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Thread: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    Enjoying Jerichos little arc. I'm guessing you'll keep him around (unlike Giant, who seems to be on his way out), so given him these little spotlights to be as obnoxious as possible is definitely the way forward. It sounds redundant to say given he's gone on to be one of the all time greats, but Jericho could easily become a stand out of this thread I reckon. BTW - thanks for including match times. Makes a huge difference for me understanding your intentions.

    I'm sure I'm late to this party, and without getting in to a political debate; between the excessive tan, crap blonde hair, stupid name-calling, surrounded by sycophants and just general disdain for anyone who isn't himself, I've only noticed during this promo how similar Hogan and Trump are. Plus they're both WWE Hall of Famers! Anyway, fun promo here. Given this is coming during the Monday Night Wars and a need to keep viewers, I dunno how I feel about Vincent getting an extended in ring promo near the start of the show, but I like the story of Hogan manipulating them in to working for him even after he ditched them. But man Giant looks like a jobber when Vincent is doing the talking for him!

    Come on, Zoom, the Cruiser title ending in no contest? Save that shit for when it doesn't matter, like in the main events, ok?

    I can only hope that the title for the Wolfpac segment indicates a return of the One Warrior Nation. That group had for me the greatest storytelling in history when the Disciple joined. It's called a One Warrior Nation and already had a Warrior in it! How second rate do you wanna be?! Aside from that, this was a really fun segment. I was worried it was going to turn in to a classic "important guys make Cruiserweights look like jobbers" deal, but Konnan making the save and Rey and Kidman standing up for themselves was good shit.

    Disco with the Outsiders was a lot of fun, but Nash and Hall's crap jokes were the highlight here. It's not Nash and Hall in WCW if they're not trying to make each other(and only each other) laugh.

    Not feeling this Windham/Hennig v Flairs thing. You're doing the right things as far as the feud goes, but it all feels a bit white bread for me at the moment. Looking forward to seeing what comes of Ric once this whole thing is sorted, how you use Windham and Hennig (and what their opinions on certain musical genres might be), and how far from the product you can get David.

    Fun Flair promo. Liked the build to a reveal with Hogan, loved the reference to Bret (I've made no secret that Bret's passive-aggressive "I'm too injured to fight" character in WCW is one of my all time favourites), and the stuff with Bischoff was great. Felt the promo lost a little bit once it moved on to Windham and Hennig, but that's tied to my above point I think. All in all, Flair on the stick is always golden, and you nailed it here.

    Not much to say about the Chavo stuff, but liked Heenan being a smartass at the end. Classic Brain.

    I'm a little on the fence about Goldberg and Bam Bam. I get that you kinda need to pay this whole thing off, but for Goldberg to be all "THE NWO IS FUCKED!" only to immediately go "ooh someone unrelated to the NWO to fight, cool" seems a bit off. Like I say, I get why you had to do it given what you have (and I loved the assurance of going through the NWO one by one), but the whole Bam Bam bit felt off given the direction he needs to go in.

    Nice win for Book. While you're absolutely stocked for undercard talent who could use attention, he's perhaps the one who is most "ready", in that he can be plugged in to a higher level feud and immediately feel credible (even if he's not as talented as the likes of Jericho, Benoit and Guerrero). He's perhaps the one I'm most interested to see how you handle in this whole thread.

    Ah, it's time for our thrice-annual Paul Wight turn I see. So that's why he's been treated like a total jobber to this point. I can't say I buy him as a top guy at this point in time, and think he'd have benefited from a couple of months of reheating before going from NWO B-Team to World Title challenger, but given you've had to scramble to put together a card in very little time, he's fine as a slightly underwhelming challenger of the month while you get everything else in line. I'm gonna put the snark in me to one side and ignore that I don't see Hall and Nash doing a clean job to Benoit and Giant, and say that I really love WCW getting a moment of hope so soon after the Fingerpoke. As we've talked about before, I don't see the Fingerpoke itself as a problem, but the execution after has to be spot on to make it work. Having WCW get one over on the NWO straight away really sends a message of "the bad guys did a shitty thing to get ahead, and now the good guys are gonna fight back", rather than "WCW doesn't give a shit about the fans". That's a crucial first step, and I love that you did it.

