from his face.

    Sterling Jagger: I thought these thoughts were something that everyone went through. I thought that they would subside that I would be ok. The thing is though the thoughts that begin as whispers grew louder and louder each and every day as the begin to become darker and even darker.

    I thought that I could conquer them I thought that they would go away and they never did. I was alone, I was unloved I was left with these thoughts all the time in my head twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Alone. These thoughts begin to takeover your mind first like a parasite infecting your brain and then they begin to takeover your body your actions and you don't even feel like yourself.

    I feel shame... I feel ashamed to be in this place to be right here right now I felt like I was left with no other choice I felt as if it was my only choice. So I took the time, and I pulled out a pen and paper and I started to write with tears from my face I wrote.

    Sterling Jagger drops to the ground his eyes full of tears and he is weeping. You can see his face turn red you can see him try and get ahold of himself but he just weeps and every person that tries to get close he pushes away he grabs the chair he was sitting on and he throws it against the wall and he screams. His voice carries as there is panic in the room the staff come in and pin him against a wall as Dr. Cara says stop. She walks over to Sterling Jagger and she pulls a paper from her jacket.

    Dr. Cara: This paper right here this was your note wasn't it? This was your last words you thought? You wrote this down because you knew someone would read it that someone loved you did you not? You aren't alone. You are loved if you were truly alone if you weren't truly loved. You would not be here right now.

    AJ Drake walks into the room and he is in a collar shirt and jeans and he looks at his friend who is broken who is defeated and he talks to him.

    AJ Drake: You are my oldest friend. I don't know who this Sterling Jagger is I don't know who this persona you created was but, I know who you really are. You are the guy that has been through hell but you came back better and better every time. You are the guy who was beaten battered and broken you may have been defeated but you are not out. You called me that night... You knew you weren't alone in the back of your mind you know that is the truth I will stick by your side through thick and thin because you did the same for me on my darkest days.

    Sterling Jagger looks into the eyes of his old friend and they embrace in a hug he then nods his head wipes the tears from his eyes as he begins to gain composure. He then slowly begins to reach out his hand to the

    Sterling Jagger: Sterling Jagger was never who I was. Sterling Jagger isn't even my name. My name is Kayden Knox. Sterling Jagger was who I thought wanted to be that he was who was going to get me that one thing I always craved for love but all it did was give me pain. I tried to ask for help I screamed for it from the top of my lungs and each and every person I thought would give me that helping hand just held my head under the water until I was left with nothing but blackness.


    "The Unwanted King "

    We are now in the present day as Kayden Knox is seen looking at himself in the mirror in the bathroom the glass shattered as a knock is heard on the door as Knox turns his head he sees AJ Drake in his signature black and blue suit as he takes of his glasses he looks at his friend and without any words given they seem to know exactly what each other is thinking. Kayden Knox looks back at the mirror thinking back about his past. He begins to speak as if talking to multiple people at once and also himself as well. His voice is deep his eyes filled with passion and He punches the mirror. The shattered glass reflecting back at him and he looks at it seeing not just himself but, AJ Drake, Tommy Thunder, Jason Randall, XYZ, and the rest of the FWA roster. They look as if they are laughing at him.

    Kayden Knox: I didn't break as Sterling Jagger the fact of the fucking matter is I was set free from my chains as Kayden Knox. The real me the man with nothing to lose and everything to gain now it seems that everyone gives a damn that everyone wants to be a fan that no one wanted to give a damn about me when I was at my worst but now that I am standing here before you out to right the wrongs you committed now you want to join the bandwagon you wat to join my side I don't need anyone or anything besides AJ Drake the man that saved my life the man that open my eyes that gave me a new release in life and here I stand the man with a chance to go from nothing to something and to knock the crown off of the unwanted King.

    Kayden Knox looks at the shattered mirror as one by one the people vanish and left in his face in the mirror is the FWA Triple Crown Champion Dave Sullivan. Sullivan has a cocky smile on the side of his face. The X Division championship on his left shoulder the North American Championship on his right and the FWA Championship around his waist. Kayden Knox sizes him up and then begins to speak in a serious slow tone. He grabs the side of the mirrors and stares deep into the eyes of the champion.

    Dave Sullivan you and I we aren't so different are we?

    Kayden Knox looks as him as he begins to start to see pieces of himself in Sullivan as Sullivan stares back at him with no emotion.

    Both of us have had some demons that we have dealt with each of us question what are worth was and for awhile we each accepted that we would be nothing more then the thoughts that were setting our limits that we came to believe ourselves. We thought that we never were one thing and we became so much greater.

    The mirror figure of Dave Sullivan seems to nod in agreement but, still does not seem to be taking it seriously he looks as if he tries to brush it off with a smirk.

    Your arrogance Dave it doesn't come from the fact that you are a triple crown champion, it doesn't come from the fact that you are the King of FWA, it comes from the fact that it is to hide that innocence's lost that self worth that was forgotten that self loathing that you have for each and every single person that gotten in your ear that took away that will in your heart.

    Sullivan slowly nods his head No! He then eyes the championship on the left and then the championship on his right. He then looks down at the championship to his waist as he looks back at Knox again a coy smirk emerges as he points to the crown on his head. Knox looks at the mirror rage filled in his eyes as he seems to be enraged by the fact that Sullivan does not take him seriously. Knox paces back and forth before rushing back to the mirror screaming.

    I am in that same boat Dave I am on that same path and I am now free just like you to prove each and every one of theses single mother fuckers who have done me wrong and in this match I got to the goal to win that match go to Back To Business and prove to the world that I am worth a damn that I am worth the air from my lungs that my eyes full of read my heart beating from my chest ready to explode that I am the man that can beat Dave Sullivan because when you look in the mirror you see the truth that the reflection in it is me and you understand everything that I have gone through.

    Sullivan looks back at him as Knox clinches his fist Knox begins to punch the mirror over and over as Sullivan laughs in the back ground as glass digs into the skin of Knox and his blood drips to the floor below. The glass is now completely shattered and lays across the sink. Knox takes a few seconds to breath as he looks down at his hands. He then awakes from his dream. He gets up to look down at his cellphone and a call coming in from AJ Drake.


    "The Last Rites Of FWA"

    We now see Kayden Knox with AJ Drake by his side walking outside the arena. There is no one else around as camera crews try to get into the face of Kayden Knox as he does not want to speak to them one cameraman gets close and Knox throws him into a wall the feed cuts out for a few seconds before coming back with Knox walking back out of the picture as AJ Drake stops them from walking any closer. He puts his shades in his pocket and speaks with a cocky annoying tone.

    AJ Drake: What do you want?

    Cameraman: How does Kayden Knox feel going into the match tonight?

    AJ Drake looks at him with a arrogant smile. He then speaks with a smirk that comes from half his face.

    AJ Drake: Let's talk about the men and women in this match.

    Mike Valander

    The new guy debuting in this match you need to be shown the truth that these people don't give a damn about you. You walk into this match with the sky as your limit you go into this match looking up at the big leagues Kayden was in there he knows that pressure you are feeling and it nearly killed him. He looks at you and he could see the pressure building. You got them butterflies in your stomach you got your hopes held high.

    AJ Drake grin quickly changes as he pulls out his shades from his jacket he begins to clean them pausing again before he speaks.

    The thing is though, you are a lamb being brought to the slaughterhouse a lost soul lead astray from the pact and it is going to eat you alive it is going to take the things you hold most dear to your heart and it is going to take it all from you.

    AJ Drake: Then you got then next man. A man that has a history with Sterling Jagger but has never faced Kayden Knox.

    Jason Randall

    You truly are the wildcard are you not? A man whose heart is held in the hand of his love Penny the wild eye naïve dreamer and we can't help but feel sorrow when we look at you because you once were great you once came out here and you had this chip on your shoulder you didn't give a damn about what anybody thought of you and he was jealous of that. We have a past Jason and you got the better of the man he tried to be then but look into these eyes and you will no longer see the same old man.


    Drakes voice gets higher almost a shout as he looks into the camera as if he was speaking directly to Jason. His voice gets low as a tremble is heard in the voice of Drake. He speaks again almost into a whisper.

    You will see the monster you help made.

    His emotion changes again with this time Drake going back to a smile and he does readjust his suit and then he holds his chin high as to look down on Jason Randall.

    We should really be thanking you Jason shouldn't because if it wasn't for the fact that he had to go through you to start my downfall to pieces then he wouldn't stand here today as his true self.

    Drake smiles with a laugh he then looks back down at the camera.

    AJ Drake: Danny F'N Toner

    Drake again goes back down looking at the camera he tells them to come close before going on to speak in a slow monotone
    Do you remember looking across the ring at him when he was set free from the chains he was held down to?

    You are the underdog a true hero with these people but, we told you that they didn't give a damn about you .

    Danny you can go out there time after time and you put yourself through hell just to end up on your back looking up at the lights.

    We have been there.

    Kayden Knox appears back at the camera as he sits head down, He has his hair in front of his face and his arms on his knees and he sits in the quiet. AJ Drake motions towards Knox.

    We know how that feels to give everything you ever have and to lose and it seems that no matter how hard you try, no matter how good you think you are no matter the hours you put in you are left beaten, battered, and broken and that is like driving your head against a wall over and over screaming in a room that no one seems to give a damn.

    AJ Drake looks over as Kayden Knox, who stands up and begins to walk away. AJ Drake follows behind him as Knox opens up the arena's door and slams it. We can see in the background Knox pacing back and forth as AJ Drake turns back to the cameracrew. Drake looks over to the right where there is a poster with Krash right in the center of it. Drake grabs the poster staring deeply at it.

    AJ Drake: Krash....

    You are simply one of the best wrestlers the world has ever seen.

    You have seen it all and done it all you are the biggest hero in all of the former CWA and here you come upon your white horse to be the knight in shining armor to slay the king and save the kingdom.

    Here is the harsh reality though Krash.

    Drake takes the poster and crunches it in his hand he throws it to the ground and speaks with anger in his voice.

    This isn't a fairytale there is no happy ending at least not for you and the kingdom of FWA this story ends with the crown falling to his feet and the body of Dave Sullivan not far behind.

    We respect you.

    Krash far in between many of these men and women who watched as he screamed for help you were not one who did now granted you were not here you were sitting at home waiting for your shot and it was handed to you on a silver platter.

    You were given everything and earned nothing and the Krash we now the Krash who built his legacy on being that true hero would not stand for that he would not accept that so our question is this are you really the white knight?

    Drake stomps down on the poster on the ground grinding his foot on the face of Krash as it rips apart. Drake then pauses before another witty remark.

    The more likely it seems is that you are just another fraud hiding behind a Cheshire smile.

    There is a sudden crash as we see Kayden Knox slam his fist on the glass as Drake nods and follows suit into the arena. They start to walk throughout the arena floor where all the empty seats are at. Kayden Knox is seen running up and down the stairs as Drake turns back to the crew. Drake smiles again very coy.

    AJ Drake: James Hughes

    We look at you and feel as though you have this potential to be something more and every time you get the chance you just fall short. You fall in line with Toner you are birds of a feather two peas in a pod and you are searching for something just like Kayden was.

    When he was Sterling Jagger he wanted the spotlight, he wanted to be loved, he wanted the admiration the fame the fortune and he looked into your eyes and we could see it clear as day that you want that same thing that you want that and you just can't seem to grasp that elusive brass ring.

    The thing is James is that it is just that elusive we were never suppose to grab it we were never suppose to achieve and it seems to me until you open your eyes until you face the truth you are gonna be kept in the dark like I was to be forgotten to be lost.

    Kayden Knox again begins to walk away with the camera crew getting closer there is a trophy case with different moments through the FWA past. There is the old championship of Cyrus Truth title reign as Kayden Knox is just staring at it in almost a trance. His breath fogs the glass as he looks to leave he turns and punches the glass as it falls across the floor. Knox then grabs the championship holding it in his hand. Drake looks back too him and with nod to each other Drake begins to speak with Knox back to the championship dragging on the ground.

    AJ Drake: Cyrus Truth.... Out of everyone here you really got the most stake in this don't you?

    Drake ask the question with another smirk on the side of his face. He turns to Knox motioning to the championship.

    You held that championship in your grasp for a long time and you took on every single person time and time again you put them away your biggest rivals fall by your hand but, you didn't care who it was it was just another name just another victim. You never even gave Knox a passing glance. What kind of arrogance do you have to not even give someone the time of day.

    You are a bully Cyrus and do you know how you handle bullies?

    You put them in there place and then pen might be mightier then the sword but his blade is not the sharpest but, its jagged rough and it will dig into your skin and it will decay in your veins.

    Drake walks to the broken shelf of the trophy case and he grabs the picture frame of Cyrus Truth. It shows him holding the title high. He looks at it and then speaks to it with a wicked smile on his face.

    You have this pride to you Truth , we can tell because every word you say every glance you make is just building this ego that is deep in your soul.

    Do you know why you lost the title in the first place?

    He looks as he ask the question to Cyrus Truth picture.

    It was pride.

    He places the picture back to the ground and Kayden Knox stares at the championship that is in his hands. Drake looks at the championship in the hand of Knox before turning back to the camera crew that is following them.

    Prideful man fall the hardest and you paid the ultimate price when your pride could not see "The Unwanted King" stab that dagger in your back because your pride was in your way. You were a victim of your own game. The hands of a women made you lose everything. The credit is where credit is due Cyrus you were a great here in FWA but, you are not the same man you were your head is holding a little bit lower your words have a little less of a punch and you are simply what Knox was defeated. You are defeated and its a shame to watch as no man can defeat father time and your clock is about ready to strike twelve.

    Knox drops the championship to the ground and walks away the camera pans to see the title where you see Cyrus Truth nameplate as the camera then pans back to the two walking away. We get to see Knox stop dead in his tracks and he looks as though he is in a trance. The camera pans to see a merchandise table where we see shirts of Dave Sullivan of Cyrus Truth but, Knox eyes are set on that of Michael Garcia. You see Drake get nervous for a moment before walking to Knox he whispers into his ear. Knox is seen shaking his head before agreeing and walking off in the distance. Drake looks at the table and then grabs the Garcia shirt.

    AJ Drake: Michael Garcia

    You couldn't let well enough be could you?

    Drake ask the question again looking at the camera there is a lump in his throat as he goes to speak. The emotion make this a very slow talk.

    Your no different then he was at his weakest point.

    You are an addict.

    Your addiction may not be the empty bottles like his was it may not be the Jack Daniels soaking the old rugs it may not be the needle in the arms of a street thug but you are an addict none the less.

    Your addiction is attention.

    You are a attention whore.

    You were everything Sterling Jagger wanted to be.

    You were the guy who had his name in the spotlight he had his name in the stars everyone loves you.

    He don't love you...


    Drake shouts with a few heads of random people in the arena looking at him. His anger does not go away instead he uses it to fuel his next words.

