They're different in terms of the heat they get.

Sullivan gets that 1999-2000 Triple H heat where you hate him and want to see him lose because he's soooo arrogant and haughty. But he's soooooooooo good and wins his matches anyway, usually clean as a whistle. So it's like, you hate him but you have to give him some level of props. He gets some respect for his skill. And if/when someone beats him, it's going to be a HUGE fucking deal. Just like when Rock did it at Backlash.

Punk is a good shout but I think it's closer to the 1999-2000 Triple H aura where he was universally hated but also dominant. Another example is 2008 Regal (or whenever Regal was the power-hungry Raw GM).

Garcia is more akin to someone whom you hate and also don't have that respect for him. It's much more of a "go the fuck away/shut the hell up" heat. More aline with 1998 Jeff Jarrett or current-day Corbin. I won't be so mean to say 2008 Vikki Guerrero but it's sort of on that side of the "type of heat" map.