    Ah shit, Thunder as well? Ok, here goes...

    Glad to see Blitzkrieg get some attention, that guy was crazy exciting at the time. The Chavo stuff is again pretty fine, but Juvi and Hypnosis (TM Bret Hart) going over is the way forward.

    Good Giant promo. For a last minute rush to put together a main event, I can't fault the effort here, even if it's not what I'd want from a PPV main event in 1999.

    Booker getting a competitive win over Fun-ley is great, lining up Hugh Morrus as his next opponent less so. Sucks that Booker looks like such a midcarder. Hoping he takes care of Morrus pretty easily and moves on up.

    Self masturbatory? As opposed to...? Glad to have Nash explain why he was so willing to give the belt up, and I like his reasoning. Makes him come across as a massive douche, which is a hard thing to do with Kevin Nash. Cough. And holy shit is this promo long. I mean, realistically so, but jesus. So obnoxious even I want to punch them in the mouth, and I love heels.

    Congrats on booking the most Thunder match of all time with The Cat and Jerry Flynn.

    Lol at the Raven/Kanyon segment. Love that you've stuck with this direction and haven't gone back down the emo route like would be so easy to do.

    Wow, Ernest Miller vs Jerry Flynn and Brian Adams vs Mongo in the same show? Did I hurt you in some way?

    Great idea to have Jericho interact with Flair, and the twist of the match type makes a lot of sense. Great to see these two get so much focus, as I'm a big fan of both.

    Pull apart brawl makes sense with two monsters like Goldberg and Bam Bam, so no complaints there.

    Wait... Benoit, Malenko and Flair were training... in the arena? They travelled all the way there just to do something they could have done at home? That's kinda quirky. Great to see you playing up David's "abilities", and I always loved his rosy cheeked, gormless expression. Him getting promo time is a-ok with me. But yeah... still not feeling this I'm afraid.

    Glad you had the NWO go over in the main event, and finish with the tagging. All about the NWO heat.

    All in all, another couple of fun shows. It's kinda weird that DDP and Bret Hart are so uninvolved at this point, especially when you can't use Sting and don't seem to be using Savage (although maybe he's out as well), which is leaving the shows feeling oddly low on star power (your world title challenger was a part of the NWO b team!), but you have a PPV to get out of the way, so I can see why it's happening. You clearly need to just get Souled Out out of the way so you can focus on the stuff you really want to book, but for as thrown together as this card feels (and, honestly, that is one pretty awful card!), I can't blame you for that, and I'm still enjoying what you're doing. Still maintain this is the most fun I've had reading your stuff, so once we actually get to you building stories you wanna tell I'll be all over this. You know you've got a fan in me.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    I remember being really pumped when I logged on for the first time in forever and saw that you posted this. Letís see if it lives up to THE HYPE~!

    Opening with the Cruiserweights here makes sense because WCW, and I appreciate the added notion of giving Blitzkrieg a moment to shine with 540 Corkscrew. Honestly, just solid booking all around here. Juvi and Psychosis need to look strong for the PPV, and Chavo got distracted due to his issues with Smiley. Being relatively fresh, ĎKrieg doesnít necessarily lose anything either. Solid stuff.

    The Giant segment was needed here just to explain why he ditched the NWO. Not wanting to be stuck in Hoganís shadow is a good enough reason for me. The rest was just solid hype for the PPV, no complaints.

    I marked out for Booker/Finlay. Good man to give them some time as well, but by god, give Finlay a program. Anyway, good win for Booker and well, Morrus/Booker as a throw away on this particular Sunday could be okay, but I hope this isnít a long winding feud. I expect better for Booker at this point, donít disappoint me.