    You see we think you are pathetic we think you are a loser. We think that looking at you every time reminds him of when he was at his weakest and it boils his blood and it pisses him off.

    You need to go away, you need to leave and never come back what do you think you got left to prove? Do you need that attention so much because you know without it you would of been in the same shoes he was.

    Does it scare you?

    Michael does it?

    The fact of the matter is you are only one bad day away from being him at his weakest point.

    Knox returns with Drake trying to calm him down. Drake says give him a few moments as he talks to Knox on the side. Knox is seen still pacing back and forth as the camera tries to hear what is being said. They can't but, Drake quickly comes back and goes on to speak as Knox is seen pulling out a cig and lighting it. Drake motions the camera attention on him.

    AJ Drake: Mike Parr... The Prodigy...

    You are the man with his future set in stone.

    You had it all in your grasp and just like that it was taken away.

    You lost.

    Drake says this in almost a mocking voice as he turns to the other camera.

    You lost again.

    You staked your claim to the championship and ended up on the wrong side of the record books when Dave Sullivan defeated you and staked his claim on the way of becoming "King Of FWA" You are to blame for his rise and you are to blame for your own demise. How fitting it must be to watch as one kingdom falls and another is built on the foundation that you made. You were given a chance to make something of yourself they gave you the chance that he never got and you pissed it all away.

    Drake shakes his head turning to look at Knox and then looking back at the camera.

    There is no coming back from that, at least not as the same person you were you can train harder you can fight longer you can punch that punching bag over and over until your hands bleed but it means nothing if you can't get the job done. You have fallen Mike and it is a free fall and the pavement is not forgiving not at all.

    Drake then looks on remembering again another new superstar in the match he pauses trying to remember his name as it comes back to him he can't help but again show that coy smile.

    AJ Drake: Eli Black

    One of another of the true unknowns going into this battle where the stakes are high and you are thrown into the lions den. There is a fire in you and it burns bright.


    We can sense that in you.

    Desire the desire to be great. The desire to prove to the world that on your very first nights here in FWA you can climb to the top and you can go on to headline the biggest show of the year.

    You won't... desire is nothing more then lies we tell ourselves to get by the days.

    He had desired to be loved.

    He had desired to be in the spotlight but he knew it was never going to happen no one ever took him seriously but you.

    You feel like you are different don't you?

    A sarcastic laugh comes from Drake as he and Knox think back about Sterling Jagger debut and his wide eye naïve self he was.

    You feel like every other new superstar hidden from the real works here in FWA. Do you know who else felt that way? XYZ and he felt nothing to a boy who was sheltered from the world to see the cold harsh reality that we live in. You are none the wiser and you are no different. We offer you a chance to walk away do not make me do to you the exact things he did to XYZ, Tommy Thunder, Danny Toner and any man that gets in my way from his redemption from his path of destruction. You do not want to be a victim of a war that you have no fight in.

    Devin Golden is seen walking in from the backstage area. Knox and Drake watch from a distance. Drake turns to Knox who is just watching Golden his eyes locked to him as exits the picture.

    AJ Drake:

    Devin Golden

    We got to say We don't really know much about you Golden. We know that your name it carries weight and we can see some eyes that have come your way since your return.

    The thing is just because we don't know who you are doesn't mean we don't see you as a threat. The thing is people you don't see as a threat end up becoming the most dangerous and to me you are simply a danger.

    A danger none the less that we have looked upon and seen.

    The thing is you got knowledge you have been in this spot before you know what it feels like to go into this match Kayden Knox doesn't. When you go into this match they your focus is going to be elsewhere.

    You will see the past and get beaten by the future as it just passes you by. Kayden Knox refuses to go back to be forgotten to being left behind.

    They are seen walking away and then Drake stops dead in his tracks he looks over to see a bookcase and a countertop book display of the book "The Scorpion and The Frog". Drake walks over to the book.

    AJ Drake: XYZ...

    We told you that this world is cold.

    We told you that FWA was a bad place filled with bad men.

    This is still the case this is still the truth and it a shame that you don't seem to get it so we are gonna try this again.

    XYZ do you know the story of "The Scorpion and The Frog"?

    Drake grabs the book from the countertop and pulls it out it shows the cover of the two animals as Kayden Knox with a somber look stands behind Drake. Drakes goes to speak and speaks as if he was talking to a child.

    The story goes that the scorpion ask the frog for a ride across the river and the frog at first is hesitant because he knows at any moment that he can be stung but the scorpion he reassures him he won't because if he stings him he will die as well. They go on and they get about halfway and the scorpion stings him and as he drowning dying the frog ask why? He turns to him and says I couldn't help it is in my nature.

    Drake closes the book and lays it back on the counter he takes a few moments letting the story sink in before he goes back to speak again. He sits down on the chair and tells the camera to get closer.

    The moral of this story to many people maybe that you are the frog but you are not you are the scorpion doomed to keep drowning due to his own fault.

    You keep trusting these people you are gonna be stung you keep putting your faith in them your gonna get stung.

    Do you enjoy the pain XYZ?

    Your simple child like mind should understand that wicked people can't change and that they will keep on picking and taking advantage of the weak ones until you stand up for yourself until you open your eyes and not let them do it. XYZ do not stand in the way of a righteous man trying to right the wrongs that the wicked men committed because you will suffer just like you did at Desert Storm do not make me a wicked man. We will not be held accountable for the things that Knox does to you.

    Knox and Drake look as you can hear fans start to enter the arena. There is much chatter about the happenings in FWA. They begin to speak about one of the newer up and comers Nova Diamond. There is a lot of excitement and the fans are heard speaking about him becoming one of their favs.

    AJ Drake: Nova Diamond

    You are a diamond in the rough.

    You are the proclaimed "Future of FWA" and its not hard to see why, Take a look at you, We got to say you have it all don't you? You are skilled in the ring. You got the look. You are the perfect building block for the future of FWA but you aren't the future.

    Drake looks back at the fans then looks back at the camera with a sharp tone to his voice he speaks.

    We don't need a crystal ball to tell it you either.

    You are simply a bad brick in that foundation and when it all comes crumbling down you will be held accountable for its actions. You are NGW World Champion a place that has crumble to the ground so we ask you how does it feel to be the king of ash?

    You got to the top of the mountain there and found out you were on the top of a volcano as it erupt and like Pompeii covered your place in ashes. You are simply the big fish in the small pond that will be eaten by the sharks that infest the waters here in FWA. Knox was on that same boat maybe he wasn't as good as you maybe he is still not but, don't think you can go through the things that we have without coming back with that ice in your veins that you need to win this match, to go on to BTB and defeat that "Unwanted King" We don't think you got that killer in you. That will be your greatest downfall Nova that will keep you from it all.

    We see that Knox and Drake walk into the locker room empty and the TV turned on the sounds of Gabrielle are heard on the TV for some new movie she has coming out. She is on the beach with the win running through her hair she is wearing a very skinny swimsuit her legs long as she is staring into the camera she smiles as the name of the movie pops up and the commercial ends. Knox looks on in disgust as Drake does the same.

    AJ Drake: Gabrielle Montgomery…The Goddess.

    You are the envy of every man that passes you by on the streets. You are the envy of every women in that locker room along with the men but you are more then just a pretty face. We seen what you do in that ring and We see the lust in your eyes and not many people know this but, lust is a powerful weapon much like desire and rage lust can overtake you.

    Your lust has gotten you so far in life and in the ring Gabrielle it has basically made your career hasn't it?

    Your lust to fill that ego and fill your pockets.

    The lust to be that desire of every man that sinful guilty pleasure.

    We don't blame you sex sells and you got this whole world wrapped around your finger.

    Drake points to the camera and laughs with a witty remark again he turns to Knox who doesn't acknowledge what is going on but, rather focused on his own mind.

    There is a reason why you stayed so long at the top that's where you like to be so that you can look down on the others as they are down beneath you.

    If this was Sterling Jagger talking to you he would of been down on his knees like the rest of them but, its not. We are not falling in awe of a so called woman who thinks she is a Goddess especially one who has fallen from grace and needs to be sent back down to earth.

    The camera fades to black as Knox walks away with Drake saying this is over.


    "Final Words"

    The crowd is heard roaring as the match is about to start. Kayden Knox is seen sad his head held down he looks as though the pressure is going to get to him. AJ Drake sees him and walks over grabbing his friend arm.

    AJ Drake: Look at me! I want you to listen to these words. I know for a long time in this world you felt alone. You felt unwanted. You suffered for a long time and I couldn't see that war you had inside your head with pain and how it begun to numb you. I want you to do something though.

    AJ Drake places Kayden's Knox hand on Knox's heart. There is a shock that runs through Knox that begins to make his body shake. AJ Drake lets go of his hand and he looks at his friend again.

    AJ Drake: Did you feel that?

    That is your heart beating once again that is the rage that is running through your veins that us you remembering everything that each and everyone of them did to you that is you remembering the pain. That is you remembering the misery that is your god damn heart ready to beat out of your chest because you know you got something to fight for don't think you got nothing to lose because you are going out there tonight and you are fighting for yourself.

    You are fighting for everything.

    You are fight for the chance to be something more to get that one thing you wanted over anything in this god damn forsaken world to be loved. You are fighting for that chance to make history to headline the biggest event in wrestling to put your name in the record books to never be forgotten again.

    Kayden Knox looks at AJ Drake with a smile one that Drake hasn't seen in a long time he begins to walk away. He turns looking back at his friend and begins to say some final words.

    Kayden Knox: I do this for me. You are right for a long time I wasn't ok. I would wake up every day and I tell myself get past the day just one more day and everyday it got harder and every day I felt like it was harder and harder to breath and I felt like my past was always going to make my future and I felt this guilt for being who I was and I felt bad for not being normal not being the man that everyone else was that I couldn't make them happy that I was just a disspointment that what I did was for nothing that I was always going to be just dirt in the ground and forgotten moment my body hit that casket the moment that last nail hit my eternal rest but AJ you are right.

    This is my moment.

    This is my fight.



    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    ​Brayden Bridges

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    The Scene opens with a shot of a brownstone. Looks like one of those old brownstones that the hipsters have not gotten there hands on yet. Its the middle of the night about closing in on 12 am as a Ducati Scrambler pulls up to the building. Two people are on the bike and the first to get off is the passenger. You can tell by the person shapely body that it is a women and as she removes her helmet long black flowing curls come popping out. She walks up to the building as the driver of the motorcycle secures the bike. The person removes his helmet and it none other then Eli Black. The woman opens the door and Black holds it open behind her to let her in first to show off that he is a gentlemen. As Black enters inside you can tell that the brownstone has been modernized. Marble floors, peculiarly white walls. The woman and Black are stopped by a guard who signals them that they have to take their shoes off before going any further. The woman proceeds but Black stops to chop it up with the security guard.

    Security Guard: Long time no see.(The Two dap each other and Embrace)

    Black: Yes Eli has not seen you in a very long time. Eli has been traveling all over the world....

    Security Guard: Um why are you talking like that?

    Black:(With a Frown)Like what? How is Eli talking?

    Security: Uh never mind i think that lady you brought Is signaling for you.

    Black: Oh yes her name is Laurie. You will be seeing her and Eli together a lot more often.

    Black enters the main room which seems to look like an art gallery. It has different paintings, sculptures, all over the walls. Inside the room you can see Laurie looking at each piece of art. There is camera crew set up already inside looking for Eli’s signal to start shooting.

    Laurie: You have some um interesting art pieces here but uh why bring me here? You brought me in to help you with your Wrestling career here in America. To be your insurance policy. What does this and this camera crew have to do with anything?

    Black:(With a smirk) Its simple Laurie. Eli has wrestled in Canada, Japan, Mexico and in all those countries its all about tradition and respect for the sport of wrestling. Eli liked it. Eli liked it a lot actually as Eli grew up watching wrestling. However Eli also grew up on watching arts. Whether it was ballet, Broadway, or recorded media Eli loves the drama. The spectacle of it all is what inspired Eli to become painter, to pick up a guitar. While watching American wrestling Eli noticed that its not just the respect for the sport. Its about the entertainment. You can either show your true self that you hid away or become someone that you can channel your deepest thoughts through. All for the entertainment of others. There is something exciting about that. Invigorating!

    Black walks up to the first painting on the wall. He admires it for a few seconds before Laurie calls to him to snap out whatever trance he is in.

    Black: Eli is in this for the sport but most importantly i get to share Eli’s art.....Eli’s pain....Eli’s story with million every week. The camera crew is here to record Eli in his natural habitat and introduce what kind of man Eli Black is. With any good Origin story we must start from the beginning.....May 26, 1993. The day Eli was born. This first painting that i am standing in front of is a representation of that day.

    The piece is zoomed in on and its a painting of a baby inside of a machine helping keeping it alive with what looks like to be rock trying to crush the machine. Black facial expressions changes and an intensity rises out of him

    Black: See if you listen to what statistics tell you Eli was a miracle born on that day. Coming days early before Eli’s due date, Being born to a parent pass the age of carrying babies traditionally. Having Eli’s own umbilical cord wrap around his own throat. The Doctors wrote Eli off, Nurses gave up. Even Eli’s damn mother gave up. Guess what? Eli Black survived. Off pure carnal desire.I made it out of an environment that was suppose to keep me safe but was trying to kill me. Eli’s desire to live was greater then whatever force put all the odds against me. That is what this painting represent. Each rock is a force that was trying to crush me on that faithful day May 26 1993!

    Black calms downs as Laurie and the camera men look startled at the story he is telling. Black returns to calm demeanor like nothing ever happened. Still staring at the camera with a smirk on his face.

    Black: So everyone in FWA, fans, management, the boys and gals in the back. You will hear Eli’s story not only through whats drawn but through the fight Eli Black will bring to that arena each and every week. Its fitting that this battle royal is named carnal desire.Eli’s desire to live is what kept me alive, Eli’s desire to see whats out there has kept me in one piece. Eli’s desire to fight is what is going to keep me in this match with some of the most talented sobs i have watched in my life. From most gifted in the room like The Exile or the self proclaimed goddess or the hungry Carnivore Garcia to fellow new comer Mike Valanader. Be prepared. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase be prepared because this artist is here to bring the chaos to the ring. Win, lose or draw mt story will be told!

    Scene fades out as the camera men pack up and Eli escorts Laurie out.
    "Are you doin' this work to facilitate growth or to become famous?
    Which is more important?
    Getting or letting go?"

    "The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't."

    "I rather you hate me for everything I am then for something i am not"

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    FWA Desert Storm
    Atlanta, GA
    Friday, October 18th, 2019
    Jason Randall vs. Nova Diamond vs. Mike Parr

    Randall lifts Parr up for the Wildcard Special finisher, but Diamond hits a superkick right to the jaw! Randall and Parr both go down and Diamond follows with The Trivela on Randall, who goes out of the ring. Diamond picks up Parr and hits "Uncomfortably Numb" (emerald flowsion kai) and drops him head first into the canvas. The crowd rises to watch as Diamond lays atop "The Prodigy" for a pinfall, with his forearm into the throat.


