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I have tried watching the new Impact Wrestling on their streaming site, and I found the product boring. There was no crowd interaction, Josh Matthews and Don Callis are dull, and the production of the show looks like it is nothing more than an indie show. It's dark, the right mats don't cover the ring area. It looks ghetto. If I were to watch Impact Wrestling once again, I'd like to see the following happen...

1. Tape shows from one place. Either Impact Zone or the Hammerstein Ballroom. If you go to the ballroom, it will have that 2000 ECW/ 1993 RAW feel to it again. It's bright, the fans are loud, it's a good, hardcore vibe.

2. Create a new broadcast team. I really like what AEW is doing with their older broadcast team coming in and using Excaliber to connect with audience. I would bring back a voice that people haven't heard in a very long time. Pay the money for a guy like Jesse The Body Ventura to come on board as the colour commentator and pair him up with either Josh Matthews or a Matt Striker. Another option would be a guy like Joey Styles. Styles was the voice of ECW for years and could bring some nostalgia by doing commentary with Callis.

3. Redefine the X Division and Knockout's Division by bringing in some amazing young talent into the mix, and pairing them with established Women and X Division stars. WWE has the big guys, and AEW has the Tag Teams. What made TNA great was the X Division which evolved from the cruiserweights in WCW. By focusing on those rosters, you will be able to build on something that neither company is really doing well right now. Yes WWE has Becky Lynch and the four Horsewomen as their top ladies, but TNA was awesome with the Beautiful People, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Sarita, etc. Tessa Blanchard, Su Yung, Rosemary are fantastic, but bring in more women with name recognition to build their roster. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Taryn Tarelle, Brooke Tessmacher, and others.

4. Less focus on the ECW brand. We have ECW come back time and time again. I like RVD, and Rhyno. I don't need to see them team up though, and I don't need to see Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Sabu. We criticize the WWE for shoving the legends down our throats, but how many times are we going to go to the well with ECW? It was a cult promotion that killed itself. I know I say this after suggesting Joey Styles comes back, but again as AEW is showing with their broadcast team. Veteran broadcasters still have a craft that is unparalleled by the new announcers. Mauro Ranallo is probably the best commentator in the business since JR, whereas there is so much great, talented wrestlers in the game that you don't need to rely on old people to get in the ring. Put a Will Ospreay or Zack Sabre Junior in your X Division and watch as they have solid matches with Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

5. Create a sense of hype. I am not excited to watch an episode of Impact Wrestling. There is nothing that I have seen from that company which makes me want to tune in. I like watching wrestling shows that have the audience going crazy, and the broadcast team on the edge of their seats. TNA had that in the 2005-2010. When Don West was yelling, so was I. When TNA had a big announcement (Sting, Christian, Kurt Angle, Hogan) it was a HUGE deal and made the wrestling world take notice. I feel like Impact needs that once again. Impact needs to build the hype and make what they do the most important thing in professional wrestling. NWA has managed to do that with their studio show, AEW does that with their Dynamite Show, and WWE can still make the world take notice when they have something huge. Until Impact makes itself a big deal, nobody is going to watch. If I don't have time for limited wrestling during a 6 day wrestling schedule, and I have RAW, NXT, NWA, AEW, SD, plus MLW, ROH, Impact, and other promotions to watch, I'm only making time for the big leagues.
Interesting points. I appreciate you taking the time to lay it all out there. Some things I agree with, some I don't.

As far as what I agree with you on... I'll agree they need to step up the production a bit. I know their budget isn't what it once was but the lighting needs to be better because it's almost an eye sore watching them wrestle in a somewhat dim, almost hazy environment. I think cameras might also have something to do with that. The mats on the floor might actually be my biggest pet peeve. It looks horrible when you've just got some mats tossed down with a whole bunch of exposed flooring. Very bush league. Spring for new equipment. And you might have the right idea as far as finding a permanent home to tape Impact from. They've just landed on a new network so they have a small window to really make a good first impression.

I'd also be happy to say goodbye to the ECW alumni. I don't see the need for them. RVD is the only one I feel has actual name value but even he surely isn't making anyone tune in who wasn't going to tune it already.

Now where I will differ with you is the idea that they need to spend big on someone like Jesse Ventura (because he would surely demand a lot) or go after Joey Styles. I don't think they need an established announcer. To me, they just need a good one. I like how Matthews and Callis get along but I do feel they are far too casual most of the time which can detract from the excitement. I'm all for switching up the broadcast table but I don't think you need to overpay for a "legend".

As for retooling the X Division and Knockouts Division goes, they're already working on that. They've got Ace Austin, TJ Perkins, Daga, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Chris Bey, The Rascalz... that's a solid division that will hopefully continue to grow. But I don't see ZSJ or Will Ospreay being a part of that. They are both in a much better situation in NJPW right now than they would be in Impact. No way they'd give that up. For the most part, it's gonna be on Impact to build guys from the ground up because they only have so much money and they're at a point where multiple companies have passed them up in terms of popularity in North America. The newer Knockouts have been a mixed bag but there's serious potential there with Jordynne Grace and maybe to a lesser extent Kiera Hogan. I, personally, would see bringing in the likes of The Beautiful People, Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn as a serious step back. None of them could ever wrestle and it's not like they're particularly gifted on the mic either. TBP got over but those other two only have name recognition because they happened to be in TNA when it was at its most popular, not because they were good or did anything of note.

On the topic of hype, there's no arguing that they're not making the same power moves they used to. But how could they? The landscape is so different now and Impact just has nothing to offer to any truly big name free agents. However, the names you mentioned, the big signings, they are all from 10 or more years ago. Impact went through a long spell of truly having nothing to get excited for but at least now we can look at things like Tessa vs. Sami at Slammiversary or Scarlett Bourdeaux's run or the early days of Brian Cage in Impact and all those things at least drew some positive attention to Impact. They're doing a good job with such a limited arsenal and infrastructure to make some noise for themselves without breaking the bank. I totally understand that until they start looking and acting "big league", they're not gonna be for some people but I personally like that they're going for the slow and steady route and investing in what they believe in, instead of mortgaging their future for short term glory.