    An NWO promo on a WCW show? What a surprise! I like that Nash addressed the finger poke here although the idea of treating the title as WCWís failure, I donít know, itís a strange take. I get it and it makes sense in this scenario, but the traditionalist in me doesnít like it. Especially when Iím sure if the NWO broke up, Nash would be straight after the gold again. The focus on the Cruiserweights was fun enough though.

    Fuck, Ernest Miller makes me laugh. Glad he got the win here, as terrible as it is, always had a soft spot for his act.

    LOVE the visual of Raven in his bath robe (wait, what), and goofy Kanyon being excited to do the cleaning. The clean the pipes line at the end was hilarious as well. A highlight of the show for sure, hereís hoping they run for a little bit of time yet.

    Whilst itís Adams and Mongo, itís still important to get NWO/Horsemen on the show. NWO numbers advantage leads to the victory which is solid enough, but Iím just glad you had an explanation for why Mongo had no support.

    Jericho promo got me excited. Typical immature Jericho, with the bald headed jokes and then talking about his virtues. Flair straightening out the referees is a nice twist, which will certainly make things harder for Jericho. I thought this did a brilliant job of putting over Jericho, as rather than just showing disdain, Naitch actually seems to respect Jericho. Saturn/Jericho in a Last Man Standing match should be a world of fun as well.

    Goldberg squash is fine and I enjoyed the brawl with Bigelow. Simple hype for their match at the PPV this Sunday. All of the security getting involved made it feel like a big deal, which is a good thing.

    I think you messed up having David Flair come out with Malenko and co here, because it means they were here tonight, and should have been able to help Mongo. One thing that always shitted me about WCW was they never had an explanation as to why the WCW guys werenít trying to rescue when NWO went on attacks. I thought you explained it well enough earlier, which was a step in the right direction, but now the explanation doesnít make sense to me. With that being said, everything Flair said was solid enough, as was the rebuttal from Hennig and Windham. Nothing ground breaking but this did enough to hype the PPV.

    Iím surprised the cruiserweights lasted 9 minutes with the NWO If Iím honest. Obviously the faction was always winning here, and the interference from the extra numbers on the outside put over the bullying of the NWO well. As did the attack after the matchÖ Not much else to say, a solid way to end the show.

    Itís Thunder so never going to be ground breaking but this did its job, and itís good to have you back.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    WCW Saturday Night
    January 16, 2019

    Alright you children and pre-teens with nothing better to do on a Saturday at 6 o clock, itís time to sit down in front of your awkwardly gigantic big tube TV in its wooden stand, listen to Scott Hudson and ĎThe Living Legendí Larry Zbyszko, and enjoy all of the action with the live studio audience for the always taped Saturday Night! We have a great show like always - scouts honor! - because we have men like Disco Inferno, Bobby Duncum Jr., and Wrath in actionÖ plus Chris Benoit and the New World Order (Black & White, but shhh, think itís the A-Squad you stupid children!). Plus, Souled Out is tomorrow, so hype train time bay-BEE!

    Disco Inferno def. Lizmark Jr.
    You know the deal, we get hype videos, recap videos, vignettes, and all that filler before a match! First up tonight: letís talk about Booker T versus Hugh Morrus, happening tomorrow night! Morrus returned at the start of the year with a new look, and he hasnít lost since! Booker T is on a hot streak as well, so Morrus and Jimmy Hart want to make Booker the next victory for the big man, but that match will be no laughing matter! As for the match itself, well, Disco does a lot of his disco dancing and attempts to get the crowd to love him. They donít. He does just enough to show his ass and sell for the Ultimo Dragon prodigy, but still put him away convincingly, winning with the Chartbuster (Stunner). [69%]