    Winner: Nova Diamond

    Diamond celebrates the win and is thinking of his upcoming North American Championship match. He celebrates and the crowd is happy with the result. However, a few fans try to encourage "The Wildcard" Jason Randall, who is now on the outside looking in on the title picture.
    Randall lifts himself up from the outside mat after sitting there for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality it was just a few seconds. He makes his way back up the ramp as fans show him support despite coming up short in a big match situation, again. Randall is blocking out any sound right now though as walks through the curtain and to the back where he immediately makes his way to the locker room. He shuts the door behind him and walks to his locker room, and just stares at it blankly.

    “On the outside looking in on the title picture…”

    That rings through his head now, the first noise of any kind in several minutes in his head. He places his head against the locker and just stands there motionless for several seconds, sweat dripping down his brow from off of his forehead. Suddenly, in one violent motion he headbutts the locker as hard he as he possibly can. He leaves a bit of a dent on the locker and blood begins to quickly trickle from his forehead and on to the floor as he looks down at the floor.

    “On the outside looking in on the title picture…”

    He removes himself from the locker room and heads over to the shower area, and turns on the water and places his head underneath the shower head and just lets the water hit him. He doesn’t seem to care if he’s still in his wrestling gear, he just needs this right now….

    “On the outside looking in on the title picture…”


    Several days later at his home that he shares with Penny, we find Jason Randall watching his match from Desert Storm again. He’s so zoned out and staring at the screen that he doesn’t realize that Penny has walked in with their dog Hercules. He stares intently at the screen, trying to figure out where he went wrong, what did he do wrong? What was it?

    “This is like the sixth time you’ve watched this match, don’t you think you should give it a rest? It might help clear your head”

    Penny says to him as he sits down on the couch near him.

    “Look, I know that this one really got you down, but I’m starting to get worried. You haven’t slept in days, you haven’t really said much since you got home, you haven’t even eaten much…”

    He looks at her with a faint smile and softly places his hand on her knee.

    “I promise you I’m okay, don’t worry about me. You just worry about yourself, okay?”

    She looks at him differently than she usually does, something is off about him but she smiles back at him.

    “Okay, I’m sorry I worry so much but I just care, that’s all”

    “I get that, I do. I appreciate the concern but I promise you that I’m fine”

    He grabs her hand and holds it in his.

    “I swear it, okay?”

    She nods.

    “Okay, if you say you’re fine then you’re fine. I think I’m going to go lay down for a nap with Hercules, that walk kind of wore me out”

    She gives Jason a light peck on the side of his head before getting up and heading to the bedroom with Hercules. He leans back on the couch and looks back at the TV where the match is still playing…

    “She doesn’t really care about you, no one does”

    He looks over at the other side of the couch where he sees what appears to be...himself?

    “What do mean? Of course she cares. She’s right, I haven’t been myself. I’ve been beating myself up too much over this lousy match”

    He shuts it off and tosses the remote aside.

    “Is that all it is to you, just some lousy match?”

    “What do you mean? Actually no, scratch that, who are you?”

    “You should know who I am”

    “I should? Because all I know is that you look like me”

    “Because I am you”

    “I’m confused right now, maybe I should get some sleep I’m becoming delirious I’m talking to myself…”

    “To be more accurate, I am your conscience.”

    “Why are you here then?”

    “Because you’re lost and you need help finding your way”

    He stares at what appears to be his conscience, but in reality it’s an empty seat on the couch. He’s probably dreaming but at this point who knows.

    “Why would my conscience say that Penny doesn’t actually care about me?”

    “Because you don’t actually believe that she does. She may actually, truly care but you don’t believe she does.You don’t actually believe that though, you’ve blinded yourself from any rational thought. You’ve gotten in your own head ever since you lost that match and now you need help finding your way”

    “Find my way?”

    “Yes, finding your way back”

    “Back to what?”

    “Back to being who you really are”

    “I am who I really am though”

    “Are you really though? Is who you are now who you really are or is it someone that thinks they should be who they are? You’ve become so content with it now you’ve lost your way. You need to find your true self and maybe then you’ll find different results, like maybe winning the Carnal Contendership”

    He thinks about this, none of it really makes any sense so he must be dreaming at this point; that or the writer is lost for ideas. Yeah, we’re back to fourth wall breaking here with The Wildcard, it’s been awhile. He thinks this over, what his conscience has said and eventually he dozes off to sleep.


    Fight Night
    Carnal Contendership Match
    Memphis, TN

    Jason Randall turns the camera on after setting it up and sits down in front of it. He looks more well rested than he did the last time we saw him, he looks refreshed, clear headed. He clears his throat before speaking.

    “I uh, don’t know what’s been going on with me as of late, I guess I just haven’t been myself. I need to find myself but the thing is, how do I do that? How do I find myself?”

    He pauses as he thinks for a moment.

    “I haven’t had the best of luck lately, yeah I got a few wins leading up to Desert Storm but no one will remember that eventually. It doesn’t really matter though, those wins as good as they felt, didn’t really matter. What mattered was winning that triple threat match at Desert Storm, and I failed. I did what I always do and set myself up for failure. I proved each and every one of those naysayers right when they say that I’ll never make it to the top no matter how hard I try. I’ll always get close but then it slips away from me just as soon as I reach out for it…”

    “Maybe they are right, maybe I will never reach the top. I’ll always just play second fiddle to those that do succeed. I always wind up breaking the promises I make to every single one of those fans that chant my name out there when I say that I’ll go out there and win. I should stop saying that I’ll win and just do it, just win. Make no more promises because I am getting sick of empty promises from myself and I’m sure they are too. I’m sure they’re just as sick as I am of seeing me fail…”

    He pauses again.

    “Instead of bitching and moaning though I’ll do something about it though. I am not making any promises that I’ll win this Carnal Contendership, but I will do every damn thing in my power to sure as hell try because I want this, no I need this more than anything. I say it every time that I need this but this time I absolutely, truly mean it this time that I do need this more than anyone else in this match. I don’t give a crap who you are in this match, whether it’s Cyrus Truth, Michael Garcia, Gabrielle Montgomery, Krash, Nova Diamond, Mike Parr, Kayden Knox, or any one of these rookies getting an opportunity. There is no way that any of you need this more than I do…”

    “I need this in order to find myself because somewhere along the way I became lost and forgot who I am. That’s what I need this more than anything. It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, well call me insane because I expect the result to not be like any other time where I’ve let myself and everyone else down…”

    “I will win this match because I'm tired of being on the outside looking in, I'm ready to be on the inside”
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    There’s no grand landscape, no incredible setting, nothing symbolic, nor any hidden messages before us. We’re still in Atlanta, Georgia. Still in the Arena where Desert Storm ended hours ago. The last of the fans left more recently tweeting about who remained in the ring long after the camera’s stopped rolling. The FWA Ring Crew started pulling down what they could, but the ring itself stands there untouched. It should be disassembled by now, the FWA ‘circus’ rolls on quickly after all. Things need to be ready to be back on the road straight away for shows all around the Country, especially the upcoming Fight Night. But a lone figure sitting in the corner of the ring has caused them to leave it for now. A lone woman battling with what happened here hours earlier. Her refusing to speak, and refusing to acknowledge any of them has made them work elsewhere and leave the ring for her. This woman with long dark brunette hair and a sweet Caramel complexion is of course the unmistakable Gabrielle. Dressed in bright purple, yet shrouded in darkness she sits there running back through the match in her head over and over again. Once again…the win was right there, in her hands. She could feel the FWA World Championship around her waist once again, but it wasn’t to be…again. So, so close, yet so far away. So she dwells on it, and is consumed by it. Her mindset has always been a constant need to validate herself, to make sure everyone regards her highly. The FWA Championship is the epitome of that. Being FWA Champion means success, and respect. The two things that have driven her to do great things, and horrific things over the years. The fixed camera’s in the arena have whired back into life and begin to capture the image of a dejected, heartbroken Gabrielle.

    This isn’t the Caramel Coated Goddess before us right now, this is a little girl with an impossible dream all grown up. This is simply Gabrielle Montgomery.


    She doesn’t say anything. This isn’t a ‘Promo’, this isn’t time she has scheduled to speak to the World. This isn’t her prepared to go all guns blazing into her opponent while regaling us with stories of her glory. This is just her sitting alone amongst a crowd. So she just stays there as the Ring Crew continue to busy themselves elsewhere. She does at least finally look up though, glancing around the arena and remembering the way this place had erupted when the Referee counted to three and seemed to award her the win. There was confusion for a few moments after that, before the match continued on and led us here. Gabrielle can feel the camera’s on her though, she’s been around long enough to be able to just sense this ‘buzz’ when she’s being filmed. Whether its Ryan Rondo trying to get some “stock’ footage, some sleaze in Production perving on her with a zoom lens, or whoever else is irrelevant. The camera’s are on, and maybe voicing everything in her head could be cathartic. She can’t sit here forever, yet she cant just get to her feet and walk backstage to her locker room like this. So she finally breaks her silence, she finally speaks, to no one in particular, but yet to everyone.

    Too keep coming up short is…heartbreaking. I wont sugar-coat it. Everyone thought I was going to be the one to dethrone Cyrus Truth. I heard it so much when I announced my return, nearly every fan I met at meet and greets, signings, or in the airport, or anywhere else told me I was going to be the one to beat Cyrus Truth.

    I feel like I let so many people down.

    I promised Carmella her Mummy was going to return home tomorrow morning as the World Champion once again. The way her eyes lit up…there’s nothing more beautiful or satisfying than her excitement, and nothing worse than disappointing her. It was meant to be my latest moment of triumph, it was meant to be another happy memory we could share together. And it wasn’t just my own Ego driving that opinion along. I was told it was going to be me, I heard over and over again that Cyrus would fall before me. Everyone told me I would do it, that The Goddess would overwhelm Cyrus and his false Truth’s.

    A pause, not to let her words sink in, not to let us ponder over what she has said, but simply so she can collect her own thoughts. This isn’t about Gabrielle being a Goddess, this is simply Gabrielle venting to the World.

    I thought I had him, I thought I had done it. The referee’s hand hit the mat for a third time…and destiny was fulfilled. Cyrus Truth would have to watch me walk away with the FWA World Championship. A Title he was hoarding and degrading, devaluing by treating it like some trinket for he and his friends to fight over. But it wasn’t to be, Dave Sullivan was the one who got to break Cyrus Truth, pin Cyrus Truth…beat Cyrus Truth, not me. I had to pick myself back up…right over there…

    She stares over at the spot where King Sullivan had dropped her with an RKO. The spot where she’d come too with the sounds of ‘Hail To The King’ in her ears, and the smug grin of Dave Sullivan mocking her, teasing her. That grin, and that soundtrack will haunt her for a long time.

    And I had to watch Dave joyfully walk away with what everyone thought would be mine. I can’t shake that. I have sat here for hours, call me a sore loser, call it un-sportswoman like, call It what you want but I can’t accept that I failed tonight. I can’t accept that I lost tonight. It doesn’t feel right, I wasn’t supposed to be sitting out here alone, trying to come to grips with not being the World Champion.

    I was supposed to be backstage, smiling from ear to ear and celebrating being the World Champion.

    That Title means the World to me. Some people might not get it, some people might just look at it as ultimately just being another Championship. Something that many people have held, something that many more strive for, but ultimately just a Championship. You can still be successful without it after all. You can still be great without it.

    But someone like me wasn’t supposed to ever be able to be a World Champion. I was supposed to be a Model, or an Actress, or do something where all I had to do was show off my body, flaunt my curves and relax. But that wasn’t my dream, that wasn’t my goal.

    A slight sigh escapes her soft, and slightly bruised lips.

    You all know this story by now, a Little girl born in a small country of four million people on the other side of the World. A little girl born in a small country where Rugby is a religion, and Wrestling is just something to watch when nothing else is on. A little girl who dared to dream, who dared to want to be just like her Hero; Kerry Kennedy when she grew up. No it wasn’t always my goal in life, it wasn’t always the direction of my life. What I have become wasn’t always on the cards.

    Becoming a Professional Wrestler like Kerry seemed so impossible after all. What chance did I have of making it at all?

    What chance did I have of even becoming a Professional Wrestler anywhere that mattered?

    So it was just a childhood dream for much of my formative years. But then I started to chase it, to pursue, to try and make it reality. I had to uproot my life and travel across the World, away from friends, away from family, away from everything I knew. All I had was a close friend from home, and a new friend here in America.

    I didn’t have name value, I didn’t have family connections, I didn’t have big muscles, I wasn’t six feet tall. Even when I signed with the FWA they saw an attractive woman more than anything else. Arm Candy, a Manager…don’t forget there was no Women’s Division in two thousand and six. All I had was my ambition, my drive, my hunger to succeed along with the tutelage of Julian Knight, and the support of Jack Severino.

    I had no idea if I’d succeed or fail, I had no idea if I’d even come anywhere close, or even be able to tell if I’d succeeded or failed. Women before me have shot for the Stars and failed. Women before me had aimed at making history and doing something special, doing something beyond what was deemed to be our limitations. And they’d all failed, they all came up short. History wasn’t made until I came along.

    History made by Jillian de Silva.

    Being signed to the FWA, being in the company where a woman just became World Champion was a real eye opener. A real indicator that I could go on to be everything I had dreamed of. I could become everything that little Gabrielle wanted to be, I could do what Kerry did, I could be mentioned in the same breath as him.

    Another brief pause, there’s a smile at the corner of her mouth but still she sits there slightly slouched over in the corner of the ring. Still she hasn’t really looked up, her long dark brunette hair, still a mess from the frantic nearly thirty minute match earlier masks much of her face, and she likes it like that.

    But I’m getting ahead of myself. After all while doing what Kerry did was my ultimate dream, my ultimate impossible goal. I didn’t know if I would ever come close. I had to put everything on the line, and leave everything I had grown up around chasing this life. This life that has led me to this moment sitting here…surrounded by people but still all alone.

    I had no way of knowing if I’d get here. If I’d get to a point where I was considered to be a future Hall Of Famer. I rarely ever thought I could actually be everything I dreamed of, the fight was all so uphill, I had to defy convention, and put my ‘pretty face’ in harms way. But here I am now…a little girl all grown up, a little girl who would come to spend nearly two years of her life with a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP around her waist…twenty two months to be exact…

    A little girl who grew up to challenge for a third World Championship, and have everyone believe she could do it.

    She brushes her hair back off her face with one hand, though it gradually strand by strand returns to where it was, masking much of her face. We can see her smile though, not that typical Gabrielle smile, just a simple joyful smile at the edges of her mouth.

