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Thread: FM18 - Allister O'Shaunnessy: World's Finest

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    FM18 - Allister O'Shaunnessy: World's Finest

    (Not gonna lie, I'm fuckin a bangin lad I'll tell ye)

    Allister O'Shaunnessy: The Story So Far

    "Ehh.....Awright? So, I'm no sure how this hing works, but av had some Strongbow's in me so fuck it. I'm Allister O'Shaunnessy, the future of football. Aye, you heard me. Me, a handsome, 5'6, 28 years of pure sexual magnetism, and I'm gonnae be the future of football. You're probably hinkin "Mate, who the fuck are you?" Well I'LL TELL YE! I'm Allister O'Shaunnessy. Born in Ayr Scotland, 30/03/1990. Grew up an Dundee United fan all ma life, just because I thought the strips were cool. Never even been to Dundee, apparently it's a shithole. Fuck it but, ma real love is for Arsenal. Mate, I remember watching they fuckers all through the 2000's hinkin they were the best team in the world. Henry, Bergkamp, Cole, ehh.....Fuck whit's his name? Campbell! That treacherous cunt! The lot of them, fuckin adored that team. Still do, even if Wenger is losing it. See if they hired me though? I'd turn the ship around like THAT mate."

    "Whit am a dain? AW AYE! Well, as I grew into ma teens, a grew fond of the auld beer here and there, miby a lager if you're feelin risky, but I was a mad shagger I'll tell ye. I've pumped burds aw doon the country mate al tell ye. Anyway, I was a smart cunt about it but, I managed to get burds wae contacts wae Scottish clubs, just to get ma foot in the door & that. So, I managed tae rangle ma way into a job at Kilwinning Rangers, a youth team fae Kilwinning that were shite, but I did good wae them, won the Junior League a few times, but a wanted more. So, I got on the blower tae wee Richelle fae Fife, gave her some of that O'Shaunnessy goodness, next hing I ken I've got an interview wae Alan Young! It hit him wae the patter, gave him ma CV & next hing ye know, I'm the new manager for Raith Rovers! I've to get us automatic promotion, which I should do nae bother, I've got some awright players here. Hopefully they don't fuckin embarrass me too much."

    "Fuck ma pals are gonnae hate me now I'm Raith manager. Fuck."

    Raith Rovers

    Founded: 1883
    Division: Ladbrokes League 1
    Manager: David O'Shaunnessy
    Captain: Kyle Benedictus
    Vice Captain: Iain Davidson
    Expectations: 1st
    Rivals: Dunfermline (Local), East Fife (Local), Cowdenbeath (Local) & Falkirk (Competitive)

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    Re: FM18 - Allister O'Shaunnessy: World's Finest

    Ha! Funny first post, very different from what you usually see on here. Will try to follow along with this as always enjoyed your other projects.

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