    Kaz Hayashi def. Johnny Swinger
    Thereís plenty to focus on for tomorrowís Souled Out, but Hudson isnít sure if thereís any bigger than the obvious one: Hollywood Hogan versus The Giant for the Heavyweight Championship of the World! From The Giant making his debut against Hogan at Halloween Havoc 95, Hogan beating The Giant to win the World Title at Hog Wild 96 to truly kick start the almost vice like grip the nWo has had over the Big Gold Belt, to The Giantís alignment with Hogan in the nWo for much of the last two and a half years, to the present: of The Giantís mistake buying Savageís presumed alliance allowing Ric Flair to beat Eric Bischoff to win the WCW Presidency, the nWo Elite blaming Giant for that moment, and The Giant deciding that he was no bodyguard for Hogan and the nWo, defecting back to WCW!

    This match features the normally jobber-like Hayashi finally get some fun offense and victory in a match against the actual jobber Swinger. Hayashi gets great hang time on his finish, hitting a Shiranui variation that in a few years will be called the Sliced Bread #2. [60%]

    Brian Adams & Scott Norton (w/Vincent) def. Brad & Scott Armstrong (w/Steve Armstrong)
    See, itís the nWo! We werenít lying, kids! But hey, before we get to the B-Goons of the Black and White, itís time to focus on the feud everyone is dying to know about: Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus Norman Smiley! Norman ĎCall Meí Smy-Lay has a new found attitude, yet crowd pleasing dance with that sensual Smack My Bitch Up pretend to slap dat ass doggiestyle, and heís been a real jerk to Chavo and his horse head on a stick, Pepe. Get ready for a true WCW-style ridiculous gimmick match added spur of the moment tomorrow night!

    The match serves as a vehicle to try and keep the Black and White squad looking like menaces, that way they look like capable security thugs for the Wolfpac whenever Szumi decides to have some easy guys to get run over by a foe to The Elite. Adams and Norton do just that, the big men running roughshod over the poor veteran jobbers. Stereo Powerbombs give the duo the relatively easy victory, with Steve Armstrong getting attacked by Vincent from behind after the match, allowing Stevie Ray to do a run in as well, dropping the third Armstrong with his Slapjack (Pedigree). B-Squad gonna rock a C-Show! [61%]

    Rowdy Rowdy & Bowdy Bowdy On A Saturday Evening!
    We all know ĎMeaní Gene Okerlund in our life, and thatís why we get a ringside interview with a man who weíve been looking to hear from this year, Konnan. The first thing we are treated to, of course, is the Catchphrases of Doom by Konnan, and then we get far too much talk about Konnanís upcoming rap video. We finally then get Okerlund to ask the hard ball questions heís always touting heís about, wanting to know if Konnan knew anything about this nWo Elite formation twelve days ago on Nitro and decided he wanted nothing to do with it, or if he was in the dark. K-Dawg reveals that he had no clue what was going down, but if he did, he wouldíve wanted no parts anyways, ya feel him, homie? Okerlund talks about how when Scott Steiner spent the last month seemingly trying to recruit Lex Luger to leave The Wolfpack and join nWo Hollywood, it was Konnan who stuck up for The Total Package. So how does he feel now having Luger stab Konnan in the back by linking up with Steiner in this new Wolfpac? An irate Konnan says that Lex Luger ainít no Total Package Ďcause you gotta have a heart and guts to have that name, ní he clearly ainít got neither of the two.