    Carmella is about the same age now as I was when I was so obsessed with Kerry. My father and I would watch him together every week, and he always loved how excited I got. How I wrestled my Brother, or my stuffed toys…or even my childhood Dog after watching Kerry win a match. Now I can watch my own matches back with Melly, and I see that same joy in her eyes that my father saw in mine. She has the dream I had, but she’s seen it become reality. It will be easier for her…after all her Mother grew up to become a Goddess…THE Goddess.

    There’s a sting to her last words, but it doesn’t sting our ears, rather it stings hers.

    But am I still The Goddess? Am I still your Goddess?

    Christian Quinn…of all people funnily enough said you can’t give The Goddess two chances at the World Championship. Well that is exactly what I had and I failed in both of them. I’ve never done that before, I’ve never been in this position before. Sure I’ve lost matches, I’ve lost Championship matches, I’ve even been set on fire a couple of times now in Trial By Fire matches. But I’ve never had the ultimate prize before my eyes, before my fingertips so often and failed to win it.

    I’ve never blown two opportunities like this back to back.

    That’s why I am sitting her now alone in a crowd. Because I’ve never been here before, I’ve never had to face this feeling before. I don’t quite know what to do. I was so sure I would beat Cyrus at the Anniversary Show. Even more than Back In Business, the FWA’s Anniversary is my night, no one is more successful than I am on the Anniversary of the FWA. But Cyrus got the best of me there.

    Then there was tonight, my second chance, a second shot at Cyrus Truth, with Dave Sullivan thrown into the mix. The Goddess, the Caramel Coated Goddess, The Goddess of the Mountain is better than both of them are, yet I’m sitting here right now without the World Championship.

    How do I deal with this?

    This is a question directed at anyone and everyone. Maybe one of the ring crew would speak up; they don’t. Maybe whoever turned the camera’s on would chime in with an answer; they don’t. Perhaps Ryan Rondo the Fight Night General Manager would attempt to console one of his Stars with a reply; he doesn’t. Or maybe Michael Garcia, Jason Randall, Mike Parr, Kayden Knox, or even Nova Diamond would use this moment to get in her good books and come out here with an answer; but alas, no one does.

    Maybe I should just pick myself back up and march to the back, to my locker room. I can shower, get changed, return home, and then set my sights on Carnal Contendership…

    She chuckles slightly and then brushes her hair back out of her face.

    I could defy Ryan Rondo and gain another shot at the FWA World Championship, just weeks after he said Desert Storm was my last opportunity.

    Another chuckle, it’s nice to see her smiling.

    I know it’s the right thing to do, it’s what I need to do, what I want to do.

    But it would be foolish of me to not take stock of everything and just keep charging full steam ahead. I haven’t been good enough, I think I know what I have too do, what I need to do. But I’m not sure. I just know I can’t just simply pick myself off, walk into the Carnal Contendership match like everything is fine, like my Divinity hasn’t been challenged and expect to attain the Glory I know I am capable of.

    Even If I win, can this…Goddess claim her third World Championship?

    I know I can beat Dave Sullivan, I’ve proven that in the past, and I know I can beat Cyrus Truth. He isn’t too be the one who can claim superiority over me. I refuse to even allow him to entertain that idea. I almost want to break Cyrus even more than I want to be the World Champion again. I had the chance to do both of those things twice though…

    So even if I win Carnal Contendership, can this Goddess claim her third World Championship?

    Another question that echo’s back to her unanswered. Perhaps this is where a former flame like James Hughes or Danny Toner will emerge from the shadows and tell her either way. But no one comes. The ring crew continue to do what they can, while leaving Gabrielle alone.

    That is what I am dwelling upon, that is the thought running endlessly through my mind.

    Can I actually win the World Championship again? The Goddess has never had to doubt herself before. The Goddess has never had to wonder if success would come her way. The Goddess has never had to reflect upon her own mortality…and perhaps even the passage of time.

    Did I spend too many years away from the ring? Do I not have that same hunger? Do I not have that same drive or ambition? Am I not the same Goddess I was before?

    ANSWER ME!!!

    The ring crew all look on in shock, none of them know what to do. As far as they’re concerned; THE Gabrielle, THE Goddess herself has sat there and talked to herself for the past while, and now she’s shouting angrily. Gabrielle has sprung to her feet, tossed her head back and screamed at the heavens. Only to collapse back down to her knee’s, and you could almost swear she’s sobbing…almost.

    Am I not the same?

    Can I no longer claim dominion over all?

    Am I still Divine?

    Am I still what I once was…the good, and the bad.

    Is this all still MY Mountain?

    Maybe…maybe I’m just…

    …not good enough anymore…

    Voicing those words almost breaks her. The visage, the image, the aura of the Goddess has completely shattered. No one could pretend to claim it is a Goddess kneeling before the World in the ring right now. It is just a woman, dejected, heartbroken, and simply broken.

    I don’t even know anymore. I haven’t been this unsure since I was a teenager debuting for the FWA with no idea whether or not I would possibly be good enough. But I can find out, I can prove myself, I can see what is left within me. I can test myself in Carnal Contendership.

    I can see that it is all that matters now.

    I need this win to become what I once was…

    She tilts her head upwards and looks around the ring, her hair falling to her neck and no longer masking her face.

    No…no…not what I once was. Something else…I’ll have to be something…else

    For a moment, just the briefest little moment there’s a glimmer of that malevolence that has defined so much of Gabrielle’s success. Malevolence that would break good men like Devin Golden and Krash. But then its gone, and we just see a Woman again, a woman battling with herself, battling with her shortcomings. A woman that wouldn’t dwarf the likes of Eli Black, Mile Valander or XYZ like the Goddess within her would have. And it is now, at this moment that she knows what must be done, what she must become.

    In times past this is the moment where your Goddess would snap. Where your Goddess would stop appeasing her people, fighting for her people, and instead demand their Love, their Worship, their Respect. This is one of those moments that creates a Demon, one of those moments that leads a Demon to use her own flesh and blood to win. Creates a Demon that ends careers, and makes a mockery of all who dare oppose her.

    This is one of those moments…but there’s no Demon.

    And there’s no Goddess.

    Because…maybe I’m not really a Goddess? Or Maybe I just cant be your Goddess anymore…

    She pauses and reflects upon her words before she finds what she truly needs to say to free herself of this despair.

    I’m not a Goddess. I’m just a Woman. I’m a Fighter. I’m a Mother. I'm a Daughter. I'm as Mortal as anyone else.

    I’m a little girl who dared to dream impossible dreams and made them a reality. A little girl who became something more than what seemed possible. A little girl who became an icon, a Revolutionary, an Idol, I became a Goddess…but I’m not anymore. I’m mortal, I’m flesh and blood, I have my short comings, my failures.

    I feel pain, physical, emotional, spiritual pain.

    But I can go forward now. Not as The Goddess who charged into every battle knowing she was superior, knowing she would win, knowing she was better than everyone else. I go forward as a Woman, as Gabrielle Montgomery, and nothing more. I will fight, I will give it my everything, I will give it my all. All that I have inside of me will be used to win Carnal Contendership, and to go on to Back In Business.

    Not for Destiny, not for any Divine Right, not for any Grand Superiority…but because I haven’t finished chasing my dream.

    There’s an entirely different smile upon her face now. An unfamiliar smile. Its not a smirk, not teasing, nor haunting. It isn’t a smile meant to excite, delight, tempt, or terrorise. It is simply Gabrielle content and excited to chase her dream that will never end.

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    "Tea Time"

    We open up to The Dark Forest and a table set up in the middle you can see that there is little tea cups and little fancy plates set up all throughout the table. There is a name tag with names on it. The first three names set up at the head of the table are Nova, Crowe, and Alice the ones next to them are Fenix and Savage and then the names of Over The Edge and The New Breed we get to pan the camera closer to see at the head of the table sits the Cheshire Cat who appears out of nowhere sitting drinking his tea with his yellow sinster eyes glued to the camera. His sharp teeth shine bright as he causally drinks his tea. He then stops looking at the camera with a aura about him.

    Cheshire Cat: My children are starting to grow up. They are starting to come to their own as a father I am very pleased to see my children, my family take a step in the right direction and improving their lives. The Looking Glass that is found here in the heart of The Dark Forest has shown me the paths that are lined up in front of me and I got to say that it is rather intresting.

    Cheshire Cat laughs with a horrifed sound as he looks back to the center of the camera. He stands up his suit black he strokes his beard with his tail as he extends his arms across the table.

    Cheshire Cat: My family will have its up and its downs but, it will make them stronger they will become of one body and mind and when they do they will be at their most dangerous. However it does take time and while time is a relative term at least here it does me out there in what you call the real world that we can't just fast forward to the part where my family they go on to defeat The Undisputed Alliance and bring home the FWA Tag Team Championship but, that is ok didn't you know that it makes the heart fonder.

    Cheshire Cat laughs again as he pulls the seats for Over The Edge and The New Breed.

    Cheshire Cat: Come join us, for a cup of tea. I will show you what The Dark Forest can bring to thee. I must say though you don't listen to my words you will suffer from the monsters that lurk deep in the woods. You better stick together you don't wanna get lost in your own head, cause you never know where the screams come from then whoops...

    Cheshire Cat head falls into his hands as he laughs.

    It might be off with your heads!

    The Undisputed Alliance you will be our guest to our lands but, you know the saying keep your friends close and your enimies closer. You may think we are insane but, I will tell you a secret. Oh come on come closer.

    Cheshire Cat grabs the camera motioning it closer.

    We very well maybe!



    "A Quick Heart To Heart"

    The camera fades to black with the laugh of the Cheshire Cat echoing throughout the woods. The camera then pans out to where Alice is sitting looking up with Nova at the stars. They are holding each other's hands as a voice is heard in the background of Crowe.

    Crowe sits down next to them as they look over to the ground another voice wise starts to speak. They look down to see a caterpillar blue big inching its way up a small branch of a tree.

    Caterpillar: You are set to do great things! You have your future ahead of you. The Cheshire Cat and The Dark Forest have awaken what a time to see. The thing is though you must understand is you can't be the same person you were when you first entered. You got to adept... you got to evolve... like a caterpillar on its way into becoming a butterfly.

    The caterpillar begins to make a cocoon as the three watch their eyes set as the shell goes halfway up his body.

    Caterpillar: You see just because you evolve though doesn't mean you have to forget about your past. You can use it to enlighten you and show you the way. We are simply all mortals are we not? I made mistakes. So has the cat and even, The Dark Forest.

    The three of them look at one another before going to speak.

    Caterpillar cuts them off almost complete with his cocoon he looks over and stares at Alice.

    Caterpillar: Silly girl, silly boys, you aren't the first to step forth in this forest. You seek the answers follow the hearts....

    The Caterpillar goes into his cocoon as the three of them look at one another.

    All Three: Follow the hearts.

    Nova looks in the sky as the stars show a pattern of the heart. They begin to walk that way as the screen fades to black.

    (Next Chapter Next week will move on the story)


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    ​Brayden Bridges

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    Nova Diamond proudly presents:
    ''BOW TO NO ONE''

    The parking lot in the Henley Enterprises U.S. Headquarters are filled with the sound of a car engine as a night-blue Mercedes V12 S600 swiftly enters the place. It stops and parks somewhere, then the doors are opened. First, Min-Su gets off the car with a sleeveless, elegant red dress, her lips painted with equally red lipstick and with a probably very expensive bag in her hand. Her make-up is done perfectly as she greets someone who is approaching the car. Then, another door opens and out comes the man this whole night is going to be all about: 'The Diamond in the Rough', 'The Crown Jewel of FWA', 'The 24K Man' Nova Diamond. As always, he has that trademark smile on his face that can both give confidence to his friends and annoy his haters to the point of driving them crazy. He was here in Los Angeles today because Atticus would finally present him to the public as his company's new and big investment in the professional wrestling scene. Nova greets the man approaching the car, and another guy who is with him, Atticus Henley and Jason Highlander respectively.

    ''Mr. Henley, Mr. Highlander, how are you tonight? I am very excited, I hope you are as much as excited as I am.''

    Atticus' expression doesn't flinch as he shakes hands with his big investment but Highlander's expression definitely gives away his excitement. Jason Highlander was another executive in the Henley Enterprises' board, also the right-hand man of Atticus. Nova and Jason did not have many interactions before but Nova knew Jason was a trustworthy man from what Atticus had told him.

    ''I'm good.''

    ''Yeah, I'm doing fine too. Thanks for asking, Nova.''

    The four of them head to the elevator and they go up. Jason and Atticus show Nova and Min-Su their dressing room. Meanwhile, Jason notices that Nova's face doesn't have the slight make-up it always has whenever Nova is in a public event.

    ''You should've told us you didn't do your make-up, Nova. We could've hired a make-up artist for you.''

    Nova just chuckles at the good intentions of Jason.

    ''Don't worry, Mr. Highlander. I brought my own make-up artist with me.''

    Nova sits down on the make-up table and Min-Su quickly takes her make-up set from her bag. She opens the set and gets his make-up done quickly but very professionally.


    Nova smugly smirks at Jason, so does Min-Su...and even Atticus to some extent.

    ''Yeah, I see. So, what is she to you, Atticus' daughter?''

    ''Min-Su is my make-up artist, my hairdresser, my skincare specialist, my seamstress and my girlfriend. She does all of these jobs flawlessly.''

    Nova's massive compliment is rewarded by a kiss on the cheek.

    ''Well, we'll leave you two alone. I'll send someone to inform you before it starts. Take care, you two.''

    With that, Jason and Atticus leave the room and Nova is left with his lady once more. And there were just mere hours left before the presentation's start.

    A few hours later...

    The time for the presentation had finally come and Atticus Henley was about to take the stage and announce his new investment in the combat sports/wrestling industry. It was already known that the announcement was going to be about that particular industry, so the crowd watching this were mostly wrestling fans, alongside some shareholders and executives too. Atticus is met with applause as he gets on the stage. After it dies down, Atticus starts.

    ''Thank you, everyone, and welcome to the announcement of Henley Enterprises' next venture that's going to be in the professional wrestling world. It may sound a little weird that we're making our moves in that particular industry, but people, wrestling industry is thriving at the moment. The excitement is getting bigger for it every day. It features some of the most explosive action that ever is, with great talents like 'The Exile' Cyrus Truth...''

    The wrestling fans in the crowd cheer for The Vagabond King's name.

    ''Like 'Caramel Coated Goddess' Gabrielle Montgomery...''

    Another round of cheers.

    ''Like 'The Astonishing' Chris Kennedy, the legendary son of another legend Kerry Kennedy...''

    The mention of two Kennedy's gets even bigger cheers than the previous two names.

    ''...and especially the man I'm going to present you today.''

    Thus, Atticus reveals that he is investing in one particular and special wrestler rather than buying a whole company or another thing like that. The new mystery is the identity of this special wrestler. The wrestling fans can be heard discussing it amongst themselves, some names thrown around are Mike Parr, Michael Garcia, Krash, with the most repeated name being Dave Sullivan, the newly-crowned triple-champ king of Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. It would make a lot of sense for Dave to be this new big investment after his stock rising a hundred-fold ever since he adopted the moniker of 'King' and started to go on an insane run, with nearly twenty victories against only one loss.

    ''It's good to hear you speculate, people.''

    Atticus smiles to the crowd.

    ''The man I'm going to present you the man I personally believe that has the most potential to be the greatest. His potential was immense, he was already having some of the best work I've ever seeing, he has all of the qualities to make it to the top and stay there for a very, very long time. And we, Henley Enterprises, a company that always have been about investing for the future, made the choice to invest in this man.''

    Atticus could sense the crowd getting more excited.

    ''I wanted him to display the same confidence in this stage that he displays on the ring, so, please don't mind if he gets a little too...intense at certain points. It's 2019. We all swear, thank you very much.''

    The audience laughs, the wrestling fans more so than the executives and shareholders.

    ''Without further ado, the future of professional wrestling, Nova Diamond!''

    Nova Diamond's wrestling theme song, Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' starts to play and there is a overwhelming positive support for this big reveal. Most of them surprised, but pleased with this choice. A little group smirks smugly, having suggested his name during the speculation process, an even smaller group just flat-out boos him, some of them even leaving with disappointment after the guy they clearly don't like takes the stage. Nova climbs the stairs and is on the stage while his music continues to play. Nova, in a rather uncharacteristic move, respectfully bows before the audience before signaling that his music is cut off.

    ''Yeah, I can listen to that all day but we have more important stuff to do today.''

    These are the first words that spill from the mouth of the new and big investment of Henley Enterprises. Nova just takes a deep breath and looks at the audience. Atticus has sat down in the crowd, between Jason Highlander and Min-Su. He then looks at the executives, then the shareholders and the wrestling fans. He just smiles widely.

    ''So, hello, Los Angeles! Always feels good to be back in the City of Angels.''

    A cheap pop never hurts, Nova thinks. It works too, at least amongst the wrestling crowd. The professional side are all about stoic expressions or polite smiles, at best.

    ''I want to declare that I am extremely happy and proud to receive support from Henley Enterprises. They have been nothing but generous to me from the start and I think that deserves a huge applause.''

    And a huge applause it gets. The executives are more willing to play along now, now that it was their company that was getting the praise.

    ''Thank you, thank you. I want to thank every single one of you because everyone of you decided to spend your time to come and bare witness the future of professional wrestling industry by your own lucky pair of eyes. You see, Mr. Henley and the genius called me tried to symbolize the one thing that nobody, even me, can't escape. And that is...the future. we've been emphasizing on that a lot because just like I said, nobody can escape from it. It bears infinite possibilities and will bring infinite changes to our daily lives. That's why my solution is something as simple as not fearing it. Instead, you try to comply. You try to adapt. You try to...set it. That should not surprise you. As the proud representatives of the human race, that's what we've always did.... by the capable of ours did, to say the least.''

    It looked like he was going to have a speech, instead of just presenting himself and thanking for the opportunities. Atticus sighs, he was 99 percent certain that something like this was going to come.

    ''Now, who wants to hear a story?''

    Nova claps his hands together and asks the crowd with a sheepish smile.

    ''A long time ago, a young man in Manchester, UK called Andrew Saturday... was hopeless. Everything he tried to do...just blew up in his face. His future was lost and nowhere to be found. Do you know what happened to him?''

    So, this story was autobiographical then.

    ''Well, he died. That's what happened. From his ashes, yours truly was born. I let go of my past, I let go of everything that made me him. and that allowed me to take control of my future. And now, I want to do the same for everyone. I want to show them a future they can be full of hope about. With me at the top; unrivaled, unmatched and undisputed, and all those posers and pretenders below my feet.''

    There was that intensity Atticus warned about. He was sure he just saw Min-Su bite her lip.

    ''If you have seen me wrestle before, you will know why I exactly think that way. I am skilled. I am charismatic. I have my youth. I am basically a peak human being. I get it though. There were countless other skilled, charismatic and youthful individuals...just like me, right? No, they weren't just like me, they weren't Nova Diamond. The key to solve all my problems are just that. Being Nova Diamond. It's more than a name, more than a gimmick. It's a mindset, a mindset that allows me to withstand all of the world's difficulties that slaps me in the face. A mindset that allowed me to take the reigns of myself...and my future.''

    He smiles once again.

    ''For you see, I have a vision. In that vignette at the boat I shot before my debut, I told you about how everyone desired to rule the world. Like leaders, emperors, kings...''

    He puts an emphasis on 'kings', certainly referring to the current landscape of FWA.

    ''Well, that's where their past and my future differs. Their authority...was limited. They tried to rule through fear and intimidation tactics. They tried to rule by oppressing people. Some actually did, but most of them failed. And in my future, there are no place for those. We won't deal with any kings anymore. No, they are too far outdated for my tastes. Instead, we deal with idols. We deal with gods. Let me further clarify what I mean.''

    Atticus can't help but recognize how fitting his hand movements are for what he is presenting. Nova totally must've studied a lot for this. He was passing with flying colours, not that Atticus would require less from somebody that was going to be a big part of his life.

    ''We don't strike fear, but we inspire. We don't command, but we make them bite their lips and wish that they were us. People want to be like us. They follow us with their consent, not with fear and intimidation in their hearts. This isn't an illusion. I don't try to deceive anybody. This is plain and simple reality. I am the best. And people, they will follow the best. The best will look at everyone and see nobody but the plain and simple reality that everyone's gazes will be on him. And everybody following the best should be proud of that reality.''

    At least people weren't getting bored. Even the executives were hanging on to his every word from what Atticus had seen.

    ''This is how we hold the future in our hands. This is how we live it, embrace it, shape it, be it. We own the future, not all of these posers, not all of these pretenders and certainly not some dork who hangs around with a robe and calls himself a 'King' in fucking twenty-first century.''

    That makes another shot taken at Dave Sullivan. It would be normally a desperate and even pathetic move to take shots at the world champion at every opportunity possible, Nova would tell you that as well if you were to ask him. But unlike many others who would do that with no purpose, Nova actually a legit reason in the form of a future play-date with Dave. A shot at his North American title that he won by beating Mike Parr and Jason Randall in a triple threat match at Desert Storm. People dreamed about getting a shot at the world champion. Nova already had that. He was already going to face him, so he shied away from nothing.

    ''But this is more than just being about the 'King'. This is actually about Carnal Contendership.''

    Nova then makes a hand gesture to someone, then a projected image of Carnal Contendership logo appears on the background.

    ''Many men enter, one man survive. And that man goes to Back In Business for the main-event, for the FWA World Championship match. I had a dream of being the first ever triple champion, but that sadly didn't happen, a certain 'King' was faster. But I will not blame him. Instead, I'm going to do everything to rip those titles away from him. I already have a shot at his North American title, which will leave him a double-champion. And after I win the Carnal Contendership, I'm going to take his World title as well, which will leave him a single champion. And because I have already beaten him twice, I will ask the management a shot for his X title as well, which I will also take from his hands. This is the plan, and the next step of this plan is winning the Carnal Contendership, which I believe I have a very good chance of doing exactly that.''

    The image in the background changes, now displaying the announced competitors like Eli Black, Cyrus Truth, Jason Randall and Kayden Knox, as well as possible surprise entrants like Chris Kennedy or Wolf with question marks next to them.

    ''I do not underestimate the people I'm going to compete with in that match. But compared to me and my hunger, they are nothing more than pretenders. Please, take a look at everyone. There are people who I already beat there, people I'm going to beat and people so below my level that they should not even have the opportunity to get beaten by me. But let's take a close look and I'll explain why this is my opportunity to take, my contendership to win and nobody else's.''

    The images gradually change to display everyone one-by-one. Then it stops and displays Cyrus and Gabrielle side-by-side.

    ''I will admit that I will face some pretty tough competition there. The man who dominated the last 3 years of FWA will be in that match. The woman who took him to his limits twice will also be there. Cyrus and Gabrielle. Nobody can claim they are the favourite whenever those two are in, but I'll just be blunt and claim exactly that. Not just because I am at my peak, but for I know they are just a shadow of their former selves too. Cyrus has gone through a very stressful process lately. First, the one thing he tries to do out of his kindness gets ruined, then his title is also taken away from him in the end of this saga. This is tough. This does not mean Cyrus is broken, but remember how all of this began. With Cyrus actually offering friendship by handing out a title-shot to a friend. The peak Cyrus, the Cyrus Truth you saw beating the hell out of people like Rondo, KAIZEN or Chris Kennedy before would never do that. He would not kickstart his own downfall because he wanted to do one good thing for a friend. Very well, I'll just have to state the Truth and make the gods tremble then: Cyrus has gone soft. The 3 years spent at the top has softened him. He may try to get back on his Long and Winding road once again, but this isn't the time for it. Not while I am here.

    It's the same with Gabrielle, actually. Gabrielle has lost her way too. She's not the same woman with the killer instincts. She's not the woman who had the confidence to stand against the entire world and win. Not anymore. The point is basically that both Cyrus and Gabrielle got complacent with their places in FWA and allowed the last months of chaos to basically unfold, thinking actions had no reactions. But they are dethroned from their places. Cyrus doesn't have his title anymore, and Gabby basically had her trademark confidence shattered. So, these two will put up quite the fight with the way they are, but it won't be enough to overthrow me. I won't blow my momentum away by letting anyone watch the same names in the main-event for the 78th consecutive year.''

    The imagery in the background changes again and now it displays some other favourites like Devin Golden, Krash and Michael Garcia.

    ''These are some heavy hitters as well. The other actors in the much-dramatized Cyrus Truth saga. Krash, normally, would have a pretty decent chance but if that couple of months had proven anything, it's that Krash is mentally very weak. The way he lost his title shot, then acted petty about it to Devin Golden pretty much showed us how Krash behaves when things don't go his way. Instead of just going and beating the shit out of Chris Kennedy and Dave Sullivan, instead he accepted what happened and tried to get it by being a pawn in their little politics game. Now his title shot is gone, and one of the people who took it from him is the World champion.

    Michael Garcia, the man who I surprisingly can tolerate to some extent. I remember that glorious week when I had finally an unbiased announcer supporting me, that was a good week indeed. Too bad he had to get involved in that mess and blew away that good thing I had. At least he's someone who recognizes how good I am. And I think I can recognize his talents to some extent as well. He's a big, intense man. But he's prone to fall victim to his own anger, to have those little moments of mistakes that can be taken advantage of instantly. While I have no doubts Michael can toss your XYZ's over the top rope, he has no chance against a predator like me that will analyze his every move and act according to it.

    And Devin Golden, that's the one who I wanted to get my hands on for quite some time. Those of you who watched the mudshow called nGw, you already know why I wanted to beat up Devin Golden. It's your classic unfair treatment case, a boss clearly abusing his opportunity to preventing the talented worker from reaching success. In the end, he failed and I took the nGw Championship, which I don't know if I still count as the current champion, I never asked either. But time passed, my head got clearer, I went into the main roster and while I was doing my entrance, I saw Devin on that announce table, scared to acknowledge my past experiences with him. He was scared to acknowledge that pathetic man that put the nGw belt around my waist at my order. I do not hold a grudge anymore, I have simply seen how pathetic he is. But interestingly enough, he didn't run back to his announce table after he was dragged into a conflict he never wanted to be a part of. Instead, he stayed, going for one more run and even beat Krash. So, that means I will get to fight Devin. I do not hold a grudge anymore but I will most definitely enjoy smacking the shit out of him.''

    The imagery changes again, now displaying some dark horses like Mike Parr, Jason Randall and Kayden Knox.

    ''These are the people you expect surprises from, or at least that's what the bookies consider them. Seriously, can Jason Randall ever surprise anyone? No, the guy does exactly what you expect him to do. He wrestles, then loses, then runs his mouth about how it won't happen again, then tries to find solace in his little girlfriend and her imaginary cats, then comes and loses again. Just pathetic, seriously, there's no point in beating a dead horse over and over again, so I'll let him go for today.

    I think some similar things about Mike Parr too, but I can acknowledge the highs Mike Parr got compared to Jason. But again, Carnal Contendership is too important of a match for Mike Parr to win. He isn't the type that can finish anything he starts. He did not beat Dave Sullivan, but he's still getting a title shot. Thankfully, I was there at Desert Storm and pinned Mike so Dave won't have another successful defence. If I have to, I will pin Mike again. If I have to, I will throw Mike over the top rope. If I have to, I will make The Prodigy my bitch until everyone realizes Parr is just a fraud, an ordinary man who had his occasional highs but nothing more. He didn't become a triple champion, he didn't even win the world title despite people having him in their 'future world champions list' for years. And no, he isn't winning this time either.

    But the one who amuses me the most has to be Kayden Knox. Normally, he should not even be taken into consideration but I must admit he had been very amusing lately, so he got my attention. He is winning his matches, making his statements, claiming how he was not taken seriously and he just wanted to be loved with that slimy weasel AJ Drake near him whispering into his ears blatant lies and build his confidence from the scratch so AJ Drake can be in FWA's payroll with a manager contract. Oh boy, this is like a comedy show, like a circus. I'm no therapist but I'll give you the reason pretty quick Kayden, or should I say Sterling Jagger. The reason is, nobody would take you seriously if all you did was coming into the ring dressed and behaved like a pornstar and lost all the time. Why would people love a guy like that? Even Dave Sullivan has his fans despite him being the biggest jack-ass of the recent memory because the guy manages to win regularly. I'll just ask you and leave you to think about it: Why would people love and respect a porn-quality parody of a pornstar? Think about that, find your answer and suddenly you'll find the whole puzzle completed in front of you.''

    The imagery changes again, with people like Eli Black and Mike Valander on the screen.

    ''We have some pretty new blood as well who will be making their debuts at this match. Always good to see new faces, but from what I've seen though, I was not impressed. Eli Black thinks he's an artist of chaos but let me reassure you, he won't be able to handle this amount of chaos inside The Carnal Contendership. Oh and there's Mike Valander as well, whose deal I didn't even try to understand. Welcome to the FWA boys, I'll be more than happy to give you a first impression by dominating what will be your first match and win while you get accustomed to the place.''

    Then another image appears on the screen, this time, it's just a big question mark.

    ''But the fun fact about Carnal Contendership is how people you won't expect will going to return and surprise you. Like we don't already know how Chris Kennedy will come back, expecting to win the whole thing and win a title shot because it's the Back In Business season and he has that streak thing going on for him. That's fine, he can come back. So can the others. Maybe Ryan Rondo? Wolf? Bell Connelly? Shannon O'Neal? Let them all come. Old blood, new blood, it does not matter to me. I have arrived with winds of change behind me, and I'll be damned if I let anyone else block those winds, take my opportunity from me and throw me over the top rope.''