    Okerlund asks about the nWo targeting the lWo, especially Rey Mysterio Jr. for refusing to drop the lWo colors, which just draws more passion from K-Dawg. Konnan spits that heís got nothiní but love for Rey-Rey and all the Luchadores. It ainít no secret heís played a big role in gettiní them Raza boys the chance to shine in Dubya-See-Dubya, and he will always look out for his vatos. He ainít gonna stand for Luger or any of these pendejos bullyiní the Luchadores, but first, heís got business to settle with just Lex Luger and only Lex Luger at Souled Out. Konnan claims he was the heart of The Wolfpac, ní now that he donít roll with them no moí, heís gonna expose Lex Luger for the heartless bastard that he truly is! [76%]

    Bobby Duncum Jr. def. Greg Valentine
    The Ďrookieí cowboy continues to get his chance to impress tonight, but not before we get them recap videos! We got the feud of Chris Jericho versus Perry Saturn to examine, with The Paragon of Virtue constantly one upping Saturn because the crooked referee Scott Dickenson. But! As we saw on Thunder, President Ric Flair has put an end to Dickensonís crooked officiating, and now Saturn and Jericho will meet to settle their issues in an I Quit match! As for the contest itself, it is very much an old school feel to it with Valentine very much a veteran and Duncum a throwback to that same era Valentine originates from. The Hammer uses every old trick in the book to try and stall Duncumís momentum and/or get ahead with some cheap chicanery, but the cowboy ainít to be denied tonight. Instead, he intercepts Valentine with a Big Boot, giving him the momentum he needs to then pick up the victory with his Full Nelson Front Face Buster. [60%]

    Wrath def. Jim Powers
    Címon, itís a 6í7Ē near 300 pounder getting a lot of squash wins, and the other is a guy you probably never heard of. Itís the Meltdown pumphandle powerslam for the victory inside of three minutes. Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelowís recap video lasts longer than the match, and why not!? We see Bigelow trying to fight Goldberg dating all the way back to World War 3 in November, and the two men having multiple scuffles and physical encounters since then, but never the one thing that The Beast For The East has stated is why heís here in WCW: a one-on-one match to beat Da Man. And now tomorrow, he gets his chance to show up Goldberg! [51%]

    Chris Benoit gives us an addition to Souled Out
    Before his main event match, The Crippler is given an interview in the ring with Mean Gene. I know, right!? Okerlund mainly talks up the Four Horsemen and everything going on there - Ric Flairís match with his son David tomorrow against Barry Windham and Curt Hennig, Benoit and Dean Malenko training David for the match, Malenkoís recovery from his ankle injury, and then finally, something about The Crippler himself. Benoit says that in his breaks from training David Flair, there is something he made sure The Nature Boy became aware of: Scott Steiner has not been defending the Television Title near enough since winning it. With Okerlund reminding us all that the TV Title is to be defended at least once a week on one of Nitro, Thunder, or Saturday Night, Benoit also reminds us that as a former TV Champion, he knows all about the stipulations of the BeltÖ which is why tomorrow, Steiner is going to have to defend the TV Title, and heís going to have to lose it too because his opponent is none other than Chris Benoit! Benoit sends a clear warning to Big Poppa Pump that he can have all the muscles in the world, but that just means itís more muscles for him to stretch and tear before he does what everyone else does against Benoit: tap out. [83%]

    Chris Benoit def. Alex Wright
    The final recap video, of course, ties in with Benoit as it is all about The Nature Boy, Benoitís leader in the Four Horsemen. We get moments of the Horsemen when Windham and Hennig were one-time members, and then Hennig betraying Flair at Fall Brawl 1997, Windham being welcomed back to WCW two months ago by Flair only to betray him and help Bischoff, and Hennig then helping Bischoff defeat Flair at Starrcade. Clips of the two promising to send David Flair to the hospital are shown as well, after we see David wanting to partner with his father against the two out at Souled Out.