    Nova finally calms down and doesn't speak for a while. And he starts to receive applauses, not just from the wrestling fans, but the executives and share holders were clapping with enthusiasm as well. Min-Su stood up first and that encouraged Atticus and Jason Highlander to stand up, and those two encouraged the other executives to give a standing ovation. Finally, the whole crowd was on their feet and applauding Nova. He then just smirked and bowed before them once again. A performer would only bow for its audience, and 'the kings' who would demand him to bow down would understand that pretty soon.

    Du bindest einen Blumenkranz...
    ...wieso siehst du so traurig aus?

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    He had the distinct appearance of someone who was haunted, the extent to which was about to played out in front of a room full of the general public and a collection of his peers as he shuffles into the gallery silently. For someone who usually exudes confidence, this is a big break from tradition. His suit is slightly too big, almost as if it was picked out for him to make a good impression. To the trained eye, you can see that it definitely is a size or two too big but to the untrained eye it is probably more than passable for your average Joe on the street. His hair, again, usually preened to perfection has become an over-styled mess. It’s like someone has taken some hair product and tried to re-create what they feel like Mike would look like as opposed to Mike styling and looking after his own hair himself. But the real giveaway isn’t his hair, his clothes but it is looking at his complexion. His skin is paler than usual, his features a bit gaunt, and his eyes ever so slightly bloodshot. Ever so slightly in the same way you would expect if you had an eyelash you had been trying to extract for a couple minutes.

    As Mike takes his seat, a younger gentleman fully suited positioned just to the right of where he is now sat rises up and addresses the room.

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have listened over the previous four days of this trial as to what my client stands accused of, whilst you have also heard why we believe he is innocent of all charges. Criminal Impersonation is a serious charge that carries a serious penalty if found guilty, you are talking about locking my client away for the best years of his life. Up to 10 years for something that he is not guilty of. I put it to you, each and every single one of you sitting there today and casting judgment on this man, that if you can hand on heart say that he is guilty of that he is accused beyond any reasonable doubt. Today, I will present to you, in closing, why I feel that this farce should be dismissed and we can all go back to spending our time and energy on cases and people that deserve to be locked away for the betterment of society.”

    Mike is unmoved as his lawyer takes his seat beside him, ceding the floor to the lawyer for the prosecution.

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I stand before you today to say that it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the man sat over there is guilty. Look at him, he cannot even lift his head up to look you in the eye whilst his overpaid suit tries to convince you of his innocence. This man is supposed to be one of the best in the world, he turned up over three years ago proclaiming that nobody could hang with him and what have we seen in the years since? We have seen nothing but let downs, followed by failures, followed by disappointments, followed by a whole bunch of nothing. In the last two weeks alone, he loses to Jason Randall and he gets pinned by Nova Diamond. We aren’t talking about the Cyrus Truth’s or the Gabrielle’s or the World Championships, we are talking about those guys in the middle of the road. My client, the FWA, paid top dollar and top wages for this man on the understanding that he was the best in the world at what he does, or at least in the conversation. What you have sitting before you is an imposter, it is somebody that isn’t worth the cost of printing that fat contract on the paper that he was all too eager to put his signature to. It makes sense that he wanted to sign it before anyone realized what he actually was. Therefore, I implore you to think back over the last few days and the evidence that we have presented and not to be fooled again by this imposter who has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes in the past three years.”

    “The defence calls Mike Parr to the stand.”

    A risky call by all accounts from his own attorney, as we get the first sign of any sort of animation from Mike as he head jolts up and glare towards his own representation, clearly he wasn’t briefed on this being the plan. One has to wonder, given his appearance and subdued demeanor, how he is going to respond to questioning or indeed cross questioning that his own lawyer has opened him up to.

    “Mr. Parr, if you will” booms the voice of judge as he beckons towards the stand that he is now expecting Parr to take. The glare that Mike had on his own lawyer is broken as he now stares emptily at the judge, who is looking less and less impressed with the delay by the moment. Parr glances over at the jury and can almost feel that guilty verdict on the tip of their tongues. The lead foreman of the jury shakes his head in disgust. Mike rises to his feet and meekly makes his way towards the stand, placing one hand on the bible before swearing in. His own representation begins.

    “Mike, you have been with the company for three years, is that correct?”

    Mike shrugs his shoulders, his disinterest and lack of engagement is now becoming quite a concern. Maybe this was a mistake after all. The judge politely reminds him that he is required to verbally answer.

    “If you say so, more or less” Mike responds.

    “And today you stand in front of everyone accused of criminal impersonation. That is, namely. That he has acted with intent to unlawfully gain a benefit for himself or defraud another. The prosecution, Mike, would have us all believe that you have intentionally misled the company into parting with a very lucrative contract only to see the return that they have received not to match or reflect their outlay. They question here, Mike, is all about intent. If you intended to do this, as they say, then you are guilty. We aren’t standing her debating as to whether or not you have lived up to your own expectations because, frankly, we all know that you haven’t.”

    “OBJECTION. He’s testifying for the witness.”

    “I’ll recant. Mike, the key question here is did you sign up to this company knowing that you weren’t as good as you said you were?”

    That itself is the loaded question, one which Mike is sworn to answer honestly but frankly, one that he is probably is unsure of the answer to himself. Did he come into this federation having fooled himself about how good he was or did he come into this company knowing that he could mask how good he was to achieve the biggest payday possible. Does he actually believe what he says about himself or is it all a façade to try and convince anyone who will listen that he is better than he is. It’s for that reason that Mike doesn’t answer immediately. This is probably as a consequence of years of inconsistency, who else in this entire business could go and beat Cyrus Truth and then lose back to back matches against Jason Randall and Nova Diamond. That isn’t to say that those two competitors aren’t talented, but even they are likely to admit that they aren’t yet in the heavyweight class or in the upper echelons of this company.

    “I signed up believing that I could be the World Champion.”

    This is true. He did. His lawyer realizes that he probably made an error and he isn’t getting the steadfast defense that he was hoping for, so quickly announces that there would be no further questions, however, this now surrenders opportunity for questioning from the prosecution, an opportunity that they have been waiting for the previous 4 days,

    “Do you still believe that you can be the World Champion, Mr. Parr?”

    Ouch. That one has to hurt. You just need to take one look at Mike and the way he is carrying himself today to know that the belief that he walked into FWA with is likely to have been severely diminished. Again, no immediately answer is forthcoming, which perhaps says more about Prodigy’s current frame of mind than anything. However, this time, instead of getting an easy ride from his own representative, the prosecution keeps going.

    “Do you still believe that you are one of the best in world at what you do? If so, how do you explain the last couple of weeks?”

    Again, no response whatsoever.

    “If you are the best in the world, then why haven’t you won a championship in almost two years? Why do you get so close to achieving something only then to blow it? Do you have the nerve to make it? Do you have the skill? The talent? What is missing, why can Dave Sullivan come in from the cold and climb the mountain in one year whereas you can take one step or two up before falling backwards again? What’s the difference Mike?”

    No response

    “Are you not embarrassed? You go around and call yourself a Prodigy when in fact you are nothing of the sort. You are not spectacular. There is nothing exceptional. Look at you, you cannot even defend yourself, although I wouldn’t be able to defend you either. I wouldn’t be able to defend you because we all know what the real answer is. The answer is that you intentionally overplayed your hand, you intentionally exploited this company based on myths and whispers that you are better than you are and now, sitting here in front of me, it’s pathetic. You have nothing. No drive. No hunger. No fight. No passion. Where is the skill, the talent. Where is anything? GIVE ME SOMETHING. Or just sit there and….”

    “OBJECTION, Badgering the witness”


    “GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. Or just stand up, right now, in front of the watching world and admit that you are a fraud. That you aren’t the Prodigy, that you’re simply young man with some athletic ability and a whole lot of luck that he rode to the biggest financial payday of his sad career. GIVE ME SOMETHING.”

    Mike swoops his right hand in a fit of rage, sending the book on which he swore his oath flying to the ground. There is a reaction at least, better than the passive and unresponsive sham that has been present throughout the majority of these proceedings.

    “I’m better than this.” Mike responds, his voice quivering with rage. The prosecution did want a reaction after all. Mike’s attorney has a look on his face that is somewhere between relief that he has some life injected in into his client and fear about what might be coming next.

    “Does it suck? Should I have achieved more? You are absolutely right that it sucks and I am absolutely adamant that I should’ve achieved more. You sit there and you kick somebody when they are down, questioning me and questioning everything that I have stood for since I was a teenager and you sat that I bluffed my way into the position. The only intention that I have ever had is to the best in whatever company that is lucky enough to have my services. If I don’t have confidence in myself, why the hell should I expect anyone else to? I either need to be confident in my own abilities so the fans would either get behind me or pay a lot of money to see me get my ass handed to me. Admittedly, for most of my career, it’s been the latter as opposed to the former. But I’ve worked hard my whole life, too hard to sit here and listen to people like you try to put me down or try to mis-represent me.”

    “Mr. Parr…I feel like we are getting sidetracked somewh-“

    “You asked for something so you better shut up and listen to what I’ve got to say. If this is the last thing that I’m going to say before those 12 people over there send me away from 10 years of my life, then you best be sure that I’m going to finish it regardless of what you think or how you might want to portray it. I still expect to have beaten Randall. I still expect to have beaten Nova Diamond. I expect to win every time that I step in between those ropes because that is how I’ve been conditioned. Do you have a point? To an extent, for sure. I should have achieved more, but if it is a question of intent do you think that I am sitting here saying all of this because I know that I’m not as good as I would like to believe? You can bet your ass that is not the case. I say what I say, I conduct myself how I conduct myself and I do everything that I do because I truly believe that I should be the shining light in any company that I set foot in. And yes, I need to get better. I need to make sure that I can turn up on a Wednesday night in the middle of nowhere and perform like a would in the main even of Back in Business, because that is probably the only way that I will ever get a chance to do so. Anyone can raise their game and beat the current World Champion but there are only a few people that can actually showcase the consistency to capture and keep said Championship. I don’t know exactly what it was that was preventing me from seeing that all of this time, but I see it now.”

    “So when I’m found not guilty and I march to the ring at Fight Night, I’ll do so knowing that this match goes against every single one of my strengths. This is pot luck. This is a game of chance. Depending on what number you get, depending on how good your damned peripheral vision is, there are too many x factors to plan for. So I’m going to march to the ring and I’m going to Fight, and I’m going to swing a punch at anything that moves. Does that mean that I’m going to win and main event Back in Business? Not even close, because anyone can go flying over the top rope in a split second. There is no real strategy and there is no real technical prowess. There is no point overly complicating the entire thing. And you know what? Maybe after getting beaten two weeks in a row, it’s for the best that I get out of my own head and just walk in there and throw haymakers at anyone who is breathing to see where it takes me. And if I don’t win, I certainly will have gone out there and had fun not winning.”

    “Talk about intent, that’s my intent. To go out there and beat on everyone that stands up in my face because I think for too long I’ve been preoccupied with proving that I belong when I should’ve been preoccupied with making sure that I make overlooking me unavoidable. Someone who loses to Nova and Jason because, who knows, maybe he thought they didn’t command the respect that they deserve? He deserves nothing. But maybe if I just went out the ring in either of those matches to try and beat them until they stop breathing I’d be standing here with a one on one match with the man who holds all the championships in FWA in my not too distant future. My road to Back in Business might not cumulate in the main event, it certainly won’t be for a lack of trying, but what it will include is the opportunity to show everyone that I can swing my fist and break the jaw of one half of the main event and take the North American Championship.”

    “I’m truly sorry that if you think you have been shortchanged and you think that I intentionally mislead you but I would say that you should wait to see how the story ends instead of counting the cost of the book before you’ve even reached the halfway point. How’s that for something for you, no further questions I assume……”

    With that, the prosecution nods, somehow showcasing the passive and subdued traits that Mike himself characterized moments before, as the jury retires to consider it’s verdict.

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    "Ask me one question."

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden is walking late at night through the downtown of Memphis, Tennessee. The sun is setting, around 5:30 p.m., with street lights starting to flicker on. Fans begin gathering outside the arena for Carnal Contendership, and the Hall of Famer and former three-time FWA World Champion is outside, around the back where the competitors enter.

    "Ask me ... 'truth or dare?' ... for fun."

    A voice is heard off camera, with no microphone, softly asking the question. Golden, who wears a bland t-shirt with jeans and a cap, responds, "Truth." You can see the tips of his highlight hair and eye shadow barely under the hovering cap bill.

    "Honesty is my best quality, and it's time for me to be honest."

    Golden smiles as he stares at the camera.

    "Tonight is Carnal Contendership. I never thought I'd be in one of these again, but here we are. That's honest truth. I thought I'd be retired forever. I wrestled my last one and nearly won it. I nearly won the damn thing. But Ryan Rondo got me ... in the final two. I've never been closer to winning it, and I retired nine months later. So maybe it's fitting ... to have one more go at it? Maybe. I don't know.

    Rondo was supposed to be my last match. That's also true. Supposed to be. Not everything works out according to plan.

    So since this is a truth-telling moment, let's talk some truth about Carnal Contendership."

    Golden places his hand against the side of the arena and leans on one foot, looking relaxed.

    "There will never be a spiel from me at this point in my life about ... skill in Carnal Contendership.

    It's more luck than anything. More when you enter the match than anything. More experience than anything.

    Is experience a skill? Or is experience just the number of times you've been thrown over the top rope and eliminated?

    Is it more about that time you turned your back on people and had the lift you up by the scrotum and leg and flip you over the top rope?

    Is it more about that time you went to the top rope and didn't see the guy out of the corner in time before he shoved you off and sent you flying to the floor?

    Is it more about that time you hit your finisher on three people only to have someone give you a low blow and then send you flying over the ropes?

    If so, then the likes of Gabrielle, "The Wildcard" Jason Randall, James "Eyesnsane" Hughes, "The Prodigy" Mike Parr, and especially myself are the ones who are at the top of the list. I've been in six of these matches. Gabrielle has been in around the same number.

    Or is this entire match just ... random luck? If so, then it's ... well, everyone. A big crapshoot."

    Golden hand-motions for a "roll of the dice" and then pauses. He looks out to the sky, which is now turning into a blue-ish night. Stars begin to show themselves as car headlights illuminate the nearby streets.

    "Honesty. I'm not going to lie and say I'm confident about my chances. I don't know what matters in these matches. Maybe I should hide. Maybe I should sit down and handcuff myself to the ropes."

    Golden shakes his head. He obviously won't do that.

    "No, I have something ... important to accomplish tonight.

    Notice how I didn't mention someone ... someone in this match who DOES have experience in them. I didn't say this person was a favorite or even mentioned them as someone who could win.

    Michael Garcia has competed in Carnal Contendership. He has experience in this match. And he's probably the biggest and strongest and most powerful dude of everyone listed.

    But he's also a big dumb fucking jackass.

    And he'll undoubtedly screw it up somehow.

    Michael Garcia SHOULD, in theory, win this match. No one should be able to get him over the top rope and eliminate him. He's "The Carnegie Carnivore" and he has shown recently just how forceful he can be when he's ON.

    But he's also too cocky, too arrogant, too prideful, and too much of an attention hog. He'll stand right in the middle of the ring when everyone knows the best place to be is near the exterior.

    He'll go for EVERYONE when the best plan is to go for just one or two people and keep your head down otherwise.

    Michael Garcia will try to eliminate everyone, even though the number of eliminations doesn't matter one bit for winning Carnal Contendership."

    Golden finally reaches his summary and turns toward the door entrance.

    "Michael Garcia will NOT win this match. I don't know who will eliminate him. Maybe me. Maybe someone else. But he'll inevitably screw this up and lose. He wants to pick a fight with me, but I'm not scared. I'm not going to run. I'm not going to leave the ring if I'm out there first and he comes second.

    Michael Garcia and I have been heading on a crash course for one another for ... months. Maybe even a year, ever since we became announcers together. Tonight ... at Carnal Contendership ... we may crash finally."

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    The scene opens up inside of a hotel room where two beds are seen on the two beds are the new FWA Tag Team Champions, Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage aka The Undisputed Alliance. They lay on their beds proudly displaying their respective championships with them as they just relish the feeling, and with that now signature smirk of his Jackson Fenix looks at the camera.

    Jackson Fenix: “I hate to say that we told you so...who the hell am I kidding? I love to say that we told you so but we did tell you that we would walk out of Desert Storm your brand new FWA Tag Team Champions! We made good on our word, we did what we had set out to do since stepping foot in this company and in only our third match as a team we walk not only undefeated, but as your tag team champions”

    He grins from ear to ear while looking at his championship belt as Nate begins to speak.

    Nate Savage: “I really can’t say it any better than my friend here but he’s right. We are undefeated and we our your champions, and for those of you that don’t like that well there’s only one thing you can do about that…”

    Jackson Fenix: "Get used to it, because there is no way that we will let these babies out of our hands”

    Nate Savage: “Again, I couldn’t have said it any better myself”

    Jackson Fenix: “The fun has just begun though because with being champion now we have targets on our backs and every team in the FWA will want a piece of us, and to that I say...bring it”

    Nate Savage: “Speaking of which, should we talk about our upcoming eight man tag team match in Memphis at Fight Night?”

    Jackson Fenix: “We probably should, but before we get down to that weren’t we already in Memphis? I honestly feel like we were already there just recently, oh well I digress. Nate is right, we do have a match coming up this week on Fight Night in Memphis, an eight man tag team match which puts us on one side teaming up with The Cheshire Cat Clan and pitting us against Over the Edge and The New Breed…”

    Nate Savage: “First off, let’s address the elephant in the room, get it out of the way right now. We didn’t ask nor do we want to team up with The Cheshire Cat Clan, I mean if it were up to us we would take on both The New Breed and Over the Edge on our own…”

    Jackson Fenix: “For some reason though, the powers that be don’t seem to see it that way and wanted to make things fair. Whatever, all I know is that those sideshow freaks better stay out of our way and not jeopardize this match. They should be so honored to even have the opportunity to team up with us…”

    Jackson sighs as he says this.

    Nate Savage: “Don’t worry about them, they should be smart enough to just follow our lead”

    Jackson Fenix: “You my friend are probably right, as usual. Can you believe now that we have to face The New Breed again? After we already beat them once, I guess once wasn’t enough they want to be humiliated even more”

    Nate Savage: “Look, if they couldn’t beat us before, they don’t stand a chance in doing it now. We can’t be looking over Over the Edge though, we haven’t faced them yet”

    Jackson Fenix: “Over the Edge, more like Over the Hill am I right? Because they’re old”

    Nate Savage: “Come on, they’re not THAT old but I must admit that’s a pretty good one”

    Jackson Fenix: “What have they done to even be in this position though? They haven’t won A match since they’ve been back I think”

    Nate Savage: “It doesn’t matter Jackson, look man you’re starting to think too much about this. Just relax, take it easy, and worry about them later”

    Jackson Fenix: “You’re right man, you’re right”

    Just then Britney Adams walks in with champagne on ice, and begins to pour each of them a glass.

    Britney Adams: “What have you two been talking about?”

    Jackson Fenix: “Oh you know, how great it is being the champs and how we’re going to humiliate The New Breed again and while we’re at we’re going to humiliate Over the Edge”

    Britney Adams: “You know what you like to say...that’s not just a fact…”

    They hold their glasses up and toast.

    Jackson Fenix: “That’s undisputed”

    They cling their glasses together as the scene comes to an end.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Eating From My Table

    Time: February 17th, 2000

    Location: Barrett Elementary School

    An empty classroom. Well, an empty classroom with the exception of two. As 12 year old Michael Garcia sat at his desk, staring blankly at his surroundings, his teacher, Mrs. Mass, pulled out a rather large stack of papers from her desk. She shuffled them hard against the edge of her desk and then stacked them on the left hand corner. Not saying a word, she stared down her student, a look of disappointment with a slight mix of anger etched across her face. It was a look Michael was used to seeing from his teachers. Michael was never particularly good in school, but that was partly because he didn’t have anyone to keep him on the straight and narrow in life. With no father figure and a mother working nearly 80 hours a week, Michael was alone when it came to his studies.

    He eventually stopped caring. His grades were slipping faster than a cat on an ice rink. He knew it, but there was nothing really that he could do about it. He just wasn’t smart enough to keep up with the rest, and it was becoming glaringly obvious that he was going to have to repeat the 6th grade. Having hated school for most of his life, he dreaded the thought of having to repeat. However, there was something that he dreaded even more. And that was the 145 lbs. of red hot fury that was about to walk through that door. Most knew her as Theresa Garcia. Many knew her as the sweet lady delivered the morning and afternoon papers, but Michael simply knew her as Mom and he knew what she could be like if she had a REASON to be pissed off. And damn, did she have one now…

    “No puedo creer que esto esta sucediendo de Nuevo! Mi hijo, que esta en tales grandes problemas!”

    “Oh shit”, Michael thought to himself as Theresa Garcia swung open the door and angrily marched into the room.

    Que demoniac has sacado a si mismo metido ahora?”

    Michael knew better than to answer any questions right now. It was almost as if he was waiting for his lawyer. He sunk down into his chair as Mrs.Mass arose from her desk. She looked much more intimidating now than she ever had before, at least in Michael’s eyes.

    “Mrs. Garcia, I’m sorry to hace to do this again, but I feel as if I was left with no choice. Please, have a seat…”

    “Ah, yes, I’m sorry. It’s been a long day. And then to hear…this…again…I’m sorry. It’s just a little frustrating.”

    “I understand. Well, Michael, would you like to explain to your mother why we’re all here right now?”

    Nope. That sure as hell didn’t seem like a good idea. Michael crossed his arms, lowered his head, lips pressed tightly shut. Michael was stupidly unaware that he was making the situation worse, but he was hanging on tight to the possibility that MAYBE Mrs.Mass would spontaneously combust and the situation would never come to light.


    Oh man. There it was. The middle name. The trump card. So much for lawyers and spontaneous combustion. Time was up. There was nowhere to go. Checkmate had been called. With trepidation on his lips, he mumbled out slowly.

    “I…I hit Oscar Morales at recess today.”


    “Not just hit, Mrs. Garcia.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “He coldcocked him. He knocked the poor kid out cold.”

    If looks could kill, the next scene would have been at Michael’s funeral.

    Donde demonios se baje golpear a la gente? Michael? What do you have to say for yourself? Why on God’s green earth would you do something like this?”

    “He asked it for it, momma! He kept on runnin’ his mouth and told ‘em that if he didn’t stop, I was gonna make ‘em stop. He kept it goin’, momma! I had to let ‘em know, when I say stop, I mean business!!!”

    “Where did this attitude come from? Honestly, Michael, I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately! This is the 3rd time in 6 weeks that you’ve been held after school for bad behavior, but now…hitting someone? I have never raised you to believe that violence solves problems, where would you learn such a thing?”

    Have you taken a walk down the streets lately, momma? Turned on the evenin’ news? That’s the only way to deal with problems these days..”

    “Thugs, Michael! Thieves! Gangs! That’s what you see on the streets! That’s what you see on the news! Is that the life you want? Is that where you want to wind up? On the streets? Selling drugs? Doing time in prison? Ending up dead? That’s where that line of thinking gets ya if you didn’t straighten the hell up!”

    “I think that I need to tell you, Mrs. Garcia, that after speaking with Principal Joseph, who by the way would like to confer with you tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, we both feel it is in Michael’s best interest to serve a 10 day suspension to reflect upon his actions.

    Mrs. Garcia, I think it’s important to state the fact that Michael is really lucky that Principal Joseph didn’t call for expulsion. With Michael’s GPA holding steady at a 1.9, there’s not much going for him as far as reasons to stay in this school. Quite frankly put, I’d recommend looking for a new school for the new year. It’s only going to get tougher for him from this point on. He just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed here.”

    The next thirty minutes were painstaking for Michael to listen to. It was as if people were putting him down, without trying to hurt his feelings, but he knew what was being said. Everyone believed Michael was dumb. He wasn’t dumb. He just didn’t see things the way everybody else saw them. He wasn’t booksmart.He was street smart. And no one else saw that. Because if you couldn’t recite the 50 state capitals off the top of your head, you were a moron. Michael wasn’t a scholar, what he was was a survivor.

    “He just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed…”

    Date: November 9th, 2019

    Location: Unknown

    “He just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed here.”


    “It’s only going to get tougher for him from this point on.”


    “There’s not much going for him…”


    The look. THAT look.The one on his mother’s face. The sheer disappointment.


    With that, Michael set down the iron he’d been pumping for the last five minutes and sat up on the edge of his bench press. An intense workout now behind him, Michael Garcia did what he always does. He used his past as a motivation for his future. His doubters always fueled his work ethic and Michael knew that with Carnal Contendership on the horizon that he would need to drum up every hater that crossed his path. Every coach that ever told him that he would never make it to the National Football League. Every teacher that ever told him that college was just a dream for him. Every snot nosed, window licker that called him a bastard. Where were they? Where was Oscar Morales at today? Pumpin’ gas at the local Exxon? And Mrs. Mass? Where was she? Still pullin’ in 33k at the Ol’ Barrett Elementary? Or maybe she was waitin’ on her minimal Social Security check to come in on the first. Maybe, when Michael gets his Back in Business bonus check, he’llsend her a little extra cash with a note reminding her of how much more he makes than she ever did. That would be a nice gesture…

    But as he sat there, he looked across the room, staring hard at his trophy case. On the center row of the case sat town belts, with a holder in between the two of them. On the left, sat the FWA nGw Championship, which Michael was proud to say that he was the second man to ever hold it. Then on the right, sat a replica of the FWA Tag Team Championship. As it stands, those championship belts were his validation. After everyone who looked down their noses at him for never holding gold, for saying that he was the FWA’s resident choke artist, those belts were something he could hold high and say “I belong here.”. But that wasn’t all.

    “To most people in this business, success is determined by the amount of gold you were able to obtain. You are nothing if you’re not a champion. I never subscribed to that belief. To me, success is measured by fear. If people are afraid of you, then you hold power over them. Obviously, you’re doing something right. Not to bring up the past, but I think that if you look back on the career of Michael Garcia you’ll see that. I spent far too much time convincing people that my size makes me someone to fear rather than convincing them that my skill makes me the best. Rather than fluffing my resume with championship wins, I did it with trying to end people’s careers. Jason Gryphon, The Mist, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, Carmine Reaper, and I know Mike Parr would never admit it, but those wars against me took a lot out of him. Hell, at one point, I nearly ended Devin Golden’s career when I powerbombed him through a car windshield.

    Ya see, when people think of those guys, and then look at someone at me, before I became one half of the tag team champions, they would think of success stories. Jason was an X Division and North American Champion. The Mist was one of the longest reigning X Division Champions in history. Lord Vincent is well known for his history with the X Division, as well as being a former champion himself. Mike Parr was the golden child of the North American Championship Division, a little over one year ago. ADevin Golden was literally,the Golden One, multi-time FWA champion. And Michael Garcia? Well, he was a seven foot giant who talked a good game, but never won the big one. Michael Garcia was always second best. But he was never the best, because he was never a champion. But….where is Jason Gryphon now? Where is The Mist? How’s Blackbird’s career going? Well, allow me to answer those questions. They’re all nursing injuries that they obtained at the hands of the Carnegie Carnivore. Jason Gryphon’s neck is as sturdy as a stack of dimes, Lord Vincent now has a desk job, and I’m pretty sure the Mist is still on a ventilator somewhere. That, to me, was success. When people saw what I was capable of and shuddered at the mere thought of having to get into the ring with me….that, ladies and gentlemen, was success.”

    Michael opened up the case and took out the FWA Tag Team Championship,studying his image in the reflection.

    “What I failed to realize in my young career, is that around here, people don’t scare so easily. Their arrogance sometimes blinds them into thinking they’re untouchable. They don’t recognize fear because they live in a world where they can’t be hurt….but they can be beat. They can be bested. That’s why in the FWA it isn’t fear that measures success. It’s respect. As much as that bothers me, and as much as it pains me to say it, it’s respect. I’ve realized that when someone like Mike Parr steps into the ring with “The Monster of the Midway”, that he arrogantly believes he’s going to win. Why? Because Michael Garcia,may have ended careers, but he’s never won a singles title around here. He’s a nobody. But they’re scared shitless to step into the ring with Devin Golden. Former X Division Champion. Former North American Champion. Former FWA Champion. But he’s never ended a career.”

    “And that’s why Carnal Contendership is so damn important to me. Sure, a tag team championship is nice and all, but this is me and Malik’s accomplishment. I’m still lookin’ for my validation around here, I’m still lookin’ for that moment in which I can finally proclaim to everyone that Michael Garcia has succeeded by everyone’s standards in the FWA and that I’m a failure, no more. And if I have to go through 19 other men to prove that point, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Every single one of those “success”stories is gonna overlook me, and every one of them will live to regret it. So when you all begin to talk about why Cyrus Truth is the overwhelming favorite to win the Carnal Contendership, just remember that Cyrus Truth is a man with nothing to prove. Sure, he just lost the World title but he’s been there before. He has NO IDEA just how much someone likes me wants to eat at that table. Or maybe ya’ll talk about a veteran like Ol’Gabby? The thing about Gabby is she feels like she’s so damn entitled, like she’s earned a title shot again, and that she’s already won this thing again. But the reality of the situation is, you’ve lost every opportunity you’ve had to get that belt, and you still feel you should get more. Not while I’m here. I came closer to beating Cyrus Truth than you EVER have. I FOUGHT for my opportunity and had it taken away from me from the inept Golden One,while you were just handed another chance, and for what reason? I’ve absolutely not a clue.