    Benoit and the German have a very technical affair, showcasing an extreme amount of varying submissions, mat wrestling, and back-and-forth chain wrestling sequences and counters. Itís a different kind of contest that fans might normally see, but itís still quite the decent affair. However, the former Das Wunderkind has lost all kinds of momentum in WCW, and it is with that reason that he ends up giving Benoit the resounding submission victory with the Crippler Crossface, perhaps foreshadowing the future of Scott Steiner now heading into Souled Out. As Benoit celebrates his victory with the fans at ringside to end the show, Hudson and Zbyszko do that final shill for Souled Out. Have your parents call your local PPV provider, kids! [72%]

    Final Card for WCW/nWo Souled Out!
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Hollywood Hogan © vs. The Giant
    WCW World Television Championship: Scott Steiner © vs. Chris Benoit
    WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Kidman © vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
    Barry Windham & Curt Hennig vs. David & Ric Flair
    Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldberg
    I Quit: Chris Jericho vs. Perry Saturn
    Konnan vs. Lex Luger
    Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Norman Smiley
    Booker T vs. Hugh Morrus

    Not doing any fancy contest for this one...


    For all you old timers out there, remember how I used to do that whole interactive voting thing with TTO? Well hey, here's a chance for some nostalgia!

    The scene: The Giant has been given a World Heavyweight Title match at Souled Out against Hollywood Hogan. His contract is expiring at the beginning of February, however. So, readers, you get to decide if this is a last-minute decision that will convince Paul Wight to stay with WCW, or if it's too little, too late, and sign that massive contract with the World Wrestling Federation.

    A) The Giant signs a new deal with WCW
    B) The Giant still leaves WCW and signs with WWF at the end of the month

    You can vote in here, or by PM. I'm good either way.

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    You fuck off for a few weeks and come back with this shit?

    Meh, it’s Saturday morning and I’ve nothing better to do. Don’t judge me or my TV!

    Anyway, full marks for spending the majority of these inconsequential matches talking about the matches that matter at Souled Out. Disco Inferno and Johnny Swinger in the first two matches ... this could be a 2019 Impact show!

    Can’t wait for Pepe in a Pole then. I actually like Norton enough from the little I’ve seen of him over the years, and if he got away from the stench of the nWo jobber squad, he’d be a useful mid card big guy to plug into feuds.

    Konnan promo would be the highlight of the show, I’m guessing. Him feuding with Lex sounds intriguing, and if there was ever a time to push K-Dawg~!! it’s now. Plugging him into issues with the nWo is the way to do it too.

    Fuck me, Greg Valentine and Jim Powers were still around in WCW in 1999!?!? And in back to back matches!?!? Fuck you.

    Benoit vs Steiner is actually a solid addition to the PPV. I’m looking forward to that one.

    And also, B. Let him go wear a diaper in the WWF.

    ~Now with 100% less Brent Albright!

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    Re: The Fingerpoke... OF DOOM~!

    January 16, 2019? Come on, jobberÖ <3

    Saturday Night comments are always going to be short, but Iím just glad youíre still posting. Thought for a minute just as I showed up, you were going to piss off. That wouldnít have been ideal. PPV hype throughout the matches makes sense considering itís a night before the show, and the first three matches all, umm, had the right winners I guess. Not much to say in terms of quality. Push Scott Norton though, guys a beast. Always thought he was an underrated big man.

    Fuck, I read your caption wrong at first and thought we were getting some Roddy Piper on a Saturday Night. This is obviously not as great but thatís my eyes fault that Iím disappointed. Konnan was pretty on song, but Iím ignoring that rap video shit. As for the talk about Luger and the NWO, all that was good enough. Got the point across and I liked the line about Luger not being the total package because he doesnít have heart. Good stuff.

    The rest of the matches didnít really interest me, but I know they werenít really supposed to. From a booking stand point, the right men went over. Benoit/Wright would have been decent though, but again, Benoit was really the only choice for victor.

    Also wanted to touch on Benoit/Steiner being announced for the PPV. Sounds like a damn fun time to me.

    Saturday Night is Saturday night but Iím just happy to be reading more from you. Although I do request you post those old NWO Nitro shows in the showcase thread if you can find itÖ

    Iím voting B as well, but I still want him to win at the PPV, and then WCW have a VACANT WORLD TITLE AND THE COMPANY IS IN SHAMBLES~!

    But anyway, weíll see what happens. Thatís all for now.

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