    At least, however, Gabby, you are willing to fight for your chances to feed at the table. Unlike the people that are just happy to be here. You know, the people that wallow in midcard mediocrity, never really trying to climb that ladder, only here to collect a paycheck…you know the type. Jason Randall. James Hughes. Danny Toner. That’s if Danny Toner even bother shows to up. I don’t really mind, as they can smile all the way down the ramp, kiss all the babies they want, get their ass tossed over the top rope by a 7 foot wrecking ball, and collect their pay on the way out. However, it does bother me when those same guys just smile and wave as an outsider, pure common trash from the CWA walk right in and cut in line from the far more deserving.

    So, Krash, that brings me to you, and really, let’s just touch on what happened at Desert Storm. Two weeks ago, on Fight Night, I watched on as the FWA took a significant step forward in this battle against the CWA. Admittedly, I wanted to be the one that earned that shot at Desert Storm, but if it wasn’t me, I’m glad one of the boys were able to secure that spot. Now, I had the utmost confidence in Dave Sullivan to retrieve the FWA Championship from the cesspool it resided upon, so the only thing left was to eliminate Krash, once and for all. After Devin Golden had,to his credit, done one thing right, I saw the opportunity to end this war. So, being the FWA’s white knight that I am, I made my way down to the ring, my Easton Stealth in hand, with every intention to send Krash to an early retirement, and then, Devin Golden happened. I don’t know…I just don’t get it. You got yourself into the middle of this war, and somehow,you managed to fail everybody. Everybody. You failed your company when you stood side by side with the enemy, singing Abraham, Martin and John. You failed them when you showed up on Fight Night and came up short, trying to play the hero. And with both sides not wanting ANYTHING to do with you, instead of bowing your head and graciously walking away, you come to their defense again.

    So let me tell you, Devin Golden, I am coming into this match with one mission: I am winning Carnal Contendership. I am winning Carnal Contendership because it’s my god damn turn. I am winning Carnal Contendership because I deserve to win it. I am winning Carnal Contendership because I am the most motivated son of a bitch on the roster. I am winning Carnal Contendership because there isn’t a man, woman, or child that’s gonna stop me. And I am winning Carnal Contendership to make SURE that Krash doesn’t. 2020 will be the year of the Carnegie Carnivore, and it starts at Back in Business, and I dare someone to get in my way.

    And with those chilling last words, Garcia goes back to his set, looking more determined and focused than ever.

    “He just doesn’t have what it takes to succeed…”

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    “The winner of this match... Devin Golden!”

    Stunned, Krash could only gape wordlessly as his mind raced to connect the dots. Mere seconds ago, moments even, Devin Golden was out like a light. Dead to the world in all-but-name, as the pressure of Discordant Serenity closed tighter and tighter around his neck, constricting like a vice. Another second, and he’d pop off into unconsciousness, like so many others who had fallen to the same fate. For the briefest of moments, as Golden’s hand fell limply to the mat for a second time, Krash felt an unfamiliar feeling, an indescribable emotion, that wasn’t triumphant nor proud, but something... Dreadful. As if he had allowed a tremendous mistake to manifest, and his body realised long before his mind did.

    A moment later, as the referee raised Devin Golden’s arm for a third and hopefully final time, The Golden One burst with a sudden second wind, fighting with that animal instinct to stay alive. The warrior’s spirit that separates a fighter from a survivor, and it was burning a new life in Devin Golden. In desperation, Krash tightened Discordant Serenity, feeling a pang of sympathy for having to go this far to try and take out someone on the calibre of Devin Golden, and yanked hard enough on Devin’s neck to feel his throat constrict in agony. That sympathy suddenly turned into a surprise as Devin did the unthinkable – instead of trying to fight out of the hold, Devin rolled forward, onto the mat with momentum behind him, and suddenly his entire weight was on Krash’s shoulders! A pinning predicament, the veteran awareness of Devin Golden managing to hook one of Krash’s legs with his own, all in the space of a second.

    Sensing his victory about to be snatched away, Krash broke the desperation submission and fought to break out of the unorthodox roll-up, but it was too late.

    The bell rung three times as Devin Golden rolled off of him, and Krash sat up in disbelief as the referee walked right past him to raise Devin Golden’s arm in victory. His mouth opened and closed, but no words came out as Krash stared at his hands, fingers twitching. What happened? How could it have ended like that? How, with victory so close he could taste it, did Devin Golden grab the win out from under him?

    The dots joined, and Krash closed his eyes and exhaled. The answer was simple.

    Devin Golden had out-wrestled him.

    No excuses. Krash had come into this match with a gameplan, one that certainly wasn’t usually his own style, but a gameplan he was hoping would’ve thrown Devin Golden for a loop. Eschew the high-flying and showboating, the style that made him the star he is, and use his technical prowess – a skill many overlook, but one Krash still possessed, all the same – for a more controlled win. And for a brief few minutes, it seemed to work.

    Until Devin Golden stepped up to the challenge.

    Feeling a watchful gaze upon him, Krash finally opened his eyes and turned, staring into the eyes of Devin Golden. Devin’s expression was unreadable, a mix between triumph and hesitation, as he rose to his feet with Krash. Krash, meanwhile, seemed to be going through at least a dozen emotions at once, his lips flickering between a smile, a frown, and something in-between. Finally, after a visual patdown, Devin Golden nodded, and extended a hand.

    Krash froze, eyes flickering between the outstretched hand and the man attached to it. Of course, he was no stranger to handshakes – it’s sort of his thing, being a whole sportsmanship kinda guy – but being the one on the other side of the offer, after losing no less, gave it a more... surreal feeling. Was it mocking? No, Devin’s eyes held no mirth, no cruelty. Just a desire to put this unfortunate mess of circumstances behind them, and move on. There was nothing personal between them, no burning hatred or jealousy. The borders between the two had dropped, and Krash realised Devin Golden was exactly how he himself was – a victim of circumstance, equally frustrated in how things over the past week had gone for everyone concerned.

    A quick glance at the audience, cheering for reconciliation and sportsmanship, and finally Krash broke out into a genuine smile, nodding as he raised his hand to meet Devin’s own-


    Dazed, Krash fell to the mat, his head suddenly stinging, his ears ringing. He was dimly aware of some sort of commotion happening in the ring, before his vision lurched as he felt himself be swung like a ragdoll, and the mat suddenly appeared to be approaching at high speed.

    After that, things became something of a blur.

    Voices – or, rather, one particularly loud voice – shouted in his ears, as Krash’s head was bounced off the canvas like a particularly inflated basketball. Sharp spikes of pain ran throughout his head, his cerebral cortex burning as he tried – and failed – to make some sort of defence against the unrelenting assault. All through the attack, the voice’s words continued to echo within his skull.


    Goodness, such language. With a sigh of annoyance, Krash realised he recognised that voice.

    The attack was finally halted, the head-banging stopped. Krash blinked, the intense glare of the overhead lights burning brightly into his eyes. He squinted, making out the figure of Devin Golden running off Michael Garcia with... Was that a hockey stick? Of all things? Wild. Krash ran a hand over his face, making sure his features were where they were supposed to be. Externally, everything seemed fine, but internally it felt like his frontal lobe had taken a hasty detour to somewhere inside his left foot. That’ll pass, in time. It always does.

    Finally, Devin Golden returned to Krash’s side, a sympathetic expression on his face. Kneeling down to assist Krash, Devin once more offered his hand, wordlessly.

    This time, Krash accepted without hesitation. He sat up, just in time to catch the retreating form of Michael Garcia vanish behind the curtain, Devin Golden glancing over his shoulder at the retreating Carnegie Carnivore.

    His eyes closed once more with exasperation.


    Our scene returns to the familiar expanse of desert, the red sand stretching out across the horizon as we join the hero of our story, the magnificently moustached Krash. The Heartbeat strolls seemingly aimlessly throughout the desert, hands in his pockets, his face unreadable. Dressed in a pair of olive trousers along with a pale green shirt beneath a brown waistcoat, and a pair of sunglasses on his face, Krash gently kicked at the sand, nudging it just so, until he deemed it satisfactory and sat, stretching his tired muscles.

    He seemed pale. Moreso than usual, that is. While care has been taken to appear presentable, with his neatly slicked hair and finely cared moustache as exquisite as always, there’s a sense that something’s off, just beneath the surface, bubbling away behind the affable smile currently presented.

    “Morning.” Krash began, with an absent wave of a hand. “Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Last week at Desert Storm, I lost.” The briefest of pauses, the words hanging in the air. It’s out in the open, no use denying it. “No excuses, no buts. I was out wrestled by Devin Golden. No shame in that. Nothing worth moping over. Maybe I was off my game, maybe I went into the match with the wrong mindset. But regardless of that, Mr. Golden is a high-calibre wrestler, a standout of the highest degree, and any perceived issues myself or he had, real or not, have been effectively quashed. I’ll be moving on, getting back on track to my goals in regards to FWA. Besides, I’m not one to dwell on my mistakes or losses. If I was, we’d be here all day, wouldn’t we?”

    A self-depreciating chuckle. Or a liar’s snicker, depending on who you asked. “But, yes. On to bigger things. I mentioned getting things back on track, and what marvellous timing that the next show is the highly-regarded Carnal Contendership!” Krash raised his hands, shaking them in a jazz-like manner. “Oh, I love these sort of roster-wide high stakes elimination match. It’s these chaotic free-for-alls that are just so much fun to watch, let alone be a part of. There’s been something like this in every company I’ve been a part of – hell, I’ve won half of them. Just a few years ago, I won CWA’s Wrestle Royal match from the number one position, a statistic that hasn’t been repeated, nor will it be anytime soon. So, trust me, I know more than my fair share of survival in these frenzied bouts. It takes finesse, agility, skill, timing, and sometimes, a little bit of luck, to outlast everyone else in these matches. And whilst I can’t guarantee on luck, I think it’s safe to say I have the rest of those necessary qualities in abundance.”

    A hand wiped along the sand, grasping a handful of rocks and stones in his palm. A mixture of smooth whites, rough greys, and scorched blacks. “It’s quite the field of athletes we have, don’t we? You have the bonafide stars, those who have been on top of the game and see this as another chance to get right back up that ladder...” He shook his palm, allowing a handful of smooth white stones to fall onto the sand. “Your Cyrus Truths and Gabrielle Montgomerys, for example. People synonymous with the main event scene in FWA, the clear present dangers. They’ve got a target on their back like no other. For anyone else, even eliminating someone like them would be a badge of honour. But for the likes of Cyrus and Miss Gabrielle, it makes their own journey to the winner’s circle so much harder. All eyes are on them, for better or for worse.”

    Krash dug through the pebbles, picking out a trio of rough grey stones in his free hand. “Then there’s those who are on the cusp of main event glory, those just outside the bubble, so close they can taste it. All they need is for the cards to fall just right.” He lets the grey stones slip through his fingers, joining the white stones in the sand in front of him. “Your Mike Parrs and Jason Randalls, if you will. People who have shown promise, hints that they have what it takes to ascend to the next level. Once the dominos fall in line, they could be destined for great things. But it’s chances like this where their mental fortitude will stand strong or crumble beneath the pressure. And some might say that’s one of, if not the, biggest obstacle for anyone to overcome.”

    Down to the scorched black stones. Krash brings one up to the sunlight squinting at it as if it may unlock the secrets of the universe. “And there’s the unknowns. The untested. The new sharks in the water.” These, he places gently on the soil, nudging them into the mix with the rest of the stones. “Your Eli Blacks and Mike Valanders. They’re unpredictable, simply because they’re an unknown quantity. Is there a world championship contender, beneath the skin of the new blood? Do they realize the opportunity presenting itself to them? One can only hope so. At this point, they’re seen as outside shots due to their unknown status, causing others to overlook and underestimate them. A mistake that the unknowns should take full advantage of, because this time next year, if they’re still around, they won’t have the luxury of being unknown enough to use it to their advantage.”

    Krash runs his hand over the dropped stones, searching, before picking up a small brown stone, raw and jagged, nothing like the others. “So... What am I? Is Krash an unknown? A midcarder showing promise? A main event talent looking for a quick way into the title hunt?” Krash looks around, as if the wind will answer his question, only to receive silence. “I am all of these things, and at the same time, none of them. I’m an unknown main event talent who shows promise. Or a well-known midcarder at best who is failing to live up to the hype. As with many things, you’ll get a different answer depending on who you ask. If you ask me, I’m a wild card with a chip on my shoulder. If you were to ask, say... Michael Garcia, for example, you’d get a load of nonsensical profanity-laden garbage about petty tribalism and being a poor neighbour from a man who knowingly abandoned his agreed-upon duties as a commentator to create a grudge and pick a fight he cannot win.”

    The tone in Krash’s voice has changed from the joyous drama, to a smoky undercurrent. Krash raises a hand, taking his sunglasses off his face, allowing his bright green eyes, sparkling with determination, to shine through. “Mr. Garcia. Let it be known, that when I stepped into FWA, you were the farthest thing from my mind. Even when your left your commentary post to re-join the active roster, you still weren’t in my focus. Perhaps to my own detriment, in reflection. To put it simply, Mr. Garcia, I had, and continue to have, much higher aspirations than getting into a childlike squabble with the likes of you. I have no interest in giving this silly fabricated ‘war’ of yours any more merit than it deserves. Especially since it doesn’t hold any weight once you look at it for more than four seconds. But now, now you have my attention. After that stunt you pulled at Desert Storm, you’ve painted a target on your back that I will be only too happy to gun down. It will give me no end of pleasure to personally ensure that you’re eliminated from the Carnal Contendership. If I can personally kick you in the mouth and send you sailing over those ropes, then great, tick that off the bucket list. You may consider that a ‘side goal’ on my way to winning the Carnal Contendership and joining the likes of Shannon O’Neal, Cyrus Truth, and Ryan Rondo in the ranks of history. For you, Mr. Garcia, this upcoming Fight Night and the Carnal Contendership, your performance will be the one thing your career has always been: Disappointing.”

    A beat of silence. Krash scooped a handful of the stones in his hand, gently rustling them about as he let them slip back through his fingers to the sand. Smooth whites, scorched blacks, and rough greys slip one by one to the ground, until all that’s left in Krash’s palm is a thin layer of sand, and the sole unassuming brown stone.

    “For the rest of you, the fight for second place will be a hard-fought one, I’m sure. But Carnal Contendership is mine, and mine alone. I’m making my way to the FWA World Championship, and whether the match is filled with 20 of FWA’s best and brightest, or 20 Michael Garcia’s, I’m walking out the winner and the next FWA World Champion. Y’all take care now.”

    With that, the Heartbeat stood, brushing sand off his trousers. He flicked the brown stone in his hand, catching it deftly with the other as he began walking away.


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